Raghu turned Sumit so he was facing the wall, his hands on them for support, his ass high up in the air, still all lubed up soft, warm with all the moisturiser and Raghu's semen coating it both inside and outside. Raghu proceeded gingerly with two fingers, which went inside with barely a murmur from either Sumit or his ass, which was great; for the former was famously loquacious and the later notoriously unwelcoming and inhospitable. But things were different now, Raghu thought, and all because of my Pappu, Raghu couldn't help being pleased with himself and no-ticed that his dick was showing signs of life. Now that his two fingers were ensconced inside, he slipped in a third and waited till his fingers were again comfortable slowly rubbing anteriorly.

He felt Sumit's dick jerk with his stroking and the tightening of the ass ring on his fingers and instinctively feeling that, there was room for some more he slipped his whole hand in only his thumb remaining outside, his hand deep in that fucking hot ass buried to the knuckles. Sumit let out a deep guttural moan and his body was completely still except for his ass which was slowly rocking on his hand fucking itself. Raghu found the whole thing so absurdly erotic, as he watched the contrast of his dark hand, slightly hairy on the back disappearing in the firm white buttocks with just a hint of pink around the edges, and Sumit rotating, rocking and humping his hand. "Oh my God! Look at this tight assed bas-tard, humping himself silly on my hand! And he wouldn't allow my dick there at first! Oh fuck man, Guys like to get fucked, May be I would love it too" He was shocked at himself for thinking like that, and immediately banished the thought but the seed had been planted.

Raghu's immediate concern now was his dick, standing at full mast, stiff, his purple dick head showing goose bumps with the blood pulsating within, almost forcing open his fore-skin, all gloriously shiny. Standing erect almost parallel to his belly its tip reached his navel and at the height of his excitement it throbbed with his pulse and twitched with every caress, almost having a life of its own. The head was bulbous, larger than the shaft but not obscenely so, tapering to a solid fleshy pole same thickness throughout its length, just widening at its base, so one knew it was planted solidly there, almost a Corinthian column of pure lust and pleasure, solid and dependable from within, yet a thing of beauty. To admire and look at, "neighbour's envy, owner's pride". Raghu felt so proud of his dick, and who wouldn't be if they had something like mine, he thought. Being good at volleyball and in the state team, he had travelled a lot and had seen a good many dicks, of all varieties, on all sorts of people, though he had never let his team mates on to his vo-yeurism. He had seen dicks, which were longer or thicker than his but seldom both to-gether, and the truly long ones never seemed to grow hard enough and the really fat ones tended to be short, looking almost like over muscled dwarfs, while his dick, he could only think of Olympic gymnasts to compare it with; perfect body exuding power and strength yet elegance and beauty oozing from every move. It was lightly veined, almost smooth, the veins became prominent only when he was fully aroused, almost like slender vines on a solid mahogany tree, their slenderness complementing the solidity and girth of their support. His was the perfect combo of length and width, a McDonald meal is what came to his mind; long enough to massage the P spot of the tallest men and thick enough to fill up the most accomplished bitches. And, in all fairness, his admiration was shared by al-most everybody, who had a chance to experience its beauty strength and stamina, and it would be a fair sized sample, statistically significant, for all his fresh innocent looks, Raghu was no virgin explorer of a man's southern end. He had ventured deep and roamed long enough to know the tools needed to survive there. And, like good workmen he knew the value of keeping his tool in top condition, his pubes were always shaved, to allow unobstructed display of his manhood, because it looked bigger rising from a barren plane than as if springing from a bush, also because he found it so hot and he was deeply in love with his body and wanted to touch and feel whole of his dick and balls when he was masturbating.

Sumit felt different today. Raghu had fingered him every time they had sex, two to three fingers every time, for he couldn't take Raghu's dick just like that even if he was so full of lube that he shitted lube the next morning. It had been the same today, three fingers in, one after the other and then he could take it in, had even enjoyed the fuck and had a dick now aching for release and so when Raghu had started to finger him again the familiar feeling of fullness had enveloped him and he wanted to jack off, while Raghu was finger-ing and playing inside him, for the feeling of Cumming with his ass full and contracting on something hard, was a feeling to which it was so easy to get hooked. But his ass today was stretched wider than ever and was fuller than it had been ever before. The sensation down there was amazing and weird at the same time, he felt like he was just on the edge of cumming, having the most intense orgasm, ever, almost unbearable in its intensity, he was gasping for air and involuntarily straining as if to shit , which simply increased the sensation without relieving it. His knees felt wobbly under him and his legs were shaking intermittently. He couldn't bear this for much longer.

Sumit saw Raghu was on his knees; his dick standing erect between his legs caressing it with his left hand, his right he knew was buried within him, kneading him to putty. Sumit groaned "please".

Raghu could feel the tension in Sumit's body, felt him strain outward every few seconds, his asshole trying to squeeze his knuckles in effectually; it was stretched out completely. His mesmerized attention broke with Sumit's voice, and he became aware that he was again completely hard, and he wanted release again as much as Sumit. He pulled out his hand. Sumit felt deflated and completely empty, and when he felt Raghu's embrace as his dick entered him, he was grateful to Raghu for fucking him.

Raghu had fucked Sumit many a times by now, but never twice in a row. And, like today, it was always a prolonged affair, it was not like that he would get hard and fuck him; there was the denial, then fore play, fingering, and so forth, and by the time Sumit would be ready to fuck, Raghu usually lost some steam. Some time he had to be sucked again before he became hard enough to fuck.

So, it was a different feeling when, at the peak of his arousal he plunged in, in one smooth swift unhindered stroke his balls almost banged on Sumit's balls when he drove in. He felt that Sumit was buckling under him and he put his hands under Sumit's shoul-der to bolster him up. Sumit removed his hands from the wall and moved them towards his back, Raghu for a moment thought that he was going to push him away, because he had gone in like "greased lightening", but he just placed his hands on his own butt and proceeded to pull them apart giving full access to Raghu. Today Raghu was fucking with abandon; he was amazed how good it felt to fuck like that a loose hole sloppy with lube and his own cum He was totally uninhibited now just drowned in his own sensations and the demands of his body his own pleasure and not concerned with Sumit's comfort as he allowed him unhindered access to his motions. He pulled out completely and plunged back in steadily for some time and he noticed that Sumit also seemed to be in the same passionate fuck heat for he was meeting him today with equal if not more force matching him stroke for stroke. When Raghu plunged his dick in Raghu would be moving back Raghu's pelvis coming to stop on Sumit's butt with a slap his dick buried to the hilt never had he felt so completely engulfed by any ass as today it seemed his balls were going to go in that maw today sucked in by the sheer abandon of Sumit's sexuality and even when he was in Sumit's ass was doing things to him which he never knew an ass was capable off it was sucking him in further massaging him caressing him almost pulsating in its in-tensity with which it welcomed back his dick and tried to hold him Raghu was panting both with lust and the pounding which he was giving to Sumit's ass and he could hear the grunts of Sumit with every stroke and muffled moans in between.

Sumit felt Raghu would come any time now his rhythm was going haywire and his mo-tions were jerkier now and he was making rotating motions literally trying to screw his dick in and then sharper short jabs but he couldn't tell when he actually came for he was in the throes of orgasm himself masturbating with one hand one hand planted on the wall in front for support his ass pointed up the highest point in his body being fucked to glory. He came in hardly ten strokes and Raghu was also cumming at the same time for, as he cooled down, he realized Raghu was no longer moving behind him. Sumit slumped down totally drained, but Raghu pulled him in his lap and sat down with him resting on the op-posite wall of the narrow bathroom, his legs spread apart and held him.

Raghu looked at Sumit, who was flushed, drained of strength and breathing raggedly, and he instinctively drew him in his arms. Raghu was a kind and sympathetic man, but neither consistent in his kindness nor prolonged in his sympathies. Even as they arose they seemed to fade away and he became inured to them, and he rarely acted on his impulses. He hated to take on people's troubles, for starters he was a fiercely private man, who was very reticent, about himself and his feelings, and he had learned the hard way, that when he showed sympathy and understanding, people become too interested in him which was abhorrent to him. He would withdraw back immediately, and to compound things like any young man who had ambition and little support or a powerful dad, real or sugar, life had been an uphill climb, so it was not like his life had been a smooth road where he could take upon himself to carry other people's load. Anything which distracted him from his march forward he would ultimately jettison. He did on occasion felt uneasy on occa-sion about this, also though, he would never reveal this, could be deeply wounded when people accused him of heartlessness, but he was really at a loss about this situation. How could he be considerate to other people's desires and wants, at the cost of his own? Espe-cially now, when he was on an uncertain footing himself, for a job at the call centre was not an end in itself for him, like it was for so many of his colleagues. So he was really wary of limpets, emotional leeches, the kind who seemed to suck the vitality around them, focusing all attention on their wants and feeling, as if nobody else had a feeling or trouble of their own, he couldn't afford them, not now, nor ever. Also there was pride, to present his best face before the world, not wearing his heart on his sleeves, very unlike what was in vogue. Strangely in him, it had turned in wards, and contrary to the usual proud man, he wouldn't fight readily, but stored things deep within him, bearing them outwardly with a smile, but ready to turn the tables in the end, and it had worked for him.

Today, so when he held Sumit, at first he had acted on an impulse, for looking at him, almost broken lost and uncertain, he had felt a great sympathy and warmth for him, and a sudden desire to protect him. So he had gathered himself around Sumit, as if, Sumit was a fragile piece of art, but it went beyond that today, the feeling and desire did not ebb away, but grew in strength as they soaked in each other's body's warmth and presence. Raghu saw Sumit for the first time, as it were, shorn of his protective armour of words, attitudes, his irritating quirks, just a naked man, who appeared, so vulnerable. So what was to be an impermanent show of affection turned out to be something more, stirring something deep within which was not yet within Raghu's unclouded vision. He started to kiss Sumit, just faint brushing of the lips and then firmly and soon his tongue was explor-ing his mouth. Unlike earlier times, Raghu was not using his tongue and kiss today as a prelude to fuck; a tool from his mouth to ready the hole between legs for the tool be-tween his legs, nor was it a postscript, sort of a filler joke in Reader's Digest. It arose from within him, a thirst and longing to know the man before him intimately, not merely taste, but savour his mouth, to drink what was in offer, to inhale of the breath which arose therein and let it fill him and be a part of him. So he kissed him tenderly at first, then with increasing passion and intensity, till he was kissing like never before. There was no premeditation, he was driven by the moment, changing and adapting and luxuriating in the sensations filling him, till he was no longer conscious of anything except Sumit's mouth in which his world had morphed into, and he felt Sumit's world filling him, as much as he was filling his. What was merely means to an end had become the end. As if he had brought up a stallion to win the derby, which seemed to day intent on winning the gold at dressage, yet it still was, first and foremost a champion stud.

And today, Sumit became aware of that in a renewed fashion, as he was kissed and kissed back. A kiss different from until now, there was urgency heightened by passion, vigour softened by consideration, force tempered by tenderness, an urgent need matched only by and equally urgent need to give. Sumit explored and was explored, discovering new landscapes, meadows and hills, verdant lush landscapes which he roamed at will, and savoured anew. It was familiar yet, unknown, for today, he was the explorer, the pace was his, he moved hesitatingly at first, then sure he strode and then he expanded to fill all that was offered to him, and was welcomed. Kisses had been clinical, a pit stop as Raghu raced to the final line like a well honed F1 racing car, but today Sumit felt he was in a silver ghost, the hum and the throb of the powerful engine below did not distract or overwhelm, it only accentuated the luxurious surroundings the plush interiors, it brought with a confidence that any moment it could provide him with an adrenaline surge by just pressing on the pedal. He felt at once deep gratitude mingled with pride and a sense of power. He was now the rider of a thoroughbred, who is perfectly synchronized with his horse, not because he has absolute command, but because the horse allows him, always aware of the beast between his legs.

Raghu had never considered Sumit more than an object which he needed, and he needed him at his own terms. Whatever Sumit might have said in the meanwhile only faintly reg-istered unless it filtered through the yes or no gates which were in tandem with his de-sires, and ultimately all led to the yes logic gate, he always had been hardwired like that. The "or and" gates were almost vestigial in him, irritants which would ultimately give way or the command would be rejected in Toto. But, today, he was aware of Sumit; alive to his desires; his overtures, and felt no hurry or ennui, as Sumit took him along at his own pace, for the very first time. He had relinquished control, and he did not regret it, it was freedom of another kind, which he didn't know existed. Surrendering was not servility. Of course he just would have to choose carefully, to whom he surrendered to.

Sumit broke the lip lock, and saw Raghu's lips still seeking his. His face was flushed, the prominent cheekbones, a deeper tan, the youthful taut hollows of his cheeks more pro-nounced. The lips wet with their mingled saliva, fuller and riper, both erotic and obscene to Sumit, who could be prissy at times. Nostrils flared, a taut face, youth and vitality, ag-low with passion and sex and his eyes, they seemed to drink in his face. Sumit at that moment knew he was ensnared in a net of strong desires, a web of his own. Unbidden, the image of a mustang in its prime arose before his eyes. Lean, healthy and young, he could never resist. Sumit knew that now he wanted Raghu, nay needed him, not ambiva-lently, but from the core of his being. And, with that need, came the disturbing realization that he was viewing Raghu as Raghu had viewed him until now. An object of desire, the body, not really caring for the person behind, that was what he lusted after, he had always known this but today the fact was like a naked light bulb in an unfurnished room. Why was he deeply resentful towards Raghu's similar desires, he had no answer, and neither was his resentment mellowed by similar desires of his own towards Raghu. Today tenderness for Sumit was palpable in Raghu's eyes, and Sumit couldn't bring himself to either acknowledge or appreciate it.



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