Inspired by a friend who is A DOM and has a SUB. 


"Hey Jack I need one more pitcher of bear! You know the guys at Table 14, go through it like water" Jack chuckled and said, "Hold your horses you see I am pretty slammed here I got drinks coming out of my ass" I can't help but laugh at his comment. Jack and I always been great friends since freshman year of high school he was always there for for nearly everything that has happened in my, in fact he also was the one who helped me come out when we were younger told no never hide who I really was that even if everyone one else turned there back on me he never would he would stand by me no matter what I did. After my first year of college I was having a hard time keeping up it my loan payments from the first semester and like always he ended up helping me get a job at the biggest gay dance club/ Bar in the city as  server. The tips were great one the weekends and In ever really fell behind on anything after that. Jack was a well respected man at the club and the hottest guy at the club, he stood six foot two his black T-shirt hugging his cut hard sculpted body and dark brown eyes that you'd die for. As any gay man they would lust after that type of guy but I could never he was my best friend but I don't think he would has same feelings that I would feel to him, I suppose that a bit hard but if the relationship went wrong our friendship probably wouldn't be able to be repaired however, I just hope we stay as friends for a long time.

"Hey Sam!" I jump at the sound of Jack's voice. "Hey there buddy top day dreaming your pitcher is ready" He laughs handing me the beer. "Sorry about that" I say back taking my drinks to there table. The gay club we both work is is a two level building capable of holding over fifteen hundred guests at once, shit Gay men from all over the state drive hours just to get in every weekend this place you has everything you could want from alcohol to gogo boys to hot sex in the dark corners of this place there was everything but none of that mattered to me but looking good was the one thing that truly mattered not trying to sound cocky but, looking sexy gave me hell of a tip I would even take a kiss or a slap I other ass if it meant getting more then a twenty dollar tip. I am not over the top sexy but I did have great features that appeal to older men. I was near five foot six. My body was filled out giving me a great bubble butt. My body was lean but muscular to the touch. Me wearing a black T-shirt hugged my body in the right places bulging the pecs and then jeans that cupped my ass perfectly a white boy with a black girl ass a guy commented once before. 

I wasn't the prime meat at the club even the gogo boys that had huge bulges in there outfits were hotter then me. Come to think of it the owner seem to hire men with dicks that were huge when soft to give the crowd a great imagination of what it might look when hard. 

The one person that would be the hottest and doesn't give off man whore vibe is Jack. He was the hottest gentlemen in history, maybe once or twice I may have seen in the shower, when soft he was packing.

Back in his school after a gym class we would always be the first in the shower getting the all the hot water and the first time it was a magnificent sight. I turned around by accent to ask him a question but he was mid soaping his hair eyes close, my mouth dropped open I watch this beautiful man that is my friend shower open with all his glory. Trails of soaped water runner down, thru, and between the crease of his sculpted pecs. The hard line if his eight pack and over his hard cut abs. Then finally the soapy water trailed down the long thick length of his soft dick and ripped off the big head.  Just watching this my own dick began to harden seeing his manhood. What really got me was the how the big monster swayed with the slightest movements Jack made when washing out his beautiful black hair I manage to turn around before he opened his eyes and realized that I was eye raping his beautiful body, but sometimes I wonder if he put on a show on purpose.

"What's with the big smile. I shake my head and realize that I was at the table to drop off the drinks, I didn't realize I was day dreaming from the past. "Oh, I am sorry boys. Just really excited for a family things." They look at each other laughing. A bearish guy ones they called bud. Reached around and grabbed my ass. I jumped back my smile gone, and in shock. They all laughed and I could feel my face go all red I turned and began to walk back. It was one thing for a little tap or kiss on the cheek that I allowed but never had I ever had a stranger grab my ass before. I instantly felt dirty and guilty as I try to collect my thoughts. I race back into the back room as I passed the bar I could feel Jack's gaze on me and couldn't help but turn and meet his eyes and with a single look his smile faded. I knew he was going to follow me, he does so well to read me me every time something was wrong. 

In the back room I lean against the wall and Jack walks in.

"Hey, what's wrong Sam...tell me" He hands softly holding my arms tilting his body down to meet my eye level I slowly looking into his kind eyes and shake shake my head. He sighs wrapping my strong muscled arms around me body pulling me against his hard pecs, I instantly felt a relaxing and calmness reactions. He slightly rocking me telling me it's going to be okay. 

After a few minutes he pulls me back to look at me. Damn, Just hold me again I tell myself.

"What happened?" He asks in a stern voice. 

"A guy I was serving he grabbed my ass as if I was his bitch or something, and I know I allow a tap but damn....I didn't like it it felt wrong...." I look up and see rage spread across Jack's face. "Where is this fucker?" his voice low and deep. I instantly knew what this meant. Back in our senior year during a senior year party some jock threw we all were drinking but I had a little to much to drink, One of the football player's who looked kind and sweet helped me to a bed in one of the tents that were set up for people who were not going to be able to drive home, the jock helped me down but then start kissing me and layed on top of me pressing his huge body on me, at first cause of the beer in me it felt good but I came to my senses and tried to stop it. But it wouldn't if Jack wasn't nearby I am sure things would have gotten worse, but Jack beat the living crap out of that guy ever since since then Jack always be over protective when any guys tries to hit on me. 

"Jack, no please leave it be he was drunk and he will probably leave soon.."

"I don't give a fuck if some fucker touches you without your consent that is assault tell me who he is now!" I place my hands on his chest I could feel them heaving, "Jack please calm down please we both have to work let's not make this a big deal please" 

He grunts pulling away from me pacing back and forth. "You are the most forgiving and caring person I know but your best traits are to forgiving. YOu can't let people walk over you but I am going to let this go for now. Come on we have to get back to work" He says tugging my hand and I follow.

It was getting closer to midnight and people were starting to get wild. When returning from a table I seen to hunks fucking each other hard in the corner near the bathrooms and from what that smaller man was grinning about I could tell that dude dick was pounding him good. I head back to the bar to place another order in when I feel someone tapped my shoulder asking for my attention.

"Excuse me sir?" I turn around and my heart stopped. A Man really tall probably six foot four stood before and next to him was Bud. "I do believe this man has something to say to you." He bumps the guy on the back. "Tell him." I stare in shock that Bud was looking scared of the taller man next to him. I seen many intimidating men or Alpha's some might call has bud basically shaking. "I..I am sorry.." 

"For what?" The bigger man eggs him on.

"For touching you and it won't happen again." 

"Good boy now run along." The bigger man pats Bud cheek his face blushing with embarresment and turns and leaves. I could not believe this guy just made another man like bud submit to him in a way like he just did.
"How did you get him to apologize like that? Now many guys do to well like what you just did." 

He chuckle in the dark light I could see the brightness of his white teeth as he smiles. "Trust me I am use to having people submit to me." He says confidently. "Beside, I saw what happened and that was wrong, no one and I mean no one should be treated the way you were treated." His smile gone and now serious. I couldn't help me look down the power this man was giving of screamed Alpha male. Dominate. Looking down I could still see his body shake from his laughter. 

"Hey little one, no need to bow your head like that" He says in a soft calm kind seductive voice. I feel his long finger touch under my chin lifting it up forcing me to look into his dark green eyes. His fingers slowly tracing along my jaw line. "So beautiful" He whispers. I was to tranfixated on him that I couldn't look away from him. 

"Sam?" Our connection broken by the sound of Jack's voice. "Everything okay?" He asks glaring at the bigger man. "Everything is fine man. I just came by and made the guy who touched your friend here to apologize for what he did."

"What you mean made?" Jack asked.

The man simply smiled at him before turning back to me. "I better be off I can sense I am not welcomed by your friend, I'm Travis by the way . I do hope to see you again...Sam Taylor" he says looking at my name tag. He puts his hands in his pockets straightening his body giving Jack on last look and back at me and strides off into the crowd of dancers. 

I let out a deep breath not noticing that I was holding it in the entire time. I my hand reaches down and feeling my dick that his gotten hard pushing against the fabric on my pants. How in the hell did I not notice myself getting hard! What did that man do to me?


It was a hour after the club closed for the night, I sit at the bar counting my tips for the night and putting in credit card info. I get to the familier name. Travis initialed with a L. For last name. Leaving me a fifty dollar tip. After I finished my work. 

"Hey Jack I am ready are you?" I ask him when I come out putting on my coat. 

"Oh shit sorry Sam, the boss has asked me to stay behind with him we had a pretty big night and we have to do inventory for tomorrow night I will catch a ride with him, you want me to walk you out to your car? I don't know how you are feeling after what happened tonight." His vice full of concern. 

"No, I am fine thank you. I will see you later get home safely I kiss his cheek followed by a hug.

"Have a good night bud" He says kissing my head in return. 

"Night" I smile. 

Walking out to my car in the near dead silent streets of the city I couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. I slowly unlock my ford Five hundred car but my gaze is pulled and see a silver Mercedes parked still and it didn't look like ti belong to anyone who worked here. I simply shrugged my shoulders and getting into my car. 

On my way home I couldn't stop thinking about Travis. My cock slowly getting guard just by the memory of him. I softly moan touching my hardening dick. Fuck. I quickly pull into the drive way of my house and get go to my room pulling my pants down. I begins stroking my dick. I moan, Travis name keeps escaping my lips my eyes closed shut. Remembering his touch. His voice. The Alpha feeling he gave of...oh fuck....I moan and feel my dick swell and shooting my cum hard that the warm cream falls across my belly. I lay there panting.

I hope I see him again.....


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