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He knew it.

He thought repeatedly.

The idea plagued him. Could it be possible?

The very first time he laid his eyes on him, he knew there was something. He could see it in the way he looked at him, and in the way he smiles, and touch him. And he felt guilty for Chad, but no that guilty, which made him even more guilty. He felt happy more than guilty. In some ways, perhaps.

Marcus glanced at the mirror repeatedly. He wore a pink shirt with a cute red mustache on it and a sky blue shorts that went up above his knee. He looked dreamy.

Marcus couldn’t help it because thoughts of him and Mauro having dinner or whatever together excited him. He still can’t believe he agreed to it. It seemed unusual to him, but he had decided to watch how things would go.

He put on his loafers and before he left his apartment, he left a message to Chad about his ‘business’ dinner with his new work partner. That was honest, and it comforted him a little. He cleared his mind as he walked out of his room.

Just when he was about to hail a cab to Mabini Street, he saw Mauro standing in front of the building. His rib cage threatened to burst open. It might be the breeze, but he was surely freezing, and his ears were pounding with excitement.

“Don’t,” Mauro cut Marcus when he was about to open his mouth. They both smiled. Mauro walked closer and helped him close the gate noisily.

His jaw then dropped when he saw Mauro in his white tattered jeans topped with a white sleeveless shirt. His biceps were taunting, and he looked dark and hot. He felt guilty again.

He hopped on Mauro’s bike, and the engine roared to life.

They drove throughout the city without helmets, and Mauro assured him that cops won’t bother at this time of the night when he hesitated. He was some sort of an adventurer, he thought, and it scared him--in a nice way. Chad was static, but he was nice in his own ways.

The cold breeze brushed his cheeks. He closed his eyes partly and felt the wind on his lips. He raised his arms to the sky. There were not many stars, but he could clearly see the moon and it was romantic. He could feel the moon assuring him of the good night he wished.

“I like you,” Mauro said after he plunged the tequila in his mouth. Marcus didn’t know how to respond because dinosaurs were dancing in his tummy and he felt like the Jurassic Park. On the back of his mind, he felt guilty for Chad.

“Is it you or the tequila talking?” he jokingly replied to Mauro who smiled wiped his mouth with his forehand.

“No. It’s me talking to the tequila,” he joked.

Mauro let out an awkward laugh while Marcus barked.

“You’re a big smug,” he replied between his laughs, and he laughed hard until he was catching his breath. He was tapping the table until the joke worn out. They stopped laughing and they caught each other's eyes when suddenly the music roared up.

The crowd went wild, the heat soared up and the next thing he knew was that they were dancing in the middle of the bar. With sweat oozing from their bodies and the banging music in their ears, they loosened up.

Marcus spanked Mauro’s ass and challenged him to dance with him. The lights blinded them with bright flashes of red and green and blue. They both danced--occasionally stopping to grab a drink--wildly until they are more than tipsy. The beat was so good. They dove deeper into the sea of people wet with sweat and jumped and enjoyed the night.

In the corner of his eye, Mauro saw Marcus dancing dirtily with some topless guy, and they looked like they were having a good time, and he didn’t know how or why he found himself walking towards him. He grabbed Marcus and danced with him the way he danced with the other guy. He bent his knee so his head was level with his crotch, and poked his head under Marcus’ shirt. He licked his navel and made a popping sound. Mauro was stunned at his actions but enjoyed the action, so he continued dancing.

Mauro’s hands found itself slithering to Marcus’ chest, and despite the loud beat, he heard him moan. He withdrew and rose until their faces were only inches apart. Marcus could see that his mouth was still wet from what he did ‘down there’. Marcus smiled at him.

Mauro was surprised himself. The sensation was new to him, and he hated that he liked it. Was he gay? He thought deeply. Since the first day they’d met, he knew there was something in Marcus that he can’t explain. His aura announced something that made him comfortable with him. Mauro felt like he already knew him long ago. He thought hard that it was not an excuse to flirt with him. He felt guilty.

The music slowed, and the DJ played some love song. They eyed each other and both looked like they have something to say, but the moment their eyes met, they felt like nothing was unsaid. They sat back on their chair and drink more. No talking.

Marcus didn’t know why Mauro stopped talking. One minute ago, he was the chattiest human, the next he was silent as dead. He wanted him to know that he liked how he danced and that it was okay for him.

Mauro drove Marcus back to his apartment. The ride was silent and Marcus was itching to talk, but he could sense Mauro wasn’t in the mood. It took them twenty minutes of gas to reach his building.

They both stood in the dark silently. No one wanted to talk. The sirens of the cars were the only sound. The night was blissfully quiet. Marcus felt awkward but decided to talk to him. “So…” he tried, the fear of being shut in the conversation obvious in his tone.

Mauro walked toward him. His face was serious, and this stole oxygen from Marcus’ lungs. They both stood there with their faces just centimeters apart. Mauro did not blink and nor did Marcus. He could feel Mauro’s hot breath on his lips, steaming him. He was breathing his breath and he nearly suffocated. He intimately inhaled the air from Mauro, leaving nothing behind. He knew it was crazy, but he felt like Mauro made it inside him, and he could feel every fiber of his lungs agreed on this. Pump in, pump out.

He could hear his chest pounding noisily. Pump in, pump out. His knees suddenly became weak when Mauro cupped his face. His hands were cold but soft. Mauro leaned closer and Marcus closed his eyes in surrender. Pump in, pump out.

Their wet lips collided. Marcus lost his senses. The only thing he could feel was his lips against his. His other senses died. He could no longer hear the sirens. He could feel the cold breeze no more. All he could feel was Mauro’s hot lips on his. His tongue twirling with his. In the back of his mind, he suddenly thought of someone. Chad.

Their lips parted as they catch their breaths. His insides screamed.

“This... is a mistake,” he whispered to Mauro, his voice barely audible. He felt guilty for cheating on Chad with him. He did not want to continue, but he knew he wanted to-- very much. His lips still ached for his. He turned his back on him and walked two steps away. He wrapped own arms around his body and pretended to be interested in the flickering lights just above them.

Eagerly, Mauro followed his steps until he was behind him. Marcus could feel his hot breath tickling his neck, and he was pulled from his thoughts.

“A mistake? I don’t know,” Mauro whispered playfully and leaned closer, then whispered: “Could we try again?” his voice penetrated Marcus’ ears, and he knew it stayed there forever. Marcus could again feel Mauro’s arms around him and seconds later, he was face to face with him. His bottom lip between his lips. It was wet and hot. His heart beat wild. Pump in, pump out. He wrapped his arm around his neck and pulled him closer. His knees became limp but Mauro held him tight. He kissed him torridly. Their cocks growing monstrously. Marcus let out a moan when Mauro pushed his hips on his. The prominent bulge under his jeans collided against his.

Mauro grabbed him and pinned him on the brick wall. He could not see his face in the dark, but he knew where to meet his lips. He bit Marcus’ lower lip and pushed his crotch harder on his. Marcus’ brain exploded with euphoria.

In no time, they were both in Marcus’ room, hungrily lapping each other's lips. Marcus’ legs were wrapped around Mauro’s hip, and he was humping him hard on the wall. The photographs shook, some even fell, and Marcus couldn’t think straight. Their bodies were wet with sweat, colliding lustfully. Mauro walked toward the bed with Marcus on his clutch and forcefully dropped Marcus on the bed where he bounced.

Mauro climbed to him slowly, like a cat to a fish. Gently, he took all Marcus’ clothing off. He enjoyed the sight of him half naked before him. He poked his nipples which made his eyes roll with bliss and he smirked mischievously. He took everything off until he was left lying in front of him only on his boxers with his noticeable cock under. He advanced oh him until their bodies formed a right angle.

Mauro slowly took off his shirt over his head, and sweat from his forehead dripped on Marcus’ chest. It stung. Marcus moaned. He unzipped his jeans bit by bit without breaking eye contact with Marcus. His eyes showed lust and desire, and his hair was wet with sweat and suspended strands sexily hung on his forehead, tickling his eyelashes.

They were fully naked. Loud grunts and moans could be heard across the room. Marcus has his legs wrapped around him: missionary.

His arms snaked around Mauro’s neck. Their lips collided again, and shots of fireworks fried his brain. Mauro’s nose traveled from his lips to his chin and his neck, then he kissed his way following the trail he made. Marcus shivered at his actions. He bit his own lips and grunted.

“Let me know if you’re uncomfy,” Mauro quickly reminded Marcus. He just nodded and sucked in a handful of air, preparing for the thing Mauro warned him about. They looked at each other's eyes, and he could see that Mauro was sweating heavily. He could see desire and affection in his eyes.

A grunt escaped Marcus’ lips. His back arched and his eyes closed in surrender. He could feel him advancing inside him. The progress of his entry almost complete. He shivered and his toes curled.

Mauro stopped. Their lips locked forever. He wanted not to part. His lips fit so perfectly between his. A tear cascaded down his cheek. Slowly, Mauro withdrew from the successful penetration. Mauro gasped.

Unexpectedly, Mauro hammered his hips back on Marcus’ just when the head of his dick threatened to leave his man pussy. One single blow. Then, he stopped and caught his breath.

Marcus felt like the room spun. His vision was blurred. This time it wasn’t fireworks exploding. It was fire, slowly growing and burning his insides. He clutched on Mauro’s back and tried to dig his nails in.

Mauro did it again. Surprising him with his rhythmic blows. Their hips made a popping sound that filled the room.

His legs’ grip of Mauro’s hips tightened. Mauro humped hard again, making grunts and moans escape wildly from Marcus’ mouth.

The humping continued, and their body heat was beyond tolerance. They locked their lips again, with their tongue playfully tugging each other. Mauro breathed in his partner’s ears. Whispering words that would send shivers from Marcus’s spine. They were both wet with sweat and the room smelled of sex, the loud shrieking of the mattress still echoing.

His words were cut by his thrusting motions, making them hard for Marcus to decipher. The humping intensified and Mauro’s arms were wrapped around Marcus’ neck. He was fucking him hard. Marcus was stroking his dick hard, rhythmic with Mauro’s thrusts.

He lifted Marcus and fucked him in standing position. Marcus could tell he was close, they both were. Mauro held Marcus’ hips tightly and pounded him hard. Their moans and curses barely audible this time. Marcus’ hips were spread wide and high.

Marcus could feel jets of cum inside him-- fifteen or twenty, he couldn’t think straight-- filling his empty hole. Mauro grunted, and his whole body shook with euphoria. His hair tangled with Mauro’s fingers send ecstatic shivers to his whole physique.

He let go of Marcus and he bounced on the bed.

Marcus knew deep in his heart, he would regret what they had just done. He knew he would not be able to look at the room same as before. Did he make the wrong move? He asked himself.

He leaned and his eyes lingered on Mauro who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He felt light, like all the burdens in the world, have left him as he observed his face. So kind and so taunting. His lips curved and a single tear, so harmless and little, silently escaped his eyes.

That moment, he did not know why, but he did not feel guilty at all, not anymore.

There you have it, guys! I am really sorry it took me decades to update. I was so busy in school. Anyways, keep reading. Haha! @[email protected]


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