A nude Raghavendra Singh Rathore sat up on the bed, thinking "Why the hell does he come here if he doesn't want my dick?" But not really into thinking he pushed Sumit's head down and relaxed as Sumit started to kiss and lick his chest and belly, en route to his dick. He ran his fingers in Sumit's hair and looked at the attractive face, sharp features getting slightly rounded and wondered at how attractive he was, though more than thirty-five, or maybe it was just him. He always had been attracted to older guys. Raghu's thoughts were interrupted as Sumit's tongue slathered his dickhead and slowly swal-lowed it, sucking and biting at the same time. He hated his dick scraped, but Sumit made that enjoyable and anyway if he wanted a suck, he had to accept it or Sumit would stop, pop out his dick, and start some inane argument about which Raghu couldn't care less. Sumit had a talented mouth, his tongue caressing his dick, pressing it against his palate, rolling it and slowly swallowing it, he moaned as his dick swelled in the warm velvety softness of Sumit's mouth.

Sumit's butt faced Raghu as he turned without letting go of the dick. Raghu kissed his waist and butt and played with the dick and balls, but he was not going to suck Sumit's dick which Sumit wanted, instead he fingered the hole and played with the balls. He loved the shapely but slightly plump waist and fair butts, lightly fuzzy with downy hair flushing pink under his strong hands. He poured some moisturizer in his hand and slipped in a finger, after the initial resistance Sumit relaxed and pushed against his finger and he slipped in a well lubricated second finger and then a third one, pushing in as deep as they would go; Sumit drew his breath in sharply did not say anything and become quite , ad-justing. Sumit's dick jumped as Raghu stretched him. His ass now moved in synch with the fingers, he was fully relaxed and breathing heavily as Raghu finger fucked him. "Get in" Raghu turned him on his belly and put a pillow under him and lubing his dick some more slipped in. He loved to rub and play his dick right at the opening without getting in, teasing, he started to slip in and out his dick, and smiled when Sumit tried to keep it in by bucking up his butt as he pulled out, Raghu smiled, varied his rhythm, denying Sumit the pleasure of his full length, which Sumit craved and which Raghu knew.

Raghu couldn't tease for long as he was aroused to a new level, plunged full length in knocking Sumit's breath out, full weight on his back, hooked his arms under his shoulder and entwined his legs with him, holding him spread eagled butt cheeks and legs fully apart open palm on Sumit's face thumb roughly playing with lips as he kissed and sucked his ear lobes and plunging his tongue in ear hole kept fucking at the same time. He fucked without a thought, drowned completely in the physical sensations which engulfed his dick, velvety warmth, where the pleasure increased with every stroke. Now Sumit's met his strokes angling his butt so that his fat hard dick slid in easily plumbing the full depth and rotating his butt feeling his groin smashing into those firm butts with a thwack.

Raghu pumped Sumit's hole oblivious to his surroundings; only sensing as Sumit angled up his butts to better adjust to his thrusts, awash in the sensations as his hard cock plunged in and out of the slippery warm inviting hole, at the edge of an explosion stirring up deep within him his balls rising his cum spurting he kept pumping trying to get deeper, somehow plunge that depth and be surrounded in the warm glow which engulfed his dick.

Raghu was exhausted and lay on the Sumit's back. Sumit stirred under him, he mumbled "Sorry " and turned Sumit to his side dick nestled in his asshole; growing soft but warm and contented holding Sumit, one leg between his legs spreading his butt cheeks with his hand his balls applied to Sumit's ass so that his soft dick wouldn't slip out. He loved this. Raghu held Sumit's hard dick, rubbed the dick head playing with it as he returned to the present, fondling and rubbing the balls and spreading a drop of precum over the dickhead. Sumit's dick jumped and his hole contracted milking his dick. Sumit snuggled up to him pressing his back into him and rotating his ass almost sucking up his dick "hey! Stud please make me cum".

Raghavendra jerked him faster and Sumit stiffened and pushed back at Raghu bucked up fucking his hands and his dick was spurting blobs of cum as his asshole twitched spas-modically wringing his soft cock within it, Raghu loved it when guys came while he was in them, hard or soft.

"I want to clean up now" and Sumit pulled away from him; releasing Raghu's dick with a soft, obscenely sensuous plop. Thoughts of regret were running through his mind already; about the sex to which he had been such an enthusiastic partner. It was always the same; he wanted sex with a man, any man when he was horny, yet even after the most satisfy-ing fuck he would have regrets, as if he had lost something. "That's so absurd" he thought "Loss? What loss, a good fuck is a good fuck is a good fuck and that's it "he thought defiantly. Well I got fucked, somebody has to get fucked for somebody to fuck and he in all honesty accepted that he loved to get fucked yet it rankled somewhere that he had got fucked and enjoyed it so much; even more because Raghu knew he enjoyed it. Though to Raghu's credit he had never rubbed it in, actually never so much as mentioned it, yet he was insulted that Raghu knew. Sumit felt it acutely when pinned under Raghu his thighs folded back at the edge of the bed and Raghu's dick plunged his hole, his face told Raghu how much he loved getting fucked, feeling the taste all the way to his mouth. Raghu's enjoyment of Sumit's predicament was reflected in the lopsided grin on his face and the way he smiled at him pulling his dick out; the dickhead half buried in his hole not going back in till Sumit would thrust making his desire plain and then he almost laugh-ingly and oh so satisfyingly plunge back in with a twinkle in his eye.

After that, Sumit did not visit Raghu for a long time. He felt he had flushed Raghu out of his system after that torrid session. But Raghu was in his thoughts again; he was even day dreaming about him. He had convinced himself that he didn't want Raghu, but that was just a lie. Sumit sent a SMS, "How are you, Dude?" The reply was more to the point "am fine has been a long time, when r u coming again" He got peeved, "so that's all about my ass". It rankled to be just a "Fuck" but he was also furious at himself for wanting to be liked by that guy. He was deeply resentful. He did not reply and decided he was not meeting Raghu again.

A few days later on a hot and sultry evening after a boring day at the office, he was mo-rose. He picked up his cell and called Raghu" Are you free, I am coming". Raghu was free.

His mouth was dry and he had a sinking sensation in his stomach; like an empty pit was there, as he walked up to Raghu's door. Raghavendra opened the door almost at once, and smiled at him shaking his hand, inviting him in. He sat on the edge of the bed, tense as Raghu pulled up a chair to sit beside him and asked about his day. He started with a morose "ok", and then went on to narrate the tedium of a boring day. He felt Raghu's attention wander as he listened to his drivel politely and his voice petered off. After a few moments of silence in which Raghu kept smiling at him "take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable, you must be tired after your office, why don't you lie down on the bed" getting up and arranging some pillows for him. Ragu leaned, his short shirt rose up and his slim waist and the crack of his slightly hairy ass, was visible; "no briefs" he thought. He took off his shoes and belt, emptying his pockets putting his wallet and various assortments of keys and mobiles on the table and stretched out on the bed, Raghu sat beside him. He put his hands on Sumit's thigh softly stroking "so, what else is new" "nothing, I just told you" "so" "so, what" peeved at Raghu for these inane questions to which there was no answer, but when he said "why don't you take off your shirt you will be more comfortable, your clothes won't get crushed" he took off his clothes. As Raghu undressed, Sumit had a raging erection while Raghu was just starting to fatten up. "Damn, why I am always like this with him?"

Ragu was on top looking in his eyes, his smile a smirk as he kissed him, lowering his body on him. Raghu's fat soft and warm dick lay on his painfully hard and throbbing one; he sighed settling down relaxing as Raghu probed his mouth a thick warm slick tongue with a mind of his own pushing and probing his mouth seeking out nooks and crannies which he didn't know existed before. The strange smell and mildly repulsive taste of his saliva soon faded and only the sensations remained as his lips were sucked chewed licked from the inside, the relentless repeated thrust of the tongue; he felt suddenly empty as Raghu took a breather taking out his tongue before plugging back in, "shit this bugger is a fucker, he can even fuck my mouth with his tongue and I am loving it".

Raghu's hard dick, now full length and thickness throbbed on his belly. Raghu slid up, dangling his fleshy knob before his mouth rubbing on lips mouth forcing its way in. Sumit inhaled the sharp musky smell, and sucked in a cornucopia of textures aromas and flavours flooding his senses pressing the spongy mass with his tongue rubbing it in the groove under the knobbed head applying his tongue tightly to the head peeling back the skin till he had the taut dick stuffed to the hilt and then sucking hard on it felt Raghu stiffen as he swallowed it teasing it with his throat the head buried in as he made swallowing movements and Raghu pushed further in. Sumit relaxed and sucked him gently now, the initial urgency gone, saliva flooded his mouth, he swallowed it sucking in air noisily slurping and whooshing on that fat dick, liberated by his uninhibited passion.

Raghu felt the sucking to his bones the lips were glued to the base of his dick wetting the stubs of his manscaped patch the hands on his ass and balls. Raghu kissed Sumit's belly as he humped Sumit's mouth in tandem with his sucking and licked his navel waist felt small shivers running there as his lips and tongue left small trails of wetness Sumit's body relaxed and molded under his weight and he lifted up his legs his hard dick bumping on Raghu's face insistent in its entreaty for release. Raghu didn't want to suck but he caught the shaft with his hand and planted a few wet kisses on the swollen red head and started to kiss and nibble on Sumit's thighs. Sumit further lifted his legs his pink hole stared at Raghu who picked up a moisturizer bottle and squirted some lotion over the hole and then inserted its snout to squirt some more lube inside too drawing a gasp from Sumit "don't do that" to a totally insincere "I am sorry, did it hurt?" routine.

Sumit hated Raghu for this, but he always did it when he was least prepared for it, then he thought is anyone ever prepared for a sharp plastic object in his ass or for that matter a hard fat dick but there he was being prepared for the later and his irritation melted away. His ass was massaged by strong hands and sensed the fingers close to his ass hole and playing with it without going in.

Raghu waited till he sensed Sumit's desire peak. He had learned by bitter experience of KLPD (khare lund pe Dhokha; dumped on a hard dick) which Sumit seemed to have mastered. Raghu hot and ready for the real thing after enough foreplay when tried to get in Sumit would scream bloody murder in a true queen's style complaining of pain and that he could not take in Raghu's dick because it was so fat his hole was so small. Drama queens all of them, he thought, driving some 20kms from his CP office to his NOIDA apartment and what for if not for his fat dick!! But these were stray thoughts as he played and massaged Sumit's hole now relaxed enough for him to slip one finger and Sumit didn't even wince. With some more lotion in his hand soon there were three fingers inside and he might have got in a fourth if he were so inclined, but he was not a pervert and anyway his dick was throbbing painfully now.



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