I am attempting to get my Doctorate Degree online and I was approaching the end of my first year doing so. Every six months, the school required we all get together in person and meet in some city face to face. Six months ago, I had met a number of really nice guys working on their degrees and we agreed that if we were going to be in the same class at the end of the year, we would share expenses and pair up for rooms since we spent so little time at our hotels.

It was time and Richard and I decided to share a room and split expenses. Richard was 6 foot five inches with long blond hair. He was Hispanic and his darker skin perfectly complimented his hair and green eyes. He was a teacher and I secretly wished he would take time to teach me things but I knew he was married and had three kids. He had a strong timber voice that made me weak when he spoke and he was very intelligent. When he smiled, he brightened the room and every woman in the room noticed him.

After our first day at campus, we stopped to get something to eat and returned to our room. Richard and I worked on homework that was due the next morning and finally were ready to get some sleep. We had two large beds in the room and I chose the one next to the window. Now Richard looked a little nervous and he told me that he had some things I should know.

I looked at him and wondered what he was going to say. First, he said that he had a problem sleeping without some sort of light in the room. I laughed and told him we could leave the light on in the bathroom as it was around the corner and would not bother me. Next, he explained that he was a very sound sleeper. He said not to worry in the morning if I did not wake up right away as he often could sleep through almost anything.

He said his wife always had a hard time waking him up. If I would just leave the radio/alarm going, he said he would wake up after a few minutes. I told him I had no problem with that. Then he said he had one more thing to tell me.

I looked at him and told him to spill it. He looked kind of embarrassed but informed me that he slept in the nude and hoped that would not bother me too much.

I was so excited to hear that. I knew Richard was married, but I was not and in fact, I had a thing for him. Now I could see his body all night long! I told him we were both guys and he did not have anything I had not seen before.

I teased him and asked if there was anything else I should know. He laughed and said no and began to get undressed for bed. I sleep in a t-shirt and boxers and I got into bed. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he peeled off his underwear and tried not to gasp at his beautiful cock. It was so thick and beautiful. I turned away and tried to go to sleep. He turned out the lights and got into his bed.

About two hours later, I woke up. I guess the light was bothering me a little. I turned towards Richard and there he was laying on his back in all his glory. Apparently, he did not use sheets either. I just stared at his body for a little while and began to get a tremendous hard on. I tried to jack off quietly, but he did not appear to hear me. Finally, I came and was able to go back to sleep.

I woke up three hours later and saw that it was about thirty minutes before we would have to get up. I sat up in bed and saw the most amazing sight in my life. Richard was hard and he was just laying there in bed. I thought it must be morning wood. I got up and picked up my cell phone. I wanted to get a picture of his glorious cock and his angelic face as he slept. I took about ten pictures and then sat down on the edge of the bed. I don't know what happened then, but I took his cock in my hand and began to jerk it off slowly. He did not wake up and his cock just got harder. I leaned over, touched my tongue to the head of his cock, and gently flicked him. Still he did not wake up.

Gaining courage, I took his cock in my mouth and began to gently suck and explore the shaft of his cock with my tongue. I continued to do this, took his balls in hand, and began to massage them. I went all out and began to suck on his cock and balls. Still he slept on but now I saw he had the beginnings of a smile. I slobbered some spit on his cock and continued to use my tongue on every part of his cock. I finally concentrated on the tip of his cock where the head meets the shaft. I took one finger and began to slowly work it into his fine ass.

He moved at this point and suddenly I thought he was waking up, but he was only spreading his legs more. I continued to finger-fuck him and suck his dick and balls. I felt his body begin to tense up and figured he might be coming. I took his entire dick in my mouth and deep throated him as he came. I could not believe how much cum he had. I thought I was going to choke, but then he was done. I let his cock slip out of my mouth and reached for the sheet to wipe my mouth.

Richard suddenly spoke, 'My God honey, that was the best wakeup call you have ever done.'

I told him, 'Your welcome dear.'

Suddenly he leapt back in his bed and said, 'What the Fuck is going on here?' He looked around and he must have realized that he was not at home. He looked very angry and embarrassed at the same time when he began to yell at me. 'What the hell are you doing, faggot!'

I told him that I was sorry he felt that way but that I could not resist hi beautiful cock. He just looked at me. Finally, he grabbed some clothes and went into the shower. I waited for him to get out and then I went to get ready myself.

As I finished getting ready, I told him that if he wanted me out of the room, I would get another room. He did not say anything and just said we would talk about it later. We both left for the campus and it was not until lunchtime that he said anything to me.

He asked me if I was gay and I told him I was. He asked me why I had not mentioned it before and I said it was none of his business. Then he smiled and said that I was a million times better than his wife. He said she had never been able to take all of him in her mouth and wondered if I was going to provide the same wakeup call tomorrow.

I was shocked and excited. I told him we would have to see what happened next.

To be continued (Day Two - Higher Learning)



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