Talking about Sumit to other guys, might have been only partly intentional as a ploy to get Sumit's interest, but it did succeed. Invariably word got back to Sumit about the new colt roaming and prancing about on the pastures, and with it that his nostrils were still sniffing at the scent of Sumit. Sumit was a fastidious fellow, quite difficult to flatter but this interest, this praise which appeared behind his back, well he would have to be super human to ignore it completely. Also, Sumit thought he should the clear the air one more time, for Raghu's benefit and more the point for his own. There was a subtext to Raghu's interest of which Sumit was acutely aware, i.e. Raghu was treating Sumit as a total bot-tom. For there was never a doubt in Sumit's or for that matter any man's mind who might be interested in a man, about Raghu's orientation, he was as active as top's come, not merely in mentality but also in mannerism physique and the lean hungry predatory look which only a top can give the involuntary licking and wetting of lips and the swallowing of a mouthful of saliva almost like a dog setting his eyes on a juicy steak, but then that's what makes a top a top. His very soft spoken manners, and almost complete lack of ag-gression, seemed to aggravate his sexuality instead of diminishing it.

So, if such a guy was showing a great deal of interest in Sumit, it axiomatically branded Sumit a bottom, and a total one at that, for nobody could sincerely think that Raghu was ever going to reciprocate for a fuck or a suck, Sumit was very uncomfortable with the connotations. Therefore Sumit feigned lack of interest, if the topic was Raghu and if someone asked about their meet he would offhandedly describe it as a casual one, very casually forgetting the suck and almost fuck, probably it was actually forgotten too. But, if such has been the case, it must have been in Sumit's mind only. For, his cock was al-most instantaneously hard the moment Raghu sat down beside him on the bed in the bed room there he had gone following Raghu, quite forgetting his resolve to make this a really formal meeting.

It had been a boring day at the office, the work load really light, for it was just around Boxing Day, and everybody seemed to making plans for the festive season ahead. Sumit was not really interested, for New Year in the Indian Capital leaves you with very few choices especially for married guys with kids, either you can go to an expensive five star gala which always seem to start fizzling by the time it should be rocking, or you can have a private party where the sober ones end up chauffeuring the drunken vomiting ones to their homes in front of embarrassed wives and kids with sheepish grins. Playing safe, he had already chosen the former one.

So with nothing to hold his attention away, he had gone back to thinking about Raghu, and decided it was time to make a new start, and for some advance spring cleaning, dust a few mental cobwebs. He called up Raghu, who seemed genuinely delighted to hear his voice, inviting him and assuring him that, he had been thinking about Sumit only, and, no, it wouldn't inconvenience him at all if Sumit made an early visit, thought it was 12 in the noon; Sumit had been there at around 5 pm previously. He drove to NOIDA in fretful mood, not unable to fathom why his mood his souring, and by the time he was climbing the stairs he was positively peeved at himself for driving so far on such a cold wet foggy day, as the season is wont to be in December end in Delhi, for something he very well could have conveyed on phone. He felt nervous and a trifle excited at the same time as he knocked on the door. The door opened after a few moments, Raghu wiping his freshly shaven face with a towel, wearing a lightly stripped short shirt just buttoned at the bottom over an old pair of well used jeans completely faded over the crotch, which showed a bulge, even thought he must have been soft.

The sunny smile warmed off the chill around Sumit, and he felt a bit better, he had checked out Raghu who now was looking very fresh, and found his eyes darting to Rag-hu's crotch. They shook hands and Raghu invited him in, turning and leading the way to the bedroom before Sumit had a chance to say anything. Like a male's lair the bed was littered with clothes and towels, Raghu swept them aside, offering Sumit a seat and sat down beside him. It was only then, that Sumit actually became aware how hard his dick was straining in his briefs where he had tucked it discreetly down wards preparing for his office. Now it was fully hard, pinned pointing down vertically, opposite to it natural in-clination, its head mashed into the bed when Sumit sat down. Sumit had to, against his wish adjust his erect dick to a more anatomically natural angle, and Raghu chose that moment to ask his "so , how are you?" Fine, Sumit answered, his hand adjusting his crotch, his body askew, angry at himself for being so gauche.

Sumit grinned sheepishly, and enquired about Raghu, to which Raghu replied in his usual vague fashion. Sumit had planned to tell Raghu what he really thought and get over it, but given this start he was not so comfortable ticking off Raghu now. Raghu was still smiling at him and asking him polite questions, to the answers of which Sumit was not completely sure if he was interested in. Soon the questions had finished, and Sumit had sat throughout the period answering to the point and contributing nothing further. The conversation had died down when Raghu again asked "So, what's up?" Sumit answered laconically "the sensex".

Raghu said nothing but putting hands around his shoulders pulled him closer and put one hand on his dick, said this seems up too, Sumit could hardly argue with that. He slid up on the bed and opened his shoes and socks without any prompting from Raghu, and took off his belt and purse and various things which guys have in their pockets, Raghu unbut-toned his shirt and slid a hand inside caressing his chest and nipples which almost instant-ly hardened to pink points, feeling like fine dried raisins in Raghu hands, he pinched and rolled them between his thumb and finger. Sumit started caressing Raghu's chest and they slid closer to each other and Raghu leaned down to kiss him, their bodies seemed to mould to each other. Sumit's mouth opened to Raghu and he slid his tongue inside suck-ing on his lips, Sumit kissed him back but Raghu was setting the pace some what aggres-sively. His hands were at Sumit's waist rubbing and finding their way down to his but-tocks. Sumit had his hand inside Raghu's crotch and he was massaging the fistful of warm meat which seemed to be getting firmer by the minute. Then suddenly Raghu stopped and they both, almost as if on cue, started to undress.

Their previous and first meet things had been half done, they were half dressed, Raghu had been half sucked and Sumit had been half fucked. Well today, it seemed that there was going be full remedial for the previous lapse. Raghu had imagined Sumit's body while shagging off fantasizing about him, almost like building up a picture by a sketch artist, but in front of the real thing, all the previous imagery disappeared. The fair body of Sumit seemed to faintly glow in the semi dark room, he had curtains now and they were drawn on this cold winter day, the only light was from the radiant warmers in one corner rotating silently throwing off its golden amber light. He was not very hairy, the chest partly covered and the sides and back bare, the upper arm and shoulders smooth and well formed. He was not at all muscled but not limp, just firm and rounded giving a hint of the muscles inside by a general change in contour. Raghu, who had never fancied heavily muscled guys, was fascinated by his body. His waist had the slightest roll of fat giving him a full look, the look of a man who is irrevocably a man, gone beyond the pubescent and young, which Raghu found so attractive. As, Sumit pulled off his pants and briefs, his erect dick bobbed, nodding appreciation of the guy who was undressing before him.

Raghu was slim, not gaunt, his body in shape with the frequent matches of volleyball, and jogging in the evening before he went to his work. His movements were smooth and sure almost graceful, reflecting the fine athlete underneath, as he took of his clothes. Sumit, who hadn't seen him naked before, loved his flat chest, the nipples standing erect in the chill of the room pointing slightly sideways, only seen in broad shouldered guys with nice pectorals. There was a line of hair just in the centre of his faintly visible abs which led the eyes to his slim waist smooth over which Raghu's hands lingered for a moment, almost caressing, as Raghu undressed, what made the movement sublimely erotic for Sumit was that it was unintentional, almost as if Raghu was in love with his own waist and touching it was a lover's caress. Raghu's slim frame was bent as he took off his jeans; no briefs, his crotch in the shadows appearing larger than it was and as he straightened up the soft languid bouquet of his dick and balls caught the amber light and appeared to be made up of rich dark velvety chocolate ready to melt in a gooey mess with human touch.

Sumit's Crotch emanated a heat which arose and engulfed him, beating the chill of the room. Its intensity and speed surprised him, his dick throbbed, as if he hadn't cummed for a fortnight and then somebody had sucked him and left him just at the edge. He felt the juices trickle from his balls to his dick head, ready to burst forth with the least caress. Sumit had never felt such a desire for anybody the way he desired Raghu, he wanted him, he needed him, he demanded him, at this moment he had to have him, just to breathe. Desire for Sumit now was a physical entity, an unstoppable force.

They held each other, nude bodies touching for the first time, Sumit's dick poking be-tween Raghu's thighs lifting his heavy scrotal sac, his balls draping his dick head, Rag-hu's crotch with its heavy heat instantly warming an area around Sumit's belly button, still for a moment before they started to explore, Sumit shifted Raghu's hand from his dick; he was really afraid of cumming if Raghu fondled his dick, and placed it on his butt, where it started to knead. They kissed, Raghu was slow for he was afraid to make haste and Sumit a bit subdued with the realization of his desire for Raghu. He was unsure of his role, but he had to have him, even at Raghu's term, or he would never breathe freely again.

Sumit sat down, Raghu's crotch at his face. Raghu had washed; a trace of the heavy male musky perfume he had savoured earlier lingering beneath the fresh skin soap smell, as he licked the prepuce with the tip of his tongue pushing the folds to get at the spongy dick head inside an almost odourless fresh glans the trace of musk just at the border of recog-nition accentuating the flavours of the meat he was marinating with his saliva the dick was yet not fully hard though almost its full girth so he could take the whole thing in his mouth and manipulate it with his tongue turning it into folds or sucking on it hard leng-thening it feeling the soft loose folds of the uncut dick and then the smooth spongy head inside pressing it against his palate putting the pole of dark flesh between his teeth and slowly chewing it pressing just hard enough to draw soft moans form the owner half ex-pecting it in a surreal fashion to melt into a gooey mass for the imagery of the first seen chocolaty dark velvety mass still arose unbidden if he closed his eyes.

Today the timing was perfect. Just when Sumit felt he had explored an obedient dick long enough, moulding it too his wishes, it started to change. Small acorns give rise to mighty oaks; he remembered Ms Chatterjee his English teacher. A muscled stiff log was tickling his throat his lips curled tightly around the base in a large "O" in effort to damn the pooled saliva in his mouth the tulip shaped soft spongy head forcing its way down his gullet; he made repeated involuntary swallowing movements massaging the head the dick jerking every time. Sumit was swallowing dick today. Saliva dribbled from the corner of his mouth as he bobbed his head. He craned his neck upwards to better accommodate Raghu's pole, fully erect it rose straight up almost parallel to its owner's belly. He had peeled the banana the soft foreskin bunched at the base of the dick head he rubbed the sensitive underside on his palate as he squeezed the spongy head between his tongue and palate.

Shivers ran down Raghu's spine as Sumit swallowed his dick. He had never been very fond of blowjobs, but this was definitely a good one. But, seeing Sumit nude today, more than ever he wanted Sumit's ass, and the way Sumit had removed his hand from the dick to his ass; though he had put them just as a form of politeness, his downy mounds of flesh had made him hungry with desire, he felt a pit in his stomach, a physical need to possess fuck enjoy and literally eat to his fill that ass. Raghu never came quickly, but he could feel himself move towards the edge as Sumit's slurped on his dick like a teenaged girl on an ice cream cone.

Raghu stopped the up and down motion with which Sumit was sucking his dick with the precision of a metronome, with his hand on his head. Sumit looked up at him in surprise half of the dick in his mouth, Raghu said lets get down on the bed. Sumit held Raghu's dick tightly at the base and sucked off leaving the dick free and very slightly wet and swallowing a mouthful of saliva. Sumit lay on his back and Raghu on top taking his weight on slightly bent elbows and knees and started to kiss the mouth which had been working so sincerely on his dick. He was afraid he might taste his own dick in Sumit's mouth but all he tasted was a man's mouth the slightly sweetish taste, of a person who hasn't eaten for some time. Not bad.

Raghu enthusiastically kissed the soft lips poked his tongue inside softly chewing on the succulent lips till Sumit was breathless with excitement. He moved down sucking his neck the tits which were slightly fleshy, yet not a woman's chest, tasted a hairy nipple while kneading and rubbing the other. He kissed his way under the armpits to the smooth inside of the arms, the skin warm and soft, almost velvety under his lips. He sucked in the flesh at the side of Sumit's waist locking his lips while prodding it with a stiff tongue, he could feel Sumit's body stiffen and shiver and then relax as he did this again and again. Raghu felt the excitement surge through Sumit's body as he kissed sucked and licked him, till Raghu's very breath raised goose bumps all over Sumit.

Raghu's hand accidentally brushed Sumit's dickhead, and it left a wet trail of precum on the back of his hand still linked to glans by a short thread glistening in the light. He held Sumit's dick lightly and started to stroke him, Sumit moaned and stopped his hand, again guiding it to his butt.

Sumit had felt excitement before, but that seemed tame for what he felt today, he was horny even randy, somehow his initial reluctance a cold wet day the amber light the slim lithe young body with a contralto dick and the lips which left burning marks as they trailed on his body like lambent tongues of fire. He was taut as a violin string; ready to break into an orgasmic melody with the softest stroke but surely it was not yet time for a crescendo as Raghu seemed to be playing a piccolo minuet with his senses, so he had promptly shifted Raghu's attention to his butt like a master composer balancing the flutes with violoncello. It wasn't very likely he would orgasm if his butt was being fondled.

His sense of urgency diminished as Raghu flipped him over, his buttocks and back feeling the slight chill of the room while his hard penis was smothered by the thin mattress. The chill was immediately replaced by warm human touch, as Raghu started to put his buttocks through the paces s he gave his back the same treatment he had been giving his waist. He kissed, licked rolled up the thick flesh between his lips, bit and sucked it, pinched massaged pressed it, rubbed his rough hairy cheeks and chin, scraped it almost for he was a heavily bearded man with tough hard hair which any amount of close shave never got rid of thoroughly. The scraping of Sumit's back by Raghu's sandpaper chin was entirely unintentional though, it must be said in Raghu's defense. No one had ever told Raghu how badly he could exfoliate, for not for a moment could one forget it was a man on one"s back with Raghu and his beard, and that's not a bad feeling for a man, actually it was part of the oh-You-know-I-am-such-a-horny-stud-and-gonna-fuck-you charm which Raghu exuded so strongly that it shone like a halo around him, most of it un-intentionally which was the best part, so not very surprisingly many a men had been wire-brushed but none had really minded it enough to complain. And. Today was Sumit's turn, and it was a superb turn on, for the rough was combined with the smooth, the dry kisses with the wet warm moist tongue, till Sumit's back was arching with Raghu's touch.

It was so erotic and intense, yet he was not on the verge of orgasm, that feeling was gone to be replaced by an equally intense though different sensation; he was shivering at Rag-hu's touch, the rough chin , the thick warm lips seemed unbearable when they were at work, his body flooded with sensations drowning him with their intensity he forgot to breathe when Raghu was caressing him, almost gasping for air when Raghu eased the intensity to take a lungful of air himself, yet when it stopped even for a moment he felt so forlorn and empty, his body a desolate barren place where an orchard had bloomed earlier with Ragu as the gardener.

Raghu lay on back of Sumit, his fat erect dick in the crevice of Sumit's buttocks. Sumit turned his head and said in a soft voice "let it just lie there, for I don't think it will go in, it is too fat for me" Raghu interpreted it as, come on dude I wanna get fucked but I don't want it to be painful, so he gave the appropriate reply "I will take care and I won't hurt you, just relax" and with it he slid one hand to Sumit's butt and started to finger his ass hole, trying to push a finger in as deep as it would go, Sumit let out a soft "Ahhhh don't do it so fast, you have something as lube?" Raghu was really happy for he was now al-most sure that today he would plough this field, just he would have to irrigate it first. The only thing within his reach was an after shower silicone based hair conditioner which he poured around Sumit's ass and started to slide his finger in and out with a rotating mo-tion, when he felt Sumit relax and even start moving his ass in unison with his finger.

Sumit again looked back and asked "How many fingers have you put in, two?" Raghu had only one finger in Sumit's pie but he lied "yes" and immediately slipped in another to get closer to the truth. Raghu became absolutely certain that today was his day when he heard the next question "You have got a condom?" "Of course", was the swift reply and Raghu pulled out a mint flavoured condom and tore it open quickly. Raghu hated con-doms, most including this one were too tight for his erect dick, not the length but the girth made it difficult to roll it down to the base, it was always a struggle; he had to stretch the rolled up condom as wide as he could with his fingers then he had to roll it down on his dick and he tore the first one in his hurry silently cursing himself and the men whose pathetic dicks had been condom companies" standard for Indian men, why can't they bring out condom in different sizes.

Sumit felt that Raghu was busy with something else besides him for the first time, so he asked "what happened?" as he turned and saw Raghu roll on a condom onto his dick, this time successfully, "nothing" said Raghu not wanting to break the spell of the moment, but Sumit had turned some more "I don't think that you should try it today, I don't think I can take it in , it seems too big for my hole, I really don't want to go back with a torn ass!" smiled, making a wan attempt at humour, Raghu said in the most sympathetic tone he could muster with an equally concerned visage "No way it will not hurt, you just relax I have lubed it so well and it can take my two fingers now" pushing in two fingers almost with the flourish of a conjurer as he spoke; quod erat demonstrandum, Sumit was beyond remonstration on this point.

Raghu positioned his sheathed dick head at Sumit's hole, glistening with the lubricant of the condom and the hair conditioner and proceeded to push it in, he could feel the relaxed hole give way before it clamped back again, Sumit cried out "please take it slow, it is painful"; the dick head for sure had squeezed its way in being compressible but the unyielding shat which lay behind was too much for Sumit, it felt adamantine in its hardness and the sharp pain seemed to go deep into his bowels and stay there for some time before it became a dull ache. He had yet not asked Raghu to pull out, for today he wanted to show Raghu that he would take it if he could and not play the cockteaser , and give an answer to himself could he really take it, a perverse logic for sure but that's why Gay's aren't straight!!

Raghu waited till he felt Sumit's body become a little relaxed and increased the pressure, with the same result; Sumit wasn't able to take it any more than earlier. Sumit was a good manager; amongst other things that made him good was his awareness of the gap between theory and practice and reliance on the later as the benchmark for his work; this lesson was being reinforced today exquisitely with every thrust of Raghu's rammer as it tried to break down the ramparts of Sumit's forts, both mental and physical, his ego and asshole both yielding very reluctantly to the onslaught.

He tried everything he knew about taking a dick in; Sumit had asked for lube, he had it in plenty, he could feel his buttocks, the inside of his thighs and balls coated slickly with it, and he was sure Raghu had poured quite a bit inside with his relentless fingering. He tried to relax, pushed down on Raghu's dick as if trying to crap a particularly obstinate turd, alternately squeezed and relaxed his ass hole in synchronization with Raghu's stops and pushes, breathed in tandem, held his breath, exhaled and in sheer frustration gritted his teeth and asked Raghu to push, with the last he felt his ass ring yield and Raghu's shaft slid in a bit before he had again to ask him to stop. He wasn't called a tight assed bastard by his juniors for nothing!

His ass was on fire, Raghu saying to him soothingly "See it has gone in, just let it be there, it shall be okay in a few moments", the few moments passed but it didn't become all right, if anything the sharpness was replaced by a dull throbbing ache which became heavier by the moment. He asked Raghu to pull out, Raghu wanted to let the sleeping log lie but Sumit asked him again. Raghu pulled out, if the going in had been bad the pulling out was worse, he felt as if a flaming pole had been inside him which was searing his in-nards as it tore out, God talk about the horns of dilemma, Sumit never knew it had an equally painful dick too.

Raghu was acutely disappointed as he pulled out, but, when Sumit turned his disappoint-ment became concern, when he saw the flushed painful look "Was it that bad?" Sumit just shook his head in assent "I told you I don't like getting fucked and this is why." "Just a moment" like a kid Sumit held up his pinkie, indicating he needed to use the bathroom. Sumit sat on the toilet and turned on the bidet, the water stung at first but was later soothing as the jet to played over his asshole the pain and burning slowly ebbing away, he had an urge to shit; when he strained nothing came out. After sitting there for a few moments he gingerly felt his hole, everything appeared intact now, for a moment he had been really afraid he would find a torn edge hanging and his fingers came out clean, no blood, so far so good, he could definitely absolve Raghu of having his blood on his dick, whatever else he might hold him responsible for, Sumit's dry humour returning.

His hole felt soft, easily admitting two of his fingers, and the lube was still there, not washed off even after a few minutes on the bidet, that surprised him, for he hadn't seen Raghu use the silicone lube. As Sumit fingered himself, he felt it was now or never. He washed his hands patted himself dry and went back, he found Raghu sitting on the bed, half dressed in his old unbuttoned jeans. He sat on the lap of Raghu and kissing him said "I am sorry but let's see what I can do to make it up for you"

Raghu had resigned himself to the whole episode somewhat philosophically: you are en-titled to your labour but not to their fruits; being a student of Gita: Karmanyewadhika-raste ma faleshu kadachan, so he was a bit surprised by Sumit's demeanour and his evi-dent determination.

Sumit asked him "why are you dressed up?" Raghu answered in a small voice with a child like innocent face "I feel shy nude in light, and in front of anybody else" and he smiled a shy smile as if letting on Sumit in a great secret. Raghu looked even younger than his young years at this moment, revealing the shy sweet boy he must have been once, Sumit felt a rush of mixed emotions for Raghu; he wondered what might have turned this once sweet boy into a brash ass seeking top stud whose forthrightness under the faceless cloak of internet chat or phone verged on insolence and insult: but if he was to get any answers, if at all, they were not coming now. At present he was seeking some thing else, to tame the demons inside him, which would not let him alone, if he left unfinished what had begun today.

He kissed Raghu again, this time the sense of purpose was softened by a view of Raghu's innocence and egged on by a desire to let loose the playful child hiding within the tough reticent man. Raghu kissed him back this time and he started to fondle Raghu's dick which was completely flaccid by now, and like a petulant child who had been denied his favourite toy, it refused to budge obstinate in its softness. Sumit pushed him on his back and pulled off his jeans and kneeling on the floor buried his face in the platter laid out before him. He nuzzled under the heavy sack of nuts lifting it up with his nose as he licked the underside of Raghu's wrinkled scrotum, the soft flesh smoothening out relax-ing in the warmth of his tongue. He licked the side of Raghu's thighs and started to nib-ble at he base of his dick which was fattening up quickly and licked his way up to the head and forth right swallowed in one gulp nurturing it in the moist warmth of his mouth. It seemed to revive instantly filling up the nook and crevices of Sumit's mouth.

Sumit took it out for a moment to ask "You have a spare condom with you, I hope"

Raghu nodded in a yes, as Sumit went back to his dick for another tongue lashing.

Raghu was surprised but by no means complaining, suddenly felt elated at this statement and his dick jerked up involuntarily within Sumit's mouth and he felt the familiar tight-ness in his dick which meant an overwhelming desire of sex. He pulled out another con-dom and tore it.

Sumit let go of his dick and asked for the lube, Raghu handed him the hair conditioner bottle, Sumit was surprised but as he read the label of contents he smiled at Raghu "Your are one sly bastard, that's why it wouldn't wash off!" and let out a roaring laughter which seemed to fill the room. He clambered on to the bed and watched Raghu slip on the con-dom with a bit struggle but no mishap smiling indulgently. As Raghu started to lift him-self he pushed him back by his shoulders "Allow me the pleasure" and sat on Raghu's belly facing him, his ass nudged by Raghu's pole which was nodding appreciation of the situation with small jerks.

Sumit turned and poured a goodish measure of the hair conditioner on Raghu's sheathed erect dick, like a phallus cult priest anointing his deity and scooped some to put some around his asshole and inside. Instructing Raghu to hold his dick upright, for it was paral-lel to his belly being completely aroused he squatted down on the dick head. It kept slip-ping out of its manly abode because of a surfeit of lube, so he lent a helping hand guiding the one eyed blind monk to its cave.

Raghu was delightfully surprised. There was a determined look on Sumit's face which he had not seen before, and he was happy that it was for him, for he felt he wouldn't like to face Sumit if he was against him with that look on his face. Now he could appreciate Su-mit's success at work, he must be a good and not one to let go off easily if he was after something. And, now he was out to stuff Raghu's dick in his ass, and he went about it methodically, he had squatted on it, but found it was still painful when he got to the shaft which was bone hard, so he wriggled over it a bit, rested for he was panting now and then again pushed down on it. He asked Raghu to sit up and fold his knees; he was cradled in Raghu's lap some weight was off his legs, skewering himself on his dick all the while. Holding Raghu's shoulder and with a final effort and a grunt he pushed himself down straining at the same time as if trying to shit, and Raghu's dick slid inside slowly but steadily his ass gripping the shaft reluctant to let the intruder, but he pressed on till he bottomed on Raghu's belly. Both Raghu and Sumit exhaled at the same time in a dual sigh as they had both held their breath unknowingly. Raghu smiled and said in a slightly dazed voice "it is completely in", "yeah" Sumit said "I know, I have got a gut feeling about it, somewhere deep inside me" and laughed at his joke, Raghu joining in.

Sumit was gloriously full the feel which ultimately hooks a man to dicks, once expe-rienced it is always missed; sooner or later he will yearn for it. He had sucked and had been fucked quite a few times, but he had never desired a dick like now; when he had seen Raghu undress. And he had been angry at his inability to get it, and now when he had it, he knew he would hunger for it again. He felt stretched and satiated having that dick inside him, it fitted as if made to order, and he felt magnanimous enough to even admit to himself that his protestations earlier might have been too much, for now he could have taken a longer dick may be even a thicker one too, he gripped his butt and spread them apart and sank a few last millimeters drawing a sigh from Raghu, his ass ring flush with the base of Raghu's dick resting solidly on his jutting pubic bones. He felt Raghu's balls, they were flush with his hole, no trace of the trunk they had adorned, but for their colour one could have though they had always grown out of his ass.

Sumit had grown soft unnoticed by both. As he grunted his way down on Raghu's pole Sumit's dick was like a wick, but now it was inside and as long as either he or Raghu didn't move, it wasn't painful except for a dull ache, Sumit felt it stir and ooze out clear precum, and he was on the verge of orgasm, except that he wasn't cumming. He squeezed himself on Raghu's dick angling forward and felt a shaft of pleasure shoot from where Raghu's dick was pressing. "Oh my god" he grunted loudly, Raghu asked in a concerned voice "what's wrong" because he had bucked up a bit getting bored with Sumit just sit-ting and wanting some action, afraid of Sumit's capriciousness. Nothing, just feels so good, I mean I am feeling like I am having a continuous orgasm, it feels so good, God I don't know I never felt it earlier.

Being from the classical school Raghu didn't appreciate the joys of "bottom on top posi-tion", where top retained its conventional meaning, literally figuratively and spatially too. He had let Sumit have his way as a strategic maneuver, with an intention to get back his rightful position as soon as possible. He watched calmly without much pleasure as Sumit enjoyed but his pleasure waned with every passing minute, especially as Sumit's ass bones dug into painfully into his groin as Sumit bucked and gyrated around his dick. He bore it patiently, he owed Sumit this much for getting his dick up his arse so completely. Sumit took a breather, and was looking at Raghu kindly, dreamy eyes and asked if he liked it, Raghu said it is nice, but I like another one better, but is okay if you like it. Now that left Sumit stumped, he had to ask how do you like it? Raghu promptly offered a demonstra-tion.

Getting it in was momentous and memorable for Sumit, but unexpectedly getting it out was equally memorable in a different way for him. As he straightened and the dick slipped out, he felt a deep sense of loss, an unbearable loss. He passed wind as Raghu's massive dick had literally pumped some air in his ass as he had squatted and humped on it. Sumit knew what he was thinking would be comic to anyone but the soft sibilant sound emerging from his ass was a dirge to his ears.

He lay face first on the bed his ass raised, Raghu mounted him Sumit felt the weight of his body his hands separating his buttocks and his dick pressing a bit above his hole and slipping up being repositioned Sumit's hand hooking from below holding his dick and guiding it into his hole as he held his body still Raghu pressed in the dick slipped with a dull soreness immediately quelled by a sense of satiety and warmth arising from the Yu-letide log smoldering in his backside. Sense and order returned to the world as he was opened and filled up simultaneously a feeling of solidity and security enveloped him as he felt Raghu's dick touch base and felt his weight. Raghu now started to fuck him truly for the first time, his suaveness and softness was gone, a man was taking his due, his con-cern was his dick how he could quench the fire raging within a flaming rod of passion which lighted his way and directed his actions unstoppably towards its own fulfillment and would brook no opposition. He poked and prodded first slowly then with increasing vigour massaging his dick in myriad ways within the crammed quarters of Sumit's ass now up now down now angled now straight now left now right now left now slow now fast now soft now hard now plunging full depths with each stroke now merely caressing at the mouth now a whisper now a full throated shout till all was merged in a large melt-ing pot of motion which defied simple categorization; he was fucking with gay abandon. The dick was the master at first the dick was fucking and there was a man was behind it, now the man had gained his place in the spotlight and the dick was the tool, Raghu was fucking with every cell of his body his very being was suffused with iridescent lust and if somebody had put his hand over his body now it would have been soaked not with sweat but with lust melting and smoking out of his pores.

Sumit couldn't keep pace now and not for the want of effort. Raghu was now a man in another plane dancing to a rhythm and music of which he composed and conducted, Su-mit merely a stage over which the show was going and he had about as much say in the affairs. He had tried to move in synch with Raghu's movement, not with a desire to en-hance them but merely to facilitate them with minimal discomfort to him; he had been able to do so in the beginning but was soon left behind, like a novice violinist's fingers stilled by the dazzling notes let loose by the virtuoso artist. He could only allow him full playing field his ass apart, subdued into passiveness a role into which Raghu had assigned him with consummate passion, which he accepted now, almost as his due.

An act which would be so repulsive and demeaning to most men, lying on face, ass open, agape, being pounded relentlessly, almost with the regularity and inevitability of the steam engines of yore, massive pistons and flywheels moving in a terribly efficient fa-shion, oiled lubricated, actually lifted the spirits of Sumit. He knew about man's passion, he was a man, he knew what aroused his passion to a feverish pitch must be something grand and worthwhile and while he had little illusions about himself, he couldn't but feel a bit exhilarated if he himself could rouse such passions in another man. Mir"s couplet floated to his mind "Paristish ki yaan tak, ki ae but tujhe/ nazar mein sabhon ki khuda kar chale//"

Ever since Sumit had climbed down and Raghu had climbed on, he had been riding an upward bound escalator of pleasure, now he had reached a plateau. He took a breather, even though his pace slackened the sensations remained the same but when he increased the pace he moved towards the edge, so he slowed to prolong his stay, changing his pace to a trot from a gallop, thinking out his moves, the earlier spontaneity lost and with that loss the pleasure lessened, the glow in his loins dimmed. And, some awareness of sur-roundings returned, he felt his balls ride with his movement on Sumit's butt, hanging now in the moist human heat which enveloped them and hitting Sumit's butt when he pulled back then shoved forward in long strokes, being massaged trapped between his legs and Sumit's butts when he was fucking him with short sharp strokes, his hands roved on Su-mit's shoulders and thence to his nipples which he rubbed and pinched to two hard points. He rubbed his cheek against Sumit's, kissed and licked his ear lobe and then sucked the whole thing into his mouth.

Sumit pulled his head away when Raghu sucked his whole ear into his mouth; he felt he would drown into Raghu's mouth; the sensation was overwhelming. He said to Raghu "Come if you want to" "Oh" Raghu said as if reminded of something which he had forgotten, but he knew that Sumit had sensed that he was dawdling in Sumit's ass just prolonging the inevitable so he increased the pace and was soon at the edge, timelessness and weightlessness enveloping him as he pulled back and plunged in again and again, the throbbing of his dick reverberated through his core as it shot its load, he pulled back one last time and then drove in as far as he could go in and then stayed put, his nostrils flared, his body heaving as he breathed heavily, his limbs slowly losing their tension and becoming limp as if what had kept them turgid had leaked from the penis tip; deflating him.

This is what bungee jumping must be like, Raghu thought, an intense orgasm, minus the terror of course, that's why one of his friends who had been to Australia seemed to be so hooked up on it, now that they are offering it in India, maybe I should give it a try; oh what the fuck man, what am I thinking, he smiled at his own rambling thoughts running amok just after an orgasm, must be the endorphins, he surmised, no wonder love makes you potty. His dick softened slowly slipped out loose within the condom, which hardly contained it earlier, Sumit's ass hole leered at the dick it now housed effortlessly, so smug. Raghu collected himself, smiled at his absurd thoughts in the afterglow of a good fuck, but now he had to clean it up. He pressed Sumit's buttocks together as he drew out his sheathed dick, rising up without glancing at the asshole which was his greatest pleasure just a few moments ago. Raghu found just fucked ass holes as erotic as he would consider left over meals appetizing; he was afraid he might choose celibacy with the former and dieting with the later. He slipped off the condom, as it felt heavy on his dick; the tip swollen with his cum, and suddenly his dick felt cold.

He was washing himself in the basin, when he felt Sumit behind him, assuming he was there to clean himself, he moved aside and handed him soap, but Sumit surprised him. He held his soapy dick and started to wash it very tenderly cupping it in both his hands, together with is balls which were hanging in the basin, Raghu had been attended to by other bottoms similarly, but he was always surprised by it. Why should a guy want to wash another one's dick, even if the aforesaid dick had been inside him! Well never ever for a moment had he wanted to wash another man's ass just after fucking him! Never mind or rather in spite of the fact that a man's asshole was one his greatest sources of pleasure and he craved them.



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