We arrived, and just landed in front of Big Ben. This wont be an easy task to get through, but I did not mind i would cross hell and back all for my love my Tony. We had found out he was somewhere in or near London but not much more then that, all I knew is that I had to find him and that with great haze. Jake had gone of in a puff of smoke told me he needed to gather a few things. I started walking. 

This town was big and I wondered if I would be able to ever find him, I shook my head I needed to keep those kind of thoughts away from my mind. I went down Whitehall and as I walked Jake appeared besides me. 

I got the stuff and the sun is about to set, we need a place to rest He said and we kept going. 

We changed directions and went just outside of London and cheeked in to a bed&breakfast. We only needed it for one night, just so we could have some place to do what ever it was that Jake needed to gather things for. We closed the door and pulled down all the blinds and pulled together the curtains. He emptied his bag on the bed and I looked at all the objects. 

A jar of goblin fat
Powder from a unicorn horn
A hair from a lion
Three kinds of herbs
A knife
A lock of hair
A mortar and pestle and a wooden bowl. 

He started grinding up the herbs. 

Take out the Map from the drawer over there He said. 

He had pointed at the nightstand and I went and took it forth. He told me to open it and place it on the floor. I did as I was instructed. He filled the bowl with a bit of water poured some Goblin fat in it and next the herbs. He took three pinches of the ground up unicorn horn and sprinkled it down. He took the knife and pointed it towards me. 

Give me your hand Jake said. 

Why I replied. 

I need your blood if we are going to find Tony He answered. 

I stretched out my arm and opened my hand, I cursed as I felt the fast movement of the blade inside my palm. Jake let three drops of blood fall from the knife and into the mixture. I expected something to happen but it did not, it was like being on a roller-coaster and just before the big dive it stopped. 

What, did you expect it to go poff Jake said as if he knew what I was thinking. 

I smiled a stiff smile and he folded out the map and let just a little bit of the mixture fall on it. Once it landed it started to bubble and in a stream it went and made a circle around a small area. We both looked at it for it took some time before it stopped, I looked as Jake with a questioning face. 

And I'm the one who's not in magic school He said and explained that within this circle that had formed Tony could be found.  

I looked outside and it was dark, I really wanted to go now but Jake did not seem that optimistic about us going of in the night. Yet we went out into the dark. 


I had woken up yet my sight was foggy and I felt light headed. I tried looking around but the only thing I could see was flames along sides the walls, and even the burning flames that danced in the night were hard to see. I in my haze heard footsteps coming closer, I was really scared but had my hands at the ready. I would probably die but I will fight first. 

No need for that A voice said. 

Who's there I replied. 

Out from the darkness and into my line of sight, still a bit foggy but I could now see him. A tall, pale, dark haired stranger.  He smiled and I saw the sharp teeth, he was a vampire. 

Your the Vampire King I said and stumbled back. 

Yes, and let me formerly introduce myself. I'm vampire king James He said. 

I was now scared and I tried to go further back to get away from him, but just after a fewsteps I reached the wall behind me. 

What do you really want from me I asked a bit terrified. 

You are chosen to be my bride, and so much more He said and chuckled a bit. 

Never, I will never let you touch me I replied in a still scared but raised voice. 

I heard him move and raised my hands ready to throw a punch. He chuckled and I heard that he now went away from me. My breathing was deep and hard, almost as if I hyperventilated. 

You can relax the ceremony will not take place until tomorrow night James said and laughed an evil laugh that made the entire room vibrate as he left and closed the door behind him. 

I heard key turn and knew that I was locked in. How the hell was I going to get out from this. I must have some sort of pheromones that makes danger attracted to me. I sat down on the floor and sighed feeling the tears that formed in my eye's. 


Is this it I said and looked at the huge building that we stood in front. Jake just nodded and there we stood. I looked over to him and he to me. 

Why don't we go in I said.

I don't know I suddenly got a really bad feeling about this Jake replied. 

I felt it to but I took the first step and then also Jake did, now time to save my mate. 

The door was huge but it was easy to open, we went inside and as we did we both knew things would take a turn fast. We walked a few steps and the door slammed shut, We both turned, running back to the door and tried to open it. It was no use. We were trapped in her and as we realized that we both took a deep breath. 

We continued and walked down the hall. Just as we thought the hallway split into two directions. We knew we had to split up and yet again we took a deep breath, we did not say anything just turned in different directions and went on. I walked and walked, looked in the rooms but they where empty where could everybody be. I continued and stopped. There in the back room a short of grand hall many people could be seen, and people was not the right wording. These were vampires the outlaws amongst vampires. I hide as good as I could, looking at what they where doing. It looked as if they made the room ready for some kind of party. I looked everywhere, and counted there to be ten vampires. I would probably die if I went out there but I needed to do something because as I looked around at the end of the great hall stairs went up to a second floor I knew that there must be were Tony is. It was now or never and either way I would probably end up dead. I made the move and charged out into the crowd of vampires. 


I went into each room but they all seemed empty, yet this one was big and I had to go further in. I walked very slowly. I stopped for I thought I heard something and that's when I felt it, a pair of hands coming around me. One caressing my chest the other over my stomach. I felt the being sniff and its breath made a chilly impression on my skin, I stood completely still. 

You are to sexy to eat, but I'm really hungry The vampire said. 

I made my move and in a puff I vanished and appeared behind him, going in for a kick. He grabbed my foot and lifted me around down onto the bed. I was almost paralyzed. He jumped up on top of me, looking with those red glowing eye's. 

You have magic and your feisty, to good to eat It said. 

The vampire licked my cheek and started kissing me after, I needed to get away. I kicked it between its legs. It screamed and I took a run for it. Leaving the room and just as the door closed I made a fast decision. A simple spell and the room was sealed, now he could not leave it. I kept running and found a small stair case up to a second floor. I went up not ready for the two vampires standing there. 

What do we have here food One said. 

The best kind of food, an intruder the other followed. 

I stopped, lifted my hand now suddenly filled with confidence knowing that Tony must be near. I blew in my palm and green smoke started to swirl towards the vampires. One charged but as if the smoke was arms they started to make them both to lose breath and strangled them. I started to form my hand into a fist and it grabbed there necks harder. In one fast swoop I made the last of my hand into the fist it was slowly becoming, and with that there heads fell of and they turned to ash. 

I continued walking forward. 

I opened every door, sometime a vampire was found and some where empty. I grabbed a doorhandle, wait this door is locked. I conjured the smoke and let it flow into the keyhole, the click was heard and I opened the door. 

Hello I said in a loud tone. 

Jake, Jake Is that you Tony replied. 

I saw him coming out from the dark corner of the room. He reached forth his arms I grabbed them and he embraced me holding on for dear life. 

There there Tony I'm here and so is Scott I said. 

I thought this was it He answered. 

We started moving, noticing that he had trouble seeing. What had they done to him. But it became better as we walked around. Which way should we go. I decided to move forward and not returning back from where I came. It did not take along time before we came to a bigger stair case that lead down. It was here I heard screams and war cries. A battle was on. 


I screamed as I gathered up power and tossed away three vampires that were on me. I was in my true demon form, and already damaged to some degree. Clothes ripped,and blood stains everywhere. I saw Jake coming down from the stairs with Tony, I tried to muster up more power for I knew if they saw them Tony could die. Some of the vampires turned and charged towards them. 

Jake made a move and so did Tony. 

Jake controlled smoke like tentacles that seemed to strangle two of the vampire, Tony had his protection shield up. The one thing he had gotten really good at. I felt pride and that seemed to give me strength, I tore of the head of one vampire that turned to ash, two more by the magic smoke from Jake. Just as the other vampires was about to start we felt a huge surge of energy blast us all to the walls. Like a massive wind that held us there. 

What the hell is going on the man who made the surge said. 

He looked around and focused after a few seconds on me, He came towards me. Placing his hand on my face, grabbing my jaw. Looking deep inside my eye's, so your the one who stole my brides virginity. I growled and saw him smile, that smile was so filled with evil that it almost made me give up. His gaze was so soulless, the perfection of evil. 

He went a few steps back and with his hand pointed to Tony and as if the surge controlled everything in this room Tony was dragged from Jake's grip and pulled to him. I growled again. 

This will be so much fun marrying this beauty in front of the man who stole him from me The vampire said. The king. 

I screamed this time and he laughed. He ordered one of his vampires to start the ceremony, Tony tried to struggle from the grasp of his hand. I tried to get loose, this was it I just felt it. I saw Jake was loose. He ran towards the windows and pulled down all the curtains, yes it was morning but cloudy. The king laughed again and got a new hold of Jake. This will all end, we will die and Tony will be stuck with this creep. I heard Tony had started to cry. I screamed again and the power within me was drained. I did not have anymore power within me. This is the end. 


I was so scared this was it, I just knew it James was to strong. The tears fell like they had never done before, The vampire had started speaking, a weird sort of wedding ceremony speech. I was so scared and I kept hearing Scott screaming, but I knew his strength was low. I closed my eye's praying to all the witches of my family of my ancestors. The room lit up in a bluish light. 

The king let go of my arm and he turned around so did I. There a hooded figure stood. I knew who it was. The figure pulled back the hood and reveled her self. There she stood my great great great Grandmother Magora. 

Oh Hi Magora good to meet you again King James said. 

Will you please let my grandson be She replied. 

James gaze became colder and he started moving back and forth from his spot like he was ready for an epic battle. Magora just stood there, looking as calm as ever.

Do you really think I will just let him go James said. 

Yes and leave him alone Magora replied. 

They continued talking and as they did I heard her voice, her voice was inside my head. 

Tony you need to become mad, get angry. Your weakest when your scared, your strongest when your angry. When you feel the need to protect those you love. Get mad Tony. 

James charged towards her and she lifted her hand. James flew to the back and was pressed up against the wall. He roared. And the surge made an impact making Magora lose her grip of him. He stood up from the fall. 

See your still strong as ever Magora James said. 

She cupped her hand and flames appeared within it, like a ball of fire. He stood still looking at her, she threw one and the a second and a third. He dogged them all. 

Not bad for a what are you now five hundred year old woman He said. 

Not that old yet She saidand a new ball of fire flew towards him. He dogged this one and charged towards her, she vanished. And appeared again as he flew into the wall head first. 

My reflexes are still better then yours she said and she spoke to me again. 

Get angry now, I don't have much energy left. 

James stood up and ran in vampire speed, now grabbing Scott. His claw like fingers at his throat. He was tired and really angry. 

Do one more thing and I will kill lover boy here James said. 

It just takes me a little bit of strength to do it. As he said that he moved his claws and scratched Scott's neck. Blood started to run down, not much but it was still to much. 

LET GO OF HIM I raised my voice as I said it. 

The surge James had within this room lost its power and as he was just about to make the blow. He started to shake. One of his vampire subjects came running to his side. I looked in his direction and he stopped. Scott fell to the ground after the grip of James came loose. I felt myself lifting from the floor. 

I have had it with your kind, leave us alone I screamed and a huge light came from within me. My whole body started to shine as if I had the power of the sun within me. One after the other vampire turned to dust and as the light had filled the whole room and faded I returned to normal falling down but Jake came to catch me. I felt drained. I stood up on shaking legs looking around of all the piles of ash. I saw Scott I let go of Jake's grip and ran to him.

Scott are you okay I asked and grabbed his face.

Yes I'm fine He replied. 

Wait there something not right Jake said. 

I looked at him and I knew that I must look really scared. 

He is right, The king managed to get away Magora said. 

She continued, no time for worry now. I have contacted the others and a teleportation portal is made outside of here. I will see you soon and Tony good job you do have the power now learn how to use it. 

As she ended her words she vanished in a bright bluish light. 

All of us grabbed a hold of each other and walked very slowly through the house and out from this hell hole, and just as she said a few steps outside a portal was found and we were whisked away.

We returned to the school and into our dorm, my family was there still but not much was said for we all needed much sleep to recover. 

Morning came again and I walked out from my room feeling a bit better there in the kitchen Scott's mother and Jake made breakfast and his father and brothers sat at the table. Our grannies sat in the sofa speaking, this looked as a house with a big family. Yet I knew this was not that it was just that most had questions and things to say and much more.  I walked down from the stairs, just at that moment Scott came out from his room. 

Hi babe He said giving mea hug and a kiss on the cheek. 

God morning I replied. 

I went to the kitchen table and sat down. Trying not to look at Scott's father. I lifted my gaze for a second. 

“I'm sorry that I turned you to stone” Tony said.

“And I'm sorry for being so, well just so” Father Answered.

It rang on the door and Jake opened in came my family. I flew up from the chair. 

Mother, father. Brother and sisters what are you doing here I said and went to give them all a hug. 

My mother spoke and said she had gotten all the details about me and Scott from my granny. I looked over to were she sat and all I got was a wicked little smile. I smiled back and then focused on my family that just arrived. 


I came out from the bathroom after I had told my love good morning. Seeing all the people sitting and waiting, probably waiting for me. I went and took a seat next to Tony, Both mine and Tony's family sat around us and started to interrogate us, like we were held in prison.

“Why haven't you told us earlier” Mother asked me.

“Yeah the same to you Tony” His mother said.

Everybody gave us questions that we tried to answer as good as possible, it was quite hard at some points. 

Well then there is only one thing left My mother said. 

What's that mother I replied. 

Well we need to preform the ceremony She said. 

Tony stood up. 

No, I'm sorry but no He said. 

He looked at me telling me that he loved me, but to marry after just a few days as a couple. It was just to much for him. He ran up to his room and slammed the door shut. I turned to look at my parents and all the others for a second then I stood up, so did my mother. 

I will go she said and left. 


It knocked on my door but I did not respond, I heard it open and I sighed. I jumped out from the covers. 

I want to be alone Scott I said seeing at the same moment it was his mother. 

She smiled as I breathed in and came to sit down on the bed. 

Sorry She said. 

Why are you sorry I asked.

I feel that I could have done it all a bit more tactfully, telling you so fast She replied. 

She continued speaking, it was just that the ceremony was such an important tradition. She went on and on. I felt tears forming and she most have seen it so she stopped talking. 

Sorry, to much again she said. 

It was quite for some time and then she stood up. 

You know what let's break tradition, it not as if this ceremony has been documented of having two men preform it so why not make it different. She spoke about it all and it made me feel a bit better. 

We can hold the ceremony when your ready She said. 

I just nodded. 

I mean you do want to be with Scott She then asked. 

Of course it is just to soon I replied. 

She smiled and left going back down stairs. I heard her telling everybody what we had talked about and that I just wanted to be alone for the time being. I felt tired still and feel asleep even though it was still early in the morning. 


I got a good idea as mother kept talking, but how would I execute it. We ate breakfast and drank coffee and I still was stuck in thoughts trying to make a plan. My granny and Tony's stood up after we had finished drinking. 

I think it is best we all for the time being go home. 

Some protested, but caved after a few seconds yet it took almost an whole hour before the last person had left. We really needed to be alone and not yet being fully healed after all that had happened. I was just glad it was over, well at least for now. I hugged my mother goodbye, closing the door slowly as she left. I took a deep breath and went on with my day. As nigh tcame I had a hard time sleeping I turned several times. It knocked onthe door, good thing I was not asleep. I went up and opened. There Tony stood in just his boxers. 

Can I sleep with you He said. 

I pulled him in to my arms and held him there close, he grabbed his hands on my back almost making claw like gestures. Trying to hold on to something he was afraid of loosing. I lifted him up and went to the bed still holding on to him as I climbed into bed. I held him all night and he held me. I loved this man so much and not one more night without him, never ever without him. I fell asleep fast being next to him and so did he.

End of chapter 7

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