Kevin Peterson was a happily married man with a family of two and a wife on nineteen years. Stephanie was his wife and Jeremy his eighteen year old son, with fifteen year old Natalie his daughter.

Their family life had been a slightly disrupted over the last few years. The family originated from Manchester in the UK but Kevin had been asked by his bank, to move to Berlin for a substantial increase in salary some four years ago. He spoke fluent German and, at the time, his daughter and son were also learning the language a throw back to some of Kevin's family on his mother's side who hailed from Munich.

When the move was announced, Jeremy was doing well at a private school in Cheshire and Natalie was just finishing primary school. After much debate, it was decided, and agreed by Jeremy, that he move to being a boarder at his school, staying in Cheshire and Natalie would move to an international school in Berlin with the family. Jeremy would then come out to Germany for holidays, Christmas and New Year.

This worked well and Jeremy rather liked his independence, positively flowering with the lack of parental involvement on a day to day basis. The family had a great life in Berlin, living in an attractive apartment almost within walking distance on the city centre. Their circle of friends tended to be part of the British/German banking community but they were a close knit group and life was good.

Kevin was a well built man, attractive for his age if quite staid in his dress. He prided himself in his shape with a well defined body (courtesy of the bank's membership of a local gym) and short dark hair without a grey one showing despite his thirty-nine years (thanks to a local hairdresser). He was clean-shaven with a crisp business-like look and every bit the successful businessman.

Kevin however had a secret. It had happened accidentally one evening after having a drink with a couple of guys from work one. Stephanie and Natalie were occupied so for once he was in no rush to get home and for a laugh the three guys had ended up in a transvestite show in the city. Kevin was fascinated by the girlyboys who performed onstage and flirted with the punters. One of the 'girls' even sat on his knee and while singing, had stroked the front of his trousers unseen by the others, giving him an erection. He was highly embarrassed and it led to a lot of thinking in the ensuing days.

It was that event when on his next free night he stumbled into a known gay bar part way from his office in the general direction of home. It was still early in the evening so, apart from the lack of women, it was not any more intimidating than a regular bar. A younger guy of around twenty-five spoke to him, sensing his 'virginity.' Karl was quite camp but a good looking blonde guy who knew the score and loved the idea of flirting with this heterosexual. That evening Kevin ended up in Karl's flat with his suit trousers at his ankles getting the blow job of a lifetime.

There began a relationship which taught Kevin about gay sex. Within three months Kevin was fucking Karl and Karl was even fucking Kevin. He loved his versatility, being able to take a 'female' or 'male' role in sex at the drop of a hat. Karl was well endowed and easily matched Kevin's seven and a half inch uncircumcised cock. Karl had even introduced his 'virgin' to some of his friends and Kevin had made it to small orgies where he had been fucked by three men on one session. It was all so seedy and he loved it. What he loved most is that his sex life with Stephanie had actually improved as his sex drive had increased so much, in his head it was a 'win-win' situation.

However much Kevin thought his relationship with Karl was like having a 'woman on the side,' Karl just enjoyed having sex with this 'straight' guy once a week. When Karl started to suggest they start visiting the gay bars, Kevin was slightly apprehensive should he be spotted. The makeover had been Karl's idea and, after a very camp shopping trip Kevin stood before Karl on an evening when he had told Stephanie he was entertaining a business client and might not be back until the small hours. The person in front of Karl did not look like someone going to a business meeting.

Starting from the outside in, Karl was wearing a leather cap, white t-shirt, heavy leather jacket, leather trousers and boots. Underneath, he had a cock ring and jock strap (white cotton rather than leather). To finish the new look, Karl had gummed a small moustache on to Kevin so he looked like someone out of a 'Tom of Finland' cartoon drawing and stretched a studded leather wrist band on him too.

'Excellent,' said Karl, looking at his handiwork and off they went.

Bar one and two were quiet as it was midweek, but the third bar had a bit of a buzz and Karl was extremely popular if eye contact was anything to go by. Karl pointed to a dark entrance in the corner and suggested he take a walk through it. Kevin did as told and after some disorientation and apologies, found himself in a darkroom. This was something new to this poor 'near heterosexual' as hands groped his crotch and his own hands kept brushing against erect flesh prodding from all directions.

The evening ended with Kevin's leathers at his ankles being blown by two guys at once. He rewarded them with a face full of pent-up semen.

'Bloody Hell,' he said to Karl and his sidekicks when he returned breathless to the bar, 'I didn't expect anything like that in a public place.'

So, as time went by, Karl worked out that Sunday was the night he went out with 'his friends' as Stephanie had a girl's night out that night. She was late and he was later. He rarely stayed over as he usually got what he wanted before the night was too old. He would walk around to Karl's around 8 o'clock, they would share a glass or two of wine and he would change from his jeans and jacket into his 'costume' and become the leather queen everyone thought he was. Actually Kevin couldn't see the fetish-attraction of leather but it was very popular with the others in the bar so who was he to disagree.

They would then all head out and after a few more drinks Kevin would disappear into the dark. The layout in the darkroom was quite simple. The entry was up a smaller corridor had the toilets off to the left but on continuing into the murk it opened into a larger room. Around the right hand side were cubicles with half doors where some semblance of privacy could be had if you found someone you wanted to keep to yourself. However each cubicle had a large glory hold cut in the wall so privacy was definitely not 100%. To the rear was another room with no door. Inside was pitch black with just a little ultra violet light finding its way inside. This room held about ten or so when full and was fun for a little group therapy. There was then a few more door-less cubicles which would take around four or more then Kevin's favourite space which was again a larger area. The wall between it and the main room was sparred allowing anyone inside to see out but the darkness within prevented anyone outside from seeing in. In the middle was a rarely used hammock, presumably for anyone wanting multiply-fucked though in real terms, it would have been bloody difficult to lie in it and be fucked in the dark by strangers. The advantage of this hammock was to make anyone entering go around the edges and not walk straight across the room.

If Kevin slunk into the dark corner, he could be invisible while being able not only to see anyone coming into the room in the limited light, but also anyone actually entering down the corridor from the main bar. That way he could accept or reject any suitor he wished.

This cosy lifestyle had now been going for almost a year and had kept Kevin sexually happy as Hell with a wife for his hetero side and the darkroom for his more immediate and carnal needs. He had a key to Karl's flat so could just go and change when he had had enough before heading back to his wife.

Jeremy, his son was due to finish boarding school in the Summer so had decided to take a three week break over Easter at his parents and the house was buzzing with both the impending stay and the fact that they were to discuss his plans for when he went to university. Kevin was a bit pissed off as he could see there was a possibility it might interfere with his Sunday ritual but then again it might not. It was his son's visit home after all.

When he arrived on the Monday afternoon he picked him up at the airport and the hugged as father and son do. Jeremy had turned into a fine young man, if a bit 'studenty' already. His mass of blonde hair was unruly and obviously a great deal of time had been spent making it look like he hadn't spent a great deal of time on it. He had loose cotton pants (Chinos in a earlier era), and a rugby top hanging loose which showed the top of his Armani shorts when he bent down to pick up his rucksack. Kevin had to admit, he had made a good job of this stunning young lad who still looked every bit a virgin.

After all the pleasantries they drove back to the flat where Kevin parked in the underground car park and the whole excitable reunion kissing started again with wife and daughter. Kevin had to be back at work on Tuesday. He had taken the day of to meet Jeremy but since he usually worked from home on Monday (hence the late Sunday nights), no one really knew.

All that week they bonded as a family, went out for dinner, and generally caught up. It was when Stephanie announced that she was still going out on Sunday with her cronies, that Kevin saw an opportunity to continue his usual routine, suggesting that it might be good for the kids to have some quality time alone. Natalie threw a fit as she said she normally met up with her friends on Sunday as she was usually alone so Jeremy shrugged his shoulders and said not to worry as he had some friends also staying in Berlin for Easter so he would look them up. Everyone was happy!

Kevin was very happy. Not only had he been denied his conjugal right with Stephanie ('Ssh the kids might hear'), but he thought he wasn't going to get fucked in the darkroom either and now, he was!! He was horny as Hell getting ready at Karl's. Even Karl said he would have trouble getting his zip up, such was his troublesome erection. Tonight he was going to make it last.

After having his first few beers, he stood at the bar with Karl keeping one eye on the darkroom entrance watching to see what came or went. It was surprising over the last ten months, just how many people from his outside world he had seen in here, mainly from the bank. Not one had seen past his disguise so he felt confident in the semi-dark of the bar. Though he hadn't seen anyone of particular interest enter he had to get going and went in hearing Karl's comments about the 'bitch on heat' echoing in his ears.

It wasn't too busy, Sunday's never were but he liked it as it didn't get too sticky and hot and he could stay in control, able to see all the comings and goings from his corner. A few regulars knew him and within a few moments he was on his knees sucking one of them, a fifty year old guy with a cock like an elephant who rewarded Kevin with a mouthful of cum.

He managed another few gropes and another blow job and was about to have his half-time break when there was a change in the atmosphere outside. He looked up and saw a very pretty little thing between the slats. He couldn't quite make him out but he looked almost too young to be in there. Kevin wasn't really into twinks but his heart started pounding as he watched the young thing fumble round, obviously not used to the layout. He brushed aside all advances and eventually he could just make him out standing against the entrance to one of the cubicles without doors, watching.

Kevin went over to the slatted wall to take a better look and got the shock of his life when he saw Jeremy, his son. He pressed back against the wall, his heart now really thumping.

'Fuck, shit,' he said inwardly, 'How the fuck do I get out of here?'

The thought of why Jeremy was there hadn't yet hit his psyche.

Jeremy continued to fight off the advances. He had a pair of tight jeans on and a figure hugging t-shirt and canvas jacket. His blonde hair, while not picking up the ultra violet showed as a dirty cream colour.

Jeremy started moving again and headed to the side of the room where Kevin was.

'Good,' thought Kevin,' I'll wait until he's back in the bar and then I'll slink out and head home.'

Jeremy came into the room. Kevin pressed himself against the wall. He was the only person in the room and only about six or seven were outside, all having been rejected by him.

He stood still praying, Jeremy would leave but Jeremy knew someone was in the room and slowly felt his way towards him. Kevin was getting hard. He couldn't understand why, but perhaps it was just sexual autopilot. Jeremy was next to him. Kevin stood stock still until he felt Jeremy's hand feel his side then move up his body as if to check him out. His hand then dropped and moved to Kevin's crotch where he felt Kevin's bulge. He then moved in front of Kevin and his hand moved to feel Kevin's face, resting on his moustache. From the way he felt it, Kevin wondered if he knew it was a fake but then realised he seemed to like it. Jeremy reached up and kissed Kevin.

Kevin was shaking but realised Jeremy was not. Jeremy knew what he was doing as far as sex with strangers was concerned.

Kevin's zip came down. He wanted to run but couldn't. His trousers were unclipped and dropped leaving him in his jock strap, his hard cock straining for release. He heard Jeremy unclip his own trousers and let them drop and then Jeremy took Kevin's hand and placed it on a rigid uncut cock which felt about seven inches long. It was so very hard but also seemed light in weight. His balls were hanging loosely below and Kevin cupped them in his hand. Jeremy dropped to his knees and took Kevin's cock in his mouth.

'God he's good,' thought Kevin as his son's warm mouth expertly engulfed his rigid cock up to the pubic hair. Jeremy was randy and his breathing exposed the fact. His mouth went under to his father's hairy balls and he licked them. Jeremy's hands lifted Kevin's t-shirt up to expose his chest and then he stood up and kissed Kevin fully and deeply on the mouth. While doing it his cock slid between Kevin's legs and he started to simulate fucking. Jeremy slipped off his top and put it on the hammock so that he was now effectively naked and he started to kiss Kevin all over, his warm saliva leaving traces all over Kevin's body. Kevin was gone now he kissed Jeremy deeply and dropped down to suck his cock. He not only sucked it, he devoured it. He then bent Jeremy over the hammock and stuck his tongue deep into his soap flavoured arsehole.

As he did this the excitement of what he was doing, having sex with his own son without him knowing, sent a surge of sexual energy through him.

'Should I fuck him,' or 'should he fuck me?' The thoughts raced through Kevin's head.

Matters were taken out of his control when Jeremy stood up and whispered in his ear, 'I love leather guys and I'm going to fuck you right now!'

'Christ,' thought Kevin, my son is going to stick his big cock inside me.

The management thoughtfully provided little essentials in each of the cubicles such as condoms, lubricant and kitchen towel so facilitate such pleasures and Kevin was shocked at the dominance of his son who whirled him round and bent him over the hammock. He applied his own lube, and grabbed a condom, not sure if Jeremy would be aware of their availability but heard Jeremy stretch a condom over his cock, obviously from his own pocket. Jeremy wasted no time and started to slide his cock into Kevin. In no time he was fucking him like mad, holding Kevin's hips as he thrust into him. Kevin held and stroked his own cock. He looked round to see a small group of admirers watching. If only they knew. He noticed one of the spectators was Karl.

Jeremy started to grunt and Kevin braced himself for him cumming but he withdrew. He pulled the condom off and pushed Kevin down sticking his cock in his mouth and firing a copious quantity of thin cum into his throat. The taste was sweet and Kevin was more than happy to swallow all of it as his own orgasm sent spurts on to the darkroom floor.

The audience scattered as the two people fumbled with clothes and Jeremy stretched up to Kevin's ear, 'Same time and place next week. I have plans for you.'

He left as Kevin finished and tentatively went to the bar and noted he had left immediately. Jeremy went over to Karl and his two friends.

'That was a real prize this week Kevin, eh?' said Karl. 'He was beautiful.'

'He should be,' said Kevin, 'it was my son.'

The look on their faces said it all and it took some telling before he was believed.

'I can't possibly let him have sex with me next week,' said Kevin.

The smile on their faces suggested they knew Kevin better than he knew himself.

He changed at Karl's apartment and walked the three miles home, waves of guilt mixed with a strange excitement washing over him. He has just been splattered with his own son's cum. This revelation made the fact that he had just realised his son was gay, fall into second place in his mental priority list. He went through a range of emotions from disgust to embarrassment to excitement on that walk home.

Entering the flat, Jeremy was sitting on the sofa watching a movie, his sister already tucked up in bed.

'Have fun with the guys tonight then Dad?' called Jeremy.

'Fun, what do you mean by that?' snapped Kevin.

'Whoa there, who rattled your cage?' said his son. I just wondered if you had a good night with your mates.'

'Sorry son, yes I did, and you?'

'Yea, kinda low key but I did all I needed to,' he said.

In Kevin's head he heard, 'Including fucking your dad and cumming on his face?'

The next few days were a bit surreal. Every time he looked at Jeremy, he saw a pretty young man and remembered his stiff cock in his hand and then he blushed. Jeremy, of course was oblivious. He went about whatever he was going about. Kevin wondered if he was partaking of the many daytime gay delights while he was at work and felt slightly jealous. As the weekend approached again he had already made up his mind he wasn't going to touch his son again, it was just not right even to think about it. He argued with himself that, after all, he hadn't seduced his son, his son had seduced him. He, of course completely omitted in his argument that his son had no idea his father was giving him the pleasure.

Sunday was a day in haze. Stephanie had already announced she was going stir crazy and despite the fact that Jeremy was heading back to the U.K. on the Tuesday, she was heading out. Natalie, already used to the Sunday routine, had made her plans.

'So what are you doing tonight Jeremy,' said Kevin.

'Oh my friends from last weekend said they would like a repeat visit so I thought I would slip round there,' he replied.

'Oh God, he wants to fuck me again,' thought Kevin.

He knew he was going to go back, and he did!

Karl was waiting and they set off a little earlier as Kevin couldn't afford the risk of being identified by Jeremy. That would be too much to bear. He had been drinking a little more than usual and felt quite good. He had a little bottle of poppers which he hoped might make Jeremy a little less caring and questioning if he turned up.

The bar was even quieter than usual and the darkroom at this earlier hour was quiet with just a few regulars floating around. Kevin dismissed all of them when they started to make a move on him and he slunk back into his little corner, terrified that he might be indentified. When he arrived, Jeremy entered the area with a entourage of older guys behind him. He was like a rose among thorns.

Jeremy made straight for Kevin's little corner and fumbled his way around in the dark. When he felt Kevin's leathers, Kevin was aware he was feeling for identification in the dark. He felt for the wrist strap and then his moustache before saying a quiet 'Hi.'

'Fancy a private booth? ' He whispered.

'O.K.' said Kevin and followed Jeremy who had taken his hand.

Once in the dark corner booth, they bolted the door and Kevin was pleased that there was little light, just the odd silhouette. Jeremy reached up and kissed Kevin full on the lips, his tongue searching around in his mouth and his breath coming in short pants. Kevin reached down and felt Jeremy's stiff cock. Jeremy started to strip what few clothes he was wearing until all he had on were his trainers. His clothes were hooked behind the door. Within the limitations of his tight leather gear, Kevin did likewise. He offered the poppers to Jeremy and when he inhaled them he was like an unleashed wild animal.

'Do whatever you want to me,' he said. 'Fuck me.'

Standing with his pants at his ankles and his torso naked, Kevin reached for a condom and the lube dispenser. Jeremy turned to offer his rear as Kevin applied the gel. His fingers entered easily and Kevin realised his son was no virgin. Working with the gel, he managed three fingers into Jeremy's arsehole while he whimpered with the finger fucking he was getting. Kevin stretched the condom over his cock and started to enter Jeremy. He enjoyed the way his hole enveloped his cock as he slid inside his son and, as Jeremy sniffed the poppers he started a merciless fuck of him.

He held Jeremy's hips and hammered him. He could hear knocking at the door. The audience wanted to see but though Kevin decided this was his moment, Jeremy had other ideas and unclipped the door allowing it to swing inwards as he faced outwards. In the dull light, as Kevin fucked, he could see cocks being offered to Jeremy's face and Jeremy readily accepted them, sucking two guys in turn as his father fucked him. In the dark, he heard one guy moan and realised he had just cum in Jeremy's mouth. Another quickly took his place. Kevin was in heaven and had to keep slowing to prevent himself from cumming inside Jeremy. It was difficult to tell but he figured his son sucked off three guys before things quietened slightly and he was able to rebolt the door.

He slid his cock out and Jeremy then deliberately unbolted the door again and stuck his arse out while sucking Kevin's now, unclad cock sniffing at the poppers as between sucks. It didn't take long before Kevin saw Karl standing with his long cock in his hand sliding it slowly into his son. Jeremy was like a wild animal. Kevin had never seen such unbridled sexual passion. One of Karl's other friends replaced Karl once it was obvious that Karl had just cum inside Jeremy and the lad continued to suck Kevin until he was ready to blast. Kevin stopped him from sucking as Karl's friend came in him and Kevin was then once more able to bolt the door.

He stood Jeremy up and kissed him tasting the cum from the three earlier guys as he did so. Jeremy was everywhere at once, sucking Kevin's cock, then sucking his nipples, then kissing him, fingering his arse, then pushing Kevin down to suck his cock. When he came, he stopped Kevin sucking and held his mouth open. He then slightly withdrew his cock and fired his load, like a hosepipe into Kevin's eager mouth. His son's cum had a thin texture and wonderful sweetness that Kevin gulped down as though it were a rare delicacy, which in many ways it was!

Jeremy did not forget his partner and surprised Kevin by standing up immediately after cumming and whispering, 'Can I fuck you?'

'Can you manage?' said Kevin.

'Watch me,' replied his son.

Apart from a slight loss of hardness, his son's cock did not drop at all and when Kevin bent over, the hard piece of meat that went inside him was back to full power. The cabin walls were shaking with the intensity of the fucking Jeremy received. Jeremy showed no mercy as he hammered at Kevin's hole.

'I'm going to cum,' said Kevin, and that was without touching his cock.

'No, don't, please,' pleaded the randy young man, quickly pulling out and swinging Kevin around.

He engulfed Kevin's cock with his mouth and with one hand holding the stem, started to suck, sliding the foreskin back and sucking the head eagerly. Kevin's knees buckled as he emptied a supply on cum that was more than he thought he could produce. Jeremy gagged at first and then kept sucking. He was a born cock sucker. The sound and his groaning as he did so, suggested that he was bringing himself off at the same time.

Jeremy stood after the sex and cuddled tight up to Kevin, kissing him on the cheeks and nipples.

'Can I meet you again when I come back in Summer,' he said in German.

'Yes,' said Kevin.

As they dressed, Jeremy slipped a pre-written piece of paper into Kevin's waistcoat pocket, 'My e-mail address,' he said.

Kevin already knew it but thanked him and told him he would write.

'Want to meet in the bar for a drink? ' said Jeremy.

'Can't really,' said Kevin, 'I'm married.

'Oh I see, incognito,' he said in acknowledgement. 'Any family?'

'Em, yes, a daughter and son.'

'Lucky son,' said Jeremy.

He left and Kevin stayed quietly in the darkroom until Karl came looking form him to let him know the coast was clear. His knees were weak but he knew, it wouldn't be long before six whole weeks of Summer holidays.



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