If you're under legal age, or you don't like erotic gay domination stories, don't read this. If you're into gay muscles and domination, I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Davon White, Superstud

Chapter Four

As usual when I woke up I stretched my massive muscles, feeling the remaining twinges of fabulous muscle pain from yesterday's workout and almost hearing my bones creak. Shit, I was sleeping well these days. I mean, life was good, really good, and except for my being in prison, it couldn't be better.

The businesses were going well and Jamal said we were making money hand over fist so I was going to live high on the hog when I finally got out of here. I had a new slave boy, Kiante, who no longer pretended to be a good slave, but was now one hundred percent dedicated to being my perfectly obedient fuck boy. Knocking the shit out of him a couple times and instilling a sense of fear had done wonders for his performance.

I also had a new boy coming either today or tomorrow. The silly eighteen year old rapist who liked screwing women in front of their kids. I didn't really give a shit what he'd done, but was most interested in what he was going to be doing for me. He's an eighteen year old white kid and I haven't had a teenager since my raping days before coming to prison. But best of all, he'd been a high school wrestler and football player so he must have a great body, and from the pictures I'd seen he was absolutely gorgeous. Oh, I'd had more than my share of pretty ones, but this kid seemed to almost too good to be true.

Just a couple weeks ago I had a pretty white boy, Louis, who was so pliable that he was almost completely trained as my fuck boy after only one day. But then the asshole Warden jerked him out. He was a beauty and I kinda liked having a white boy serving me, so I decided to replace him with another white dude. Louis was pretty damn good looking but this kid Corey was younger and even more muscular I think, and even prettier, so let me tell you, I was looking forward to this. From what I've heard he has a real chip on his shoulder as well so that was a real plus because it would give me the opportunity to beat it out of him in the first few hours. I know how to handle kids with attitude.

Corey reminded me in some ways of the second kid I'd ever raped. Not the first one, but the second one. The first one was a school mate and a bully who thought he was tough but he made the really bad mistake of confronting me. He was the first boy I ever fucked and I got a hell of a lot of pleasure from kicking his ass and then taking his ass. But he deserved it. He was a mean motherfucker who needed to be taken down.

Even at fourteen I was a stud; muscular and hot looking and since I was such a hunk I hardly needed an illegal ID. And once I discovered how popular my dick was, I dressed to show it off and was out on the hunt most every night with an enormous bulge showing in my tight pants. I was kinda counting, back then, and I had close to fifty tricks that first six months when I was only fourteen, and the numbers picked up after that, and I never fucked any of them twice. Baltimore had a shit load of singles bars at that time and I was popular at every one of them.

I was fucking girls back then and hadn't yet discovered the pleasures of young boy ass. I found out from the very first girl I fucked that they tended to like a black muscle stud with a big dick like me to be rough and demanding; really rough and really demanding. That was positively enlightening to me because who would have thought (remember, I was only fourteen); who would have thought that I could be as domineering and demanding and self-centered as I wanted to be to get my rocks off, and my tricks would love it. I found that I could be as arrogant and egotistical as I wanted, never worrying about their feelings, because they got their pleasure from my pleasure, and my pleasure came from me knocking them around and fucking the absolute shit out of them. It made me feel like a god, and as a fourteen year old, it went right to my head. Nothing seemed to get those bitches squealing with pleasure as much as me roughing them up a little and making them choke on my prick or giving it to them up the ass.

So, I told you I raped an asshole school mate of mine and enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to have it again. So I kept my eye out until I happened to see this kid at a wrestling meet, got an instant hard-on and that was a major turning point in my life. He was perfect. A good looking white kid with a perfect body, probably sixteen years old, or two years older than me, and I wanted to dominate him. Yeah, dominate. Okay, I know, I had a an almost painful hard-on in my pants just seeing him, but all I could think of was taking him down and getting him begging for mercy. I had a clear picture of him on his knees in front of me with tears dripping down his face and begging me to hurt him, or not to hurt him, or whatever. Just imagining dominating and controlling this muscle boy was about to blow the top of my head off, and I hardly even considered that it was sexual and that I'd want to get my rocks off at the same time.

I was so fuckin turned on by him that I couldn't wait, so I picked him up the very next day coming out of the local gym after his workout. He'd taken his shirt off, to show off of course, and had a towel over his shoulder and was carrying his gym bag. Honest to god, he was so gorgeous that I actually had to wipe the drool off my chin. I mean, Jesus, what a hunk. Me and my cock were almost equally jumping up and down with desire and anticipation. Since we were in a developed area I had to talk him up to get him somewhere private so I started by complimenting the hell out of his good looks, and then with my devastating smile, sparkling personality and hunky body, I gave some flimsy excuse to get him to come along with me. And I can tell you that that has never ever been a problem with me, to convince the peons of the world to do damn near anything I want them to do. I mean, I've got killer looks and a radiant personality so it's always been easy to manipulate those around me. So getting this wrestler kid to go along with me was a piece of cake.

I had no place to go in them days, so the best I could manage was to get him to the park. Once we were there I just slugged him hard and dragged him into some bushes.

Now, I told you this event changed my life so you've got to get a clear picture of this. This gorgeous white kid was lying naked on the ground and moaning, I'd already stripped him, and I was standing over him with the hardest hard-on I'd ever had and an almost overwhelming feeling of power. I waited until he opened his eyes before I starting stripping, and I did it real slow so he'd see every muscle on my body as I uncovered it. I said he was sixteen and hunky but what he was seeing, looking up at me, was a vision of a young god. I said I looked eighteen, and that was a very muscular eighteen. He tried to say something while I was stripping but I don't remember what, but it didn't matter anyway since I was beyond listening and was transfixed in some kind of sexual trance. Some kind of power trip trance.

As I pulled my shorts off I stood and flexed my beautiful fifteen inch biceps giving him a double bicep pose, and allowing him a view of my incredibly perfect teen body. Even as built as he was, here was a body he could only wish for, with one hell of a boner sticking way out in front as well. I was so turned on that my cock started throbbing, bouncing up and down as I flexed, and as I reached down and grabbed it, the damn thing started shooting. You think I wasn't excited? This was the most exciting ejaculation of my young life as I let out a yell and fired my jism a couple feet up in the air and then down onto this gorgeous white kid. I was in absolute out-of-control ecstasy as burst after burst of cum landed on that muscular body beneath me and I screamed so loud they must have heard me a block away. My last shot of cum landed right on his nose which turned me on even more, and the look on his face gave me the most mind blowing feelings of machismo and superiority that I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

After I tied him up I sat on top of him and rubbed my prick in his face for the longest time, simply enjoying the look on his face as I humiliated him. Looking him in the eye and hearing him beg and cry as I spit on him and slapped him some, was the most incredible power trip of my young life. This was true domination. Total control of another person. I owned this kid and he was mine until I was done with him. A power trip that changed my life.

After I played around with him for a while, I put his legs on my shoulders and fucked him. That's when I discovered that although total dominance and complete superiority over another human was incredibly hot, using a boy, the male species, as a receptacle for my big black donkey dick was the absolute ultimate.

Now, I ain't quite done yet. I gotta tell you one more thing. Something that gave me the biggest swelled head on the planet and expanded my already huge ego to monstrous proportions. I was young and stupid at that time, so that kid I raped, that wrestler kid, went to my school. I had never noticed him until he stopped me in the hall one day, and you guessed it; he wanted it again. So, I fucked him two more times, and was even rougher than the first time. After that he was a pest until I really knocked him on his ass and made him leave me alone.

So, I became then, and still am now, the most arrogant egotistical black stud in the state, or the nation, or the world, or whatever. No way did I need a lover because I admit I was madly in love with myself. I mean, what's not to love?

----------------------------------------------------------------- I've got to tell you something else about me too. I don't kiss. Kissing is for sissies and lovers and I've never been either one. I've never wanted a lover, I don't want a lover now, and I don't think I'll ever want a lover. Hey, I love sex. I'm absolutely, totally and completely dedicated to having sex, but, and this is a really big 'but', I'm fundamentally addicted to domination. Total control of another human being. I mean, using my staggering muscular strength to overpower and physically force them against their will to become my most ardent enthusiasts. I mean, battering them around enough to show them my supremacy and get them to absolutely put their heart and soul into servicing me. Now that's something that gets my juices flowing and makes my cock really, really hard.

Although I'm basically bi-sexual, after I discovered the joy of boy sex, I tended to lean in that direction. I mean, a girl knows she's going to get fucked which takes away the fun of the domination unless she is blowing you against her will. In fact, now that I think of it, after that second rape, I always made the girls blow me first before I even considered sticking it into their cunt. Not surprisingly, with this giant wanker of mine, even though they struggled with it, it didn't take much convincing to get them to make a go at it.

So I started almost exclusively dominating and fucking young muscle boys. Basically I found that there were three types of guys out there on my radar screen. The gay guys or 'would be' gay guys who want to be roughed up and fucked by a muscle stud like me. There's a million of them around. Then there are the straight guys who want to be dominated and roughed up and fucked by a muscle stud like me. There's a lot of them around too. And finally, the ones that really get my heart pounding are the straight guys, hunky straight guys who want nothing to do with me and have to be taken down and raped. At least they pretend they don't want anything to do with me. But hell, give me a couple hours with them, and a lot of them will think they were born to be this black stud's pussy.

So, now you know my interests and you know why rape drives me into the throes of absolute rapture. Once I get out of prison I'm still going to be out looking for straight boys since rape is like a drug for me. It just builds up and builds up inside me over time until I can't control it any longer, and I have to have it. Hot muscle boy ass, that is. But I've promised myself that I won't do it very often. Just once in a while, just to get an occasional fix when I'm really, really desperate for it. Actually, I won't even have to get involved much anymore since Raylon has decided he's going to pick them out and bring them to me. Yeah, really. I don't know if this will be as exciting as picking them up myself, but I'm willing to give it a try. None of my boys, particularly Raylon and Jamal, want to see me back in prison again, so until they change the law and make rape legal, they're going to be watching out for me. Having Raylon deliver a good looking hunk to my door all ready to be raped should be pretty damn convenient.

Hell, I shouldn't need it very often anyway since there's plenty of guys around would climb all over themselves wanting to get into my pants. I mean, as spectacular and gorgeous as I am, no shit, I'm also leader of the 'Black Guerrilla Family' with business interests, and I have a couple dozen mostly young people out there delivering and working for me, and a couple dozen more trying to get in. So there's an endless supply of kids trying to get my attention who would be more than willing to get acquainted with my dick. Me, Davon White, the gorgeous muscle stud and gang leader; how can they fuckin resist. I barely have to lift a finger to get them running to see who can bend over for me first.

So back to the kissing bullshit. I don't kiss. I dominate. And I'm into rough, sometimes violent sex. Whatever it takes to bring me off. Ain't' nobody leaves my bed without a bruise or two or three. They take it because I don't give them any choice, but even more than that, they just expect it from a muscle stud like me. They expect me to be narcissistic and callous and I sure as hell live up to their expectations. Even Jamal, my massively muscled lieutenant whom I almost had a relationship with, gets knocked around when I fuck him. He's a top but occasionally loves bottoming for me.

So alright, where was I? Oh yeah, Corey. I'm still lying in bed thinking about him and it's making me hot.

"Kiante" I bellow, and two seconds later he's out of the top bunk and on his knees next to me. I flex my bicep for him and he kisses it. I don't say anything so he kisses it again and again and starts gently sucking on it. I let him go for a couple minutes really enjoying watching his pretty mouth worshiping my bulging arm, but then I put my hand behind his head and pulled him over onto my chest. He immediately starts kissing and licking up a storm. Hell, ain't nothing like waking up in the morning and having a slave worship your hot body and feed your vanity before you even get out of bed. An ego boost followed by a blowjob is definitely the way to start a day.

"I gotta piss baby" I say to him and yes, I'll probably make him drink it sometime, but in the morning with so much stored up it ain't worth the trouble. I mean, I've done it before and they can never keep up and end up making a mess, so I pushed him away from my chest and dragged myself out of bed and went and took a piss. I was still hard when I went back and picked him up off the floor and carried him over to the table. Yeah, this is Davon, baby, and Kiante is like, tiny. I handle him like little girls handle their dolls. Putting him down on his back with his head hanging over the end, I pushed my crotch into his face.

Without a word he started kissing it. Kissing up and down the length and then licking, just as he's been trained. After two weeks he was now my perfect slave boy and he knew exactly what I expected of him in most every occasion. I was really hard and hot and ready to go now, so I just pushed into his mouth and against his throat, and then pushed again forcing all ten inches into that delightfully wet hole. Pulling back and giving him time for a breath I pushed back in slowly, very slowly, watching his neck bulge out as my bludgeon forced its way into him and my balls pressed tight against his face. Pulling back, I did it again, even slower, enjoying the look of actually seeing the shape of my cock bulging out from his neck as I forced it into his throat.

But I was hot and ready and just wanted a quick 'start the morning out right' type of fuck, so instead of a slow delightful face fuck, I flipped him around on the table and pushed his legs up. If he'd followed his training, and I know he had, he'd already prepared his ass last night just in case I wanted it this morning. So I just pushed in and started fucking. Kiante was such a little guy, maybe only 5'7" and 130 pounds that I loved riding him around on my hard-on, so I grabbed him around the shoulders and pulled him up onto my dick. Turning around with him sitting on my big boner I lifted him up and let him slowly slide back down sending sparks of pleasure shooting throughout my body. I lifted him up several times and let him slowly sink back down allowing my big truncheon to slide in and out of his tight little ass. Then almost crushing him to me, forcing his knees into his chest, I started to speed up. Each time I lowered him onto by big shaft I'd ram my hips up to bang against him forcing my dick in to its absolute maximum. Of course I was walking around the cell as I was doing this, just playing with him like a little toy.

"Ah Hum," I heard and looked up through the bars to see who it was. And there, standing at the bars, was Craig. For some reason, I guess because he was somebody I respected, I was immediately embarrassed that he was seeing me this way.

"Hey, Craig. How's it hanging" I laughed, not knowing what else to say, and trying to brazen out my embarrassment. I mean, I was caught in the act so what was I supposed to say? Craig frowned at me and turned around and walked away, evidently royally pissed at seeing me like this. Shit! I'd been fantasizing about his muscle butt of for ages now. I mean, that was part of the reason for coming to this cell block in the first place, because he was assigned here.

Right now I was too involved in a fuck to worry about it but I knew I was going to have to face the music with Craig later. So I kept bouncing Kiante up and down giving myself exquisite feelings of pleasure. I'm not crazy about quickies and we still had fifteen minutes or so before breakfast, so I lifted Kiante off my prick and lay down on my bunk.

"You do it, slave boy" I said, and he climbed on top of me, reached behind himself and grabbed my cock, and slowly forced his ass down on it. I put my hands behind my head and just watched him as he impaled himself over and over on my big boner. And damn was he good. After two weeks of total dedication to my cock he could almost feel my feelings and each and every movement was to maximize my pleasure. His little pecker was hard most of the time, but he was so focused on my cock and my pleasure that I'm not sure he was even aware of it.

But he was concentrating so intently on my cock and on my pleasure that he forgot and had his eyes closed. I reached up and gave him a slap.

"Open your fuckin eyes, slave boy" I growled at him. His eyes immediately shot open, like I'd shocked him out of a trance, which I guess I had, but he now looked me directly in the eye.

"Sorry, Master" he whispered. "Sorry." I rubbed my hand over his face and then stuck all four fingers into his mouth. Still concentrating on fucking himself on my cock, he started sucking on my fingers as well.

"We've got ten minutes before breakfast, babe. Make it last and make it good." This is one of the hardest things to train in a kid. How to get into my head and feel what I'm feeling so they know exactly when to speed up or slow down and to just hold, while bringing me to my ejaculation at precisely the right moment. He's got to be aware of the slightest nuances in the feel of my cock, any body movements or contractions, or any subtle changes in facial expression. He's got to know instinctively what my intensity level is moment by moment so he can get me to the absolute peak of sensual pleasure and just hold it there, and hold it there, and hold it there until it's time to finally take me over the top.

Actually, timing a ten minute ejaculation is easy; it's the ninety minute or one hundred twenty minute ones that are hard. Every fuck boy I've ever had can show you bruises where he got punished for not being careful enough and bringing me off prematurely. I like getting a nice slow blowjob most every afternoon and when I say 120 minutes, I mean 120 minutes. Any fuck boy of mine who can't figure out how to give me what I want is definitely going to get his ass kicked.

Kiante was getting pretty damn good at this because he had my cock tingling, but held back just enough so that I did not quite reach my climax. He just held me there for five minutes or so while my pleasure centers were going crazy, before he finally sped up his movements and took me into my ejaculation. Almost exactly ten minutes.

I waited until the point of no return before I pushed him on his back and took over. Ramming into him as hard and fast as I could, getting loud squeals from him each time, I was shooting into his hot ass within ten or fifteen seconds. Then timing my thrusts with my ejaculations, I slammed into him shaking the bunk and probably the whole room, giving me incredibly exquisite feelings of glorious pleasure. Then I just flopped down on top of him. It was only a couple minutes later that the buzzer rang for breakfast, so I rolled over and let Kiante dive into my crotch and clean me up before we headed out.

I skipped my usual late morning blowjob from Kiante in expectation of Corey showing up at any moment. However, it wasn't until after lunch that we finally heard that he wouldn't be transferred in until the next morning. So I spent all afternoon lying on my bunk with my prick in Kiante's face fantasizing about what I was going to do with that kid and trying not to think about my problem with Craig. I mean, there ain't a hell of a lot to do in prison, so getting a three or four hour afternoon blowjob, or in this case, three or four blowjobs in an afternoon, was almost a daily event.

I kept my eye out for Craig but the one and only time he came by he didn't even look in my direction. Okay, so he was pissed and no doubt it wasn't going to be easy calming the waters with him. But hell, this is Davon White, muscle stud. I found it hard to believe that I was actually figuring out how to get back on his good side, instead of just ripping off a hot fuck like I do with everybody else. This just wasn't my style. Besides, Craig had liked it. I'm pretty sure he liked getting fucked by me. In fact I damn well know he liked it when I drilled it to him, and he should be here jumping all over me trying to get it again. But shit, I wanted to get my prick up that hot muscleman's ass again real bad, and I was willing to do almost anything to get it.

Wasn't much I could do about it right now so I just lay back and enjoyed Kiante's mouth.

------------------------------------------------ The kid still wasn't there after breakfast the next morning and I was beginning to wonder what was going on. I've told you about my temper, but I tried to keep myself in control and not explode. Not yet anyway. I told Bob, one of the guards, to tell Ralph to get his ass down here to talk to me.

So Kiante and I went to the weight room and started to workout. A half hour later Ralph stuck his head in and motioned to me. I'm often amazed at how stupid some of my minions can be. I mean, Ralph knew body building was my life and I put my soul into it too, so I'd never, ever interrupt my workout for him, but there he was with a nervous look on his face, acting like a total asshole. I knew he had bad news, but I refused to let it interfere with my workout, so I just ignored him and had Kiante pile on the weights and worked my tail off trying to burn off some of my excess energy. Somehow I had to stay cool and collected.

Ralph was waiting outside the door when I came out shirtless, totally pumped and soaking wet with sweat.

"Not here, you stupid fuck" I growled as I deliberately pushed past him getting his dress shirt soaked from my sweat.. "Meet me at my cell." He got a horrified look on his face but I ignored it and kept going.

"Davon" he said in a wimpy submissive sounding voice. God, I hated lily-livered shits like this even though I suppose I was the one who made him this way.

When I got to my cell, Ralph was tagging along behind me, but I just had Kiante get our stuff for our shower. "Get the fuck out of the way" I said to Ralph, as I rubbed against him again getting him even wetter. "Be here when I get back."

Ralph was totally under my thumb as you can see by the way I treat him. He was terrified of my enforcer Raylon who'd been to his house a few times and therefore terrified of me as well. I treated him like shit because I could, and I got a certain amount of pleasure out of it. He was a young, up and coming professional, but I constantly let him know he was no better than scum to be scraped off my shoes.

"Okay, spit it out" I said to Ralph when I got back wearing only a towel, totally formidable with my massive pumped muscles. He was standing outside my cell waiting although I noticed he'd changed his shirt and tie. I put my hand on his neck and pushed him into the cell, and kept pushing until he was against the wall. "So, tell me where my new punk boy is, babe. Hmmm?"

"Ahhh... Davon. Just calm down. It ain't the end of the world. I'm working on it." I still had my hand on his neck but I wasn't squeezing it.

"Working on what?"

"Davon, please. I'm not saying anything more until you let me go."

"God damn little shit" I growled at him, but I dropped my hand and walked away. "So, tell me" I said from the other side of the cell.

"Ahhh... Sarah got involved this morning and decided this kid was too young and vulnerable to be with the general prison population. She noticed that he was only eighteen and should have been sent to Juvenile Justice Center over on gay street."

"Fuck Sarah, and fuck the general prison population and fuck the Juvenile Justice Center. This is Davon White we're talking about here and you better not forget that."

"Hey, I know it, Davon. I know, I know. I'm working on it. But Sarah's got the authority as prison psychologist. Even the Warden can't overrule her. She's already filled out the paperwork to send him to Justice."

"You better listen up, babe" I said, as my anger was building up. "Jamal had to pull a whole lot of strings to get this kid for me so you get him the fuck in here, and you get him in here now." I could actually feel my temperature rising and I was on the verge of exploding.

"Hold on, Davon. Hold on. It's gonna happen. Listen to me, it's gonna happen. Just give me a couple hours and I'll handle it. I'm gonna make it happen, Davon."

"How? Tell me what the fuck you're doing."

"Sarah's report has already been misfiled and I had the kid sent back for additional orientation. Once they get through with that and get him checked in again, they'll come to me asking what to do with him. Then I'll assign him to you."

"What about that bitch Sarah?"

"She already left the building. But if she should find out I'll just say I didn't know her report was missing. But you know as well as I do that Sarah is so swamped that once she finishes a report she never has time for a follow-up."

"Shit, babe" I said as I took three deep breaths forcing myself to calm down. "Maybe I don't give you enough credit." Giving him a big smile, I walked over and gave him a few friendly slaps to the cheek. "My cock appreciates you so maybe I should try to appreciate you too." I reached down and groped myself through the towel, making sure Ralph saw the big lump there. Alright, so I was complimenting him and humiliating him at the same time. That's just my style.

Ralph gave me a dirty look and started to walk away, but I grabbed his arm and jerked him back. "You keep on it and make sure it works, babe" I snapped at him. "You hear me, babe?"

"Davon, please don't call me babe?" he pleaded. "Please. At least not in front of people."

"Kiante ain't people you stupid fuck" I snapped as I grabbed him by the neck and jerked him up in my face. "He's my fuck boy and I own him, and don't you fuckin forget I own you too, babe. Davon White owns you." Lifting him up on his tiptoes with one muscled arm, I raised my other arm and jammed his face into my pit. After shaking him a bit and rubbing his face up and down I pushed him away almost knocking him on his ass. It was too damn bad I'd just showered because I would have loved seeing his face dripping with my sweat. "Now get the fuck out of here and get me my new boy toy." I know I'm awfully rough with Ralph, but his cooperation cost me plenty in benefits, and his being such a wimp really pissed me off.

It wasn't my original plan for the morning, but after Ralph left I slammed Kiante up against the wall and fucked the shit out of him. He was going to have some new bruises, but it sure as hell relieved a lot of my frustrations.

When Kiante and I came back from lunch Ralph was there waiting for me. "He's here Davon. He was cleared through about a half hour ago." I just grunted at him and walked on past.

"Davon, please, just a minute" he said so I stopped and turned around. "I know you're in the last cell, and kind of away from everybody, but would you be careful and try to take it easy with this kid. I mean, he's supposed to be at Justice and if they find out we kept him here we'll both be in trouble."

"Fuck you, babe" I said and headed on towards my cell.

"Please, Davon. Just go easy. Please."

When I entered the cell the kid was sitting on my chair looking at a magazine. I unzipped my coveralls as I walked in showing my massive chest so when the kid looked up he got a vision of a body like he could only imagine in his wildest dreams. Not only did his eyes get enormous but his mouth dropped open in shock as I walked up to him.

Grabbing him by the hair I jerked him viciously to his feet getting a scream from him which was immediately cut short when I slammed him in the stomach. I held him there for a couple seconds until he got his feet under him, and then grabbed his prison t-shirt by the collar and ripped it down the front. I didn't hold him up this time when I slammed into his stomach again, so he went flying half way across the cell.

He was hurting but still conscious when I went over, grabbed him by the neck, and pulled him back to his feet. "Don't you ever set in my chair again" I growled menacingly into his face. And then I hit him in the neck with my fist, and he went flying again.

"Kiante, check him out and make sure he's breathing." Hitting a guy in the neck can damage the trachea so I had Kiante check it out even though I hadn't hit him all that hard. You gotta understand that with the muscles I've got and my incredible strength, I've got to be careful how I treat my chattel. I brag about beating the shit out of them all the time, but in fact I'm very careful and only use about half my strength.

"Put him in the single." Kiante may have been a little kid, but he was strong. Even so, Corey was a whole lot bigger and a whole lot heavier than him so he had a hell of a time moving him.

I didn't offer to help as I picked up my cell and called Jamal. The kid had brought a stack of sheets and towels and stuff which was piled on the extra bed but the bed itself wasn't made up. I watched as Kiante dragged the kid over to it and got his feet up on it first, and then, with a whole lot of effort, was able to lift him up onto the bed.

So, that was my introduction to Corey. Or I should say his introduction to Davon White, his new Master. The kid was every bit as cute as I'd been told although he was bigger and huskier than I expected. He was definitely bigger than any of the young men I'd been fucking over the years. He had big bulging pectorals and rippling abdominals where I'd torn the shirt open, so he'd been working out and taking care of himself. I could appreciate a kid, a wrestler and a football player, who kept himself clean and took care of his body. He just had this crazy fixation of wanting to rape older women.

I kept my eye on him as I made my phone calls, until finally he raised his head and looked at me. There was shock showing in his face, but no fear yet as far as I could tell, so I knew I still had a way to go. As I finished a call he spoke for the first time. "Why'd you do that to me?" he croaked hoarsely since I'd mangled his voice box. "What'd I ever do to you?" I had removed my coveralls so I was wearing only a wife beater and my bikini underwear, so my muscles were now showing in all their glory. He was quite a body builder himself so I know he could appreciate what it took for me to look like this. He definitely knew something about muscle so with some more of my training under his belt I figured he was going to be a terrific muscle worshiper. And yeah, I'm also addicted to muscle worship. Obviously I'm wildly in love with these massive muscles of mine and I make sure my boys are wildly in love with them too. Having a kid spend an entire afternoon tonguing every inch of my hot body is absolutely heavenly.

Giving him a friendly grin, I walked over and grabbed his neck with one big paw and pulled him up off the bunk. He was not quite sitting and not quite standing as I held him there with one muscular arm. "I hit you because I wanted to" I said, grinning at him. "And you open your mouth again, you call me sir." With that I gave him a good hard open handed slap to the face, followed by an equally hard back hand. I dropped him back on the bed and went back to the phone.

The kid rolled over away from me, facing the wall. I heard him sniffling for a while and then I think he dozed off. I wasn't in any great hurry even though he was lying on his side showing me that hot ass of his.

After I finished my calls I lay down on my bunk and stuck my prick in Kiante's mouth again and just relaxed. I wanted Corey but there was no need to rush it since I had Kiante here. Besides, that kid was going to be around here for months, so I was going to get a whole lot of cock action from him. I actually dozed off myself after a bit and had a most wonderful dream of getting my cock sucked by muscle stud Craig. The dream turned out to be only partially true when I woke up because Craig was nowhere to be seen. My cock was as hard as a rock so I flipped Kiante over, climbed on top, and started fucking his face. Or rather, I grabbed him by the ears and made his face fuck me.

Kiante was a pretty good cocksucker and could take a lot of abuse, so I fucked his face sometimes gently, and sometimes brutally, for probably a half hour before I shot a load down his throat. So I got my rocks off and was in a good mood and ready to get back to work on Corey.

When I walked over to him he heard me and turned over to face me. I noticed he'd changed his shirt from the one I ripped. I just stood there for a moment looking down at him, my hands on my hips with a arrogant look on my face. I still was wearing only a white bikini and a white tank, so my massively muscled body and the big lump in my bikini had to be totally frightening to him.

"Please, man. I ain't done nothin to you" he entreated and I think I saw fear in his face. I loved hearing the 'please' and loved seeing the fear, because once he feared me enough, it'd be all downhill from there on. I reached down and grabbed his shirt by the collar and ripped it down the front again. Grabbing his neck and roughly pulling him up, I spit in his face and just glared at him. He didn't say anything, but he was shocked and terrified and I could feel him shaking with fear.

"You don't do anything in this cell without my permission" I said softly as I gave his head and upper body a violent shake. "You don't talk without my permission. You don't even move without my permission. Got that?" Not getting an immediate answer, I gave him a hard slap and now I saw real fear in his face. "GOT THAT?" I shouted.

"Yeah, I got it. Jesus, man. Please, I got it." I backhanded him.

"Sir" was all I said.

"Sir" he repeated.

"I say anything to you, you always answer 'yes, sir'."

"Yes, sir" he croaked, visibly shaking now.

"Get up and strip" I said as I stepped back. "Let me see what I've got." The fear was still showing on his face, but now I could see the beginning of tears as well. It was sinking into him that he'd never run into anyone like me before and he probably thought I was deranged, but deranged or not, he knew he was in big trouble.

I honestly didn't know if he'd get up or not, since we were in the early stages of his training and I knew he needed more punishment before he really learned to fear me. I also had to remind myself that he was only eighteen, just a kid. But I didn't give a damn because I don't make allowances for kids, and I was prepared to keep beating on him until he turned the corner and accepted my dominance over him.

"Get-up-and-strip" I enunciated slowly and distinctively. "NOW" I yelled.

"Please, man" he whimpered. "Please." Saying 'please' wasn't good enough, because he wasn't obeying me so I grabbed him by the neck, jerked him to his feet and slammed him in the stomach. He let out a 'oof' and put his hands to his aching stomach, so I slammed him in the chest. He made a weird croaking sound since he still hadn't regained his breath from when I hit him in the stomach, so he couldn't even scream.

He still had his hands over his stomach so I slammed him in the chest again. His legs went all wobbly now and even as strong as I am, holding a 180 pound kid at arm's length with one hand is not practical, so I hit him once more in the stomach and let him drop to the floor. I went back to the phone to see what was going on with Jamal.

As he lay there he was groaning softly, so I knew he was conscious, but he sure as hell wasn't moving. After I finished my call I just sat there playing with myself through my shorts as I watched him. Shit, he was pretty. Pretty face, and really muscular body. I mean a real hunk. I couldn't help but fantasize about all the fun I was going to have with him once I got him fully trained.

As he began to recover he suddenly threw up but didn't even move, his face just lying there in his own puke. He evidently didn't have much in his stomach because it was mostly clear liquid and spit. "Kiante, clean that up" I ordered. Kiante still hadn't moved from my bed since I'd fucked him, evidently afraid to do anything without my permission, but now he jumped up and got a washcloth. "Get cold water and wash his face" I said after he'd cleaned up the floor. Kiante dutifully did as he was told and I finally saw Corey's eyes open.

He wasn't totally conscious yet but he was getting there, and I was hot to go on. I mean, sitting there fantasizing about what I was going to do with him and stroking my now fully hard prick was almost more than I could take. I wanted to fuck him and I wanted to do it now.

"Get a cup and dump cold water on him" I said to Kiante. He got our one and only paper cup, filled it with water and dumped it on Corey's head. Corey sputtered a little and finally opened his eyes and focused on me. Instantly he got a shocked and horrified look on his face as he remembered. And he started to cry. Big husky muscle kid, but still just a kid.

I got up and walked over to him and rubbed my bare foot over his face. "Pretty baby" I said with a smirk on my face. "Master had to punish him because he was a bad boy." I crouched down and took his chin in my hand. "Are you going to be a good boy now? Huh, Corey? You going to be a good boy?" He was still a bit groggy but he could now speak.

"Please" he croaked. "Please."

"Tell me you're going to be a good boy, Corey" I said softly but sternly as I held on to his chin. "Say it, little man. Don't make me angry again. Say you're going to be a good boy."

"I'm going to be a good boy" he mumbled barely above a whisper.

"Good boy" I said giving him a grin. "Now tell your Master you're going to do what he says. Go ahead."

"I'm going to do what you say" he mumbled, and I knew we'd passed another hurdle. Maybe he wasn't totally alert, but he was agreeing to do whatever I said to keep from being hurt. Fear will do wonderful things to a kid.

"Sir" I said.

"Sir" he repeated.

"Get up" I said as I stood up in front of him. "Up on your knees." Very slowly he forced himself up onto his knees. As he got up I pushed my thumb into his mouth. "Suck" I said and he did what he was told. He started sucking on my thumb. "Look at me when you suck. Look me in the eye. I like my cocksucker's looking at me when they suck me."

Damn, he was pretty. Damned beautiful. He wasn't crying now but tears were streaming down his cheeks as he sucked and looked up at me. And there was no question about that look on his face: he was terrified of me. "You are a beautiful kid, Corey" I said giving him a big smile, which he probably thought was an evil smile, because he was now beginning to understand that I was getting a lot of enjoyment out of hurting him.

I mean, hell, you gotta understand that I have to take a kid through this in order to train him to respect me and fear me. It's got to be done, but there ain't nothing wrong with me getting a certain amount of satisfaction out of doing it. Hell, since I've got to do it anyway, I might as well enjoy it. Seeing the transition of a kid like Corey as he moves gradually from being an arrogant spoiled brat into my servile groveling cocksucker is something to behold. Ain't nothing quite like it, and yeah, I love the shit out of it. "You and me going to do wonderful things together, Corey. Starting right now."

"Now, like I said before. Strip. Get naked for me." Obviously still in pain, he slowly pulled off the tatters of his shirt and tossed them aside. I said he was a beauty, and man was he ever; a big muscle boy football player. I reached down and grabbed my prick through my bikini and started stroking it, and when he looked up from taking off his shoes his eyes were drawn to it.

"M... m... m... man..." he mumbled in fear.

"The pants" I ordered "and answer 'yes sir' before I kick your ass."

"Yes, sir, (gulp). Yes, sir." Unbuckling his belt, he pulled his pants down and off.

So, I had me a cute white teenager to work with, a built one, standing there in just his boxers. Probably close to six feet tall and one hundred eighty pounds of good solid muscle. No question about it, this kid was going to be really special. This was going to be magic.

"You into muscle, boy?" I asked. "You like big black muscle?" I grabbed my tank and jerked it off, and then performed a double bicep pose. "Pretty damn hot hey? What's this do for you?"

"Ahhh... man. Ahhh..."

"Sir" I growled at him.

"Sir" he said. "Yes, sir."

"Now answer my question. You like these big muscles."

"Hey, man... ah... sir. Um, sir. Ahhh.... you. You are amazing, but I ain't....ahhh... I ain't into guys. Sir."

"Oh no? I'll bet you spend hours in front of a mirror admiring your body, don't you boy? Pretty body like yours? You love looking at yourself? Yeah?" Moving from the double bicep pose, I performed the most muscular, forcing my muscles to bulge to their absolute maximum. "Now you got something better to look at, babe. A real superman. A big black hunk of muscle, and you're going to learn to love every inch of it. Your new black Master, baby." Grabbing hold of my bikini underwear, I pulled them down and off, allowing my half hard prick to pop up.

"Take off your shorts, babe" I said. He just stood there staring at me, either mesmerized by my muscles or by my cock. Didn't matter which because he was going to be giving both this body and this dick a whole lot of attention real soon. "TAKE OFF YOUR FUCKIN SHORTS" I shouted.

His fear showing again, he grabbed them and pulled them down and off. And he did have a hard on, or at least partially hard; looked to be a hefty seven inches. So I was right and although he may have been straight, he was turned on to muscle. Hey, ain't no surprise cause most body builders are envious and turned on to huge guys with real muscle like me.

I noticed that he'd gone white with beads of sweat on his forehead, and was shaking. He was no idiot. With my growing prick almost in his face, he knew damn well what was going to happen.

I stepped over to him and grabbed his hand, and pulled it up to my chest. "Feel this, babe. Feel a real man's chest." He tried to pull his hand back but I held him there. "What'da'ya think, babe. Damn hot hey?"

"Don't, man" he said and started jerking his hand and actually pulled it out of my grip. I gave him a good solid slap to the face.

"Put you hand back on my chest" I said menacingly and waited. It took a few seconds for him to come to his senses, but he finally put his hand back on my bulging pec, so I didn't have to hit him again.

Hey, don't start thinking I'm some kind of monster here. And don't think I get a whole lot of pleasure out of beating up on kids. Okay, so it does turn me on some, but I've got a purpose here. I'm a teacher, but I don't have an endless amount of time to work with this kid so he's got to learn damn quick. I'm teaching him respect, which he obviously needs. I don't give a shit if he respects anybody else, but he's sure as hell going to respect me, his new Master, and he's going to learn to respect me today. My technique works and I know from experience that he'll learn really fast when there's punishment involved. And one other thing, if it doesn't hurt it doesn't mean anything, so I make damn sure it hurts.

"Feel that hot chest, baby. Rub your hand over that slab of muscle." He was still slow on the uptake, so he wasn't completely trained yet, but I'd knock that out of him by tomorrow. But he started to feel my big pec just as I told him. "Gooood boy" I said with a chuckle dragging out the sound. "Get a good feel." He rubbed his hand over my right pec because he had to, but I think he must have been amazed by the feel of its size and hardness. By tomorrow he'd jump at the chance to touch me, and would accept my superiority without question so then we'd get into some serious muscle worship.

"Kiss it, baby" I ordered as I put a hand behind his head and pulled him in, pressing his nose against my left pec. "Kiss it. Worship it with your mouth." No delay and no question this time, because he immediately kissed my pec. "All over, baby. Kiss every inch of that big muscle."

Okay, so we had a start on obedience training, but I didn't intend to spend all day just getting him to touch my chest. I had a better idea of where he could use his mouth. Grabbing him by the shoulders I forced him to his knees.

"You know what I want, babe?" I asked sweetly as I grabbed hold of my almost fully hard boner.

"Oh, man, please." He said still crying and sniffling as he looked up in my face, trying to ignore what I had in my hand.

"You do know what I want, babe" I said giving him a smile. "I want a blowjob, and you're going to give me one." I know I go too fast in my training program sometimes, but I get so horny that I can't be patient. But, right now for him, this was decision time. He'd either accept my dominance and do it, or I'd have to knock him around some more and get to it later, maybe tomorrow. He'd be a whole lot worse for wear by then but the end result would be the same.

"You're going to blow me now, or you'll blow me later, but you will blow me. I'm going to kick the shit out of you until you do." He kept looking at my face but couldn't help glancing down to see what I was playing with. And it was really something to see: almost seven inches around and over ten fuckin inches long. And given time I knew Corey, just like all my boys, wouldn't be able to resist it.

Holding my prick in one hand I grabbed a handful of hair with the other and pulled him in close. "You try to pull away, baby, and I'm gonna kick your ass. Now just sniff it. Get a whiff of your Master's prick." He looked up at me but I just glowered at him. And then he took a sniff.

"Good big sniff. I want to hear it." He took another sniff, louder. "Good boy" I said giving him a big smile.

Oh yeah. Another disciple to add to my collection.

"Okay, now kiss it. Just the head" I said. "Nice gentle kiss." He looked up at me, fear still showing in his face, hoping for some compassion from me, but he wasn't going to find it. "Kiss it, babe. You know you're going to, so do it now." And he did. He leaned forward and gave my big rod a light kiss.

"Good job, babe. That's it. Your Master likes it. Now, do it some more." He didn't react when I said 'Master' but he did lean in and give my prick another kiss. "Yeah, that's it. Real passionate kisses, babe. Show me you love kissing your Master's prick." Maybe it wasn't done with passion, not yet anyway, but he did kiss the head a few more times.

"Okay, now all over. Cover that beautiful prick with your kisses."

"Ahhh... man. Please" he whispered softly, barely audible. I took a quick breath to control myself because I wanted to hit him. Hard. Instead, grabbing him by the chin and the hair, I dragged him to his feet, pulling his face within inches of my angry one.

I shook him violently. "You little piece of shit, you'll do what I want or I will break you in half. You don't fuck with me, ever." His eyes were open wide in shock and there was terror showing in his face. I shook him violently again. "Tell me you're sorry."

"I'm sorry sir. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry" he burst out in one breath. "Please, sir, I'm sorry."

"Now get it through your stupid little head that you're going to suck my dick. You're going to do it. You're going to do it if I have to tear you apart."

"Please, man. Please" he whimpered. Still holding his hair, I let go of his chin and gave him a good backhanded clout to the face.

"Tell me you're ready to suck my dick" I growled at him. "Tell me." The intense fear was still there but now there were tears dripping down his cheeks. "Tell me, you little shit."

"Please, sir. Please" he moaned, really crying now. "I'm... I'm... I'm ready." I pushed him back to his knees and put my hands on my hips and just glared at him without saying a word. He glanced up at my face and saw my intense anger as the tears streamed down his face. And then he leaned forward and started kissing up and down my hard pole.

I didn't say a word for at least five minutes while I watched him kissing my dick. He kept glancing up at me wondering if it was okay and waiting for further direction. Finally I reached down and pushed the head of my dick into his mouth and he took it as if he'd been born to it.

Training a kid like this is actually good for both of us. Really. For him, he learns almost immediately what is expected of him, and he learns that if he is totally dedicated and focused on serving me he can avoid punishment. That's pretty damn important for him to know. And for me, I have a dedicated servant who will do anything at my command without question. I mean, if I do it right, I only have to train a kid once.

"Suck on it, and lick the head with your tongue" I ordered him. He only had the tip in his mouth, but I knew that was a big step for him, so I just let him go at it until he got comfortable doing it. After five or ten minutes, I grabbed his hair gently and backed over to my bunk and sat down, forcing him to crawl along with me while keeping my dick in his mouth.

Giving him another really good look I was totally impressed. What a hunk, and only eighteen years old. Big body, big muscles, pretty face, he was special. He was going to be my best fuck boy ever.

Pushing his head back, I lay down on my bunk. "Get between my legs, boy" I said. I noticed as he climbed on the bed that his dick seemed to be almost completely hard. Really! I was surprised, almost shocked. Was this kid a masochist? Was he maybe gay? It seemed unlikely, but there it was. Hell, this was going to be even better than I thought.

He looked up at me and I just looked back. He waited for a while, thirty seconds or so, wondering if I was going to tell him what to do. Even though I wasn't showing any anger, he realized he'd better make the first move, so he leaned down and took my prick back in his mouth.

Nirvana! Now that's what Davon's training does for a kid. This kid knew what he had to do and he did it. Of course he knew I was going to slug him any minute if he didn't, but that's the whole idea. A slave has to fear punishment, and even without direction, has to figure out what to do to avoid that punishment. I've always said I want my slaves and fuck boys to be obedient, but that's only half of it because they must also be constantly focused on me and my pleasure, and ready to do whatever it takes to satisfy me.

"Good boy" I said with a smile as I put one hand behind his head to hold him, and just for the hell of it, rammed my crotch up into his face, forcing my dick impossibly deep into his throat. He immediately went into some kind of convulsions, coughing and choking and wheezing. I only had my cock there for a split second before I pulled back and then did it again, jamming it all the way into his esophagus. Then I just let go of him and watched as he raised his head while coughing and choking with phlegm spurting out of his mouth and nose. Alright, so I can be a son-of-a-bitch sometimes but he belonged to me now, I owned him, and I'd do any fucking thing I wanted with him.

As he slowly began to recover he looked up at me seeing my big smile. "Yeah, baby, you gonna fall in love with this big pecker" I chuckled. I reached up and patted his cheek a couple times. "Having my beautiful black dick in your mouth gonna be your favorite pastime." He was still gasping and choking and tears were streaming down his face and I have to admit, I was loving it. Hey, this is my game; this is what I do and I love doing it. I take kids down and turn them into my cocksucking pussy boys.

Hell, what's not to love. One of the most gorgeous kids I'd ever had on my dick was between my legs right now with a look of total terror on his face, and that look of total terror was an invitation to my cock for unlimited gratification. Let me tell you, you ain't lived until you've owned a perfectly gorgeous young stud of your own.

"Look at me, baby" I said. He was still breathing fast and heavy but had mostly recovered. "Look me in the eye." The terror was still showing but now I think he'd added total despair to his look. He now realized that his case was hopeless with no recourse but to accept my total domination.

I put one hand around his neck, not choking him, but just holding him steady so he had to look me in the face and see my smile. "You're mine now, baby. You belong to me. Big hot muscle stud like me, you are fuckin lucky. Davon White only fucks the best, baby, so you know you're special."

"So, I want to hear a thank you, babe. You gonna thank me for making you my fuck boy." Still grinning in his face I gave him a good shake. "Say it boy. Say it."

"Ahhh...." he barely whispered. "Ahhh.... thank you."

"Good boy. Now say it louder and call me Master. Go on, say it."

He cleared his throat and then spoke slightly louder. "Ahhh... thank you, ahhh.... Master."

"Good boy. We're on a roll here, baby. Now repeat after me. 'Thank you Master for making me your fuck boy'. Go ahead. Say it."

"Ahhh...., please" he whispered.

"SAY IT" I shouted at him and gave him another good shake. "Thank you Master for making me your fuck boy."

"Thank you Master for making me your fuck boy" he said softly.

"Okay, fuck boy" I said with glee. "Time to show me what you've got. You ever get a blowjob?"

"Ahhh... yeah."

"Of course you have. Every kid's had a blowjob. So, get busy and show me how it's done." Still holding his neck I pulled him down to my crotch. At the last second I stopped him and grabbing my fully hard cock with my other hand and rubbed the tip against his nose and lips. "Get your mouth around it, baby. Do it right and don't piss me off." As I let go of him he reached for my cock. "No hands" I directed as I slapped them away.

So he took the head in his mouth and started licking and sucking on it. God he was gorgeous. Really muscular body and beautiful face with my big black wanger stuffed in his mouth. "Look at me, babe" I said and he opened his eyes and looked up at me. Shit, what a turn-on. I felt a surge shoot through me just from seeing that pretty face, with his mouth stretched around my dick and tears streaming down, Let me tell you there ain't nothing more beautiful than my big black dick stuffed into a pretty white boy's mouth. Hell, I was almost ready to cum.

"Take some more, babe" I ordered as I put my hand behind his head and pushed gently. From only two inches he now had about four, but I was so fuckin turned on that I was almost ready to shoot. Corey seemed to know what he was doing as he sucked and kept his tongue moving giving me delicious feelings of satisfaction. Then he shocked me by taking another inch or so on his own, compressed my dick hard with his lips and doubled the intensity of his sucking. He only had about half of my ten inches in his mouth but he was doing impressive things with his tongue. If he was really a beginner he was pretty damn amazing.

Getting sucked by a virgin and perhaps the huskiest young kid I'd ever had, took me over the top. I started shooting into his mouth. "Shiiiiiiit" I yelled as I fired burst after burst into him. Corey was still sucking up a storm and seemed to be swallowing my cum as fast as I was shooting it into him. I kept my eyes on his face, and I swear to God, he was enjoying it. At least he wasn't hating it.

"Oh man that was good" I wheezed as I started to calm down. Corey was still sucking as I reached down and pulled his head up allowing my cock to pull out of his mouth. "Baby, that was one hell of a blowjob for a beginner." And I swear I saw a glimmer of a smile on his face, and then it hit me. This kid was no beginner.

"I'll be damned" I said in amazement. "You ain't no beginner at this, boy. You've definitely sucked cock before, haven't you? Hmmm? Tell me, baby."

"Ahhh.... Ahhh...."

"Shit, I knew it. You're a cocksucker. So, tell me. Whose cock you been sucking?" I grabbed him by the chin and forced him to look into my eyes. "Tell me, boy."

"Ahhh... man..."

"Don't start getting bad habits, boy" I said as I gave his head a shake. "You call me Master."

"Yes, Master."

"I hear you like fucking old ladies. That's what you're in here for isn't it? Isn't it?"

"Ahhh... yes, Master. I ahhh... I ahhh... "

"Well, spit it out, boy. Whose cock you been sucking?"

"Ahhh... Master. It's... it's a long story."

"We're in prison, baby. Remember? I think we got time." And did Corey ever have a story to tell and what a fucked up story it was. It turns out he's been sucking dick since he was twelve years old. It seems that his older brother, his father and his uncle had been using him as a cum dump for years with his mother's approval. His mother actually told him it was his obligation as the youngest boy in the family. Is this a fucked up family or what? Hell, I thought I was fucked up with my rape fixation but I ain't nothing compared to Corey's family.

"I hated my mother" Corey said softly. I had put on a pair of jockey's and moved to my chair with both Kiante and Corey sitting on the floor in front of me. While Corey's story was totally weird, it was also kinda hot so I couldn't help but keep one hand on my crotch, keeping myself about half hard.

"I really hate her. If she'd had a dick I know she would have been fucking me too. She's a total bitch." Just telling the story was getting Corey steamed up. He was red in the face and actually shaking with anger.

"So what's this got to do with you fucking older women?" I asked. "In front of their kids?"

"I wanted to hurt her. I wanted to get even. I sort of went crazy one day when I saw a women who looked exactly like my mother. I mean, exactly. I just couldn't help myself as I followed her home and raped her in her living room. Her little kids were there but I didn't even care. I just wanted to hurt her. I wanted to rape her.

"After that I was looking for women who looked like my mother, and when I found one I raped the shit out of her. The kids? I don't know. Somehow, it just made it hotter and made the ejaculation better. I was thinking of my mom every second while I was fucking them."

Is this kid fucked up or what? Oh man, he is totally fucked.

"So, you been sucking off your brother, your dad, and your Uncle. How come you're so bad at it? You gave me a lousy blowjob."

"Ahhh... I hated it. I hated doing it. I hated them for making me. All they really wanted was to humiliate me anyway. And besides, I ain't never seen nobody with a dick as big as yours. My brother was biggest and he wasn't half as big as you."

"Don't you forget your place, Corey" I barked at him. "You call me Master or I kick your ass."

"Sorry, Master. Sorry. But I just get so mad. And I ain't never told nobody this before. You're the first. Ahhh... Master."

"So, you suck dick. You gay?"


"I asked you a question ding-bat. You gay?"

"Ahhh... I ahhh... I mean.... I ahhh... no. I mean no."

"So you are, hey? You had to think about it too long, babe. So you're a faggot."

"Ahhh... man. I mean Master. I ahhh...."

"It's okay babe. Lots of faggots around here. I own faggots. Kiante here is my faggot and now you."

"Hey, I don't know, Master" Corey answered. "I don't think... I ahhh... I don't think I'm gay."

"If you're thinking it, baby, you're gay" I said with a laugh. "But no matter. We'll figure that out because you gonna get a whole lot of practice while you're deciding."

"Ahhh... but..."

"Okay, so you suck dick" I said. "You ever get fucked?"

"Ahhh... Master. Ahhh..." I didn't say anything, but just waited for him to continue. "Not very often" he said softly.

"I'll take that as a yes" I laughed. "And let me tell you, baby, you've got a treat coming. Until you been fucked by Davon White you ain't never been fucked. Getting it from me is a whole different world, baby. You're going to think your ass is virgin once I shove my big boner into you."

"Hey, man... ahhh... Master. I ahhh..."

"Hey, baby, I hear your story, but that don't change nothing. You still on line to be my new fuck boy. It just means you probably gonna like it a whole lot more than the straight boys. Get over here."

"Ahhh... Master..." I stood up just enough to reach over and grab a handful of Corey's hair and drag him off his butt and onto his knees, pulling his face into my crotch.

He let out a screech as I dragged him over.

"Baby, everybody's got a sob story to tell, but I'm still your Master and you're still my slave boy. Maybe you hated doing your family, but, baby, you gonna love doing this big wanger of mine. Now, get in there and get to work." I'd been keeping myself about half hard, which still made one hell of a bulge in my shorts. I dragged Corey's face up and down and back and forth a couple times to give him a good feel of its' hardness. "Chew on it, baby. Chew on it."

Now I could recognize that Corey was experienced as he started biting my prick gently and sucking up and down its' length.

"Get it wet, baby. Get it wet" I ordered and Corey started to soak my shorts with saliva as he sucked on it. Yeah, he knew what he was doing, and my cock knew it too. Within a minute or two it was fully hard and raring to go. "Baby" I said. "You gonna get a whole lot of practice sucking on a real man's cock, but right now I'm gonna take that fine ass of yours. Kiante, get the cream."

"Yes, Master" Kiante said as he got up and went to my bunk to get the cream. I pushed Corey's head back and stood up with my crotch right in his face. "Pull them down, slave boy. Get another look at this beautiful weapon of mine." Without hesitation, Corey grabbed my Jockey's and pulled them down allowing my cock to slap up against my belly.

"Kiss it, baby" I said grinning down at him as he looked at my enormous dick in amazement. Hell, I was used to this, because each and every time a kid got another look at my dick they seemed to think it had somehow gotten even more monstrous from what they remembered from the previous time. "Nice soft kisses, baby. Worship your Master's dick." Corey started gently kissing my dick from one end to the other. "That's it, baby. Don't just kiss it, worship it. Worship that big monster, baby. Make love to it."

And Corey really was worshiping it. I could see it in his eyes. He was treating it like god's gift to humanity, and he was privileged to be able to give homage. Now that's the way a slave should treat his Master. That's the kind of dedication in a slave I'm always searching for and it was looking like Corey was going to be really special; maybe the best ever. Not a single thought in his head except total devotion to his Master's prick combined with eagerness and intensity and complete veneration.

We were definitely going to have to explore Corey's cocksucking abilities over the next few days, but right now my cock was going to get a taste of that ass. Grabbing him by the neck and the ass I pulled him up and over my lap.

"You got a pretty little ass here, baby. Almost as pretty as Kiante's" I said as I started squeezing and massaging his cheeks. "We'll get you out in the sun, baby, and get that ass of yours all nice and brown, just the way my big prick likes 'em." I gave his right ass cheek a hefty swat, getting a yelp out of him. "I don't like milky white asses, baby, so a red ass is going to have to do for now." I gave his other cheek a swat getting another yelp.

I've told you, as well as my boys being hunky and pretty, I like them brown; light brown or dark brown, but brown. Hispanics turn me on and so do white boys with dark tans and no tan lines, but black boys with pretty brown asses are the best. Alright, so I'm picky. Hell, I'm Davon White for God's sake. I can afford to be picky.

"Lick his ass, Kiante. Get in there and loosen him up." Kiante put the tube of cream down and shoved his face into Corey's ass. "Lot's of saliva, baby. Get it wet and get him ready." Kiante used his hands to pull Corey's cheeks apart and pushed his face in, flooding the crack with saliva and sticking his tongue into the hole. I put my hand on the back of his head and pushed, encouraging him to go deep. "Get in there" I ordered. "Open that hole with your tongue."

I had one hand on Corey's neck holding him over my lap, as I pulled Kiante head back with the other, "Getting you ready, slave boy. Getting that hot ass of yours ready for a real man's prick." Then I gave him two more heavy slaps on the ass, once on each cheek.

"Yeeeeaaaaoh" Corey squealed and tried to push himself away, but no way could he compete with the strength of my arm. "Pleeeeeease, Master."

"Just getting you warmed up, baby" I said, holding him tight by the neck. Then then gave him two more swats. "Back at it, Kiante" I said as I pushed Kiante's face back into the ass crack. I guess those swats must have really hurt because Corey was crying again. He was probably going to be sore for a few days, but this fuck was going to be special. Really special. Special for me because he was the hunkiest, huskiest slave boy I'd ever fucked, and special for him because he was getting it for the first time from the hottest black stud in the state. A hot stud Master who knew how to bring a new slave boy into the world of fervent ass fucking. This fuck was something I wanted him to remember as really exceptional, maybe for the rest of his life, and if he got a few blisters along the way, that was just going to make it more memorable.

Pushing Kiante's head back again I gave Corey two more good swats, now turning his ass a beautiful shade of bright red. Then I stuck a finger in his hole and wiggled it a bit. "Still pretty tight, Kiante. Get some more saliva in there." Kiante hacked up some saliva and stuck his face back into Corey's ass and forced it into the hole with his tongue. "Jam that tongue in there, baby" I said giving him a swat on the back of the head. "Get in there deep."

"Okay, that's enough" I said finally as I picked Corey up and carried him over to the single bed. He was still crying softly, but he'd forget all about that in the next couple minutes because I decided to forgo the cream and just go with the saliva.

I wanted this one to be really special and using just saliva would make for a tighter fit for me, and Corey was going to learn that although it may feel agonizing to him, it was the passion of his Master, Davon White, that really counted. He would learn that a little suffering on his part was a requirement for the awesome privilege of getting my enormous prick rammed up into his tight little buns. Getting fucked by a god with a magnificent black dick like mine is something to be treasured and revered and savored no matter the pain and suffering.

It took time, but eventually every slave boy I'd ever trained accepted the fact that it was an honor to be allowed to serve Davon White, and they thrived on idolizing me and worshiping every inch of my incredible body no matter how demanding I was. They also understood that a muscle Master as stunning as myself might be a little arrogant and have stringent requirements for sexual gratification that many times might require a bit of suffering from them. Hey, I don't believe in torture, but sometimes I can be so demanding that it's hard to tell the difference. But any suffering that a kid goes through is insignificant and ultimately gratifying to him, because just the thrill of being allowed to grovel at Davon White's feet and treat him like a god as he demands, more than makes up for any possible anguish. Corey would learn that getting Davon's cock up his ass was an event to be cherished.

Pushing his legs up in the air and spreading them wide, I let a wad of spit drop directly on his ready hole. Then, putting one hand over his mouth to muffle his screams, I took aim and pushed, hard. My experience has shown that getting the worst of the pain over immediately makes it slightly easier later on, so in two seconds I forced the bulbous head of my massive prick into his hole, stretching it to enormous proportions and then just held it there.

Of course he was screaming his lungs out, but it was well muffled by my hand. I mean, hell, I didn't want the whole prison outside my cell trying to see who I was fucking today. He was panting, and howling and crying but I just stayed there, not moving for a minute or two giving him a chance to adjust.

Then, to be super understanding, I pulled my prick all the way back out. He stopped screaming but was panting wildly and still crying. I gave him almost a minute to recover before I took aim again and pushed back in. He howled just as loud as the first time, and it probably hurt just as much because his ass had never been opened up like it was right now. It felt even better for me than the first time because it was still squeezing the shit out of my cock. I gave him a good thirty seconds this time before I pushed in a couple more inches, using a lot of pressure because it was still damn snug in there. Yeah we'd put a lot of saliva in him, but this ass never knew it could open up wide enough to take a monster prick like mine. And let me tell you it felt fabulous.

"Stop screaming, baby" I said softly to Corey. "That's enough noise.' I gave him a moment but he didn't stop. "I said stop it, baby. You're pissing me off." He still was howling so I lifted my hand from his mouth for a second and gave him a good hard clout to the face shocking him into temporary silence. "I said stop screaming" I snapped and slapped him again. Now he did stop, but he was sobbing like crazy. He was mumbling and begging, saying 'please stop' over and over but at this point I wasn't paying any attention.

"Shut the fuck up" I growled as I rammed a couple more inches into him. That got a screech out of him, but only one, so I leaned down and put my face right in his face. "Stuff it. NOW." Our noses were almost touching as I glared at him, and he finally reduced his noise to a soft whimper.

"You're getting fucked by Davon White, you little shit. What the fuck is a little pain compared to that." Alright so I get a little impatient occasionally and can get carried away when I'm in the middle of a fuck, so now I decided to give him a break and back off a bit.

I very slowly pulled my rock hard boner back just an inch, and then pushed it back in. "There, baby, there. Ain't so bad." I pushed in and out a couple more times, but only an inch or so. "See, baby? Don't hurt so much now. Easy does it. Easy. Easy. I'm going to make it good for you, baby."

He was still moaning and saying something, but I wasn't listening to him now. His ass was really tight, but because of all the saliva we put in there, my prick was sliding with ease, so I pulled back and pressed in a couple more inches. He let out a big groan, but at least it wasn't a screech this time.

"Yeah, baby. You're hot little ass is getting drilled by the biggest damn cock in the state. Hot muscle cock. Davon White's super cock, baby." Pushing his legs wider apart giving me even better access to his hot little hole, I started with a smooth in and out jacking motion, going in slightly deeper with each thrust. Corey was whimpering but seemed to be generally okay with it now. It still felt pretty damn tight but evidently the worst of the pain was over for him.

I told you I don't kiss but sometimes I see the need for it and Corey clearly needed something to get his mind off the pain. "Kiante, get your ass over here and kiss him. Smooch him up." Kiante had been watching from only a few feet away so he was there in a second, and taking Corey's face in both hands started licking his face and then French kissing him. Corey's whimpering turned to soft muffled moans.

Meanwhile I finally reached bottom; all ten inches in Corey's sweet little ass. It was heavenly, so I just stayed there for a minute or so savoring the feeling.

Then I started to fuck, slow and deep. The feeling of that tight ass squeezing my cock was exquisite. And just the idea of getting my cock, for the first time, into this gorgeous, muscular, teenage slave boy who now belonged to me, was exquisite as well.

There is only one 'first time' when fucking a new slave boy so I intended to keep this going on and on and really enjoy it, so I kept fucking him slowly. Slow and deep, slow and deep. Keeping myself in a total state of bliss as my cock was sending signals of total euphoria throughout my system over and over again.

Slow and deep, giving an extra push when I reached bottom, to force every bit of my ten inches into him. Slow and deep. The feeling was so great that I wanted it to go on forever. When your pleasure centers are going crazy you don't want to fuck with them, so I refused to speed up. It would increase the pleasure temporarily, but would decrease the duration and I wanted it to last.

Slow and deep. Kiante kept sometimes kissing Corey and other times slobbering all over his face. Corey had stopped whimpering completely now so the pain must have been almost completely gone.

So there I was, fucking the hottest ass on the hunkest kid that I had in days, and maybe weeks or even months. I just didn't want to stop, so I didn't. I just kept the slow fuck going, allowing the incredible feelings coming from my cock to go on and on and on. You must know my cock is a fuck machine so I have amazing control and almost endless stamina, so I just wasn't going to bring this to an end.

But after thirty or maybe even forty-five minutes, and after my cell phone had rung at least half a dozen times I finally decided to go for it. Pushing Kiante aside and lifting Corey's ass up into a perfect fucking position, I latched onto his shoulders and started slamming it to him. It didn't take more than three minutes because I'd kept myself on the very edge the whole time. Corey was not crying or yelling but he let out one hell of a grunt each time I banged into him.

And when it came, it was like getting my head blown off. Absolute nirvana. A feeling like no other as my bazooka fired into one of the hottest asses I'd ever had my cock in. I was slamming into him so hard that it felt like the bed was moving even though it was bolted to the floor. I'll bet I came a gallon into him because I fired blast after blast into that hot ass.

And then it was done. I was absolutely dripping with sweat and so was Corey as I flopped down on top of him with my cock still in has ass.

"Oh shit" I yelled. And then again, even louder "oh shiiiiiit". They probably heard me in the next cell block, but I didn't care. It was all over now so it didn't matter. I'd probably hear about it from Jackie and Ralph but right now I was just recovering from the most heavenly fuck I'd ever had and could have cared less.

I hadn't been paying any attention to Corey but he was saying something and groaning because evidently I was crushing him. My cock was beginning to get soft anyway, so I slowly lifted up and let it slide out of that perfect ass. Rolling over on my side, I let Corey straighten out his legs and stop complaining.

"Hot fucking ass" I said, and even though I don't kiss I grabbed Corey behind the neck, pulled him over to me, and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Baby, your ass is fit for kings and you just got fucked by the king of the cocks. Davon White's cock, baby."

I was holding his face just inches from my face so I gave him another peck on the lips. "And it was good, baby. You made your Master happy. Does that make you happy?"

"Huh?" Corey answered. "Ahhh... wha...? Ahhh... Master?"

"I said you made me happy. Are you happy that I'm happy?"

"Ahhh... yes. Ahhh... yes, Master."

"Good, boy" I said as I patted his cheek. "Good, boy. Now thank me for it." There was a pause while he thought it over.

"Ahhh... what... Ahhh... Master?"

"You just had the most fabulous fuck of your life from Davon White, baby. It ain't just anybody gets this dynamite cock up their ass, and you better be properly grateful. Now say thank you."

"Thank you, Master." He didn't say it with fervor like I wanted but we'd get to that after the next fuck.

"Thank me for what? Spell it out."

"Thank you for fucking me, Master." I smiled at him as I got up and went to answer my cell phone.

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