Okay, typical stuff; if you're not old enough you ain't supposed to read this. And if you don't like interracial dominance you ain't supposed to read it either. But if you're into this kind of story, I hope you like it.

Davon White, Superstud

Chapter Eleven

Wham! He hit me again. This was the second time he'd hit me since he'd been ramming his giant prick up my ass. But in fact, it was an incredible turn-on. Every time he hit me a surge of fire shot from the tip of my cock throughout my body and into my pleasure centers. He was such a stud, so fuckin arrogant and dominant, such a God. Hey, I'm a muscle stud and a hot dominant myself, but I'm not even in the same category as Rad. He's in a whole different classification of dominant studs. I was absolutely, completely, unconditionally in awe of him.

"You god damn little pussy" he yelled at me and hit me once more.

I was crammed into the corner of the sofa with my head twisted at an uncomfortable angle and my ass up in the air while he, one foot on the floor and the other kneeling on the sofa, kept slamming his monster cock into my ass, damn near moving the heavy leather sofa with each thrust.

This was the second time I'd been called to Rad's office to get fucked, and, if at all possible, he was even rougher than the first time. He loved beating guys up before he fucked them, when he fucked them, and after he fucked them. I was a dominate stud, a Master, and my subs sometimes got slapped around and may have got a bruise or two while I was getting my pleasure from them, but it was secondary to my pleasure. But Rad did not hurt guys by accident, he did it deliberately and with great gusto. He loved beating up on guys while he was fucking them, maybe even more than the actual fuck itself. I mean, looking at his face and watching him laughing and gloating with such elation as he's beating the crap out of you is astonishing; and very, very, very hot. When Rad fucked you over you knew you were going to be hurting in a lot more places than just in your ass and throat.

When I arrived today he just left me standing there in front of his desk for ten minutes or so, totally ignoring me as he kept reading some documents. I knew I didn't dare say anything so I just stood there waiting with a roaring hard on, very excited about the rough fuck coming up.

After that ten minutes he looked up at me, seemingly noticing that I was there for the very first time. Then he got up, walked around the desk, grabbed my shoulders and pushed me to the floor. Jerking my hair, he pulled me into his crotch, and then slammed me in the back of my head three times with his fist, ramming me against his growing hard-on. With his fist.

And that bulge in his pants suddenly became like a huge steel rod.

"Strip" he said coldly as he walked back around the desk and opened a drawer. As I quickly removed my shoes, coveralls, wife-beater and underwear, he pulled out a flask and took a swig. Coming back around the desk, he slapped me, hard. Rad always hit hard. He didn't even understand the word gentle.

"Why aren't you on your knees, cunt" he growled at me. I dropped to my knees instantly, bent down, and started kissing his shoes. He didn't tell me to, and it was fucking dangerous to do anything without his approval, but I hoped he'd accept my homage as an apology. He accepted it without comment. "Get my shoes off" he said as he leaned back against the desk. I quickly slipped them off. "My pants" he said. As I looked up and started to remove his belt, he unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off. Unbuttoning and unzipping his pants I pulled them down over his massive thighs to the floor so he could step out of them.

As I looked up he pulled the t-shirt up and over his massive shoulders. Did I say massive? I meant gigantic. Rad was a muscle monster, with colossal muscles, but all in perfect proportion to his astonishing physique. No over-puffed muscles here. With well over three hundred pounds of rock hard muscle, he outweighed my two sixty-three by a good fifty pounds.

"My shorts" he said. Surprisingly he was wearing a tight pair of white spandex bikini's. Dominant muscle master or no, he was into fancy underwear which fit so snuggly around his enormous prick that it not only showed he was cut but clearly showed his piss slit and crotch hairs as well. His eleven or so inches was like a hunk of steel as it popped out from under the designer shorts as I pealed them off of him.

As he stepped out of them I knew what was coming. The last time I was here I'd barely got his shorts off when he'd jammed his enormous tool deep into my throat, mashing his crotch into my face, and just held it there. I'd held out as long as I could but when I was getting desperate to breathe I'd tried to push him away and actually grabbed on to his thighs.

He'd laughed for a moment, but when he'd let me off his cock he'd slammed me to the floor, put a knee on my throat, and hit me in the face about five times with his fist.

"Don't you EVER try to pull away from me again, you disgusting piece of slime" he'd growled menacingly at me as he spit in my face. Let me tell you that was a lesson learned; you get slugged and spit on like that you never forget it. The bruises on my face didn't go away for ten days or so.

So now, as I put the shorts aside and raised back up, he grabbed my hair, aimed his cock, and pushed it in to the hilt, all eleven inches into my gullet. Since I was expecting it, I had taken an enormous breath and now closed my eyes and just concentrated on not choking, and just trying to survive as best I could until he decided to let me go. I waited and waited, and it seemed like he was holding me there forever, so as I was getting desperate to breathe I opened my eyes and glanced up. He was smiling down at me.

Shit. That son-of-a-bitch was just waiting for me to panic. He was not going to let me go until I did panic. I closed my eyes again, swallowed twice, squeezing his gargantuan dick in my throat and begged. What was supposed to be 'please, Master' came out as 'ugggg mugggg'. I hoped that the squeezing by my swallowing and the vibrating of my vocal cords against his prick might give him additional pleasure so he'd let me go. I knew I was on the verge of blacking out but I did not allow myself to lose-it and do something stupid like trying to get away or even trying to touch him.

"Fucking little cocksucker" he said and I heard him laugh as he pulled my head back. "You like that don't you, punk?" he asked as he held me by the hair, looked down into my eyes and started banging his monster prick against my face.

"Yes, Master. I love it." And I did. Yeah, I did. I was so envious of this giant dominant demigod, and held him in such high esteem and adoration, that it almost left me breathless just to look at him. He was nothing less than a complete phenomenon. A god among men. A true superior being. And what could be more exciting than watching this god laughing and taking enormous pleasure while damn near strangling you. I would never have thought that I could be a masochist, even for a single second, but being under Rad's malevolent, almost evil power and control was unquestionably the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. Yes, it was exciting, but it was the actual menace of his having total power and control over me and not knowing what he would do next that made it so electrifying and mind-blowing; and yes, also terrifying.

This was only the third time I'd been fucked by him but I admit, I was head over heels in love with him already. Somehow the respect and the love blended together and turned me into his most dedicated and most devoted submissive. But what's not to love about him? A man of true heroic proportions; massive, perfectly proportioned muscles everywhere with cuts that were truly magnificent. Any gay man's symbol of absolute perfection. And more dominant and demanding and tyrannical than any human being had any right to be.

He was the most vain, self-centered, arrogant man on the planet, and he treated me and all his tricks less than the dirt under his feet, and I revered him for it. I would do anything for him, and the more abusive and demanding he was, the more I loved him for it. He deserved to be severe and commanding because of the honor he was bestowing on those he allowed to serve him. When you're picked for sex by a god, a supernatural being of absolute perfection, you'll accept any pain or abuse and take pleasure in it and feel honored for it. I knew I was being honored. I wanted to worship him; I wanted to BE him.

He slapped me, hard. "Did you say thank you?" Oh shit, I can't believe I haven't learned yet. I know better than this. I should never let my mind wander, overcome by his dominating presence.

"I'm sorry, Master. I'm sorry" I bleated. "Thank you, Master. Thank you."

He slapped me again. "Thank me for what, you little shit?" he snapped.

"Thank you for allowing me to take your cock, Master. Thank you for giving me that pleasure." How could I be so stupid as to forget? You not only thank Rad for anything he does to you, you thank him profusely.

Leaning over me, he swept his arm across the desk, sending everything on it crashing to the floor. Then he grabbed me under the arms, pulled me up, and literally tossed me onto the desk. Even at 263 pounds, I was like a toy to him as he put me on my back. Grabbing me by the hair, he jerked me around and dragged my head off the edge of the desk.

"Balls" is all he said as he pushed them into my face.

"Thank you, Master" I said as I started kissing and slobbering over his balls.

Hey, I'm a Master, and I've always had submissive slave boys serving me, so who better to know how a submissive is supposed to perform for his Dom. I was simply giving to Rad exactly what I expected my slave's to give to me, only more-so.

Rad let me go for a minute or two and then turned around and pushed his ass in my face, jamming the back of my head against the desk. And, hey, I was thrilled. I said I'd do anything for him, absolutely anything to honor him and give him pleasure, but he never offered me his ass before. My face was jammed in tight and I was going to have trouble breathing, but I started sucking up a storm on his butt, and as I got some saliva going, tried to push my tongue into his hole.

Rad didn't say anything but he was pushing hard against my face, so I was trying to slobber in his crack and breath through my mouth at the same time. But my mind was almost blank because nothing mattered right now but giving him the greatest pleasure imaginable. Total focus was on his very hot muscled ass. He hadn't let me worship it before so I was determined to let him know I appreciated it and was more than willing to do anything for him.

I was so hot, my cock was throbbing, and I had an almost uncontrollable urge to grab it and jerk it. But, I knew Rad would kill me for that, so I actually pushed my hands under my butt to try to keep from doing something I'd live to regret.

Then he turned around and slapped me hard on the chest. And then again.

"Fucking cocksucker" he growled and pushing a thumb in my mouth to pry it open, he jammed his prick into me; all the way, deep into my throat, all eleven inches of donkey dick until his balls banged against my nose.

But I was ready. Of course I'd taken a big breath, so I was prepared for whatever he was going to give me. I knew I was in for a rough face fuck but I was excited and ready. His pleasure was my pleasure and I was primed to give him my all.

So he fucked my face for ten or fifteen minutes, pulling out and slapping my face occasionally and then forcing the enormous monster back into my throat, over and over again. I knew I wouldn't be talking much for a couple days.

Then he dragged me over to the sofa, threw my legs up and rammed into me. I knew what was coming so I had prepared myself, but even so, he was so big and so violent that it hurt like hell at first penetration. But pain is pleasure and I was loving every second of his brutality.

And he had stamina too because he fucked me on and on and on. Occasionally he'd stop and ream me out, twisting his cock around in my ass and trying to cram into me even deeper. Then he'd slap me or slug me and go back to hard fucking, slamming it in with a fury.

Then, with a loud growl, not a yell or a scream, but an actual growl 'Grrrrrrrr' he jerked his prick out of me, and yanked me off the sofa onto my butt.

Pushing his prick into my face, now he did yell.. "Fuuuccckkk" he howled as he gave his cock one jerk and started blasting away. After the first two shots hit me just above my right eye and just above my left eye, he pushed my head back against the cushions and rammed his prick in so his next couple shots went deep into my gullet. Then he pulled out and hit me with his fist, right in the eye, as his final four or five shots went into my face. "Shhhiiittt" he said finally as he stuffed his prick back in my mouth and kind of fell on top of me, jamming my head back with almost his entire weight on top of me.

The last time he'd fucked me here in his office, I had shot my load without even touching myself, just from the violence of the fuck, but he'd cursed me, kicked me a couple times, and made me lick it up. Right now my dick was throbbing and I was more turned on than I'd ever been in my life, but I was able to hold on and not ejaculate Yes I have incredable control, but I'd fuck Angel the minute I got back to my cell.

Jesus Christ, this guy was a rough fuck, an incredible fuck.

Without a word, Rad pulled his prick out of my mouth, went over to his desk and started getting dressed. I didn't move. Sitting on the floor with my head back against the cushions I just waited. When you're in Rad's presence you don't do anything without his approval. One of many lessons I'd learned.

After getting dressed, Rad sat in his chair behind the desk. "Clean up this mess" he said. Thinking it might be safer, I crawled over to him on hands and knees and started picking the shit up off the floor and handing it to him. Papers and pens and intercom and stuff, he rearranged everything as I handed them t him. "Get dressed" he said. I quickly got dressed and stood in front of the desk waiting while he was reading some document.

Then he looked up at me. "Not bad" he said and although it may have been my imagination, I think he might have actually grinned at me. And you would not believe how much pleasure that gave me. Two words and I started to glow inside, and my still very hard cock started throbbing again. Jesus Christ, he'd kill me if I shot my load now.

Even though I was thrilled I was careful not to smile; I didn't what him to think I was getting a swelled head from his compliment. "You're learning" he said. "Next time don't grease up your ass. I want it tighter."

"Yes, Master" I said.

"Out' he said and went back to his reading.

----------------------------------------- Hey, this is Davon White, Superstud. Me, a total Master, I had just been royally reamed out by the most dominant stud in the world and I was jubilant. And I was hot. And I was so fucking horny that I was about to explode.

This was only the second time it'd happened, but I was an absolute tyrant when I got back from a session with Rad. My cock was like steel, I was horny beyond belief, and I wanted to tear me a new asshole from somebody, anybody. Of course Angel was there in the cell when I got back, but Taru was there as well and Bradford was standing outside the cell waiting for me.

"You survived" Bradford said. I simply ignored him as I entered the cell.

Taru was a good looking Indian guy, who worked out with me occasionally, so he had a nice build. I knew he had a crush on me so I allowed him to hang around my cell and drool over me. Hey, I don't mind being admired. I'd let him blow me once but he really wasn't my type, because he was at least twenty-four, my own age, and didn't have that young boyish look that teenagers have. But right now I was completely out of control so I simply walked up to him and slammed him in the stomach.

I was angry horny and was going to take it out on somebody and since I'd never had Taru's ass, he was going to be the one. Jerking my coveralls off, I grabbed my underwear and ripped them to shreds. Taru was lying on the floor on his butt with this shocked look on his face as I sat down on his chest. Grabbing his hair and jerking it, I started banging my cock against his face. "No, Davon. No, Davon" he said and I heard Bradford saying something from outside the cell. But believe you me, I was way beyond listening at this point and didn't even hear them. Flipping Taru over, I grabbed his coveralls at the seam of his ass, and with one enormous tug, ripped them wide open. Grabbing the jockey shorts I tore them from his body, actually lifting his 160 pounds up off the floor before they ripped apart.

Then, without any preliminary, I took aim and pushed, starting to force my enormous bludgeon into his tight little hole. He screamed.

And then Angel was there. Getting on his knees in front of me, sitting right on top of Taru, he grabbed me by the ears and pushed his nose right up against mine. "Master, Master, Master" he shouted, trying to get through to me. And then Bradford grabbed me from the back, dragging me off of Taru.

And I finally began to come to my senses. Angel, still holding my ears, started kissing me, first on the lips and then all over my face. "Master" he kept saying over and over. "Calm down, Master."

With Bradford holding on to my shoulders, and Angel almost on my lap, they pushed me over backwards onto my back on the floor. Then Angel sat on my belly, reached behind him to find my cock, and slowly started sinking down on it, forcing it into his butt.

I fucked Angel several times a day so it was not a big deal for him to take it without any preperation, and besides, I always insisted that he be tight for me so he never used cream, just some saliva when needed.

"You're taking my ass, Master" Angel said. "Your hot little slave boy is here, Master." Now I was mostly calmed down so Bradford backed off and Angel started bouncing his little buns up and down on my prick.

You have to know that I was just seconds from an ejaculation, because I was still crazy hot from the royal fucking I'd just gotten from Rad, so I was absolutely frantic to cum. So I yelled, and started shooting into Angel's ass. I humped my ass up off the floor a couple times, pushing Angel into the air as I blasted my semen into him.

And then I just collapsed, totally exhausted, lying there unmoving as Angel smiled down at me. He had a god damn look of triumph on his face which kind of pissed me off. He definitely thought he'd pulled one over on me, and I was definitely going to kick his ass later.

"Well, I guess it was good" Bradford said, and he and Angel and Taru all started laughing. I would have laughed as well but I was just too wasted to even react.

"Fuck you" I said softly. Bradford and Taru left and Angel helped me into a bunk, climbed in with me and started planting soft kisses on my neck. I knew that in the next hour or so he would kiss and lick every inch of my body.

-------------------------------------------- So, how things have changed since I arrived here at 'Maryland Correctional'. I'd been moved to the youth wing and Angel was my cell mate now. Angel, whom Rad had trained to be a perfect masochistic slave had simply been turned over to me as part of the bargain. The bargain? Rad owns me. Actually, he was going to own me whether I liked it or not, so he was being very generous.

This wing was supposed to be for faggedy looking kids and those up to twenty-two, so guess what my records show? Check them out and you'll find out that I'm the most faggedy and feminine looking prisoner in the place. Me, Davon White, completely girlish and in danger from other big rough, tough, hairy, straight prisoners. Yeah, that's what it says in my file.

It turns out that Angel's antics, his being a tough uncontrollable stud, had been just an act to try to get the Warden to ease some of the restrictions on the youth wing. Bradford and Nick and occasionally Beth were the only guards in the wing and they were all under my thumb, with the support of Rad. There were no four man cells here but since I could pretty much do whatever I wanted; I could even keep a kid in my cell overnight.

"If you don't get it clean this time I'm going to make you go over it with your tongue's, god damn it" snapped Angel at the two kids he had cleaning the floor of our cell. I was on the phone with Jamal; no restrictions on my phone use anymore, and Angel was berating Kordel and Damarco.

Although Angel had been Rad's slave and was now mine, the little shit was still a bit of a racist. He loved lording it over the other kids in the wing, particularly the black ones and Kordel and Damarco were both cute young black boys. I can tell you that neither one could give a decent blowjob but I'd been able to make my fat dick fit up their sweet little asses just fine.

It was almost funny, Angel seeming to be a racist, because he was not only my perfectly obedient fuck boy, but he actually worshiped the ground I walked on. He was wild about getting fucked by me and constantly raved about big black dick. Yeah, black dick. How he arranged this in his head was beyond me. Go figure!

Kordel and Damarco were the two boys Angel had picked to clean our cell this week and they were both on hands and knees with sponges cleaning the floor. Unfortunately we had no container for the dirty water, so after a couple sweeps with the sponge, they had to go to the sink and wash it out. They'd been at it since before six and had cleaned the bunks, the table and chair, the toilet and sink, and were now doing the floor.

Angel was a stickler for cleanliness and loved dominating the other kids. He could get away with almost anything because he belonged to me.

And so did Bradford belong to me. "Good morning, Davon" he said as he walked up to the cell. "Everything okay today?"

"Yeah, Bradford. Everything's fine" I said. "But Lars was being an ass yesterday and getting in the way in the weight room. Keep him out of there today."

"Okay, Davon" he said. "Whatever you say." Yeah, Bradford belonged to me. I hadn't fucked him yet but I had Rad's permission to do so and I was going to do it pretty damn soon. I mean, I can't fuck him in front of the other prisoners can I?, and it wasn't easy finding the place and time to do it.

Bradford was a slave to his brother, and might even be considered his lover because he was fucked by him regularly, probably every day. Their parents had named them Rad and Brad for god's sake, which pissed Rad off to no end, so when they got older he made Brad change his name to Bradford. Yeah, he made him change his name. Bradford was Rad's total slave and fuck boy and fawning toady and submissive lackey and you name it. He lived with his brother and for his brother, and was a complete masochist, totally dedicated and submissive to him.

"Angel, get them out of here" I said as Bradford walked away. Angel shooed the two boys out and came over to me.

"Yes, Master" he said. I was being lazy this morning and was still lying on my bunk, so now, without a word, I pushed the sheet and blanket down below my waist. "Thank you, Master" Angel said as he got down on his knees, leaned in, and sucked my half hard cock into his mouth. Rad had trained him well and Angel was unquestionable the best cocksucker in the county. Hell, any kid who could satisfy Rad's eleven inch monster should be able to take a baseball bat down his throat.

"Mmmmm" he murmured in pleasure as he moved up and down on my prick, licking and sucking and generally making love to my big schlong. Shit, Angel was good. "May I touch your cock, Master?" he asked as he pulled up momentarily.

"Suck my balls" I said, ignoring his request. I did allow him to use his hands sometimes, but a good cocksucker, a deep throat expert like Angel, could give the best blowjobs without ever touching you. I mean, it's not always just the feeling of a submissive's mouth on your dick, but it's the seeing as well. There really ain't nothing hotter than looking down at a pretty boy cocksucker, his face beet red, almost strangling himself on your cock trying to make it good for you and determined to give you, his Master, the greatest pleasure possible.

Keeping his hands behind his back, Angel buried his nose in my balls and started licking and sucking.

Shit, life was good. Back at 'Baltimore City' I seemed to spend all my time training new kids to be my fuck boys, and somehow never quite had the time that I wanted to really enjoy their devotion. Here at 'Maryland Correctional' I had Angel, perhaps the most dedicated slave I'd ever had, right up there equal to or even better than Corey. But I also had about thirty other young men pretty much available at my beck and call, some trained by Rad and some still virgin.

"Okay" was all I said, and Angel immediately got on my dick, knowing that I was ready for him to get me hot and ready to blow. Starting to make humming sounds in the back of his throat, Angel clamped down tight on my dick and started bobbing up and down on it. Angel had amazing jaw muscles that allowed him to really squeeze my dick as he sucked which made him an extraordinary good cocksucker. Angel was one of the few kids, in fact, that I let suck me all the way off sometimes instead of grabbing his head and fucking his face.

"Take it deep and hold it" I said as I looked down at that beautiful face and watched as he dropped his jaw and forced my monster into his throat until his lips were finally jammed up tight against my crotch. Then he started swallowing against my dick, giving me the most incredibly feelings of delight. Jesus was he good. "That's it, baby. Oh, yeah, you're driving me crazy." I couldn't help but grab the back of his head with both hands and ram my crotch into his face, mashing his nose against my belly and cramming maybe another couple centimeters into his throat. Oh shit yes.

I didn't want it to stop but I knew he couldn't go on much longer so I let go. He pulled up, coughed once, took a deep breath, and went back down again. Angel was magnificent.

But now it was fuck time. Getting up, I lifted him and tossed him on the bunk, his back against the wall and his feet out in front of him. Stepping up on the bunk, straddling his legs and standing in front of him, I pushed my crotch into his face. Jesus, Angel was beautiful. Absolutely perfect features, a dazzling white boy, and with my enormous jet black dick pressed against his nose, it was totally erotic.

Pulling my crotch back from his face I slapped him and then put my hand in his face.

"Thank you, Master" he said as he kissed my hand. Then he scrunched up his face; he knew what was coming because I slapped him again.

"Thank you, Master" he said as he kissed my hand again.

"Yes?" I growled at him.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master, for hitting me." And this was no ritual; Angel meant it. Angel loved me hitting him and being very rough. He craved it.

Pushing his head back against the wall, I stuck four fingers into his mouth as he looked up at me with worshipful eyes.

"Ready?" I asked. He couldn't speak but the look of anticipation and lust in his face spoke for him.

Pulling my fingers from his mouth, I replaced them with my enormous cock. My cock was not only long, but particularly big around; almost seven inches around, so seeing this colossal black pole entering this pretty white boy with his lips stretched around it was a sight to behold. I was a true voyeur. I mean, I love fucking, but I also love watching. There ain't nothing more captivating than watching my big black prick sliding in and out of a young white boy's pretty face.

I started to fuck. I was so hot already that it wasn't going to take me long, but it didn't matter because Angel could take it. More than anything, Angel loved me fucking his face with my big dong because he could look up and watch the contortions of bliss on my face while I fucked. He knows I'm a god and he's grateful for being allowed to give me pleasure. It always left his lips swollen and his throat sore but the big grin of satisfaction on his face when I finished was amazing.

I shoved my ten inches deep into him a couple times, holding it for a few seconds, just to get a good feel of his throat, and then started pumping. Slowly at first, pushing in with my cock barely entering his throat and then back out. Angel's jaw muscles were amazing and fucking his face felt almost as tight as fucking his ass. As I got a steady fucking motion going, Angel was doing wonderful things with his tongue on each outswing before I pushed it out of the way on my inswing.

The only thing missing was somebody licking my ass, and I intended to take care of that real soon. I mean, there ain't nothing better than fucking one pretty white boy while another pretty white boy buries his face in your ass. I'd already picked out a couple likely kids, really gorgeous blond boys, and intended to get them practicing in the next day or so. I've always loved having blond kids, real surfer types, eating out my ass

As I watched my cock going in and out of Angel's hot mouth, I saw him look up at me with that dreamy worshipful look on his face. He also looked like he was pleading with me and I knew what he wanted; he wanted permission to touch me. I nodded my head. Angel instantly reached around and grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands and let out an enormous groan.

"Mmmmmm" he muttered and I saw his body shutter. The little shit was cuming. I told you getting face fucked by me was his favorite, but add in being allowed to grab my ass was just more that he could handle. His whole body was jerking as he shot his jism, but if anything, his grip on my cock got even tighter. Angel knew better than to allow anything to interfere with my fucking.

But I was there anyway. Grabbing his hair with both hands and slamming him back against the wall, I bulldozed my dick deep into his throat and let go. My first shot went straight into his esophagus, but then I pulled back so the second and third went into his mouth. I go crazy when I'm ejaculating, so now, without even realizing it, I was yanking on his hair, damn near pulling it out by the roots.

I heard Angel squeal, or as much as he could with my dick filling his mouth but it didn't matter to me. I slammed back into him and my fourth shot went deep into his esophagus again.

Angel was whimpering and maybe even screaming, but I was still out of control, as I pulled back and let my final shots shoot into his mouth.

And then I began to calm down. I was soaking wet and panting as I looked down at Angel and saw such a look of total adoration on his face that is was almost funny.

"Oh, baby, you are so fuckin fine" I said smiling down at him. Pulling my dick from his face, I stepped down off the bed. In an instant Angel was crouched down on the floor and kissing my feet.

"Caaakkk" he tried to say something through his sore throat. Then he coughed and tried again. "Thank you, Master" he croaked. "Thank you, Master." I just stood there with a smile on my face enjoying watching him worshiping my feet.

"Okay, baby. Okay" I said finally as I reached down, grabbed his hair, and gently pulled him up to his knees. Bending down I gave him a quick kiss to the lips.

"Thank you, Master" he said again looking up at me with those beautiful goo-goo eyes. "That was absolutely the best ever, Master. The very best."

"At least since yesterday" I said with a laugh as I fluffed his hair. "We'll see about tomorrow."

--------------------------------------------- I was Rad's boy. It's hard to believe the Davon White can be anybody's boy but that's the way it was. I think he really liked me, and he loved fucking musclemen so I know he loved to fuck me. And being his boy came with a lot of benefits. He gave Angel to me, no strings attached, after he's spent a month or more training him. But, then again, Rad always had half a dozen kids in training so giving one up was probably not a big deal for him. But I know Angel had been special to him, because, as has been noted, Rad had even let Angel have Bradford one morning.

And Rad gave Bradford to me as well, and that was really generous, because Bradford was not only his brother but his regular fuck boy. And, as I understand it, his chauffeur, housekeeper, cook and bottle washer, and bed warmer as well. So giving me permission to use Bradford was amazing, and showed how much he actually respected me. He would never show it, of course, but it was obvious that he recognized that I am a super dominant stud master as well, not quite up to his standards, but second only to him. He made it clear from the very beginning that his favorite fuck was a really hot, really big, muscle guy with an incredible physique, and I'm sure I fit the bill better than anybody he'd ever had. Of course I was submissive to Rad, but then again, everybody is submissive to Rad.

So here I was looking through the bars at Bradford, an amazingly good looking black guy with a superb muscled body. A total stud. Yes, a stud. He looked straight as an arrow, without the least bit of feminine features or actions, but when his brother spoke, his legs flew up in the air. He was completely and totally servile and obedient to his brother, not only sexually, but in every way possible. I mean, Rad had loaned him to Angel without a qualm. Rad ruled him with an iron fist and he accepted it and evidently loved him for it.

I'd only seen Bradford naked one time, when I'd seen Angel plowing his ass. But what a body! Seeing him strapped to the wall with Angel plugging him was a sight for a top's wet dreams. Not that I had wet dreams, but if I did.....

As you know, I'm into hunky boys, teenagers actually, but I've had my share of muscular older guys and I loved dominating them. I mean fucking a young hundred and fifty pound muscular kid is one thing, but taking a mature man, a really built two hundred pound plus muscle man and turning him into your pussy boy was incredible.

I'd been busy getting Angel accommodated to my needs, getting the 'Family' back on track with calls to Jamal, and just getting settled in and acclimated to the youth wing, but now I wanted Bradford. I wanted that muscled black ass.

"So what's that conference room used for, Bradford?" I asked.

"The what? Ahhh... what's that?" he responded.

"The one at the end of the solitary section. The one where Angel had you strapped to the wall and was fucking the hell out of you?" I just smiled at him after saying this. I couldn't see if he was blushing but I think the heat coming from his face could have heated the room.

"Davon, please, don't do that. Please" he said. I just laughed.

"Okay, okay, don't have a hernia. But what's it used for?"

"Dr. Taylor used it to council some of the kids, but since he resigned it's not used much at all. That's why Rad has been using it."

"So I can still tie you up against the wall, 'Brad'?"

"My name's Bradford" he growled at me. "If Rad hears you say that, he'll tear you in half."

"Okay, okay, I got it." You can believe I don't fuck with Rad. "When's your break, Bradford?"

"Well, I've got a half hour at 10:30 but..."

"Meet me there at 10:30" I said.

"But, Davon..."

"I said, meet me there at 10:30, didn't I?"

"Ahhh... yeah Davon. You did."


"Ahhh... yeah, okay, Davon."

"Good" I said and turned away from him.

I'd already fucked Angel this morning but just thinking about Bradford gave me a twinge in my shorts. Shit, I hadn't had a real muscle man since Craig at 'Baltimore City', and let me tell you, fucking Craig had been fabulous. With that hot ass of his I expected Bradford to be every bit as good.

Angel had had two blond boys in our cell this morning to do the cleaning. The little shit loved cow-towing it over black kids, but today I told him to get the blond white boys so I could check them out up close.

Both boys were virgins as far as I know. Virgin asses and virgin mouths anyway. I hadn't fucked them and I'm pretty sure Rad hadn't either. Adam and Ryder were both nineteen and very blond but Adam was tall, almost six feet, and skinny, and would take a hell of a lot of building up before he'd have a decent body. But Ryder was a little guy, barely 5'4", but was stockier, with a naturally well-formed body, much more my type. So there was no question Ryder was going to be the one. Give him a couple months in the weight room under my tutelage and he'd bulk up fine just the way I like them, giving me something pretty to look at and hold on to when I fuck him.

Little guys were great fun to play with anyway. I mean, they're called boytoys after all, so if they're small enough for me to toss around like a toy, all the better. I'll bet this kid doesn't weigh much over a hundred and ten pounds. I'd never had a fuck boy this small before, so I planned to have a whole lot of fun with him.

But yeah, Angel satisfied me; I fucked him several times a day, but Davon White has needs beyond only one kid. I'd already taken four kids into my bed for overnights, which pissed Angel off to no end, but they'd all been black kids. Gorgeous black kids who'd all been fucked by Rad but, right now I wanted a blond, or maybe two blonds, to become regular fuck boys that belonged to me and not to Rad, and who would spend all their days and maybe their nights with me. This big prick of mind wouldn't have any trouble keeping a couple horny kids satisfied, that is if I cared if they were satisfied. I mean, I don't recruit them to be happy, I recruit them to keep my prick happy, and you can be assured that I'd keep them busy doing that. So, anyway, I was going to get Ryder started on black cock worship at my first opportunity.

Life was really beginning to look up here at 'Maryland Correctional'. I had fuck boy Angel, I was on my way to have Bradford, and I was going to get me another regular fuck boy soon. All of that and I still had my pick of the other thirty or so boys in the youth wing. Yeah, life was definitely looking up.

Bradford was already there in the conference room when I arrived, just as I knew he would be.

And Bradford is gorgeous. Yeah, gorgeous. Very handsome, and a body to die for. I know he had to spend as much time in a weight room every week as I did. I'd only seen him naked once when Angel was plowing his ass, but even with clothes on, there was no way to cover those beautiful bulging muscles.

Bradford's problem was being compared with his brother, his identical twin brother. In fact, I felt sorry for the guy because Rad was in a whole different category of musculature. Rad was no less than sheer perfection; totally awesome, so it was completely unfair to compare Bradford with him.

Bradford was, or was going to be, almost the most muscular guy I'd ever fucked. Almost, because competitive body builder Craig at 'Baltimore City' had been somewhat bigger and perfectly defined. And fucking Craig had been fabulous. Holding on to those big muscles while I fucked him, and looking down and seeing that big body making love to my prick were some of the highlights of my time at 'City'.

"Jesus Christ, you look good" I said as I entered the room. "Strip for me, babe. Let me see that gorgeous body of yours."

"Ahhh... Davon..." he started to say.

"Rad said I could have you, Bradford" I said, "and as we know, Rad's word is law. So don't fuck with me. Strip, like I told you."

"Okay, Davon, okay" he said as he removed his jacket and started on his shirt and tie.

God damn he looked good, and there was no way I couldn't see Rad in him. How the hell do you deal with identical twins when they are both gorgeous, but one is a tyrannical top and the other is a bottom boy. I was very well aware that Rad has made me into his pussy, but Bradford looked just like him and the truth is, I wanted to worship that hunky body. What a conundrum.

Bradford stripped down to his underwear and waited as I stripped down as well. I watched his eyes as I stripped to see his reaction, and he seemed to be impressed. It was going to be a bitch trying to impress this guy because he was fucked every day by his brother who had a body beyond belief and was half again my size; and who had a cock, while maybe not quite as big around as mine, that was definitely longer.

Bradford was stripped down but was still wearing his shorts, but I didn't gave a shit what his dick looked like anyway. I'd get the shorts off when it came time to plug his ass. I handed him a black studded leather slave collar I'd brought with me and he strapped it around his neck without saying a word. And, shit, there ain't nothing like seeing a guy wearing your slave collar.

I stripped down to the buff, with my half hard prick sticking out. Now I've got a big dick and have seldom seen anybody bigger, but I ain't Rad. But, even so, you can bet Bradford is going to know he's been fucked when I'm done with him today.

"Turn around, sweetheart" I said as I reached down and gripped my cock. "Let me see that hunky body. And flex those muscles for me." Bradford gave me a double bicep, and then a most muscular and slowly turned around, and damned if he didn't stop half way and stick his ass out for me.

"Oh shit, baby, you are beautiful" I said as I stepped up to him. Grabbing him by the neck, I pushed him down, forcing him to bend over. Grabbing his underwear by the waistband, I pulled them down off of his ass and literally swooned. "Jesus, baby. You've got the most beautiful ass I've ever seen." And I wasn't lying; he had beautiful hard globes of muscle that only a body builder can have. I massaged those beautiful cheeks for a moment and slid my fingers up and down the crack a couple times, and then pulled him into my crotch. My cock was fully hard now and was standing straight up, and with my seven inch girth it fit nicely as I pushed it into his crack.

"Fuck me, baby" I said. "Fuck me with that beautiful ass." As he started pushing his ass back against me, I reached over him and grabbed his slave collar and gave it a jerk. Jerking him back and forth by the collar, and meeting his thrusts by humping my crotch into his beautiful ass, I let out a yell.

"Oh yeah, baby." I didn't even have my dick in him yet, but I already knew this was going to be a fabulous fuck.

Pulling him upright against my chest, I let go of the collar and reached around and grabbed a big bulging pectoral muscle with each hand and started fondling them. Jesus, was he hot. Big slabs of rock hard muscle, I squeezed them as I crushed our bodies together, and I actually gave him a couple kisses on the back of his neck.

My dong was still in his ass crack and I was still humping him, but I wasn't ready to fuck yet. It's not often I get a body builder under my hands like this and I was going to take advantage of it. Stepping back, I grabbed his shoulders and turned him around to face me. Then leaning in, I started kissing and licking his big bulging right pectoral muscle.

"Oh, baby, you are so beautiful" I mumbled as I got my mouth on his nipple and started sucking it. "Oh shit yeah."

Okay, so what? Yeah, I always, always, have my fuck boys worship me and my muscles, not the other way around. But how often do I have the chance to have a real mature body builder available? I'd fucked Craig six or seven times, and I'd worshiped his muscles most every time, and it had been heavenly. I didn't know if I'd get another chance at Bradford so I was definitely going to take advantage of his hot body today.

"Davon, Davon, Davon" Bradford murmured in my ear, obviously enjoying the hell out of my worship. You can bet he never got this from Rad.

"Oh shit, baby, I love these hot muscles" I swooned as I moved over to his right pec, licking it and sucking on it and enjoying the feeling of that hard muscle under my lips and tongue. "Oh shit yeah" I moaned.

"Show me those arms, baby" I groaned in ecstasy. "Flex those big muscles for me." Bradford flexed his enormous right arm, bringing up an eighteen or nineteen inch bicep. "Oh, shit" I groaned again as I leaned in and started giving it soft kisses.

"Oh, Davon" Bradford moaned. "Ohhh... yes, yes." Oh yeah he liked my worship, he was loving it. But who wouldn't? A hot muscle stud like me, a total dominant, pleasuring his hot body with my mouth. Bradford never had it so good. But it didn't matter to me one way or another because I was getting a whole lot of pleasure and incredibly turned-on by worshiping these muscles. But I also knew I was going to be fucking this hot stud in the next couple minutes too.

My cock was like a steel rod and was actually hurting as I stepped back from him. I knew I was flushed and had my saliva all over my face, but I was almost delirious with pleasure.

"Work my pec, baby" I said as I pulled his face into my chest. And you can bet Bradford was into muscle worship as well. All bodybuilders were into admiring another guys bodies.

Bradford was good, worshiping just the way I like it. Starting with soft kisses, and then changing to licking, and finally into sucking. He was really slobbering on it as he sucked on every inch of my chest.

I threw my head back in ecstasy as I just let him go at it for a few minutes. Then I reached down and gave him a slap on the ass with my right hand, and raised my left and flexed it. Bradford looked up and saw my flexed arm and literally dove in to start worshiping my big bicep. Reaching up and grabbing my arm with both hands he pushed his face in, rubbed his nose against it, and started kissing and sucking on it.

My head still thrown back, I grinned in pleasure, while this big hunk worshiped my hot body. Without me saying anything, he bent down and jammed his face into my armpit and started slurping up the sweat he found there. He was now making moaning sounds from the back of his throat; he was enjoying this as much if not more than I was.

After a couple minutes he reached over and pushed up my right arm, and I flexed it for him. Instead of going for the muscle this time, he pressed his face into my armpit instead, glorying in the worship of my pit.

Then, finally, I pushed his head back so we were nose to nose and I was looking into his eyes. "How would you like some ass, baby?" I asked, grinning at him. "Hot black muscle boy ass."

"Oh, yeah, Davon. Please" he said as he got this shocked look in his face. "Please, Davon. Yes." Did I tell you Bradford was a masochist? With a brother like Rad, an abusive Master who fucks him every day you know damn well Bradford has to be a perfectly trained masochist.

"Get to it" I said, still grinning at him. Bradford immediately dropped to his knees, crawled behind me, and pushed his face into my ass.

Nirvana! Ain't nothing better than getting your ass licked, and having a beautiful muscle stud doing it is even hotter. You know anybody with a tyrannical brother like Rad has got to be no less than brilliant at kissing ass. And, oh yeah, Bradford was brilliant. Pulling my hot globes apart with his hands, he jammed his nose in and started spitting and slobbering and sucking on my hole. Then giving my cheeks a few quick kisses he dove back into my crack and back to sucking. No soft easy lick here, but an energetic ramming of his tongue and nose into my crack. It actually felt like he was trying to fuck me with his nose, he was ramming it in so hard. Then I felt his tongue. The most exquisite feeling imaginable; his tongue forcing its' way into my hole.

He was prying my cheeks apart and pushing his face in, but he must have one hell of a tongue, because I could feel it entering my hole.

"Oh shit, Bradford. You're killing me" I said in total pleasure. Then he really did start fucking me. Making his tongue into a ridged bar, he started banging his face in and out of my ass, forcing his tongue in with each thrust.

You ever been tongue fucked? So have I, but never like this. Bradford was brilliant. But he was also getting me too hot.

"Jesus, Bradford" I said as I pulled away from him. He followed me with his face in my ass so I had to actually reach back and pull him away. "I gotta fuck you, baby."

"Against the wall, Davon. Please, against the wall" he pleaded, looking up at me. I glanced over where I'd seen Angel fucking him, and there were the straps and lined cuffs for wrists and ankles.

"Well, move it then" I growled. "I'm hot to trot." Bradford got up and scurried over to the wall, reached up and fastened the cuff around his right wrist, I walked over, fastened the other wrist stretching his arms wide facing the wall, and then attached the ones to his ankles.

Then I stepped back and simply admired him. Jesus what a man. Big muscle hunk with an ass that was totally out of this world. He still had his underwear on, and they'd now slipped back up over his ass. I reached out and grabbed them and ripped them to pieces. The waist band was still there with tatters of underwear attached, but his ass was completely open for my inspection. I couldn't resist grabbing those beautiful globes, squeezing them and pinching them. Bradford is all muscle, and since the sphincter is a muscle, I knew it was going to be a bitch forcing my prick it there. But, I also knew I was going to have one hell of a good time doing it.

Giving his cheeks a few soft slaps, I pulled them apart and lined up my big hard dong against his little hole. Putting my hands on Bradford's hips, I pushed, and then pushed harder, and then harder yet. Very slowly, that little pucker began to pry open up for me, and just like that, the head of my prick popped inside him.

"Mmmmm" Bradford moaned. No scream; just a soft moan. Hell, he had to be accustomed to this since he got it every day from his brother. I pushed again and got three or four inches into him. Yeah he was tight. You might think with Rad's dick up there all the time that he'd be loose, but in fact he's a muscle man. Muscles are elastic. They might stretch but they come right back where they started. He was tighter than hell.

"Ohhh..." he moaned again. "So good, Davon. Please. Please fuck me."

"You got it, baby" I said with a grin, and I pushed hard, forcing all ten inches into his tight muscle ass.

"Oh yeah, Davon. Oh yeah" he murmured. Shit, this muscle man really loved getting fucked.

So I fucked. Pulling back and ramming into him over and over again. He kept moaning softly, and grunting each time I slammed into him. With Rad fucking him in his office all the time, he had evidently learned to take it quietly.

Not so, me. I was yelling 'shit' with each thrust. "Shit, shit, shit" I went on and on. I had been close to coming, back when Bradford had his tongue up my ass, so it was not taking much to get me back on track again. I was hot.

Grabbing onto his hips, I really started slamming it to him. His prick was jammed against the wall and evidently getting stimulation every time I slammed into him, because suddenly Bradford started breathing hard and gasping: "uh, uh, uh, uh". He was coming. Now that's what I call a real masochist; coming without even touching himself while being dominated and ram fucked.

But I didn't hesitate. I didn't give a shit if he came. All I was interested in right now was my own pleasure, and I was getting really hot and could feel the pressure building up in my balls.

Bradford was still firing as I reached my peak. Reaching up, I grabbed his shoulders and slammed into him as hard as I could one final time. "Shhhiiittt" I screamed as I started blasting into his ass. "Shit, shit, shit" I went on, shooting burst after burst of my semen into his hot muscle butt.


"You're a hot stud, Davon" Bradford said to me with a smile while we were getting dressed. "You get Rad's permission you can fuck me any time."

Rad's permission?" I queried.

"You know I belong to him, Davon" he said matter-of-factly. "That's just the way it is, and I'm happy with it."

"Cool, I'll talk to him" I said. But of course I wouldn't. Rad was volatile and there's no way of knowing how he would react if I asked to fuck his favorite bottom boy again. No way would I take that chance.

"You going to keep my slave collar on, Bradford, or are you going to take it off?" I said with a grin.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot" he said with a laugh. "But it was feeling awfully comfortable."

To be continued.....

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