Davon White, Superstud Chapter Three

"Transferred? What do you mean, transferred?" I screamed. "What the fuck is this?" Louis and Carl and I had been working out in the weight room when a call came in for Louis to see the warden. Obviously, I knew something was up, because how often does a prisoner get called to the warden's office? Not very damn often, I can tell you.

It was Jackie that they sent to tell me because they knew there was going to be an explosion, and nobody else wanted to face me. I guess they thought since Jackie was one of my regular fucks, that maybe she could calm me down.

I had just come back to the cell from the weight room, still soaking wet and dripping with sweat, and ready for my shower, and Jackie was there waiting for me. And Louis' stuff was already gone. He'd already cleared out.

"This is total bullshit" I shouted. "Get him the hell back here. I didn't go to the trouble of training him so some other asshole could take advantage of it. Get him the hell back here."

"Davon, Davon. Easy. Easy. Just calm down. Please." Jackie said with her hands up in front of me trying to get me to listen.

"I ain't gonna calm down" I shouted. "Just get him back here."

"Davon, he's gone. He's already left the prison" she said soothingly. "We can't do anything about it now. Come on, Davon. Take it easy. Just calm down and listen." I was totally steaming, but what she said was gradually beginning to sink in.

"What do you mean he's already gone?"

"They're going to give him a new trial, Davon. They're sending him back to the local jail" Jackie pleaded. "This is good for him, Davon. This is a good thing."

"Bullshit, this is a good thing. He was mine, god damn it. He belonged to me. You said he was going to be here a year."

"I know, Davon. I know. It was supposed to be a year" she said gingerly. "Maybe he had a good lawyer or something, I don't know. But he's gone, Davon. He's gone."

"Well, what a bunch of bullshit" I growled. "Why didn't Ralph tell me?"

"He didn't know, Davon. He didn't know until just this morning. It just happened."

"So, where do we go from here?" I said, actually talking to myself as it finally sunk in that Louis was gone for good. "Who the fuck do I get now."

"Ahhh... Ralph hasn't assigned you a cell mate yet. He said..."

"You tell Ralph he can go fuck himself" I growled, interrupting her. "I'll decide who ie going to be my cell mate. You tell him to keep his nose out of it. I'll let him know who I want."

"Ahhh...., Davon. Ahhh... " Jackie stuttered. "Ralph said to tell you the warden's going to be watching. He was suspicious about Louis being in here, so he's going to be looking over Ralph's shoulder on this one."

"That's just too fuckin bad. You tell Ralph he doesn't make these decisions for me. Not for Davon White, he doesn't. In fact, tell Ralph to get his ass down here. I want to talk to him."

"Davon, please. Don't act like this. Just calm down and think about it for a while. I'm sure we can work something out."

"Bullshit, we'll work something out. You get your ass out of here, Jackie, and you tell Ralph to get down here. NOW!" I turned away from her and grabbed my toiletries and headed out to take a shower. I was still steaming, not the least because this would be the first time in over a year that I didn't have a peon to wait on me and soap me up for a shower.

Ralph was waiting when I got back from my shower. I'd just had a two hour workout so I was looking phenomenal, but I knew this didn't do anything for Ralph. He was not only totally straight but he seemed to be totally blind to my physical perfection. I'd made him blow me once just to make sure he knew his place and let him know how he rated with me. He gave me static until I reminded him I was Boss of the 'Black Guerrilla Family' and had Raylon, my enforcer, a real hulk of a guy, set in front of his house for two days to give him encouragement. Raylon can convince anyone to do anything so Ralph relented and did me.

He was totally subservient to me now and very much afraid of me, so he did my bidding without question. But it was beneficial to both of us. He got a Mercedes to drive on the outside and occasional other benies, while I got his total cooperation in the prison. He was Deputy Warden and did all the scheduling and carried a lot of authority, so although he was a chickenshit little wimp, it was helpful to have him as another cringing sycophant

"Listen, Davon... " he started to say.

"What happened to Louis, damn it, and why didn't you tell me?"

"Davon, please" he pleaded. "The warden's watching us. I've got to be careful."

"Fuck the warden. Now answer my question."

"The transfer papers came through this morning, Davon. There was nothing I could do. The warden brought the papers to me himself, and I had to act immediately. There's no doubt he's suspicious of us Davon, so we've really got to cool it for a while." I took a quick glance to see if anyone was around, and then grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up on his tiptoes just inches from my angry face.

"We've got a deal you little piece of shit" I said softly but angrily. "And that deal is you do what I say. And you fucken will do what I say."

"Davon, Davon, Davon" he squealed as his face started to turn red and I could see the look of fear in his eyes. "I can't. I really can't."

"You goddamn piece of shit. I can have Raylon stop by your house this morning so don't you try to fuck with me."

"No, Davon. Wait. We still have a deal" he pleaded as I continued holding him right in my face. "I'll still do what you want, but we've just got to cool it for a few days. Just a couple days, Davon. Just a couple days."

"Okay, you put in a call for me to come to your office after lunch today and we'll talk about our deal" I growled at him as I pushed him away. To be sure there was no doubt in his mind what I was talking about I pushed the towel off letting it fall to the floor and squeezed my dick a couple times.

"Ohhh... fuck. No, Davon. No."

"Take your pick. You call me in or we have Raylon renegotiate our deal. And I suspect he won't be feeling very generous."

"No, Davon. Please" he said desperately.

"Decide. Right now."

"Okay, okay, okay. Jesus, Davon."

"After lunch" I said as I grabbed a pair of shorts and pulled them on. "And have Carl transferred back in here."

By the time I got the call to go to Ralph's office I'd finally cooled down. That's the problem with being the Boss. I'm Boss and I like being the Boss. And having my little minions running around doing my bidding can be a real charge, but when things go wrong, I admit I overreact. A CEO of a company has got it made because he can just fire any asshole who fucks up, but it ain't that easy for me to keep this place in shape, so sometimes I just explode. I have the power because of my gang and Jamal and Raylon, but I have to do a whole lot of manipulating and persuading and ass kicking to keep everybody in this damn place in line.

"Hi ya, Ralph" I said giving Ralph a big smile as I entered his office and closed the door. Ralph was setting behind his desk looking like his best friend had died.

"Davon, please. We don't have to do this. Let me explain what I can do for you. I think you'll like it."

"Yeah, I'd like you to hear you explain, and I know I'm going to like it a lot. But I know I'll like it a lot better after you do me " I said as I unzipped my prison coveralls, shrugged them off my shoulders, and let them drop to the floor. I had deliberately worn a jockstrap under the overalls instead of my usual nudity because I wanted Ralph to have to pull them down before he blew me. I really like to make a guy go search for my dick when he's being forced to suck me because it tends to humiliate him even more. And let me tell you, as much as I love the actual act of sticking my prick into a guy, it's the domination and the intimidation and the humiliation that really makes it hot. I mean, you gotta know I don't want a lover who I have to be lovey-dovey with. I want a submissive fuck boy who needs some strict discipline. An endless supply of young fuck boys who I'll turn into my submissive cunts.

"Come here Ralph" I said.

"Davon, listen..... "

"Come here Ralph" I repeated softly. "Get it out." I just stood there staring at him with a smile on my face as I reached down and groped my growing cock. "I'm hot and ready for you, Ralph." There were beads of sweat on his forhead now, but he slowly got up and walked around his desk. My grin got even bigger as I watched him get on his knees in front of me.

I didn't say a word but just watched him as he looked up at me with pleading eyes, but he finally reached up and pulled my jock down to my thighs, allowing my cock to slap up against my belly. It was fully hard now, not because it knew it was going to get a good blowjob, but because it knew the damn Deputy Warden was going to be doing it. I mean, my cock's got a mind of its own sometimes and it was really looking forward to this. The Deputy Warden, for god's sake.

I didn't do anything or say anything as Ralph took it in his mouth. He was jerking it with his hand as he sucked hoping to get me off as quick as possible. I didn't help, but I didn't hinder either, but just let the heat buildup slowly. Obviously he wasn't any good at it, but I kept reminding myself who he was and that helped me reach the peak, and finally shoot into his mouth. It took about fifteen minutes. I have to give Ralph credit because he took all of it in his mouth until I was through, or maybe he just didn't want to get any cum on the carpet. Reaching over and grabbing a waste basket he stuck his head in it and spit. He sounded like he was going to puke too but he just kept his head in the basket for a couple minutes, spitting over and over.

Yeah, I know, I know, I always make my cocksucker's swallow my stuff; always, but the Deputy Warden is different. Just the pleasure of seeing him on his knees doing me was pretty damn satisfying all by itself.

"You ain't done yet" I said as he started to stand up.

"What?" he said with a shocked look on his face. "What?"

"I told you to never fuck with me. Didn't I" I growled at him. "Didn't I?"

"Come on, Davon. It wasn't my fault."

"I told you not to fuck with me or there'd be hell to pay, didn't I" I repeated.

"Davon. Please."

"You fuck up, there's consequences." Then I turned around with my ass in his face. "Kiss" I said and waited.

"Davon..." Ralph said in shock.

"Remember Raylon?" I said. "Now kiss my ass."

There was a few seconds hesitation, but then I felt his lips against my ass cheek. "I want to hear it" I said so he did it again with a audible smack. "Now the other cheek" I ordered, and he kissed the other side.

You cannot imagine how much fun it is to humiliate a guy like this; it's absolutely mind blowing. But I was on a roll and wanted to extend it even more, so I turned around with my softening dick in his face. "Pull my jock up" I ordered. Without question, Ralph obeyed me, pulling it up and tucking my prick inside.

So then we renegotiated. Ralph got a car for his seventeen year old son to use which I would let Jamal take care of, and I got complete and total cooperation from him, much more than before. He admitted that the Warden seldom came out into the prison, but followed all the activity on various reports in his office, most of them supplied by Ralph. So all he had to do was start forging some of those documents so that my name never came up so we didn't have to worry about the Warden getting involved. So the new deal included forging documents which really put Ralph out on a limb. But fuck him. It's no skin off my ass if he gets in trouble.

"There's so many things going on, Davon, that he'll forget your name in a couple days. I promise you. I'll be able to give you just about anything you want as long as the reports don't reach his desk."

I admit these were not honest negotiations, because with the 'Black Guerrilla Family' outside he was in total terror of me and completely under my control, and right now I hadn't let him get up from his knees in front of me as I glared down at him. I was standing there in just my jockstrap with all my incredible muscles showing and my coveralls down around my ankles, so you can understand how intimidated he was. I gave him the car just for the hell of it so he could pretend that he had some backbone and could talk to me as an equal. But no way would I ever consider this cowering little motherfucker on his knees before me as my equal. Just like all the other lackeys around me, he was there to be used until I had no more use for him.

And let me tell you something: Ralph wasn't a wimp until I got ahold of him. That's the power I have. Turning him from a young up and coming Deputy Warden into a groveling cocksucker was just another game for me, a challenge. I mean, the day I arrived at this place when I saw this young good looking Deputy Warden for the first time, I set it as a project to get him to blow me. Hey, this is Davon White. Ain't nobody I can't manipulate and get under my control.

"Honest, Davon, this will work" he pleaded. " Please, Davon. Just give me a chance. Give me a couple days to get it going. Just two, three days. Please. Okay? And then you can have anything, I promise. Okay, Davon? Okay?"

"Just make sure you don't fuck with me again, Ralph. I ain't about to take it and I won't be so easy next time, if there is a next time. You hear me, babe?"

"Yes, Davon, yes. Just give me a couple days and then I promise things will go just like you want them. I promise."

So I was without a cellmate or a boy toy. I wanted Carl but Ralph said the Warden had red flagged him so we didn't dare move him right now. The Warden had red flagged me as well, but that was what Ralph was going to take care of. So, Ralph had planned to put Alex in with me but I put the kibosh on that immediately. Alex was young black kid but he was a little chubby and he wasn't pretty the way I like them.

I wanted a young pretty boy with a nice body, but I didn't want one that had already been someone else's boy toy. Some of them come with bad habits or with a chip on their shoulder and you have to beat it out of them. Preferably, I wanted a kid with a clean slate to mold into a talented fuck boy. What I really wanted was another Louis, because he had the makings of an ideal slave boy, just perfect for my needs. But I needed someone right now to take care of the day to day shit, like showering, taking care of my stuff, and giving an occasional blowjob while I searched for a new boy. So I decided on Raul, a cute Mexican kid.

This pissed off Jerry, a big hulking Mexican guy, to no end because Raul was his fuck toy, but every guy in this prison knew my reputation and could see how powerful I was, and they knew about the 'Black Guerrilla Family', so they never, ever messed with me. Besides, I told him it was temporary and I was just borrowing him, so Jerry was magnanimous about it and said I could have him as long as I wanted. Stupid asshole.

Raul wasn't particularly well trained, because Jerry just fucked him occasionally and ignored him the rest of the time. So when Jackie brought him by I slapped the shit out of him so he'd know how submissive I expected him to be. After I gave him a few minutes to recover I slapped the shit out of him again to emphasize my requirements. After I got the piss soaked shorts from the back of the toilet and stuffed them in his mouth, i tossed him into the upper bunk. I'm an expert at handling guys and know exactly what it takes, so I knew he'd be a perfect little slave as long as I wanted him to be.

Jackie came by to tell me to cool it, but all it took was twenty minutes in the supply room with her worshiping my big prong to get her back to thinking I was god's gift. I mean, she'd take my dick any way she could get it, but she gave a mean blowjob. But hell, any bitch gets twenty minutes with Davon White is gonna know she's been used by a god. I'm never gentle but with this big wanger of mine there ain't nobody ever goes away unsatisfied. And they damn well know it's an honor to get it on with me, Davon, the most awesome muscle hunk they've ever seen, with an enormous tool that they can never get enough of. Shit, even here in prison the guard's line up to get a taste of me and sometimes get rather aggressive about being at the head of the line. I mean, you should have seen Jackie when she caught me fucking her friend Julie. Hell, Julie would have ended up with no hair if I hadn't taken Jackie down and sat on her. And don't think I'm just talking about women. There are several male guards around that are also hot for big black dick.

So everything was cool temporarily while I waited for Ralph to get his shit together.

I was working out with Carl a couple days later when I saw Ralph at the door, and I knew something was up. Raul wasn't there because I knew he was temporary and I couldn't be bothered showing him what I wanted in the weight room. He was okay as my cell slave and was a halfway decent cocksucker but it was only for a couple days.

I wasn't about to interrupt my workout just because Ralph showed up, so even though I noticed a smile on his face, I just ignored him and he finally went away. But when I finished, he was standing at the door waiting for me.

"Davon. Davon, I've... I've got good news. Ahhh... I mean, really good news." Of course I was standing there dripping with sweat wearing only a pair of shorts and therefore totally intimidating, but shit, he stood there stuttering and almost bowing to me, nervous as hell. Jesus, what a wimp. I was almost embarrassed at what I'd turned him in to.

"Okay, Ralph. Spit it out. What have you got?"

"We're moving you to 'L' cell block and to the last cell at the end, just like you asked. So, you'll have all the privacy you want and with the four man cell you'll have a lot more room and you can have three cell mates if you want." Ralph was enthusiastic now and was hoping I'll be pleased with his efforts. "If you don't want them I'll remove the other set of bunks from the room and get you a bigger desk. Whatever you want, Davon. Okay? Is this okay? Huh? Remember that this is the cell block that allows more freedom. Okay? This is what you said you wanted, Davon."

"Ralph. You're a fuckin wimp" I said "and I bet I know what you want." Reaching down I groped myself through my gym shorts.

"Com'on, Davon. Don't do that. Please. I'm trying to give you want you want. I'm doing my best here."

"Okay, Ralph" I said with a laugh as I stuck my hand inside my shorts and groped my dick some more. "But just remember that I've got this here waiting for you whenever you want it." I brought my hand up to my face and gave it a good sniff and a lick. Ralph turned absolutely beet red in embarrassment, but I was enjoying the hell out of it. "You may have to wait in line" I said laughing out loud "but I've got enough down here to go around."

"Davon" he said, and although I was loving it, I could see I was actually beginning to scare him, so I held off.

"Okay, so when is this going to happen?"

"It's already happening, Davon. That kid you asked for, Kiante, is already helping Raul move your stuff to the new cell." He said this with trepidation since he knew my temper and knew I could explode if things didn't go exactly my way. "I've assigned Kiante to your cell but you need to tell me what to do with Raul. Okay, Davon? Huh? Does that sound okay?"

"Keep Raul with me for now, and I'll let you know. What's the deal with Kiante?"

"The Warden put him in isolation because that baby face makes him look like, ahhh... ten years old or something. He was there for his own protection. So, see? See what I'm doing for you, Davon? I pulled him out of there without the Warden knowing, just because I know that's the type you like. I'm really working for you, Davon."

Oh yeah, Ralph knew what I liked. He'd seen me brutally turn half a dozen or more kids into my wimpy little pussy boys, groveling cocksuckers every one. You see the power I've got? Huh? Do you? Without a single thought for the new kid's wellbeing, Ralph was delivering him to me on a silver platter, even though he knew I was going to put the kid through hell and make him into my obedient little fuck boy. That's the power that comes with being the Boss of the 'Black Guerrilla Family'. Ralph would do anything, absolutely anything, to try to keep me happy.

"You did it because I told you to do it and it's about fuckin time you're getting your act together. I wanted that cellblock 'L' six months ago you little shit. And you knew that."

"Davon, come-on" he pleaded. "Please. I couldn't do it then and you know I couldn't. But it's here now. You've got it. Just what you wanted. And you get this new kid too. I did this for you, Davon."

I looked around to see if we were alone, and then grabbed him by the neck with one big paw, jerking him almost completely off his feet.. "Don't you get a swelled head out of this you little fuck" I growled in his face. "I own you and don't you forget it." Squeezing his neck, I gave him one hell of a shake and then let him go. He staggered back almost losing his balance.

"Okay, Davon" he said breathlessly, his face white as a sheet as he put his hands to his neck. "Okay, okay. I'm sorry. Jesus, I'm sorry."

I just glared at him for a minute. Anything really pisses me off is some asshole thinking I owe him gratitude for doing my bidding. They should damn well be grateful for being able to serve me.

"All right, show me where to go" I snarled.

When I entered the cell I ignored the new kid entirely, but just told Raul it was shower time, so it wasn't until we got back that I paid any attention to him at all.

I'd worked out, had a shower, and was now wearing only a towel, so this kid was seeing the most incredible muscle man he could have ever imagined. Totally massive with astonishing definition. The body of a superman. Obviously I couldn't enter body building contests here in prison, but I was right up there on a par with any contest winners here in Maryland.

Kiante was a black kid of twenty-two with a light brown complexion with a with a really cute baby face. He was only about 5'7" so I towered over him but he had perfectly beautiful features, with dimples for god's sake, and a smile that wouldn't quit. He didn't look particularly feminine, but with that baby face he looked very, very young. You had to wonder if he was still wearing diapers. But he could only be described as beautiful. And I could hardly wait to see that gorgeous face and pretty mouth wrapped around my big black dick. Right now, as I entered the cell, he stood up and smiled at me. And, Jesus Christ, his face lit up like a god damn light bulb making him look positively angelic.

"Hello" he said. "I'm Kiante." I put one big paw around his neck and pushed, forcing him to backpedal across the cell until his back was pressed against the bars, and then lifted him, actually pulling him up off his feet and holding him there with one hand. I just looked down at him as I held him there against the bars squeezing his neck. He didn't say anything and I didn't say anything but maybe after a full minute I coughed up some phlegm and spit in his face. He didn't flinch and didn't even blink as it hit his nose and dripped down over his lips. His face was turning red from my choking him but he just kept this stoic look on his face.

"You're a lowlife piece of shit" I said.

Now I saw a glimmer of fear showing in his face as he gulped, his Adams apple bobbing up and down under my hand. "I'm... ahhh... I'm a lowlife piece of shit" he croaked since I was throttling him.

"Who am I?" I asked. Now the fear showed even more because he wanted to say what he knew I wanted to hear, but he didn't know what it was.

He gulped again and said hesitantly. "You're... ahhh... Davon... ahhh... sir?" he said, like asking a question.

I let him have it with an open hand to the face, and then backhanded him. If I hadn't been holding him up he would have been on the floor so I know it hurt like hell, but he didn't let out a peep. "I'm your Master" I snapped at him.

"Yes sir, Master" he whimpered. "Ahhh... Master. Ahhh... yes, Master, sir."

I could see right away that this kid was going to be different from the usual fuck boy. I firmly believe that beating the crap out of a kid at the beginning makes him into a great submissive later. But this kid was already as submissive as hell and I'd barely touched him, so maybe I'd have to reconsider his training.

"How do you honor your Master" I asked as I let go of him and stepped back. He immediately dropped to his knees and planted a kiss on my left shoe and then the right. Shit, this kid was too much. Because he was so pretty with such a baby face, I suppose he'd been hit on all the time and had learned early on how to be submissive to big guys.

As I walked over and sat on a bunk I noticed Raul standing in the corner hoping I wouldn't notice him, but I had no interest in him for now. I'd just let him watch for a while and get to him later. "Take off my shoes and socks" I ordered. Kiante scurried over and did as he was told. "Worship" was all I said. And he did.

I just let him go at it for five, maybe ten minutes before I said anything. And he was good. Licking and sucking and kissing; getting in between the toes and sucking on them and covering every inch of my feet with his lips and tongue. He'd most definitely done this before.

"Strip" I said and he leaped to his feet and stripped down in seconds. I pointed down and he got back on my feet with his cute little ass sticking up. I knew from Ralph's description that he had a nice body, really quite muscular for his little frame. Again, a kid as pretty as him probably needed some muscle to try to fight off any pursuers.

So, for the time being, I decided to relent and not kick the shit out of him. I'd just wait and see how things went. I'd hold my tried and true training program of kicking his ass in abeyance for now to see if he could perform without it.

"You suck cock, slave boy?"

"Yes, Master" he responded. No hesitation, no nothing, just 'yes'.

"Show me" I said. He raised up, put his hands behind his back, and buried his face in my crotch. Oh yeah, this kid was talented. My cock was about half hard already as he clamped onto it with his teeth through my towel and started chewing on it gently. I let him go for a bit before I told him to remove the towel. "Just look, baby, and tell me what you see."

"I see a big beautiful black cock, Master. An enormous black cock. This beautiful black cock belongs to my Master and needs to be worshiped." Against my better judgment, I had to laugh. This kid was just too much.

"Okay, kiss it" I said, still chuckling.

"Yes, Master" he replied as he kissed the head and then moved up and down my hardening boner. He was good, he was really good.

"Hello, Davon" said a voice. "Welcome to cell block 'L'. I see you're getting settled in." And there standing by the cell door was Craig, the beast as I called him. Craig was a phenomenon. A giant of a man who I'd called 'the beast' from the beginning. Hey, if there's anybody on this planet who's into muscles it's Davon White, but Craig was massive, and I knew damn well that under those clothes he had definition beyond belief. I think there was an attraction from the very beginning for us because we were both enormous body building muscle hunks.

From my first arrival at the prison, Craig would stop by once in a while just to shoot the shit, so it was not surprising that we became friendly, if not actual friends. After all, he was a guard and I was a prisoner. We'd chat away, mostly about body building while we admired each other's bodies. And why in the hell not. He was built like a brick shit house; I mean he was the incredible hulk personified. So, I liked him and admired him (hell, I loved looking at him), and perhaps I was a little envious of him. I mean, I worked my ass off in the gym and I didn't look like him, and I wanted to.

But, being Davon White, I wanted him. I wanted to fuck him.

Okay so he wasn't my usual type which is pretty boys with nice firm muscles. Craig was very handsome but there was absolutely nothing pretty about him. That's why I called him the Beast. But this is Davon. Davon White, superstud. I don't admire guys, they admire me. I don't envy guys, they envy me. But Craig was different because he was the closest thing to an equal I'd ever met.

Craig was built like a tank, low and wide, although he must have been 5'9" or 5'10". He was just huge. He told me his arms were at least twenty-one inches and I believed him and I know damn well he spends more time in a weight room than I do, because his chest was at least sixty-five inches, and his shoulders... Shit, his shoulders... I swear to god I don't know how he could get through a doorway. And most incredible, he said his waist was only thirty-three inches. How the hell to you get a shirt or jacket for a guy built like a funnel.

So, Craig was a perfect guard, because how could anybody not be intimidated by a giant like him? Hell, just looking at him would put a guy into panic mode. Anybody except me of course, because nobody intimidates me. From the first time I saw him however I was impressed and, okay, maybe a little envious of those massive muscles. But that doesn't mean I didn't check him out and consider him for a hot fuck. He wasn't a teenager which I'm partial to, but he couldn't have been over twenty-five twenty-six either, maybe a year older than me.

So from the very beginning he'd come around to my cell every few weeks being friendly even though I was in cell block 'C'. I enjoyed talking to him, and enjoyed looking at him as well. But I've got one of those aggressive personalities, it's built into my system, and anybody and everybody, male or female, is a potential receptacle for my big schlong. And Craig was no exception. Just because I respected him didn't mean I didn't want to fuck him.

He didn't take compliments well, not from a muscle stud like me anyway, so every time I admired his body, or felt his biceps, or touched his rock hard abs, he'd turn red with embarrassment. And then he'd return the compliments telling me how spectacular I looked. Of course I'm not shy so I'd strip down and let him see everything, and let him get a good feel of my muscles. Then, of course, I'd joke about wanting to see every inch of him.

From the very beginning there was this attraction between us as big muscle hunks. I mean there sure wasn't anybody else in this place that I had anything in common with. But what was surprising to me was my sexual attraction to him. I was young and ignorant when I was fourteen so I wasn't very selective about who I fucked and I did get some old trolls, but I hadn't screwed anybody over twenty-five since I was fifteen, and I don't think I ever screwed anybody over one hundred fifty pounds either. Craig probably weighed over two fifty.

But, I wanted to get into his pants. So, even as I admired and respected him, I started playing a game with him. I always told him how spectacular his muscles were even with his clothes on, but then I started admiring his butt, and let me tell you, it was worth admiring. You could have set a coffee cup on it. It embarrassed the shit out of him, but he didn't protest even when I started grabbing it and giving it a squeeze. But hell, we touched each other all the time. I mean, we were body builders; we compared ourselves to each other.

So, I'm going to tell you about 'the day'. The day it happened. The day Craig came by.

"Hey, Davon. How's it going?" he asked.

"Hey there, Beast. How's my favorite muscle guy. The guy with the hot ass" I said with a laugh, and he laughed along with me. "What's happening?"

"Same oh, same oh" he said. "Just thought I'd stop by and see if you are staying hard." I'd led him into sexual innuendos previously so we talked like this all the time.

"You betcha, Craig. Got me a fuck boy here that keeps me busy, and he's got an ass almost as pretty as yours." Again, we both laughed. As we talked about weight lifting and shit, I walked up to the bars right in front of him.

"Jesus Christ, Craig, I can't believe it but you're actually getting bigger" I said, admiring him. "Damn, them arms are going to burst right out of that jacket." As usual he started turning red in embarrassment. "Pretty damn spectacular, Craig, but still; there ain't nothing can compare to that hot ass of yours." This time I didn't laugh although Craig giggled a little. This shit of just hinting at butt fucking had been dragging on for months now, which was ridiculous, so I decided to make my move.

"You have no idea how your ass turns me on, Craig" I crooned sensuously into his ear, so he'd know the conversation had changed. Reaching through the bars I grabbed his belt and pulled him closer, and then reached behind him and grabbed his ass. I'd grabbed his ass playfully several times before but this time I held on and started squeezing it. "Hot fuckin ass, Craig."

"Ahhh... man. Ahhh... Davon..." he mumbled but he didn't try to pull away.

"Hot fuckin ass, Craig. And I got something here for you." Continuing to squeeze his ass with one hand, I grabbed his hand with the other and pulled him into my crotch. The idea of doing Craig was getting me incredibly excited and my cock was like a steel bar already, so Craig got a feel of one incredible ten inch dick. "How about it, Craig?" I whispered. "You like black muscle dick? Hmm?"

"Ahhhh ..., Davon... "

"Open the cell, Craig" I whispered sweetly. "Open up and get some of this big black dick." He was starting to sweat and he looked frightened, but he wasn't letting go, in fact he now had a good grip and was squeezing it.

"Ohhh..." he groaned and I saw that he had a big bulge in his pants.

"Oh yeah, Craig. Feel that hot dick. Big dick, hot and ready." I saw that he had his eyes closed, but he was holding on tight to my dick and had started jacking the ten inch length up and down.

"Hot muscle stud here for you, Craig. Let's stop fuckin around and just do it, babe." Then he pulled out his keys and opened the cell door. He'd obviously made up his mind on the spot because he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me down the cell block, around the corner and opened a door. It was a small storeroom or a closet or something, wasn't very big. He pulled me in and turned to face me.

He obviously didn't know what to do but I sure as hell did and there was nothing holding me back. In two seconds flat I had his belt unfastened and in a couple more seconds I had his pants unbuttoned and unzipped. Then I pushed him hard, slamming him against the wall, banging his head, so they'd be no question who was boss. And let me tell you, manhandling a giant muscleman like this is absolutely exhilarating. Grabbing him by the waist, I jerked him around, pushed him against the wall again, and ripped his pants and shorts down. I was nude underneath my coveralls so in one second I was unzipped and my big schlong was sticking out. I was now in a total frenzy.

"Gonna give it to you hard, babe" I said, breathing hard with excitement. "Big muscle stud like you can take it." This muscle stud, as big as he was, had surely never been fucked before but I didn't give a shit. Virgin or no a brawny hunk like this needs to be fucked hard.

"Ohhh... Davon, Davon, Davon" he moaned in passionate anticipation. He was fuckin ready and no way was I going to hold off. Spitting on my hand, I rubbed it into his crack and stuck a finger in, all in about five seconds. Then, spitting again and smearing it on my ramrod, I cranked it down, took aim, and pushed. Big muscled body builder like him, he was used to muscle pain from his workouts, and even craved it, so I knew without question he could take anything I could give him. There was no doubt in my mind that he wanted to be dominated and fucked hard by a masterful black muscle stud and I damn well know he wanted it to hurt. I mean, what the hell would be the point of a supposed top dog being dominated and turned into a pussy if there was no pain involved. I knew exactly what he needed and I knew how to give it to him.

I rammed my big mother in and started fucking and I could see he was biting his hand to try to keep from screaming, but all I heard from him was occasional grunts and a long drawn out moan which went on and on as I fucked him. He was trying to be quiet but couldn't quite manage it. I grabbed onto his massive shoulders, bent my knees slightly since I was taller than he was, pushed his legs apart, and slammed my big monster up into his ass as hard as I could, banging him against the wall and almost lifting his 260 pounds up off the floor with each thrust.

I'd never fucked a guy this big before and I was in a frenzy of exultation as I pounded into him. He was still biting his hand but couldn't help but give out a loud grunt each time I slammed into him. Did I say he had a hot ass? Whoo whee, did he ever have a hot ass.

I pulled him away from the wall, and then slammed him into it again, just to show my power over him. Damn, this was incredible, taking this muscle giant and giving it to him up the ass. Slamming him into the wall one more time, I fired my first shot into his ass, grabbed a handful of hair and gave it a big jerk. That got a yelp from him but I wasn't paying attention since I was in the throes of my ejaculation.

Dominating this giant and fucking him hard was almost driving me crazy with the triumph of controlling him, so I had to be careful not to scream with exhilaration as I fired over and over again into his incredible ass. But, all too soon, it was all over and I leaned against his massive back, both of us panting up a storm. I just stayed there with my dick up his ass for the longest time just waiting for it to go soft, but the damn thing didn't want to go down. I'd never fucked a muscle stud like this before, and my cock knew it and didn't want to stop. And, honest to god, I actually considered fucking him again right then and there without even pulling out. My cock sure as hell wanted it. But finally I had to pull back, allowing it to pop out of his butt.

I zipped up and stood back while Craig pulled his pants up. That was when I saw the wet spot on the wall with Craig's jism dripping down, and I couldn't help but chuckle. "Looks like somebody really got turned on" I said with a laugh. Craig didn't say a word as he led me back to my cell and he wouldn't even look at me so I knew he was totally embarrassed. There was no doubt in my mind that Craig was special so I didn't rub it in that he'd just been dominated by a black stud. He was a muscle god in his own right who had just been conquered and fucked, and I knew it would take him a while to adjust to what had just happened and accept the fact that he had been my submissive, my fuck boy.

After he left I just stood there marveling at what had just happened. My dick still hadn't gone down and was telling me that was the very best fuck it'd ever had. And, as amazing as it may seem, I knew that was the truth. This is Davon, the world's number one fuck artist, who's fucked more cunts and asses than there are fish in the sea, saying he'd just had the best fuck of his life. But hell, it was hard to believe even for me, that I'd just dominated the biggest, hunkiest white muscle stud in the state, and a prison guard at that.

Shit, man, this guy was a monster, and could break most guys in two with one hand, and I'd just turned him into my fuck boy. I was about to blow the top off my head in euphoria. Who gives a shit about pretty young kids when you can dominate and fuck the biggest, most masculine hunk you've ever seen.

Since then I haven't seen him at all, maybe a whole year now, but at this moment I was in his cell block and he was standing outside my cell.

"Hello, Davon" he'd said. "Welcome to cell block 'L'. I see you're getting settled in" he laughed because Kiante and I were both nude and he was still down there kissing my dick.

"Hey, Beast" I said giving him a big smile. "How's it hangin?" I looked at him and felt a surge of excitement shoot through by body as I remembered fucking him. I wanted to stick my dick up that hot ass again, and I wanted to ram it in hard. Big fuckin body like that, I also wanted him nude so I could feel him up while I fucked him. I wanted to hear him squeal when I pinched his tits and rammed my big pecker into him. I just wanted him.

"Same oh, same oh" Craig answered in response to my query.

"Got a new boy to break in, Craig. Just getting started" I said trying to make a joke out of him finding me in this compromising position. Pushing Kiante away, I stood up. "It'll take a while to get him up to snuff, but I guess I've got the time" I joked. You know I have no inhibitions whatsoever so I walked over to the cell door with my cock almost completely hard and pointing up at about a hundred twenty degree angle. I mean, I was caught in the act so what the hell was I supposed to do? "Remember this Craig?" I asked as I pushed it down and let it slap back up against my belly and then pushed it through the bars. "Now I'm in your cell block, maybe you'll want to get better acquainted with it. Hmmm?"

That's pure Davon. Completely outrageous and aggressive.

For once, I think I left him speechless although it seemed he couldn't take his eyes off my prick. In fact, I think this was the first time he'd actually seen it and had only felt it up his ass before, and he seemed to be mesmerize by it. And, oh yeah, let me tell you that my ten inch monster is a thing a power and beauty and I'm sure Craig couldn't believe that I'd actually forced it all the way up his ass. And, there was no doubt in my mind that this was one muscle of mine that was bigger than his.

"Don't worry, babe. I won't push it. Whenever you're ready. But, check this out." I reached my hand out through the bars and waited because I couldn't reach him. After just a couple seconds he put his hand into mine and let me pull him into my hard-on. "Get a good feel, Craig. Hot muscle cock just waiting for a hot ass to plow. Just let me know, babe." Without saying a word he gave my cock a good squeeze, which was a pretty good signal of his interest, but then he turned away checking his clipboard, and went to the next cell. I hoped I hadn't overplayed my hand, but getting caught with Kiante kissing my cock had put me in a really awkward position.

Turning around, I walked back over to Kiante. As I sat down I snapped my fingers and he crawled over and started kissing my prick again. I couldn't help but be amazed at that massive back and gorgeous ass on Craig as I turned to watch him standing at the next cell. I was totally envious of his colossal build and I desperately wanted to see him in the nude, but I also wanted to see him on his knees in front of me getting ready to smoke my toke. I like 'em young, teenage young when available, but right now I think I'd be willing to give them up if I had hunks like Craig available to fuck. The word 'domination' has a whole new meaning when you're talking about a behemoth like Craig instead of some pipsqueak kid.

"Get on my balls, babe" I said to Kiante. "Get 'em wet and suck on 'em." I slid slightly forward to give him better access and he really went at it. But shit, you know me. I couldn't let this kid think it was this easy to please me no matter how good he was. Remember, I said you kick their ass even when they are doing great, because then they'll somehow try even harder.

I grabbed him by the hair, jerked him up and gave him an open handed slap. "I said wet, punk boy" I snapped at him. "Here, let me help" I said as I hacked up some phlegm and spit, hitting him right between the eyes. "Now stick your nose in there and then slobber all over my balls."

Well, it worked, because he did try harder. Rubbing his face in there smearing my spit around and then with his own spit, slobbering all over my balls. I let him go for a at least five minutes, maybe ten, and then slid down almost off the chair and pushed his head down. Without any hesitation whatsoever, he shoved his face in my crack and stuck his tongue up my ass. Jesus, what a feeling, and what a picture too, just knowing that that beautiful baby face was jammed up my butt.

"Raul" I said and snapped my fingers. Raul was there in just seconds and on his knees next to Kiante. I grabbed a handful of hair, took aim, and pushed my big salami into his mouth. Since Kiante was doing such a terrific job eating out my ass, and since Raul was a pretty good cocksucker, I decided to go with both of them. One pretty boy sticking his tongue up your ass and another pretty boy suckin on your knob can be pretty damn stimulating, and I was loving it. Kiante got me warmed up, Craig really turned me on, and now I was almost ready to blow.

I was still thinking about Craig so the buildup only took about ten minutes before I was throbbing. I gave both Raul and Kiante slaps to the back of the head a couple times to urge them on and they were doing great, totally dedicated and completely focused on serving their Master and giving him the absolute maximum pleasure they could provide. Hey, this is Davon White, the biggest, baddest, hottest black muscle stud in the nation, and this is the kind of service I deserve and expect.

--------------------------- The next morning I woke up feeling great and raring to go on my body building. There ain't nothing like seeing and feeling rock hard pumped muscles, aching slightly from a workout so I stretched and flexed my whole muscled body a couple times before I even got out of bed. Every time I saw Craig I got stimulated to work even harder, and since cell block 'L' was for the best behaved prisoners and had its own weight room, I intended to have one hell of a workout today, and every day from now on.

After I blew my wad yesterday, I had Ralph transfer Raul off somewhere and just ignored Kiante for the rest of the day. I did take note, however, that he seemed attentive and ready at a moment's notice to take care of my needs.

Since I was now in cellblock 'L' with four man rooms, and with Ralph doing my bidding, I had the choice of getting two more guys, just one more guy, or just getting rid of the extra bunks and taking advantage of the extra space. But there really wasn't any decision to be made since I'd decided months ago that two fuck boys would be a whole lot better than one, and I definitely planned to get another one in here. Here in prison I always had action on the side with the guards and occasionally another prisoner, so trying to keep three slaves occupied would probably be more trouble that it was worth, but two pretty young cell mates would be perfect. I mean, yesterday was sensational with Kiante eating my ass and Raul blowing me, so there was no reason I couldn't have that on a regular basis.

I'd had my eye out for someone for a while since Raul was just not hunky enough for me, and I'd seen a few possible prospects. But Louis had seemed to be so perfect that I kind of wanted a white boy to replace him, but there was a definite shortage of them in this prison. It was mostly blacks and Hispanics and although there were some white guys, there wasn't a single young pretty one in the bunch. But hey, where there's a will, there's a way, and this is Davon White, muscle stud and leader of the 'Black Guerrilla Family'. I turned my problem over to Jamal.

You don't think so? You don't think I have that kind of pull? Well, think again. Me and my gang had connections everywhere. How do you think I got only three years in a low security prison if I didn't have some pull with the judge. I hadn't fucked the judge, but I'd fucked his daughter three times and her boyfriend once, and although he wasn't overjoyed about it, she loved it. I just happened to meet her (accidently on purpose) and her boyfriend at a club one night, and remember, this is Davon White, superstud. You may think this is something special but it ain't because there's not much of anything out there that I want that I can't get. She loved me sticking my big chunk of beef into her and she came back twice for more. The last time she brought her boyfriend along as a peace offering and absolutely loved watching me coercing him into blowing me, so it wasn't a big deal to get her to put in a good word with her dad. So with this kind of pull, if I wanted a pretty white boy transferred to this prison, the chances were good that I could swing it. I told both Jamal and Ralph to check it out.

Surprisingly enough, it was Ralph that came through for me. There was a gorgeous white kid of only eighteen named Corey who was about to be sentenced for rape. He liked raping thirty year old women in front of their kids for god's sake, and had done it several times even though he was so fuckin good looking any sixteen year old virgin would have dropped her panties in an instant if he'd even looked her way. Go figure.

All of the fuck boys I'd had here in prison looked like teenagers, but they were actually older, so I'd never had a real teenager; at least not here in prison anyway. I got an instant hard-on when Ralph showed me a picture of this kid and immediately called Jamal and got him working on a possible fix. This kid was absolutely gorgeous. A true blond beach boy type, with bright blue eyes and perfect teeth and an outstanding physique. He'd been a wrestler and a football player in high school before they'd kicked him out.

So, anyway, here I was in cell block 'L' with Kiante, a beautiful light brown black kid, who seemed to be a perfect slave. I said I was going to have a hell of a workout today, my first day here, and I sure did because, just for today, I didn't let Kiante workout with me, but had him changing the weights so I could give total concentration to my own workout. After leaving the gym and grabbing our towels and stuff, I showed him what I expected from him in the shower. As we came back to the cell I let him enter first so I could pull his towel off and get a good look at his butt. I told you he was pretty and that means he was pretty all over, especially his ass. As he put my toiletries down I stood behind him, took two handfuls of firm little ass cheeks and squeezed them and then bent down and gave him a love bite on the neck.

"Oh shit, baby. What a sweet little ass. It's about time I got me some of this." I still wasn't sure whether Kiante knew how to grovel for me since I hadn't really punished him yet. My tried and true system didn't care if a kid seemed to be completely submissive to start with, but required a learning curve of punishment followed by obedience. It's just common sense that the more punishment you give a kid, the more cooperative and submissive he's going to be. I'd thought about it overnight and decided, why fuck with a good program? A program that works every time. Submissive and cooperative or not, I decided to go ahead with the discipline program and make sure he was sufficiently docile to meet my needs.

Actually there was another good reason for some Davon discipline because the little prick was obviously full of himself. He thought he was a perfect slave and he was proud of it, and seemed to think that I should be thrilled with his actions. I had to knock that out of his head immediately. No way was any slave of mine going to think he could satisfy me by pretending to be a perfect little slave. One thing was clear; he didn't fear me enough yet, but that was going to change right now.

Jerking his hands behind his back, I pulled them up hard, lifting him up almost off his feet.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed which got a chuckle from me. I'd finally got his attention. Grabbing him by the shoulders I jerked him around and slammed him against the wall. Now you gotta remember that I'm 6'4" and Kiante's 5'7" and I have 248 pounds of bulging rock hard muscle on this body while he probably weighs in at 125 or so, so you might say I had a bit of an advantage. Putting one big paw around his neck and pressing him against the wall, I lifted him off his feet so he was just dangling there, and finally I saw something I liked; a look of fear on his face.

"Fuckin little shit" I growled at him. "You think you deserve to be here with Davon? You think you're good enough to serve this body? Baby, you ain't shit." With that I spit a big wad of saliva into his face hitting him just above his right eyebrow. "I'm going to show you what it means to serve, you worthless little toad." As I was holding him up off his feet with one massively muscled arm, I raised the other one and flexed it, forcing the huge bicep to swell up to its full nineteen inch size. Giving him a big smile, I turned my head and gave that bicep a big smack.

"Little turd like you, you don't deserve to even touch these muscles" I growled, and still holding him up off the floor with my hand around his neck, I gave him one hell of a shake and then let him drop back to his feet. His face was bright red from being strangled so I let go of him and gave him an opened handed slap to the face. 'Whack'

And now he really screamed: "yeeeeaaalllh." I'd damn near knocked him over with that slap, so I grabbed him by the hair, pulled him back up and backhanded him just as hard. And he screamed again, and started crying and begging uncontrollably.

"No, no, please" he howled. "Master, Master, Master." As I let go of his hair he dropped to his knees and put his face to the floor. "Please, please, please" he screamed and howled and cried. "Master, no. Please no."

Okay, so you remember my training program? Punishment followed by obedience? It looked like I was there although it was clear that he was way overreacting because I know I didn't hit him that hard. But basically I think I was now getting through to him. Mission accomplished. I walked away and sat down at the desk.

"I own you, you little shit" I snarled at him.

"Yes, Master, yes, Master, yes, Master" he screamed. He was really bawling now and lying flat on the floor with his face in his arms. He was acting completely hysterical, but I knew it was an act. I wanted to hurt him and I did, but not near as bad as he was pretending.

And that was annoying the hell out of me. If he didn't stop with this 'I'm hurt, I'm hurt' bullshit he was going to find out what it really meant to be hurt.

I picked up my cell and started making some calls. I gave him about fifteen minutes until his crying had changed to soft whimpering, and then I walked over to where he was still lying face down on the floor and pressed my bare foot against his face. "I told you that you were a low life piece of shit, didn't I? Didn't I?"

"Yes, Master" he whimpered.

"So now you know what you are. You're less than a piece of shit to me. You hear that?"

"Yes, Master." Lifting my foot off his face, he turned his head to look up at me and I finally saw what I'd been waiting to see. Fear. Finally. It was no longer a game for him, just pretending to be a good slave. I believe he was terrified of me now, and would obey me through fear from now on. That's what I wanted.

So, there we were, This was my game and it only took about a half hour, but I knew I was going to get endless return on that half hour investment. I'd knocked that chip off his shoulder and he was going to be a serious slave from now on. Oh, I know he wasn't all the way there yet, but a few more sessions of ass kicking should get him with the program.

"Chow time, babe" I said. "Get over here." He stayed on his knees and crawled over to me and looked up at me with tears in his eyes and streaked all over his face.

"Yes, Master?" he whispered, still sniffling softly. I pulled my towel open and spread my legs wide.

"Party time, baby. Come to daddy" I said.

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