That was it for me my cock which was half hard from watching Martin's hot ass was now rock hard,pulsating and i bet leaking for i felt a cold spot on my lap.

Martin lòoked from the screen to me,then down to my crotch and then to his now grown package.

I was still shocked when i felt a hand on my lap making me jolt up leaking precum profusely unable to stop***

'Relax man let me groove you' Mart said with his hand now on my crotch which he squeezed before heading for my flyers and pulling my short to my knee out popped my cock like a jack-in-the-box with huge amount of precum leaking from my piss split.

I was stil confused and excited at same time but.....

I was interupted by a hot breath i felt near my cock and warm feeling around its glans. I looked down between eyes half closed in ecstacy to see Martin leapin up my cream like a dog while massaging my balls at interval.

'Oh Jay you have the huggest cock i have ever seen and your cream is....

I cut him short by grabbing him by his head and pulled him back to my leaking boner which needs attention.Mart eased down his warm mouth on my cock and managed to take only half of it when it was already hitting the back of his throat. I began working my hip slowly stil grabbing his head.

He gagged for air ten minutes later ,i was in the sky,i never expected a man's blowjob to be this good although i've never got one,never wanked,but my friends say bitches are always the best.

Løoking at the screen of the T.V now one of the boys have møunted the other and started fuckin him what i would later know is called BAREBACK!.The bottom had his butt stuck out while flexing his legs as far as can go to expose a puckered pink hole which the top guy's 10 inches red bull thick cock fucked mercilessly. The black top was burrowing him like a drill on metal yet with agility of a dog on heat amidst moans.

I was lost in the scene when i felt myself give out a loud moån with my legs jerking as globs of thick white cum filled Mart's mouth.I couldn't count how many but it lasted for two minutes since i haven't cum since adolescene age.

After the intense orgasm i felt limp as i was sapped of all my strength. I lay on the bed before Mart got up from between my legs with a mouthful of my nectar after he swallowed three times still leaking

'What will you do with that?' i asked pointing at his hard on

'Well do you jack off? He asked

' Jack off? What the hell's that?

'Well i'll teach you if you want to learn,it helps you unload your nuts when you gotta' He lectured

'Really teach me' I say bright eyed 'First you apply lube on it say oil,soap,cream even spit or even have it dried.He applied a slimmy gelly stuff i don't know on his boner and began stroking his cock and balls.

I watched with interest as he jacks his dick off. After a couple of minutes he increased the tempo i watched his legs begin to get unsteady,eyes crossed and heavy breath.After two minutes he shout

'Am cumming! as his cock erupted

SPLAT! I felt somethig on my lips,my forehead,then the T.V screen,the curtain then the last ones hit his lap then the tiled floor as he slumped tò the couch next to me trying to catch his breath.

I arrived Awka after some 6 hour

drive east at exactly 4pm sunday.The gate opened after i horned twice.Grandma Juliet came hugging me after i cleared at the garage.I brought out the goodies i bought her,then locking my car we headed upstairs. I chatted with her for sometime after i had a plate of rice with carrot sauce with fried chicken and a glass of juice. Couple of hours later the door downstairs opened and i heard grandma call_-----

'Joseph is that you????'

'Yes goodevening ma the voice came as I heard footsteps on the stairs then the door of the sitting room went open. Standing in front of me was a guy stud,6'5,muscular

shiny black hair and beard,big eye,thick red lips and bulging chest and biceps.

'Jerome meet Joseph Mark my driver,Joseph meet Jerome my grandson' grandma introduced

I stood up and took his hand for a shake and we both looked each others eyes before parting ways me sitting on seat,him near granny. I noticed his hand was hard and my soft palm contrasted his and that had sensation of its own plus this stud was too beaut...yes beautiful he's freakingly handsome.

Day 2,I woke up feeling horned up i went to the garage to say goodmorning to Joe but what i saw totally swept me off my feet and i just wanted more.

Right in front of me stood Joe almost naked in a pair of tight transparent brief that barely covered him ending just above his smooth muscular thigh below his groins by inches.His big round muscular ass and cock was clearly seen,his naked chest,shoulders,8 packs,a line of hair trailin on his smooth perfect body down to the bush of his KOKO!!!

I stood by one of our house columns in the garage and almost like in a trance,hypnosis yes mesmerized I reached for my flyers undid my zipper releasing my cock and smeared the copoius precum and spit on it for lubricant.I stood pumping my raging hard cock like mad following Martins' tutorials and maybe adding myown style,tempo,pressure and speed. I was pumping my cock with moans I thought were silent as I fixed my eyes on Joe's big ass which was now shown properly as he bent his upper body to wash the tyres of the car.

PLUMP! Went my moist dick in my hand as i closed my eyes and reach the sky with my mouth uttering :'Jooôoeee!!!,as globs of cum erupted.I opened my eye & Joe was before me with a boner.........



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