This amazing thing happened when I had gone to my Uncle's house during my summer vacations. I had no idea that I would be having experience of a lifetime there. I was really excited the day I was to leave for my Uncle's house. It had been fairly long time since I visited him and he had always been really nice to me. We were like best friends and he always found one or the other ways to bring smile on my face whenever I felt low. Well, I am Nick, a 21 year old jock who always fantasized about gay sex but belonging to a small town had its limitations and I am not that kinda guy who would hook up with every other guy,i.e I am selective. Working out had been my favorite activity since my high school and thus I was able to tone my body well. Broad pecs and a solid back made me cynosure of many eyes but if I had to mention 2 parts which were attention grabbers are my nips and butts. I always used to wear tight T-shirts to accentuate the look of my torso and my nips poked the fabric which made me feel good about myself.

Coming back to story, I hugged Mom and Dad and left for my Uncle's house. It was a long journey although my iPod and a good thriller novel (I don't read them unless I am undertaking a long journey) kept the boredom away. 6 hours passed by rather quickly and there I was standing few steps away from my Uncle's house. I loved coming to this place as I had some great memories attached with this serene landscape and over the time , I had started writing some songs which made me feel good. I picked up my bag, and no sooner had I reached the doorstep that I saw the door locked. I was shocked because I had told my Uncle well in advance that I would be coming today. I saw one note attached with the doorknob. It read "Dear Nick, I am extremely sorry for being unable to welcome you son. One of my close friends is terribly ill and there's no one to take care of him. I will see you after 3-4 days. Take care and the key is with Mark. I have told him about your visit and he will be there in no time."

Though I was dejected that Uncle was not there to welcome me but at the same time, there was an unusual excitement when I read that key was with Mark. He has always been an eye candy for me and my first crush. Mark was a 27 yo handsome guy who worked in a plumbing company. Buzzcut black hair, blue eyes which could make any one to drool, perfect lips with pearly white teeth and a sexy stubble, big broad shoulders and massive pecs, Arms so big to crush a stone and tree trunk legs. Man ,I could go on and on describing this hot muscular hunk. " Hey Nick", a husky voice brought me back to real world and I got petrified when I saw the man in front of me. There was Mark with his beautiful smile, his blue eyes making my heart go crazy. "Hey Mark" I replied smiling back feeling my knees go wobbly. He hugged me tight and I was surprised but liked getting so close to this manhunk. His hold was a gentle one inspite of his huge boulder arms. "How you've been bud? Been such a long time since I saw you here. Your Uncle was missing you dearly. Glad to see you. " Mark said.

"Yeah I have been a bit busy, but so happy to be here. Glad to see you too Mark. You look even better than before. (Hell, did I just say that!!)", I said. Mark grinned and said " You look great Nick and definitely better than before." My heart started pounding faster after getting such an awesome compliment from this smoking hot dude. He lifted my bags and opened the door. Nothing had changed. Photo frames capturing my early teen years and years before, beautiful ambience of the room with sunlight lighting up most part of it and then there was a nice fireplace. It was as if I was reliving those wonderful memories again, forgetting for a moment that Mark was also present in the house. I felt two big hands on my shoulders, as Mark stood so close to me. His breath was falling on my neck and I was feeling as if I was going to faint. He said in that magical voice again "Those days were beautiful Nick. You remember how we chased each other playing roles of cop and thief? I played the cop and you used to become thief". I turned around, my eyes trying to avoid looking at those piercing blue eyes. "Ofcourse I remember Mark and you pinned me down to the floor whenever you caught me. " I said with a chuckle.

He smiled and said "You must be tired. Take some rest. I will come in the evening." Though I was tired after a long journey, but I didn't want him to leave me. At the same time, I didn't want to sound like a kid drooling over a candy. So I hugged him and he left. I unpacked my bag and changed to tight T. I decided to go commando and just wore my tight shorts. My dick was already hard and leaking and the guy responsible for this erection was to come in the evening. I took a nap and woke up at about 5 in the evening. I took a shower and paid special attention to my ass as I massaged my butt cheeks. I started imagining about Mark showering with me and grinding his hot body against mine. I started fingering my ass and jerking my hard dripping cock. I got to the point of no return and exploded shooting a huge load all over the floor and my legs. I let out a huge groan and was just panting when I heard the doorbell ring. I cleaned my legs quickly and fumbled with the towel, wrapping it around my waist. Doorbell rang again and I knew I would be opening the door in just towel. I opened the door and there was the superstud Mark with that cheesy grin on his face. "Ah it seems I disturbed you"he said eyeing my body . "Oh its alright man, come on in" I replied politely. "Lil buddy, you have grown up into a handsome young jock" Mark said as his eyes seem scanning me from head to toe. I knew it was the right time to make a move. "Well, I am just following in your footsteps Mark",I said with a grin on my face. My confidence levels were getting higher as I made contact with those mesmerizing eyes.

"I don't know about you Nick, but now its getting hard to resist a hot jock like you",Mark's comment stunned me but aggravated my testosterone levels. I knew it was time. "Who's asking you to resist Mark?" , I hadn't even completed saying his name when this masculine hunk prowled at me with a great agility and pressed me close to his hot body, as he leaned in and planted the first kiss of several kisses to follow that evening and night. It was so passionate and his lips felt really good. I had always thought of making out with him and here we were kissing like 2 passionate lovers who were meeting after a long time. He hugged me tight and whispered in my ear " Nick, I was always attracted to you but its no more of an attraction. I love you Nick", his words and his hot breath melted my heart and body. I moaned loudly, "Oh Mark, I have always dreamt about you and I love you too." It was followed by yet another hot passionate kiss and this time Mark slid his hot tongue in my mouth, probing my mouth in a sensual manner as I sucked on his tongue and we both moaned.

He parted and took his tight T off, soon pulling down his denims. He looked like a hot pornstar with a rugged look and so smoking hot. He grinned and picked me up in his big arms,carrying me to the bed. My Uncle's king size bed was so comfortable and he kissed me all the way. Laying me down gently, he climbed over me,pinning my arms to the bed. He started making out passionately, kissing my lips,cheeks,chin and then he buried his hot mouth in the crevice of my neck and collar bone. I was in a pleasure zone as I moaned loud. His stubble teased me even more and his hot tongue worked its magic on my body which was spasming nonstop. He growled while still kissing and licking my neck. Sliding his tongue to my big nips,he tongue circled them and looking in my eyes,said "Always wanted to suck these erasers" and he started flicking my nips with his hot wet tongue. I was moaning so hard pinned by this masculine hunk who was driving me crazy. I was in 7th heaven as he clamped his hot mouth on my pecs while flicking my buds with his naughty wet tongue. "Ohhhhhh Mark" I growled. He switched between my nips and neck sending waves of pleasure through my body. Then he kissed way down to my abs and kissed my navel button making me groan with extreme pleasure. He lifted my butts and unwrapped the towel, exposing my buff ass and hard leaking cock.

He flipped over and gave me a passionate kiss. I explored his hot perfect body with my lips and tongue as I paid special attention to his Adam's apple as I sucked on it, making him moan with pleasure. I tweaked his nips as I kissed his neck. I slowly slid my tongue way down to his abs,licking them,kissing them. He was growling like a bear. His mod hairy body was driving me wild and I slid down his boxer briefs. I was left shocked to see what a big dick this hunk was packing. It had to be atleast 8.5" in length and 6 inches thick. He grinned at me and said "You like this don't you Nick?". I grabbed his muscular cock and teased his piss slit,making him throw his head back as he moaned. I clamped my mouth on his big fat mushroom head as it stretched my lips and started bobbing up and down this enormous dick. Moaning and groaning,he pushed my head down on his big cock. I slurped and slobbered over his big dick and kept gagging whenever he hit the back of my throat with his big helmet. Spitting over his dick, I flicked my tongue over his piss slit and sucked deep down to his balls. His manscent was so strong and seductive, I kept on sucking his big cock for some time. Then, I rolled his nuts with my tongue as I swallowed his big ballsac,driving him wild. "Fuck yeah Nick,where did you learn that...fuckkkkk feels so good bud",he moaned. He flipped me over and kissed me again,tasting his precum in my mouth.

"You have made me so hard Nick. Don't worry, I won't be aggressive given that you got a tight ass and I gotta huge tool for that sweet ass" Mark said as he slid between my legs and spread my buttcheeks with his big hands. He massaged my tight pucker with his thumb as he licked my taint. "Ohhhhhhhhh Mark..yeah don't stop it" I hollered. He spread my buttcheeks further and started stabbing my pucker with his hot tongue sending shivers down my spine. I was in total ecstasy as he drilled my hole with his hot tongue,licking my inner ass walls and spitting in my hole. He munched on my ass lips for what seemed like hours. "Are you ready bud ?"Mark asked to which I moaned "yeah Mark I have wanted you for so long.Want to feel you inside me". He pulled my legs up over his broad shoulders as he rubbed my pucker with his dripping mushroom head,chuckling as he leaned in and kissed me deep and hot. Then getting up, he started poking my ass lips and soon the big head popped in my ass."Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh",we both groaned loudly. He gave me some time to adjust to his girth as he started going deeper into my lovetube. With pleasure groans and moans, he made it all the way deep until his balls were resting on my ass cheeks. "Oh I love you dude",Mark grunted as I grinded my butt cheeks against his heavy ballsac. Then he slid back and forth slowly. He started long dicking my tight hole with that huge nice cock. He started picking up pace as I felt his heavy balls slapping my ass cheeks. We moaned with each thrust and I was having the time of my life with the hunk of my dreams. He grunted and took his cock out of my ass. He got behind me and started to fuck me sideways,kissing me constantly. His big hands were wrapped around my pecs as he dicked my hot ass. He pressed my lovebutton each time he slammed his dick in and I knew I was about to cum soon. Then he picked me up in his arms in a standing missionary position and started fucking me hard. Pounding and drilling my ass deep with his huge tool, he growled like a bear. "Ohhhhhh fuck Nick, I am gonna cum" Mark groaned loudly as he laid me back on bed and took his dick back until his head was in my ass . He hollered loud and erupted in my ass, shoving his spurting dick deep in my ass, making me shoot my own load. It was so intense that it hit my chin and splattered all over my pecs and abs. We both moaned as he kissed me deep."Oh Nick, this was so awesome. I love you." Mark whispered in my ear. "Mark, I am so glad to be with you. I have always dreamt about us and today my fantasy came true. I love you Mark",I said. He didn't take his dick out and we slept cuddled together in warmth of love.

Looking forward to write Part 2



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