If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination, I hope you enjoy this story.

Davon White, Superstud Chapter Seven What are we going to do about Ralph" I said wonderingly. "I guess he's still got the cars, and all the other shit we've given him while I was in prison. But I don't need him anymore."

"Yeah, we're still paying him and I suppose he's still available, even out of prison. I thought you liked it with... ahhh with him" Jamal said. "You told me you had some amazing ejaculations in his office."

"Okay, so that was pretty damn hot having the Deputy Warden sticking his tongue up my ass that a couple times. I woulda never touched Ralph himself, because he's a skinny runt, a fuckin wimp and he sure as hell ain't no young teenager anymore. It was exciting because he was the boss, but I ain't in prison anymore."

"How about his wife, Marge?" Raylon said. "She's a real looker."

"Oh, yeah" I leered at him. "You know her?"

"Yeah, I thought she should get to know me so I visited her every once in a while."

"Oh?" I said with surprise. "She let you in the house?"

"Well, I didn't actually give her much choice" he chuckled. "I'd have her get me a drink and I'd just set there drooling over her hot bod. I mean, she's only about twenty-five and a real looker and she loved having me admire her. "

"You do her?" I asked.

"Well, no, not really" he answered with a grin.

"What the fuck does that mean, not really?" I asked, grinning back at him.

"We have a business relationship with Ralph so I decided I wouldn't screw her, but I ain't against having a little fun. I mean, those knockers of hers! Jesus! You know how I am about bitches with big tits. Well, she's got 'em. Great big gazongas sticking out, I couldn't keep my hands off."

"You were playing with her tits but you didn't fuck her? Huh?"

"Okay, okay, so I'd have her put on a little show for me while I was there. She'd take her top off and dance a little, making those knockers bounce in my face while I jerked off."

"But you were grabbing her tits, you said? Yeah?"

"Well shit, I ain't got that much will power" he said with a laugh. "You bounce those big jugs in front of my face I gotta play with 'em. That's just human nature, Boss."

"Sounds to me like you did everything except fuck her."

"I may have had my fingers up her clit a couple times, and she got pretty good at jerking me off, but we didn't kiss or nothing. Weren't no big deal. It was all in good fun."

"She jerked you off?" I asked in surprise. "Ralph's society wife jerked you off?"

"Hey? You know I got a big one down here" he laughed. "Hell, I think she was damn well fascinated by it, great big black nigger dick. Once I showed her what to do, she couldn't keep her hands off of it. I mean, come on, Boss," he laughed again, "you think I can't make any white bitch do whatever the hell I want her to do?"

"Oh yeah. I know all about you and your bitches." For Raylon, all women were bitches to be used for his pleasure and he tended to use them up. "All in good fun though, hey?"

"Well, yeah, you know me, Boss. I may have been a little insistent at first getting her to perform for me. I mean, what do you expect from a society bitch like her, but I never hurt her. And I didn't strip her but that very first time; she did it willingly after that. Well, almost willingly, since she knew I'd rip them off if she didn't. But hell, Boss, with this kisser of mine you think an uppity white bitch like Marge is going to come on to me without I give her a little encouragement?" he asked, making a face to emphasize his homely features. "I didn't hurt the bitch none. I was just playin with her and those big gazongas of hers."

"Yeah. I know all about you and big gazongas" I laughed. "It's a wonder you haven't been sent to prison."

"Hey Boss, I don't rape 'em, I worship 'em" he laughed. "There ain't nothing like burying your face between a big pair of knockers on a pretty white girl. I mean, I had one just yesterday, 38DD and...."

"Okay, okay, I get the idea" I laughed. "You like white girls with big knockers who are into black dick."

"You betcha, Boss, and those bitches ain't that hard to find" he answered. "Hell, the white boy's around here would give their right arm to have even half the white pussy I get. I mean, since we're in the business, I pick the real beauties and just dangle a little 'shit' in front of their faces and they can't get into my pants quick enough. But I like to think it's my pretty face and this big dick they're after." We both laughed at this, because Raylon was anything but pretty; in fact he's the original 'big ugly'. With that face and his enormous bulk he was enough to scare the bejesus out of your grandmother's ghost.

"Yup" I said. "I know they're turned on to that pretty face of yours. Okay, now, so you were screwing around with Ralph's wife. It's funny Ralph never complained about it or anything."

"Maybe she never told him" Raylon said. "I mean, it'd be pretty embarrassing to admit she was spending some afternoons performing for a nigger and kissing his dick."

"Kissing?" I asked. "Kissing your dick?"

"I didn't say I didn't have the bitch admiring my dick, I just said I didn't fuck her" he said with a laugh. "She admired the hell out of my dick. And with a little encouragement from me, she learned to kiss it. I didn't force her or nothing. I just made it clear to her that... well, you know; I outweigh her by two hundred pounds so I can be pretty damn intimidating. It weren't no biggie. I simply told her she was going to kiss my dick, and she damn well kissed my dick. Hey, that's just the way it goes with me and bitches. I tell 'em what to do and they do it. Ain't no hassle."

"Shit, Raylon, you are something else" I said with awe. "I don't know how you do it."

"I learned this shit from you, Boss" he said. "Ain't nobody around controls cunts like you do. Only difference is I sweet talk them instead of beating the shit out of them like you. You might want to take some lessons from me now."

That didn't set well with me. "You think I should take lessons from you?"

"Hell yes, Boss. You should see the way I sweet talk 'em" he laughed. "I pull out some coke, or whatever they're into at the moment and talk 'em up a little and they're more than happy to kiss my ass. And I mean that literally. They'll do anything to keep me happy."

"But don't think I'm easy on them" Raylon continued "because I sure's hell don't mollycoddle them. They learn damn quick to do what Raylon tells them to do."

"I know they do" I chuckled. "I know they do." Raylon was mostly into S/M and to him all women were bitches to be used and abused and he generally treated them like dirt.

Jamal got in on the conversation now. "Whatever the case, Davon, they're still on the payroll" he said. "After all, Ralph's bought and paid for and she's part of the benefit, so she belongs to us if you're interested. Sounds like Raylon's got her all warmed up, so even if you're not into big tits, she'd probably be a good lay. I mean, how long has it been since you've had some pussy? You used to love it." I had to laugh at that, because I used to brag about all the gorgeous pussy I got and how wild they were about my big salami. But since I'd been in prison, I'd gotten into slave boys, and only occasionally fucked some of the guards.

"Hey, have you seen that kid of hers," Raylon said "that step-son?"

"Ahhh... who?"

"The kid we got the Audi for. Her seventeen year old step-son; he was her Aunt's kid I think. He's a dark haired beauty and quite a hunk besides. He works out all the time so he's probably just your type."

"There you are" Jamal said with a grin. "We keep them on the payroll for a while and you can take your pick, or have all three of them if you want. That should get that big dick of yours hard."

"You know" I said grinning back at Jamal and reaching down and groping myself, "fucking Ralph's wife while I make him watch would be one hell of a turn on. And I'm always ready to screw a pretty seventeen year old."

"Yeah, I thought you'd go for that" Jamal said with a smile. "I think Raylon can get that set up."

"Yeah, Boss" Raylon said. "I'll get the kid here in the morning, if that's okay, and I already told the bitch, ahhh... Marge, that's her name; I told her we'd be by after lunch. But I don't know; you want Ralph there when you do her?"

"Well, that was the idea" I said. "I'm not turned on to big gazongas as much as you are, but humiliating Ralph has always been fun. I mean, he's such a fuckin wimp. Doing his wife while he watches should be pretty damn special." Both Jamal and Raylon laughed.

"Shit" I said, getting excited and groping myself again, "maybe I could have him kiss my ass while I'm fucking her."

"Okay, okay, don't get carried away" Jamal laughed. "Don't get too boned up right now. We're talking about tomorrow, not today. But if you want Ralph there, we'll get him there. Raylon?"

"Yeah" Raylon answered. "I'll get on the phone right now and make sure Ralph's home tomorrow."

"Well, you did get me all boned up, you bastard" I said giving Jamal a big grin. "Is that blond kid, Jimmy, still here?"

"Yeah" Raylon said "but I was going to let him go this morning."

"Not until after I've fucked him once more" I said. "Get him in here."

--------------------------------------------- I'd only been up for twenty minutes or so doing some stretches and getting the kinks out of my muscles when Terrell knocked on the bedroom door.

"In" I said.

"Good morning, Sir" he said as he stepped into the room and got down on his knees. Terrell was the latest addition to my entourage of houseboys, and I now had three: Carl, Dwight, and Terrell. Terrell was a nineteen year old black boy, kinda slim, but working out with me he wouldn't stay that way very long. I not only had him busting his butt in the gym, but I kept him in sausages so he could work on being a better cocksucker.

I was doing my crunches so I just ignored him until I'd counted out 300. Three hundred crunches and forty fast pushups will really get the blood circulating and wake a guy up in the morning. When I stood up and grabbed a towel off the dresser, he crawled over to me on hands and knees, bent down, and gave each of my feet a kiss.

"Good morning, Sir" he repeated.

"Good morning, Terrell" I answered. "Is the boy here?"

"Yes, sir. The Warden's son, Adam, is waiting in the entrance hall.. He was fifteen minutes late."


"Yes, sir. He was supposed to be here at 7:30, but didn't arrive until 7:45."

"Raylon's going to want to see him, but I'm going to work out first. Where's Carl?"

"In the gym waiting for you, sir" he answered. "May I get Dwight up now, sir?"

"Yeah, drag his ass out and put him to work" I laughed. "I didn't wear him out that much." Terrell got up and went to the bed to wake Dwight while I headed for the gym. Raylon was coming out when I got there.

"I just worked out, Boss" he said. "I hope that's okay."

"Of course, Raylon. Whenever you want" I answered. "So the kid was late."

"Yeah, Terrell told me. That's okay because it'll give me a starting point for the discipline. You want him malleable, right?"

"Yeah, I don't want to deal with attitude this morning. I just want a nice tight ass to fuck."

"Okay, Boss. You got it. Maybe you can let me watch you do him and his mom together later on" he said with a laugh. "Now that would be special."

"Yeah, that could be fun" I said. "That could definitely be fun." I got a big grin on my face as I imagined Ralph and his wife watching while I had the boy give me a blow job. I would definitely have to consider that.

When I finished my workout, I just grabbed a towel and headed down to the dungeon. Yeah dungeon. The original plans for the apartment were for a movie theater with no windows, so it made a perfect dungeon. I wasn't much into chains and whips and shit, but Jamal and Raylon both liked them, and all those sex toys hanging from the walls scared the shit out of any new fuck I brought in there.

Ralph's son Adam was on his knees naked except for a dog collar and leash. Raylon was standing beside him holding the leash as I entered the room.

"He's ready, Boss" Raylon said as he grabbed the kid by the collar and pulled his head back. I'd never seen Adam before, but he was a hunky dark haired beauty, or at least he had been.

"What the fuck, Raylon?" I said. "Can't you work them over without messing up their faces? Jesus."

"Sorry, Boss" Raylon said, "but he really pissed me off and I got carried away." Tears were streaming down Adam's face and he had a cut lip and a purple bruise on a cheek and another one on his jaw, and was definitely going to have a black eye. "You want I should get somebody else? There's a couple guys downstairs buying. I'll get one for you if you want. This kid won't be healed up for a couple days."

"Well, shit" I said.

"It won't happen again, Boss. I'm sorry, but he was being a real shit. I'll just put him on ice for a couple days if that's okay."

"I wanted him today, Raylon" I growled at him. The kid had bruises on his chest and shoulders and pretty much everywhere, but with Raylon getting a kid into a proper submissive mood, that was to be expected. Didn't matter to me as long as he was malleable and I found a hole to stick my prick into.

"Jesus, Boss, I know. And I'm fuckin sorry. He had a bit of a racial problem so I had to take special care to knock that out of him."

"Well, tell me. Is he ready?"

"Oh shit yeah, he's ready. He may not be pretty but he'll damn well do anything you want. I guarantee it."

"Well, okay" I said as I peeled off the sopping tank top I was wearing and tossed it aside. "Com'er kid" I said. Raylon unsnapped the leash and gave the kid a slap to the back of the head, and the kid crawled over to me on his knees. "You know who I am?"

"Yes, sir. You're Mr. White, sir."

"Not bad, Raylon" I said glancing at Raylon. "Okay, boy. Kiss my feet."

There was only a momentary hesitation before he said 'yes, sir" and bent down and kissed my feet.

"Give me your hand, boy" I said and as he raised his hand I pulled it against my mostly hard dick which was barely covered by my sopping wet shorts. "You like black dick, boy? Huh?" He didn't answer but just had this shocked look on his face.

Then we heard an actual growl from Raylon's throat, and the kid jumped.

"Ahhh... yes, sir" he blurted out. "Yes sir, ahhh... Mr. White sir. Ahhh... yes sir."

"Raylon says you were a racist but I'll bet he's talked you into being a nigger lover now hasn't he?"

"Yes, sir, Mr. White" he said, his voice shaking as he glanced over at Raylon.

"And I'll bet you want to suck this nigger's big dick too, don't you boy?" Adam had turned pale now and the tears were now streaming down his cheeks, but he answered quickly.

"Yes, sir, Mr. White."

"Get these shorts down" I ordered him. They were snug and now drenched with my sweat, but with some difficulty he pulled them down and I stepped out of them. I grabbed him by the hair with one hand and my prick with the other, and bounced it against his nose a couple times.

"You like that black dick, boy? Huh? You like this big beautiful dick?" Adam looked up at me but didn't answer. "Answer me" I growled.

"Yes, sir. Ahhh... yes, sir" he moaned.

"Look at it and tell me this black dick is beautiful" I snarled at him.

"It's beautiful, sir" he gulped. "It's beautiful."

"Take it in your mouth." He moaned again but then opened his mouth wide and I pushed the head of my prick into his wet hole. "Lick it and suck on it" I ordered and that's what he did.

"Has he ever sucked cock before" I asked Raylon.

"I don't think so" Raylon answered. "I think you've got yourself a virgin mouth and a virgin ass as well."

"Big black dick for a young white virgin" I chuckled. "Take some more little boy" I ordered and pushed another inch or two into him. He gagged but I still had a hold of his hair and didn't let him pull back so he was forced to get it under control. "I told you to suck" I growled at him giving his hair a jerk, and he started sucking again. I didn't intend to have him blow me anyway, because I had no patience at the moment for a beginner cocksucker. But it was always a good exercise, particularly with a racist cunt like this, to let him know that he was nothing more than a low life, sniveling cocksucker.

I pulled back and dragging his head to the side, started banging my rock hard ten incher against his face.

"Gonna get me some white boy ass now, baby. My favorite. You get him ready, Raylon?"

"Yeah, Boss" he said. "Clean as a whistle and all greased up." Pulling on his hair, I dragged Adam to his feet, and just to show off for Raylon, put my arm around his waist and lifted him off the floor so he was dangling over one arm. "I love little white boys" I said grinning at Raylon as I grabbed the kid's ass with my other hand. "Hell, I could do one arm curls with this cunt."

Just holding him there, I squeezed and pinched his little buns. "Oh yeah, hot little white boy ass" I said as I dropped him to the floor.

"You ever suck cock, Raylon?" I asked as I just stood there and looked over at him and started playing with my hard-on.

"Ahhh... well... maybe" he answered slowly, wondering what I was up to. "But I ain't gonna admit to it though."

"You wanna suck your Boss's dick?"

"Ahhh... Davon. Ahhh... I mean, Boss. Ahhh... what's going on?"

"What the fuck you think is going on? I asked you if you wanna suck your Boss's dick?"

"Ahhh... Boss. Please." He looked at me, pleading with his eyes hoping I wasn't serious.

"Don't make me threaten you, Raylon" I said. Raylon had two inches and at least fifty pounds on me and I knew he could probably whip me, but I was Boss and it was important to show your dominance once in a while, even with friends and co-workers. Raylon was my friend, a gang member and my enforcer, but he'd been getting a little too big for his britches recently and needed a reminder of who was in charge. "Now answer my god damn question. You wanna suck your Boss's dick?"

"Okay, Boss, yes" he said, and actually moaned and whispered: 'holy shit'. "Yeah, Boss, I wanna suck your dick."

"Well, get your ass over here and do it" I demanded. "Get me hard. Get me ready for this kid." Raylon didn't move for a minute, watching me intently and hoping I might relent, but then came over and got on his knees. I grabbed him by the hair and looked down at him. "Who's your Boss?"

"You are, Davon" he said softly. "I'm sorry. I know you're the Boss."

"It's about damn time you remembered that. Now suck me." Raylon leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. I didn't expect him to be much of a cocksucker, but it didn't matter, because seeing this giant Hercules on his knees with my prick in his mouth was more than enough to get me hot. This wasn't for me anyway, it was for him, for forgetting his place. If there's anything I won't abide, it's any of my flunky's getting uppity and pretending to be my equal. I'm Boss, and none of these motherfuckers gonna forget it for even one second.

I gave him about five minutes before I stepped back pulling my cock out of his mouth. I grabbed my cock to keep it hard and looked down at him. "Say again?"

"I'm sorry, Boss" he answered immediately. "You're my Boss. Always. I know you're in charge and I won't forget it again."

"Good" I answered as I walked over to a sling hanging from the ceiling. "Come here kid" I said. The kid had been sitting on the floor watching in awe as I turned the giant he was terrified of into my cocksucker. As he scurried over, I lifted him into the sling and put his legs into the straps stretching his ass wide. I didn't usually use this stuff but I knew how it worked. Taking aim at his little pucker which was exactly at the right height, I pushed.

The kid didn't scream, but he gave a hell of a groan as I forced the head of my prick into him. I knew that Raylon would have prepared him well, but jamming my damn near seven inch around pecker stretched his hole like it had never been stretched before. And damn was it good; a virgin ass that was tighter than a god damn drum. Ain't nothing quite like knowing your big schlong is forcing its' way into a hot ass for the very first time and stretching it to enormous proportions just for your pleasure. And knowing it was a sniveling little racist white boy, a hunky one at that, made it even better.

He was crying now and making the same damn sounds I get most every time I fuck a virgin ass: 'please, please stop, it hurts, take it out;' typical bullshit. That's why I stuff my underwear in their mouths sometimes when I think of it. For now I put my hand over his mouth and pushed my pecker in some more.

"Hot fucking ass" I said turning to Raylon. "Jesus, Raylon, he's tighter than hell. It feels fantastic."

"I knew you wanted it tight, Boss" Raylon answered giving me a smile "so I didn't overdo the prep."

"Well, I can't remember a virgin ass feeling this tight" I laughed in pleasure. "He's damn well crushing my dick." I pushed in some more, forcing his ass to stretch to accommodate my big bludgeon and the feeling from my cock was almost overwhelming. The kid was still squalling so I kept my hand over his mouth as I now started to fuck, slowly pulling back a couple inches and then forcing my way back in.

I'd forgotten to tie the kid's hands in the straps so Raylon had come over and grabbed them for me and also getting a close look at the action. "Really tight" I said giving him a big smile. I still had only about seven inches into the kid, so his ass still had a way to go to expand enough to accept my big monster. He was beginning to loosen up a little as I fucked in and out, but as I pushed deeper I had to really ram in hard to get him to take the final couple inches.

And then I stopped. All ten inches were now crammed up this cute boy's tight poop chute, my crotch was wedged up tight against his butt, and I was in heaven. He was still crying, but I was almost crying as well; from pleasure. You know I get a lot of sex. I fuck half a dozen times a day. But, I swear to god, screwing a virgin boy ass gets better every god damn time I do it. This one was heavenly.

I took my hand off his mouth, grabbed the slave collar and started seriously concentrating on fucking his hot ass. He was squalling and blubbering and begging me to stop, but I knew I wasn't tearing him up since Raylon had prepped him. Right now I didn't give a shit how much noise he made since here in our dungeon nobody was going to hear him anyway.

Pulling all the way out to just the tip, I pushed slowly, forcing every last inch of my heavy ramrod in as deep as it would go. I did this three times, slowly. All the way out and then slowly all the way back in. Shit, what a feeling.

Then I started to pick up speed, holding on to the slave collar and rocking the sling back and forth and really slamming it to him on each rebound. It had been so glorious just getting into him that I was hot already and knew it wouldn't take much more to cum. I kept going deep, but faster now, just enjoying the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of that tight little bunghole.

"Gonna shoot up your chute, baby. Gonna fire my juice into you, and you're going to love it" I said getting totally carried away with my near ejaculation.

"Oh shit, babe. Here it is" I screamed as I rammed into him really hard and started firing like a rocket into his hot little rump. "Oh shit" I screamed over and over again as I blasted my cum into him. Really yanking on the collar, I slammed into him three more times as hard as I could, trying to hit his tonsils from the inside.

I don't know if Adam was a natural screamer or whether I was really hurting him but he was screaming like a banshee, but I was in ejaculation heaven. In the frenzy of my ejaculation I was really jerking him by the slave collar, literally dragging him up out of the sling with each shot. Raylon was still holding his arms and the kid was screaming bloody murder, so maybe we were tearing him apart, but the feeling was glorious.

The kid was still bawling up a storm as I just stood there and started to relax. "Oh, man, Raylon" I said with pleasure, "that was terrific."

"I knew you'd like him" Raylon said with a big grin on his face. "I know what you like."

"You sure's hell do" I grinned back. Turning to the kid I said: "Will you shut the fuck up?" He was still bawling and it was beginning to get on my nerves. Raylon let go of his arms, grabbed a hunk of hair and gave him a shake.

"Shut the fuck up" he shouted right into the kids face, and the kid immediately went silent. Ain't nothing works better than giant muscle stud Raylon glaring down into a guy's face.

Looking down I watched as I very slowly pulled my sated ten incher out of the kid's tight little butt, inch by inch by inch. There was no blood, but I knew there wouldn't be. Raylon's fucked enough ass that he knows what he is doing. I think the kid was just a screamer.

"You're right Raylon. Clean as a whistle" I said as I unfastened Adam's legs from the sling. Grabbing the collar again, I pulled him out of the sling and onto his knees. I pulled his head back so he had to look up at me and I just stared down at him for a minute, not saying anything.

He looked... There was no anger showing on his face, maybe just... Resignation? Or maybe.... Just maybe... Respect? Seems unlikely, but maybe he now understood that Davon White was not only a spectacular specimen of the African-American male with the physique of a god, but someone to be marveled at and respected, and maybe even admired.

"You gonna clean up your Master's cum now baby" I said. "Lick your Master's pecker. Lick that pecker clean." Without hesitation he leaned forward and gently licked up and down my softening pecker, sucking up every bit of my cum.

Then he looked up at me again. And now I saw it in his face. I actually saw it. The little fucker did admire me! He respected my strength and power over him and he admired me for that. This little shit actually wanted to be dominated by me.

I grabbed him by the collar, pulled him to his feet and kissed him. Not just a peck but a real tonguing, spit exchanging kiss and he put his arms around me and kissed me back for all he was worth. Damn!!!!

"I can taste my cum on you, baby" I whispered. "You like this nigger's cum? Hmmm?"

"Yes, Master" was his reply. Master? He said Master? Oh yeah. This little fucker... this little white boy was totally enamored with his new black Master.


"Hello Davon, ahhh... Jamal, Raylon" Ralph said as he opened the door for us. "Please come in...." Raylon, the big bruiser who had no patience with anybody, had already pushed Ralph aside and was heading into the living room. I gave Ralph a dirty look as I walked by but didn't say anything.

Adam was sitting on the sofa next to his step-mother as ordered and looked worse than this morning. The bruises had turned purple and his eye was red and swollen. Marge, who I'd never met, was every bit as pretty as Raylon had said, and she did have an impressive pair of knockers on her.

"Let me talk to Ralph first" I said as I stood in the middle of the room.

"Come on, Marge" Raylon said as he took her hand and pulled her to her feet. "Let's get you into something sexy for the Boss." He led her to the stairs and headed up to the bedrooms.

"Go with 'em, Adam" Jamal said, and Adam scurried after them. I turned to Ralph and gave him an open handed slap to the face.

"What do you call me, you piece of shit" I growled as I backhanded him. I knocked him back a step or two as he yelped and looked shocked.

"Ahhh.... wha...? Ahhh... Dav... Ahhh... Master?"

"You fuckin forget who you are?" I growled as I grabbed his neck and jerked him up close. "You forget I'm your Master? I paid for you, you little fuck, and you'll remember your place."

"Geeze, Dav... ahhh... Master. I'm sorry. Master. Ahhh.... I'm sorry."

"Get on your fuckin knees" I snapped and he immediately dropped down in front of me.

"Yes, Master. Okay ahhh... Master." I hit him again, damn near knocking him over this time.

"Yeeeaaalllh" he screamed. "Please. Ahhh... please, Master. Please, Master. I'm sorry, Master."

"Kiss my feet and tell me how fuckin sorry you are" I ordered. He instantly leaned down and kissed my shoes. "Without the shoes you stupid fuck." I was wearing unlaced athletic shoes with no socks, so Ralph easily slipped them off and then kissed my bare feet.

"Please, Dav... Please, Master" as he kissed my feet over and over. "I'm sorry, Master, I'm sorry. I'm sorry." He kept kissing my feet while I just glared down at him.

"We may be out of prison, but you're still my pissant piece of shit. Got that?" I raised one foot, put it on his neck and started mashing his face against the other foot. "Got that?"

"Yes, Master. Yes, Master. Yes, Master" he pleaded. Pushing his head to the side I dragged my foot up and down his face.

"Kiss it you stupid fuck" I growled at him.

"Yes, Master. Yes, Master" he mumbled as he tried to kiss my foot while I was damn near crushing his face. Then I stepped back.

He was bleary eyed and totally shocked. I mean really shocked because I'd never treated him like this before and he was beginning to understand the difference between being Davon White's slave instead of his paid lackey.

"You're a piece of shit, Ralph" I said and I spit on him, a big wad landing right at his hair line. "You're a piece of shit and I treat you like a piece of shit. Got that?" He just lay there looking at me in horror. I spat on him again, this time landing right next to his nose and splattering all over the side of his face. As he reached up to wipe it off, I kicked his hand away.

"Don't you fucking touch it" I snapped at him. "Davon White spits on you, you're damn well privileged to receive it." I just glared at him for a bit and then kicked him in the face with my bare foot. Didn't hurt him none but it made me feel better.

"I'm going to fuck your wife, Ralph. Answer 'yes Master'."

"Ahhh ... wha...?"

"Answer 'yes Master' you stupid fuck" I shouted at him.

"Yes, Master" he whimpered.

"Now again. I'm going to fuck your wife, Ralph" I repeated and waited.

There was a slight hesitation but then he said "Yes, Master."

"Get your ass over there and set in that corner" I ordered him "and don't you fuckin move." Ralph had always pissed me off by being such a fuckin wimp. Of course I made him that way, but didn't change anything; I forced him to grovel at my feet and then despised him for it. And because of that I always treated him like shit and took great pleasure in humiliating him. And now that I was out of prison and still paying him off, it pissed me off even more.

"Okay, Raylon" I gave a shout.

Raylon came down the stairs followed by Marge. And did she ever have the tits. Bit round jugs, absolutely firm and sticking straight out with no support at all. Raylon had wrapped some kind of silk scarf thingy around them which hid absolutely nothing, but actually made them look sexier. Other than that, she was wearing a skimpy pair of pink panties.

But what really brought my cock to attention was that Raylon had put a wide black leather collar around her neck and was leading her with a leash. Marge Anderson, society woman extraordinary, being led down the steps on a leash.

"Oh shit, Raylon," I gushed. "You are incredible."

Jamal got into it as well. "Shit, Raylon. Wha'cha doing to me? I'm gay and you're giving me a hard on."

Raylon had a grin a mile wide and couldn't help but laugh aloud as he spoke. "Just for you, Boss. Hot S/M pussy all dressed up and ready to meet her Master."

"You are something else, Raylon" I laughed as he handed me the leash.

"She's all yours, boss" he said as he stepped back.

"Shit, Raylon, I'm hard as a rock."

"Me too" said Jamal. "Me too."

"Okay, honey" I said. "Raylon says you like to kiss his dick. Well, I'm into that shit as well. Get down there and kiss my dick." Only now was I able to pull my eyes away from her big boobs and the slave collar and look at her face. Yes, there were tears in her eyes, but they looked like tears of anger, not fear and although she didn't say anything, as I looked up I clearly saw her mouth the words 'fuck you'.

I slapped her. Ain't no way I was going to accept that from some submissive white bitch. She yelped but I think Raylon was as shocked as she was.

"Boss? What? Ahhh... what's...?

"She told me to fuck off, Raylon." I backhanded her, getting another yelp.

"Geeze, Boss, I'm sorry," he said. "God damn it, I thought she was ready. Stupid ass bitch. Give me five minutes with her Boss. Just five minutes and I'll straighten her out. She'll be begging you to kiss your dlck." Stepping over to me, Raylon grabbed the collar, knocked her feet out from under her, and dragged her screaming across the room and up the stairs.

"Sorry about that, Davon" Jamal said chuckling. "Raylon told me she was prepped, but it looks like the 'master of the bitches' missed out on this one. This is going to raise hell with his reputation." We both laughed at that as we heard some shouting and a scream from upstairs. Raylon was going to make her very sorry for misbehaving but I had my doubts about what he could accomplish in five minutes.

"Ralph" I snapped.

"Yes, Master" he answered meekly.

"You gonna be master of this house after Raylon gets through with Marge. No more nagging bitch. No more henpecked husband. Got that?"

"Yes, Master."

"And you don't mind Raylon teaching her some manners, do you?"

"No, Master."

"Now that's how you train a sub" I said laughingly to Jamal. "Raylon needs a few more lessons from me.

"No question about it, Davon. Nobody trains a submissive like you do."

Raylon led Marge down the stairs a couple minutes later. I don't know whether he'd been slapping her around before, but he sure had now. Both of her cheeks were red and tears were streaming down her face.

"Say it" he growled at her. "Say it."

"Please, Davon" she whimpered. "Please let me kiss your dick."

"Again" he growled.

"Please, Davon" she repeated. "Please let me kiss your dick."

"She's ready, Boss" Raylon said. "Sorry about before.

"Get on your knees, cunt" he said to Marge, and this time she dropped immediately to her knees. "Kiss it" he ordered her and she leaned forward and kissed my dick. At least she kissed the big lump showing in my tight shorts.

"Okay, Boss. She's yours now and I know she's going to behave. She damn well better behave" he said for Marge's benefit.

"Stand back up here" I said to her "and let me see those big jugs of yours." As she stood I grabbed two handfuls of big firm tits and massaged them for a few seconds. Then, grabbing her collar and bending her slightly backwards I started working one of those gazongas with my mouth.

Yeah, I was a tit man once, before I started training boy toys. After I sucked on both tits for a couple minutes, I turned her around, grabbed two handfuls of those boobs, pressed my dick against her butt and started kissing and biting her neck. I was fully hard and showing an obscene bulge in my shorts as I humped against her booty.

I'd been glancing over at Ralph making sure he was watching, and although he was crouched down and I couldn't see his crotch, he kept surreptitiously reaching down with his hand. I had to laugh aloud as I realized that the little fucker was turned on. He had a fuckin hard-on.

"You watching this, slave boy?" I asked.

"Yes, Master" he meekly answered.

"Yeah, I can see you are" I said with a grin. "Getting you hard."

Actually, it figures, because why do straight men like porn so much and why is so much porn rough trade? They want to see a really hot stud fucking the shit out of a big busted babe and they'll tell you they always want to be the stud, but don't you believe it. They set there watching a big dick stud slapping a bitch around and sticking his enormous dong into her, and you can bet they're secretly wishing they were on the receiving end. And when that big dicked stud is a black stud you just know their heart beat picks up, they start sweating and they're mouth gets dry, lusting after that big nigger dick and craving to be used and abused by a BDSM muscle stud who knows how to deal with submissive white boys.

Hey, I love fucking straight guys. That's my game. And you know I'm one hot motherfucker so most every damn one of them puppies loved being dominated and being a pussy to my big black dick. They may have pretended not to like it, but I know what I know, and I could see it in their eyes. And by the time Davon White was through controlling them and fucking them, they were damn well begging for more.

"Okay, honey" I whispered into Marge's ear. "Let's go for the gold. Black gold. Pull that beautiful black dick out of my shorts." I turned her around and then pushed down on her shoulders. My shorts were tight to begin with, and with my enormous wanger fully hard and stretching off to the right, she had to struggle just to peel them down over the big bulge. But finally it popped out into her face hitting her in the forehead as she removed my shorts.

"Tell me it's beautiful, hon. Beautiful black dick." She glanced over at Raylon before she answered, so there was no doubt she was under his control.

"It's beautiful, Davon" she said grudgingly.

"Look at me, hon. Look at me and tell me it's beautiful."

"Yes, Davon. It's beautiful" she said with a little more emotion this time. Hell, if she'd been playing with Raylon's dick for a couple months, she had to be wild about mine because I had him by an inch or two and was definitely bigger around.

"So kiss it. Kiss the real thing, babe. Go on, kiss it." She leaned forward and kissed it, and then again and again. "Yeah, baby" I said. "Keep it up. Worship that black dick."

I looked over at Ralph and he jerked his hand out of his crotch, embarrassed that I'd caught him playing with himself.

"Get your dick out, Ralph" I said.


"I said, get your fucking dick out. I wanna see it." Giving me a horrified look he started unzipping his pants. "Get on your knees" I growled at him. He undid his pants , reached into the flap of his shorts and pulled out his white boy weenie which was definitely hard and already slimy with pre-cum.

Marge was still kissing up and down my ten inch prick and there was no question she was doing it willingly. I suspect that Raylon had given her a whole lot more dick than he'd let us believe. This bitch was definitely hot for big black dick. At least she was hot for Davon White's big black dick.

I knew she wouldn't be a decent cocksucker, especially since Raylon contended that she'd never even sucked him off, not even once, so I just had her kiss it and lick it for a while. Hell, she was a pretty lady and a blue blood society type, so it was stimulating just watching her worshiping my dick even without having her blow me.

So I was going to fuck her. And to be honest with you, I wanted to get finished with her so I could get back to that step-son of hers. Even as battered as he was, he was a real cutie and I wanted in that ass again. And of course I wanted to castigate Ralph some more.

Pulling her head between my legs I reached down and ripped her panties off and squeezed her ass cheeks a couple times. Women don't have tight little muscly buns like young boys do so I wasn't interested in her ass.

'Okay, honey. You gonna go for a ride" I said as I pulled her to her feet. "You gonna ride this black dick to heaven and back." Grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled her over to the stairway and pushed her against the railing. Grabbing her ass and lifting her off the floor, I pushed her legs apart, allowing my big black fuck stick to press against her belly.

"Aim it, honey" I said. "Grab that big dick and show me where you want me to stick it." Even with me lifting her up, her face was still a foot below mine, but looking at her face as she reached for my dick, I saw no anger, no fear, no anxieties. What I think I saw was anticipation. She wanted my enormous dick. Hell yes, she wanted it. Getting a hand on my piece, she directed the head to her clit and I gave a push, getting just an inch or so into her.

"Ahhhhh" she moaned and I wasn't even in her yet, so I gave another push, and you think she was wet? She was fucking flooded in there, so I just rammed it in banging her against the railing and slamming all ten inches into her. She screamed, because ain't no doubt, I'm fuckin huge, but as I pulled out and slammed into her again she only grunted.

She screamed when I slammed it to her a third time, but this time she screamed: "OH, YES."

It looked like she was a screamer just like her boy; at least she was when she had a donkey dick like mine in her. I doubt she screamed like this when Ralph pushed his five inch weenie into her.

Each time I slammed it to her she screamed "Oh, Yes. Oh, Yes." I was still holding her up against the railing with her legs spread wide, and basically slamming my prick up into her, knocking her up a few inches with each thrust and then slamming it to her again on the rebound.

"Baby, I bet you've never had nigger dick up your cunt before" I said. "And now you getting Davon White's. You getting the real thing, and you gonna love it." Evidently I was really slamming it to her because I heard a cracking sound, like the railing was breaking. Moving away from the railing and carrying her over to the wall, I slammed her against it getting a big 'oof' as I knocked the wind out of her.

Grabbing her ankles I spread her legs out wide holding them against the wall so she was doing the splits and most of her body weight was being held up by my massive prick' Now I really started slamming it to her. I know I was hurting her because she started yelling, but I was beyond the point of no return and I didn't give a shit.

Slamming it into her one final time, I bent down and bit her neck, hard, giving her one hell of a hickey, and started firing into her.

"Ohhh Shiiiit" I howled, and just to show off for Jamal and Raylon, I let go of her legs and put my hands on my hips and held her entire weight against the wall on my giant donkey dick as I fired shot after shot into her cunt. I screamed again in ecstasy and actually flexed my giant biceps at this show of power and strength as my massive pecker just held her there and continued rocketing my load into her.

"Hey, Mr. Steel dick" Jamal laughed. "Way to go."

"Yeah, Superdick" Raylon laughed also. "I ain't never seen nobody do hundred pound curls with their dick before. You definitely Mr. Superdick."

You think she didn't have a look of ecstasy on her face? Hell yes she did. Grabbing her ass and lifting her, I watched my ten inches slowly slide out of her. Backing off, I let her sink to the floor.

"So tell me" Jamal asked "pussy or pussy boy? Which is best?"

"Pussy boy wins every time, Jamal. No doubt about it. Hot little pussy boy ass is the way to go. Hell, maybe I'm not even bisexual anymore" I said with a laugh. Turning to Raylon I gave him a questioning look. "Your turn?" I asked.

"Yeah, Boss" he replied. "I've always wanted some to that. I guess it's now or never." He walked over and liftee Marge into his arms and stepped over to the stairway. "You want the boy now, Boss?"

"Yeah, Raylon. Get him down here."

"Cunt. Come down here" he shouted up the stairs as he stood there with Marge in his arms. He was so huge that she looked more like a doll than a person in his arms.

"You sure there won't be any repercussions from this, Jamal?" I asked. "They ain't gonna say nothing?"

"No way, Davon. Guaranteed" Jamal answered. "Ralph would go to jail, and his honey and the boy know all about our 'Black Guerrilla Family' and how we always pay out debts. Ain't no way they're gonna say a word. Besides, I told them this'd be the end. They'd never see us again. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, that's okay" I answered. "I've had the girl and the boy now and I'm sick of Ralph, so we can drop them after this."

"The leases run out on the cars in a few months, so I'll just let them go" Jamal said.

"Okay, that's fine" I said. Then I saw Adam come down the stairs. "Oh shit, Raylon. What have you done?: Adam was wearing a pair of frilly pink panties, had a pink ribbon in his hair, and pink lipstick. His nipples were also painted pink. "I didn't want him to be a girl" I said laughing hard. Jamal and Raylon joined in the laughter as the kid walked over to me.

"He looked..." Raylon tried to say through the laughter. "He looked... he looked so fuckin cute, I couldn't resist it."

"Oh shit" I laughed as I took hold of his chin and pushed his head back. "Don't you look adorable." I bent down and gave him a kiss on his bright pink lips. "Simply adorable." Jamal had actually fallen back into a chair from laughing so hard, and Raylon was roaring.

"He's still the same kid" Raylon snorted, "just prettied up a little." The kid has tears in his eyes but other than that, didn't react at all. Simply accepting his fate, evidently.

"Well, honey bun" I chortled. "I guess I'm going to see if you've got a pussy down there." I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back a few feet and just took a good look. He was still the much bruised muscle boy from this morning with big squared pectorals, rounded shoulders and bulging biceps but painting him up like this was screamingly funny. Raylon painting his nipples was absolute genius.

"Oh shit, honey, you're making me so fuckin hot." And that was true because I had a roaring hard-on. "He don't talk, Raylon?"

"He's under orders, Boss. He don't talk unless you want him to." Still holding Marge in his arms and still not hearing a peep from her, he headed up the stairs.

Putting one hand on the boy's ass, squeezing it and pulling him close so my boner was pushing into his belly, I rubbed my other hand over his muscular body, up his back to his rounded shoulders, bulging arms and back down to his ass.

Adam was one hot little number and he'd been a great fuck this morning if overly loud, and I was pretty damn sure he admired my strength and my power over him. But hell, Raylon was having some fun and so was I and if the little bastard couldn't stand being the point of the joke, that was too fuckin bad. Pretty little white boys who got infatuated with me after I fucked them were a dime a dozen so no fucking way was I impressed with any schoolboy crush. Besides, I intended to fuck him again, so if the little bastard wanted to serve me, all the better.

"I just fucked your mom, cutie pie" I said.

"She's not my mom" he mumbled. Oh, oh. So the kid had some hang-ups with his adopted parents. Typical for a seventeen year old.

"So you don't care if she likes black dick?" He didn't say anything. "But you like black dick don't you?" I said as I grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up on his toes and his faced only inches from mine. "Don't you?"

"Ahhh... yeah" he gulped.

"Tell me you like black dick" I ordered him as I stared into is eyes.

"I like... I like... Ahhh... I like black dick" he croaked since I was partially choking him.


"I like Davon's black dick, sir" he responded, saying it firmly and almost defiantly. Of course I had to chuckle at this. From his actions this morning I figured he was enamored with me, but now he was willing to say it aloud, and unbelievably, right in front of his step-father.

"Get on your knees for your Master."

"Yes, sir. Ahhh... Yes, Master" he answered as he dropped to his knees.

"Ralph, get over here" I shouted at Ralph. "Crawl, you stupid twat" I growled as he started to get up. "Raylon? Shit where's he? Jamal, see if there's more of this pink lipstick."

"Oh shit, Davon" Jamal said, trying to stifle his laughter. "This is too much. You sure you want to do this?"

"Ralph belongs to me" I said "and I'll do anything I damn well please with him. Isn't that right Ralph?" I asked him.

"Yes, Master" he replied as he crawled in front of me. Ralph's dick had gone soft, but right now I didn't give a shit if he even had a dick.

"I'll see if I can find it" Jamal said as he headed up the stairs.

"Your wife's pussy juice is still on my cock, Ralph" I said. He was looking up at me but didn't react. "You hear me, fuck boy?"

"Yes, Master" he responded.

"Good" I said. "Lick it off." At this point there was nothing too depraved for Ralph to do for me. I knew it and he knew it. Bending forward he started licking my dick. I glanced at Adam and, no question, there was a slight smile and a look of admiration on his face. He admired me for humiliating and abusing his step-father.

"Adam, show me how you honor your Master. Get down there and kiss my feet." Without hesitation he bent down and started kissing. "Worship them, babe. Worship them."

"Here you are, Davon" Jamal said as he came down the stairs with the lipstick.

"You want to wear some pretty pink lipstick while you suck me, Ralph?" I asked sweetly. "My pretty little slave boy in pink lipstick?" Ralph didn't say anything but he was still licking my dick. "Here, Adam" I said. "Put this lipstick on your daddy's lips. Make him look pretty for me." Adam willingly took it and turned to Ralph.

"It's all right, Adam" Ralph said softly. "It'll soon be over."

"Fuck you" Adam answered, causing Jamal and me to laugh. Obviously the kid had some issues with his step-dad, and this was getting even time. He smeared the lipstick on Ralph's lips.

"Don't you look pretty" I said as I grabbed Ralph's chin and forced him to look up at me.

Adam and Ralph were both on their knees in front of me and my big dong was dangling down just waiting to be sucked. I put a big paw behind Adam's head, pulled him in, and banged my half hard pecker against his face a few times.

"Daddy dog and puppy dog' I said grinning down at them. "Jamal, did Raylon bring another dog collar?"

"Sorry, Davon" he answered. "He only brought two. You want I should get the other one off of Marge? Having two doggies at your feet is hot."

"Never mind, Jamal" I said and then looked down. "I don't need a collar to tell which is doggies and which isn't. Okay, doggies, move in. Kiss my dick" I ordered as I put a hand on each of their heads and pulled them in to my cock. "Nice wet smooches. French kiss it. Yeah, that's it." They both started using a little tongue as they kissed up and down my big dong. I just let them go at it for a coupld minutes with my hands behind their heads.

"Pretty as a picture" Jamal chuckled. "Big dog and little dog lapping it up at Davon's crotch."

"Yeah, it's pretty" I said. "Feels good too. Okay, doggies. Now the tip. Kiss just the tip." As they moved their mouth to the tip of my monster prick, I got a grip on their hair. "Okay, now kiss each other" I ordered.

"Please, Davon" Ralph moaned as he tried to pull back.

"You're going to kiss him, Ralph, or I'll break your god damn neck" I growled at him as I tightened my grip on his hair. "Now kiss your boy. Kiss him with my dick in your mouth." And of course he did. Giving into the inevitable he started kissing Adam with the tip of my dick in his mouth. This was probably as hard for Adam as it was for Ralph, since he seemed to have no respect at all for his step-dad, and there was not that much difference in their ages: Ralph was about twenty-five and Adam was Seventeen.

"Come on, get with it" I snapped at them, yanking their hair. "Kiss, god damn it. Use some tongue." As I watched they now started to tongue each other's pretty pink lips as the licked the head of my cock. "That ain't good enough, damn it" I shouted at them. "Worship my fuckin dick and kiss each other. Make me feel it." I slammed each one of them in the back of the head to get their attention.

Now they went gangbusters. Davon White knows how to make at happen. They were now licking and sucking and kissing my dick and each other like there was no tomorrow. "Go, go, go," I said, giving them encouragement and giving them another slap to the head.

And let me tell you this was hot. Hotter than hell. A father and son, white guys, worshiping Davon White's big black prick while they were forced to kiss each other's painted lips. "Fuckin hell" I yelled as I watched them go at it.

"Oh, shit. Oh, shit" I heard Jamal moan. Glancing over I saw that he'd pulled his prick out and was jerking it. He was every bit as hot as I was.

"Jamal, you want Ralph?" I asked. "I'm taking the kid."

"You got me so fuckin hot, damn it" he groaned. "Let me have him." He walked over and grabbed Ralph by the hair, and without any preliminary, pushed his prick into his mouth. I told you Jamal was a Dom. He knows how to treat submissives.

Hell, I was hot to trot so I stuffed my prick into Adam's mouth. Both Ralph and Adam started choking, but me and Jamal know how to deal with reluctant cocksuckers, so we eased up just a little so they could breathe, and then pushed back in, forcing them to adjust and try harder to take big black dick.

I knew from experience that Ralph gave lousy head, but I also knew Jamal could deal with it. I hadn't given Adam a chance to suck me this morning, but I was definitely going to find out how good he was this afternoon.

"Suck dick" I growled at Adam, ignoring the choking sounds coming from Ralph, and the slapping sounds and swearing coming from Jamal.

I knew that Adam seemed to have a thing for me, evidently adoring my looks and incredible muscular body like everybody does, but also seemingly admiring my power and control over him. Seemed to me like a perfect opportunity for me to turn that respect into reverence for my dick and see about getting a really hot blowjob.

"You wanna suck this nigger dick, baby? You wanna suck Davon White's big black dick? Huh?"

"Yes, sir. Yes, Davon. Yes, Master" he blurted out, looking up at me with a look of total deference. He was obviously idolizing me. Complete infatuation.

I gave him a smile, and I swear to god, he melted and actually gasped for breath and gulped, and got an enormous smile. Shit, exactly like a little puppy dog.

"Show me what you can do, puppy" I said putting my hands on my hips and just watching him. There was no question there was worship in his eyes as he leaned forward and started kissing my dick. Kissing and licking and sucking, total adoration of my dick. He only did this for fifteen/twenty seconds or so and then opened wide and took my monster into his mouth. "Okay, puppy, suck on it. Get that tongue a-moving."

"Mmmmmm" he started humming in the back of his throat as he took four or five inches into his mouth and started sucking, trying his damndest to make it pleasurable for me. Let me tell you there ain't nothing quite like having a virgin cocksucker totally focused on nothing but paying homage to my dick. I'm an S/M Dom and tend to take control and fuck hard, but sometimes; sometimes, just for the hell of it, just for variety, it's okay to let a dedicated worshiper like Adam take over and bust his ass trying to give me unlimited pleasure.

Grabbing on to his head, I slowly backed over to the sofa and sat down, pulling him along with my prick in his mouth. As I relaxed and put my arms on the back of the sofa, Adam really went at it. Kissing and licking and sucking both my balls and my cock and occasionally just holding it in his hand and simply marveling at it. The little shit really was in love with my enormous pecker. He kept glancing up at me to see if I was enjoying his worship, and each time I smiled at him he redoubled his efforts.

For the first time in months, I didn't interfere, but just relaxed and fully savored Adam's dedicated adoration of my prick.

I glanced over and saw that Jamal had given up on Ralph as a cocksucker. I knew from experience that Ralph couldn't suck cock. Instead, Jamal had pushed him to the floor and sat on his face and was jerking his prick like there was no tomorrow. "Lick it you little fucker. Lick it" I heard him say. Oh yeah, Jamal was a Dom.

It was at least a half hour later, one wonderful half hour of watching this pretty white boy rubbing his face in my crotch, worshiping my cock and balls with his mouth, and long after Jamal had shot his load, that I said to Adam: "Getting close, puppy, Take it deeper." Even now, I didn't force him or anything, but just let him do it as best he could. And his best was pretty damn good because he did push my monster into his throat this time. He choked and had to pull back, but immediately did it again, and chocked some more. He still choked the third time but that didn't hold him back from continuing.

I allowed him to use one hand to help as he started bobbing his head up and down on my cock. He was still choking somewhat but damned if he didn't continue cramming it into his throat because he knew that's what I wanted. Yeah, he knew that's what I wanted. The little shit was determined to give his black Master all the pleasure he could handle, and let me tell you, that ain't bad. I have to say I was impressed with the little motherfucker. But when he reached down and grabbed his own cock with the other hand I slapped him along the side of the head.

"Don't touch your dick, shit head" I growled at him. No way did I ever allow a cocksucker to touch himself while doing me. "Concentrate on my dick." And he did concentrate on my dick. Gradually beginning to speed up, he was taking it an inch or two into his throat with each thrust and with the help of his hand was getting me up there very close to the edge.

"Ohhh, fuck" I yelled as I grabbed a handful of hair at the last second and pushed him away from me and onto the floor. Climbing on top of him I started shooting. "Fuck, fuck, fuck" I yelled as I jerked his head up and fired shot after shot into his face and hair.


"Okay, Ralph, it's all over" Jamal said as we headed for the door. "The lease on the cars runs out in about eight months so they're yours until then. I don't imagine you'll be seeing us again."

We had all showered and cleaned up, and Ralph and Marge and Adam were all decked out in their Sunday best for the goodbyes. Jamal, Raylon and I had showered but our massive muscular bodies were showing in all their glory because we were just wearing shorts and little else since we'd brought nothing else with us.

"Ahhh... thank you, Jamal" Ralph said. "Thank you, Raylon." Turning to me he said, defiantly "thank you, Davon." I just gave him a smile.

Adam hurried forward and opened the door for us and spoke to me with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Master?" he said. Shit, the kid wanted me. Jamal gave me a 'here we go again' look as he and Raylon went out the door.

"Please, Master" the kid said. And you know? Although I've fucked dozens or maybe hundreds of kids, I'm occasionally a sucker for a pretty face. Or maybe I'm just getting old; I'm damn near twenty-four now.

"What? You want to be my house boy? My servant? My fuck boy? Huh?"

"Yes, please" he answered. "Whatever you want. Please."

I knew this was just a fall back because he was pissed with his step-parents and admired me for humiliating them, but he was a cute kid.

"I don't want to see you with all those bruises. Once they heal up you come by and see me."

"Thank you, Master. Thank you."

A fourth house boy? A white one? Why the hell not? And besides, he sure has the right attitude, and with a little practice and complete dedication, I know he'll make one hell of a cocksucker. And truth is, Davon White can never have too many cocksuckers.

A note from the author: I had someone send me a message: 'I like your stories but how many times do you expect me to tell you that I like them?' My answer is: every time you read it and enjoy it. Yes, I enjoy writing, but what makes it worthwhile is hearing that someone out there is reading it and enjoying it. I can tell you it is discouraging to spend a couple weeks writing a story and get little or no response. So, take a few seconds and e-mail me a response, maybe only one word like: 'good', 'bad', 'worse' or something.

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