From Part 1.....

The following afternoon, I arrived at the main terminal and after parking, I freshened up and headed for the executive offices.  I walked up to the secretary outside of Mr. Masters office and she smiled and said, "You must be Mr. Sims.  Mr. Masters is expecting you."

She stood and went to the door and knocked. After opening the door she said, "Sir, Mr. Sims is here to see you."

I went in and after shaking my hand , he led me to the sofa in his office. I waited anxiously for him to tell me why I was there.


Part 2........

He picked up a phone and instructed his secretary to bring in some coffee.  As we waited, he said, "You arrived sooner than I expected.  How was the trip?"

"Well, it felt strange looking in my rearview mirror and not seeing a trailer behind me," I replied.  "That allowed me to make better time."

"I can tell," he replied as the coffee was delivered.

After pouring each of us a cup, he looked at me and said, "Now, for the reason I called you to the office.  After way too many complaints from citizens on the highway about our drivers, I have created a new position, and I want you to head it.  Actually, you will be the only one in the department.  You will be in charge of driver compliance."

"Exactly, what will the position entail?" I asked.

"You will no longer be a full time driver.  Every other month, you will go by the name of Mike Thomas and you will be a driver-in-training.  You will ride with  different drivers and see if they are following the company safety policies, both with their loads and the way that they drive. You will have reports to fill out and send to me."

Before I could ask about my salary, he said, "As for as your salary while being Mike Thomas, it will be twice what you made the previous month.  Also, I realize that you know a lot of our drivers, so I have purchased a professional disguise kit for you to use."

We talked and said that the way it would work was that I would report to one terminal manager from a list I would be given, as a new employee to be trained in company safety policies by on of the drivers about to leave the terminal.  When we reached our destination, I would leave, fly to the next city on the list and repeat the procedure. 

I agreed to accept the position,   and asked when I would start.

"Tomorrow morning," he replied.  "Park your rig back in the maintenance shed.  Take a cab to the Holiday Inn down the road.  Use this card for expenses on the months you're undercover."

I took the disguise case and after parking my rig, I took a cab to the Holiday Inn and checked in.  That evening after dinner, I went to the bar and as I sipped my beer, I used my laptop to create a form that I would use to grade the drivers.

As I finished creating the form and closed my laptop, the man at the table next to me said, "Can't get away from the work, I see."

"No, not all the time," I replied looking over at him.  He was in his early thirties and nice looking, with a beautiful smile.  His head was shaved and he sported a moustache and goatee. What really caught my eye was the fact that he was gently rubbing his crotch with his left hand.  I watched for a second and as I did, I noticed a wedding band on his ring finger.

He invited me to join him at his table and as we chatted, I felt his leg press against mine repeatedly. As I expected, after a while he asked if I would like to join him in his room where it was quieter and to have a final drink.  I quickly agreed.

Once in his room, he casually removed his shirt as he asked me to retrieve two beers from the mini-fridge.  There was a light dusting of brown hair on his chest and he was well built.  My own cock began to slightly stiffen and I wondered if he was noticing.

I soon found out that he noticed when he came closer to me and said, "I don't mean to be out of place, but it appears that you are in the same shape as me."

"What do you mean?" I asked innocently.

Quickly sitting next to me he casually reached over and grasp my stiffening cock and said, "This is what I mean."  I could see that he was completely boned also.  He saw me looking and smiled. "Would you like for me to take care of your problem for you?"

"Sure," I replied. 

Smiling, he said "Why don't we both get comfortable."

He immediately began to remove the remainder of his clothes and I quickly followed and removed mine.  Within a minute we were both totally nude and laying on his king bed.  He began to caress my body with one hand as he leaned over and began gently licking and sucking one nipple.  He soon moved to the other before flipping into a sixty-nine position and swallowing my rock hard leaking cock.  he gently and lovingly began sucking my cock as he continued to rub my body with his hand. 

His cock was just inches from my face and it was beautiful.  It was a good eight inches in length and slightly curved upward which I knew would make it easier to deep throat in this position.  Suddenly, without hesitation, I swallowed his entire cock and felt his balls against my nose. He moaned. 

Before long, we both climaxed and eagerly ate each others loads.  Afterward, he looked at me and smiled and said, "That wasn't your first time sucking a cock was it?"

"Nope," I said with a smile.

"It was definitely a pleasant surprise," he said. We kiss and cuddled for a while and as he continually fondled my cock, it slowly began to stiffen again. Once it was completely hard, he moistened it with his spit then suddenly sat on it, taking me balls deep in one quick action.  As he did he grimaced and said, "OH FUCK!"   He sat motionless for a moment then smiled nd said, "Damn, that feels awesome. I hope you can produce another load."

"I'm sure I can," I told him. 

After I fulfilled his wish I started dressing.  As I did, I looked over at him and asked, "Does your wife know anything?"

"Oh hell no.  I only have sex with men when I'm on the road and that is usually once every couple of months. But I do try to make up for the time I'm not on the road."

I returned to my room ready for some rest.  The next morning I returned to the office in disguise and Mr. Masters took me to the dock.

He located the shipping manager and explained that I was a new hire and that he wanted me to ride with a driver who could teach me the rules.  Matt said I could ride with Clay Baker on an overnight run.  I was introduced to Clay who didn't seem particularly happy. 

We soon pulled out and as we talked, he loosened up and we chatted openly.  He covered the rules, and asking me not to tell anyone, he told me the rules that could be broken and not matter.  I made a mental note.

I had checked out his rig when I climbed in and found a double bed in the sleeper.  I wondered if we would be sharing it.  During the day I noticed that on numerous occasions, he  would reach down and rub his crotch and adjust himself.  It would begin to arouse me and I would adjust myself.  He always glanced over and watched. 

We finally stopped for the evening, and headed for the showers. For team drivers, the truck stop had rooms with semi-private showers on each side and a dressing area in the middle.  He got one of those for us.  We casually stripped and as most men do in dressing rooms, we casually looked each other over.  However, I finished showering first and was drying off when Clay exited his shower.  His cock was over half erect and beautiful.  I never said a word as my own cock slightly stiffened.  I could clearly see him watching it as he dried his body.

Silently, we dressed and headed for the restaurant for dinner. We ate then went to the lounge for a while before returning to his rig for a nights rest.  As we began preparing for bed, he spoke up saying, "I have no problem sharing the bed with you but there might be a problem."

"What's that?" I asked.

"Mike, I always sleep in the nude. I can't sleep if I'm wearing anything."

"Hey man, I have no problem with that.  I always sleep nude myself.  You game with that?"

"Hell, why not.  We've already seen each other nude in the showers."

We both stripped and he had me slip into bed first so he could get out of bed easier if needed.   A few moments after we got into bed, I could hear him snoring softly.  Later, I awoke and found him on his side facing me, still snoring, but with his hand next to my cock.

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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