Sumit was visibly excited and humped his fingers, as he pulled them out wiping them. Raghu saw the empty gaping hole retain its shape before it slowly almost lazily collapsed back to its puckered point and Sumit bucking up as he yearned for his hole to be filled up. Raghu didn't waste time in obliging Sumit, except to insert a pillow under Sumit's belly. He spread Sumit's butts apart and lowered himself feeling slight resistance as he slid in smoothly burying to the hilt. Sumit angled beneath him taking more of his weight on his ass so that his dick slid in a bit more and then bucked up taking him in as far he could go he even felt a bit of tug on his balls. He thought aloud "wish I had a bigger dick" and immediately regretting it. Sumit; not only a bitch for his dick, but yapped like one too when he had his ass stuffed by Raghu "what for, you fucking bastard? You want to exit from my mouth, or what fucker you are already in so deep that I can feel you in my sto-mach bugger!" Raghavendra didn't reply, wisely not adding fuel to the fire. He started to fuck him with long swift strokes smoothly sliding in and out holding Sumit's hips firmly then a few short and hard ones and Sumit thrust back.

Raghu was all sensation, more accurately; the sensations from his dick were filling him up like a blazing fire in a cold room heating it enveloping it. His penis filled up Sumit the walls caressed his dick like small tongues of warm wet velvet as he lay inside still and sensed the space beyond; he wished to go deeper to fill him up from inside. His dick's base was flush against the ass ring and that's why the desire for a bigger longer dick just that bit more in just that more stretch he smiled "the end of the rainbow in gay land" of ever enlarging dicks. He pulled out and was gripped at the entrance as if Sumit's ass was reluctant to let it go and it was the hole which made Sumit buck up to keep him inside and not the other way round. He continued a smooth fuck for few minutes then he slowed as he didn't want to cum too soon. He knelt back pulling Sumit in the doggy posi-tion his dick still anchored inside and leaned back having a clear view of Sumit's butt cheeks, spread apart as far as they would go till he heard Sumit emit a gasp.

He could see the reddish pink hole stretched by his dick no wrinkles remained a smooth stretched tight pink ring stuffed with his dark meat with the moisturizer spread around well my rod of youth got rid of his wrinkles at least from one place! Raghu pulled out completely and then went in forcing through the collapsing entrance his battering ram just the head and then again pulling out clean just hovering at the door then again pushing in just as the hole was about to collapse watching intensely to just get the timing right and Sumit was gasping and moaning every time he pulled out and went back in watching Sumit want him so much and his dick just getting in there repeatedly nay being welcomed there with an ecstatic moan was the greatest aphrodisiac he grew even harder painfully so if that was possible he loved the feel of his dick almost caressing Sumit's hole not really getting in Sumit bucking up to try to retain his dick in whenever he pulled out it such a high with which few things could be compared Sumit felt so helpless angry and excited craving for more all the feelings jumbled up with the sensations arising from his ass which seemed to need his full concentration and absorb all his thoughts as he could almost see Raghu's fat pole digging in and out the dick head sliding in and out stretching his ass every time it pulled out he automatically trying to squeeze his ass together to hold it in but helpless as Raghu had his cheeks held wide apart and he at his mercy. Further he imagined a smirk on Raghu's face excepting him to be reveling over the power he held over Sumit.

In reality Raghu was anything but smiling as his pleasure peaked and rose like a wave from his loins he felt the familiar pressure mount in his balls his face was now a fine shade of mauve and his movement had an urgency and he started to plunge in hard all design and artifice gone putting his weight on Sumit whose face buried in the pillow slid further up and he was lying on his belly being pounded by Raghu. Sumit didn't actually feel Raghu come inside him but sensed it by his jerky frantic movement and a sense of urgency and irregular strokes the primitive dance of a man in orgasm and then a quiet set-tling over his back.

Sumit arched back relaxed now; bearing the full weight of Raghu as his breath quietened and the pounding of his heart slowed to get in sync with his. He felt the fleshy plumpness within his hole when he contacted it, otherwise it felt so natural having a softening dick inside him, apart from a slight fullness it was totally okay. My God, Sumit had this sud-den feeling of queasiness, at his own acceptance of a bottom's role so very naturally and calmly, something over which he had kicked such a row on his first meeting with Raghu.

Raghavendra Singh Rathore's (he thought of himself in the third person, and with his full name especially when he was happy and feeling pleased with himself, and he was never more happy or pleased with himself just after fucking a nice ass, never mind if the guy attached to those firm fair flesh mounds was a bit of an irritation, well no rose is without a thorn!) mind slowly became aware of his surroundings. In the throes of orgasm his world had collapsed to his groin, now it slowly expanded and he realized he was lying on top of Sumit. Raghu was lean but tall and he tipped the scales at 74kgs. He turned to his side; his legs still hooked between Sumit's, his arm holding him, his dick still nestled within the gooey warmth of Sumit's asshole. He was now aware of the contours of Sumit's body, feeling his slightly hairy body, the slight fuzz on his buttocks, his hand lift-ing the small man breasts which Sumit had and of which he was quite embarrassed, but Raghu didn't mind them, in fact he didn't really care, for the rest of Sumit was eminently fuckable, which was, what really mattered. With the languor of a good orgasm behind him he was sleepy and now in a limbo where he was neither fully awake nor asleep.

Sumit pushed his ass a bit behind so that Raghu's dick was well inside and no danger of slipping out, when he sensed Raghu dozing off. They hadn't spoken anything during the whole session, apart from the small altercation mid fuck, when to tell the truth; he wouldn't have minded a bit more of a dick or a bit more of a stretch( "Bloody, size queen you are turning into, Bitch" he reprimanded himself). His meeting with Raghu were usu-ally like that, not much into small talk, just into big fucks, that's "My Raghu" and again cursed himself " YOU bloody bitch in heat, "MY RAGHU" soon you are going to try to be his permanent partner or what, when you bloody well know it not going to work for either of you". Especially when he thought about how it had all began.

They had met on the internet, and exchanged a few messages, and Sumit at first had not been very keen on meeting him. Sumit felt Raghu to be pushy and shifty, neither of which he wanted in a guy with whom he might have sex some day (gays rarely have sex in the night in India).

Sumit was a bit surprised to receive a message from a guy who claimed to be just 22, for his age was displayed on his profile: 36 and it was a somewhat unusual for a guy this young to show in-terest in him. He just sent "Hi" and thought of it no more, but he was pleasantly surprised when he got another expression of intent, so as to speak and they were soon exchanging telephone numbers. The voice which answered was soft and pleasant but manly; well it could have been worse. Soon they had fixed up a web cam met where he saw the fuzzy picture of his jeune homme, and realized they were both speaking the truth at least about their respective ages. He learned that he was employed in a call centre in NOIDA, had his days off, and his own apart-ment. And, he was eager for sex, so far so good. Sumit was working for a MNC, had a wife and a kid, so difficult to escape those two things in India, once you have a job, and are on the wrong side of thirty, these seem to accrue automatically like the cursed heat and dust of Delhi, Sumit thought looking out of his office on the Barakhamba road, but he took it philosophically. He had kept meeting guys though mostly casual flings, but things were becoming difficult, partly be-cause he was busier now and partly because of his growing age, for the gay world seemed to have an invisible but indelible ink with which were stamped, OLD, PAST EXPIRY, once you were beyond 28 and he had crossed that way back and he liked guys who were at least a decade younger than him. Yet once guys consented to meet him he was very rarely rejected, for he re-mained attractive and most people took him some 5years younger than he was. But he hated to lie about it and to use the rotten phrase of "well maintained" as if, there were no ill maintained young guys, au contraire, most were skinny, or with the body building craze too hunky, un-kempt, unwashed, smelly, dressed slovenly and if they were not any of these things, very likely to be pansy to the core and sticky like leeches, and he didn't know which was worse. Leeches and pansies, he very well couldn't afford the first for obvious reasons, the last because he had always craved for a man.

So, he was pleased with the continued interest of his new young friend, who seemed to have the right statistics, apart from the dick, which he never took seriously any way. He also had a place and was free in the evenings, only time when they could rendezvous, on the well worn excuse of meetings and overwork. But, Sumit had his misgivings too, for Raghavendra( name of the guy, "quite a mouth full", he had said on hearing his name, and he had been informed that everything was big about him, and he could deliver other mouthfuls too!) was keen on sex. Sumit didn't mind that, for whatever people might say, if one was meeting somebody with a primary tag of gay, sex couldn't be far behind, so eagerness about sex was not a problem for Sumit, but the way Raghu went about expressing his intent. As soon as he had established that Sumit was versatile Raghu had said "so, you get fucked. I want to fuck you". When Sumit did not immediately reply to this assault on his sense of propriety Raghu asked him" what happened, when we can meet, for I really want to fuck you". Sumit felt quite offended, but he did not let it on, just saying let's meet first, and then see how it goes. They had a few chats, all in the same tenor, and in spite of his misgivings he slowly felt more at ease and somewhat resigned to the idea of meeting Raghavendra.

Sumit was deeply ambivalent about the idea of getting fucked, and more so about being total bottom with any of his partner, and there were deep seated reasons, both physical and mental for it. He had been fucked several times, with quite a few guys But he had never actually gone ahead to enjoy it, it had been a truly passive performance on his part. Sumit's first experience had been with a boy who was a year older than him, he was fourteen and the guy fifteen, and Sumit had been the first to fuck him and the guys seemed to truly like it, and soon it had been his turn. It had been an altogether unpleasant experience for him; he never relaxed enough to allow a pain-free entry in spite of all the coconut oil that was poured in his asshole. Though the pain subsided after some time, he never felt excited while he was fucked and just lay there waiting for the other guy to orgasm and let the whole affair get over with. And, his asshole remained invariably sore for a few days after that, but now and then he kept on getting fucked because that was only fair, or, so he thought.

And, being brought up in Northern India brought its own set of mental shackles. In a deeply ho-mophobic society, where "I will fuck your ass" or even better," I will rip apart your asshole" were the most favourite expletives of every lad who had crossed the ripe age of seven or eight years, it wouldn't be very surprising if a guy was deeply resentful, felt a bit ashamed and felt a challenge to his manhood, to get fucked and to make things worse, go ahead and enjoy it! For just being gay is enough to be the lowest in the pecking order of the deeply chauvinistic north Indian society; except of course the eunuchs who are the lowest, but they are not even part of the main stream then, are they? This ambivalence had remained with Sumit till now, he had been a top versatile in the gay parlance, and this role hadn't been challenged until now. Meanwhile he had understood with his various encounters, that being a bottom could be truly enjoyable and like everything there was a technique to fucking and getting fucked, and somewhere within him there was this desire to feel what it was to be fucked thoroughly and to enjoy it without any social and emotional baggage.

Soon they had set up a meet at one of the various CCD in the swanky malls in NOIDA for Raghu refused to travel, and asked him to come for a rendezvous to which Sumit complied. Sumit was early and watched Raghu stroll in.

Sumit saw a decidedly young man stroll in, hip and arms slightly gangly in the manner of tall boys who hadn't filled up in the right places and were not very sure about what to do with their limbs. Hips slightly jutting and angular when he walked and a very slight stoop, Sumit who was brought up to be as straight as possible in his bearing, immediately noticed these and felt disap-pointed, for a tall slim man is so attractive with a ramrod straight bearing and though slouch is in the fashion it had never found flavour with Sumit. But these were the only things he disapproved of and there was a lot to approve in the guy who sat down opposite him in the couple sofa where he was waiting. Raghu was about six feet tall, slim but not painfully so and had that large boned structure which exuded strength without being overpowering. Sumit immediately warmed up to his smile which was rather sunny and made to order in the chilly winter morning. Sumit rose and was offered a firm but not crushing handshake, for which he was glad, for in Delhi unless you were not very vigilant, you always ran the risk of getting your hand crushed in a handshake by men, who were always testing their strengths against each other, like pimply pubescent testoster-one charged boys.

They sat down and Sumit looked at his face, appraising it more objectively, now that the initial effects of the smile was wearing off, it was a pleasant open face good looking without being beautiful, defined without being sharp, a face which would hover on the outskirts of recall with-out coming to sharp focus later on. Sumit liked him.

The man sitting before Raghavendra Singh Rathore was in his thirties, some five inches shorter than him, Raghu decided when the guy rose to greet him, just going on the plumper side without going to seed. Quite fair, "nothing unusual in Delhi" he thought, but, with an excellent skin, which was unusual, slightly thickset rounded features without going podgy. Firm handshake and erect bearing, exuding confidence and he could discern warmth and liking for himself. Raghu thought Sumit, the guy before him was sexy and he could feel a desire arising in him, and men-tally he had undressed the guy and had his buttocks in his hands, and his fingers itched to finger him.

Once his desire arose and his interest was piqued, he saw and heard everything through a haze of desire, Sumit and his words were out of focus and had a momentary impression, lingering just enough to allow for a conversation. He wished Sumit wouldn't talk so much, why were guys so eager to vomit all trivia about themselves, if they had a sympathetic ear, he thought with a nice smile on his face. Who the hell would be interested to know what books he read, or what food he liked, he was neither a book seller nor a pizza delivery boy, and he didn't look like one, at least he hoped so! Considering what their purpose was, all this was pretty superfluous, almost to the point of ennui. It was not like they were going to get engaged or move in together for a live in relationship, that he had to know all the nitty-gritty about the guy sitting in front him. When their purpose was so straight forward, why all this socializing as if it really meant anything to either of them!

Sumit was pleasantly surprised at the shyness of the man sitting before him, considering his brashness on the phone and chat, he was quite reticent in real life, almost painfully so and a good listener too. As he talked about himself, his work and his colleagues he found a sympathetic ear before him, who said the right things at the right interval. Sumit was laughing and was almost happy, then the doubts arose, was he laughing too much, may be almost desperately or talking too much. Replies to his queries about Raghu's life were politely noncommittal, or equally po-litely fenced off. With this realization their conversation died down, as Sumit became self con-scious; for there was hardly any contribution from Raghav apart from more questions and general remarks on life in Delhi.

Sumit's chain of thoughts were brought back to the present when Raghu kissed him on his back, he realized with a start, that Raghu still had his flaccid dick inside him like a spongy tampon, damming the flow of cum. Nestled within his arms he was calm and unhurried and only dimly aware of the passage of time, sex was an excellent soporific and anxiolytic, at least a short term one. Raghu was softly kissing his back and nuzzling his ear, he turned his head and Raghu smiled, "how was it?", "nice", "you haven't cum yet" Raghu said feeling Sumit's semi erect dick. "No, But it's okay man, no problem" nuzzling closer to Raghu, that his dick may not slip out. Let's wash, but let's go like this only to the bathroom, Raghu smiled at Sumit, who already loathe to let go of Raghu's dick, started to back up, and soon they were on the way to the bath-room like clumsy toddlers playing train. Sumit treading on Raghu's toes, backing up on him when their pace had a mismatch, but both supremely content and happy in their improvised play, the physical coordination demanding their full attention obviating the need for small talk, to the great relief of Raghu.

They reached in tandem to the bathroom; Raghu placed the pair so that the shower head was on the point of their attachment and turned it on, drenching his chest and Sumit's back. He pressed Sumit who leaned forward, thus allowing him access to his buttocks, which he held in his hand for a moment and then pushed them apart to look at his soft but still fat dick plugging the hot ass hole. He Raghu slowly pulled himself out, enjoying the tug which his soft penis felt gripped by Sumit's hole which twitched spasmodically before relaxing again. Sumit's hole was agape for some time as if still retaining the memory of the tool which had filled it, the pink mucosa peeping and he could see his cum dripping out. Raghu was filled with a sudden curiosity how many fingers would Sumit's famously tight hole would take if he fingered him now?



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