Davon White, Superstud

Chapter Five

Ralph glanced up with a surprised look on his face as I entered his office and closed the door.

"What? Ahhh... Davon?"

"You sent for me, Mr. Deputy Warden, Sir? Huh?" I said with a big grin on my face. "You want to see me, Boss man?"

"Ahhh... Davon" he said as he stood up behind his desk looking totally confused. "I didn't... Ahhh... I... "

"No? You didn't call for me? You didn't want to see your favorite muscle stud?" Still grinning brightly, I reached behind me, locked the door, kicked off my shoes and then unzipped my coveralls. Shrugging them off and letting them fall to the floor I stepped out of them. No jockstrap this time. Just Davon White, Superstud in all his naked muscular glory. Just for good measure I flexed my massive biceps to remind him of my incredible strength.

"Ahhh... Davon, please. You can't... Ahhh... you can't come... you can't just walk in here like this."

"I can't? Well, it seems that I'm already here, babe. I musta misunderstood the message, but I'm here now" I said as I started to walk around his desk. "We might as well take advantage of it." I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him up to my face, lifting him up on his tiptoes. "I can think of a couple things we can do while I'm here."

"Uuuuggg" he choked out as he reached up and tried to pull my hands away.

"Get your fuckin hands down before I break 'em off" I growled at him and he instantly dropped his arms to his side as I glared at him from only inches away. "You remember the other day when you kissed my ass, Ralph? Remember that?" He didn't answer until I gave him a good shake. "Remember?"

"Ahhh... yes" he murmured.

"Well, I kind of liked it. In fact I liked it better than your shitty blowjobs. I thought maybe we could do it again, give you some practice. And, besides, I've got to talk to you. Maybe you can get in some practice while I talk. Wha'da'ya think? Huh?"

"Ahhh... Davon. Please" he stuttered.

"Hey, I know you're partial to your favorite black sweetheart down here" I said as I made my mostly hard dick bounce up and down a couple times for emphasis. "But there's lots of parts of my body you ain't sucked on yet. And we need to get started." Still holding him up on his tip toes, I backed around the desk pulling him along with me to the middle of the floor.

"Get on your knees, fuck boy" I said softly as I let go of him.

"Ahhh... Davon. I..." I slapped him, hard. (whack) The first time I'd ever hit him. That got a yelp out of him and totally shocked him. He knew I had him under my thumb, but somehow, he never expected me to hit him.

"I said, get on your knees, fuck boy." His face was red, he was breathing hard and fast and sweat was beading on his forehead. He still hesitated a moment longer as I just glared at him. Then, finally, he dropped to his knees before me.

"Kiss my dick, fuck boy" I said softly. "Just the tip. Kiss it." Hell, he'd already given me two blow jobs, so he knew he was under my control, so it wasn't much of a stretch for him to obey me now, so after a slight hesitation, he leaned in and gave my prick a kiss. "Now thank me."


"Thank me. There's millions of guys out there who want to kiss my dick, but I'm letting you do it. So thank me."

"Ahhh... Davon..." I slapped him again, on the other cheek. (whack) I got a screech out of him this time.

"Thank me, you little halfwit before I kick your ass. THANK ME."

"Ahhh... okay... ahhh... Davon. Ahhh... thank you."

"Kiss it again." He leaned forward and gave my prick another kiss. I just stared down at him.

"Ahhh... ahhh... thank you" he finally said softly.

"For what?"

"Ahhh... what?"

"Thank me for what? Say it."

"Ahhh... thank you... ahhh... thank you for letting me kiss your dick?" Grabbing him by the hair, I pulled him in within just inches from my crotch.

"See them big beautiful balls, Ralph? Hmmm? See those succulent black baby makers? Suck on 'em, Ralph. " I pressed his face into my crotch so my ten inch wanger slapped into his face. "Open your mouth and suck on 'em, fuck boy. Get busy." Giving into the inevitable Ralph started licking my balls.

"Now I gotta talk to you, Ralph. You just concentrate on my balls while I talk. Get that tongue moving, and really worship those babies.

"Your wife called yesterday about a new Mercedes. I know the old one is a year old now, but don't you think she's getting just a little bit greedy?" Ralph started to pull back so I gave him a good swat on the back of the head.

"You keep your god damn mouth on my balls, and I'd better hear some slurping sounds from down there pretty damn quick. Get 'em wet and suck on 'em." He now started doing better, using more saliva and making sucking sounds as he went at it.

"You see, I don't know if I'm getting my money's worth here, Ralph?" I said patiently. "I mean, a new Mercedes now, a little sports car for your wife's stepson a couple weeks ago, and a new living room suite a few months ago. We're supposed to have a deal here, Ralph. I give you something, you give me something. That's the way it works." The sucking sounds continued from my crotch.

"That's it, baby. Keep slurping on my muscle nuts. Make love to 'em, baby." As much as I loved feeling Ralph's mouth on my balls, I loved every bit as much looking down and watching my enormous prick bobbing around over his face. It gives me incredible feelings of power and superiority.

"So listen, Ralph, it seems like I'm doing most of the giving and you're doing most of the taking. I don't think I'm getting a fair shake here anymore, Ralph. Something's got to be done."

Grabbing a hand full of hair, I pulled him back from my crotch. "What do you think I should do, Ralph? Any ideas?"

"Please, Davon" he pleaded. "Please. You agreed to those things. You told Marge she could have a new car. She said so."

"Yeah, I agreed" I said. "After she called me first. But, hey, I'm an easy going guy. I'll give her a new car. But now, you've got to give me something in return. What's it going to be? Huh?"

"Please, Davon. Please" Ralph said, visibly shaking with fear now. "I do everything for you. Anytime you ask for something I take care of it, Davon. You know that. I'm always here for you."

"Yeah, but I don't ask for much, and your wife seems to ask for a lot. You owe me, Ralph. How would you like to become my fuck boy? How does that sound?"

"Davon, no, please no" he was now actually whimpering. I was still holding his head back by the hair, but only so he had to look up at me. "Please, Davon. Please. I'm straight. Don't make me do this. Don't. Please don't."

"Actually, Ralph, you're one lousy cocksucker. I get better blowjobs from my boys half a dozen times a day. But I might consider taking your ass." I chuckled as I said this because I knew he'd freak out. And I wasn't wrong.

"No, Davon. No. No. No. Not that" he actually yelled.

"Hey, baby. Easy does it. Go easy. I'm just thinking about it. Calm down."

"No, Davon. You can't. I'll quit my job first."

"You be careful, Ralph" I said tightening my grip on his hair. "Nobody says no to me. Nobody. Particularly a wimpy piece of shit like you. You just remember I own you, baby. You don't do nothing without my okay. Got it? You keep in mind that Raylon can find you no matter where you are. Now, maybe I'll fuck your ass, and maybe I won't. What else you got to offer?"

"Just tell me what you want, Davon. Anything. Whatever you want. Please. But don't fuck me. I beg you, Davon. Please don't fuck me. I'll do anything else." This really got a chuckle out of me. I mean he really sounded desperate and I could see his eyes were tearing and he was terrified. I loved it. The only thing more fun than humiliating this little twerp was terrifying him.

"Okay, I did have a few things in mind so maybe I won't make you my fuck boy. Not for now at least."

"Okay, Davon. Just tell me. I'll take care of it."

"First of all, my cock is kinda popular with some of your staff, but I hate fucking in a closet. You got a nice sofa here in your office, so I'm going to start doing my fucking in here. I'll give you a call when I need it and you can clear out for an hour or so. It'll only be maybe once a week."

"Ahhh... Davon..."

"Shut up" I said. "Second of all, your office is a hell of a lot nicer than my cell with that sofa and the carpet and all so I'm going to fuck my boys in here once in a while, just for variety. Only once a week or so. Might as well fuck in comfort, heh? You won't even have to leave the room because I don't mind an audience, and besides, you'll get quite an education on how a real man fucks. I may even have you participate. We'll see."

"Davon, Davon. Wait as second. Please" Ralph pleaded. "How can I do this? What about Carrina, my secretary?"

"What the hell you got her outside your door for anyway? Move her the hell somewhere else. Do I have to do all your' thinking for you?" This kind of attitude from one of my lackey's was as annoying as hell. I didn't give a fuck how he handled it, I just wanted it done. "Install a back door to your god damn office for all I care. Just make it happen."

"Okay, Davon. Ahhh... I'll... I'll..."

"Third of all, I hear Craig got transferred out of my cell block" I said. I was still holding on to Ralph's hair, holding his head back so he was looking straight up at me as I glared down at him.

"Ahhh... who? Craig? The guard?"

"Yes, the god damn guard you idiot." I looked at him like he was the stupidest person on earth. "Transfer him back."

"Ahhh... Craig? The guard Craig? Ahhh... Davon, he asked to be transferred to building three."

"I don't give a fuck what he asked" I growled at him. "I said get him the hell back."

"Davon, I can't do that." Seeing the glare on my face and feeling my grip on his hair tighten, he immediately realized the mistake he'd made and froze in horror. "Wait, wait" he said as he put up his hands expecting me to slug him. "Wait, Davon. Wait. I mean... please. I mean... Davon. Please. He asked to be transferred and I approved it. How could I transfer him back?"

"I don't give a fuck how you do it" I snapped at him. "Just do it. He works for you, so you damn well transfer him back to my block."

"Ahhh... Davon..."

"Shut the fuck up."

Ralph gulped aloud knowing that he was lucky to have avoided a beating by saying no to me. As well as the tears, sweat was now dripping down his face.

"And fourth of all, Ralph, you don't call me Davon anymore. You're going to call me Master, like my boys do. I kinda like the idea of the Deputy Warden calling me Master. Don't you? Hmmm? Does that sound good to you? Let's start right now. Call me Master."

"Ahhh... Davon. What? Ahhh..."

"DO IT" I growled at him.

"Ahhh... Master?" he mumbled.



"Again, with feeling."


"That makes you my slave, doesn't it, Ralph? You want to be Davon's slave? Hmmm?" And I don't know if it was the shock or if he was actually crying but more tears were now streaming down his cheeks.

"Please, Davon. Don't do this, please."

"Hey, baby. Relax. The world ain't coming to an end." I realized that I may have been pushing him a little too hard, forcing him into sensory overload, more than he could handle right now. I decided to pull back just a bit. "You're just going to be good to me, that's all. I'm not going to fuck you or anything. Okay?"

He just whimpered softly, trying to get his emotions under control.

"We're just having a friendly little talk here, babe. Just you and me. Hell, I'm enjoying it. I like talking to you. And being a slave ain't no big deal, babe. I'll show you how it works. You just got to be respectful to me and do what I tell you, no different from right now. You just gotta remember Ralph, this is Davon White we're talking about here and being the slave to the hunkiest black muscle stud on the planet ain't all bad.

"And besides, you knew from the first time you ever saw me that I was a dominant, a Master. Didn't you? You don't remember when I winked at you? My very first day here? Remember? Huh?"

"Ahhh... Davon..." he mumbled and I saw the recognition in his eyes. He remembered alright.

"Oh, fuck yeah you remember" I said with a laugh. "You turned red as a beet when I winked at you. Big dominant muscle stud like me, you were totally intimidated by my hot body on day one. When I walked by in handcuffs I thought you were cute as a button and even then I planned on seeing what you'd look like with my big black dick in your face. And let me tell you, babe, Davon White can tell at a glance what it will take to turn a guy into a cocksucker and you went to the top of my 'to do' list. So now you're going to be Davon's slave. For a servile little bottom boy like you that's a logical step. Hell, who knows, you're probably going to like it."

You think I don't know how to manipulate the flunkies around me? I mean, I had Ralph pegged from the first moment I saw him as a submissive cocksucker, and I knew it was only a matter of time before he became MY submissive cocksucker.

"Okay, so let's get started. What do you think a slave does to honor his Master? Hmmm?"

"Ahhh... wha... ahhh... I don't..."

"A slave kisses his Master's feet, babe. A slave will do anything to show respect for his Master. Get down there and kiss my feet." He was still looking me in the eye so he knew I was serious but even so, he couldn't believe what I was telling him. Putting my hand behind his head I pushed him down to my feet. "Kiss 'em, slave boy. Kiss your Master's feet." Obviously knowing he had no other choice with me holding him down there; he gave each of my feet a kiss.

"That wasn't so bad now was it, babe?' I laughed. "Feels right doesn't it? Feels like you belong down there at your Master's feet doesn't it? Kissing Davon White's feet is pretty damn hot, heh? Oh, yeah, fucking hot."

"Okay, slave boy, that's something we'll work on later." I grinned down at him. "We'll turn you into a real foot slave.

"Now, get back up here and kiss my ass." He rose back up and looked up at me with a shocked look, but also seemingly reconciled to his fate. He'd kissed my ass once before, and I'd already told him he was going to do it again, so he knew he had no choice. I didn't move, and he seemed to be confused about what to do. "I said, kiss my ass, slave boy." He hesitated for another moment before he finally came to the realization of what I expected him to do. With a look of resignation he crawled around behind me on his hands and knees as I just stood there not moving, and gave each of my ass cheeks a kiss.

"Nice start, babe. But let me show you how it's done." Taking him by the hair I led him over to the sofa forcing him to crawl. Grabbing him under the arms, I flipped him around and set him on the sofa and then stepped up on the cushions straddling him. Pushing his head back against the cushion I pressed my crotch into his face. "Get your fuckin hands down" I growled at him and he dropped them to his sides. Then, hands on hips, I gently moved from side to side and just enjoyed watching my big pecker as it bounced back and forth across his nose and face. It was beautiful.

Then I turned around. I just stayed there for like ten or fifteen seconds letting him get a good look at my hunky black tush and then leaned back slowly pushing it into his face.

"Lick it, baby. Lick your Master's beautiful black ass." I knew at this point that we were well past any possible resistance on his part so I wasn't surprised when he stuck out his tongue and started licking. "That's it, baby. Stick your nose in there and lick that sweaty hole." I pushed back slightly forcing his face well into my crack. "Oh yeah, baby. I like that. Now, start sucking it. Get some juices flowing and suck my ass hole. Make me feel good babe." And, oh man, what a fucking feeling. This lily white Deputy Warden, my newest slave, sucking up a storm on my black muscle ass.

I had barely touched my dick through all this, only just enough to keep it hard, but now it was throbbing. Let me tell you, getting your ass sucked is pretty special, but having the Deputy Warden's face jammed up your chute makes it even more special, and I was already near the point of no return. So I grabbed the big shaft and started jerking it like crazy, and in thirty seconds I was ready.

Quickly turning around, I grabbed his hair so he couldn't get away, took aim with my pulsating pecker and started blasting my jism into his face. Shit, there ain't nothing like shooting your wad into the face of your very own Deputy Warden in your very own prison. I was jerking my hot pecker and howling in pleasure as I held tight to his hair and covered him with my cum.

"Oh fuck yeah" I laughed in delight as I finished ejaculating. "Oh yeah, Ralph, my new slave boy. That was terrific. You suck ass like nobody's business."

As I began to calm down, I grabbed my cock and smeared my jism all over his face, even pressing it between his lips. He just lay there taking it and I couldn't help but laugh aloud. "Oh, baby. You are so fuckin beautiful with my shit all over your face. Fuckin beautiful."

He mumbled something I didn't catch because I think he was trying to keep from getting my cum in his mouth.

"Lick your lips for me, baby. Lick your Master's delicious cum off your lips." When he didn't move immediately, I pinched one of his ears. He yelped and then licked his lips. "What does a slave do for his Master now, babe? Tell me what a slave would do."

"Ahhh..." he mumbled and finally opened his eyes and looked up at me. "Ahhh... wha...?"

"He says thank you, babe. A slave thanks his Master for allowing him to serve. You got to appreciate anything your Master gives you, babe. So, thank me."

"Ahhh... ahhh... Davon. Ahhh... thank you" he whispered softly.

"Say it again, louder, babe, and call me Master" I ordered him as I looked down at him with a huge grin on my face.

"Thank you, Master."

"Good, boy. Good, slave boy" I said giving him a smile of satisfaction as I gently fluffed his hair. "Now clean me up. I got cum all over my crotch. Lick it up." Now, how many times can a guy be shocked? He actually did look shocked, again, but without question he did what he was told. He started licking up and down my still hard fuck stick lapping up all my cum. I let him go over it and over it and over it as he licked, just enjoying watching my big black monster flopping around and around in his lily white face, and then I made him suck the cum out of my crotch hairs for good measure.

Now, let me tell you, was this the greatest, most exciting event of my young life? You damn well know it was. Absolutely, fabulously, spectacularly wonderful. Dominating and humiliating and totally terrorizing the god damn Deputy Warden of my prison and turning him into my own personal cock slave. It just doesn't get any better than this.

______________________________ After I finished my shit and wiped my ass good with toilet paper I turned my back to Corey who was on his knees in front of me. He carefully washed out my crack with the wet washcloth he was holding and then stuck his nose in there and gave my hole a quick lick and a kiss. I turned back around and gave him a smile.

"Thank you, Master" he said softly. "Thank you for letting me serve you." I didn't say anything but I gave his hair a friendly tussle and then put my hand in front of his face allowing him to kiss it, which he did.

You think this is too much? What the hell do you think a slave is for? You train him to be prepared to do anything and everything and do it with enthusiasm because that's what his Master wants. No limits to his Master's desires. I don't make him clean out the toilet with his tongue, but he would do it if I told him to and would thank me for being allowed to do it. A slave is a slave and he is always more than willing to perform any duty his Master asks of him. Besides, there ain't much to do in prison, so it's important to remind a slave on a regular basis of his menial position. If they have no duties to perform they tend to get lazy and forget what low-grade sleazy little punks they were before their Master trained them to serve.

"Okay, Jackie. What is it? What's going on?" Jackie had been standing outside the bars for a couple minutes while I was finishing taking my shit. She knew me well enough to know I wouldn't acknowledge her until I was finished, so she just waited.

"Ralph asked me to come down and..."

"To tell me he transferred you to my cell block" I said interrupting her. "I figured that out all by myself."

"Ahhh... right. You're right" she said with a giggle. "I got transferred. I don't suppose you had anything to do with that, did you?" Then she giggled some more. Still completely naked I walked up to the bars.

"Hey, sweetheart. You know I couldn't get along without you. Neither could my pistol here" I said grabbing my prick and waggling it at her. "Here, get a feel."

"Oh, Davon. You're too much."

"Come on, come on, come on. Get a feel. It'll bring back wonderful memories." I pressed my crotch up against the bars and she took a hold of my prick. Hell, ain't no way Jackie can resist Davon White's big schlong.

"Ohhhhh yeah" she murmured. "Thank you for getting me back, Davon. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too, honey. But I'll bet you've missed my prick even more" I said.

"Oh, Davon. Davon. You are just too much." she swooned as my prick started to grow from her manipulations. "But I've really missed you."

"We're back on track now, honey. You and me and my little beauty down here gonna get together real soon. Real soon." As I turned back to get dressed, she held on to my prick.

"Ahhh... one other thing, Davon. Ralph said I was to tell you that Craig was back here as well. He said you'd want to know that."

"Okay, Jackie, thanks." I I grabbed her hand and had to physically pull it away from my almost fully hard dick. "See you later" I said as I turned away.

"Okay, Davon. I'll be around."

Corey and Kiante were already dressed and ready and while Corey was holding my jumpsuit at the ready, Kiante was on his knees with my shoes and socks, so it was only seconds later that I was dressed and ready for the buzzer for breakfast.


"Green shorts and green shirt today, Corey" I said as he came back into the cell after breakfast. Both boys kicked off their shoes, unzipped their coveralls and pulled them off.

"Yes, Master" Corey said as he scurried over to my chest and got the clothes out and then got on his knees in front of me. Kiante got down and removed my shoes and then stood and unzipped my coveralls, pulling them off my shoulders and down so I could step out of them. All three of us were naked, my two well-built handsome slave boys and their massively muscled Master.

Kiante got back on his knees and I just stood there for a moment letting them to look up at me and admire my incredible muscled body. I gave them a smile and watched their mouths drop open in awe as I gave them a quick double bicep pose. Hey, ain't no doubt I'm the most gorgeous muscle stud these kids have ever seen, and although I rule them through fear, they damn well know and appreciate that I'm a god and how privileged they are to be allowed to serve me. Corey kissed each of my feet and held the shorts for me to step into.

This is my ritual every morning. It's like performing in a play. They know their parts and if they perform them perfectly there will be no punishment. And they put their hearts and souls into whatever it takes to avoid that punishment.

And understand, I am a strict disciplinarian and I demand absolute obedience and complete devotion from them every moment of the day. They grovel before me because they know a demigod like me deserves their worship but also because they fear me. I have knocked them around enough that they are constantly attentive of every move I make and I more or less keep them on the edge of panic at any one moment. Let me tell you, when I look at them their heart beat's speed up.

Call 'em slaves or call 'em fuck boys, take your pick. Actually, you need both words to describe them because being a slave does not necessarily mean you get fucked, and getting fucked does not necessarily make you a slave. I guess my new word is fuck-slave. But even that doesn't completely cover it because my boys worship me and my body. They worship me, their Master, and every inch of my body and they're ready and anxious to do it twenty-four hours a day.

"Put those shorts down, Corey. Play with my cock with your nose for me, baby. I like watching it flop around in that pretty face of yours." Corey pushed his face into my crotch. "Oh yeah, that's nice."

"Thank you, Master."

"You want to kiss your Master's balls, baby? Hum,?"

"Yes, Master. Please, Master."

"Go to it. Keep that nose going but give those beautiful chocolate balls some soft kisses. Treat 'em like candy."

"Thank you, Master" he replied as he started covering my balls with soft kisses.

"That's nice" I said.

"Thank you, Master" Corey replied.

"That's all?" I asked. "Thank you? Just thank you?" This was said as kind of a joke, not completely serious, but it never hurts to emphasize a Master's power over a slave.

"Ahhh... thank you, Master, for honoring me. Thank you. Thank you, Master, for allowing me to kiss your balls."

"Yeah, that's the way. I like that" I said with a laugh. Corey might think I'm just playing with him, which I am, but he knows the least infraction causes punishment, so he can't take the chance and has to treat it seriously.

"Thank you for the honor, Master" he mumbles through the kisses.

"That's the way, babe, honor your Master with those pretty lips."

"Thank you, Master."

"Okay, move over. Let Kiante in there" I said. "Both of you on my balls. Worship those babies. Get 'em wet and start suckin on 'em."

I'm constantly horny and can cum up to eight or tem times a day, but many times like now, I start out by being more into reminding my boys of my power over them than I am into sexual desire. But, of course, the sexual desire quickly takes precedence because forcing them to satisfy me is very exciting and is one hell of a turn on.

"Oh yeah, babies, suck on those balls. Worship your Master's cojones " I said as Kiante joined Corey by sticking his face in my crotch. I spread my legs wide giving them room as they pushed their heads together while they sucked and kissed my balls. I just let them go for a few minutes enjoying their gentle worship, and watching my growing cock bobbing back and forth between their faces.

"Okay, now my cock" I said. "Just kisses. Sweet little boy kisses." I stood up with my big ten inch dong sticking out in front of me, giving them easy access to it, and they were on it immediately. Two beautiful boys, one brown with black hair and one white with blond hair, gently lavishing my pecker with impassioned kisses. Totally subservient and obsequious to their Master, these two fawning slave boys giving their all to glorify me exactly as they have been trained. Not a single thought in their heads except giving total adoration to their God and Master.

"Oh, yeah, boys. Worship that gorgeous black pecker." Let me tell you, training slaves can be a pain in the ass, but once you get them to the point of perfect obedience and worshipful reverence like these boys, it is definitely heaven on earth. Two beautiful submissive slave boys accepting of any form of humiliation and degradation from their Master with their entire existence centered on my pleasure, and only my pleasure.

"That's it, slave boys. That's it. Worship your Master's cock." Probably my favorite activity, two boys on their knees before me, worshiping my big fat dick. The only thing missing was mirrors on the wall so I could see it from all angles, because the fact is, I loved seeing it almost as much as loved feeling it.

I just let them go at it for a while, loving every minute of it. Just kisses. No sucking and no licking, but just soft wet smooches. Oh yeah, I loved this. If I hadn't stopped them, I know I could have shot my load after a while just from the feel of their lips.

Kiante was the more experienced cocksucker, but Corey was getting there and needed the practice, so I pushed Kiante away, grabbed a handful of Corey's hair and gently pulled him to his feet. Giving him a friendly slap on the ass I pushed him over to the table. Then lifting him, I lay him on the table on his back with his head hanging off the end. This is my favorite position for face fucking because I have a direct passage from a slave's mouth into his throat.

Pushing my cock into his face, I moved my hips back and forth a few times smearing my pre-cum all over him. "Okay, baby, you ready? Huh? You ready for your Master's cock?"

"Yes, Master" Corey answered, his voice quivering in fear. He knew what was coming, and from experience he knew I wasn't going to be gentle.

"Ask me nicely" I said.

"Please, Master, let me suck your cock": he answered.

"No. I'm going to fuck your face. That's different."

"Please, Master, let me... ahhh. Please, Master, fuck my face."

"Good, boy" I said with a smile as I put my enormous rod against Corey's lips and entered his beautiful wet hole. I pushed in only up to his throat. He was definitely improving because he didn't choke at all. Pulling back, I started fucking him gently with just four or five inches of my cock. "Suck it, baby. Suction, lots of suction." Corey started sucking up a storm as I gently fucked him for a couple minutes.

I had already deep throated Corey half a dozen times, but he wasn't completely comfortable with it yet, but practice makes perfect, so I stopped fucking and slowly but surely pushed my cock against the back of his throat and then kept on pushing until it went deep into his gullet and my balls were ground tightly against his nose. Then, just as slowly I pulled back out.

"Damn, baby. You're doing good" I said cheerfully. The tight feeling felt fabulous against my cock but watching my ten inch monster leisurely disappearing into his face was even better. "Oh yeah, baby" I swooned as I pushed deep into his throat again, forcing my cock to stretch the tight hole until my crotch was pressed in tight against his face. There was a steady moan coming from deep inside him, but he still hadn't choked.

As I pulled out, he coughed just once and took a deep gasping breath, so I slid back in again and pushed hard, trying to get in even deeper. When in all the way, I jacked my crotch a couple times and ground it into his face, getting the most exquisite feelings of tight boy throat before pulling back again. This time he started choking and then gasping for breath, so I pulled completely out and just rested my balls against his face for a few seconds, giving him a chance to recover.

"Getting better, baby" I said as I reached down and gave him a few gentle slaps to the cheek. "But I don't want you choking. You can control it if you try. Hear me?"

"Yes, Master" he gasped. I put my hand to his neck this time as I entered him and could feel my cock as it bulldozed its' way into his throat, pushing all the way until my balls were again mashed tight against his nose. I held it there this time for maybe twenty seconds or so, grinding my crotch into his face over and over. No choking this time as I pulled back and gave him a chance for a big breath.

Now I put both hands behind his head, holding him steady, and started a slow steady fuck. Forcing my big dong deep into his throat, holding it for a couple seconds, and then pulling it almost all the way out. Corey was choking a little now and gasping for breath every chance he got, but I kept a steady rhythm going. Slowly in, forcing my ten inches into his marvelously tight wet hole, hold a moment, and then a slow return.

He started choking more and upchucked once, spewing saliva down over his face, but that was just part of his learning process and I was getting really hot and wasn't about to hold back now. I love slow face fucking, so I just kept up the slow steady motion, gradually heating up without just ramming it to him and just let him manage as best he could.

"Oh, baby. Love fucking your face" I moaned, but he seemed to be having trouble getting his breath and was starting to struggle now, so he raised his hands as if to push me away. This of course was totally unacceptable. "Put your god damn hands down" I growled as I pulled out and gave him a firm slap to the face. Breath or no breath he was never going to push his Master away.

"Sorry, Master. Sorry" he gasped as he dropped his hands.

I was hot and didn't give a fuck if he was struggling a bit, so I immediately pushed back in, using the same slow steady fucking pace and going deep into his throat with each thrust. I could probably go on like this for hours, keeping a consistent warm feeling of exultation coursing endlessly through my prick, but I knew Corey wouldn't be able to handle that. So I fucked him for barely ten minutes. But even so, he started gagging and choking and gasping for air which was distracting as hell, but I refused to let it interfere with my pleasure.

I wasn't deliberately trying to torment him, but damn it, he'd already had a couple weeks of practice and he had to learn sometime. If it was hurting him this time he'd damn well try harder next time, and right now my gratification was a hell of a lot more important to me than any distress he might be suffering.

But, finally, I pulled out of him completely. His face and hair was completely dripping with the saliva that he'd regurgitated while I was fucking, and he was coughing and choking and frantically gasping for breath. I stepped away from him with disgust and decided to let Kiante finish it.

"Kiante, here" I ordered. Kiante was just a few feet away on his knees watching, so he was at my feet with my cock in his mouth in seconds. Now Kiante was a well-trained and talented cocksucker so he just swallowed my ten inch dong on the first try. I turned around, pulling him with me, leaned back with my ass pressed in Corey's face, and put my hands on the corners of the table. Then I just let Kiante go at it knowing he was a talented cocksucker and would get my juices flowing almost immediately.

While still panting wildly, Corey started licking my ass while Kiante got a steady deep throat motion going and started to speed up. This was just what I needed because I was already near the edge of cuming and in less than a minute I was there. Wiggling my ass in Corey's face a couple times, I grabbed Kiante's face with both hands and slammed my cock into his throat three times getting a grunt from him each time. One (ugg), two (ugg) three (ugg) and I started firing.

"Yeeeaaaooooh" I yelled in exhilaration as I fired shot after shot into Kiante's throat. My whole body was shaking from the pleasure of the ejaculation and I slammed back into Corey and forward into Kiante several times totally out of control in euphoric delight.

And then, finally, it was over.

"Oh, baby. You are fucking great" I said to Kiante as I pushed his head back. Leaning down I gave him a kiss on the forehead. "You were terrific." Kiante got a smile on his face, because the fact is, my boys hear mostly complaints from me and very seldom compliments so he knew that this was really, really special. Feeling fabulous from an mind-blowing ejaculation and totally fulfilled, I gave him a couple friendly slaps to the cheek and kissed him again. "Fuckin fantastic" I said.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you" Kiante said with a big grin on his face.

"Corey, get my shorts and let's go pump up these muscles" I said. "And, Corey..."


"You start thinking of the blowjob you're going to give me when we get back."

"Yes, Master" Corey answered with a slight quiver in his voice.

--------------------------------------------------------- Since Craig was back in my cell block now, I saw him several times a day but it was slow going to try to get back in his good graces. Craig's problem was that being such a muscle hunk, he somehow thought he was butch through and through. I know that he was turned on like never before in his life when I fucked him, but he was embarrassed afterwards that I had dominated him and taken his ass. His image of himself as a masculine butch stud was injured and he was having trouble reconciling himself to being my pussy.

And let me tell you, this is Davon White here, and I was determined to change that masculine image he had of himself into something more malleable to me, and when I put my mind to something, it happens. Even though he's bigger and more muscular than me, I dominated him and fucked him and I loved it and was determined to do it again. This was my prison and I ran it for my own personal benefit, and Craig was definitely going to be a part of that benefit.

"Hey, Craig. How's it going, man?" I said as he walked by one afternoon. I'd been super friendly to him every time I saw him since he'd returned to my cellblock. The first few times he'd barely grunted in return, but now he was beginning to thaw just a little. I still admired him, his massive muscular body and attractive face. Hell, I envied him, and used him as a benchmark for my own bodybuilding gains. I heard on the grape vine that he'd come in third in the Mr. Maryland bodybuilding contest, and I could certainly understand that because he was really spectacular. "How's my Mr. Maryland today" I asked?

"Cut it out, Davon. I came in third, and you probably know that" he said with a laugh.

"You wouldn't have if I'd been one of the judges" I said trying to butter him up. "There's no way you could have been anything other than numero uno."

"Thanks, Davon. Next time I'll suggest that they pick you for a judge." Wow, for the first time he was actually joking with me. Evidently I was finally beginning to break the ice with him.

"Hell, Craig. I ain't even seen your body, but I know you got definition that is out of this world" I said. "You can't hide it, even under those silly guard's clothes. But" I said and kinda leered at him. "But, I'd sure like to see that big bod that's under those clothes."

"Ain't no way, Davon" he said, and I could see that he was serious. "I'll be the guard in this silly uniform and you just remember that you're the prisoner, and we'll get along just fine." With that he headed on down the cell block. I felt pretty good about it because that was the first time we'd had a real conversation, however, I may have made a mistake calling his uniform silly. And he sounded inflexible when he differentiated between me and him; prisoner and guard. I was beginning to realize that I was probably not going to get into his pants again unless I took some kind of drastic action.

So I called for Ralph. Please note that I called for him, not the reverse. When we needed to talk and I felt particularly ornery, I made him come to my cell.

"Hi'ya, Ralph" I chuckled. "How's my own exclusive Deputy today?"

"Ahhh.... Hello, Davon." And then he barely whispered: "Master."

"Speak up, slave boy. You know this is the most isolated cell in the prison; that's why you gave it to me" I said giving him a big smile. "Nobody'll hear you, so speak up."

"Ahhh... Davon...."

"Do what I fuckin tell you" I snarled at him.

"Ahhh... yes, Master" he answered.

"Way to go, man. You're doing good" I said as I reached up and fluffed his hair and then rubbed my hand over his face. Yeah that was humiliating, but I made it a point to demean Ralph at every opportunity because he cost me plenty in benefits and because he was such a wimp and wouldn't stand up for himself. What made it worse for him was that Kiante and Corey were sitting there watching and I have to admit that made it more fun for me. But the more Ralph acted like a gutless pansy the harder I was on him.

"I got a job for you, Ralph. I want you to tell Craig to pick me up and deliver me to your office tomorrow after lunch, and then I'll need your office for an hour or so."

"Ahhh.... Davon, ahhh.... Master... ahhh. Craig is a cell block guard and doesn't deliver prisoners. Tom Jared does that."

"Did I fuckin ask you who does what?" I growled at him. "Did I?"

"Ahhh... no. Ahhh... Master" he stuttered. "But... but... ahhh... what's with you and Craig?"

"None of your fuckin business" I answered him. "You just do what I tell you."

"But, Davon. Ahhh... Craig works for me."

"I know that you dumb shit" I growled. "But you work for me, and you'll fuckin well do what you're told. Got it?"

"Ahhh yeah... ahhh, Davon." Grabbing him by the neck I lifted him up to his tiptoes and pulled him within inches of my face.

"You're getting pretty damn uppity Ralph, and I don't like it." I squeezed his neck and gave him a hard shake. "Apologize!"

"Ahhh... sorry Davon. Please... I'm sorry."

"And you will call me Master. Say it" I said as I gave him another shake, rattling the teeth in his head.

"Ahhh... Master. Ahhh... Dav... ahhh Master. Please" He wheezed since I was crushing his neck.

"We need to spend more time together, you and me, Ralph, so you learn how to behave. Now get the fuck out of here." Both Kiante and Corey were sitting on the single bed looking on in awe as I tormented the Deputy Warden of our prison, and were probably hoping that my anger would not spread over on to them.

---------------------------------------------------- When Craig came by my boys were standing in front of me wearing tight, really tight, bikini's and tank tops. I loved having them looking sexy for me, and every day after lunch I had them dress up and show off. I mean, these were both muscle boys and I loved watching them pose and preen to get me all hotted up and ready to fuck one of them. My best fuck of the day was usually the one right after lunch.

But today was special. Really special.

"Hey Craig. How's my favorite muscle man?" I said joyfully as Craig walked up to the cell. "What's going on?" I asked.

"Something strange here, Davon" he answered. "Ralph wants me to bring you to his office. Did you have anything to do with this?"

"Ahhh... me?" I said with a grin.

"Yeah, you. I know you've got Ralph wrapped around your little finger, Davon." (if he only knew the half of it). "So, what's up?"

"I guess we'll have to go see Ralph and find out" I said innocently.

Ralph looked up as we entered his office with an uncertain and maybe fearful look on his face. I had left him completely clueless about my intentions, so he had no idea what I was planning for Craig, and whether I was going to include him. I had considered making him grovel for me in front of Craig, and actually it sounded like great fun, but for today I was concentrating on Craig and Craig alone; and that hot ass of his.

"Okay, Ralph. You can go" I said. Ralph was up out of his chair and out the door in about three seconds.

"Alright, so Ralph does your bidding" Craig said "but what's that got to do with me?"

"Come'on Craig. I just want to talk" I said. "I know you are not happy about what happened last month, but I just wanted to talk to you about it."

"I don't want to talk about it" he said. "I don't want to remember it. It shouldn't have happened."

"Oh hell, Craig. You wanted it and I wanted it. It was no big deal. Consenting adults doing what they want to do." As I said this, I unzipped my coveralls and let them fall to the floor, leaving me completely nude. "You know I'm crazy for that body of yours, and I know you're turned on to me as well."

I wasn't very hard, yet, but even so I had one hefty piece of meat dangling down from my crotch showing great potential and Craig's eyes were drawn to it like a fly to honey, and it was obvious that he was shocked by its' size. It was a good ten-twenty seconds before he was finally able to drag his eyes away from it but by then it was too late because I'd already caught him.

"You see something you like, Craig? Hmmm?' I said, trying not to smile. Stepping out of my coveralls, I walked over to him, and reaching up started unbuttoning his jacket.

"Davon, stop it" he said, grabbing my hands. "I don't want to do this."

"Craig, your body is so hot the girls must cream their panties on the street when you walk by" I said, bending down and whispering in his ear. I was a good eight inches taller than him, but every other body part except maybe his prick was bigger than mine. Actually I hadn't seen his prick yet but it was probably minuscule because, like most guys with teeny weenies between their legs, he was totally blown away by a really big one like mine.

I said I don't kiss, but special times require special efforts, so taking hold of his chin and pushing his head back, I bent down and kissed him. And although I don't kiss much, I sure's hell know how, as I stuck my tongue in and started exchanging spit with him. Twisting his head slightly for a better angle I kept the kiss going and after a bit he started kissing back. With my other hand I went back to unbuttoning his jacket.

Letting up from the kiss for a moment, I pushed the jacket off his shoulders, let it fall to the floor, and grabbing a handful of hair, I pulled him back into the kiss. With my other hand I grabbed his ass and pulled him in tight against my naked body.

"Oh, baby, you are so hot" I mumbled.

"Davon, no, no, no. Davon" Craig whispered through the kiss. He was saying no but he was returning the kiss. Giving his ass a good squeeze, I pulled him in even tighter, jamming my crotch and my growing cock into him. Then stepping back again, I grabbed his white dress shirt, ripped it open the buttons flying all over the room, and jerked it over his shoulders and down off his arms.

Bending down I gave his massive pectoral muscle a lick and a kiss and then bit his nipple, hard. That got a yelp from him as I coughed up some saliva and laved it over his huge pec.

"Oh shit, Craig. What a body. What a fuckin body." I was ecstatic because I'd been wanting to see these muscles I'd been admiring for over a year. Yeah I'm used to people drooling over my muscles, but there ain't nothing wrong with getting totally turned on by somebody with muscles even bigger than mine.

Craig was fuckin awesome. Only 5'9" or so but weighed upwards of 220, and every damn bit of it was rock solid muscle. He evidently spent his life in the gym and entered body building contests regularly, and I was envious as hell of his incredible physique.

But like every good looking guy who came into my field of vision, I wanted to dominate him and control him, and I damn well wanted to fuck him again.

Giving his ass a good squeeze I began pulling him into me as I pressed my crotch into him. With my other hand I got a handful of hair, pulled his head back, and started kissing and licking his bull sized neck.

"Davon, please. Don't" he swooned but it sure didn't sound like he meant it. Both his hands had gone around me and were rubbing up and down my muscular back.

"Baby, baby. I've been wanting this for so long" I mumbled through my kisses. I let go of his hair and grabbed one of his massive biceps and was delighted to feel him flex it for me. Then I licked and kissed my way down to the other side of his chest. When I got to that massive pec I sucked on the nipple and gave it a good bite getting another yelp from him. "Oh, baby, we were made for each other" I moaned as I grabbed his hair again and went back to deep spit exchanging kisses. I was delirious with pleasure and I think he was too, because not for a second did he try to stop anything I was doing, and he'd now moved both hands down and was gripping my ass. He kept mumbling 'no, no, no' but there was no question he didn't mean it.

Finally, taking my hand off of his ass, I grabbed his arm and forced his hand between our bodies and just held him there. Still holding his hair and kissing him, I waited to see if he would do anything, but since he didn't, I grabbed his hand and forced it around my massive prick. Obviously he only needed tiniest bit of encouragement, because he immediately started squeezing it and moaning deep in his throat.

"Oh yeah, baby, feel Davon's big muscle dick" I whispered as I stopped the kiss and started licking his ear. "Just for you, baby. Big hot muscle dick for you." From his reaction when he first saw me nude with my prick dangling down between my legs, there was no question whatsoever that he was already a disciple to my oversized pecker, which had now grown to enormous proportions. And I'd already noticed from our crotch to crotch action that he didn't seem to have much of anything down there. In fact if the nubbin between his legs was over five inches I'd be surprised.

He was squeezing my cock even harder now and his soft moan continued. Hell, I didn't have to seduce him because he'd ensnared himself by being a size queen. "Oh baby, baby" I purred as I put both hands on his shoulders and pushed down. With little or no resistance Craig sank to his knees keeping his grip on my prick.

"Oh shit. It's beautiful" he said as he settled down on his knees and finally got his first real look at my fully hard piece. "Beautiful." He was obviously mesmerized by it so I decided to keep my mouth shut for a change and just let him do his thing and see what would happen. Lifting his other hand, he started gently massaging the big pole with both hands. "It's fucking gorgeous, Davon" he said in awe. "Fuckin huge and fuckin gorgeous."

"Big black dick" I said with a chuckle. "Just for you, babe." He kept playing with it and admiring it for the longest time until finally I put my hand behind his head and gently pulled him in. He gave no resistance at all and the minute he touched my cock he kissed it. "Oh yeah, baby, kiss that beautiful tool. Worship it, baby. Worship it." Still playing with it with both hands he started kissing up and down its' ten inch length.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit" he moaned as he leaned forward and rubbed his cheek up and down against it and then went back to kissing. I, of course, was going crazy with lust and desire, having this massive muscle man on his knees in front of me worshiping my dick. I knew I was going to have to be careful to not get too hot too soon.

I always like to be in control, but I'd never experienced a hot muscle man totally into worshiping my big schlong like this before, so I held back and just let him go at it. Leaning forward again and pushing his face into my crotch, he rubbed his cheek up and down the big rod and then pushed it back and forth over his face smearing pre-cum on his eyebrows and nose. Then he moved down and started licking my balls while gently moving my prick back and forth against his face.

I'd never seen anything like this before but he seemed to be utterly oblivious to the world around him and his complete existence seemed to be focused on my dick and only my dick. He was moaning loudly now and kept rubbing his face against it in between his kisses. He was thoroughly entranced and intoxicated by his lust for my prick.

"Saliva, baby" I said softly trying not to break the spell. "Get 'em wet." Craig immediately started sucking my balls and soaking them with his spit' Keeping his eyes open he watched, almost cross-eyed, as he started banging my rock hard prick against his nose.

"Davon, it's gorgeous" he repeated for the fourth or fifth time. "Absolutely gorgeous." Every man, women and child I'd ever fucked had been enamored by my big piece of black man meat, but I'd never seen anyone as overwhelmed by it as Craig was now, and it was driving me crazy with excitement.

Finally taking charge, I grabbed his head with both hands and pulled his face into my soaking balls smearing his spit all over his face from forehead to chin and back again. Then I started dragging his face up and down my prick allowing him to lick and kiss as he went. He had put his hands back on my ass again, holding on tight while I slid his mouth up and down my long rod.

Then, without further ado, I took aim and pushed the head of my dick between his lips. It was a no-brainer that Craig was completely enthralled by cock worship and there was no doubt in my mind that he'd break his ass trying to give a blowjob to end all blowjobs. I pushed three or four inches into him and just let him get the feel of it. He started licking and sucking up a storm like he'd been born to it, and watching him and feeling him was driving me bonkers. It was totally out of this world.

Without any impute from me, since I'd already let go of his head, he took another inch or so into his mouth and sucked like crazy. Then he backed off completely and just admired it for a few seconds before rubbing his cheek against it and giving it a couple kisses before going back down on it. This time he took a good five or six inches and I could feel it hitting against the back of his throat.

"Shit, baby. That's it" I yelled in pleasure. For the first time in history I was beginning to think I was going to get deep throated by a new cocksucker on his very first try. And damned if he didn't push in harder forcing the head into his throat. He choked a little but then controlled it as he held it there and continued licking and sucking. Then he backed almost all the way off, took a deep gasping breath, and went at it again, pushing and forcing it into his throat.

A guy like Craig who has built a body like his, is accustomed to pain and knows what determination is all about. And now he was hell-bent on worshiping my monster and getting every last inch of it down his throat. He did go deeper this time and didn't choke at all, but still had to back off. Then taking an even bigger breath, he went at it with a single-mindedness, totally intent on taking it all the way, and I watched it disappear into his mouth, sinking deeper and deeper into his throat until his nose was finally jammed tight against my crotch. Every last centimeter of my massive bludgeon was jammed all the way down the throat of the biggest muscle dude I'd ever met and I screamed with elation.

"SHIT" I screamed as I started shooting. "Shit, shit, shit." And what an ejaculation, probably the best one I had in months or even years. To make it even better Craig was gripping my ass forcing me in tight against him as his face was crammed tight into my crotch. And he just held it there as I fired my first two or three shots of cum. Then he pulled back and coughed once, but kept his mouth on my cock and vacuumed up my cum as fast as I could shoot it into him.

"Oh, baby, baby, baby." I cried as I watched him swallow the last couple shots of cum. "Wow, Craig, you were fabulous." I was sweating and panting for breath and so was he as he finally looked up at me. Giving me a smile, he gave my still hard dick half a dozen kisses and then rubbed his cheek against it again.

"I love your prick, Davon" he said, smiling up at me as he kept rubbing his cheek against my now softening pole. "I really love it."

"My prick loves you too, Craig" I said with a laugh. "You bet it does. You were fabulous." Grabbing him under the arms I pulled him to his feet, and that's when I saw the wet spot in his pants. I reached down and grabbed the wet spot and the hard prick behind it and gave it a squeeze. "I guess you were turned on, hey?" I laughed.

"You're damn right I was turned on. Twice. I ain't never been turned on like that before. You got the hottest cock on the planet, Davon. I can see why your boys are so hot for you."

"My boys are hot for my big cock but their also hot for big muscles. Maybe you should come by and share."

"No thanks, Davon. You give me some access to this beauty of yours and I'll be happy" he said as he clasped my softening prick and gave it a good squeeze.

"Turn around, Craig" I said.

"Huh?" he answered.

"I said, turn around." As he turned around I reached around him putting my hands on his massive slabs of pectoral muscle, squeezing them as I pressed my crotch into his butt and jacked it a couple times. "Remember getting fucked by Davon White's magnificent love muscle, baby? Remember?"

"Oh yeah, Davon, I remember" he answered.

"You ready to take it again?" I whispered, blowing air into his ear.

"Whatever you say, Boss. Whatever you say" was his response as he leaned back pressing his butt against my crotch.

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