I once read that males eventually reached a climax in their lives when they couldn't bear being without sex. They masturbated and even sucked themselves (this I frowned at). This was the hormonal stage... They would do anything to get their hands on a bit of pornography, but sometimes experience is a better teacher.

I was walking out of the classroom and past the lockers when I realised that Dylan was standing in front of me, a group of cheerleaders and jocks surrounding him and waiting for him to finish packing books in his locker. I had always thought of Dylan as being the cool guy, never being rude to me but also never being casual. He was the captain of the football team and didn't seem to bother himself with anybody lower than himself. It's a good thing we're the same age, I thought as I brushed past the group and walked briskly to the end of the hallway.

The college I attended was really big, meant to incorporate about 10 000 students a year. Just my luck. I never was a people person but I seemed to hide that trait pretty well. I glanced back at Dylan and I saw him catch my eye. I quickly looked away and turned the corner, my heart jumping in my throat slightly. I guess I was just not used to Dylan giving me more than a cursory glance. His eyes were hazel green to grey and his hair was black jutting out at random places in a sexy gelled style. He always wore a sleeveless top with a collar that always showed off his bulging muscles, whether that was on purpose or not, I didn't know.

He, like me, worked out a lot and it showed. But he, unlike me, had people crowding around him because of it. I didn't think I would have ever lived up to his standards. I walked into my Biology class and took a seat at the back of the class, sitting on the high chairs with my back against the wall. A few minutes later, Dylan entered the class, glanced for split second in my direction, and sat down in front. He wasn't accompanied by his usual crowd and this tensed me up even more. I stared down at the desk through the entire lesson and only looked up when the bell rang.

I walked out quickly, ensuring that Dylan couldn't look at me for long. Even though we both played football, he didn't give me much attention except during games and practice. That was ok but during school time was when I always got weird around him. I couldn't explain the feeling.

We had practice that day until late. I walked into the changing room and dressed by my locker. I stripped down to my boxer briefs and then dressed in my practising clothes.

The whole story happened after practice, however. There were only 5 showers in the changing room, so I had to wait last until everyone was done before I showered. I walked out of the shower, a towel wrapped around my waist, and stopped in my tracks when I saw that no one was in the changing room except me. Everyone else had gone home. I walked between the lockers to get to mine when suddenly an arm stopped me in my tracks. Dylan.

He also had a towel wrapped around him, although his hung a bit loosely, showing the black line of hairs starting at his navel and working its way down behind the towel. Why had I noticed that? I was straight! I looked up into his eyes and I was shocked to see a twinkle in them as he stared back at me. I was paralysed and I had no idea what to do.

Very slowly, Dylan moved forward, the inches between our faces growing smaller and smaller. Then he put his lips to mine.

They were warm and tasted like spearmint toothpaste, as if he'd brushed his teeth before kissing me. His tongue found its way into my mouth and I couldn't help but do the same to him. It felt so good! The kiss became more vigorous and he pushed me onto the bench, his lips still sealed to mine. I hooked my right hand around his neck as he started pulling away the towel wrapped around me. I already had a hardon.

He stopped kissing me and tore away his towel, revealing a cut cock of 8'. My cut 7' was clearly visible, the head pulsing at the sight of the amazing boy in front of me. He bent down and stroked my dick, causing precum to dribble down the shaft to my genitals. His hand wrapped around my cock and he used the precum as lube to jerk me off. All I could do was grunt at the pleasurable contact. He smashed his lips to mine and kissed me passionately.

Suddenly he stopped and he pulled my legs apart slowly, causing my butt cheeks to separate and reveal my pink hole. I looked at his cock and saw that the entire head was covered in precum, ready to do the thing I knew was to come.

I gripped my hands around the edges of the bench and looked up into Dylan's eyes. He looked back at me, the same twinkle in his eyes as earlier. He looked down and gripped his cock, guiding it forward to my hole. I felt the wet tip touch the hole and slowly slip inside. The pain was quick and then stopped, but as he slipped in deeper, I could feel the pain gathering even more. It was too much!! It was so fucking painful that I screamed out to no one.

"Aww..... Fuck, Dylan!!! Shit!!! Fuck, that's sore!!"

But I took it all in as I felt his short pubic hairs touching my ass. Then I felt him pull back quickly and plunge it back in, more vigorously than before and I shouted out in pleasure. He did this over and over again.

Sweat glistened on Dylan's chest as I watched him pound me. He panted, "Aww, yeah! You have a fucking tight ass!! That's so hot!!!!"

And the only thing I responded with was "Just carry on fucking me."

But as he slid his cock in again, I felt him touch something inside me with his dick, causing a shot of pleasure to stream through me and causing my cock to pulsate even more.

"What the fuck was that?" I asked.

"What you mean?" Dylan was confused and he stopped sliding his dick in me.

He was about to pull it out when I shouted, "No! Don't!! You hit something that felt fucking amazing!! Fuck me again!!"

So he complied. He pumped me again with his thick cock and felt him hit that same place as before.

"Fuck, yeah!!!! Ohh..... Man, fuck!! This is good!!! Aww fuck!"

Dylan gasped and I felt his cock jerk inside me, and I knew he was shooting his seed inside me. His dick carried on shooting come, pushing me over the edge. I came onto both of us, the come shooting up in strings and landing on Dylan's chest, dripping down onto my stomach. Another shot landed on my face and left a trail as it slid down my chin and neck. It looked like I had stored it up for a week, it just carried on coming.

Finally, when there was nothing more than a dribble left, Dylan slid his throbbing hardon out and pulled my legs straight. He bent over and kissed my neck and chin, licking the cum off my face. He kissed me and poured the come through his lips into my mouth.

Once he finished kissing and we both had swallowed my come, I asked, "Why did you ignore me until now?"

He looked amused at the question. "Because I couldn't decide if I loved you or not," he said as he pulled on his boxers.

"Well, do you? Love me?"

Once he had pulled on his shirt over his abs, he bent down, fully dressed, and kissed me. "Isn't it obvious?" he said with a smile. He moved away towards the door, but not before sliding his hand over my cock and giving it one last squeeze.



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