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[January 1st 1995 A young man, and a pregnant women giving birth in a castle in a strange place]

"honey come on , push!...." Says a young man with fear in his voice.

"I'm....I'" says a young women with determination.

"I can see the head! I can see the head! Just....a little more!!!" Screams the young man with joy as the baby joins the strange world.

"It''s a boy!" says the young man smiling.

"He's soooo beautiful" says the new mother crying and looking into her new baby's black eyes .

"What should we name him?"

"How about....Jack?"

"Name him after his grandfather??? Jack fits he does have his eyes and...."

"We must get him out of here! He has a mission to complete ! Earth's realm where he will find them it's planted in his pre-memory !, Don't forget why he was made " says the new father taking his son from the mothers arms.

"I know....I am just so upset it's going to take so long" say the mother bitterly.

"To get what we want...this is the only way" says the father.

[present , Tiberius point of view]

"Ti wake up!...Ti wake up!!!" (Pronounced like Tie)

"Ugh wha....what "

"Get up it's time for school!!!" Said a familiar voice.

"Aaron? What the fuck man! Lets leave in five more minuets" I mumbled still tired.

"Come on! get up!!!" He said jumping on my bed.

Aaron is my best friend and next door neighbor so it's not that uncommon for him to come over and wake me up to go school, and since today was the first day of senior year it was kinda expected.

Aaron and I looked a lot alike most people would think that we were brothers except for some features.

Aaron was 6'1 210lbs with extremely blond hair and icy blue eyes. He was really buff and ripped due to being a triathlete playing football , wrestling , and baseball. He was an all time jock and every girl wanted him and he for sure got the best of the best.

As for me I am 5'11 about 180lbs of muscle from playing water polo,swim, and I'm a life guard. I have dirty blond hair, icy blue eyes like Aaron but the are a little lighter they almost appear white sometimes . Where Aaron has strong masculine greek god features with a boyish face I have a body like one and a sharp face. People that rate me usually give me a 10 but I don't know why...I'm usually insecure about my looks. Also like Aaron I too can get any girl I want but I'm not that interested in them.

This past summer I when surfing in Hawaii with Aaron I started to develop feelings for him but I realized it will never work so I pretty much got over him. I decided to come out to him because he is like a bro to me and deserved to know , plus I needed someone to tell. He took it well and was flattered that a guy like me could like him , but he is straight and accepted me and nothing really changed.

So living on a beach in California people here are usually accepting except for my parents. I feel like they know that I'm gay but they pretty much made it clear that there will be none of that in their house. Which is really nice by the way.

I live on a large beach house and go to the nicest school and having rich parents has it's perks...I am pretty popular but not like the arrogant and jackass kind. But anyways....

"Ti....wake the fuck up! I can't believe your still in bed the cars running!" Said Aaron running outside. I threw on a white hollister shirt, my lettermen jacket, and some black jeans that fitted my ass pretty well which is my best feature in my opinion because its hard and toned yet plump. So after checking myself out and my hair looking nice I ran outside.

"It's about time!!!" Aaron said waiting for me to get in then pulling off in his Mercedes.

[Hunters point if view]

*alarm rings*

Ugh...why do I have to get up so fucking early!!! I really hate school I'm forced to be at a place with stupid fucks for 6hours and deal with them and teachers bullshit too! The only thing about school that I love is football and Kate my best friend!

I have been on Varsity since sophomore year and have subbed as a quarterback , until now this is my year and I will start I have waited 3 years to get here.

So as I started to get up I noticed I had a Hard on and decided I had time to relieve myself. So I jumped out the bed and ran to the bathroom and turned on the shower and waited for the water to warm up. As I was waiting I started to check myself out in the mirror. I have true emerald green eyes which is always good with the ladies. I also have a 6 pack that is well defined and a nice V going down to my lower area. My pecs are the perfect size and my nipples are perfect too. If you haven't noticed I really comfortable in my body and I have noticed others are comfortable with it too!

I have jet black hair and I am about 6'1 and 190lbs. Don't let my height and weight fool you it has only made me more as a threat as QB because I am so big and fast(no pun intended). I have a nice big ass like most football players and a even better cock that is 11in hard and really thick I can't even fit my hands around it! Speaking of my cock I should get back to...nursing it.

I stepped into the shower and let the warm water run down my olive colored skin. I started lather up my body with soap and making sure to pay extra attention to big purple mushroom head. My cock was uncut so it made it a little easier to jack off at times so I decided to get straight to it . I started at the base of my cock and gripped it hard and just started to pump my dick..."oooooooooooooooh yeaaaaaaah!" I moaned as more blood started to rush to my erect dick. I started to pinch my left nipple with my free hand and this gave a rush of pleasure up from my toes all the way to my dick. "Uuuugh!" I moan and I feel my balls moving closer to my body.

"Uh....uh.....ohhhhhhhhhhh.....yeah!!!!" I scream as hot cum squirted out of my cock all over the shower walls. I shot 10 times until I was done.

After I relieved myself and cleaned up I headed to the closet to look for some cloths to wear. "Hmmm what to wear" I said out loud. I choose to wear a tight white V-neck and my lettermen jacket with dark blue jeans that almost looked black and black converse . My hair was messy and I was looking good time to start the day off right I thought to myself as I grabbed the keys to my jeep and left for school.


So on the way to school I was thinking about all the awesomeness that senior year would bring, and that Aaron and I would get closer and that all my other friends I might drift away from and not see again.

"Hey bro you okay" Aaron said raising a brow.

"Yeah! I'm just thinking about this year. High school has gone by so fast!" I said.

"Yeah it has but, it still sucks I just want it to end. But since you love it so much get the hell out of my car cause we are here" Aaron said giving me a slight push.

So we got out of his car and started off to home room to get our schedules for the year.


So when I got to school I parked next to my best friend Kate. Kate and I have been best friends since preschool and we dated freshmen and sophomore year. Kate is honesty the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She is African American and French she has bluefish green eyes , dirty blond hair, and Carmel skin. She has a nice big ass and C cup boobs , Her skin is so soft and light brown it reminds me of carmel on a candy apple or brown sugar.Which is the perfect contrast to her unique features. I would still have dated her if we didn't grow so close. Now she is more like a sister to me.

"Hey stud" Kate said nudging me on the arm .

"What's up! Are you ready to get this year over with?!" I said with a serious tone.

"Yeah I guess so, but hey Hunter don't be so bitter. You might just enjoy yourself this year" she said.

"Haha! Yeah I doubt that! The only thing I have to look forward to is Football, hanging with my best friend , and Partying my ass off " I said laughing

"Well....who knows you might just find love, I mean you haven't dated since me , you only have hooked up" she said in a teasing way.

"Well that's because my last girlfriend was so great that I can only hook up with whores now" I told her joking.

"Well when you put it that way I guess your screwed, lets go to home room" she said grabbing me and leading the way.


So as we headed to home room for the seniors there were familiar faces in the room and some that weren't.

"Hi Ti, and Aaron " said Jen and Mike who were twins and were like best friends.

"Hi guys" "hey" Aaron and I said.

"Hey Ti we heard that you were gay that true?" Said Mike softly.

"Yeah! I things travel fast!!!" I said looking at Aaron and punching his arm.

"Ugh yeah...sorry I thought you said you didn't mind if people know and I only told them" Aaron said while looking down.

"Hahahah I am joking I told them too, you should've seen your face" I said laughing and taking a seat behind Mike and Jen.

"Wow jerk you got me good! But this isn't the end!" Said Aaron sitting down next to me and in front of this guy I've never seen before.

This guy who sat behind Aaron was somehow intimidating. Aaron noticed that I was feeling uncomfortable and that's when I felt this guys eyes on my back and it gave me the chills.

I turned around to say something to him but I was greeted with a look of complete amazement . He was well fit more like Aaron in size but his features were odd. He had broad powerful shoulders, actually cut that his whole body looked powerful ! He had pale skin and the darkest eyes I have ever seen but his face was really odd....he had a sexy face that seemed innocent and boyish but he also had a razor sharp jaw line and nice soft looking lips . So I guess he was intimidating because he was hard to read.

"Hey, I'm Tiberius! Most people call me Ti. I can see that you are new here?" I said smiling.

"......" He just stared and didn't say anything .

"Well I can see your a little shy but hey this is my friend Aaron..." I said a little less confident than before.

"Yeah...hey! I'm Aaron nice to meet you , hang with us you'll love the school" said Aaron stretching his hand.

"I'm...jack" he said with a really deep voice and not taking his hand.

"Finally an answer!" Said Aaron.

"Yeah well I guess you can say I'm a little shy" said jack bitterly.

"Um hey I didn't mean to call you was wrong for me to judge you that. Plus I don't want to be that guy that gives the new kid a hard time" I said .

"It's okay...I don't see you as the jerky kinda guy either. Plus I can use a friend" He said now smiling and touching my hands giving me chills. Not knowing what just happened I turned around.

"What was that?!?!" Aaron whispered raising a brow.

"I don't even know" I said looking towards the board.

Just then the bell rang and then walks in Kate and Hunter.

"This day just keeps getting better" I said to Aaron and nodding towards Kate and Hunter.

"Hey he isn't that bad, honestly he reminds me a lot of you Ti!" Aaron said laughing.

"That's really not that funny, he is a joke. Kate is cool I guess but she has always had her guard up around me. He is probably jealous and puts her up to it" I said even more annoyed.

"Well remember when you said he had lice and that his family were children eating beast?" Said Aaron

"Yeah but that was third grade and I told him I was sorry..." I said calming down.

"Well maybe you should talk to him because every time I invite you guys over you act all awkward" Aaron said .

"Well I do say hi but he just looks at me weird. I think ever since I saved Kate when she was drowning last year he has hated me more" I said looking back at him.

"I think that you should talk to him, you might become friends" Aaron said scolding.

"Hell no! I don't think I can ever be his friend plus I think he is homophobic!" I said a little offended.

"Well I have been playing football with him since we are kids and I think that you should be more nice to look! You even dress alike. And hey Kate is hot man, just look at her! I wouldn't mind taking her home" said Aaron checking out Kate as they passed.

"Well I'm glad you have found a friend that's like me...I mean why have the real thing? " I said now laughing.

"I mean yeah , he does play football and is close to Kate so...hmmm" Aaron winked then laughed.

That's what I loved about Aaron, he could make a bad or awkward situation seem normal.


So after Kate and I walked in late I quickly noticed how awkward this year will be. Having first period (home room ) with Aaron was cool I have been close to him forever and we learned how to play football together. There was this weird new guy that was staring at the back of Tiberius head will a look of Lust? Then he turned to look at me and it quickly turned to hatred when we made eye contact. I mean I don't have anything against gay guys except Tiberius because he is a little bitch but I just don't feel comfortable with them coming on to me...or each other around me.

But even that's not as bad as sharing a class(Government) with Tiberius though. That guy is really an asshole! We share a birthday (January 1st) and I live next to Aaron which is the house between Tiberius and mine, and I remember that every year he would try to throw a party the same day as mine and people couldn't choose which party to go to so in the end their parents choose his because he used to tell everyone my parents ate kids and that I had lice....

Also Aaron invited us over to play some video games a couple times and he would give me dirty looks and just give me the cold shoulder whenever I would try to talk to him. What bothers me the most is that he is a nice guy and is nice to everyone even my best friend except for me! Like what the fuck man! So we haven't been that close in high school and only exchanged a few words like "excuse me" in the hall way or "you dropped your pencil".

We are also like neighbors and he is at all our football games because of Aaron. He probably has a thing for him but I guess it makes me happy that he won't have a chance with him because he is straight. But Kate always had a crush on Tiberius ever since he saved her when she was drowning at the beach. What a joke of a guy right? I mean a life guard really?

" He probably thinks he is on bay watch" I said out loud.

"Who Ti??? Hey Hunter I don't know why you hate him so much...I mean you even force me to not talk to him" Kate said.

"You don't remember all the stuff that happened when..." I was cut off.

"Hey! That was the past! Honestly it's senior year and you guys have had this rivalry thing going since like third grade...I'm over it!" She said getting angry.

"Hey Kate...I'm sorry but I just can't be nice to him why develop a friendship now? It's too late..." I said .

"It's never too late! And who knows you might end up being friends" she said.

"When hell freezes over" I said.

So class went on and I found out that I had 1) Government 2) Language Arts 3) Ceramics 4) Weights 5) football. So Kate and I only had 1st and 2nd together.

The bell rang and I went we proceeded to our next class


So in second period Language arts I found out that Aaron, Kate, Jen, Mike ,Jack, and Hunter the jackass all had this class and the teacher sat me next to Jack. I was okay with this because Mike and I had weights together for 4th.

"Okay class! My name is Mr. Garcia and today is an easy day for you seniors! I am 26 I graduated from San Diego University this is my first year here and I love to surf. Now that you know about me talk to your partner" he said walking back to his desk.

"Hey Jack so where did you come from?" I said.

"Well I came from New York City I lived there for all of my life. I was adopted at like 2weeks because I was found on the street. I am gay and I am 17 and my birthday is on January 1st" said Jack not looking at me until the gay part.

"Wow! Nice life...I am sorry that your parents would do that to you" I said while subconsciously touching his shoulder.

"Hey it's okay... I mean I guess I'm here for a reason" he said looking at me in the eyes.

" yeah, I guess we all are " I said removing my hand.

" so tell me about you ?" He said curiously.

"I am 17 my birthday is also on January 1st so is that guy hunter over there!" I said pointing to hunter who was sitting next to Mike .

"And I am from here I come from a wealthy family so does Hunter, Kate, and Aaron my best friend. I said pointing to Kate and Aaron who were siting next to each other and seemed to be hitting it off.

"Also I am gay too I found out a couple months ago" I said looking at him.

"Wow a guy like you is gay?! I don't mean to offend you but you are like the most beautiful guy I have ever seen and it's obvious that you are well known by everyone who waves and you and says hi. Plus you look like a jock too" he said with shock.

"Well thanks your not so bad yourself" I said turning a little red.

" but! that's what most people probably think, but I think that love holds no boundaries and that looks fade so if you are fortunate enough to find someone you love then you might as well be the luckiest person in the world. No matter if they are something as simple as male or female" I said noticing that Hunter , Aaron , and Kate were listening.

"What a joke" coughed Hunter.

"Well I guess your still having that problem since you have been single for two years and have only had one girlfriend" I said .

"Okay boys lets not do something stupid" said Kate giving us both the evil eye. Just then the bell rang to go to our next class.


After realizing that I had two classes with Tiberius I was pissed but after what he said to me I wanted to punch him in the face! How dare he talk to me like that! If Kate wasn't there I would beat the shit out of him, he is lucky I respect her enough not to fight with her around!

I walked around the hall until I calmed down, which was about 5mins after that I decided to go to third period Ceramics. I walked in late and everyone looked at me;

"What is your name?!" A little lady surprisingly barked.

"My name is Hunter Shey" I said.

"Well Mr. Shey I'm glad you decided to join us, my name is Mrs. Spear please take a seat next to Tiberius in the back!" She said.

"Wait, I can't sit next to ..."

"IN THE BACK!" She barked once more.

Slowly I made my way to the back of the room and sat next to Tiberius. Great this day just keeps getting better I said to myself.


It was funny as hell to see Hunter get yelled at by someone as small as Mrs. Spear who was like 4'10. He seemed scared of her and it was all pretty funny until she said he had to sit next to me..

"Hey Hunter I know we started off bad but..." I started

"But nothing! Stay the hell away from me and we aren't going to have any problems!" He said with anger.

"Well I was just saying sorry, you know for everything in the past I hope that we could eventually become friends I mean it would be easier than hating each other" I said.

"Only thing in this situation that is sorry is you thinking that I'll forgive you. And I don't want to be friends with some new gay guy that wants to experiment. Don't touch me, don't talk to me, and don't even look at me.." Hunter said looking at me in the eyes.

"Are you threatening me?! I can protect myself and I'm not one to back down plus we are the same size!" I said now getting angry.

"Oh Gay blonde blue eyed Goody boy has some fire in him???" Hunter said now with a look of amusement.

"Look I'm just trying to start off new and it's pretty obvious we have 4/5 classes together and we live next to each other, I just want us to be around each other with out it being awkward" I said.

"Are you sure that's all you want gay boy? Are you sure you don't want a chance with me so I can kick your ass?! But you might like that , you pervert!" He said smirking.

"Wow your going all out with this gay card!? Okay fuck this! " I yelled standing up and punching Hunter in the face.

He fell to the ground and then got up with speed and punched me in the stomach. I fell but brought him down with me and we wrestled. He threw me over and was on top of me. It felt weird with him on top of me but it was also exciting because he was so warm and built. Every time our skin made contact it was electric. I could tell that he felt it too because he would draw back what ever part was touching me.

So it wasn't normal wrestling in a fight we were basically just grabbing each others cloths avoiding contact. So I threw him over and was on top of him and I was about to punch him again until someone really strong with a tiny hand grabbed me and stopped me.

"ENOUGH!!! " yelled Mrs. Spear some how splitting us up .

"Principals office,NOW!" She said pointing to the door.


Walking to the principal's office it was extremely awkward. I really didn't expect someone like Tiberius to punch someone like me. I mean we are built the same except I weight about 10lbs more and I am like an inch or two taller than him. It was weird because he usually keeps his cool even when people mess with him, which isn't that often but still!

And! When we were wrestling it was weird because every time we touched it felt weird. To be honest I didn't want to hurt him in any way physically when we touched which is unusual. So I just grabbed his cloths it must have looked awkward to everyone else.

I looked over at Tiberius and he was looking down sad. Ha! First time in the principals office, he really is a goody boy. I'm not some trouble maker but being the QB of the school I have a rep to keep, let's just say people have challenged it and it wasn't pretty. As we walked into the principal Mr. Walker's office I couldn't help but smile that Tiberius felt like shit.

" okay boys, I know it is the first day of school but I can't have you guys fighting! You both will be suspended from practice from football and water polo for a week and will report to after school detention instead" he said looking at us with a stern look.

"But Mr. Walker I have Game in two weeks and I can't miss practice for a whole week!" I yelled.

"And I have a game too! I can't miss it either! Plus I never had a detention before and we were just kidding around right Hunter?" Tiberius said desperately.

"SAVE IT! I don't think you realize how bad this already will look? For fighting your suppose to be suspended from school for a week and one week of detention when you come back! I could make that your reality if you want and call your parents?!?!? Plus look at Hunter he has a bruised cheek!" He said getting annoyed.

"......." We said nothing.

"Okay great! Now if you don't want to be kicked off of your teams for the whole season then I suggest you to learn to become the best of friends, because if I even hear about our QB and football captain and our water polo captain having anymore problems with one another again your done for this season and your will be suspended, are we clear?" Said Mr. Walker.

"Yes" "yeah..." We mumbled.

"Plus both of you have nice scholarships you wouldn't want to lose them...Now it's time for lunch but you guys are going home. Starting tomorrow instead of going to weights and practice you will report here for detention, you are dismissed" he said.


I can't believe I got suspended from practice and detention for a week with Hunter. Honestly I didn't mean to punch him in the face but he said one too many wrong things to me today. Now I am forced to go home and Aaron has to be at school for two more classes and then practice. Ugh! I guess I can walk it's only like 3miles away, and it will give me time to think.


After I left Mr. Walker's office I went and told Kate what happened and she wasn't surprised that we got suspended from practice but was surprised that Tiberius punched me in the face and that I only punched him in the stomach. I told her I didn't know what happened and she congratulated me for not making the situation worse. Which I started by calling him I felt bad.

While driving home I looked to my right and I see this blond guy wearing a lettermen from our school . I knew this was Tiberius so I pulled over next to him.

"HEY! Tiberius!!! Let me give you a lift I feel really bad about what I did earlier and I am....sorry" I said .

"You know what go to hell! I tried to start over again , but you insisted on being a jerk so fuck you!!!"

I got out of the car and walked up to him.

"Hey look I am truly sorry and I know I have been a jerk.." I said walking closer to him as he walked to the curb.

"Why should I believe you? Your a homophobic asshole that only cares for himself and his football your a joke " he said getting heated and not thinking and turned around walking into the street.

"TIBERIUS WAIT!!!!' I yelled, but it was too late. Soon as he turned Around and took his first step he was hit by a blue car that kept going.

"OH...MY...GOD!!! TIBERIUS!!!" I yelled running to his unconscious bloody body. Knowing that the hospital was about a mike away I decided to put him in my car and drive him myself.....

"What the fucked just happened?!" I said to myself scared.



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