The first dorm on your right houses a husky italian jock, and a slim, but athletic black boy. The black boy wakes up, rubbing his eyes. He adjusts his semi-hard dick beneath a pair of plaid boxers, looking over to see his roommate still sleeping. He quietly gets out of bed and you see his thick hardon protruding from the opening in his boxers. He tucks it back in, but it's pressing against the opening still. He grabs a towel, and wraps it around his waist, grabbing a nylon drawstring bag, and leaving the dorm, headed toward the stairs. He walks up the stairwell, and enters the 2nd story. Just inside the 2nd story is the shower room. He enters, seeing that no one is around, taking off the towel, revealing his morning wood beneath the plaid boxers. He stops and listens, slowly pushing the boxers down, and entering a shower stall to his left. He turns the water on, draping his towel over the bar, and opening the nylon bag, retrieving shower gel and shampoo He steps under the shower, setting the items on the floor. He begins to wet his entire body, closing his eyes, and leaving his dick to stand straight out from him.

Meanwhile, his roommate wakes in the dorm below, rubbing his eyes, and looking at his phone. He glances over to see his roommate has left already. He looks at his phone again, and kicks his legs up, to reveal a chiseled, and perfectly hairy torso. He is also wearing boxers, and there is a clear outline of a massive Italian dick. He looks up, seeing that the dorm door is ajar, jumps down out of bed, and closes the door, locking it. He quickly jumps back up into his bed, and slips his boxers down. He is hairy, thick, and uncut. He starts to slowly jack his thick uncut dick, running his left hand through his tousled hair, flexing his arms as he does. He speeds up his actions, and reaches under his pillow, retrieving a cum towel. He drapes it loosely over his hairy abs, and quickens his strokes, exploding in a massive cumshot, quickly darkening the cloth over his abs. He hurriedly wipes up the mess and jumps out of his bed, tucking his cum towel under his pillow. He unlocks the door, and opens is slightly. He adjusts his dick comfortably between his legs, while he rummages for some fresh boxers and a tee shirt. He grabs a plastic bag, towel, and a pair of jeans, and walks out into the hall, letting his dick swing freely beneath the plaid boxers. Dark drops appear in the inner legs of the boxers, as he is still leaking cum. He goes out into the stairwell and heads up to the showers on the 2nd floor.

The black boy is covered in shower gel, and rubs the oily suds all over his body, careful not to touch his dick. He has already shampooed and is working the gel into his neck and underarms. He rinses off, and squirts a drop into his right palm, reaching down, and taking hold of his large, thick meaty dick. He slowly starts to jerk, being careful to listen for other shower goers. He's accustomed to taking his time, but realizes he is not in a private place, and hurries his speed. He feels the rush of orgasm, and reaches up to hold onto the hot shower head. He leans his head back, letting the water pour over his face and down his chest, and shoots his load against the tiled wall, holding his breath as to not let out a peep. He continues jacking, as he tilts his head down and opens his eyes, watching his hand move back and forth over his shiny, thick rod. He sees the splatter of jizz on the tiles, and splashed water at it, watching his cum run slowly down the tiles, and to the floor, circling the drain, and disappearing down the piping. He relaxes his body, and allows the water to soothe over him. He slowly turns to turn the water off, and steps out, toweling himself off just inside the cubicle. He sees a shadow walk past, and the opening and closing of a curtain door just a few feet away .He wraps his towel around his body, closing the nylon drawstring bag, and heads back downstairs.

The italian enters the showers, and hears the familiar rhythm of water being splashed by a jerking hand. He smirks and leans against the wall just inside the door, imagining what it must be like to be caught jacking. He gets a tingling feeling and feels his dick start to rise. He instinctively looks over his shoulder, to see if anyone is behind him. The coat is clear and he turns around, listening for the giveaway. He hears the splashing increase and then nothing. He smirks again and walks around the corner, stopping at a mirror to see if he needs to shave or not. He's got a 5 o'clock shadow, but decides he'll save time and just shower this morning. He hears the water turn off, and quickly makes his way down the row of showers, to not be obvious. He walks past the first stall on the left, glancing briefly through the curtain opening, to see his roommate toweling off. He chooses a stall just a few feet up the row, and opens the curtain stepping in. He closes the curtain behind him, realizing he now has a full on boner. He pulls his boxers off, stepping into the shower cubicle and turns on the water, feeling the blast of cold, an practically jumping at the shock. He likes the cold water against his dick, and feels the urge to jack off again. He reaches down, and starts to jerk his loose skin over his hard shaft, quickly feeling the rise of an orgasm, as his foreskin glides up and over his head. He moans quietly, and leans back against the wall, feeling the pulsating water hit directly over his foreskin covered head. The vibration sends him over the edge and he cums into the stream of cool water. He slumps down, almost losing his balance, continuing to pump cum into the downward stream of water, watching white blobs of cum swirl down into the drain. He regains his posture, and continues to wash off, shampooing his thick locks, and running the suds through his body hair, and down over his muscles. He feels the water warm, and relaxes, allowing the fountain of warmth to envelope him. He closes his eyes, and relaxes, as he hears the sounds of voices walking into the shower room...

2nd dorm to your right is a red headed marketing major. He's hefty, with freckled white skin, and a beer belly. He prefers to sleep in the nude, but since coming to college, has resorted to commando with pajama pants. His roommate is on the swim team, and a quiet journalist major with tan skin and jet black hair, that hangs at the base of his neck and falls in his face. He wears thick black frames, and has a soul patch of shiny black hair under his thick bottom lip. He's native american and hispanic, with a typical swimmer's build, and practically hairless, except for a shadow of razor trimmed pubic hair, which surrounds his long, thick, pierced dick. His girlfriend had persuaded him to get the piercing, although he liked taking it out when they fucked. He was a great swimmer, and adopted the nickname Sly, since he made quick and sneaky recoveries during meets. He didn't mind the red head as a roommate, although he always heard him jacking off at night, and wished there was a way to hint to him that he was too loud for a shared room. This morning, he decides will be his time to teach the red head a lesson.

He glances over, watching the heaving belly of white freckled skin move up and down. There was the slight giveaway of morning wood beneath the striped sheets, and the redhead always slept with a pillow over his face. The Hispanic Indian turns toward the wall, and waits for signs of the redhead waking. He hears a snort, and mumbling, along with a yawn, and reaches down to take hold of his prepped cock. He didn't sleep with the piercing in, and always enjoyed the feeling of his fingertips along the stubble of pubes surrounding his shaft. He starts to stroke slowly, just lightly rustling the sheets, enough to make it obvious, but not entirely awkward. He hears nothing from the other side of the room, and continues to stroke himself under the sheets. It feels so good, he actually forgets about the chubby redhead across the room. He glances down, seeing the sheets flapping open to reveal his massive dick being jerked by hand. He closes his eyes and lets out a brief moan. He hears rustling from across the room, and a grunt. He glances over his shoulder, seeing the redhead watching him from across the room. He stops and questions him. "How long have you been watching?" "Just now, s-s-sorry dude." "Man, it's fine, I hear you jackin all the time. Dude we gotta figure out a schedule or somethin." The redhead doesn't say anything, and the Hispanic Indian jumps down out of his bed, holding his hand over his crotch, knowing there's no way to completely conceal himself. He sees the redhead's eyes shift up and down his body, and he kind of enjoys it. He walks over to his dresser, and grabs the towel from the hook beside it, wrapping it tightly around his body. He finds his shampoo and shower gel, and says "brb" as he walks out into the hall. He runs into the redneck from the dorm across the hall, who is also headed toward the showers, with a tank top and jeans on, towel and toiletries in hand. They greet and talk about their 2:30 class they have together, and head on up to the shower.

The redhead turns on his back, and waits for the stairwell door to close loudly, then reaches down and takes hold of his short dick. He's only about 4 inches long, but he enjoys masturbating regularly, usually at night, but seeing his roommate jacking off made him hard. He understood the feeling of getting off with someone else in the room, and was hoping his roommate would finish while he watched, but none-the-less, he was left alone. He glances down, but only sees his freckled belly, running his left hand down, to play with his red pubes, and pull at his balls, while he jerks with his right hand. He pushes his pajama pants down, revealing his stubby dick to the cool dorm air. He sighs loudly, feeling the warmth of arousal rise up from his groin. He starts to quickly pump his little dick, and feels the squirting of orgasm. He feels the wetness surround his dick shaft, and cover his hands. He pulls his pajama pants up and slowly slides out of bed, plopping both feet on the cold floor below. He feels the wetness spread down his thighs, and looks quickly for a towel or at least kleenes. He finds some paper towel, and rolls a wad around his hand, mopping at the other with the sheets of thin paper toweling. He reaches the wad inside his pajama pants and soaks up as much cum as he can, dropping the wad in the garbage can by his dresser. He'd have to take care of it later. He gathers up his shower stuff, and grabs a towel on his way out the door, making his way up to the showers.

The first dorm on your left is a redneck white boy from Mississippi with a heavy drawl, chiseled physique and farmer's tan. He's got muscular arms, coverd in blonde hairs, and thick thighs and calves. He's packin about an 8 pack of abs, covered in a darker blonde fur, which works its way up his chiseled body to his protruding pecs, thickly covering both nipples. He has a tattoo of a topless mermaid on his left bicep, with the word Miss tattooed around her waist. He's got an average dick, surrounded by light brown pubes, and keeps his face clean shaven, except for a thick strap around his jawline and chin. He's got glistening white teeth and piercing blue eyes, with short straight blonde hair. He dorms with another white guy from the football team. He's from Minnesota, and talks funny. He's got broad shoulders, massive chest, and thick, hard waist. His thighs and legs are also thick, and he often wears sweat suits, since they're the only thing that accommodates his massive form. He's about 6'6" and 350 lbs. He's got sandy brown hair, kept short, and the only hair on his body is under his huge arms, and around his dick. He shaves his legs, cause he likes the feeling of the fleece against his smooth skin. Girls don't mind, cause he's got an 8" cut dick to please them with. They both decided on a twin over double bunk, since Minnesota couldn't sleep in a loft, for fear of falling through. And besides, the last time he slept in a twin bed was when he was 10, before th egrowth spurt. He has bushy eyebrows and dark brown eyes, a crooked smile and puffy lips. He's actually one of the nicest guys in the dorm, and hasn't met anyone he couldn't out eat.

The redneck wakes up with a snort, seeing the sun shining through the small window, directly in his face. He covers his face with a pillow, and turns toward the wall. He slowly starts to dose off, when he feels the bed start to shake a little. Minnesota must be waking up. He shifts his body, facing out toward the room. He closes his eyes and tries to fall asleep again, but the bed shakes again. It's a little vibration, but enough to keep Mississippi up. He figures Minnesota's havin a wank, and contemplates wankin himself. They were pretty open minded, and even had a dick measuring contest. Minnesota won by 3 inches, and his balls won by two. He heard Minnesota start to breathe a little deeper, and he let out a little grunt, and mumbled something, just to give fair warning. The vibration stopped, and he heard the rustle of sheets below. The bed shifts again, and he hears Minnesota's breathing up through the crack between the bed and the wall. Mississippi kicks off his sheets, and looks down to see his briefs had fallen down slightly, revealing the semi-hard shaft of his dick. He quickly pulls them up, and adjust himself down under his balls, which only makes him start to harden faster. He rolls his eyes and turns to jump out of bed. He stretches, and innocently turns to say good morning to Minnesota, who is facing away. He has his sheets and blanket wrapped loosely around his frame, but his bubbled ass is half hangin out, revealing some dark fur growing from its cheeks. Missippi says "Crack kills Hoss," and laughs as Minnesota reaches back to pull the sheets up. He turns over his shoulder and greets his roommate, who's pullin a tank top over his head. He waits til Missippi leaves the room, and the door closes. He hears voices in the hall, fading as they walk away.

Minnesota turns to face the bottom of the top bunk, pushing the sheets and blanket down, pulling his 8 inch dick through the opening of his pajamas. He prefers to jack in the nude, but doesn't want to risk getting walked in on. It's one thing to be seen naked while changing, but to be mid-cum would be horrific. He grabs his dick, and slaps it up against his hard stomach. He moans softly, as he jerks his meat quickly and rapidly. He's flexing his chest, and feeling the surge of adrenaline as he pumps faster and faster. He was so close to getting caught this morning, it made him want to, but he had stopped himself. He heard the bed start to creak, and slows his strokes down, just enough to stop the noise. He feels his cum rising within his thick dick, and looks down to watch the fountain of cum spray from his member. He hits himself in the face, and curses, waiting for the rest of his orgasm to completely. He's throbbing within the closed fist of his hand, and he can taste his cum dripping into his mouth. He closes his mouth, tasting the sweetness of jizz, and licks his lips. "Not bad" he thinks. He continues to lick around his lips while he shoots out another rope of cum, and lets go of his dick, feeling it slide into a puddle of jizz. He licks at his fingers, and then helps himself to the rest. Easy cleanup, and he never knew what cum tasted like. He wondered if that's why some of the girls didn't mind if he came in their mouths. He smiled thinking about it. He rolls over, and stands up from the bed, looking around for his cum rag. He reaches under the bed frame, and finds it balled up behind his suitcase. He pulls it out, and mops at his stomach and chest, and neck. He gets enough of it cleaned off, and goes to his closet to get his shower things. His dick is still rock hard, hanging out of the pajama pants, but he waits for it to slowly soften, enough for him to conceal beneath the fabric of his pants. He walks out into the hall, and sees the chubby redhead from across the hall, just entering the stairwell. He didn't mind showering with other guys, but that kid was always a little weird.

The Italian turns off the water, and steps out, wrapping his towel around his waist. He uses his shirt to dry his hair, and grabs his stuff, forgetting his boxers on the floor. He walks out, to see Sly and redneck from acros the hall walk past, nodding as they walk by. He leaves the shower room, and makes his way downstairs to his dorm. When he enters, his roommate is standing naked at his dresser, just pulling on some briefs. He doesn't say anything, but sees the look of shock on his face. He says good morning, and drops his towel, squatting to dig through his bottom drawer for some socks. He hears his roommate quickly dress and leave, then stands up, and turns to shut the door. He enjoys air drying, and waits a few minutes to dress. He still have half an hour before class, and sits in the tv chair to check his phone before leaving.

Sly steps into the first shower on the left, and Mississippi across they way. They talk loudly about classes and laughing at one of the profs who has a habit of biting his nails and chewing on them during lectures. Sly turns the water on, dropping his towel. He's no longer rock hard, but his dick is still semi, and he still would like to jerk a load before class. He waits for the water to warm, while fingering his balls, and making little jerks at his thick shaft. He rubs his fingers tips along the stubbly pubes, and instantly feels himself grow thicker, and harder. He glances over his shoulder in habit, only seeing the little openings on either side of the curtain, and hearing Mississippi still talking about the prof with the bad habit. He steps into the water, and squirts shower gel in his hand, coating his upper body, and under his arms with suds. He slides his hands down his muscular frame, and takes hold of his dick. He uses both hands, one on top of the other, to jerk up and down the pole. It feels so good, with the lubricating gel, and the warm water coursing over his body. He hadn't jerked off in the shower since his junior year in highschool. He had the house to himself, since both parents worked, and had been naked the entire day. He watched porn on his laptop, and jerked off in almost every room of the house, including the attic. He even dared to step onto the 3 seasons porch at the back of their house, fully hard and nude, walking along the dark side of the porch against the outer wall of the house. He heard lawn mowers going, and an occasional car driving past. They had a pretty big yard, but lived in a pretty crowded subdivision, surrounded by working families. He had cut it too close, when the neighbor next door rode past on his riding lawn mower. He was a man in his 40s with a wife and a dog. He was in pretty good shape, and always had his shirt off, with cut off shorts almost every day. His wife was an attorney, and he stayed at home to keep the house up. He hadn't noticed Sly, but was literally a few feet from the porch when he passed. Sly gave himself a couple jerks, and waited til the neighbor was almost at the edge of the lawn where he would turn around to come back this way, then Sly quickly ran back into the house, not knowing if his back side had been visible. He had gotten so horned up at that moment that he ran to the nearest bathroom, and turned the shower on cold, to have a quick jerk. He came hard, spraying the back of the shower casing, and quickly got out, toweling off, and cleaning the back of the shower casing, removing all evidence.

He smiled, remembering that day, and made quick strokes with his right hand over the head of his dick, while the left hand swirled around the base of his shaft, rubbing consistently over the stubbled pubes, causing arousing friction to shoot up through the shaft. He let out a moan and quickly came hard. He couldn't believe how powerful his cumshots were, they shot straight up, almost to the heigh of the curtain rod, and landed on his chest, and down to the cement floor of the shower basin. He kept cumming, shot after shot, almost all of them shooting high up above his head. He kept jerking, until he was sure he wouldn't cum anymore, letting go of his dick. He pressed his hands on the wall before him, tilting his head, and breathing deep breaths, allowing the water to cascade down over him. He had completely forgotten about Mississippi, who was now just a few sounds of water dripping, and gargling. He wondered if his gasp had been loud enough to hear over the water streams, and quickly forced the though out of his mind. He turned to face the shower, and brushed his still hard dick against the vinyl shower curtain, sending another arousing wave through his dick. "Ooohhhhh" he couldn't control himself, and he came again, this time just a couple short cumshots against the vinyl curtain. He grabbed his dick, aiming it down, letting the rest of the cum ooze down, to be washed down the drain. He covered his mouth, sure that he'd been heard that time. He heard Mississippi laugh out loud. "Hoss, havin fun over there are ya?" "Dude, that's embarrassing." "Nah, I stroked on out too, but obviously not as hard as you did." He couldn't help but laugh out loud. It was an awkward occurrence, but he felt at ease. Everyone did it after all.

Mississippi closed the curtain, feeling his dick throbbing in his jeans. He was so fuckin horny, and wanted to bust a nut as soon as he could. He turned the water on, peeling off the tank top, and unbuttoning his jeans, draping them over the small bench in the cubicle. He took off his briefs letting his dick spring forth, straight out in front of him. It was average, but the perfect shape. The head was curved, and the shaft got thicker toward his body. He knew how to work it in good when he fucked, so he never heard any complaints about his size. He kept talking with Sly about the prof with the weird nail biting habit, pretending to laugh and the quips, and commenting on their fucked up schedule. He heard Sly start splashin under the water, and figured this was a good enough time. He spit into his hand, takin hold of his dick, and slowly started to stroke himself. "Oh yeah, this is it." he thought to himself. He kept watching for anyone who may have entered the showers after He and Sly. They kept talking, and eventually Sly stopped responding, so Mississippi figured he was either wankin, or just grew tired of the conversation. All he heard was the splashing of water from Sly's shower across the way. He bit his bottom lip, and looked down, watching his dick move with his strokes, his spit looking slick and wet across the veiny upper shaft. He braced himself with his left hand pressed against the cubicle wall. He was getting into his rhythm, and closed his eyes, rhythmically stroking to the sound of the splashes across the way. He figured Sly was strokin too, and realized how hot that was. He was going to do something he'd never done before, time their orgasms, and cumming at the same time. If Sly was anything like him, he would speed up his motions just before bustin. He listened intently, getting more and more horny with each stroke. He heard the splashes get faster, and picked up his speed. He thought he heard a moan, let himself go. He bit his lower lip, feeling a moan from deep within try to escape. His breathing was intense, as he shot a few thick ropes of cum out, against the cubicle wall. He couldn't believe how intense this was! He was cumming over and over, and kept strokin, even though his dick was turning red. He watched his cum drip down the wall, and he let go of his dick, pushing back with his hand, standing straight up, letting his dick throb on its own, and push out the little bit of cum that was left. He quickly stepped in under the shower, which was now a borderline scalding hot. He jumped back and adjusted the water, to a comfortable warm. He started to soap up, when he heard a groan from across the way, laughing out loud...

The redhead made it to the 2nd floor, panting and breathing deep. He opened the hall door, and stepped around the corner, entering the shower room. He heard Sly and Mississippi talking loudly, and the sound of water splashing. He figured he'd quickly walk by and get the furthest shower back. He walked down toward the showers, and saw the shadow of Mississippi just inside the curtain. He could see a peek of his backside, and stopped, pressing against the wall. Should he leave? He waited to see if Mississippi would get in the shower. It was a couple minutes, and he could still see the shadow. He peeked in from behind, and saw Mississippi had his hand up on the wall and he was jerking his dick. "OMG" he thought. He peeked a little more, and watched Mississippi's ass muscles flexing, wondering how it felt for a muscular guy to jerk off. He was a quick cummer, but figured it was because of all the fat around his dick, which left only the more sensitive areas exposed. He kept watching, and ducked back, when he thought Mississippi was going to turn around. He waited a few seconds then peeked back. He heard familiar rhythmic splashing coming from Sly's shower and figured he was doing the same thing. It sucked living in the dorms. You could either jack off in bed, or in the shower. He thought back to a time when he had jacked off in the garage, with the door open. He was standing behind his Dad's suv, in broad daylight, jacking off to a porn he found back there. He came quickly, and saw a neighbor walk by with her dog. She glanced over briefly but kept walking. He thought that she may have known what he was doing, and he couldn't wait to do it again. Sadly he never got the chance before going off to school.

Mississippi was breathing heavier, and the redhead could hear it. He could also hear the splashing quicken across the way, and wondered when these guys would be done. He grew impatient, but wanted to see this all play out. He was curious as to how long Mississippi and Sly would last. He heard Sly breathing loudly, and even thought he heard a moan. He kept watching MMississippi, and saw his arm move faster and heard his breathing get louder. He was shocked to see cum spraying against the wall. It was kind of hot, and there was so much of it, he thought! Mississippi pushed back and the redhead watched his cum slide down the wall. He heard Mississippi get into the shower, and quickly walked past. He heard a louder moan come from Sly's and they started laughing, and talking about what just happened. He started his shower, and stepped into the warmth, feeling the sticky residue of his cum wash down off of his body.

Minnesota made his way up the stairs to the showers. He opened the door and walked around the corner, hearing laughter. He stopped, and listened as Mississippi talked about cumming along with Sly. "Douchebag" he thought, and laughed to himself. He shuffled into the room, slapping at the curtain on the right. "You ladies have a good time with yourselves?" "Man, fuck you, it was accidental." Mississippi was chuckling to himself. Minnesota picked a shower a couple feet away, and stepped into the cubicle, seeing a pair of boxers on the floor. He closed the curtain behind him, squatting to pick up the boxers. He saw the dark spots around the crotch, and examined them, judging by the density and texture, it must've been cum. He instinctively raised the boxers to his face, and stuck his tongue out, to taste the drops. They tasted bitter, and salty. He spit on the floor, and dropped the boxers down. Apparently cum didn't all taste the same. He reached in, and turned the shower on, stripping off his pajama pants. His meaty dick swung loosely as he folded his pants, and prepped his toiletries. He stretched up, and touched the ceiling, arching his back. He felt a tingle in his groin, and did some minor back and leg stretches while the water warmed. He glanced down at the boxers again, curious as to whose they were. He picked them up, and put one foot in over the other, pulling the boxers up over his meaty dick, and squeezing each bubbled ass cheek in the back. They were definitely not XL, and he was bulging out everywhere, which was hot. He rubbed his dick through the material, feeling the wet spots against his semi-hard shaft. He flexed his thighs and ass, feeling the fabric tense over his frame. He chuckled to himself, and then slowly stripped them off, watching his dick spring out of them. He saw a little wet spot at the head of his dick, and rubbed at it, spreading the cum in a little streak. He started to harden, at the thought of spreading another man's cum on his dick. He wasn't gay, but how hot would that be to have cum to use as lube? He started jerking his dick, reaching up to grab the shower curtain rod, and accidentally pulling it out of the wall. "Shit!" He tried to put it back, but it was broken. He dropped it, and turned off the water, picking up his things. He stepped out into the shower room, to go across the way. Mississippi and Sly were toweling off, and Mississippi glanced up, "Dude, morning glory and hallelujah!" "Shit" Minnesota though, as he felt his rock hard dick bouncing as he walked. He couldn't stop now, so he quickly entered the opposite stall, and closed the curtain behind him, dropping his things on the small bench. He started the water and stepped in. He quickly showered off, and shampooed, and reached out to check his phone. He had about 20 minutes to get ready to leave so he grabbed his still hard dick, and pumped a few times, feeling the blood rush to the head and back down the shaft, hardening entirely. He rubbed his right hand up and over his massive chest and rock hard stomach, while he pumped with his left. He quickly came, and saw a few squirts splash agains the wall. He let go of his dick, and rinsed off a little more, splashing water on the wall to wash off the cum. He stepped out, and toweled off, wrapping it tightly around his waist and made his way back to his dorm.

The redhead rinsed off, and shut the water off, hearing water still running from down the way. He quietly toweled off, humming to himself. He heard the water quiet, figuring someone was done. He stopped humming and toweled under his stomach, and around his back. He heard a loud crash, and jumped, hearing the big guy curse. He peeked out around the wall of his cubicle, and saw Mississippi and Sly toweling off, naked. He wished his dick were as big as Sly's, but it would never be. Suddenly he saw the big guy walk out, with the biggest dick he'd ever seen, bobbing up and down in front of him. Mississippi laughed at him, and he paused briefly. The redhead took it all in, gaping at the mouth, and quickly ducked back into the stall. He heard another curtain close and water start. He pulled his pajama pants back on and pulled a shirt over his head, gathering up his things and walked out of the shower room toward the stairs...




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