I opened my eyes, and looked around. We were parked behind a motel. The strip of numbered doors partially shadowed by the taller central building. There was a gas station across the parking lot and aside from a woman in black and white, pushing a cart down the walk way, no one else was around. Donnie walked out of the main building toward his car, with a pamphlet in hand. He got in his side, and leaned over to kiss my cheek. "Hey boy, good morning." "Hey, where are we?" "Right out side the city. I wanted to spend a day with you...alone." "This is kinda creepy though, don't you think?" "Hey, don't judge now. It's cheap and we're not here for the room service." 

He grabbed my hand, and raised it to his lips. "I didn't bring any clothes though." "I didn't either. We won't be needing them." I felt my face flush, and I giggled. Donnie was super sexy, and I didn't care where we did it. It would be our first time, and I didn't care where we were. He got out of his side, as I got out, and came around, pulling me by the arm, closely behind me. He pointed me toward 207, and kissed my neck as we arrived at the door. I glanced over, seeing the cleaning woman watching us, with a disgusted look on her face. I didn't care. Donnie put the key card in, and opened the door. It was actually a pretty nice room. It had updated fixtures and carpeting, and an old school tuffted leather headboard with the traditional printed comforter. There was a flat screen on the wall, and a small desk and high back chair in the corner. We walked through, and at the back was a little sitting area with a loveseat and cocktail table, and a jacuzzi tub with a tiled surround. I turned with a surprised look. 

"Wow, fancy!" "Shut up, you ass. This was their nicest room." I turned and kissed his lips. He groped my ass, leaning into me. He smelled so good. I reached up under his arms, holding onto him. I could feel his armpits were warm and moist. We made out for a couple minutes, and I could feel him hard against my crotch. I was hard too, and wanted to get out of these clothes. As if reading my mind, he pulled my shirt up over my head. I pulled up at his sweatshirt, slowly lifting it up, taking in his sexy torso, as I lifted up. Fuck. He raised his arms, and let me undress him, letting his arms fall to his sides. He flexed for me while I reached for the waistband of his shorts. He raised an eyebrow, and licked his lips, while I slowly unbuttoned his fly. I pushed the band down, reaching back to pull down over his muscular ass. I let them drop and then leaned back against the wall next to the bathroom door. He looked down at his briefs and back up. 

"You...don't want to see more?" I jutted my crotch out toward him, and glanced down. "Just waiting on you." He smirked, and reached out, unbuttoning my fly, and pushing down my jeans and briefs. I sprang up immediately. It felt great to be out of my jeans. My head was moist and drooling pre cum, and my ass was warm from the passion. He worked my jeans down, as well as crouching into a kneeling position. I closed my eyes and leaned back, as he took my dick in his mouth. I reached my hands up behind my head, placing my palms against the textured wall. He was slurping and sucking loudly, while I emitted some moans and groans. He pushed one leg up over his shoulder, and deep throated me. He was so good. I felt like I could cum at any second, but with my leg raised, I never reached the point of orgasm. 

He kept me on edge for a few minutes, and then lifted my other leg over his shoulder. I lowered my arms, feeling my shoulders brace against the wall, as he pushed me up into a crouched position. My ass was completely exposed, and I curled my legs up, as he worked my balls over with his lips and tongue, quickly moving down to my ass. The second he licked along the fuzzy crevice, I was open for him. He licked and nibbled along the puckered edges of my hole, as I clenched and opened repeatedly. I wanted him inside me so bad. I was moaning, as he worked his lips up and down the small, tight space. He had his hands planted firmly under both cheeks, spreading them slightly. I was completely useless at that point, going limp against the wall, and letting him ruin me. My breathing was heavy, and I was starting to sweat. I tried to reach for him, but he pushed my hands away, getting back to business. 

I kept mumbling his name, and how hot he was. He was really intense and loudly slurping at my balls and ass. After a few minutes, he lowered me down onto the tiled surround. I slid back, into the corner of the wall and tub, letting my legs go limp. I felt like if I blew my load, I might pass out. It was the most intense feeling I'd had to that point, with full on dick and ass arousal. I started to shake, as he stood up, removing his boxer briefs, which were completely soaked in the front. I thought he'd cum, but he was rock hard, and glistening with pre cum, dropping the briefs to the floor. He leaned forward, pulling me up under my arms. I stood before him, wanting him to take me. He softly kissed my lips, working his way down my neck, and back up. His hands were at my waist, and his thumbs were carressing the crevice between my hips and abs. I reached my hands up behind his head, feeling the short clipped hairs at the back, leading up to the mass of curly hairs tied up at the top of his head. 

He kissed along my cheek and jawline, working his teeth and tongue over my earlobe, sending me into an audible moaning of "fuck"s and "shit"s. I wanted him to fuck me already. I was hard against his hairy crotch, feeling the warmth of his balls against my shaft. I started to slide down, as he crouched over me, his arms around my head, as he kissed my face. I worked my way down his chest, biting at his nipple, and working my hips down the trail of hair, to the head of his dick, pointing up at me. He was so sweet and salty, throbbing in my mouth. he moaned, grabbing the back of my head with one hand. I bobbed up and down, completely spreading the pre cum around his entire shaft. I cupped his balls with my hand, wrapping my other hand around his hairy thigh. I looked up seeing him brace himself against the wall. I moaned loudly, sending vibrations throughout his crotch. "Fuck, babe..." 

He whimpered, and hunched lower. I worked his shaft and head over really well, circling my fingers around his balls. He smelled musky and the heat wave from his crotch was sending me into horny overload. I let go of his dick and slowly rose up to face him. He kissed my forehead, and locked eyes. I didn't say a word, and he knew it was time. He turned, and pulled my arm, leading me to the bed. He pulled off the top layers, and I crawled in, turning on my back, resting my head in the mass of fluffed pillows. I sunk in, while he spread my legs, planting both forearms on either side of me. "Damn you're sexy." His voice was low and raspy. "I want you so bad." "I want you too...fuck me." 

He giggled, and kissed my chest. I could feel his dick working its way in between my cheeks. I was moist, and slick, and his head slipped in and out freely, coating me with the excess pre cum. He was slowly thrusting his hips, and kissing my neck. A couple locks of hair had fallen in his face, and tickled my neck, while he worked his lips over. I undid the band at the top, letting all his hair fall. I ran my hands up and through the soft curls. he was nuzzling my neck with his stubbly face, while I moaned in his ear. I had my legs pulled up at his sides. We were completely sweaty, and warm against the cool sheets of the bed. he started to poke harder against my hole, as I opened up for him. I tucked my hips higher against his abs, causing my ass to open up more. He slid in softly at first, and then as his shaft went deeper, the fit was tighter. I moaned when he hit up all the way in me. He knew he'd gone all the way, and slowly pulled out. It felt amazing. 

He was slowly thrusting, and pulling back, his hairy crotch and abs rubbing softly against my thighs and balls. I was leaking crazy against my stomach. I wanted him so bad. "Fuck...You feel great." He was moaning in my ear. "You're so big Donnie." He giggled and moaned in my ear. "It's all yours babe." He was so soft and passionate, but strong inside me. He kept his pace slow, and enjoyable. He kissed along my neck, and chin. We made eye contact and I felt the connection stronger than any other time with him. There was something there, something intense. I almost felt like I loved him, but that was crazy right? I mean, we'd only known each other for a couple months, and with the mess going on with Chris and Caleb...Shit, I was doing it again. I needed to stay in this moment. I bit at his lower lip, and he smirked, and winked. I ran my hands down his stubbly jawline, and he nibbled at my fingertips. I shifted my body up, and curled my legs around his waist. "Oh, you like that?" He went a little deeper. 

After a couple minutes, his balls were slapping against my lower ass. I giggled at the sound as it echoed against the tiled part of the room. He started to giggle too, and slowed his thrusts. I moaned in his ear, and dropped my hips. He pulled out, and led me to roll onto my stomach. He positioned my ass up, with my legs pushed up, and straddled me in the froggy position. He was crouched over me, thrusting in and out, with his hairy abs against my lower back, and his arms on either side of me. He was moaning in my ear, dripping sweat against my neck and shoulder. I let myself moan freely, feeling him rubbing against my prostate. It was so intense, and I knew I would be cumming soon. I started to whimper and moan louder, and he knew I was close. "Cum with me babe." He started rubbing his hands up and down the outside of my ass cheeks, while he quickened his pace. "I'm....I'm...so close..." "Me too babe, just ride it out with me. Fuck..." 

He was grunting and grabbing my ass, spreading the cheeks out, while he pushed in with quick thrusts. I opened my mouth to tell him I was goin to cum, "I know...me too." He crouched over me, holding me tigh, as I shot my load into the sheets. I felt his dick start to pulse and flex in me, as he filled me up. i felt the familiar liquid vibrations inside me, as I continued to cum. "fuccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk....fuck, fuck..." He was louder this time, as I moaned and panted. The vibration of his dick pulsing against my prostate made my orgasm so much more intense. I felt mysel drain completely, and my whole body went limp. He was crouched over me, slowly sliding in and out, rubbing the underside of my chest and stomach. He straighted up, and I felt him slowly pull all the way out, collapsing next to me on the bed. I rolled over, feeling the cool air meet my cum soaked crotch and stomach. He reached over, pulling me back toward him. "Damn...Babe, that was incredible." He was kissed my neck and shoulder. I leaned back against him, completely spent, and didn't care how much of a mess I was laying in. 

We cuddled for a few minutes, occasionally he would hump up against me. His dick softened after awhile, and I felt him get off the bed. "Holy shit, we made a mess. I glanced over, at the massive wet spot on the white sheets. There was a slick puddle of cum, mixed with the sweat, and another small puddle behind the bigger one. I'm guessing my ass leaked. I turned to get off the bed, and felt a familiar moistness coming from behind. I paused, and clenched my ass, so I wouldn't drip out onto the floor. I looked up and Donnie was giggling at me. "Babe, don't worry about it." "I...It feels like it's going to come out though." "Aw, you want to keep me in there?" He reached out, pulling me off the bed, and leading me to the tub. He started the water, as I felt the cum running down my thighs. His body was shiny and glistening with sweat. 

I watched him push the hair out of his face, and the little things he would do, lick adjust his dick, and pull at his foreskin, playing with the drops of cum that were in there. I felt like this solidified us. I didn't know if we were together, or just close. I hadn't even checked my phone this entire time, and I wondered, for a brief second, if Caleb was ok. I had a flashback to the night before, with the cut on his head. Did Donnie do that to him? Did he have anger issues? Was I just in the love bubble? Well, it wasn't really love though, was it? Fuck. Why couldn't I just enjoy this moment? I pushed those thoughts out of my head, and scratched at the drying cum on my shaft and balls. I don't think I'd ever cum like that. Ever. Donnie was officially a sex God to me, and I couldn't wait to do it again. The tub filled quickly, and Donnie got in, sliding down into the foggy water. Steam was coming up, and coating the lower tiles along the wall. 

He slid around, to the corner, and motioned for me to join. I stepped in, sinking into the comfortably hot water, entangling our legs, and pushing my feet along his inner thigh, playing with his balls and dick. He giggled. "We're not done babe, don't worry. I got plenty more for you." He pulled at my hand, and I slid along the base of the tub, between his legs. He kissed my lips, and turned me over, pulling me against him. I pulled my legs up, as he wrapped his arms around my chest, rubbing my nipples with his fingers. "Are you comfortable?" "Yeah," my voice was scratchy, and I cleared my throat. He giggled against my skin, and I felt his lips work up my neck to my earloabe, as he took it in to his teeth, loosely. He nibbled on my ear for a couple seconds, and whispered "I love you Lucas." 

I sat up and turned, looking him in the eye. "I love you too." "REally? Or is it just cause I said it first?" "No...no, I felt it earlier, but I didn't know if it was because you were inside me, or if everything was building up to this." He winked, and pulled me back to him. "It's been crazy, and I know things aren't perfect right now, but I will do anything for you. You're my boy, and I want you to be ok with that." "I am...I just...What about Caleb?" "What about him?" His chest puffed and he braced himself against the back of the tub. I turned around in the water, against the opposite wall of the tub. "I'm...I still care about him." "He's a player. He'll hurt you. And then I'll kick his ass." "He won't. He's not like that." "Lucas, you don't know...Guys like that are no good." 

I saw the concern in his face, but I didn't know if he was mad about me being with Lucas too. "I care about him, but I love you too." "So you love Caleb?" "Yes." I didn't know until that moment, but why wouldn't I love Caleb? What wasn't to love about him? His openness to me, his wanting to show me new things, and looking out for me. It felt like a fucking dramatic scene in a romance movie. I hated being torn like this, but wasn't it possible I could love two guys at once? I wasn't even worried about Chris at this point. Donnie had issues with him too. I moved forward, taking his hands from under the water. "Ok, we're getting off track. I. Love. You." 

I leaned forward and kissed his lips. His jaw was tense, and his eyes were looking just past mine. I nuzzled up in the nape of his neck, pressing my body as close to him as I could, hugging my arms up under his. He didn't move. I felt a cramp in my leg, and ajdusted myself around, so I was leaning back against him, pulling my feet up out of the water, and resting them on the edge of the tub. His legs were up, with his knees on either side of me, feet against the opposing wall. I ran my fingers up and down his outer thigh, feeling his dick hardening against my back. I giggled. "Shit..." He put his arms up, holding onto me from behind. "Damnit boy." I felt him loosen up beneath me, and he shifted his weight under me, scooting up, pulling me with him. He kissed the back of my neck, grinding his dick up against my back. He moaned in my ear. I leaned forward, leaning against the edge of the tub, feeling his shaft drop down between the crevice of my ass. I still felt squishy back there, and knew he'd be able to go in softly. I pulled myself up, til my ass was spread, and the head of his dick was poking right at my hole. "MMmm, fuck." 

He cupped my ass under the water, and pushed his dick in. He was so smooth, and thick, sliding each inch a little further in. He was moaning softly, while he went in. I leaned back, putting weight down, sliding the rest of his dick in, til he was as far in as he could go. He exhaled loudly, kissing my shoulders. He started to lift me up, and drop me down. "Oh fuck." It was intense inside me, and I felt a shot of arousal up through my crotch. He repeated this a few time, sending wave of pleasure throughout my body. I was moaning and grunting while he sped this motion up. We created little waves and splashes in the water, and suddenly I was cumming again. "God...fuck me....shit." It was intense, and creamy. I braced myself as best as I could against him, feeling my orgasm calm. He dropped me a couple more times, and I slid all the way down, resting againt his chest. 

"You like that boy?" "Yes...fuck yes..." I was catching my breath, when he started to thrust slowly in and out of me. I knew I had just cum, but it was still arousing, feeling his thick shaft moving in and out of my flexing ass. He was talking dirty in my ear while he slowly fucked me. "Yeah, you want this dick boy..." "This ass is mine...naughty boy." I closed my eyes and leaned back. "This dick feels good, doesn't it?" He was biting my ear...Oh God. He had one hand cupping between my crotch and thigh, and the other hand was rubbing up and down my stomach. It felt so good. I groaned and moaned, while he thrusted in and out. "Yeah, you like it like that." I wanted him to do me like this, for the rest of the day. I didint' feel like I would cum, but the pleasure I was feeling is really intense, and I can't explain it. Just a continuous wave of warm pleasure from deep inside. And he was deep, inside. He was working his hand up to my chest, and turned us sideways, so we were laying long ways in the tub. He was fucking me softly, with light waves splashing back and forth over our bodies. It was soft and sexy. "I'm almost there boy." He nibbled my ear. 

My legs were straight out, with his legs on either side of me. I was loose in the water, bobbing up and down, with him inside me. He held onto me, tightly, and gripped my sides with his legs, unloading in me. "Fucccccccckkkkkkkkk...." He grunted a couple times, motionless, with his dick flexing up and down in me. It tickled, and the warm rush of cum felg like a little vibration in me. I spread my legs, wrapping them outside of his. My dick was soft, and floating just under the surface. I pulled up, feeling his dick slip out. His arms loosened, and I sat up, sliding my ass up his hairy abs. I studied his hard dick, reaching out, and lightly stroking it under the water. I saw some cum ooze out of the head, and I tightly squeezed the head, as the drop slipped off, floating up to the surface. I pushed back down, exposing his head again, and he shifted under me, "Shit...haha, don't do that." He cringed, and giggled. I turned to him, "Do what?" I rubbed my palm across the head. "God damnit! Haha, seriously don't!" He was pulling my arms from behind, pinning me against him, his body was trembling, and he was laughing quietly. 

I pulled my legs up, and cupped my feet around his shaft. "No, fuck...seriously...haha, stop!" I let go of his dick, and he let go of my arms. I turned over and kissed him. "I feel wrinkly." "Oh? you wanna go back to the bed?" "We made a mess though." "We can get fresh sheets silly." He kissed my lips. I sat up, feeling squishy in my ass. I reached back, wiping at it, and feeling a gob of cum in my fingertips. I pulled my hand back, seeing some clear and white cum dripping down my fingers. I reached out, and wiped his lips with it. "Pfflph! Shit." He squinted his eyes, and then licked his lips, and opened his eyes again. "Oh...actually I don't taste that bad." I smirked, and got up. "Good, you can clean me off then." "Oh yeah?" He grabbed at me, while I jumped out of the tub, and grabbing a towel, fell back along the loveseat. Donnie stood up, with his dick still rock hard, completely moist and glistening under the lights. 

He looked so fucking hot. He walked toward me, dripping water off his body, and squatted next to the loveseat, lifting up my leg, and pushing me toward the wall. He spread my cheeks, and I felt his tongue and lips at my hole, caressing my inner ring, and slurping as the mess he'd made. He licked and kissed up and down the crevice, tongue fucking me occasionally with litle flicks. I moaned. It felt fucking amazing. He was spreading my ass apart with his hands, and working his tongue as deep as he could go inside me, licking along the inside walls. I grabbed at the back of the loveseat, burying my face in the corner. Donnie finished, and got up, pulling at me from behind. "I'll call room service, and we can relax. You wanna get some food babe?" "Yeah we can." I turned around, facing him. His wet curly hair framed his sexy face, and his intense eyes were locked on mine. I wanted to spend forever with him, at least until we had to go back to our lives at school. 

I smiled, and he smiled back. Feeling the cool hair sent a shiver up my body, and my nipples hardened. "Fuck, let's get you dry." He stood up, pulling me up with him. He toweled me off, working the terricloth up and down my body. He toweled my hair, and we laughed. It was a sweet moment, with no words, but the attention was enjoyable. I grabbed the towel from him, and messed it over his hair. He crouched, while I dried his hair off, and shoulders, standing up straight, while I dried off the rest of his torso. I slowly toweld off his crotch, and dick, wiping under his balls and ass. I walked around behind him, toweling at his hairy ass. I'd never seen him in daylight this close. He had a smooth back, and some dark hairs at his lower back, that got darker into the crevice of his cheeks. He looked strong from behind. His back was muscular, and he had a deep crevice down the center. God damn. 

I dropped the towel, and ran my hands up his spine. He squirmed, and turned to me, grabbing me, and pulling me close, leaning down to kiss my lips. We made out for a bit, and then he called room service and ordered some new sheets, discovering they didn't offer food service. A few minutes later the housekeeper was knocking at the door, and Donnie answered from behind the door, reaching out to take the sheets. We stayed naked, while we made the bed. We looked up food places and ordered some takeout to be delivered. We were watching some reruns, cuddling under the sheets and soft blanket we found in the dresser, when the delivery man arrived. I stayed in bed, while Donnie went to the door, and answered from behind. The delivery guy was cute, and middle aged, with a goatee and large framed specs. He had hoop earrings and spikey hair. He glanced back and forth between Donnie and me, and after Donnie handed the receipt back, the delivery guy nodded, "You guys have a good night now." Donnie shut the door and laughed as he walked toward me. 

I was looking forward to pizza, but also noticed his dick staring at me, hard as a rock, beneath the box. We ate the entire pizza, and fucked again before we cozied up for the night. Donnie kissed my shoulder, and wrapped his leg up over my thigh, curling his arms around my chest and stomach. I dozed off, and slept through the entire night. The next morning I woke up to a dark room, with a little light peeking in through the window. Donnie's arm was draped loosely around me, and I slowly slid out from under it. The room was cold, and the tv was still on. I walked over, slowly opening the window, letting light come in. "Shit." I turned and he had his arm over his face. His sexy body was glowing in the morning light, and his dick was pointing straight out at me, wanting attention. Dejavu.


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