Chapter 5 – Frustration


The clock moved fast forward and when the clock stuck 18:00 I thought it was about time, and soon did Tony because it knocked on my bedroom door. I opened and grabbed Tony close to me, wet my lips and kissed his that was something I loved and would never stop loving. His tongue tumbling with mine, my cock rose of the unbelievable sensation.

“Hey Scott, your hard” Tony said, and touched my bulge softly.

“Surprise, hope your willing to sleep in my room tonight” I answered with a smile.

Be fore I could even close the door the school alarm sounded off, we both were in shock and rushed towards the great hall. We ran and saw Dave and Chris running towards us, with a look of surprise and shock in there faces.

“Whats up u guy's!” I asked running.

“We were going to get you both” Dave said.

We kept running and Chris told us the headmaster wanted to speak with us, and that some how involved Tony. Now I was scared. What if someone is trying to hurt Tony, what if they wanted him dead. We came to the headmaster's office and went inside, it took just ten minutes before the headmaster appeared in a flash of light.

“What's this all about?” I asked the headmaster.

“I have informed the other students and teachers” He said avoiding the question.

“What's this all about!!!” I screamed.

The headmaster focused on me and sat down, he sighed when doing so. He looked intensively at both me and Tony, and started to speak when Tony stopped him.

“This is about my family genes isn't it?” He said/asked.

The headmaster nodded and continued speaking. I had to sit down when I heard what was said, he spoke of a ancient family of witches. A royal family, a family were the ancient blood of Morgana Le Fey. The men in this clan could sometimes show the power of giving children to other supernatural beings, and they were called LEFEY'S. After everything I heard I knew now that Tony was the next witch king and a LeFey, bearers of power and magic. It all made me very dissy, but happy in a way. I still wondered what the alarm was about.

“The vampire king Louis have now heard of you Tony” The headmaster said.

“What should we do?” Both me and Tony asked.

“Get ready for battle” He said as an answer. with a very serious gaze

Not only were there two vampire kings after him. Now I was scared, but not for me. I grabbed Tony close to me and we started to get to our positions, a green smoke appeared and Jake showed up. We filled him in and now he was following us, Me and Jake, Chris and Dave all there to protect Tony. I wouldn't let the vampire king get my boyfriend, I smiled at the thought. My boyfriend.

“How's the line up” I asked Dave.

He told me all first years were paired in fours, covering one room each. The second years were paired in two's but followed by a third year. The fourth years stood on the roof and by all doors that could be taken to get outside or in to in this case. The fifth and sixth years were placed all over the grounds. The seven years were look outs and just outside the school grounds. It had been 7 years now since a battle been fought here, the last almost blew up the school.

We took our positions in the great hall, which had it location in the middle of the entire Castle.

Tony looked really scared and had grabbed a tight, firm grip around my arm, as if the last three weeks had changed him and me. Now he seemed to want the protection that I gave even though he was going to get it nigher way.

“This is so typical” I Said out loud.

“What is?” Tony asks.

Now I had to tell him what I had planned and I could see he got a bit confused so I had to take it from the start. He seemed a bit upset.

“Whats wrong” I asked.

“Lets kill these son of a bitches, fast” He answered.

I just laughed, and knew he must feel quite frisky and horny. So did I all I wanted was to touch him and be with him all the way and typical that this had to happen now.


We went towards the windows and looked out, still everything seemed calm and quite. I could see all the teachers standing ready outside the school. The only one that seemed not to be bothered by what was about to happen was the headmaster, just standing there and waiting. I longed for it all to be over and to fell all of my man, that's right my man Scott.

I looked up at the sky and saw the cloudless view as it became dark and giant like birds came towards the school, and down on the ground creatures ran out from the forest running forward in attack mode. The Headmaster raised his hand and a giant blast of energy circled around the school and went out like a protective shield. The creatures was pushed away, but soon a new attack came.

The battle was now beginning.

One of the bird creatures that I now could see was a vampire in a batlike form, came crashing through the window. Ready to attack it and two more came at us in full speed. Scott transformed into a big wolf running towards one of them that now was in almost a human shaped state, it claws grabbed Scott's wolf head and swung him around tossing him like nothing into the wall. I cupped my hand, trowing a shining light at the son of a bitch that wanted to hurt my man. I tquickly evaded the boll of light and the two other vampires grabbed me from behind, and started to drag me out from the grand hall. I kicked and screamed trying to get lose, from no were Jake came and kicked the two vampires in the head from above. Being a dijinn he could levitate, from the front Scott came running toward the leader so to speak. He opened his giant wolf mouth, tearing the vampires trout. Letting the head be separated from his body. The other vampires screamed in anger and rushed towards Scott, I just reacted and the floor started to shake. With my arms stretched towards the floor, the stone cracked and green vine's came shooting out grabbing a hold of the vampires. They flew back to the ground and was nestled by the leaf covered vine's.

I rushed towards Scott that transformed into his human form, completely naked he was I tossed myself into his arms giving him a deep kiss. Our kiss ended fast.

“We need to help the others and get out away from here” Scott said in ahurry.

“No, I will not hide, I'm gonna help” I said and rushed out from the grand hall.

He just smiled and transformed into wolf form again, running along side me. We came to the hall way's that lead to the main door, and in came not just the headmaster but many of the other teachers and students. Behind them stood a vampire or an other kind of outlaw creature, all were captured. In came the vampire king Louis with his bodyguards.

“Come with me my new queen” He said to me and reached out with his arms.

Scott growled and slowly moved in front of me, that set of the bodyguards that came running towards him. I froze were I stood and I saw my man being slammed to the floor and tossed at the wall. Kicked and punched, he was almost lifeless on the floor.

“Stop!” I screamed.

I started to walk towards Louis, that smiled in victory. I grabbed his hand and saw the bloody wolf that almost seemed to be dead, I grabbed my hand firmer in Louis hand and he fell to his knees.

“No one touches my man” I said in a robot sounding voice.

The two bodyguards came towards me and my body started to shine bright as the light of the sun was leaking from my skin. It grew bigger and brighter. The bodyguards turned to dust and Louis slowly began to witter to ash, all the others ran and fled from the school and its grounds.

The light faded and I feel to the floor, out of breath and of strength.

A few hours later I woke up in the hospital wing of the school, were I also saw my man still asleep and really injured. He was stitched and rapped up almost over his entire body, I could still feel the anger inside me but I tried to find some peace and calm. Nothing helped. Yet I somehow manged to fall asleep again, and five day's passed.


I felt much better and was now ready to make love to my sweet boyfriend, thanks to being a wolf demon I healed much faster and that was a good thing. I would propably have trouble keeping calm when it came to have sex for the first time with Tony.

There he came down from his room he had been allowed to leave the hospital wing yesterday, I never knew that I could feel such longing to see him & hold him. I felt the thoughts started to make me hard, and saw that Tony noticed this, for his face turned slightly red. I smiled a crocked smile being a bit embarrassed, well I had not had sex for over a month which for me was really unusual.

Good morning Babe I said.

Good morning He replied giving me a kiss as he came to me.

Our kiss was stopped.

You don't have time for that you two have class in two minutes Jake said as he came out from the bathroom.

I had forgotten that our free week so to speak was over and now was the time for school again.

I knew Tony could see what I felt at that moment.

Don't worry we have to night He said.

Oh no you don't, you are having your first class with the headmaster Jake said.

I had totally forgot that Tony had his only lessons with the headmaster who had promised to teach him more about his family line and to control his powers. I had loved the few lessons I and my friends had given him and it had helped a little bit. We left both sighing and ran to class there Dave and Chris stood plus two more, but just as the last time no Miss Raul. Just as I hoped for that she was still sick she turned up in a flash of light. I sighed again.

Well I have read your reports of your team-up She said.

She wanted to see what we had done, now and so it started. The two who shared the class with Me, Tony, Dave and Chris. They had made a combination of there magic and it looked wonderful. Dave and Chris had tried a sharing of form, which actually worked quite well. Dave turned into a horse with a wolf head it looked funny but still, and Chris managed to fully turn into a wolf. Now was the time for me and Tony to show what we had done. We stepped forwards.

Must say I was most interested in your report Miss Raul said and smiled.

Knowing this is not much of a demonstration I would love to talk to you Scott what it felt to be in the position of a teacher She continued.

Tony stood nervous because he had to show the result, he tried to concentrate but nothing it was as if he had forgotten everything. I looked at him, seeing that tears started to form. I had to think fast. I got it and I made a heart sign with my hands over my chest, he smiled and he lifted his hands and A huge light came from him and formed a shield stronger then I had ever seen someone make one. It must have been stronger then the headmasters. Tony moved his hand and the shield expanded beyond the people standing here and then it vanished.

He looked at me smiling and I smiled back.

Very impressive, You all get A's Miss Raul said and so she dismissed us.

Now time for potion, then magic combination class. I longed for the day to end and then I remembered Tony had to go to the Headmaster after classes, I sighed and felt a bit angry, or was it something else.


I gave Scott a quick kiss and left for the headmasters office. I felt so annoyed and I did not know why. I knocked on the door the the office as I come to it, which seemed very fast for my mind spun around trying to figure out why I felt so upset.

Come in The Headmaster said.

I sat there over an hour and I felt as though I was about to fall asleep, the history of my family was very hard and not much was known, most of it focused on Morgana Lefay. He gave me a few points on how to use my magic and even gave me a book from the restricted part of the library to read. As it ended I walked slowly to the dorm, I opened the door and was meet by a kiss.

Ohhi sorry Scott I think I'm just going to bed I said.

I heard him growl and I sighed I walked up and closed my bedroom door. I screamed. What the hell is this, I took the vase in the window and threw it at the wall. I fell on my bed and fell asleep.


The alarm rang and I was still so upset that I felt a magic burst from my hand and the clock exploded. I still got up but this had to be the worst day ever, and I wished for this two days to pass so I could get some time and relax. I needed to be with Scott. I finally hit me I need to be with Scott I now knew I was not upset or angry, it all was frustration. I needed to get laid, which I found funny, a virgin frustrated for not getting laid.

I put on some simple clothes and walked down, but no where did I see Scott.

Jake I shouted.

Yes what He said and appeared in his smoke.

Have you seen Scott I asked.

He have already gone to Class He replied and vanished into his bottle.

I went to Class and I realized that not only was it me but Scott was frustrated. I looked at him and smiled, he smiled back but then I saw he did not understand it which I found a bit amusing. He of all people should know it, he has had a lot of sex and I on theother hand was a virgin. He growled several times and I laughed a bit, that made him growl louder, he even clenched his fist. All the day was like this and as the day ended he almost burst of anger, especially when at the first step inside the door of the apartment Jake said Miss Raul wanted to see him. Now I felt the frustration a bit more. Scott left and I went to the kitchen were Jake stood. I grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes with so much desperation.

Please Jake make me As many pancakes as you can and not with fruit but lots of melted chocolate.

Yeah sure He replied and almost had to peel of my hands from him.

I started walking up the spiral staircase to my room. I told Jake to come up with the food Once it was done and he nodded. I went inside and screamed, I was so frustrated and so fucking horny.


This was to much here I sat and I really didn’t want to be here. I spoke for a few minutes with Miss Raul and tried my best to sound as I normally did, but no I stood up from my chair in her classroom /office.

I'm sorry Miss Raul I need to visit the headmaster now I said as I made a quick move to the door and out into the hall way. I walked fast and up to the second floor and out to the stone garden and into the second building and then up the stairs to the headmasters office. I just opened the door and went straight to his desk were he sat and slammed my to hands down.

Sorry headmaster but there is something wrong with me and I think I need to take some time off I said almost shouted.

The headmaster looked up from the papers he read and looked a bit angry at me, but also as if he found it amusing. He still looked at me and did not say anything, I took a deep breath and sat down.

At that same moment he stood up, slowly taking of his glasses.

Yes you can have some time of because I guess you still haven’t had sex He said.

I looked at him with shock, seeing that my gaze made him smile. I could have sworn I had heard a slight giggle.

What has that to do with it I said.

Well bonded Wolf-demons usually have sex after the first two days and you two haven’t at all The headmaster said.

I understood now I was frustrated, not angry. I stood up and the headmaster nodded and I started to run as soon as I had closed the office door.Hearing the headmaster laughing I ran to the apartment and opened the door.

TONY! I shouted.

Yes He replied as he opened his door.

I smiled at him and I could see his eyes becoming filled with so much joy. Tony came running down the stairs and almost jumped in my arms giving me a kiss, I grabbed his waist and dragged him even closer to my body, we both were about to burst. Dave came out from his room as we ended our kiss.

ScottI hope you haven’t forgotten that tonight is a full moon, we are going running so we should be going soon He said as he entered the kitchen to get something to drink.

Oh that's right Wolf-demons being the ancient type and ancestors to werewolf's just as always turned on a full moon. I sighed and heard Tony do the same I kissed him and let him go and just as I was about to leave with Dave I turned.

“Tony babe, would u like to do something tomorrow?” I asked..

“Yeah sure, as long as I can kiss u” He answered and come to give me a kiss before I left.



It had been days since the attack of the vampire king, I remembered him starting to turn to ash but not if he died and my nerves had become really jumpy over that fact. I never knew what could happen next nor who might come after me. All I knew was that when Scott was close to me I did not feel scared nor did I worry. I went down the stairs from my room and stepped in the kitchen were I was surprised by a pair of hands that grabbed me from behind a hand touched my belly sweetly and lips that nibbled on my neck.

“Do you want some breakfast? Honey you must be hungry after the run last night” I asked

“No not at all, besides I got my breakfast right here babe” Scott said, and kissed my cheek.

He was so different from the first day I meet him and I liked it, he touched me and kissed me but yet he hadn't tried anything else. It got me so frustrated, I just hoped that tonight was the night and that he really would want to do it with me.

“Babe hope your ready by 18:00 for our date” He said.

“Yes, I will be ready” I answered.

I took my breakfast and placed myself in front of the tv flipping through the channels, and in the corner of my eye I saw that my babe went into the bathroom. I loved the look of him with wet hair and a towel around his waist, and that sexy body with rippled abs, rock hard chest and sculpted jaw and chin that made me horny as hell. Before I could finish the fantasy he came out from the bathroom. And I focused my gaze over his hole body.

“Babe can you stand there for a short time” I said.

“Why, like what you see” He asked with a grin.

I just nodded and he stood still for a few seconds, and then he went into his room saying that I could see more to night. Now I really longed for the night and to get more off that hot body.


I had planned this in the last detail and everything was going to be perfect, I even got a few movies that could show me how to best make love with Tony. Yes I was going to make love to him, make love to the love of my life. I was stuck in thoughts as I put on some clothes when I heard a knock onthe door. I opened.

“Oh hi Dave, whats up” I asked as Dave entered my bedroom.

“Nothing, just wanted to wish you a good date” He answered.

Oh Is that all I said.

We spoke for a bit and I felt that I got more and more nervous, this night was going to be the first time I ever been with a guy. Good thing is that he was the one and only my own happily ever after. Dave left my room after a few minutes and I left to for the school park, I needed to get some fresh air. I walked for some time on the school grounds and could soon see the park, were I loved to sit and relax. My first year here was the best ever and the hardest at the same time, Yeah I was one year older then Tony but thats just because we wolf-demons get homeschooling for a year.

This spot always got me to calm down. I walked back towards school and looked up when a drop of water came down from the sky, I started to walk a bit faster. When I almost were at the entrance to school I saw the headmaster and a person I never seen before, maybe we have gotten a new student.

“Hi Mr Scott, how is things” The headmaster greeted me.

“Fine, and who do we have here” I answered and looked at the new guy.

“A new student, his name is North” He replied and then nodded a goodbye.

And good thing to for the rain had started to poor down and the time for my big night with Tony came closer. I slightly ran toward my dorm, and I went back into my room. I lit a few candles and scented theroom with vanilla, I never been the romantic type but I knew Tony liked these kind of things. It knocked on the door and I opened, there he stood my love there stood Tony.


I was really nervous as he took my hand and led me into the room, I could see that he had really made an effort. The candles he had lit and the sweet scent of vanilla, he smiled towards me as he saw I was a bit scared. He laughed and lifted me up in his arms, making me scream and giggle at the same time.

“What are u doing” I said.

“Your to slow, when it comes to moving towards the bed” He answered.

He had a lustful gaze and as he laid me down, I knew then that I would loose my virginity. Not that I didn't want to give it to him but it all seemed to go so fast, not this but it has only been a short time for our relationship. But still I longed for him inside me. He slowly took of my clothes and kissed my naked skin, first my shirt left my body and his lips came. First the neck then the chest then my nipple and that made me crazy,his tongue licking them drove me to moan and that gave him a new look of hunger. That hunger was needing to fuck.

He slipped of my pants, and he smiled. He looked at my 6inch cock, that was standing ready to be taken and used.

“I will take it easy on you, knowing it you first time and all” He said.

Yours to, well almost I replied.

I have been studying He said smiling wickedly.

I just moaned when he started to lick my cocks head. It all made me behave like an animal and I moaned and groaned for more, and just a word from my lips madehim almost swallow my cock all the way down. The only thing that sometimes came to my head was that this seemed to easy for him, knowing he never been with a guy before.

His mouth went up and down on my throbbing cock, and his saliva with my pre-cum made my cock really wet and sticky. I could feel that I soon would cum and that he knew it, not that it was hard to tell. My body had started to shake and I came closer and closer to

“I'm coming” I moaned.

He did not stop but sucked harder and as I gave my last almost high pitched noise and came in his mouth and he swallowed it all that left my cock and licked his lips looking at me. He wet his finger and smiled towards me again.

“It's not over yet” He said.

As he said it he slowly shoved his finger inside me, I quivered and almost lost my breath. He started to move it out and then back in I moaned and wanting more, he pushed yet another finger and told me to relax. I did as told and I felt two finger moving in and out of my ass, he started stroking his cock with the other hand as he put a third finger inside me. He spit in his hand and wet his cock, he removed his fingers and placed his cocks head on my hole.

“Are u ready” He said.

“Yes yes, god yes” I moaned.

He slowly pushed it inside me, all 9inches. Once his body touched mine, I moaned load and he groaned like a bear. I could see and hear that he really was a wolf demon, for his face had taken attributes from his demon form and his speed started almost directly to increase. He fucked me ass hard and fast yet with so much passion, I Screamed for more and he kissed my lips. His cock and tongue inside me, playing with my senses making me wild. I begged for more pleasure, he then pulled out his cock and then plunged it back in slamming against my ass leaving red marks. He pulled out once more and back again and so it went on and then we switched, me now in doggy.

He grabbed my hips and hammered inside my ass and towards my body, I moaned in pain and in pleasure. He started to groan loader and loader.

“Yeah, yeah!” He groaned.

I knew he soon would come and so would I, I felt my hard cock twitch and in the same moment we burst out in a huge moan. He came inside me leaving his throbbing cock inside, my cum came on the sheets but we did not care as we fell. He laid on top of me for a few seconds and let his cock slowly fall out my ass, then tossing himself from my back to the right side of me and of the bed.

He looked at me and smiled, I just started to laugh and then so did he.

Where did you take your lessons I said.

Well the human invention called the internet He said and smiled.

I must say I enjoyed sucking cock He said and blushed.

I kissed him and laughed at what he said then I snuggled up in his armsand we fell asleep after laughing and kissing for about an hour. Cant believe I had lost my virginity and that I was in love and destined to be with this wonderful man, my man Scott.

Chapter5 E.N.D

I hope you all enjoyed this Chapter, please tell me what you think via comment of Email and if you have any ideas. I know my spelling can be bad that's because English is not my first language. Yet still I'm learning and getting better and love to write. Specially if you guys that read enjoys the stories.



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