Davon White, Superstud

Chapter 6 Free at last. I was out of prison. And what a way to go. Jamal had sent a limo to pick me up at the prison gates. Not twenty bucks and go catch a bus, but a long sleek white limousine being driven by a white guy with a chauffeur cap. The chauffeur held the door while I climbed in next to Jamal.

"Welcome back boss" he said as he gave me a kiss on the lips. Jamal was a big guy. Really big, with massive muscles everywhere, almost equal to mine. And he was gay. Totally butch and totally gay.

Jamal was a control freak dominant, almost like me, but was more into big mature guys rather than teenagers like I was. He was a total top except with me and he and I had been fuck buddies before I was sent up. His cock was the only one I'd ever had in my mouth, and it was the only one had ever been up my ass as well. We were both massively muscled giants, who ruled over our gang with an iron fist. Nobody even considered messing with us.

"It's good to see you, Davon" Jamal said with a smile. Shit, I loved that smile which I'd only seen occasionally on visiting days over the past three years. Maybe we'd have to consider getting back together.

"You have no idea how good it feels seeing you again" I said with a laugh. "Free. Jesus Christ, I'm free. Has Carl got everything set up?"

"Yeah, he's been working on it for a month and he's getting it together. Just wait until you see it" Jamal answered. "That's where we're headed now so we'll give you a chance to get settled in. Carl's there and so is Dwight and Kevin" Jamal laughed. "What the fuck you gonna do with three of them?"

"Shit, I don't know" I laughed. "But it's gonna be fun figuring it out. What about that Tajo kid?"

"Yeah, the one that sent you up; we found him in Arizona. Raylon brought him back a couple days ago and he's been at his place. He's there whenever you want him."

"Good. Let's lock him up at my place until I get around to him."

"You're not going to hurt him are you? I mean, we don't want you back in prison again."

"Hell yes, I'm gonna hurt him. That's why I want him. But I ain't gonna kill him if that's what you mean. Maybe I'll keep him around for a while for entertainment. As I remember it, he was a good fuck, and besides, you can never have too many slaves." Jamal and I both laughed at that.

Carl had been just about the best slave I'd had while in prison. A tiny little black boy with gorgeous light colored skin. He was beautiful and he really was tiny. Probably about 5'6" while I was damn near a foot taller. He was a cocksucker extraordinary, and totally submissive and obedient so I had Jamal pick him up when he was released a month or so ago. Jamal had gotten me a luxury apartment and Carl had been getting it set up, and since I knew Carl was a natural decorator, I was sure the place was going to look just great. I didn't have any particular hold on Carl, and if he wanted to leave after finishing the decorating that was up to him. He was a good kid and I'd set him up somewhere if that's what he wanted.

Dwight was a muscle boy and a member of the 'family'. A submissive muscle boy who Jamal and I shared sometimes before I went to prison. We'd had some great threesomes back then and I was looking forward to having some more. Dwight was a real muscle hunk, but was totally turned on and submissive to bigger muscle guys, like Jamal and me. I hadn't seen him for three years, but he'd bugged Jamal to let him join me on my first day out.

Kevin was another of my fuck slaves from prison. He was an ornery little cuss, who never did turn into a decent servant, but he could take pain like nobody else and I loved fucking him. Okay, so I admit I loved hurting him too, mostly because he was so ornery, but also because that's what he wanted. He thrived on pain and loved being roughed up when being fucked. Jamal had looked him up and offered him a place to stay so he decided to wait for me. He was a great fuck but I didn't figure I'd keep him around for long. It wouldn't take me long to get some new boy toys on the string to replace him to keep me entertained.

Tajo, of course, is the kid that sent me to prison. Yeah, I'd raped him, one of a long list of pretty Hispanic boy's I'd raped, and he was really hot. I'd taken him home and raped him a couple times before I let him go, but I wasn't careful enough and he figured out where my house was and turned me in. When Raylon got to him and worked him over he tried to drop the charges completely, but somebody'd seen me nab him in the park so there was a witness.

Raylon convinced him to insist he wasn't raped, but only assaulted, so they reduced the charge, which only carried three years. But that doesn't mean I wasn't totally pissed that he dared turn me in in the first place. So what if the little fucker was straight? Just like all the others I'd raped, he was fuckin lucky to get it on with Davon White, and I never left any permanent damage or visible scars or anything.

None of the others had ever complained. Not once. Not even the fourteen year old girl I'd knocked up and her cute twin brother whom I'd kept around for three days of pleasure fucking. Three days I'd kept them and they didn't say a word to anyone. Okay, so I paid for her abortion and threatened them with a painful death, but that was just standard procedure. Yeah, standard procedure. I'd rape them and when I finished having my fun I'd give them a taste of the pain they'd suffer if they dared to open their mouths. A couple times Raylon caught up with them and reinforced that threat.

That worked every time except for Tajo. He knew he was in trouble after the trial and tried to get away, but I had Jamal track him down and bring him back. I wasn't going to hurt him, not much, but I just wanted the word to get around that there was hell to pay for anyone that fucked with Davon and the "Black Guerrilla Family' gang. And I'm sure the word was already getting around that we'd tracked him down in Arizona and brought him back.

But, the real truth is, Tajo was the most beautiful Hispanic kid I'd ever seen. I mean totally gorgeous. A perfect physical specimen with a face that just glowed. I just love light brown Hispanics with nice builds and asses that won't quit, just like Tajo. That was my favorite type, light brown skin on a black kid or a Hispanic kid, or even a white kid with a nice dark sun tan. But, hey, this is Davon. Davon the superstud. Davon the Master. Davon the sex god, and when Davon fucks, he only fucks the best. And Tajo was right up there near the top.

We pulled up to a building on Fourth Street, and did I ever get an eyeful. It was a ninth story penthouse with enormous rooms with twelve foot ceilings and floor to ceiling windows everywhere. Damn near four thousand square feet right in central Baltimore. One hell of a change from sharing a ten by twelve cell at the prison. And there to greet me in the entry hall were three pretty boys, all in the nude and lined up on their knees, and damned if they didn't all have big grins on their faces and were sporting roaring hard-ons. Shit, talk about a welcome.

Hell, it was so fuckin funny, I started to laugh and Jamal joined me, and then the three kids started giggling too. I mean, can you believe this shit? Three boy toys all hot and ready, their dicks sticking out and throbbing, just waiting for some action with me.

"Oh shit, Jamal" I laughed. "What the hell am I going to do with three of them?"

"Have you ever tried three at a time?" he answered with a smile. I'd had threesomes with Jamal and even a foursome once, but I'd never had three beauties all wanting access to my cock at the same time. But the idea was a hell of a turn on, so I was willing to give it a try.

"Up boys, and get something on" I said, laughing. "I can't deal with three gorgeous studs right now, but on my first day out I'm all horned up, so I'll get to you soon." Dwight and Kevin got up and left to get dressed, but Carl stayed behind.

"Carl has something to show you" Jamal said. "Something he's been working on and just finished setting up yesterday." Carl came over and took my hand and, still sporting his hard-on, led me from the entrance hall into another hall. Shit, I was going to need a road map to find my way around this place. At the end of the hall Carl stopped, and putting on a flair, swept open the door and sang out 'voilÓ‘'.

And there was a complete gym setup, all stainless steel weights with mirrored walls, damn near as big as a public gym.

"Holy shit" I said with a gasp. It was spectacular. Even though I got special benefits while in prison, I was still limited on the amount of time I could spend in the gym, but starting now I intended to spend hours and hours working out every day. I told Jamal in advance that I intended to do nothing but work out and fuck for the next couple months, so he and Carl had really outdone themselves with this.

"You like it" Carl said with a shy grin.

"Damn straight, Carl. I love it." I grabbed him by the neck, pulled him over, and gave him a big kiss. "It's perfect" I said as I grabbed his ass, pulling him in tight with my crotch ramming into his belly. Carl was only about 5'6" so he barely reached my shoulders, and he had a tight little body which always turned me on. Hugging him to me with my hand groping his ass I actually lifted him off the floor, and grabbing him by the neck, twisted his head sideways to get better access for my tongue.

"Ah hum" Jamal said as Carl wrapped his legs round me and I lifted him up so his still fully hard cock was pressed against my growing one. "I'll get out of here then and let you get settled in." I vaguely heard the door close as I jammed a finger in and out of Carl's tiny little bung hole. Dropping him to the floor and pushing him to his knees I stuck my finger under his nose letting him get a smell of his hot ass. Without any instruction from me he was at my pants and had the belt off and the pants open in seconds. He knew I liked having a guy worship my cock through my underwear, so he just yanked my pants down and jammed his face into my crotch and started kissing my cock through the thin cloth with a vengeance.

And I was now hard. Carl had always been a terrific fuck and seeing him again brought back great memories so I was really hot for him. Reaching down and grabbing the band of my underwear, with bulging muscles I ripped it in two and let the tatters fall to the floor. Carl was ready and took my damn near seven inch around monster deep into his mouth and started to force it into his throat. But I was too hot to wait. I was almost there already. Yeah, that quick. The thrill of being out of prison and the surprise of seeing this glorious apartment, and having three pussy boys on their knees wanting to be used and abused was just too much.

I pushed his head back off my cock and rammed him back into my balls as I got my fist on it and started jerking it hard and fast. Hey, I ain't never had no shortage of jism so I could cum five, six, eight times in a day if I wanted to, and today was definitely going to be one of those days that I wanted to.

I banged my rod against Carl's face a few times as he lapped away at my balls. Then I grabbed his hair and started humping my crotch into his face and started jerking my cock again. I was kinda bouncing up and down, flexing my knees in anticipation of my orgasm, dragging Carl up and down with me. I mean, when I get hot, I get crazy.

Slamming Carl on the back of his head, getting a squeal from him, I dragged his head back and fired my first shot of cum directly into his right eye.

"Oooooh Shhhiiiiiit" I screamed as I jerked Carl's head back and forth violently and uncontrollably, as I went through the throes of my orgasm and fired burst after burst into his face. Carl was trying to get my cock in his mouth, but I was dragging his head around so much, he wasn't able to catch it. But, then he finally latched on to it, sucking hard as I discharged the last couple bursts into his mouth.

As my orgasm ended I looked around for someplace to sit and saw a weight lifting bench. But as I headed over to it Carl grabbed hold of my legs, keeping my cock in his mouth and held on. So I walked over to the bench dragging him along with me with my still hard prick in his mouth.

"Shit, Carl, you are something else" I said with a laugh as I sat down. Carl looked up at me and seemed to be trying to smile which was pretty remarkable with his mouth stretched around my gargantuan prick. I just sat on the bench relaxing for a few minutes while I calmed down and got my breath back. Carl kept my cock in his mouth, but did not try any fancy tricks like deep throating and stuff, but just kept up an easy suck as I slowly softened.

"That's enough, Carl" I finally said after ten minutes or so. Carl pulled back letting my cock pop out of his mouth, and then bent down and kissed each of my feet. Obviously, he still remembered his training on how to be Davon White's perfect slave.

Looking back up at me he said: "Thank you, Davon. I've been looking forward to that." And now I got a big smile from him. Smiling back I bent down and gave him a light peck on the lips. Then I rubbed my hand across his face collecting my cum in my hand. Carl stuck out his tongue and started licking my hand and sucking on my fingers until they were completely clean.

"Thank you, Davon" he said.

"You forgot how to say sir?"

"I'm sorry, Davon, sir. I did forget, sir. I'm sorry, sir. Forgive me, sir. Will you fuck me, sir?"

Of course I had to laugh at that, but Carl knew me very well and was aware of my amazing stamina and figured I was probably ready to go again. And I was. Getting him back on my cock and letting him suck me for a couple minutes, seriously this time, to get me hard, I lifted him up off the floor and put him on the bench. Throwing his legs up in the air, I jammed my prick into his tight little hole and started fucking.

I'd gotten the edge off now from jerking off, so I wasn't in any great hurry to cum, so I intended to drag it out as long as possible and really enjoy it. I fucked him for the next forty-five minutes or so, and since Carl was so small, most of that was me walking around the gym looking in the mirrors as I bounced him up and down on my ten inch prong.

-------------------------------------------- It wasn't until the next morning that Jamal and Raylon brought Tajo over. I'd slept, or should I say 'not slept' with Dwight and Kevin. Both of them were very much into muscle worship, which of course is one of my favorite activities, so I had two sets of lips and two tongues working my body for hours. In-between times I fucked Kevin twice and Dwight once and got a blowjob from each of them. I had intended to fuck both of them again this morning and definitely planned to sleep in on my first day of freedom, but Jamal and Raylon arrived too early. I was still in just my jockey shorts when I met them in the entrance hall.

Tajo's hands were cuffed behind him and he had a black cotton bag over his head and evidently he was gagged as well when Raylon brought him in. "I haven't touched him yet, Boss. He's just been sitting in the basement for two days. You want I should work him over for you?"

"No, not now, Raylon. Let me mess around with him for a while and then we'll see. Check with me this afternoon."

"Okay, Boss" he said as he removed the hand cuffs. "See you later."

Jamal stopped just before closing the door. "Take the day off, Davon. Have fun. You've got plenty of boys to keep you entertained. We'll get to work tomorrow."

I stepped up to Tajo and pulled the bag off his head and saw there was duct tape over his mouth and a look of fear in his eyes. I ripped the tape off and got a yelp from him.

"Hello Tajo" I said with a smile. "We meet again."

"Davon, please" he said and dropped to his knees in front of me. "I tried to get the charges dropped. I really did. You know I did, Davon. You saw me at the trial. Please, man. I'm sorry. Please, Davon. I didn't mean for you to go up." Tajo really was a gorgeous kid and that's why I'd raped him in the first place. I'd seen him in the park and he'd turned me on so much that I'd fucked him there in the bushes and then taken him home for two more days of pleasure. He'd only been fifteen then, so he must be eighteen or nineteen now.

I just smiled down at him for a moment, and then let him have it with an open hand to the face. He went sprawling and yelling.

"Shut the fuck up" I shouted as I grabbed him by the hair and jerked him back to his knees. "I'm not going to kill you, Tajo, at least not yet. But you owe me. You owe me three years of my life. And I'm gonna get some of that back."

"Shit, Davon. I really tried to stop it. They wouldn't listen. Talk to Raylon, he'll tell you. Please, Davon." Now he started to cry. I think he really believed I was going to kill him. Grabbing a handful of hair, I forced him to crawl as I dragged him down the hall to the 'dungeon'. Yeah, we had a dungeon in this place. It was originally supposed to be a projection room, or home theater or something with no windows, so it was perfect for a dungeon. Carl had painted it black and had every type of leather torture device you can imagine hanging from the walls. I wasn't really into that shit, but it looked great and was going to be scary as hell to any kid I brought in here.

I'd been really angry when I was sent up and spent hours imagining what I was going to do to Tajo when I got out, but now, after three years, I really didn't give a shit anymore. I just wanted to forget this kid and forget prison and get on with my life.

"Kiss my feet and beg me to forgive you" I growled at him.

"Please, Davon. Please, please, please" he cried and he grabbed both my ankles and started madly kissing my bare feet. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Please, Davon. Please." I kicked him in the face and then putting my foot on his neck, pushed him over backwards. He'd brought his hands to his face and his nose was bleeding and he looked up at me with a look of total terror.

Without a word I reached into the flap of my jockeys and pulled out my big pecker. Taking aim, I started to piss. I'd already taken my morning piss so my bladder wasn't overloaded, but I still had plenty to wash the blood off his face and soak him from top to bottom.

Tajo didn't say a word and neither did I as I put my prick away and walked out of the room.

"Carl" I yelled, and Carl seemed to pop out of nowhere.

"Yes, Boss?"

"Give that Tavo kid back to Raylon and tell him to work him over and throw him out. I'm through with him."

"Sure, Boss" Carl answered.

--------------------------------- So there I was, free from prison, with a fabulous workout gym and fuck boys all over the place, with no obligations except to consult with Jamal a couple times a day. But that lasted for only a couple weeks. By then Kevin had left and Dwight was working so he was in and out, but I fucked him and Carl pretty regularly, and I'd gone out cruising and had picked up a trick now and then so I was keeping my prick semi-occupied. I was having amazing workouts twice a day, and spent most afternoons with my cock in somebody's mouth or a tongue covering every inch of my body. But something was missing, and Jamal and Raylon recognized what it was even before I did.

Rape! Call it a fetish it you want, but it was like being a drug addict and I was getting desperate for a fix. With my awesome muscular body and handsome face I could pick up most anyone at any time and have my way with them. Cruising for me was like a five minute affair, and my tricks, even the butchest ones, were always submissive and literally begged me to be as rough as I wanted with them. But it wasn't rape. Rape is taking a kid against his will, working him over and terrorizing him, forcing his total submission to me, and then fucking the absolute shit out of him. That's what got my juices flowing.

Raylon was the first to recognize how antsy I was getting and set up a possible solution. He had already agreed to support my 'rape' habit when I really needed it by bringing me possible candidates to work on, so without me even saying anything, he dropped by the gym as I was finishing my workout. Wearing my regular snug white trunks with just a towel around my neck I was setting on a bench dripping with sweat, but looking like a god damn superman with every muscle on my body pumped to the max. And let me tell you, Davon White, with his astonishing muscles, looks pretty damn awesome after a hard workout.

"You know Cheryl Couture, the pinup girl?" he asked.

"You mean Miss Baltimore?" I answered.

"Yeah, that's her, the beauty queen. It seems that she has a drug problem and I've been loosening the leash on her for a couple weeks now, so she's in deep and really desperate."

"Oh, yeah" I smiled because I knew Raylon's technique. "So what? You fucking her?"

"Come on, Davon" he laughed. "She's a twenty-two year old white girl and a beauty queen, for god's sake. She's not only gorgeous with enormous bazookas just the way I like 'em, but she gives head like you wouldn't believe." I laughed along with him because Raylon was my enforcer and at 6'6" and 310 pounds he was an absolute giant of a guy, and with enormous muscles and jet black skin color, I could just about picture him with this petite little blond beauty queen.

"Yeah, I bet she gives good head, and good ass too" I chuckled. "So you set her up and got her on the string, did you? So what?"

"It's the boyfriend that I wanted to tell you about. Blond kid, sixteen or seventeen, gymnastics champ at his high school. Young bodybuilder, he's going to enter the teenage Mr. Baltimore this year. He's kind of tiny just like her, about 5'6" or 5'7" but he's a really good looking kid."

"So she goes for young ones" I said with interest. "Only sixteen? But he sure sounds like my type. What about him?"

"He's here, in the living room, right now" Raylon said with a laugh. "I told you Cheryl was desperate. I don't know what she told him about coming here, but once I suggested it, she was perfectly willing to offer him up if I'd keep her going on her favorite party drug. I thought it'd be worth a few bucks to keep stringing her along and keep her happy, which will keep my cock happy, and give you something that'll make you happy. What'da'ya think?"

"Sounds perfect to me" I laughed. "Perfect. Cheryl's okay with this?"

"Hell, she's more than okay. She begged me to let her watch." We both had to laugh at this.

"But he knows us, and knows he's here" I said. "How do we deal with that."

"That's the best part" he answered with a chuckle. "Wait till you see this video." Pulling out his ipad, Raylon started a video of a kid performing in a yard with a house in the background. He was a blond, blue eyed bundle of muscle wearing only tiny posing shorts, who was flexing those muscles and doing really spectacular gymnastics exercises; flips and jumps and handstands; he was really amazing. The close-up's showed a superman tattoo on his right pectoral muscle, and a young boyish face that was truly beautiful. Almost superhumanly beautiful. I'd seldom seen anyone with such perfect 'movie star' features.

"Here's where I spliced it" Raylon said. The screen went dark for a second and then changed to a little girl, maybe five or six years old, or even younger, wearing only underpants. From close-up she was giggling and looking at the camera when a big hard dick suddenly appeared in the frame, right in front of her face. "Isn't this fun Sarah" the voice said as the cock was bounced against her nose a couple times? The little girl only giggled. Then the camera angle changed and you saw a spectacularly muscled blond kid holding his cock in the girls face and starting to jerk it like mad. The kid was wearing a 'Lone Ranger' type mask, but the muscular build and the superman tattoo on his chest was like a DNA test. There was no doubt this was the same kid that had been doing the gymnastic exercises.

"Oh, shit" I laughed. "That kid is really fucked. What an incredible idiot."

"Yeah, total idiot" Raylon laughed. "But there it is. He likes little girls, pre-adolescent girls. That's his seven year old sister in that picture, but I have another one with her and some other kid, probably a cousin or something. He likes jerking off in their faces. He's wearing that silly mask, but with those pretty lips and hunky body, and that superman tattoo, there ain't no doubt about who it is."

"Oh, man" I laughed some more and Raylon joined it. "Stupid fuckin kid, setting himself up like that."

"Here's the really funny part, Davon. Cheryl gave me these video's so I could set him up, just so I'd keep her in 'shit' for another couple weeks. I've taken her ass and now her boyfriend, so I don't know what she's going to give up next. Maybe her mother." We both got a good laugh from that.

"Oh shit" I said trying to control my laughter. "So, does this kid know you're on to him?"

"Yeah, I showed this to him this morning."


"Well, I ran a little test. I pretended to be interested in his dick so he jerked off for me. Stupid shit, thinking I'd be interested in a white boy's weenie. I kicked his ass for that. So, anyway, he's malleable and ready for you. I slapped him around a bit and made it clear if he was sufficiently servile to you, you might let him off easy. He ain't happy about it but I made it clear to him that you're going to fuck him, and he was damn well going to thank you for it when you're done."

"Okay Raylon, okay. You got me all hotted up, but I've got to take a shower."

"Hell no" Raylon said. "Make him do it. Hell, let me film it. I'd love to see him licking the sweat off those pumped up muscles of yours."

"Good idea, Raylon. At least the sweat thing. I love blond boys licking my muscles."

"Wait a minute" he said. "Here's a thought. Why not take Cheryl and him at the same time? Two blond twinks worshiping all those sweaty muscles would be totally awesome. She knows you're the Boss and she's been trying to meet you for ages, probably hoping you'd be easier on her than I am. You'd be amazed what that blond bitch can do with her mouth" he said with a laugh. "Hell, I'm willing to share her with you, and I'd love to film it. That'd make a great video. What'da'ya think?"

"Don't get carried away, Raylon. Just show me the young stud and we'll go from there" I said, licking my lips in anticipation. Of course this conversation was making me hotter than hell. My pecker had perked up and was showing a huge mound stretching off to the left in my tight shorts.


"Boss, meet Cheryl Couture, the winner of this year's Miss Baltimore" Raylon said as we entered the living room. "Cheryl, this is Davon White, my Boss and head of the 'Black Guerrilla Family"

"Nice to meet you, Mr. White" she said as she stood and shook my hand and gave me this absolutely dazzling smile She was a beauty queen alright. "Mr. Clark has told me a lot about you." Nice manners, but knowing Raylon, he probably beat it into her.

"And here is your fuck boy" Raylon said pointing to a terrified kid sitting on the sofa wearing only a pair of white bikini underwear. "Get on your knees" he growled, and the boy instantly dropped to his knees in front of us. "Jimmy wants to be your fuck boy, don't you Jimmy?"

"Yes, sir" he said, his voice shaking. "I want to be your fuck boy, sir." I noticed his eye was slightly swollen and what looked like a bruise on his cheek, so he'd obviously been well coached by Raylon, but it was really nice hearing him being so servile right off the bat. He looked even better than in the video, because he'd obviously put on some more muscle since that video was made. Tiny little compact muscle boy, he definitely had the makings for winning body beautiful contests.

I walked over to him, took hold of his hair, and pulled him against the enormous lump in my shorts. "You want this, Jimmy? You want Davon White's big black dick?"

"Ahhh... sir. Please... ahhh..."

"Answer him" Raylon snapped at him.

"Yes, sir. Yes, sir" Jimmy quickly answered.

"Yes, sir, what?" Raylon growled.

"Yes, sir, I want his... ahhh... I want your big dick." Holding tightly to his hair, I pushed my big pole against his lips and dragged his head back and forth against it.

"Get it wet, fuck boy" I ordered and he opened his mouth and began sucking.

"Yes, sir" he mumbled.

"You gonna stay, Raylon?" I asked.

"Yes, sir, if it's okay with you" he answered.

"Okay, but keep her quiet" I said nodding towards Cheryl.

"Come sit on my lap, Cheryl" Raylon said as he sat down in a wing chair. "Get that pretty ass over here."

"Yes, Mr. Clark" she responded and giggled as she got on his lap. And what a picture they made. This enormous 310 pound coal black African-American with a 118 pound white beauty queen leaning back against his gigantic chest. She looked more like a doll than a person sitting there on his huge frame.

"We're just going to watch, honey, so don't talk. You say one word and I'm going to have to gag you, and you know what I'm going to gag you with." He laughed and Cheryl giggled along with him. He put his huge hands around her getting two handfuls of enormous DD-cup beauty queen breasts, and then nuzzled her neck.

"Whose putting on the show here, Raylon?" I chuckled. "You or me?"

"Sorry, Boss. Sorry. I'll behave" he said. Now to work, I thought. The boy was really spectacular, I mean out of this world gorgeous, as only a muscle bound sixteen year old can look. Actually from his face you'd think he was only twelve, but from his muscular body you'd think at least twenty-one. This kid was even prettier than Tajo but with an amazing physique as well.

Still holding his hair I turned around and pulled his face into my ass. The white shorts were soaked through from my workout and almost invisible as I dragged his face back and forth against them. "Kiss it, baby. Kiss you black Master's ass." Without a word he started kissing my big bubble butt as I maneuvered his face back and forth against the damp cloth a couple times. I was really impressed with Raylon. He must have really put the screws to this kid to get him so docile in only one morning.

"Okay, now take my shoes off, fuck boy" I said and Jimmy removed my Reeboks, and after a nod from me, the socks as well. "Now kiss those feet. Show Davon how much you want to worship him." Without any hesitation Jimmy started laving my feet with kisses, moving around and trying to cover every inch. No doubt, Raylon was the best damn enforcer around to be able to subjugate this kid so well in only one morning.

"I'm all sweaty from my workout, Jimmy" I said as I lay down on the sofa on my back. "Be a good boy and lick this sweat off of me. Start with my armpit" I said as I raised my left arm showing him my sopping pit. He just looked at me for a moment with a kind of a bewildered look, without moving.

"Move it" I growled at him and he jumped to obey, crawling over to me and hesitantly sticking his nose into my armpit. I put my hand behind his head and jammed him in. "Suck it, boy" I snapped. "Suck that sweaty armpit."

"Oh, man" he whined in dismay. I grabbed his left arm and quickly twisted it behind his back and yanked it up to his shoulder blades. He howled in pain.

"Do it, you little shit before I break your fucking arm" I shouted at him. "Do it."

"Okay, okay, okay" he squealed as he started licking at my armpit.

"Don't piss me off, little boy" I growled as I gave his arm another jerk getting another howl out of him. "You do what you're fuckin told and you do it fast."

"Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Please, sir" he cried. "I'll do it." Now he started putting some energy into his sucking, and buried his whole face in my wet smelly pit.

As he went to town on my pit I could almost feel a drop in my anxiety level. I hadn't raped a kid outside of prison for over three years, and now that it was finally happening, I not only felt an immediate drop in my angst but a big boost in my excitement level. Fucking is always fun and exciting, but rape is on a whole different level of enjoyment. Just the idea of doing it; I mean, for god's sake, I hadn't done anything to this kid yet, but just the idea of raping him seemed to be the perfect therapy to what was ailing me. I mean, shit, talk about a fast acting tonic, this was it.

I dropped his arm, grabbed his hair and pulled him to my chest. "Suck up that man sweat, baby, and worship your man's chest." He didn't argue, but started half-heartedly licking my left pec which was not at all what I was willing to accept. Still holding his hair, I pulled his head up and slapped him; hard.

"Yeeeaaaoooh" he screamed, his cheek immediately turning red.

"Put some energy into to it, you little shit. I say suck, you damn well suck." I let him have it again on the same cheek and he screamed again. "Do it!" I barked at him. He was sobbing now but I'd definitely got his attention, and he started kissing and slobbering and sucking my pec like crazy.

You gotta understand that rape by its' very nature is violent, at least the way I practice it. This kid could be the most obedient and slavish kid on the planet and I'd still punish him, demanding servile perfection that was well beyond his ability to perform. I love raping guys and I love controlling them and sometimes hurting them, so putting those things together gave me the intoxicating gratification that I was looking for.

"Other side, you piece of shit" I growled at him "and rub your god damn nose in that sweat." Instant obedience this time, so he was trying to please me.

"Armpit" I said after a bit. "Bury your face in there." As I lifted my right arm he moved to my pit and gave it a lick. I hit him in the back of the head with my fist, getting a screech, and then grabbed his head with my big paw and twisted and pushed it, mashing his nose and face painfully into my armpit as hard as I could. "Put some energy into it you stupid fuck. Work at it." Now he was beginning to understand what I was demanding of him as he started loudly slobbering and sucking. I not only expected instant obedience from a kid, I expected frantic devotion to my needs every second and I was not going to be satisfied until he was on the edge of panic at every moment as he worshiped.

He did seem to be in a panic mode now as he slobbered and sucked frantically at my armpit. I let him go at it for a couple minutes before I grabbed his hair and pulled him up about eight inches above my face and just held him there. He was bleary eyed, not quite focusing, his face covered with sweat and spit; a total mess. I waited a couple seconds until he could focus on me with a look of fear on his face before I spit on him; hitting him right between the eyes and watching it drip down his nose unto my chest.

"Suck it up" I ordered as I pulled his face down to my chest. Without hesitation he licked up my spit. Pulling him back up and holding him there for twenty or thirty seconds, allowing him to get even more terrified, I gave him a big smile and spit again, hitting him on the upper lip and watched it drip on my chest again. He definitely had a look of dread on his face as I made him lick it up. He didn't know what I'd come up with next but he knew it was going to be bad.

"Tell me you're a worthless piece of shit" I instructed. "Tell me."

"Ahhh... sir?" he responded.

I gave his head a violent shake and yelled: "SAY IT,"

"Ahhh... sir... I'm a worthless piece of shit, sir" he mumbled, his voice shaking.

"Master" I growled.

"Master" he whimpered. Raising my legs I reached down, pulled my wet shorts off and tossed them aside. Grabbing Jimmy again by the hair, I pushed him down to my crotch.

"Suck that sweat out of my crotch, boy" I growled. "Suck it up." As I let go of him, he instantly dove in, ramming his face into my crotch and sucking the sweat out of my crotch hair. "Slobber on it, fuck boy" I said. "Get it wet and wash it with that pretty tongue." I gave him another slap to the back of the head as encouragement, and now he really did go at it, slobbering and licking and sucking up a storm in my smelly crotch.

My cock was fully hard and he was jamming his face against it, but when he started to lick it I gave him another slap. "Not my cock, you dumb shit. You do only what I fuckin tell you." Raylon had taught Jimmy to obey this morning, but that was only step one because I was now teaching him to give instant response to my demands and mindless devotion to my needs.

I gave Raylon a dirty look as I heard another giggle from Cheryl in the background. He'd stripped her and had unzipped and pulled out his big schlong, and I could see the head sticking out between her legs where he had fitted it into her ass crack. Right now he stuck three fingers into her mouth to shut her up, and put one of her hands on the end of his prick to give her something to do while she watched.

Pulling Jimmy's head up by the hair, I aimed my cock and pressed the head against his lips. "Kiss" was all I said and that's what he did. No lick, no suck, just kisses on the tip. Over and over.

"Look at me" I said. His face and hair were a mess, covered with saliva and sweat, but it was still an incredible turn-on to see him as he looked up at me with that pretty face and those beautiful blue eyes, gently giving loving kisses to the head of my big black donkey dick. Now, my cock is massive, over ten inches long and almost seven inches in circumference, so I knew this kid wouldn't be capable of handling it, but this was a rape.

During a rape I don't worry too much about the kid I'm raping and if he has to suffer some to serve me, that just makes it more erotic and satisfying. I never inflict any permanent damage on a kid, but he sure as hell will know when I'm done that he's been raped by the roughest, toughest, most demanding black Master in the state.

"Breathe" I said as I grabbed his head with both hands and slammed him down on my monster, hitting the back of his throat, and then beyond, forcing my enormous bludgeon all the way in until my pubes were jammed tight against his face.

I screamed in pleasure as I pulled back out only seconds later. Oh shit yeah, this was what rape was all about.

Jimmy went into convulsions' and I hoped he hadn't had much breakfast this morning. Hacking and coughing and vomiting up mostly clear saliva, he spewed it all over my crotch and the sofa.

I gave him a long time to recover, at least three minutes or so before I made him slurp up most of what he'd spit out.

I knew I wasn't going to be able to face fuck him, he'd never be able to handle it, but I absolutely loved the feel of his convulsions as I rammed in all the way the first time, so I had to do it again. Sitting up now, and pulling him between my legs, I again grabbed his head with both hands and pushed him down slowly, slowly, slowly, cramming my bludgeon deeper and deeper into him, feeling the tightness as I hit his throat and kept going, forcing inch after inch into him until his nose was mashed firmly into my crotch again. He was struggling and trying his damndest to stop me but I wasn't about to let him go. I could actually feel his scream against my cock as he panicked and tried frantically to pull away. Then he started choking and his throat convulsing, squeezing the hell out of my prick and giving me incredible feelings of unbelievable delight. His eyes were wide open, his face was red and I could still feel him screaming against my cock as he was beating at me with his fists, totally panic stricken. I spread my legs and jerked his head in even harder, cramming another half inch deep into his throat and just held him there for five, ten, fifteen, twenty, even twenty-five seconds of unbelievable euphoria.

As I let go of him he fell back on the floor choking and gasping and crying, heaving up tons of saliva as he frantically tried to regain his breath. I started playing with my dick, keeping it hard as I watched him moaning and crying and trying to get his breath back. I couldn't remember the last time I got such a fabulous feeling from a really tight throat and I wanted more, but I knew it would turn into a disaster and I probably wouldn't enjoy it, him being a virgin and all.

"Fuck boy" I finally growled at him. He looked up at me, crying softly, with snot dripping from his nose and tears and spit smeared all over his face. When he saw me his eyes went wide in horror because he not only saw a giant muscle dick sticking up still waiting for him, but he saw the biggest, brightest grin on my face and could hear me chuckling with delight. He now realized that his agony was giving me one hell of a lot of pleasure. "Get your ass up here." Knowing he had no choice he got back on his knees and crawled between my legs. "You're a piece of shit, fuck boy" I said and gave him a slap on the face just enough to sting. Then I just glared at him for a minute.

"Awk... " he said, or tried to say something through his sore throat.

"Suck my cock" I ordered him and just waited. He was obviously terrified to the point of stupefacation and literally paralyzed with fear, and he didn't know what to do. "NOW" I snapped at him. I just waited another moment and then the grin on my face got even bigger as he leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. I almost shouted aloud in elation as I relished the total slavish submission of this kid, now willing to do anything, absolutely anything to satisfy Davon White's twisted desires. He was now no more than a zombie to my needs and willing to accept any pain or degradation, so there was no limit on what I could do to him. This is why I'm addicted to rape.

I didn't plan to have him suck me off, I just wanted to prove to him that he would willingly allow me to damn near choke him to death if I wanted too. I didn't force him or even touch him as he started sucking my dick again. He wasn't taking it deep into his throat, but he was gagging and choking some as he tried to force it in as far as possible, trying his damndest to keep me happy. There ain't quite nothing like having a first time cocksucker almost strangling himself on my prick, totally terrorized and willing to do anything to try to please me.

Reaching over his back I grabbed his underwear and ripped them apart. He was still crying but now he started moaning as well as I groped both of his firm little buns with my hands. This is always the final chapter to a rape, taking a hot virgin ass. An inexperienced cocksucker can only give a guy just so much pleasure, but a tight little boy ass doesn't need any experience, and can give my big dick almost unlimited satisfaction.

Pulling his face off my cock, I grabbed him between the legs and dragged him up across my lap. Putting my hand on his head, and mashing the side of his face into the sofa cushion, I started squeezing and pinching his cute little ass cheeks.

"Sweet little ass, baby boy" I laughed. "And I'll bet there ain't been a prick in there before either. I know there ain't been a big black dick like this one in there." Then I gave him a good hard swat getting a howl from his very sore throat. I'm really partial to white boys with nice brown, all-over sun tans, but since Jimmy had a tan line and a milky white ass, I was going to have to make due with a red one. I gave him a firm slap on the other cheek and he yelped again.

I had been so focused on Jimmy that I hadn't paid any attention to Raylon. As I glanced over at them I saw that they were both naked and I have to say I wasn't surprised. No way was Raylon going to calmly watch me fuck this kid while he had a hot super model on his lap. Cheryl was still on his lap, but now she was facing him and his big dong was no longer under her, but obviously in her. She had her hands on his massive shoulders and was humping slowly up and down on his pole and moaning as she went. She was obviously a lot more interested in the big black dick up her cunt than she was in what I was doing with her boyfriend.

Raylon saw me looking and gave me a big smile and flexing his muscular arm pushed Cheryl's face up against his bulging bicep. "Kiss it bitch" he whispered in her ear. I'd never been easy on my bitches either but Raylon got away with almost anything and they loved it when he treated them like shit and talked dirty to them. Cheryl was still humping but she was now worshiping the crap out of Raylon's bulging bicep and moaning even louder than before.

Jimmy, of course, put his hands behind him trying to protect his ass, but I simply pulled them above his head and held them there with one big paw. Now this kid, as a gymnast and bodybuilder, was really muscular with particularly big biceps but there was no way he had any chance of getting loose from Davon White.

"No, no, no. Please" he cried. "No, man. No." I had to laugh as he struggled frantically to get his hands free but it was child's play for me with my muscle strength to hold him with just one hand.

"You belong to Davon, baby" I laughed. "Ownership, baby. Ownership. I own that sweet ass of yours and you can bet that Davon White knows what to do with it."

I wasn't too hard on him, but then again, I wasn't easy either. I gave him five or six swats on each cheek, getting them a nice cherry red and making them look totally fuckable. Jimmy was weeping and moaning now but had given up the struggle of trying to get his hands loose.

He must have said 'please' fifty times, probably meaning 'please stop' but then again, they all say that and I have to admit I like it. I hear them squealing and crying and I know they ain't never gonna forget being fucked by Davon White. I mean, I've fucked hundreds of boys over the past few years and every damn one of them has the memory of my big prick imprinted on their brain. Ain't nobody ever forgets they been fucked by Davon White.

Cheryl was making 'oh, oh, oh' sounds now which was distracting, but my cock was hard and Jimmy's ass was hot and ready. Getting a gob of spit, I let it drop on his little pucker and then popped a finger in. Spitting a couple more times I started slowly fucking my finger in and out of his bung hole. Jimmy was whimpering and sniffling but seemed to have accepted his fate, so I let go of his hands. He simply put his hands under his face and continued sobbing. After a minute or so with one finger, I forced a second one in, starting to stretch his little hole.

I was so turned on to this kids beautiful ass that I was having trouble holding back from just ramming it to him. Hot white pretty boy with the sweetest little booty you can imagine, with tight little mounds of muscle just waiting to be split apart by my big fuck stick. I squeezed those beautiful little cheeks a couple times, and then putting a hand under his crotch lifted him up off my lap with one hand.

And I kissed him. I planted a big smacker on each cheek and then stuck my tongue down into his crack and licked it a couple times. I was so fuckin turned on I couldn't stand it. I mean, you know the day I lick a kids ass is the day I'm so hot I'm outa control.

Flipping him over the arm of the sofa, I got around behind him and took aim. Jimmy wasn't going to like it but I was way beyond being slow and gentle. I was going to fuck and fuck hard. Getting my knees between his legs and splitting them apart, I got my big dong right up against his little crack and pushed hard. He screamed and started thrashing around violently so I had to grab his arms again. I mean, he really screamed, so much so that it scared me. It sounded like I was killing him. But damn it, I was hot.

"Shit" I yelled as I pulled back out. "Shit, shit, shit." I was actually pissed at myself for worrying about this little punk instead of my own needs. However, I didn't what to tear him up so I dropped another big gob of spit on his hole for more lubrication and pushed my monster back into him again. He howled this time too but I was in him now, the enormous head of my donkey dick was now crammed up his tight little chute and it was going to stay there.

I gave him ten or fifteen seconds to adjust and then pushed in again. It was hard going because he was really tight and there wasn't much lubrication there yet, but it sure felt good. I simply ignored his yelling and crying as I pushed in some more, getting maybe four inches or so into him. Of course I ignored him because they all scream when I ram my pecker into them. Hell, their asses never knew they were going to have to open up this wide, and definitely weren't prepared for my monster truncheon forcing its' way into their little chutes.

Pulling back an inch or so I started a slow fuck, in and out only an inch or two, just enjoying how really tight he was. He was still crying and yelling at me to stop but I didn't care. In fact it was kind of brought a smile to my face, reminding me that this tight ass was virgin territory and right now it served no other purpose other than giving me pleasure. No way was Jimmy ever going to forget his first fuck from Davon White. He started to loosen up a little as I continued the fuck, going slightly deeper with each thrust. The screaming had now changed to whimpering and I was actually whimpering too; in pleasure.

"Please sir, please sir, please sir" he kept saying over and over as he whimpered and cried.

I said I was ready for a quick fuck, but ramming it to this kid would mean that he would not have a chance to fully adjust and have the pain go away, so he wouldn't get any pleasure out of it. But what the fuck, I'm supposed to worry about things like that? I was supposed to worry about his pleasure? My pleasure center was focused on my dick and any empathy I had for this kid was buried in my dick as well, so I started to fuck.

I wasn't buried all the way into him yet and I was determined to get there, so I pulled back and slammed it to him hard forcing the final three inches of my big schlong deep into his ass in one thrust. He screamed bloody murder but it didn't matter now because I was all the way in.

Sick of listening to him scream, I grabbed a handful of hair and jammed his face down into the sofa cushion muffling him. Bending my knees slightly and forcing his legs even further apart, I spread his ass wide and rammed it to him hard, really hard, over and over, and enjoyed the buildup in my prick as I reached my climax. At the last instant I jerked back out of him and dragged him down to the floor on his back and got on my knees just above his head. You think I wasn't hot: my first shot went all the way over him and landed between his legs.

"Oh, fuck yeah" I screamed as my shots landed on his belly and then his chest, and finally on his chin. I just sat there on my haunches, my balls on his forehead and my prick in his face, breathing hard as I started to recover. The kid wasn't moving so just for the sheer joy of it, I slid forward and pushed my ass in his face.

"Oh, Mr. White" I heard Cheryl cry. I looked over and saw she was on her hands and knees and Raylon was taking her from the rear and she was obviously loving it. I smiled at her and wiggled my ass in her boyfriend's face. I think she was more turned by me sitting in his face than I was. I reached down and grabbed the boy's prick, and was surprised to find see that it was not only mostly hard but it was loaded with pre-cum. I wondered if he'd cum with a hot black tush in his face.

"Boy?" I said as I started jerking his cock. "Boy" I repeated.

Then I heard a very muffled 'Master'.

"Kiss my ass, boy. Kiss my ass before I kick your ass." Totally under my power now, and without question, he started kissing my ass. "That's it boy, keep it up."

Now my ass is hard muscle and it ain't easy prying those cheeks apart, so I sat back some, forcing his face in the crack and giving access to his tongue.

"Tongue it, baby" I said as I stroked his cock. "Tongue it." Totally obedient now, I felt his tongue start working my ass. And at the same time I felt his cock begin to throb. Oh yeah he was becoming a true masochist and was totally turned on by licking the ass of his black Master.

And then he came, shooting his spooge on my hand and up on his chest and stomach, mixing it with my cum that was already there.

Yeah, I may be a rapist, but deep down in my heart I can be pretty damn considerate. I mean, I seldom ever touched a kid's dick when I was fucking him, and here I was actually turning this kid on by allowing him to eat my ass, and unbelievably, jerking the little fucker off and getting his spooge on my hand.

He's better appreciate it. I'd make sure he did when I had Raylon bring him back again next week for a rerun.

I slid my ass back off his face, wiped my hand and my dick on his hair, and left the room. I heard Cheryl screaming in pleasure as I left.





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