They come at the most awkward times; you can be wearing semi-baggy, yet stretchy underwear, with trackie bottoms, walking around a supermarket, and oh dear, what a time to have erotic thoughts!! And what if ... only wearing a t-shirt, yes that's right, a top that does not hang past the crotch... Hmmm, just what you need on a hot summer day: sweaty, horny thoughts, definitely a weekend walking around a supermarket Oh yeah!

Slight hard-on obviously visible, shit what do you think about? Well, nothing works; hands straight in the pocket to try and hide something that isn't held in place by your stretchy underwear. Crap! LOL No, the hands don't work either: you start thinking and twitch twitch twitch just evolves into a hard-on. No thought of dear old granny or anything works...

This is more likely to happen, I should say, in a DIY store; ropes, chains, clamps, vices... OMG, mind is racing, dirty thoughts rush in, the perverted mind comes up with ideas of what that, that, and that, can be used for. Hmmm, dirty pervert! I cannot help it... seeing a large C-clamp and imagining that monster round your nuts being screwed tighter and tighter. Crushing your bollocks... Grrrrrrr.

Oh yeah, DIY stores can be fun: dirty thoughts follow you there waiting to torment you... So here we go, a bit of fiction. Let's make it a little more fun shall we? A little more revealing too, grrrr!

It's a blazing hot day in July, backpack or rucksack, whatever you call it where you come from, tight-fitting stretchy cycling top... After riding to the DIY store looking for that perfect something, so fucking hot on this day, so decided to cycle to the place. It's too hot to be fully dressed, and not thinking of appearances just keeping cool, so you're off to the store wearing your cycling top, backpack/rucksack, and lycra shorts. You feel cooler than wearing trackies or jeans. Your legs are bulging from cycling up that fucking hill on the way here, the lycra shorts limit the grinding you're getting in the crotch from the bike seat, horny as that feels, like someone is standing on your privates, grinding their foot home right there.

Perverted thoughts already kicking in, but after you arrive at the store you've managed to halt that hard on. Still, the lycra on its own wraps skin tight around your body, pushes your cock out; people are already looking, perves. That's enough to start a twitch down below, you love the attention, but you're in control, hard-on is only a semi. Good enough.

You're in the store looking for clamps and ropes and chains... cannot wait to get to that section of the store... a few aisles later you're there...

Which clamp to buy? Oh, there's not just one clamp there, but quite a few, so you start day dreaming about what will this, that, and the other feel like... DIRTY PERVE! Yes I am LOL And yes that twitch is growing. The twitch grows, and so does your cock, getting longer, thicker; your balls are filling up and the bulge down below, so NOT hidden, is showing off, not only to you for attention, but anyone fucking gaping!

It's not long before you're seen. No, not an old couple, but three lads on the same section as you, heading your way. They're wearing shorts as well, and quite attractive too. Great, just what you need; already horny fingering a few clamps, getting hard from the horniness, three lads in fit revealing clothes... So yeah, you're daydreaming that they're gonna get one or two of them to hold you, while the third is snatching that clamp out of your hand, screwing that fucka round your nuts and clamping your mother fucking balls tight!

Yeah, perverted dirty thoughts come at the most awkward times. This is just that perfect moment to be getting a hard-on, wearing tight revealing stretchy mother fucking lycra shorts, the crotch padded, just making that bulge bigger, more revealing! GULP!

The lads standing close now, you snap out of the daydream. You can smell the heat of their bodies; phoar, FUCK ME NOW!!! LOL

The moment soon passes and they leave the aisle... oh well. You end up getting the stuff you went there to buy; clamps, ropes, and other perverted things, pay for them, and leave the building. Climbing on your bike, saddle grinding your genitals, cycling home; you're riding along pacing yourself, along the lonely narrow path, and just around the bend there they are waiting. You cannot get past, and they're not moving. They saw what you bought, and wanna catch you in the middle of nowhere, and that's where you're caught, the middle of fucking nowhere! No- one around, just you and three lads...

"Well, well, well... what do we have here?"

Stopping the bike from going anywhere, one lad's hands on the handle bars, his legs either side of the front wheel, close to his crotch. Yeah he's doing the wheel and crotch straddle to make his tight fitting shorts more revealing, spreading his legs further apart. Sitting on the wheel just pushes his bulge out. Here comes that twitch again!

He keeps his legs straight, but his genitals are riding that wheel. Moving it slightly back and forth. But that's enough for his bulge to clearly grow, fucking cock tease!

He's manipulating my own revealing bulge with his continuous grinding, not taking his eyes off mine, watching them, glancing at his covered cock and balls. Occasionally he's looking down at my lycra-imprisoned groin; it's obvious I'm getting turned on by him.

A quick nod to one of his mates, whilst I'm not looking at his eyes, at this point far too busy looking at the back and forth grinding of himself into my wheel; he's holding my handle bars with his head held back, his back arched, the bulge in his trackies even more visible now; yeah, at that moment I'm focused on his package... grrrr! My own twitching hard-on getting eager to get fucked up or something.

It all happens so fast. I only blink for a moment; that nod to his mates had set everything into motion just moments ago, and wham!, before I know it the two other lads were either side of me, each grabbing me by my arms and pulling me from the bike. Like a tug of war with both my arms they pull them far apart and backwards. Both throwing a kick behind each knee, I lose my standing position, falling quickly onto my knees.

The lad who had been humping my wheel throws my bike to the side, and moves close quickly... On my knees, arms held tight either side of me, the lad holding my left arm pushes his right knee against my back, pulling my arm back, still held out straight. The lad on my right, his left knee against my back, he too holding my arm straight and behind me. Both lads rack my arms in this painful position, their knees forcing my back tight, my chest taught, crotch more vulnerable, my thighs spread still in the kneeling position.

The lad in front of me spreads his feet between my knees; my thighs aren't gonna close with his feet there. The knees in my back push my torso forwards, my face follows, as does my mouth, now closer to the lad ahead of me, his package now in my face. I can feel his cock and balls inside that bulge on my lips. Both of his hands grab hold of me, caging my head, pulling me deeper into his crotch, his hips grinding it into my face.

For better stability he's shuffling his feet further apart, spreading my thighs even more. Trapped in this confinement without bondage was such a turn on. The lad holding my head releases me briefly to push my head down, straddling my neck, holding me there. The two other lads twist my arms and hold them up high above my head.

The lad using his thighs to trap my neck assists in holding my arms whilst the other two get ropes from my backpack and their own, and it's not long before they're binding my wrists together. Lengths of rope are left over and I'm pulled backwards, my neck no longer straddled, but my thighs still spread. The lad in front of me steps back briefly only to return with a swift kick. His Nike trainers plant an echoing ache right in the nuts, my unprotected bollocks feel the full force of his kick, accompanied with three hoots of laughter from the lads.

As one lad pulls me backwards the other two grab a leg each, both keeping my legs a meter or more apart, carrying me into the wooded area... To them they are carrying me forwards, but from my point of view I'm carried backwards facing upwards. I only see the tree-tops and the two holding my legs wide apart. I don't see where I'm taken to.

After a few moments we were in a secluded area, well hidden! From what I see there they had planned this, or have been here many times before. In the centre of the space a large, thick branch hangs high overhead, from which a thick rope dangles down. At the end of it is a large hook, firmly attached.

It's not long before my roped wrists are connected to the hook, I'm dropped to the ground, and all three of them are pulling on the rope drawing me upwards... This forces my body to bend over forwards, the rope then tied off to one side. They quickly move to my ankles and I see ropes along the ground either side of me leading to the base of trees opposite, they rope my ankles and begin a tug of war with my legs, spreading them wide apart. After just moments they bind the remaining ends of the ropes, securing my body in position. I'm going nowhere fast; bound, hidden in these woods.

Immobile, standing with my legs wide apart, my upper body bent over forwards, held there by my wrists bound behind my back and tied off high up, my head around crotch height, my ass at the same level. I was trapped in this position; there was no escape and no stopping them doing whatever they wanted to do...

The three of them circled me, hands caressing the bulge in my cycling shorts, clearly aroused by the moment, excited to proceed in their torment. Each of them horny themselves, one hand on their own throbbing packages, showing me their shape, their sizes down there!

Circling me, rubbing their hand over my ass and slapping it hard, each followed by one harder, one guy grabbing his bulge, showed it to me close in the face as he framed it with both hands, rubbing it against my mouth, then grabbing the back of my head and thrusting his hips, grinding, showing me his size.

One of the guys behind doing the same, showing me his size, grinding his hips, his cock and balls against my ass. I could feel his hard-on against my lycra covered ass, making my ass twitch like a greedy starved hole.

The guy on my right side reached between my legs. I felt his wrist near my belly button, then felt his hand as he grabbed a hold of my crotch. He took both my balls in a hard grip and applied pressure, not so different to a vice. He crushed my bollocks painfully, then removed his hand only to return it just a quickly, only he made a fist and delivered a series of five hard punches there, each blow harder than the last.

This seemed to excite them, and they swapped places until all of them had a go in each position, delivering punches and face-crotch grinding, ass-crotch grinding, cock and ball tortures.

The torment came to an end after 10 minutes or so. Each lad unbuttoned their flies, and then I saw two of them close to my face. They stretched my mouth open with their fingers and thrust both of their cocks in my mouth. It was hard to get two big cocks in my mouth at the same time, but they made sure they went in.

The other guy ran his hard-on against my lycra covered ass, then pulled my waist band down, darted his cock near my hungry hole then pop!, forced his monster into my ass without lube. It hurt like fuck! And then he was thrusting in and out, getting deep as he wasn't small, not at all!

He sunk his member right in until I felt his balls against my ass. It was like a thick long dildo, stretching me wide and deep, as the other two lads were stretching my mouth wide open and making me gag on their lengths. The fucking at both ends got faster and faster, me struggling for breath, deeply filled from both ends.

It never seemed to end, but when it did it started all over again as they all shifted position, making sure each got to fill me up from all positions available.



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