Michael came over asking for some help with his labtop and what do you know he has been my fantasy for a year his green eye straight face tall macho soldier attitude in tight jeans and suck on vneck with his roughstick bulging out of his pants makes me precum in my boxers just by looking at his rea cherry lips michael sit right beside me discussing the issue he has with the labtop i throw my hand around his soldier telling him not to worry i know exactly what to do he aske if i would charge a fee i said no just that i am going to need a friendly favour ok he answerd innocently i took his hand and lead him to my room close the door and hungrily i suck out his tongue the fire catch i pull down his zipper and sucking his 12 inch that i thirst for a year he moan and make that sound of deep pleasure til he explode that thick virgin milk down my throat then i clean his cock with my tongue and nicely place it back in his sweaty underpant.


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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