Next day 10.38

I awoke in my loved ones arms, Scott still asleep. He had been so unselfish last night. So giving and I knew how to repay him. I lifted the covers and saw his cock in full salute and wet my lips, kissing it gently. He moaned but did not yet woke up. I started licking the head and I loved the taste of his pre-cum, so I placed his hole cock inside me mouth. He awoke with a smile on his face seeing me service his cock.

“Good morning babe” He said moaning and smiling.

I did not say anything and kept sucking and switching from suck to lick to strokes. He moaned and asked for more.

“Oh yeah suck that cock”

“Show me who owns this meat” He said.

I sucked and licked I loved it and was surprised I could take it all so easy. I knew that he soon was about to cum he grabbed my red hair and showed me to go faster. He started to shake and with one trust and a push from his hand he pressed his cock down my trout and came, his cum was so sweet and salty and its silk like texture got me crazy. I knew that I would want more soon. I kissed his lips and he placed his arms around me.

“Good morning” I said with a smile.

“After that, absolutely babe” He answered.

We snuggled for sometime but were interrupted by a  loud banging on the door, and not even answering the green smoke entered the room. Jake stood there within seconds. 

“Jake what the hell, were naked here” I yelled.

“nothing I haven't seen before” He answered.

I just shook my head and kissed Scott and got out of bed, not having new clothes in his room I put on what I had yesterday. I left The room and Scott just sighed, and I knew what he was thinking. I guess I have a boyfriend and his friend. I went out in the kitchen to pour myself some apple juice, with Jake following. 

“Now what did you want” I said as I poured a glass.

“Your mother called, she said that you needed to talk” Jake answered.

“Well I will call her tomorrow” I answered.

“Please, do it tonight” He replied. 

I just nodded a yes and asked if he could make me and Scott something to eat, he smiled and started immediately. I could never understand why he loved cooking so much, and not did I know how he became so good at it.  I started to walk back to Scott's room, but stopped when he came out just wrapped in a towel. He looked so hot in a towel, I had seen him naked now but in a towel he looked more sexy. 

“Hi babe” He said. 

I just smiled and kissed him, knowing he was going to take a shower.

“Would u like some company” I said smiling.

“Do you still want more” He said.

I laughed and followed him to the bathroom for yet another hot fuck. 


As we came out the shower, Tony went up to his room to change clothes. I couldn't believe that I slept with a dude, and did not find it disgusting. Tony was my mate and the love of my life, I never want to be part from him. For the next few day's I would not have to be, Tony had told me that we had been given some time off which I gladly excepted. For that  gave us many times to fuck and be together. I changed into a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt, tight so it showed of my muscles. I got out in the kitchen and grabbed some food that Jake had done for me and Tony, he really were a great cook. Out from there room came Chris and Dave, and I knew that both of them was going to ask about last night.

“So buddy, how was last night?” Dave asked.

“Yeah, did you two fuck” Chris followed.

“What do you think, we even did it in the shower just now” I replied.

The both high fived me, a thing we always did when one of us scored. Not that I ever was going to score someone new, and not did I want to. I knew that it was just a matter of time before my buddies would find there life mates, and be as happy as me. We spoke for some time and I gave Dave a high five after telling about a new chick he landed. 

So what is the next step Dave asked me. 

What do you mean I replied. 

He told me the fact that I had gotten my mate, I should get married now in the old world style. According to tradition. I told him it is way to soon to ask for Tony's hand, I knew that my family would find out soon enough but I would be damned if I let it happen to soon. We had just made love for the first time, no way in hell was I going to tell Tony anything. I felt my hand turn into a fit and my face felt warm and probably it had become a bit red, for the thought of it all vanishing made me mad and the thought of getting married to Tony made me blush. 

 “Your so in love” Chris said 

It broke my thoughts and we kept talking about other things just then Tony's door opened and he came down the stairs, he was so beautiful and I loved what he was wearing. Now that I think about it I always looked at his clothes, and now was no different. He wore a pair of hot pants that he now knew made me crazy, and his black shoulder showing t-shirt. Once he was down from the stairs he ran towards me and jumped up in my arms. I kissed him passionately, and hugged him sweetly. 

“So what are you guy's talking about” Tony said after our kiss.

“Oh nothing” Scott said.

“Not even a high five after our night” He asked.

“How did you know” Dave said.

“I'm a witch, so I listened” Tony said smiling.

I kissed him and laughed. I just know I was going to be happy for the rest of my life, but also that it was going to be a bumpy ride. Tony and Jake left the dorm and I just sighed thinking of last night as he left. 

What should I do know I thought as just seconds after Tony left, Chris and Dave were of for practice. I could have gone along, but I had been given time of yet I could not seem to come up with anything to do. I took a seat in the sofa at the exact same moment the Telephone rang. This is just typical, I said out loud and got my self up and to the phone by the door. 

Hello, this is Scott I answered. 

Hi Scott it's your mom The voice on the other end said. 

Now it was time to panic, she asked me how things where going and so far everything was going smoothly. As I said goodbye she said it, oh I cant wait to meet your mate. 

What you know I said. 

Yes, the headmaster told me, and I cant wait to meet her She said and hung up. 

Fuck no this cant all be happening now, no no no. it is just to much at once and what had she said. Wait did she think I had bonded to a girl, the headmaster must just have said I had found my mate nothing more. This is going to be really hard to say. I needed to relax so I decided to go for a jog. 

The Following day

I was stuck in thoughts not knowing what to say, walking back and forwards by the phone. I knew I needed to call them today, I lifted the phone and called. The first tone came and then the second and just within a minute the voice mail went on. Hi you have reached the van wilder family, we are not home so please give us message and we will get back to you. I hung up the phone fast, and tried to figure something else out, but what could I do. 

Tony came out from his room, he had to sleep alone knowing me and that I wont keep my hands off him he thought it best for his ass needed some rest. I smiled at him. 

Hi babe I said. 

Hi, hun He replied. 

We ate breakfast and talked for the most part, yet kissing in between bites. How should I tell him I thought. After we had eaten I started to sweat the suspense that I had created was starting to make it hard for me. I should just say it but I didn't. 

Babe What do you wanna do to day I asked. 

Dont you remember I need to go visit my mother He replied. 

That's right I now remembered it, he had called them yesterday. This gave me a little time but at the same time I realized when did I get to have his beautiful ass again. I shook that out of my mind and as he got ready and was about to leave I gave him a long deep kiss. I did not want him to go but I could not pass this opportunity, once he had left I lifted the phone waiting as the signals beeped. 

Hi you have reached the van wilder family, we are not home so please give us message and we will get back to you. I started to stutter and tried to get the courage to say what I needed to say, I said it very fast. Hi mom  and dad it's me Scott just wanted to say that I have found my mate and it's a dude yeah I know a dude hope to here from you soon. That was the fastest and most hard voice mail I ever had to make, but now it was over and I could relax. Well just for a bit, because I knew if they heard the message they would come running here, wanting to meet Tony and get to know him. Or maybe they would be mad for the fact that he was a dude and accuse him for stealing me or turning me gay or something like that. My mind went to all places possible. 

The door opened and I heard a familiar voice

“Hey buddy did you call them” Dave said.

“Oh hi Dave, yes I did” I answered seeing Dave going to sit down in the sofa.

The clock past midday and the phone still hadn't rung, I was starting to get nervous. I was still placed near the phone looking at it every fifth minute. The night came and I went to bed, this night alone without my Tony. Which made it even harder for me to sleep I thought that after our night of loving and touching we would be in the same bed every night. The time went by and I awoke when my alarm went off, the time was 08.40. I turned around before I rose from bed, needing to stretch a bit. There by my side Tony laid. He must have sneaked in late at night, and not wanting to wake me. I went outside to get some breakfast, that's when the doorbell rang. 

I walk towards the door without thinking and opened, there my entire family stood. Father, Mother and my two brothers. This is going to be a hard day. They all stepped into through the door and went towards the kitchen, not that it was many steps to it but it seemed to take forever. They took a seat and i knew that i would see mothers hand showing me that i needed to take a seat, and there it was. I took my place at the table just waiting for the interrogation. 

”So why did you all come, you could have just called” I said trying to make the silence end.

”You know it's tradition to hold the ceremony with family” My mother answered.

Were she kidding, i knew the ceremony wasn't the reason for them coming. They had to see if it really was a guy that i bonded with and by the look on my dads face that they were not pleased. 

“No, really why are you here” I said.

My older brother stood up.

“We cant believe your mate is a guy” He said with anger.

As if he heard us Tony came out of his room and walked down the spiral stairs, with his long wavy red hair. He wore a pair of tight jeans and a simple black t-shirt on top, his silver necklace in the form of a pentagram complimented his beauty and his hands were blinked with rings. He came into the kitchen and did not even see my family sitting at the table, I had gotten up to introduce him.

“Good morning, Tony this is my fa...” I said.

He interrupted me with giving me a big kiss, his tongue swirled around mine and I did not want to quit, yet I had to. I could feel the looks of shock and of anger from parts of my family. The kiss ended and so did my sentence.

“family” It continued.

He looked at me with shock and then started to breath heavy, I tried to calm him down and rubbed his back. But to my surprise my mother stepped in she gave him a paper bag to breath in and filled up a glass of water, leading him to a chair. He started to calm down, and smiled towards my mother and thanked her.

“So u all are Scott's family” He said.

“Yes” They all answered at the same time. 

This is just great He answered. 

I looked at him. 

My family is coming tomorrow He answered my questioning gaze. 

I had to take a seat I started breathing heavy Why had he not told me this yesterday. This all came as such a shock, now did not only Tony have to be in a state of nervousness, and stress. Tony and I sat at the kitchen desk on the bar stols, there we looked out in space then towards each other. I noticed that  My mother kept smiling towards Tony but my father he looked at him not so pleased, my oldest brother did not look at him at all. Yet I did not care if they accepted Tony or not, he was my chosen one and I loved him. 

“After meeting you, just now I  like you” My mother said. 

“Speak for yourself” My father said.

My father kept babbling, and went on and on how this all was so unmanly and that this could ruin  the whole family name. I noticed that Tony looked at him and his gaze had shifted from that of stress and nervousness to that of anger, it shifted slowly and became more intense. Still my father kept talking I was just going to put a hand on Tony's back as he suddenly stood up from his chair, his gaze almost made my father freeze. Tony looked at him and Not even I recognized Tony his eye's seemed to be black and almost as If he was possessed, the room started to shake. As if a earthquake was about to be unleashed. My father started unleashing more of his anger, he yelled and screamed to me and towards Tony.

“I will not have a son who is gay, and I don't care if it is your mate, we can fix this” He said.

Tony lifted his hand and spoke in a echoing voice, his words made the walls shake more and things began to break and fall from its nails. He spoke; For the anger you have shown a curse shall be placed on your head, I tried to stop him but I was to late and a wave from his hand turned my father to stone. Tony fell to the ground and lost his consciousness. 

“Mom I'm sorry, he did not mean it” I said.

“I don't think so either, but now what do we do” She replied. 

We both decided to try to wake Tony up, and from no were Jake came in his green smoke. He did not speak, just lifted Tony and took him up to his room and placed him in his bed. He came back down and picked up the phone.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I'm calling his parents, they have to come immediately ” He answered. After that he went up to Tony again. 

As he called it in the same moment knocked on the door. I went to open it There two hooded old lady's stood. I recognized one of them at once but what was my grandmother doing here, they stepped inside and all my family looked over to them. How was this other woman. We all sat down as they made a gesture with there hands for us to sit down. So the unknown woman started to say.

What have been going on here She said.

Hi Mrs De Luna Jake said as he came out from Tony's room and down the stairs. 

I looked at him and then at the lady, this cant be Tony's mother must be his grandmother. The woman smiled to me and I knew what she was, she was a seer. Just like my grandmother one how could see the future, read minds and sense other people emotions but how come they had arrived together.

Well let me answer that Mrs De Luna answered to my thought. 

She told me that she and my grandmother are long time friends, and told us all about the oracle circle that was formed in the late 1600s. The order was one of the highest in the magical community

Along side the royal families, the counsel and the oracle circle, they all were the ones holding up the laws. 

Now to the point My grandmother said and continued. 

We had a vision long before Scott & Tony where born that the would belong together, not much else is clear, yet they will forge a new royal bloodline as both of them are to rule. My grandmother continued. Almost 2000 years ago the magic in the world was shown openly, and humans knew we existed. Dragons, fairy's and all kinds of creatures lived in harmony. We needed a safe place a hideout, thirteen couples and there loyal followers, soldiers etc. choose to stay, which was needed for it was they who formed this safe place. With there magic they made a whole new dimension, almost all creatures fled to that new world from the greedy grasps of humans. Those that stayed became the royal bloodlines of today, and with a new line, the combining of two will unleash a power that will open a portal so we of magic blood can come and go as we please to our paradise. 

Wait a second I said and stood up. 

This all sounds fine but, what about all the evil creatures and demons running loose where they a part of this whole thing. I said with anger in my tone. 

Tony's grandmother smiled and spoke. 

The divine and the hellish, as we call them found our plans so against them. They thought we where playing gods. So in order to punish us the hellish created demons, the divine sent angels to stop them but something went wrong, and new creatures where once again born. It was later reveled that some of the more ancient creatures had taken human form and stayed here, so in that way you see the society of today. 

My head was starting to hurt from all this, and the fact that me and Tony were more then what I believed. We were destined to be. In a way it made my heart sing with joy but in a other way it made me scared. 

Oh I see he did not get to speak much My granny said out of the blue and pointed at my statue of a father. 

I turned to Jake as he tried to call again for last they had not answered but now they did. Now it was time to get more nervous, not only the trouble with my family but his family here to. I had to sit down and my mother was ready with the chair, she had always known what I needed and she could probably see that I not was ready to meet Tony's family, not that I was ready for my family to meet Tony either. I looked at Jake as he  filled them in, the call ended. He smiled towards me and a swirl of black glittering smoke appeared and when it cleared,  there they stood His mother and father. 

I just wished Tony woke up and as if he heard my wish he opened his door and came down the stairs. He stopped once he was at the bottom of the stairs, his eye's were big and in trans. Like he never seen his parents or at least not for a very long time. 

“What have I done now” He said.

We all pointed towards the stone figure that just a few minutes ago was my father, he looked at it and gave all of us a stiff smile. He went towards the sofa and placed him self there and let out a huge sigh, I knew that he had a hard time controlling his magic and this was just making him very upset. Knowing that he did something wrong once more, yet his family loved him and so did I. 

“We just came to help” His granny said.

She sat down beside him and spoke about starting his practice again and that seemed to hurt his feelings I could see tears starting to form in his eye's. They spoke for some time and I went to the kitchen were mother and my brothers still sat, but now with their eye's on the statue of my father. 

“I'm sorry about all this” I said and took a seat.

“It's not your fault” My mother answered.

“No it's your so called boyfriend” My brother George followed. 

Now it all blew up, and I started to yell at my brother.

“You leave him out of this, if anyone is to blame it's father” I yelled.

“How dare you say that, he was just worried about you” My brother screamed.

“We do not choose our life mate's, that we all know even father” I screamed back.

Suddenly we lost our ability to speak, and we turned towards Tony's granny who smiled and sigh. This is so much better don't you all think she said and laughed. She went towards my Father and placed her hand on his stone shoulder and within seconds he became unfrozen and again flesh and blood. You could tell he felt dissy so he grabbed the chair and slowly placed himself down. 

“I'm sorry Scott” He said.

“I forgive you” I replied.

“I was just worried and I know that you cant choose the one you mate with. But I will try to accept this and of course you need to preform the ceremony, and with that you will also get crowned. 

Tony Rose up for the sofa. 

The What He said. 

My mother started speaking, the ceremony is like marriage to our mate's. Tony's eye's seemed to flew out his head. And he stormed out from the dorm (Apartment). I was about to follow him but Jake managed to do so before me. 


I cant believe they were talking marriage, I had just slept with Scott. I was in no way ready to get married. They must be out of there minds. I stopped hearing Jake's voice. 

Jake I just need to be alone I said and heard him slow his steps until he stopped. 

I kept going I needed air, I felt as though I would faint. I got outside and went to the lake breathing in and letting it out this did not seem to calm me. I sat down, and closed my eye's only to feel a hand around my mouth. I tried to scream as I felt the people trying to grab me, yet nothing could be heard. I felt a prick against me and blackness took me but before that I felt myself being lifted into the air and heard Jake's distant Scream. 


I had started to go back but decided to follow him, but stopped by one of the huge windows. I saw him he had just taken a seat on the ground, that's when in a bluish color they appeared. Three strange looking creatures could be seen and I knew I had to hurry, I started running. As I came outside they lifted from the ground and took of with Tony, I screamed for him. Not again I thought and ran to get Scott. 


We all had started to drink our coffee, still speaking about everything. The two granny's tried to give me the story of our kind more clearly but it still was a bit confusing. Dad still felt stiff, yet he flew up from the chair as Jake came running bursting through the door. 

Tony has been taken He panted saying. 

I reacted immediately and was on my way out as the door closed in front of me. I turned almost about to yell as my grandmother stood up. 

Where do you think your going She said. 

Im going after them I replied. 

Well it might help to know where they are She answered. 

I looked at her and she just smiled, telling me that it sounded as the vampire king once again had gotten his clutches in Tony but this time they would be taking him straight to him. I called for Dave and Chris both ready along with Jake to follow me to England and get back Tony and stop the vampire king once and for all. 

END of chapter 6

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