Why did he kiss me again, I had enough of this I needed to clear my head. I hated not knowing what he wanted in one moment he behaves like a player and the next a friend and so on. I left the apartment I needed air I knew that it was risky but I wanted to relax, I summoned my broom and lifted from the ground. The air had started to turn cold, autumn was here and I felt it yet the coldness was suiting.

I landed and walked back to the dorm, as I opened the door two arms grabbed me and pulled me in and held me.

Where the hell have you been Scott said.

Just out I replied and pushed him away.

I was worried He said.

You don't have the right to be I replied and went up to my room.

I looked at myself in the mirror, why was love so hard. I hated all of this and most of all the feelings that seemed to give warmth but at the same time it hurt.

I walked back down stairs and no one where home, but as I sat downand turned on the TV Chris walked into the apartment. I looked at him and I could see he noticed that I was a bit teary in my eye's

Whats wrong Tony he asked and walked over to the sofa and sat down.

I don't know I just cant take what I'm feeling I said.

You mean that your in love with Scott He replied.

I looked at him and he smiled at me, I'm I that obvious I thought and smiled back with a little bit of blushing showing on my face. I Stood up and gave Chris a thankful nod as I did and decided to tell Scott my feelings I went outside knowing he was running, he always did atthis hour.

I walked down the hall way and stopped in my tracks I almost turned to stone. There I saw a woman kissing Scott, I felt my heart almost shattering. I turned and ran down the other side of the hall way andin the same moment I head him.

TONY ! It is not what you think Scott yelled.

I kept running, still hearing him screaming after me. I an outside and called my broom.


I Rushed as fast as I could and saw Tony mounting a broom, I screamed again for him he lifted and took of in a really fast speed. I did not manage to get to him and I knew what I had to do. I ran back inside and to our apartment.

JAKE! Jake I need your help I screamed.

What is it He said.

I told him what had happened and asked for him if he could make me abroom. In a haste he did and I ran back outside and mounted the broomin a hurry, I flew as fast as I could.

I could not find him, no were. I searched for hours and the sun started to go down. That's when I saw it, on the way back to school.There in the sea his broom floated. I took it with me and not to the apartment I went to the headmasters office, I knocked and went inside.

You could wait for an answer The headmaster said and stood up from his chair.

I could see that Jake was sitting in the chair in front of the headmasters desk. He stood up and went to me and grabbed the broom I held in my hand.

Were is he He asked.

I don't know I found this floating in the ocean I replied.

The headmaster asked Jake if he could sense anything. Jake closed his eyes and concentrated, opening his eyes within seconds. He is alive but I saw someone grab him. I felt my heart raise in worry and was about to leave.

Stop right there The headmaster said.

I turned and my wolf eyes had started to show.

Now relax, I'm not gonna keep you from going to find him but I must ask you to bring Jake with you.

I looked at them both and nodded, and with that I turned and left the office with Jake not far behind.

Jake told me that he could track Tony, for the pact they had made was not broken this time. I listened but I was focused on going. I grabbed a broom and was almost out the door.

You don't need that Jake said.

I looked at him, What else will bring us to Tony.

Jake smiled and waved his hand on the ground and his signature greensmoke swirled and vanished, now on the ground a carpet was seen. He took a seat on it and I looked weirdly at him.

Don't tell me that magic carpets exist I said.

Well in a sense they do, but only we Genies have them He responded.

I sat down and once Jake said yeha, just as if it were a horse the carpet took of in a great hurry.

We came to were I found the broom and hovered at the spot.

He has been taken to somewhere dark Jake said.

But what does that mean, cant you sense more I replied.

Well it is a place below and there is life and many people everywhere He answered.

We turned and looked at each other and we knew, he had been taken to Undergo the black city, and market were many bad demons, creatures and witches lived and worked


I slowly started to gain back my eye sight and I could see I was in aroom with very little things. I had been placed in a bed, I tried to step out from it and slowly walked to the door. Everything swirled inside my head and I was dissy, very dissy. I grabbed the doorhandle. It was locked, I went back to the bed and sat down. Were was I. I felt a tear falling, if I only had remembered not to run away from the school borders I would still be safe and in my own bed.

The door opened and I tensed up.

So your up A male voice said.

He was quite good looking even when he had those scars all over hisface. A shirt loosely fitted and open so you could see that he had muscles and chest hair, not much but still noticeable.

What do you want with me I asked.

I was hired to bring you to your future husband He answered.

What the hell I don't have a fiance I replied.

That dose not matter, I was paid and thats all.

He looked at me and smiled a wicked smile, and I saw that he was hard, His pants got a huge bulge as he licked his lips. He shook his head and left the room.

I felt my heart bumping so hard. I was really afraid. Here I was a virgin and he became horny just looking at me. Just really relived he had left. I laid down and I could no longer hold it back I started to cry, not only because of this situation but also what had made me fall into this situation. My life was really starting to make me feel as if it may have been better if I had never been born. I cried myself to sleep and longed to come home.


The sun had just set and the night was coming quickly, I was starting to feel more anger and also worry of what could happen to him.

Relax he is sleeping Jake said.

How do you know I asked.

I can always feel if he is alive, sleeping or awake He replied.

I just looked at him and in that moment I also felt the carpet lowering itself, I looked over its edge and saw the city below us. As we landed the carpet disappeared in a puff of green smoke.

We need to keep a low profile here, this is a human town Jake said.

We walked along side the tall buildings and tried to find a sign of magic, a feeling something but nothing. We decided to turn in and checked into a motel at the outskirt of the minor yet big city.

It was not first until we were about to sleep that I felt it, a surge of magic. I ran to the window of this tiny room and looked outside there I saw the light from the energy, Now I only had to wait for the sun to rise and I could go and find him, find my love. That's when I knew it, could it be I loved him.

Jake can you do the twelve hour spell I said as I turned and sat down on the bed.

What, why now He asked.

Please I begged.

He did it and I closed my eyes, no matter if bonded or not now I knew the truth, I loved him I loved Tony. I laid down on the bed knowing that, and fell asleep. Waiting for the suns light to wake me.

I woke up and rushed Jake to wake up to and we hurried to the spot the magic surge had been seen. It was a bridge, under the bridge to be correct. I touched the wall, almost shaking as I reached to touch it with my hand. As I was about to, it were as if the wall was not there, well my hand went trough it. It was an illusion. I took a deep breath and went trough it with Jake not far behind.

As we came to the other side we say that we were here, we had found the black city the black market.

I feel him Jake said.

I smell him I replied and we both moved forwards, now to get him back and that in a hurry.


I woke up and I knew even though there were no windows that it was morning. I saw on the floor a tray with food, I feelt really hungry but never in my life that hungry I would take food from kidnappers.

I heard someone at the door and two men came inside and went up tome, they both took my hands and started to undress me.

HELP I screamed

I tried to fight back even tried to use magic but nothing, that's when I realized I was in a sealed room my magic would not work in here. I screamed as they both just laughed. They tied my to the bed and made it so they could do what they wanted, but once done with that they left. I took a deep breath maybe now I could get the chance to get out from here. Just as I said it the man from last night camein.

So you are ready for me He said and stood there in only his pants showing his bulge.

He was hard and ready and I felt myself panic.

Don't worry it is going to be good He said.

I thought you were not allowed to touch me I replied.

Well he never said that so I take that as a have a good time He answered.

He came towards me and at the same time took of his pants, under it naked and a huge cock came forth. Already leaking with pre-cum. He went up on the bed and was now between my legs. He kissed my chest and licked my nipples. I screamed and tried to move but the binding of the ropes held me in place. He grabbed my cock and started to jerk it.

I want to see you hard as I fuck you He said.

I felt the tears falling and as I was just to give up the door flew open and there he was Scott and behind him Jake.

Leave him alone Scott Screamed and charged towards the nude man.

It all happened so fast and I saw Jake use much magic from outside the room, and the green smoke from his magic covered the nude man and as it slowly tinned out and then was gone, the man had been turned into a doll sized version of himself. He was no taller then a finger, Jake lift him up and placed him in a jar turned the lid that had airholes.

Scott turned to get me out from the ropes.

DONT LOOK AT ME! I Screamed.

He turned and made a signal to Jake. Jake handed him the jar with the tiny man and came to help me. We left and before I knew it we were at the motel, and I laid down on the bed falling asleep.

I felt arms nudging me to get me to wake up, I opened my eyes slowly and it was Scott.

I need to speak to you He said.

But I don't want to speak to you I replied.

I stood up from the bed and left the tiny room, I ran outside and conjured forth my broom.


I Rushed as fast as I could and saw Tony mounting a broom, I screamed out for him. He lifted and took of in a really fast speed. I knew what I had to do, I could not let him leave again but that could take out all of my energy and my even kill me. I gathered all the power I could find and took a great stomp in the ground lifting towards the sky. I was now within a second face to face with Tony, I didn’t know what to say but did not have long before I would fall back down.

“I love you” I said and then darkness came to me.


I saw him falling down and my subconsciousness took control, I steered the broom in his direction. My hand made a movement and the water in the canal rushed up towards Scott's body, catching it and leading it towards the motel and softly laid him on ground.

We had to leave in a hurry back to the school.

Back in our dorm room he slowly opened his eye's and I couldn't help myself I kissed his lips, which seemed to wake him up really fast. He kissed me back and rose up gabbing my back, he ended the kiss smiling and looking deep in my eye's. A tear fell from his eye and down his cheek, I kissed it and he smiled again. I told him that Jake and Dave had filled me in and what was really going on and why our feelings were so intense, and about that Scott loved me. Also that he couldn't get hard around me, but the most important thing was that he had not kissed the girl, the girl had kissed him and he had turned her down.

“Tony its not like I haven't tried” He said.

“Scott this is all new to you and sexually you still straight” I answered.

“That's just it, I don't think I'm, not anymore anyway” He replied.

He told me not one thought about a woman turned him on and he even told me he had thought about me. But when it come to me nothing happen but he didn't found it nasty, and he had gotten hard one time. He actually could see himself in bed with me. I smiled and kissed him again.

“I know we cant be together yet, but can I sleep next to you to night”He said.

“Yes, and always from now on” I answered.

And I think we should go on a date before we fuck don't you think I said.

He looked at me with shock and started to laugh, he probably didn’tknow I could have a nasty mouth, I started to laugh myself.

We got into bed and we feel asleep in each others arms, this night I didn't dream about Scott because a part of my dream had come true and I longed for more to be reality. I was stuck like glue against him all night and his arms was around me not letting me go, not that I would ever leave him now. Yet he grabbed around me as if I was about to slip away at any moment.



We awoke at 11:28 and was rushing to get to class when we were ready to leave Jake appeared from the lamp and told us to relax, after all that happened He had spoken to the headmaster. We were a bit angry about this, but when Jake told us we had gotten the week off and would if needed in the future get room schooling. This was apparently in preparations when it came to Wolf-demons, and that gave us some relief and joy. Yet we would not want the room schooling, it was already enough that we were in special class.

“Now what would u like to eat” Jake asked.

He smiled towards us and took our orders in choice of food, and waved a hand to get us out from the kitchen. When we got into the living room the phone ran, I got to answer it and that was a good thing to.

“Hi Scott”Mrs Dunnham said.

“Oh Hi Mrs Dunnham, Dave is in class” I replied.

“Oh that's okay, I really wanted to talk to you” She answered.

She told me that the pills could had some side affects because they wereover a hundred years old and shouldn't have been given to Chris and Dave in the first place. I listened intensively at the different kinds of side affects, all from high vomiting symptoms to minor flu. But what caught my attention was the thing she said last, that rarely it could result in temporary impotence.

“Can one fix that quickly” I asked.

She told me an odd recipe, but very easy and not that many ingredients. I hung off and rushed over to Tony, gave him a quick kiss and rushed out from the dorm room. I had to get this medicine in order fast I really needed to know if I could get hard when I'm with Tony, the worst part was waiting for the ingredients to rest for twenty fourhours. I found the things I needed and I quickly returned back and started to mix it all together, and left it standing in the refrigerator. I saw Tony at that second stepping out from the bathroom, just wearing a towel. I had never seen him this exposed, he was such a femboi. Female hips and waist he was a bit chubby but I did not care, his beautiful long red hair and shiny blue eye's that took my breath away.

“What are you looking at” Tony said.

Oh nothing just wondered if you would like to go on a date this evening I answered.

Yeah that's sounds great, hope you can blow me away He replied.

I just smiled as a response and went up to him and gave him a big kiss,our tongues played with each others. I loved the feeling I got from just kissing Tony, but I started to get a bit nervous about the sex part of it all. Tony broke of the kiss and went to his room without saying a word, I could see he looked upset and I wondered what I had done now. When the clock struck 14:56, Dave and Chris came back from class. Tony was still in his room and I needed to figure out what wasup with him, and if I had done anything wrong.

“Hey Chris can you talk to Tony for me” I asked him.

He just nodded and started to walk towards the stairs, when he suddenly stopped. Jake stood before him, he looked a tiny bit grumpy.

“He wants to be alone” He said and Chris walked back

“Please Jake whats up” I said from the sofa.

He just shook a no as an answer, but by his hands gesture he told me to go up stairs. I rose from my seat, slowly walking towards the stairs and up. I knocked lightly on the door but no answer, so I opened the door. Tony jumped up from the bed.

“Have I given you permission to come in” He said, with tears in his face.

I pulled him into my arms and just kissed his heads, he kept crying and tried to get away from me but I wouldn't let go. He seemed really upset and I was not going anywhere before he had told me what was going on, but he struggled a lot.

“Just tell me whats wrong” I said with a raised voice.

“It's just that I cant hold back” He said, sighing with tears in his face.

“What do u mean?” I asked.

It took him some time before he answered, at least he had stopped struggling. And just held a tight grip around me and I held him tight against me, it felt so nice and it had just been a few hours but I had missed him. I really loved him and needed him close to me all the time.

“I just have this urge to touch u” He answered.

You can touch me I replied.

Well not the way I want which is strange considering I'm a virgin He blurted out.

I felt my eye's open as if they would explode, oh my god he was a virgin I would be able to take a virgin. Now that I think about it Jake had told me he had been dating but only that he had made some oral stuff. I smiled at him.

I hope I will get the feelings that I need for that, but please try to have some patience I said and hugged him.

Yes I will, Now leave my room I need to find clothes for this date Hesaid.

Oh a date, is it someone I know I replied.

Get OUT he raised his voice a bit and I left.


I was really nervous, I was going on a date. A date with Scott, yes I had been hanging out with him and we had been alone, but this was a date. I felt a knot in my stomach, and I needed to sit down. I took some deep breaths, I can do this I had to say to myself several times. I looked at the clock seeing it had just passed 19.00 the sun had started to set and it was soon time to go on a date. I took somemore deep breaths and put on some clothes. I took a final look in themirror. My short jeans with holes by each buttocks, the black tank top and on top of that a deep green very large t-shirt that hanged on down one of my shoulders. I went down and saw him standing there.

Are you ready for our first date He asked.

Yes I stuttered.

He grabbed my hand and we left the apartment.

I turned my head and as the door closed I saw Jake smiling a wicked smile, that almost made me turn back inside and slap him. He held my hand all they way trough the hallway and even as we came outside, we walked downwards so we could see the lake. We stopped and I saw the fire he had lit and beside it a blanket was laid. He had packed a basket with treats, it all looked so romantic and I looked over at him and gave him a sly look.

What?  He asked.

How many women have you done this for I answered.

He smiled and kissed my cheek.

Actually I have never done this He replied and what I could tell he blushed a bit.

We took our seats on the blanket, out from the basket came a bottle of wine and two glasses. There we sat for a long time speaking about everything. He told me the whole story from when he had first seen me, and all the feelings that rushed within him as everything happened to him. I told him about my feelings and thoughts and about my idiot of an ex. We shared much about each other so much that the clock passed midnight once we decided that we should end the date.

We said our goodnight and ended it with a simple kiss. I started to walk up to my room.

Where are you going Scott asked.

I know I had said I never wanted to leave his arms but still.

I think its best I replied and blushed.

Scott smiled and went into his bedroom. I opened my door and took a look over the apartment I shared with Dave, Chris, Scott and Jake. I sighed I cant believe that tomorrow I have only been here three weeks and so much have already happened. I closed the door behind me, went to my bed and tried to get a good nights sleep.


I stepped out my room, going into the kitchen I opened the refrigerator and there it still stood untouched.

What are you doing

I jumped up almost hitting my head inside the fridge, I turned and saw Jake standing there.

What the hell man, you could have scared me to death I said.

He laughed quietly. He looked over my shoulder and saw the glass with the weird colored substance. I sighed when his face was directed tome with a gaze of questioning eye's. I told him what it was and I could almost see him burst into a frenzy. He lifted his arms and hugged me so hard that I felt the air getting thinner.

That is fantastic He said.

Well I just hope it works I replied.

Jake smiled and I went back to my room, I really hope it works and that Tony is my love both Sexually and not just emotionally.



I awoke alone in bed and I missed just after one night not to wake up in Scott's arms. But this enormous feeling of needing him more, needing him inside me. Kiss me, fuck me and suck me. The time was 10:20 and I remembered that I did not have to go to classes, but why was that necessary when me and Scott didn't do anything together. I went downstairs and saw Jake sitting by the TV, when he suddenly jumped up.

“Ohhi Tony, good morning” He said and walked up to me.

“Why are you acting so weird” I answered.

He did not answer that and went to the kitchen to help me get my breakfast ready. Not that I couldn't do my own breakfast, he just liked to do it and I really appreciate it. He made me a nice fruitsalad, and went back to the TV. I wished that I could relax but since I got to campus nothing but worry, trouble and stress was offered. The front door opened and I jumped a bit, but was then stiff as aboard when I saw it was Scott. He gave me so many feelings and these sexual urges are driving me crazy, yet I cant ignore him all the time.

“Hi babe, good morning” He said.

“Hi” I just answered.

He smiled knowing how I felt and went towards his room, once he was at his door he turned around.

“Babe, I need to talk to u later” He said.

I just nodded and excepted the hidden invitation, now wondering what he wanted to talk to me about and the thoughts inside my head drove me insane. I eat up my breakfast and went out for a walk, I needed some fresh air. I think I will take a ride on my broom. Once I was upin the sky I drifted away to the day Scott kissed me, that was just a few days ago. I knew in this early stage all feelings were very high, but I knew that they would be like this forever. My nerves did not calm down from the fresh air, I was now more worried about what Scott could want to talk about. What if he never wants to see me, or if he has someway gotten the bonding away. Many thoughts troubled me. I looked down and there Jake came out standing on the ground, oh I'm not supposed to be alone after all that have happen.


I heard him leave and I went out from my room, I looked around and all I could see was Jake sitting at the sofa. I asked him to keep an eye on Tony, and he ran out from the apartment knowing why I had asked.

I sneaked into the kitchen, even tough it is hard to sneak with the living area and kitchen was combined. I opened the refrigerator, I needed to look at the potion that looked ready even though it hadn't gone twenty four hours. Mrs Dunnham said it could take a shorter time when it came to the potion and that depended if the herbs were dried or fresh. I did not hear the door from one of the rooms open and took forth the potion.

“Hi Scott what you doing?” Chris asked coming into the kitchen.

“Oh nothing” I answered almost dropping the glass, from being frightened.

He could see I was not telling the truth and so I spilled the beans. Once he had heard everything, he danced around for joy singing Tony is gonna get laid, Tony is gonna get laid. I asked him if he knew if Tony had been with someone before, and that's when Chris told me that Jake had said that Tony was all the way gay and a virgin. Thats right he himself had said so, how could i forget that. No wonder I made him so stingy and shaky.

“So should I talk to Dave” Chris asked.

“No but Can you make sure that Dave, Jake and you are not here, and if you should return early don't let them get in to my room” I Answered.

I swallowed everything that I had made, it tasted awful but I knew it worked for I thought about doing it with Tony and my cock twitched. It made me really happy but not just that my manhood worked, now I can fuck Tony. No not fuck make love, if I don't get to rough. I longed for the night to come.

E.N.D Chap 4.....

I know this Chapter was a bit rushed, that's because I had a lot in my mind as I wrote it, I'm sorry if the spelling is a bit of English is not my first language. PLEASE Comment or email me, love to hear what you think and even if you have wishes and ideas. XOXO / Rainsky



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