Dragon Fly and Sabastian #1

By : A. Williams

    Everyone calls me Dragon Fly because my whole back is covered by a tattoo of a flying dragon. It's quite beautiful really, deep blues, yellows and greens. My real name is Jim Wallace, 25 years old in my last year of collage at James Madison University in Harrisonburg Virginia, beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I am getting my masters in mathematics and that is where I meet Sabastian. I was living in the on campus student apartment complex along with two other guys now, James our fourth roommate had recently moved out to live with his girlfriend.

    Then Sabastian moved in or tried to. I ran into him in the hallway with boxes scattered and his stuff all over the floor. When he looked up at me and our eyes met, I was in love at first sight. His eyes were the greenest I had ever seen, black long lashes, big full pouty lips and a head full of black curls. I feel to my knees to help, that smile, those dimples...he was stunningly gorgeous.

    "Let me help you sweet man." I said. Sabastian knew this guy was gay and wanted him to go away. He saw in his eyes and heard it in his words and wanted no part of him. He looked pissed and sounded mad when Sabastian said "I don't need help, I can get it... no thank you." I smiled, still helping "Does not look that way to me. What's your apartment number?" He huffed "Number five." I laughed out loud "That's me, I live in five, I guess you are my new bunkmate." His handsome face wet red with anger. He stood up and yelled "What the fuck! I will not live with a gay guy!"

    I stood too, dropping everything in my hands "Well you better get used to it, half of the guys on this floor are gay." I screamed back and stormed off into the apartment, slamming the door behind me. My roommates, Kevin and Lance ran out startled and staring at me. Kevin said "What the hell is going on Dragon Fly, were heard screaming man. Are you okay?" I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself "I just meet our asshole, idiot, sonofabitch new roommate. He is a homophobe." They both screamed out "Really man, are you serious?" Kevin and Lance are as straight as they come but have no problems with gays. We have been best buds for years and they back me 100% of the time. They are both huge gym rats so Sabastian better look out!

    A knock sounded on the door and I stepped aside and went to my bedroom. Lace opened the door and Kevin stood near, arms crossed over his massive chest with an evil glare on his handsome face. "My name is Sabastian and I have been assigned to this apartment by the school office." He said holding a box. "Really? looks to me, ASSHOLE, like you need to get re-assigned. Your kind is not welcome here." Lance said with an angry tone. "No worries ... First thing on Monday morning. Until then, I need a place to sleep and store my stuff." He pushed his way in and brushed by Kevin entering our bedroom.

    I was lying on the bed staring at the ceiling still fuming. After several trips Sabastian's boxes were in the room and he collapsed on his bed. As mad as I was, I could not help but gaze lovingly over his stunning form. He had to be 6' 2" tall, large frame 195-200 lbs. of nice muscled up meat. Me... 6' even 190 large frame as well and ripped, clean shaven all over. I have brown hair and eyes, nice manly face with a huge friendly smile and nice full lips. He rolled his head and our eyes locked again "Look man, I will be out of here Monday, I will say no more to you out of the way... you know, about you liking guys. Where's the bathroom? I need a shower."

    I pointed to the back wall "First doors the closet, towels are under the sink. Make sure you pick-up after yourself. I'm gay but not the fucking maid." I said closing my eyes. I heard the water start and could not help thinking of his naked body all soapy and hairy... water dripping down his chest... to his cock and balls. I started to get hot, I stripped to my boxers and lay back down caught up in my fantasy. My big cock began to plump up and my balls began to churn thinking about his hands running over his slick body... damn, I was lusting after this guy who was clearly a straight man that hated gay men.

    Fuck... that first tug at my heart... Fuck... those butterflies in my stomach. I was falling for Sabastian and I knew it. Well he would be gone Monday and out of my life. I could hold on for a couple of days. He came out of the bathroom in only a towel. His curly black hair still damp, hairy hot body still wet from the shower and my cock was hard as a rock instantly. There was no way to hide my 10 inch very thick erection and I knew Sabastian had seen it. I stood and went to the bathroom to rub one out.

    Sabastian watched Dragon Fly walk to the bathroom and was impressed with his huge cock and big balls, no one could miss that even in boxers. That tattoo seemed to come to life as he walked, his back muscles shifted and it seemed to really move as if it was flying. His high tight ass so round and firm, legs long and defined, void of hair and so smooth. WOW... what a hunk! Wait... what the fuck am I thinking! I'm not gay ... he is. Sabastian shook his head as to clear it from this sudden confusion. Get your shit together man, he told himself. You are out of here in a couple of days. Hang on till then.....

Part #2 soon...thanks for posting and reading ...A.


A. Williams

[email protected]


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