Elegant fingers undid the buttons on my shirt, pulling it slowly open. Jesus! I thought, overwhelmed, This is out of a B movie, Body Heat replayed. Soft lights, sexy music in a cozy cocoon, squirming against me on the overstuffed sofa a female whose name I hadn't gotten round to asking nibbling at my ear whispering huskily 'Don't fight it, you don't want me to have to spank your naughty plump buns, now, do you?' Her hand went to my crotch and a colossal stiffy told her what she wanted to know. I was hers, her scent intoxicating and a presence of such feminine strength I was as helpless as if wrapped in duct tape. Slipping out of her tight sheath she stood in black bra, sinful black panties, garter belt, stockings. Glistening black four-inch pumps accentuated her beautiful legs, turning my knees to jelly. I hadn't felt so vulnerable and helpless since the day I was inducted into the military.

Murmuring 'My wife won't like this' I allowed her strip me down to my briefs then lead me trembling to her bedroom.

Crossing to a large armoire she brought out a short leather leash and slowly, sensuously, ominously ran its smooth dark surface slowly over the smooth blonde skin of her thigh. Swallowing hard, I realized I was about to discover what her dog had felt.

They'd been waiting at the traffic lights when I panted up, my evening fit-for-nothing run. From behind, the view was sensational. Raven black hair cascaded down the back, spread over a white fur that fit in all the right places. Under a trim waist a glorious backside below which sprouted two of the best sculpted legs I had ever seen. My eyes enjoyed every inch of the journey. Of course, I'm known as a connoisseur of Dobermans. But the girl holding the end of the short leather leash was quite a looker too and as I came alongside she turned her head, looked at me with the most magnetic brown eyes ever to undress me. I'm vain and know full well I have a gorgeous male bod which, amazingly, women somehow find the will power to resist. Her eyes were very slightly flecked with amber, like looking into a warm wood fire where embers smoldered waiting to flare at the hint of musk from a real man. Black leotard over body to die for, narrow Dolly Parton waist, big breasts set high, perfect hips, long legs, total effect hit me between the eyes with a billiard ball. For a moment, our gaze held and I thought, This is one damn silly cliche as my hormones raced and I said 'Hello' in a nauseatingly lascivious way which would have made a nice girl throw up.

Her eyes never wavered and she said nothing just as if I weren't there and I wondered if this was one of those days when I thought I existed but everyone else in the world failed see me. You know, those days where the bus fails to stop, no-one leaves a square inch of space on the subway train even for you to stand on tiptoe not breathing, and people charge along the sidewalk directly at you, elbowing you in a way which finally leaves you in no doubt you're invisible and occupy zero space. At least the dog sniffed me and snarled. I felt envious as she gave him a smart slap on the rump with the leather leash. My breath quickened and my eyes widened. A bit lower, another reaction was taking place. Glancing down I saw my a wet patch where my running shorts bulged. I took the peach out of my pocket. It was a bit bruised. Always carry one to quench my thirst on a run. Bit into it. Juice ran down my chin. My shorts still bulged. I took out the other peach.

A wisp of a smile on her lips. She had my number alright. I'd stuffed it into her hand as the lights changed. Always keep pieces of paper with me with my phone number on, getting laid being a purely statistical or numbers game. All took less than ten seconds. Lights changed, trotted off across the intersection with the damn dog leaving me standing there with vague incomprehensible memories of a joke told me around age 12 which I'd never quite understood except it had to to with a situation like this and the punchline was the woman says Let's go to bed, the man replies But weren't you going to walk the dog and she says Bugger the dog, let the sod walk.

Later, in her bedroom I stammered nervously 'W-what is t-that for?'

'You know exactly what it's for, little man' she said, a predatory glare in her amber eyes. 'I always find a man a much better lover after he's had his naughty bare bottom warmed.'

'You do!?' My face, once just ghostly, turned a lighter shade of pale. The predator's smile broadened as she witnessed my increased excitement, then she resumed her stern demeanor. A magnificent 5' 10', she was far from being a small woman. I dressed in only underpants felt scarcely any taller than she, not surprising since I'm only 5' 7'. The beautiful woman who'd just transformed into a stunning dominatrix tossed the leather leash on the bed, sat next it crooking a finger at me, beckoning.

'Come here, little man.'

On legs that barely worked, I obeyed, tottering over to stand by her knee. Touching the bulge which protruded from my groin, she queried slyly 'Well, well. What have we here?'

'We earth men have reproductive organs in aproximately that vicinity,' I quipped, 'Mayhap you refer to those in their erectile state?'

She slapped my face with force which knocked me off balance and over and above the flush from her blow I blushed even deeper, if that was possible, too dazed to resist as elegant fingers with long scarlet nails pulled my underpants down past my knees. Glittering eyes held me like a leopard its prey. I shook like a leaf, highly excited yet fearful, indeed almost tearful. The female had power over me I didn't quite understand at the time, and still don't. I oughtn't have accepted her dinner invitation. Never, never accept dinner invitations from strange women without telling your mother where you're going!

The dinner invitation had come as a huge surprise immediately I entered my apartment from the evening run. 'Hello again....' breathed a sensually husky voice in my right ear. This was because I had the telephone receiver against that ear. The phone hadn't rung. I'd actually picked it up intending make a call.

'Who's calling?'

'Woof!' I recognized the beautiful deep-chested warning of a fully grown Doberman.

'Ah, I recall you now. I never forget a dog.'

She laughed, a melodious sound that rippled my spinal cord. 'I never forget a man who likes my dog more than me,' she said in a dangerous voice. 'Woof to you, pal.'

'Can I help you?' I asked with that curiously bitter vacuous tone which in America passes for rudeness.

'Dinner. I phoned to ask you around for dinner. Be here in an hour,' she said, and hung up.

If anyone ever sounded like my mother and second wife rolled into one it was her, which is probably why I found myself incapable of refusing the order. Still, I wouldn't have gone if it weren't for one more thing: she called back and gave me the address.

An extremely posh apartment building, uniformed doorman, marble and gilt everywhere. Her door. I rang the bell. It opened. The face wore stylish sunglasses dark enough that I couldn't see those remarkable eyes.

'Can you see enough to cook in those things? Where's the dog?' I asked. No reply. Her hand took mine and drew me into her lair. My insides started to sweat like Sydney Greenstreet in a Bogey movie. I lagged behind slightly, her back view as sensational as the front. Black dress merely a brief clinging sheath, long legs going all the way down to a pair of even-toed feet without any sign of a wooden leg. Well, men with fetishes for one-legged women can't have it all their own way all the time. Her toenails were painted to match her carpet, a smart medium red. At least, I think so. Either that or she'd had the ends of her toes amputated.

'Over my knee,' she intoned musically, an imperious yet not harsh command.

'I...I...' was all I could manage, panting with excitement. 'Is this going to cost me? My credit cards are already over the limit.'

'Don't make me tell you twice, or I'll see you regret it.'

I was already regretting it as my nose got carpet burn during the descent.

'What are you doing?' she snapped as I undulated across her lap like the second man in a horse costume.

'Making myself comfortable.'

'You're not supposed to be comfortable, sap.'

I was thrilled beyond sanity lying naked across her knees awaiting her pleasure, dimly hoping it would also be mine. Her hand slapped my bare bottom smartly, its sting surprising. Not too bad. I thought, as another landed. After a dozen slaps it began to get uncomfortable. Actually, excruciating. She hit hard and the softness of her skin belied the strength of the blow. A brief respite, I drew breath, then a horrid cracking sound at the same time as a family of hornets armed with razor blades attacked my backside. I'd never felt the impact of a leather dog leash on bare skin and it amazed me. Very interesting. Interesting!? Was I quite mad? The shock took my voice away. Only for a moment, for when the second whack landed I screamed stridently, looking back over my shoulder to see what was going on in time to see the next coming, which made it even worse.

'Owww. Christ! Stop! That hurts.'

In reply more swats, swinging wrist-snapping whacks that scorched my unprotected rear. She paused for a moment, then chided 'The way you fuss, anybody would think you'd never had a good spanking.'

'I haven't.'

I realized as the leather continued its stinging work that I could stop it anytime I chose, yet richly relished being under her control for a real tanning. Tears started in my eyes, I let myself go, riding the wave. Failed to go with it. One blow pushed me passed a limit and involuntarily I put out my hand, the leash catching my finger damn near breaking it.

'Oh, dear' she lamented sympathetically, 'Did my little man hurt his finger?'

In agony I was yet so aroused I scarcely felt the pain as pain but as something else, I cannot say what, a more stimulating mode of being, intensely sexual throughout mind and body. The beating continued with me crying and howling. Good sensations became scarce and I started definitely feeling pain as pain. Losing arousal I began hating myself for betraying my body into this.

'Can we stop for dinner', I asked trying not to sound like a bare-assed man ignominiously bent over the lap of a woman he didn't in the least know. 'Smells like you have the makings for an excellent dinner on the go. What's on the menu?'

'Chicken Marsala', she replied off-handedly without pausing in her work, as if she taking cocktails in an elegant restaurant rather than sitting on her bed with a naked man she just met across her knees. 'With linguini, fresh zucchini buds and vintage Bordeaux. Interested?'

Distracting fear, getting stronger, made me wonder if I was in the power of a lunatic. Did she intend do away with me? Next time I truly must phone someone before accepting strange female's dinner invitations. I fancied beads of perspiration stood out on my forehead. Possibly my hair had turned grey over the past few minutes. Say something! Say anything! Tell her to stop!

Through the incandescent haze I became aware she'd quit punishing me, quit some time ago, and the ball of pain which had been my rear was fading. One wrist was still twisted and pulled up behind my back, seized when it attempted interfere. Her other hand rubbed cold cream onto my flaming bottom, stroking sweetly cool. I became stimulated to arousal beyond the beyond, stiffy throbbing fit to burst, and feeling my excitement she released my hand. I rose and took a big tit in each hand, squeezing them like an accordion: 'Are we going to have dinner now? Oh, and another thing: you still haven't told me your name.'

She drew me down onto the bed and, what can I tell you? I shoved it in and rogered her rigid.



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