If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, really rough gay domination stories including rape, don't read this.

If you're into gay muscles and domination, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Davon White, Superstud Chapter Two It took only a couple seconds to figure out why I was in such a good mood when I woke up. For the first ten seconds or so I thought I must have had a really wonderful dream, and then it came to me that I had something to do today; something more wonderful than a dream and the big tent sticking up in the middle of my blanket was telling me to get started. I threw the blanket off and stood up, and yeah, I had one hell of a boner, seven damn inches around, at least ten inches long, and throbbing. The boy was lying on his back, his mouth open and drooling, and looked as cute as a button. White boys have such pretty lips, nice and red and rosy, and there were few things I liked better than seeing them wrapped around my black dick. I wet my finger and rubbed it back and forth over those plump pink smoochers, the gateway to the tunnel of my delight. Louis' lessons in deep throat sucking were starting this morning.

I jerked his blanket off, grabbed his arm and flipping him over, slapped him hard on the ass. "Yeeeaaaoh" he hollered as he woke up sputtering. "Hey" he yelled.

"Get up, baby" I said grinning broadly at him. "We got a big day ahead." Then he remembered, and the look of shock on his face turned to fear. "Up, up" I said as I grabbed his arm and pulled. He had to untangle his feet from the blanket to keep from falling on his head as I pulled him off the bunk. "Don't wear your clothes to bed again. I want you sleeping in the nude." He didn't say anything but stepped back to get away from me.

I reached over and gave him an openhanded slap to the face. 'crack' He howled and then again as I backhanded him. Then I grabbed his hair with one hand and his chin with the other, and jerked him over so his head was actually touching my chest and he was looking up at me.

"I don't expect you to remember everything I taught you yesterday, but you damn well better remember what to say when I speak to you" I shouted fiercely into his face, my spittle splattering all over him. "What do you say?"

"Yes, Master" he gulped and repeated. "Yes, Master."

"Little shit" I said as I pushed him backwards so he landed on his ass on the floor. I walked over to the toilet and with some difficulty, forced my still mostly hard prick down so I could take a healthy piss.

Turning back to Louis I shouted: "On your knees." He jumped to obey.

"Yes, Master."

"Better" I said. "Put your head on the floor."

"Yes, Master" he said as he pressed his forehead to the floor.

"Kiss my foot" I ordered as I walked over and slid it under his face. He didn't hesitate for even a second, but gave my foot a kiss. "Now what do you say?"

"Ahhh... yes, Mas... ahhh... thank you, Master."

"Thank me for what?"

"Ahhh... thank you... ahhh... thank you for letting me kiss your foot?"

"Say it again, and say it like you mean it."

"Thank you, Master, for letting me kiss your foot."

Can you believe this? He hadn't even been here a full day yet and he was well along to being my slave. You bet I know how to train a kid.

"Not bad, kid. You'll learn. Now let's see about breakfast."

You gotta understand that I am an expert trainer. I'd trained a couple dozen guys, inside and outside of prison, to be my fuck boys. Several guys from my own gang had been my fuck boy's at one time or another, and I can tell you something, it's just like training a dog. You punish him for doing the wrong thing, and you keep punishing him until he learns how to do the right thing. Punishment is very important. So my experience has shown me that being rough at the beginning, really rough, makes for much easier going later on.

They learn almost immediately that I may be an amazing looking stud, totally glorious to look at with such incredibly perfect features and muscles upon muscles upon muscles, but I can be a nasty son of a bitch as well, and they have to not only obey me, but they have to do everything in their power to try to please me. And I don't make it easy because I let them know from the beginning that I'm never quite satisfied, and no matter what, they need to try harder. I mean, if they do exactly what I tell them to do and I kick their ass anyway, it sinks into their brain that somehow they've got to outdo themselves. You'd be amazed how slavish a kid can be after I've kicked his ass and kicked his ass and kicked his ass. It gets to the point where even a nasty word from me, like 'suck harder, bitch' almost becomes a positive thing and drives them to a frenzy of activity because, at least, I'm not hitting them.

After we got back from breakfast I showed him where the shampoo and soap and stuff was and we headed down to get a shower. I don't feel like I have to put on a show for the other prisoners, so I don't put my boys through their paces in the shower room. They just wash me and dry me. Hell, just the sound effects coming from my cell when I'm training them is probably more of a show than most of the guys can handle anyway, and I suppose they blow their wads over and over again just listening.

I took off my towel and told him to take his off as well, so we both stood there in the nude. "You like my body, boy?"

"Yes, Master."

"Tell me what you see" I ordered. "Tell me what you see that you like."

"Ahhh... Master. Ahhhh..." Of course he was nervous because he knew I'd kick his ass if he said the wrong thing.

"I see a huge, ah... a giant... a giant muscle man. I see... I see a handsome black muscle hunk. I see... I see strength, muscle strength . Yeah, real muscle strength. I see incredibly enormous muscles, Master. I see a muscleman, a true muscleman, ahhh... a superman."

"You see a god? A muscle god? You see Davon, your muscle Master?" I asked.

"Yes, Master, ahhh... Davon. Ahhh I see... I see my ahhh... I see a muscle god."

"Who is your Master? Is this muscle god your Master?" I actually started getting a warm and fuzzy feeling inside because I love this shit, and okay, so I'm fucking vain. Hell, anybody sees me knows I gotta be the most arrogant and narcissistic guy on the planet. With a body and face like mine you know it goes with the territory.

"You are... ahhh..., Master. You're my Master" he said, his voice quavering. "You're my ahhh... my ahhh... my muscle god."

"Where's my jockey shorts?"

"Ahhh,.. Master?"

"From last night" I said. He stepped over to the bunk and pulled them out from under the pillow and brought them to me. "You wear them on your head last night?"

"Yes, Master. I... I tried. Ahhh... when... when I could." I knew he'd pull them off in his sleep so I couldn't really fault him for that.

"Open your mouth" I directed, and as he did I stuffed about half of the crusted underwear in. "Now go stand in the corner while I make some calls. Keep your eyes on me in case I need anything." Without argument he went to the corner while I sat a made some calls to the outside making sure everything was okay. I glanced over every once in a while to see that his eyes never wavered from mine and he didn't budge from the corner. His face was flushed and I could see him shaking occasionally. Just having him standing there was putting the fear of God into him, and was great training because it emphasized my total dominance over him.

"Davon" someone called and as I looked up I saw Ralph standing in the hall.

"Hey, Ralph" I responded. "Jamal, I'll call you back" I said into the phone.

"I got a call from the Warden this morning" Ralph said.

"Yeah, so did I. I just told him you forgot about Carl wanting a transfer. I suppose he chewed you out."

"You could say that. Look, Davon. He put the screws to me about putting this young white kid in with you. He wanted to know why it was changed and if you'd pressured me in some way."

"Well, shit, Ralph. Just make something up, for god's sake, just like I do. Just tell him what he wants to hear."

"Come on, Davon. You're putting me on the spot here, and if we're not careful you're going to get me into trouble."

"Well, that's to fuckin bad" I said as I got up and walked over to the bars, still totally nude. "You shoulda thought of that before you agreed to be my errand boy. You should have thought of that before I gave you a Mercedes to drive."

"Come on, Davon. You gotta help here. Please. The Warden is going to be watching, so just cool it with the kid, okay?"

"Come here, kid" I said as I turned to Louis and waved him over. He'd heard our conversation and probably guessed he was not going to get any support from Ralph, so the terror was still showing in his face. "Take that out of your mouth" I ordered.

"Yes, Master" he said as he pulled my underwear out of his mouth.

"Master?" Ralph asked.

"We're just playing around" I said with a laugh as I put my arm around Louis and gave him a hug. "Shit, Ralph, I gotta do something in this place for entertainment. Don't I Louis? You and me are having fun here aren't we?"

"Yes, Master" Louis answered with a quiver in his voice. I gave him a grin and another one arm hug, almost pulling him off his feet.

"Jesus, Davon. It's only been a day" Ralph said in awe.

"I don't fuck around, Ralph" I said giving him a grin. "I'll take good care of Louis, and me and him are going to get along fine. Aren't we, Louis?"

"Yes, Master."

"Okay, Davon" Ralph said. "But please. Please be careful. Who's going to handle your arrangements if you get me fired? Think about that, okay?"

"Okay, Ralph. Okay. Don't worry. I'll cool it." As Ralph walked away I gave Louis a pat on the butt and then a good squeeze. "Back in the corner till I'm ready, slave boy. I got a couple more calls to make."

"Yes, Master." His fear of me was actually growing and he was really shaking now as he went back into the corner.

"And put my underwear back into your mouth and suck on it. It better be soaking wet when I finish my calls." So I got Jamal back on the phone so he could tell me what was happening today.

"Hi, Davon."

'Oh fuck' I said to myself. 'Can't get a damn thing done around here' as I looked up and saw Jackie at the cell door. "Okay, Jamal" I said into the phone. "You take care of it. I'll call you later."

"Hi ya, Jackie" I said sweetly as I walked up to the bars still completely nude with my big dick hanging down. Then whispering into her ear: "How's my bitch today?" I reached through the bars and kissed her and grabbed her butt and gave it a good squeeze.

She giggled like a little school girl. "You haven't seen my tattoo for a while, Davon. Now that Carl's gone maybe I can show it to you more often" she said in what she thought was a sultry voice, which I thought sounded like a retarded ten year old.

"Hell, Jackie. I've got this new kid now and I'm going to be showing him the ropes, so I'll be tied up this week. Maybe next week." Then I whispered in her ear again: "and after you blow me I'm going to give it to you up your ass." I grabbed her ass again and gave it another squeeze.

"Oh, Davon. You are wicked" she giggled. "You are so wicked."

"Don't make me wait to see my tattoo, Jackie" I said in my sexiest voice, a husky lascivious bass voice. "Let me see it right here and now."

"Ohhh, Davon. We can't" she said as she giggled some more. "Not here." I grabbed her hand and pulled it to my dick to let her play with it while I reached through the bars and unbuttoned her jacket and the top four buttons of her blouse.

"Ohhh, Davon. Ohhh" she moaned, almost creaming her panties right on the spot as she fondled my dick and I pulled her bra up a couple inches uncovering the tattoo. DAVON, in red decorative letters right below her right tit, right where I'd kissed her the first time I'd fucked her. Sticking out my tongue I gave the tattoo a long wet sloppy kiss, almost giving her a hickey.

"Ohhh, Davon. You make me so hot" she murmured as she pulled her hand back and quickly straightened her bra and re-buttoned her blouse.

"Soon, baby, soon" I said as I gave her a couple slaps on the butt and turned back into the cell.

"Shouldn't you get dressed, Davon."

"Givin you a show, Jackie" I said as I flopped my dick up and down a couple times. "Givin you a show." Strangely, I hadn't even realized I was still naked so I stepped over and got a pair of shorts and pulled them on. Besides it would give Louis a chance to explore before he got on my dick.

"Come here, Louis" I said as I sat down in the chair. He came over, and as I pointed to the floor, got on his knees. "Are those wet" I asked. He shook his head yes. "We'll see."

"Now, understand, Louis. If I hit you, you probably deserve it, or maybe I just feel like hitting you. But, truth is, you'll learn faster if you get punished. Got that?" Now the tears showed up in his eyes again. He was terrified but he shook his head yes anyway. "Now, I'm kind of particular about how my slave boys act. You do what I want and you do what I tell you, and nothing else. Nothing. You're here to serve me and absolutely nothing else. You watch me like a hawk and try to guess what I want and do it before I ask. You don't even think of anything except how to best serve me. Can you do that?"

I could see beads of sweat on his forehead caused by his intense fear, but after taking a deep gulp, he shook his head yes. "Good, boy" I said as I patted him on the cheek and then pulled my shorts out of his mouth.

"Now I'm going to hit you. Sometimes I'll hit you just for the hell of it, but now I'm going to do it because it's going to help you remember what I just said. Is this okay with you?"

"Please, Davon" he said as he started to cry.

"I'll ignore that. But, I want to hear you say you want me to hit you." I grabbed him by the hair and shook him. "Say it."

"Yes, Master" he sobbed.

"Say it" I said sternly.

"I want... I want you to hit me."



"Stand up and put your hands behind your back." I stood up, towering over him from my 6'4" height, and slugged him in the jaw with my fist before he was even fully standing up. He flew back and lost his balance and ended up on his butt. I just stood there and waited for him to get over the shock. He was conscious but obviously groggy and unable to focus yet. I gave him a few seconds and when he finally seemed to be able to focus on me with terror in his eyes, I snapped my fingers and pointed to the floor in front of me. He crawled over and looked up at me.

"I'm waiting for a thank you."

Again, that shocked look on his face with the tears dripping down. But he said it. "Thank you, Master."

"How about it, babe?" I said with a laugh. "You want a second helping of Davon cock? Hmm? Or maybe this is the third helping. I've lost track." Putting one big paw behind his head I pulled him into my crotch. "Just rub your nose up and down it and get a good sniff. You and my big wanger gonna have a love affair, baby. True love. You gonna crave it and you ain't never gonna be able to get enough." I removed my hand and just let him rub his face over the enormous bulge in my Jockey's.

Louis was going to find out that I meant what I said about the love affair, because I could spend hours with a kids face in my crotch; rubbing and kissing and licking and sucking. A three hour blow job on a quiet afternoon when you got nothing better to do can be pretty damn fabulous.

"Okay, start sucking on it, baby. Chew on it a little, real light like. Make love to my beautiful cock." I just watched as he started sucking my big bulge and nibbling on it. I enjoyed the view and just let him go at it for a couple minutes, letting him think I was satisfied. But I already told you about my methods: punishment and more punishment. Grabbing a humk of hair I jerked his head up and gave him a hard opened hand slap to the face, knocking him over on the floor.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed as he looked at me with shock. I got down on top of him on my knees, sitting on his belly, and grabbed a hunk of hair again.

"You call that sucking you stupid little shit?" I yelled into his face and backhanded him.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed again. Flipping him over, I picked up the underwear he'd been sucking on. He was crying aloud as I tore the shorts in two and used them to tie his hands behind his back. Standing up and pulling him up to his knees by the hair, I walked over to the toilet dragging him behind me.

Pulling my shorts down and off I put them over his head, and dragging him closer, pushed his head into the toilet. Holding him there with one hand I aimed my cock with the other and started to piss. Aiming the stream carefully I soaked his head and hair and my shorts with my hot yellow piss. After a few seconds I grabbed his soaking hair and pulled him up a bit so I could get him directly in the face.

When I gotta piss, I gotta piss, so it went on and on. By the time I'd finished he was no longer crying aloud but was still weeping softly. Removing my shorts from his head I put them on the back of the toilet. "We'll save these for later, baby" I laughed.

Pulling his head up so he was looking at me, I gave him a big smile. Both of his cheeks were red from where I'd hit him, his head and hair were completely soaked and dripping and as they say 'he looked like something the cat dragged in'.

Now, as I've told you, this is Louis' training program, so now I needed to emphasize what I'd done and get it cleared through his brain how a slave treats his Master.

"I tell you to suck cock, slave boy, you suck cock. You don't play at it. Got it?"

"Yes, Master" he cowered.

"Tell me you're sorry for doing such a shitty job."

He only hesitated for a couple seconds before he answered. "I'm sorry, Master."

"Thank me for punished you. Go on, say it."

"Thank you for punishing me" he whimpered.

"Now you're gonna thank me for pissing on you" I said with a grin. "You gonna tell me you love having me piss in your face." I knew this was going to be a hard one, and it was, because there was a long pause but no answer.

I hit him with my fist.

When you're training a guy you don't give him love taps, you hit him hard enough so that he knows you really mean it. He damn well knew I was serious this time because he was still lying there while I made a call to one of my dealers. He gradually started coming back to consciousness and started moaning and groaning as I made another call. I gave him a couple minutes to recover until he was mostly back to his senses and was now looking over at me in horror.

With a big smile on my face I walked over to him and got on my knees.

"Ple.... Ma..." he mumbled as he cringed back from me. I suppose he was trying to say please Master.

I put my finger to his lips: "Shhh" I said softly as I grinned at him.

"I got piss on my hand, baby" I said as I held up the hand I'd used to hold his head in the toilet. "Lick it off." You have to wonder how a kid with a totally shocked look on his face, can look even more shocked. But Louis could.

"Lick" I said and of course he licked. Obviously my hand was partially dry by now but it still had a good piss smell. I had him lick it all over and then suck on each finger. "Say thank you" I ordered.

"Thank you." I got up and walked over to my bunk and lay down on my back.

"Come here" I said, snapping my fingers. "Kneel between my legs." It was probably the snapping of my fingers that got to him, but he was there in three seconds and climbing on my bunk which wasn't easy since his hands were tied.

"Look at me" I ordered as I put my hands behind my head, looking completely relaxed. But even when I'm relaxed I'm pretty damn awesome. Louis was looking at a vision of perfection in a human male animal. Super handsome face, enormous shoulders attached to swollen biceps, and a chest that was truly amazing. Even lying on my back totally relaxed my pecs looked like bulging slabs of steel. With his hair still dripping and tears streaming down his cheeks Louis looked totally bedraggled, but he stared me in the eye. "You like what you see?"

"Ahhh... yes Master." At this point I knew it didn't matter what I asked he was going to answer 'yes Master'. Basically, he had no idea how lucky he was that I was giving him my time and training him to service a god like me. I mean, shit, anyone sees me, male and female, starts drooling and fantasizing about how thrilling it would be to get it on with me. Give it time and I would make sure Ralph properly appreciated the time and effort I was putting into working with him.

"Anytime I say something to you, you answer 'thank you Master'. Got it?"

"Yes, Master" he quailed. There was a long pause while I waited. It took him almost fifteen seconds to realize he'd done something wrong, but then he caught on and replied. "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. Ahhh... thank you Master" he blurted out. I reached up and slapped him, not hard, but just enough to sting.

"Anytime I hit you, you thank me" I said calmly.

"Thank you, Master" he replied.

"Now tell me you loved having me piss on you. I want to hear you say it."

There was still a slight hesitation but not much. "I loved having you piss on me, Master."

"Tell me you want me to do it again."

"Ohhh... man" he said under his breath, barely audible, but then he gulped and said softly. "I want... I want you to do it again, Master."

"Do you really?" I chuckled. "What do you want me to do again?"

"I want you to piss on me again, Master."

"Good boy" I said as I gave him a smile and patted his cheek gently a couple times. "You'll get your chance, I promise you. Now let's see what you can do with my cock. Get on it."

Louis bent over and took my cock in his mouth as I put my hands back behind my head, took a deep breath, and relaxed. I intended to really enjoy the next half hour or so while my new slave boy agonized over trying to please me by giving me the best blowjob he could possibly manage.

Okay, so Louis ain't much of a cocksucker; I knew that from the beginning, but damn if he didn't try to satisfy me. He got my big dick against the opening of his throat at least a dozen times before he was finally able to control the choking and gagging, which is pretty good for a first timer. But there was no way I was going to be satisfied with him sucking only five inches, even for a beginner. I gave him fifteen minutes to play around and get the choking under control before I pushed into his throat. He upchucked a couple times while I was doing it, but over the next twenty minutes or so I forced a couple inches of my big dong into his tight throat several times. I still had about three inches to go but I knew I couldn't expect any more on his first try.

He was crying and gasping for breath with snot coming from his nose as I jerked him up off my cock. "You are fucking worthless as a cocksucker, you little shit" I barked at him as I gave his head a jerk. "My twelve year old brother can do better than that." That was only partially true since my brother wasn't twelve anymore, but you gotta put the screws to a slave to make him bust his ass and try harder.

"I'm sorry man. Ahhh... Master" he wheezed through his sore throat. I know a lot of guys would just ram their cock into their cocksucker at this point, but I ain't no sadist, not really. I could feel for the kid. I mean, I don't want to maim him permanently; I just want to be sure he's giving one hundred ten percent of effort to please me. Of course I don't much care if his throat is hurting and he's got a few bruises, because that's what it takes to serve a stud like me, but I don't want his throat so sore that I can't get in there again real soon. I didn't' intend to wait forever to get all ten inches of cock buried in this kid's face.

Lucky for me Carl was still available and he was a deep throat artist. He was great and gave me terrific ejaculations, but he was becoming boring and I usually had to slap him around a little to keep it interesting and to keep my dick hard. While Louis was a virgin cocksucker and couldn't handle all my cock yet, it was always exciting screwing my boner into a newby's face while the saliva spewed from his mouth and the tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Fuckin worthless piece of shit" I said again as he continued gasping and crying. I gave him a few seconds to recover and then grabbing his hair with one hand, gave him a good hard slap with the other. Again, this is how you train a guy. You call him out and then you slap him around to get his attention. Next time around you can bet he'll give one hundred twenty percent of effort.

"You can't do shit with your mouth, so get your hands up here and jerk me off" I said as I reached over him and tore the underwear apart that was holding his hands. He was still gasping and crying, but he heard the anger in my voice, and since he was now free, grabbed my cock with both hands. Let me tell you, ten inches leaves plenty of room for two hands, and a mouth too. I pushed his head back down.

"Take it in your mouth, dumb ass. Suck on it while you jerk it. Make me feel good for god's sake." Louis was totally under my control now and completely submissive, and would do anything to keep me from hurting him, but at the moment he was so caught up in his pain that he wasn't concentrating on my needs. "Gently you stupid prick. Pay attention to what you're doing." A slap to the side of the head got his attention and he started to pump my dick evenly with both hands while sucking on the head.

"That's it. Just like that" I said, giving him some encouragement. "Now bring me off." He was still weeping but at least he was paying attention to what he was doing. With all the delightful feelings I'd been getting from fucking his face, I'd been holding myself on the very edge of cuming for most of a half hour, so I was ready to shoot at any time. And I figured it was about time to give Louis some positive reinforcement. "That's the way, baby" I said as I petted his cheek and then rubbed his neck. "Getting me close, baby. That's it. That's it. Keep it up."

Putting my hand behind his head so he wouldn't be able to pull back, I fired my first shot into his mouth. And let me tell you it is super hot spending a half hour training a new cocksucker on his first blowjob. I was totally freaking out as I fired shot after shot into him, probably making it feel like bullets shooting into the back of his throat.

Louis was swallowing but my cum was overwhelming him so he started to choke. I wasn't about to let him off the hook now, so I held him there with the end of my cock in his mouth. He tried to push away but of course his strength couldn't begin to compare with mine, so he choked and spit most of my cum into my crotch.

Even after I stopped shooting I still held him there as he choked and gasped and swallowed and got himself back together.

"Keep it in your mouth, baby. Keep sucking" I said, and now that he was somewhat back undercontrol, he started sucking again. "That's it, baby. Nice and easy. Just enjoy it." I let him go for maybe five minutes of gentle sucking before I pushed his head back.

"Don't worry, baby" I said as I held his chin and looked him in the eye. "I ain't gonna kick you ass for being a shitty cocksucker. Not yet anyway. You'll get better. I know you gonna be a number one cocksucker. You think so too don't you?"


"Clean out your fuckin ears. I said you're going to be my number one cocksucker aren't you?"

"Ahhh... yeah. Ahhh... yes, Master" he said obediently.

Giving him a big smile I patted his cheek gently. "Good boy. Good boy. But you didn't swallow my cum, baby. Did you? Huh? Did you?"

"Ahhh... no" he rasped through his sore throat.

"Well, we don't want to waste it" I said sweetly giving him a big smile. "Get in there and lick it up." Putting my hand behind his head, I pushed him back down to my crotch and watched as he started licking. No complaints or comments or hesitations as he sucked up my cum. My crotch was soaked with his saliva and my cum and so were the sheets and mattress. Louis would be changing mattresses before we went to bed tonight, that was for sure. I just let him go at it for ten minutes or so, until I was satisfied that he'd sucked every bit of the cum and spit out of my crotch hairs.

"Tell your Master you like Nigger cum, baby." There was a hesitation while he assimilated what I'd said, but he now understood that anything I said required instant obedience.

"I like your cum, Master."

"Say it the way I said it" I ordered him.

"I like your Nigger cum, Master" he replied. I backhanded him, nearly knocking him off the bed.

"Don't ever use that word again" I snapped.

"Bu..." he started to say but I raised my fist and he shut up. Alright so I ain't fair sometimes. I'm the Boss and I'll do whatever the fuck I want. And if I want to play around with my slave boys, I damn well will play around with them.

"Okay" I said as I pushed him off the bed. "Let's see if we can call Jackie so we can go take a shower." Taking my cell, I called her to come and take us down to the shower room.

So, there we are. That's how you train a new slave. Hell, I could write the book. 'How to turn a hunky stud into a slave in 24 hours.' I'd make a mint. I'd done it lots of times, and it worked perfectly every time. And you can bet that Louis will never again question anything I say, and I will never get a peep out of him no matter how down and dirty I get. And as a dominant muscle stud, I can get pretty damn down and dirty.

The only question you might have, I suppose, is did I rape Louis? And the answer of course is no. Maybe it was rape yesterday when I fucked him the first time, but not this time. I told you that rape is my favorite sport and I know all about like nobody does, but this wasn't rape. After all, he cooperated with me every step of the way. Well, naturally, I had to beat the crap out of him to get him to cooperate, but once he decides to go along with the action and obey me completely, it ain't rape anymore. And besides, having a guy locked in a cell with me removes a lot of the fun and the challenge of taking him down, because where the fuck is he going to go to get away from me?

This session with Louis was pretty damn fulfilling, but it still lacked a little something. Of course he was going to be my regular fuck boy from now on, but the problem was, he was now broke in. It just wasn't quite the same and didn't get my juices flowing one thousand percent like picking up a hot young punk off the street, taking him home and putting the screws to him for a day or two of hot fucking. And besides, the training program was different on the outside because I wasn't teaching guys to be my long term slaves out there. I was just showing my power by working a guy over and having a whole lot of fun humiliating him while making him my pussy and screwing the hell out of him. Rape is rape and there ain't nothing like it. Not even slave training.

----------------------------------------------------- When I woke up the next morning I lifted my foot and bounced Louis up and down a couple times almost throwing him out of the upper bunk.

"Up and at 'em, kid" I said. "Get your butt down here. We've got another big day ahead." He was a little slow getting up and almost fell on his ass as he jumped down, but that was no big deal because I knew he was going to be sore and probably black and blue in lots of places. I was glad to see he was nude as I told him, so I didn't have to kick his ass for that. "Just stand there, boy, and let me see what I got." He just stood there looking at me as I sat up on the bunk. "Stand up straight" I snapped. "Put your shoulder's back. Tighten those abs." He did what he was told and I just admired him for a minute. He was black and blue on his chin and both cheeks were red, one eye looked like it was swollen a little, and he had a big bruise in the middle of his chest. But once all that cleared up he was going to be a very handsome boy. And his body. Really tight little muscles with excellent definition, all in perfect proportion to his body size. He was one hot little muscle stud. And believe it or not, his cute little six inch dick was sticking out and waving at me. He either had a morning hard-on or he was totally turned on to me and loved being abused. I smiled as I decided to believe that it must be the latter.

"Give me a double biceps pose" I said. "Show me those big guns of yours." He immediately performed a front double bicep pose, so I knew he'd done a lot of practicing in front of mirrors. "Flex 'em, babe. Come on, flex those big arms." He crunched them a couple times frying to force the biceps even bigger. "Give me all seven compulsories, babe. Show me that hot body of yours."

"Yes, Master" he replied as he went smoothly from the 'double front bicep' to the 'front lat spread' to the 'side chest'. When he got to the 'back double bicep' pose I called him back.

"Back up" I said. "Do that side chest again."

"Yes, Master" he said as he performed it again.

"Come on, you can do better than that" I barked at him. "Stick out that chest. Squeeze those arms. Show me those muscles." He flexed a little trying to improve the pose. "I know you ain't pumped, we'll get to that later, but you can do better than that. Stick out that damn chest. If I have to get up there and show you, you're not going to like it."

"Yes, Master" he grunted. Now he really put on the effort and forced he chest out even more and got a little extra bulge in his bicep.

"We'll practice this later" I growled at him. "Now, give me the rest." He then went through the compulsories several times while I criticized. If he wasn't sore already from my activities yesterday, he was going to be a lot sorer today because, beginning this morning, he was going on a very strenuous weight lifting program. Yeah he had a nice body already, but the bigger and more muscular he was the more I was going to enjoy dominating and fucking him. I mean, it's just common sense that it's more of a challenge and therefore more entertaining to control a big muscle guy that it was some skinny little pip squeak. The bigger the better.

So, we had breakfast, worked out for a couple hours and showered, so it was late morning before I was able to get him back on my dick again. Luckily Louis had been out on bail before entering prison, so he'd been working out regularly. Otherwise, after what I put him through in the weight room, he wouldn't have been able to move.

After showering I dressed Louis up in snug little black cut offs and a torn wife beater that barely covered his tits, as well as a two inch wide black leather slave collar. He would have been wearing little more than the slave collar if I could have managed it, but they required us to wear something on top and something on the bottom during the day. Hey, I owned him and he was my boy toy from now on, so I'd dress him any way I damn well pleased. Besides, I didn't mind showing him off so I wanted him looking sexy and desirable for me all the time. It also humiliated him to no end that I forced him to dress this way, making him look like a whore, but even worse, I started making him parade around in front of me trying to look sexy to get my hormones stirred up. Hey, he's my slave; humiliation is good for him and if I want him to stand on his head, he'll fuckin well stand on his head. Of course he had to wear the coveralls when he left the cell, but I made him remove them the instant he returned.

I told Carl to stop by after out workout but I didn't expect Cramer to come with him. I mean this overweight hunk of meat tried to pretend he was a Master, but he didn't know shit about it. He thought being big made him a Master, but If he thought he was going to get even one seconds worth of respect from Carl, after Carl had been with me for months, he was totally out of his mind. Besides, his previous cellmate, Alex, had been a real hellion and totally uncooperative and Cramer never had been able to get him under control.

"What the fuck do you want?" I asked Cramer.

"This is my boy now, so I came along to keep my eye on him" he answered.

"He ain't your boy until I decide he's your boy, so get the fuck out of here."

"Hey, Davon..." he started to say.

"You get your fat ass out of here right now" I said and took a step towards him. He wanted to put on a good face for Carl, but nobody, I mean nobody fucks with Davon, so he scurried out of the cell.

"Louis. Here" I barked. Louis and Carl had been standing outside the cell in the hall, but Louis now jumped at my command and almost dove over to me and got on his knees.

"Yes, Master" he said.

"Carl" I barked.

"Yes, sir" he said and immediately joined Louis on his knees in front of me. I couldn't help but grin and admire these two really attractive young men at my feet, both with tight little muscled bodies and both of them my slaves. It was really too bad they didn't allow me two cell mates but then again, maybe that was something I'd have to look into.

"Let's stop with the 'Master' bullshit, Louis. Just say 'yes, sir'."

"Yes, sir" Louis answered.

"Get it out, Carl" I said. Carl reached forward and started undoing my pants. "No. Get my shoes off first." He dully removed my shoes and socks. "My pants" I said. He pulled my pants down and off. "Hey! Two pretty slave boys" I said giving them a big grin. "Come to mama." Putting a hand behind each boy's head I pulled them into my crotch.

"Just sniff" I ordered. "Get a whiff of your Master's crotch. Get in there and savor the smell of your Master's prick."

"Yes, Master. Yes, Sir" they answered. I gave Louis a knock to the head as a reminder, and he immediately replied: "yes, sir." My prick was soft but wouldn't stay that way very long with two pretty faces, one on each side, pressing their noses against it. One black, actually light brown, the other white, too white for my taste, but both incredibly attractive. Carl was making loud sniffing noises, and Louis got the idea and started doing it as well.

"Okay, slave boys, now kiss" I ordered. "Lots of kisses. Worship your Master's prick." And away they went, and away went my prick as well, stretching up and up and up until the head peaked out above the band of my shorts. Again, Carl, knowing exactly what I wanted started making loud wet smacking kisses, and then Louis followed suit. I love hearing as well as feeling a slave's kisses when he's working my body; it's music to my ears. My prick grew to its full ten inches with at least two of those inches sticking out above the waistband of my underwear.

"Take 'em down" I said. "No hands." Again, Louis was a little slow on the uptake, but Carl immediately grabbed the band of my underwear on his side with his teeth, and started pulling down. Then he had to wait a moment while Louis figured it out and caught up with him. But actually it was only a few seconds before they pulled my shorts down to my feet with their teeth, and I stepped out of them.

"Worship while you're down there" I ordered. "Worship your Master's feet." Carl immediately started kissing and licking my feet, but Louis was only a few seconds behind. "Lick 'em slave boys. Get those tongues working." I was rather impressed that Louis was doing so well. Of course I'd terrorized him yesterday, but quite often a slave in training will lose some of the fear overnight, and will need a refresher course. Of course, having Carl there and being able to imitate him made it easier.

"Carl, my new boy here doesn't know how to suck cock. Show him." Carl rose up and put his hands behind his back and gave the base of my prick a kiss. My prick was like a steel rod now and pointing almost straight up and since Carl was such a little guy he couldn't reach the head from where he was on his knees. Getting his chin between my cock and my belly, he worked his way out to the tip trying to get his mouth around it. Louis and I were both watching closely as he struggled and lost it twice but finally got his lips around the bulbous head on the third try.

Then he swallowed it. All ten inches. He simply leaned forward forcing the damn near seven inch around, ten inch or so long monster deep into his throat, and kept going until his nose was jammed into my crotch.

"Ohhh.... shit" I groaned in pleasure as Carl just held himself there and swallowed a couple times, giving me incredible feelings of delight on my cock. And he just stayed there, swallowing occasionally, for thirty seconds; then a minute; and finally almost a minute and a half before he finally pulled back. Then taking one and only one deep breath, he did it again, jamming himself all the way into my crotch hairs and holding it and holding it and holding it. Each time he swallowed, it sent signals of sheer euphoria throughout my body.

Of course he was just showing off for Louis; he'd never done it quite this well before on a first try. But the pleasure was intense, literally overwhelming, and I realized I had to be careful. Yes I had amazing control, but even for me, it was possible to get just too, too hot. And besides, you have to be careful with a slave and not give him too much credit because it can go to his head, and he may begin to think his satisfaction from servicing me is his primary function instead of total dedication to my needs. If there is anything you don't need in a slave, it's a swelled head.

"Alright, Carl" I said and he pulled back, looked up at me and gave me a big smile. "Smart aleck" I said as I smiled back and rubbed my hand over his face. He kissed my hand a couple times and then sucked as I stuck a couple fingers in his mouth. What a slave! Carl was simply perfect. I was happy Louis was watching this because it would give him a great lesson in what I would be expecting from him.

"Get on it, Louis" I ordered.

"Please Mas.... Ahhh... sir. I can't do that."

"Try" I said. "Carl, help him." I didn't object as Carl used his hands and pulled my swollen dick down to a level even with Louis' mouth. H didn't say anything but just pushed Louis forward forcing him to open wide to take my dick. Then he started whispering something in Louis' ear, evidently encouraging him or something, while he continued pushing on the back of his head. I just watched in fascination as I felt my dick hit the back of Louis' throat. He didn't gag this time, but he seemed to be trying to gasp for breath around my big dick, and was having trouble doing it. Obviously, he hadn't learned to take a really deep breath first.

Carl allowed him to come almost completely off my dick and then started pushing him back. This time Louis took an enormous breath in preparation.

And then I felt my dick sink at least an inch or two into Louis' throat; not quite up to Carl's standards, but it felt pretty damn good. He still had a couple inches of cock left, but practice makes perfect and this was a pretty good start and Louis was going to get a lot of practice. As Carl let him pull his head back I saw that his face was bright red. He was gasping and coughing but Carl gave him only a few seconds to recover before pushing his face back into my crotch again. He didn't go any deeper this time but my enormous dong did enter his throat once more. And Louis' throat was really tight and was squeezing the hell out of me and it felt wonderful. I let Carl push Louis in deep two more times before I let him stop. Louis' face was still bright red but he was also gasping and choking with snot coming from his nose. Given time he'd learn but he wasn't there yet.

"Let's show him how you give a blowjob, Carl" I said, and Carl immediately sucked my cock into his mouth and started working on it like only a totally trained cocksucker like him can do. Carl was being really aggressive which pissed me off a little but I knew he was still showing off for Louis. But since he was not going to be my regular cocksucker anymore, I let him get away with it. But, I took control.

Under no circumstances was I going to let a slave be in charge of the action, particularly since I was training Louis to be completely submissive. Grabbing Carl's hair with one hand and his jaw with the other, I twisted his head sideways and rammed my cock in all the way. Then I pushed him to the floor on his back, got down on my knees, put both hands around his neck, and rammed all ten inches in again, deep into his throat. Holding his head back at just the right angle, I pushed into him, forcing my balls up tight against his nose and upper lip. I could see his Adams apple bulge and could feel his neck expand as my bludgeon forced its way into him.

Let me tell you, I love fucking a guy's face, particularly a guy like Carl who could pretty much handle it. Of course, he'd be sore for a few days, but it was worth it because it left me one hundred percent in charge of the action. I don't want my slaves thinking their giving me something; giving me a blowjob. He ain't giving, I'm taking. When I'm fucking his face, I'm in control and he just holds on for dear life while I use his throat for my pleasure. That's how a real Master uses a slave.

I knew that Carl, even as experienced as he was, couldn't take a whole lot of this, so I just let myself get hotter and hotter with the euphoria of the fuck. I was already pretty damn hot so as I shoved my rod into his throat again and again it was only a minute or so when I felt the surge of my erection.

"Louis. Here" I shouted, as I pulled my cock completely out of Carl's mouth.

"Huh?" Louis said, but I stretched over, got a handful of his hair and jerked him hard down to my crotch, getting a screech out of him. Holding his face there and literally sitting on Carl's face I started to shoot my jism. Louis had his eyes tightly closed as I fired burst after burst into his face. There was no way I could bend my rock hard missile down to point at Carl, but some of my cum was dripping down on him from Louis' face and my last couple shots dribbled down on his chin.

"Oh, man. Oh, man. Oh, man" I whispered in exaltation as I began to calm down from an amazing ejaculation. Carl was absolutely fabulous and no question, I was going to miss him. Louis was lying right on top of Carl where he landed when I jerked him over to my cock, but he started to get up as I got back to my feet. Putting my hand on his shoulder, I pushed him back to his knees.

"Up, Carl" I said and Carl got to his knees as well. Stepping forward and taking each of them by the hair I pulled their two mouths into my prick. "Lick" was all I said, and they both stuck out their tongues and started licking up and down my still very hard ten inch prick.

"Suck on it and enjoy it, slave boys" I said. "Get it clean." Sliding their tongues and lips up and down my big rod they cleaned up every remaining bit of cum. Again, I was impressed with how well Louis was doing; he was attentive and really paying attention to what he was doing and I was beginning to suspect that he was enjoying it.

Still holding them by the hair, I stepped back and pushed their faces together. "Lick, babies" I said. "Lick up your Master's cum. Get every last bit of it." They started licking each other's faces. Most of my cum was on Louis' face and I knew Carl was enjoying licking it off, and I could be wrong here, but I swear Louis was really getting into it as well. Okay, so it's a little early to tell, but Louis was really working at it now, and I was beginning to think that he was going to be one of the few that was not only an obedient slave, but was going to learn to love it.

As you can suspect as a red blooded African-American muscle boy, I can cum five/six or who knows how many more times a day without a problem, so after Carl left, I put Louis under the little table and had him give me a slow suck while I handled my phone calls. No coercion, no objections, no questioning, no nothing. He simply did what he was told, latched onto my cock and sucked. In fact, since I really didn't want to cum right now but just wanted a long slow suck job, I actually had to hold him back from sucking with too much enthusiasm.

No doubt about it. Louis was going to be a terrific boy toy.

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