He returned to Raghu's beckoning mouth with renewed vigour.

Raghu was surprised by Sumit's kiss, which showed a virile passion. As if being in con-trol brought out the somnolent man in him, and that brought out the tender man in him, who was ready to cede control and rest, if and only if, he could trust that control would not to be abused. It was a role reversal, the effects of which wouldn't be fully understood by the parties for quite some time to come, or may be never, given how people hated to perceive and accept their weakness. Being kissed, sucked and poked about in the mouth by Sumit felt like a sabbatical to him, as he could enjoy it without worrying about its ef-fect.

Sumit drove back to his office, not fully comprehending or even trying to about what had happened today. One thing he knew for sure, that many of his assumptions were no long-er valid, he had suspicions about their veracity, but today, there was demonstration. Su-mit went back to their first meet and his behaviour and his thoughts about Raghavendra that day. He hadn't realized then but now he saw clearly how they both had been shackled by their own biases, and fettered by their own preconceived notions, were una-ble to freely move, like a dog leashed to a lamp post.

He recalled clearly, how snubbed he had felt when his enquiries about Raghu's life had been fended off so skillfully, yet when he had been invited to his apartment he had gone there with minimal of fuss, and had required little if any persuasion. Why had he done so? If he found Raghu offensive, why did he go with him so readily? The answers were evident even then but he couldn't bring them to the fore. Well cowards aren't called pan-sies for no reason, he thought smiling ruefully.

He had entered a minimally furnished room; a shock to him, for everything was just func-tional. A folding cot, a folding chair, and surprise, a folding table! Really odd for a guy flush with cash; guys went to work for a BPO for the ready money, didn't they? And he looked with horror at the windows, where were curtained only in the lower half, "Any-body could peep in", he thought. And then felt relief as he remembered they were on the 11th floor with no adjoining high-rises nearby, but what they would see, for nothing would be there to see, as nothing was ever going to happen between them, he thought, quite determined about it. The other room was marginally better; it had a proper sturdy looking bed upon which he was invited to sit. Sumit sat gingerly, on the edge of the bed, saying "You furnished your flat yet?"

"Well I have all I need here" "I don't like to be burdened by possessions"

Sumit laughed" A man of few needs and little belongings"

"Not really, I do need a lot, just that they are different from what people assume, and my belongings are not little" Raghu said smiling in a saucy fashion and winking at him.

Sumit knew very well what was meant, but simply unable to stop himself said "well, little is what is being seen here"

Raghu sat down beside him" but you haven't seen anything as yet, have you? I am sure you will change your opinion when you have actually checked..... my flat out!" and he put his hand on his thigh. Warmth of the hand seeped through his jeans to his thighs and seemed headed for his crotch, and he felt his dick stir and start nudging within the con-fines of his brief. Raghu did nothing more, well aware of the effect he was having upon Sumit. Sumit's dick was hard in just a few moments, they both had said nothing, Raghu enjoying the erotic tension in the room, and Sumit's resolve was soon as soft as his dick was hard. He put his hand on Raghu's thigh and his hand slid up wards, and he was sur-prised to see he was not yet completely hard. Raghu shrugged "it is usually like that the first time". Sumit was hurt, he didn't want to reveal that, but his voice was small "its Ok, I shall go now". Raghu seemed genuinely surprised "You are at my place for the first time, you haven't even sat down properly, why, and don't you like me?" "Have a cup of tea "Raghu said playing the perfect host.

Sumit was nonplussed by the whole thing, without realizing the delicious irony of the sit-uation he was in. He who had been so insulted by Raghu's behaviour, his insistent prob-ing of his sexual mores, had a raging hard on and Raghu who seemed to have nothing but sex on his mind was not even hard and treating him with polite indifference; like a distant cousin! Raghu was in the kitchen making tea, and before Sumit could protest, they had two steaming cups of tea and some biscuits on a tray in between them. They finished their tea in silence, nobody touched the biscuits.

Raghu took away the tray and sat beside Sumit, who by now resembled a confused petu-lant child denied his toy. He started to stroke Sumit's back and asked him to remove his shoes and get on the bed. Sumit kicked off his shoes and got on the bed reclining on the pillows, Raghu also sat up beside him, and took his hand in his and with the other started to stroke his thigh, snuggling up to him. Sumit, who had gone soft, found his dick was stirring again, he also started to feel Raghu's dick which also seemed to have swollen up. Raghu had loosened his buttons and his zip was half undone, Sumit's hand slid inside the brief and he held Raghu's warm moist dick in his hand, slowly massaging it. Even though it was not fully hard, it was a nice piece of meat he was holding. It filled up his palm with a nice solid heavy feel. Raghu sensed his interest and smiled at him "so, what is your opinion about my belongings now, still think they are little?" Sumit laughed softly "not little, but it isn't like a full house!" "You never know till you have tried it!" pat came the reply. "I don't think I am really inclined to find that out" really believing what he said, even though he was at the same time trying to get it to its full size; "just curious how big it really gets". He started to stroke it, Raghu winced when Sumit peeled back the foreskin suddenly, feeling it slip over the swollen head, Raghu slipped it up again "pains". Sumit couldn't hide a smile "don't tell me you don't masturbate?" "Definitely I do, but I don't have to flay myself for that" Sumit laughed "wow! A delicate stud" but stroked him gently now, not full strokes as he liked for himself. Sumit was by now really enjoying playing with Raghu's dick and was fully hard himself without any assistance from Raghu, who had been simply squeezing it somewhat perfunctorily. Sumit had an average sized dick both in length and girth, but when he was hard he was really, really hard, his erections were almost painfully adolescent, urgent throbbing instant gratification demanding erections, leaking precum in small drops when milked up, and he would ex-plode in quick jets if not handled carefully, a fact of which he was deeply ashamed but had learned to live with it. So, he was not really bothered by Raghu's less than adequate attention to his dick, inwardly he was glad for it, for he knew not how long he would have handled it without cumming, if Raghu had played with his dick the way he was playing with his!

Raghavendra thought, that for a guy who seemed to be so unwilling to get in the bed with him, he was real good at handling his dick, of course, after his first enthusiastic attempts when it felt like he was going to wrench it away from its base, God, it pained. It always had been a puzzle to him, why guys should want to handle a big dick roughly, as if, its size made him immune to any pain, one had even ended up bruising his skin, of course he had never met him again, and the tiny dicks seemed to take a few knocks with ease, just to get even he had even tried squeezing and twisting some of the small dicks but it seemed to only inflame the ardour of its owner, so he had given up the test, any way it was never dicks he was really after. It had been the same with Sumit, but he seemed quick on the up take, for he seemed to be almost sensing his needs and doing the right thing, though he was still a bit rough, but quite enjoyable as he walked the fine line between passion and pain. He sighed loudly as Sumit scratched his pubes roughly at the base of his dick with his nails slowly digging them in, but releasing the pressure just be-fore it would have been really painful, pinching his skin at the base of his penis, en route, to his anus rolling the sensitive skin between his finger and thumb till he was squirming, playing with fold of skin on his penis till he had reached the fore skin which he stretched pulled and massaged and then proceeded to stroke it slowly. Raghu was as hard as he would ever get and still they were fully dressed, just unzipped and unhooked. Raghu was stretched out and had even given up the pretence of playing with Sumit's dick, his hand just lying on it; still he could feel that it had remained hard the whole time. He was enjoy-ing what was going on but it was time to move on as Sumit seemed to be too engrossed in massaging his dick.

Raghu leaned, whispering to Sumit "Open up" and tugged at his pants. Sumit lifted his hips and allowed his pants and briefs to slide down and felt Raghu's hands roving on his butts slowly softly caressing them then a bit firmly his cheeks being parted and a finger probing his nether entrance Sumit was dry he instinctively clamped up as soon as the fin-ger tried to move in further but did not stop Raghu he felt the finger pause briefly then again continue on its mission caressing massaging and probing his asshole but now more delicately soon a thumb had joined the lonely finger and he felt gentle tugs and stretches at his hole apparently "the more the merrier" was Raghu's motto for a third finger was knocking at his door while the other two tried to keep it open. Like almost every guy, Sumit liked his ass hole being played with, and again, like every guy and it includes straight, bi and gay, would not admit it, even to himself how much he liked his asshole fingered. Though in Sumit, it seemed a bit quaint, for a guy who had been fucking and getting fucked, even if only occasionally, must have had his share of assplay. And, Sumit loved playing with assholes, of the guys he fucked with and even more unusually, of the guys who fucked him, though with the latter it was not always simple; for most tops, es-pecially the "pure tops" and the very masculine very straight acting types, would invaria-bly jump up high enough to bang their inflated head on the ceiling if he tried to finger their holes straight away, so he had developed a strategy. First, he always initiated assplay somewhat late, when the top was relaxed and had accepted his position as the dominant male as an unassailable fact, for may be, by that time Sumit had been swallow-ing his dick like a vacuum cleaner, or he had pounded Sumit's ass a few times. Second he always did it, at some psychological intimate erotic point of no return when the top couldn't really object, for it would be silly, like, having his dick buried inside Sumit's mouth and his balls being massaged, it would be really churlish to object to a finger ca-ressing his hole, and by caressing he means just caresses, not really poking in or anything like that which he surely wouldn't tolerate, and if he came to realize that, that finger had strayed in while he was in the throes of orgasm, he could always attribute it to Sumit's enthusiasm. Third Sumit never talked about it, he just did it, talking brought things to a head and then all the old biases would rear their ugly heads and no assplay for sure in fu-ture.

And, Sumit could not let that happen, for he was genuinely interested in butts, and tops invariably seemed to possess good butts (pun intended), firm, muscular, not too promi-nent, jutting up hard butts, butts for which sucking dicks and getting fucked wasn't a los-ing proposition at all, he almost salivated at some butts and literally salivated into some butts, when he rimmed them. Then there was the allure of the forbidden, for a top's butt is almost always a forbidden territory, so near yet so far. And, there was a pot of gold at the end of rainbow, for it is like chasing a rainbow, lusting after a genuinely top guy's butt; but if and admittedly it is a big "if" when that happens it is something to cherish and treasure. For a top when he gets fucked does so with the same single mindedness with which he fucks, and he instinctively behaves as he would like the bottom to behave when he fucks him, and combine that with an usually fit hung fellow and a virgin ass, or at least an asshole which is hasn't been used for some time which is almost as good as a virgin hole (who can tell the difference any way, at least Sumit hadn't as yet met any who could) and the combination is both unbeatable and irresistible.

But, if all this had been in the thoughts of Sumit it was not in the present, for now he was just enjoying holding a fistful of meat while his own hole was being penetrated by a per-sistent finger with two helpers, and wasn't thinking anything beyond, even though he must have known this penetration as merely a foretaste of things to come.

Raghu was a patient man, and there was this guy, almost totally his "type", who seemed to be clearly enamoured of his dick ( he hadn't as yet met a guy, who was interested in dicks and not enchanted by his, except of course the size queens who always had had longer and thicker dicks stuffed in their holes, but they were a minority), his ass seemed to be sucking up his finger, so could he be faulted if he thought it was time to take things to another level? Raghu took his finger out, and discreetly dropped a blob of saliva on to his fingers and again tried to worm his way back deeper into Sumit's ass.

The changed scenario behind his back brought Sumit to the present, and he was very an-gry all of a sudden, deeply resenting the sneaky action behind his back. "Why did you do that, it is so disgusting?" turning to Raghu whose finger was still deep inside his ass, and the involuntary contractions as he spoke made his dick jerk up and down, and he hadn't let go of Raghu's dick, so the whole effect was unintentionally quite comic, and Raghu had to suppress a smile but said sorry, softly, though not taking out his finger, maintain-ing the status quo. He leaned towards Sumit brushing his lips and then started to nuzzle his ears, licking his ear lobe and breathing softly on his face, and felt him quieten. He whispered "what do you like to do?" "What would you like me to do?, asked Sumit and Raghu sighed in inwardly, he was starting to understand that this guy was combative and was going to argue all the way, even for the things he really wanted. "You know, what I am talking about?" "I actually like a lot of things, like novels, watching movies, eating out...................." Raghu interrupted him softly, smiling patiently as if dealing with a preppy smart ass kid "we aren't here for any of those things, are we; you know what I am talking about". "So, why don't you tell me, what are we here for?"

Raghavendra wanted to shout at him, you bitch you are here for my fat dick, to get stuffed in your ass and mouth, but like all bitches, you are a cock teaser and like to play hard to get, even though that's all you want, and he felt his dick soften in Sumit's hand as the stupid conversation went on. But, instead he whispered softly Sumit "will you suck me?" Sumit said nothing, and that was encouragement enough for Raghu, who asked him again to suck.

Obviously this was enough to mollify his pride and he bent down, as Raghu put a hand on his head, and guided him. Sumit looked up "It is very unlikely that I do not know where your dick is!" Raghu removed his hand at this terse remark. Sumit could smell Raghu's uncut dick as he looked at the slightly soft brownish pink dick head, a bit wrin-kled and peeping forlornly from the foreskin folds, like a scolded puppy. The smell of an uncut dick was always pungent and sharp, but not altogether repulsive to Sumit who by now knew many variants, and almost thought of it as a rite of passage to being a gay; and this one wasn't the worst he had known, so here.

Sumit rolled his tongue around the head softly sucking, holding it in his hand. Raghu's dick head had perked up again; plumper, and when he took it out of his mouth it was again shiny and smooth the surface a very slightly knobbly appreciable only from close quarters telling Sumit that the owner was completely aroused now the foreskin was stretched tight mid way around the glans the edges a translucent band Sumit peeled it back with a swift motion Raghu drew back involuntarily with an ouch but almost simul-taneously Sumit had swallowed the now naked sensitive head completely and massaging it between his palate and tongue Raghu was squirming with pleasure and a surfeit of sen-sations from his sensitive dick head for he himself rarely pulled back his foreskin when hard he had always found it painfully sensitive to touch at the furrow at the base of his dick head and that is where Sumit seemed to concentrate on licking with small flicks even nibbling there on his way up the ridge he started to buck up slowly, fucking his mouth with small thrusts and slowly increasing the strokes till he could feel his whole dick enve-loped in the warmth of Sumit's mouth and felt his wet lips at he base of his dick the stubs of his shaved off pubes wet with saliva.

Sumit gagged lightly and pulled back slightly, but Raghu was now highly aroused and holding his head thrust himself back in now properly fucking his mouth and Sumit was taken in the flow now relaxing and taking almost complete in and out movement of Rag-hu's dick. Raghu said, "Can I cumm in your mouth?" and the spell over Sumit was bro-ken, who immediately sat up. "Are you crazy? How can I allow that?" Raghu wanted to hit himself over his head, but there was no going back and, Sumit refused to suck him anymore, only would fondle it, but after a blowjob a hand job is chalk after cheese, and Raghu went soft.

In spite of his belligerence at every step, Sumit gave no indication of leaving, and they sat there in silence for a few minutes, Raghu slowly regaining control over his irritation, be-fore he could again start with Sumit. Raghu asked Sumit to undress. As Sumit lay down he straddled over his groin and started to, lick and kiss his body sucked his nipples nib-bled his stomach and sides and fondled his balls and dick for a bit, before he nudged him to turn over. He now straddled his back, and liberally kissed his back waist and his but-tocks, he pared his butts for his first look. Sumit being very fair, had a pink hole, symme-trical, and appeared to be very tiny and he couldn't have guessed that it had had a few dicks, if Sumit hadn't admitted it. Any way it did not seem it had been used much, at least in the recent past, but if Raghu had his way, this was going to change soon.

He massaged his buttocks, kneading the firm white downy mounds of flesh, and watched with some fascination, as they turned pink and warm. He fingered the hole, not daring to again lubricate it again with his spittle, but stretching and playing with it, while his tool firmed up. He lay down on Sumit positioning his dick on his hole and proceeded to pump it slowly and then with real intent to get in as he got excited. Sumit didn't seem to mind, so he slowly increased the pressure, and just as he felt he might break in through the outer ring, Sumit said "Stop, it is very painful". Raghu stopped immediately and he knew it was over, at least for today.

Sumit had allowed Raghu to lead till now, but when he felt that thick dick about to force his way in his dry tight and long unused hole, he had to ask him to stop. It was very pain-ful when Raghu's dick had almost penetrated him, he could feel the pain right up his bo-wels and he couldn't take it. Why had he allowed Raghu to proceed to that stage he didn't know, as he really hadn't come for an one way fuck only, for as it seemed clear by now Raghu was least interested in his dick, giving only minimal attention to it, concen-trating almost exclusively on his avowed goal, Sumit's hole! And, Sumit could hardly play the innocent victim, for Raghu's intentions had been in the open from the very be-ginning, and he had clearly told Sumit what he wanted, at least in the chat and phone calls, also he had made it very clear that he was not interested in either sucking off Sumit or 69, and god forbid getting fucked by him. But Sumit convinced himself that he had allowed things to go so far, only out of politeness, and not because he found Raghav at-tractive, and also because he might change his mind and may be more of a top versatile kind. But Raghu's position on top seemed to be as firm as his dick was.

Yet, there was another thing about Raghu which attracted Sumit, now that Sumit had spent some time with him. He was very gentle, and never tried to force himself, he would definitely take the lead, but really respected a denial. When you told him to stop he simp-ly stopped, this was quite remarkable, and Sumit didn't know himself where he stood in this regard for he could be quite persistent at times, not always accepting a denial quite as readily.

Sumit wanted to go now, and as he stood up half naked, Raghu held him from behind, positioning his semi hard dick between his butts, where it stayed put and started to jack him off with one hand, the other caressing and fondling his chest and sides. He protested, that he was fine and not that horny, but Raghu prevailed upon him and Sumit's arousal was plainly evident. Sumit's chest was soon heaving and he was grinding his butt into Raghu's groin and dick as he cummed, spraying the floor. Raghu held Sumit while his breath returned to the normal.

Sumit had felt quite annoyed about the whole thing. He had his release at Raghu's hand, but he had tried to fight that too, only he had been too horny too resist. Also, he had come quite close to being dry fucked and that too a bare fuck, no rubbers! What was get-ting into him, he thought as he drove back. This guy who had been so intent upon taking things to the logical end, Whoa, was getting fucked by Raghu was the logical end of their meet? No that was absurd, of course, he had never been with a total top and he was not going to start now, he liked to fuck and liked a suck, and it was obvious that here none of the two were forthcoming. Therefore it was almost axiomatic that he wouldn't be meeting Raghu anymore, what was the point, for obviously it was impossible even to talk to the guy, when gleaning the least bit of personal information from that guy required the effort of a tooth extraction. So, they were not going to have sex, they couldn't talk, obviously he could but that would be merely a soliloquy, no conversation or dialogue for sure, and now that he thought back, he was quite unsure of that smile and his interest in him, the first was likely plastic and the second feigned.

There was one more thing which might have taken Sumit back to a guy with whom he couldn't have sex or talk, sheer physical beauty. Sumit reveled in physical beauty, for him being beautiful was reason enough for existence, but Raghu was a regular guy, attractive charming, even desirable in come-on-fuck-me-hot-stud kind of way, but he wasn't going to win any beauty contests, that was for sure. Now that Sumit had some temporal and spatial distance, he even had difficulty in recalling his exact features. Thus Sumit had no doubts about Raghu; he wasn't going to meet him again.

Raghavendra played the perfect wooer. He SMSed Sumit after a decent lapse of half an hour, about, how pleasant it had been to meet him and how much he looked forward to seeing him again. He followed it up with a call the next day. He talked about Sumit, how nice the visit was, how much he liked him, and how much he had enjoyed his time with him, and when was he coming to the flat again, for he would love to have him at his flat again.

Sumit parlayed with him, saying he was busy, then it was too far off, and he wanted to come and it had been nice to meet him, but he could not bring himself to say no directly.

Every time he got a message or call from Raghu, he tried to explain why he couldn't come, most of the time the excuse sounded lame even to himself. Raghu never pressed him too hard, never reached the point of exasperation or entreaty. That Raghu was inter-ested in him so much, flattered him, and he didn't want to let go of Raghu completely, a surgical break he didn't desire. He had been meeting other guys and so was Raghu, he came to know of that from his own circle. Raghu was frequenting Connaught Place, i.e. CP, the stretch before Volga restaurant where the guys gathered and seemed to be popu-lar. Also he had been dancing his way into many a pants in the NOIDA gay parties on the weekends. The guy was enjoying himself. Sumit had been by now fencing off Raghu for some time. It had been some 3weeks since their 1st meet and Sumit had resisted the im-pulse to go back.

Raghu meanwhile had not been idle, he had been partying hard on the weekends, lots of guys were attracted to him, the attention was flattering but he was really wary of most guys. It was difficult to get a guy without any stingers in the tail. Pansies really frightened him, and he had a few guys who tried to touch him off, luckily he got off only with a dent in his wallet, but naturally he was quite careful with whom he going to get intimate or bring back to his flat. He never had any real interest in queens, it was only mature men who held his attention. The younger crowd, even the guys his age or a few years older were classed as young by him. Not that the young crowd was bad, they were good looking, sharp defined features, fair, fit, slim, and usually waxed or shaved even if getting hairier by the minute, in the usual Punjabi lad fashion. But most of them needed pampering, or had an indefinable "Haute couture" air about them, for the former he didn't have patience for the other he couldn't care less, for he knew he was never going to fit in that gilded circle. And, the few who remained, who were manly, good looking and seemed to be interested in just sex without any hang ups always professed to be total incontrovertible tops, so though they might be nice to hang out with, but what one could do with them, play ice-hockey? So, he went to the parties, smiled at every one, talked to a few, danced with even fewer guys, and usually came home alone.

Though, once in a while he would get a guy who seemed very promising, but even then things could end in a fiasco. Ashish, Raghu remembered him well; he had met him at par-ty: youngish around 28yrs, good looking fair guy, with a bit of fat on him, just enough to hold, but nothing spilling over. They had a nice conversation too, and he had come to the flat after minimal of persuasion, but as soon as Raghu had held him and rubbed his hard dick he had cum, and lost further interest, pissing off Raghu badly. Not every meet ended like that, a passing engineer had fared brilliantly, and Raghu had happily nailed him thrice in 24 hours, but unfortunately such guys were mostly migratory. Meeting them was a matter of chance, being at the right place at the right time, and that didn't happen often. The internet was not really a help in this regard, because then the problem was of plenty, for you still had to meet and shift, before you got a kernel of wheat, chaff was always more likely.

There was one more thing, which Raghu dreaded. The pre mating ritual. With every new guy, he went through almost the same steps, making contact after a few initial chats, if they had met on net, or the eye contact, if in a party or dance then checking out if the in-terest was mutual. Then he must be alone, not a couple, and then one had to approach, all this seemed to take a life of their own and you had to go through it even if you knew what the response or the logical conclusion was, but everybody seemed to need it every time, not merely the green horns. And, Raghu knew that one could get burnt if one was too hasty, actually these rituals afforded a space where you came to know your mate, how far could you go or would like to go? The answers varied with every guy, but even then the novelty of the ritual was lost after a few guys and for Raghu it was tedium.

Raghu had wondered in the past, about guys sticking with each other on a long term ba-sis, he never saw the point. It was a joke to him, the so called love affair between guys. But after going through the tedious ritual of a fore-fuck courtship time and again, he thought it would be nice to get a guy, with whom one could have sex when one felt like. It would be neat, it would save time and effort and he would know what he would be getting when he was with the guy, of course, it was never going to be a love affair but more like a partnership or merger of interests if you may.

And, the face which popped up in Raghu's mind when he thought of a guy who would be a convenient fuck was Sumit's. It was strange why it should be so, for the first meeting wasn't actually a success, Sumit had been effusive silent truculent obstinate and downright constipated by turns, hardly the hallmark of a reliable regular convenient partner. Yet, there he was. Raghavendra had masturbated himself to sleep many a night fantasizing about Sumit, well not exactly Sumit but his asshole with himself buried deeply in or cumming into his mouth, which otherwise seemed to be so full of barbed ripostes. Therefore it was not very strange, but a first one for Raghu, that he was regularly thinking about a single guy: Sumit; fantasizing about him, but what was truly strange was that he mentioned Sumit to other guys he was meeting, if they happened to know Sumit. He mentioned how much he liked Sumit and he was very interested in meeting him again, but wasn't sure about how things would go between them, because nothing seemed to happen between them, the latter being not strictly true.



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