The drugs I slipped into Mike’s drink were starting to take effect.  He was starting to slouch in the couch he was sitting on.  A few minutes later he was out.  All that separated me from claiming his virginity, tasting his seed, and planting my seed in his ass were a pair jeans, t-shirt, and whatever underwear he was wearing.

I nudged him a few times to make sure he was out before starting to undress him.

I started with Mike’s shirt.  I pulled it up and over his body to find a glorious, lightly tanned chest with dark brown nipples.  I kissed and licked his chest, gradually moving down to his waist.  A thin, light colored treasure trail went from his belly button down into his jeans.  I began to undo the belt that held Mike’s jeans in place, becoming more and more anxious as time went on.

When Mike’s belt was undone, I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them.  I saw the dark blue plaid of his boxers.  I pulled his jeans down and off, leaving him wearing only his boxers.  I kissed him on the lips a few times before removing his boxers.

Then I saw it.  A beautiful, soft 3 inch dick laying nestled between 2 balls and a bush of pubes.  Mike was now completely naked.  I began kissing him starting at his mouth and gradually moving down to his dick.  I kissed his dick before taking it into my mouth.  I began to give him a blowjob and I could feel his dick getting harder and harder.  I continued his blowjob for 15 minutes when he started moaning and his inner thighs began twitching…I knew Mike was near cumming.  I started moving up and down faster since I wanted to know what he tasted like.  A few minutes later Mike’s entire body convulsed and streams of his virgin seed rocketed into my mouth.  His seed was sweet with a hint of saltiness.  I gladly swallowed all of it.

Now that Mike had emptied himself, it was time to empty myself.  I removed my clothes in preparation to take Mike’s virginity from him.  When I was completely naked I put his legs over my shoulders and took aim at his ass.  I decided to take him as raw as nature intended.  I began pushing against Mike’s ass until it began to give way.  As I entered, I could almost feel Mike’s virginity fading into nothingness.  I began to thrust more and more, moving in and out with ever increasing thrust.  I saw Mike was getting hard again and that gave me even more strength to keep thrusting away.  Several minutes later I couldn’t hold it in anymore.  I pushed myself as deep as I could go and released stream after stream of my seed into his ass.  As I was releasing my seed into Mike’s ass, he was shooting another load onto his chest.




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