"Andrew, I swear, if I hear one more 'peep' from you, I'll have you scrubbing the floors of this room until I can see my reflection!" Andrew's teacher bellowed through the small room. Andrew leaned far back in his seat and propped his feet up on the desk. "Yes, Sir!" He answered mockingly. Andrew Lawson had finally made it to senior year. At 19 years old, he seemed to enjoy being the class clown.

Andrew was that one rotten apple that no matter how hard you tried to remove it from the bunch, it just kept rolling back over. Before his grades became an absolute atrocity, he was playing sports non-stop. He may have gotten out of the sport, but his toned muscles and fit body still remained.

Gary Harward, on the contrary was his Geometry teacher. He'd never seen a grade below a "C" in his life. But of course, that was before he met Mr.Lawson. Behind his slim glasses, crystal blue eyes, and chocolate brown hair, lie a man who had nothing but love for teaching A 32 year old man with the body of a 23 year old, Gary had made it his personal business to help every student achieve their academic goal. But unfortunately, he was at his wits end with Andrew.

"Since you seemed to be Mr.'Comedy Gold' himself, how about you define a polygon for me Andrew?" He forced back a horde of profane words he'd wanted to say to that boy for so long. "Do I look like a dictionary to you, Gary?" Andrew quipped, automatically receiving audience from the class. "No, but you do look like you have 4 hours of detention after the bell rings." Mr.Harward retorted. A choir of "Ooh's" rang out from the students.

It seemed as if the bell decided to be early for one day and finally rang according to the students' schedule. The room was immediately cleared out, all except Andrew. "So here you are..." Mr.Harward began. "Hey, I do-"

"No talking in detention." He cut him off. Mr.Harward walked into the far corner of his room and wheeled out a large chalkboard. "Since you obviously want to act like a pre-schooler, I guess I have to treat you like one. I would like you to write 300 times 'I will not talk during class.'"

"But Mr.Harward, I-"

"No talking. And please," Mr.Harward looked him straight in the eye. "Call me Gary." Andrew walked up and grabbed the piece of chalk from the older male's hand and began writing. Gary returned to his desk and sat down, watching the young boy write as he sipped from a large cup of soda. No matter how ill-behaved the boy was, he couldn't help but admire him.

He watched his back muscles working as Andrew's arms moved to write. After clearing a few lines, Andrew had to bend over a little to get lower. His round, firm ass was shifting as he continued his writing. Gary had tried to restrain himself as he sipped from his straw, but found it impossible. "My arms hurt..." Andrew whined, making Gary's cock jump with excitement. Gary rose from his seat and walked over to the young man, pressing his body closer to Andrew's and whispering in his ear. "No talking."

Andrew gulped loudly as his body tensed. He was shocked so badly that he stopped writing for a moment. Gary's hand grabbed the boy's chest from behind and began sliding downward. "Keep writing." He ordered. Andrew did his best to write, but his handwriting became illegible and looked more like chicken scratch. Gary moved in closer, pressing his firm erection between Andrew large bubble butt.

Andrew let out a loud gasp and pressed down on the chalk so hard that the piece snapped in half. He jumped back and turned to face Gary, opening his mouth to say something. "No talking." Gary said as he grabbed the boys hand and pulled it towards his own erection. Andrew wanted to pull back, but couldn't. He slowly and hesitantly stroked the older mans cock through the thin material of his slacks.

Soon, Andrew got anxious and began tugging at his teacher's belt, trying to remove the pants. After finally get his belt off, Andrew unzipped Gary's pants and reached inside. Gary grabbed Andrew's hand and let his pants fall to the ground as he stepped out of his shoes and socks. He pulled Andrew of to his desk and sat on top of it, opening his legs for Andrew to fit between. Andrew got on his knees in front of Gary and fished his cock out from his Calvin Kleins. He slowly began stroking and messing around with it, trying to get a feel for what it was like to hold another man's dick in his hands.

He slowly leaned forward and licked the tip of Gary's cock, catching a drop of precum on his tongue. He couldn't stop there. He wanted more. Andrew slid the head past his lips and could feel it crawling into his throat. Gary took in a sharp breath. "Wow, I think I may have finally found a way to keep you quiet." Gary sighed. Andrew would of came up with a snappy response, but he couldn't take his lips off of Gary's cock.

Without warning, Gary pulled Andrew up and began kissing him. He spun them around and sat Andrew on top of the desk, violently pulling off his pants and shoes. Gary broke away from the kiss and poked two of his fingers into Andrew'a mouth. "Suck." He commanded, to which Andrew complied without a struggle. Gary pulled his fingers out and slid them into Andrew's tight hole. "Mmph!" Andrew let out a stifled groan and bit his lip. "Shh." Gary ordered as he softly prodded Andrews ass.

He leaned forward and barraged Andrew's neck with kisses. Andrew could no longer hold in his moans of pleasure. Gary slipped his fingers out and replaced him with his stiff cock. "God..." Andrew sighed, engulfed in pain. But the deeper Gary went, the more the feeling of pain disappeared and was replaced with bubbling pleasure. "Faster." Andrew cried. "Faster!" Gary was all too happy to follow Andrew's order. He pushed Andrew farther onto the desk and onto his back, digging into him even deeper than before.

There was no longer silence in the room. It was replaced by an orchestra of sighs and moans of pure ecstasy. Andrew moaned more as his cock began shooting and spurting onto both their chests. Gary's pleasure was fueled even more by the moaning, heaving mess of Andrew below him. "Shit!" Gary exclaimed as he pulled out and shot ropes and ropes of thick cum onto Andrew's chest and face. He stopped for a moment to take a breather and then began getting dressed. "Here." He reached behind his desk and pulled out an extra shirt of his and began wiping Andrew off.

Andrew stared into his teachers eyes with lust and anxiety lingering in his pupils. "Get dressed. You can go home." Gary said as he pulled on his slacks. "We still have two and a half hours left..." Andrew protested. "And I don't think I've learned my lesson yet." He said with a smile.

Gary grinned. "Shall I pull out more chalk?"




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