Art looked at his watch to see what time it was. 'Damn that boy. If he takes anymore time, we'll miss the appointment.' He muttered.

'Andrew, what the hell is taking so long?' He yelled down the hallway.

'Hey jackass, Im commin'.' Was the reply.

'And this is why you're going.' Art thought. At six foot three, well built, and salt and pepper hair, he was a force to be reckoned with. Hardly any fat clinged to his muscular frame under his lightly tanned skin. Footsteps came crashing down the oak stairs and a blonde, lean, youth stood at the bottom, awaiting the moment that his father would take him to the appointment. 'What the fuck you lookin' at?' Andrew shot darkly at him.

'I'm looking at the little ass who is about to learn how to act right.' Was the steely reply. 'Now let's go.'

Andrew trailed his father to the black honda accord that served as the family car. They drove in complete silence as trees blurred together to form a wall of green and brown around them. They pulled up to an old looking cottage. the sign that swayed above the door confirmed that it was a tutor for unruly young men. Art took a deep breath in a and his whole attitude changed. 'Alright you little shit, get outta the car.'

Andrew stared at his father for a second before quickly getting out. Art slammed the door behind him as he climbed out of the vehicle as well. 'Get your fucking ass in there right now!' He bellowed at him.

Andrew ran into the cottage and was followed by Art. 'Alright Seth. He's here.' He said into the darkness of the room.

A light ficked on over heard and a man in his twenties came out to greet them. 'Welcome Andrew. Welcome to where you will learn your place.'



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