Journal Entry #1

He was cute and nervous about the idea of kissing a guy but I could see his bulging cock underneath his jeans. He wanted it. He craved it and I could tell he wasn't going to let his fear control his urge to kiss me. I put my fingers on his arm as I told him we could go as slow as he wanted. He mustered enough courage to pull me in and whisper in my ear, "I've wanted you for several years now, I want this." He pushed me back and I fell onto my bed. He climbed on top of me and looked me in the eyes. I could feel his hard rod against my leg and my boner throbbed to be touched by it. His beautiful eyes grabbed me and I couldn't look away as he leaned in closer to kiss me. His gentle but trembling lips came closer and closer and I finally felt them brush mine. I could feel his dick jump on my leg and my heart raced even faster. Once he started to get more comfortable with our kiss, he slowly brushed his tongue on mine. I loved the taste of his mouth. His lips fit mine perfectly and we couldn't get enough of it. For several minutes we made out until he was tearing at my shirt. I reluctantly pushed him back long enough to rip open his button down shirt and reveal his amazing body. He wasn't some huge ripped guy but I was never into that kind of man. I loved his smooth body as it always felt like my missing puzzle piece every time we hugged before this moment. He took his arms out of the sleeves and pulled my shirt off. He was quick to touch my pecs and brush his fingers over my nipples. I grabbed his neck and pulled him onto me again. We kissed for a few seconds and I decided to take over this adventure.

I shoved him over beside me and I got on top of him. He deserved what I was about to give him and I know he would return the favor soon enough. He looked excited and nervous but I could tell he wanted to give in to me. He knew how much he wanted this beautiful and expressive love we had always hidden from each other. I unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. His penis was fully erect and somehow I could see it getting bigger by the second. I unzipped and saw the outline of his beautiful dick underneath his boxer briefs. As it throbbed under the thin cloth of his underwear, I brushed the back of my fingers against it as I watched him. He took a deep sigh and leaned back with the most relief I have ever seen from him. He was ready, hell, he was more than ready for this. I grabbed both sides of his elastic boxer brief collar and slowly pulled it down. First his soft, warm cock head came into view as I kept dragging his underwear further down. Somehow as I saw more and more of his dick, it looked bigger than before. It was perfection at around 7-8 inches and thick with a nice big head. As his cum-filled balls came into view, I was in heaven. I finished pulling his boxer briefs off and threw them beside my desk. I took a second just to admire his beautiful set of cock and balls. Everything I've wanted for several years was right in front of me and I was about to enjoy it all. I looked up at him and saw the desire in his eyes, but I spoke softly and said, "Lean back, you're gonna enjoy this baby."

There was a quick pause and then I lifted my right hand to grab his thick cock. I felt him jump a little as his cock tensed up. He slowly relaxed and I started to stroke him gently. From the tip of his dick I saw a fairly large amount of precum leak out. He apparently noticed and looked down to apologize. I could see the apology about to exit his mouth but I stopped him dead in his tracks as I licked the precum up into my mouth. It was an amazing blend of tastes. It was a little salty but sweet, more sweet than anything I've ever tasted before. The precum was so much that some of it came out of the corner of my mouth. He smiled as I opened my mouth and put his cock head into my mouth. I wanted more of his sweet juice and I wasn't disappointed. As soon as I started to go up and down on his cock, a large amount of his precum almost shot out of the tip and down my throat. It surprised me but I enjoyed it so much. He was in ecstasy as I was sucking his cock harder and harder. His warm shaft made me start to sweat as I got faster. I could feel him fighting the urge to cum so I slowed down. I took his shaft out of my mouth and picked his balls up into my hand. I cupped them together and leaned in to lick them. Some kind of crazy kink took ahold of me and I put both of his balls into my mouth and sucked on them. As his dick rested on my cheek, I felt more precum leak out onto my face and I looked up to take a look at his cute face. He laughed a little and reached down for me. He brushed his finger into his precum and rubbed it onto his hands. He licked his hands and seemed to enjoy the way his juices tasted. I could tell he was ready for more than what I had given him.

As I stood up to kiss him he grabbed my basketball shorts and pulled them down. My boxers couldn't hide my 8 inch cock as it was obviously about to poke out of the hole in them. He smiled and said, "Damn, I didn't know your cock was so big." I blushed and said, "It's all yours now. I'm here for you and to make you happy." He brushed his fingers onto my hidden dick and said, "No, you've made me happy. Now I want to make you happy." He reached around and grabbed my ass to pull me in closer. My cock jumped out of my boxers and smacked him in the face by accident. He laughed and grabbed it. His sexy smile almost made me faint as I grinned back at him. As if he enjoyed the accidental cock slap, he started to smack it against his cheek. My own precum was leaking everywhere and some wound up on his flawless face. Before I could think straight, he shoved my cock head into his mouth and licked my shaft. It was pure bliss and I wanted more. He seemed to be a natural as this was his first time giving a blowjob and he seemed to really enjoy it. He sucked and sucked until I couldn't feel my face. I wanted to cum so hard. I wanted to see my huge load on his face and chest but I resisted. He saw my face in a combination of pain and ecstasy as he took his mouth off of my cock. The rest of the night went amazingly but I will have to wait until my next entry to tell you that.



Michael J. Benson


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