He was already awake, but he laid quiet and motionless. Cold sweat dampened his shirt, and his breath was hard. It was late, yet the sun is nowhere. He could vividly imagine the darkest of clouds outside hovering the city, pouring rain on the concretes. Unluckily, the icy breeze has penetrated his beige drapes, and the usual mechanical roaring of his ancient thermostat could be heard.

His room was dark and gloomy, so was he, but he was also horny as hell.

The dream seemed realistic. He could still feel the man’s skin on his, and this idea knocked him. Blood rushed through his veins, erecting the monster in its utmost. Marcus closed his eyes and recalled his fantasy. His breath becoming heavy.

‘A tongue lapped his right nipple, making his back arch in ecstasy. Marcus could feel a hand choking him hard; The movement of the tongue with the increasing pressure of the grip around his neck drove him nuts.’

His right hand slithered to his crotch as he continued to reminisce, and he slowly stroked his shaft with the tip of his fingers, slowly caressing the swollen head. He bit his lips, and playfully let a moan out.

‘Swiftly, his partner lifted him and positioned him on the sink, exposing Marcus’ swelling cock. Marcus’ hips rocked as his partner dry humped him slowly. They made eye contact, his were full of lust and power, while confusion and pleasure were in Marcus’.’

He tweaked his own nipple and stroked his manhood harder. He was so carried by the rhythm, and his breath was very heavy. His toes curled, and his foot sole was numb. He was thrusting his hips into the air, and his moans became grunts.

‘In the spur of a moment, his company stopped, and he eyed Marcus straight in the eye, confusing him. They were both looking at each other, while they both try to catch their heavy breaths. Marcus could see collective perspirations visible on his partner’s forehead, cheeks, and under his nose. Marcus ached at this. Every being of him moaned to lick the fluid on his face. His partner suddenly moved. He surprisingly lifted his right hand, and poked Marcus on the chest with his pointing finger slowly, not breaking eye contact, and he licked his own lips wet. His finger cascaded from Marcus’ chest to his compact abdomen, and bolts stronger than lightning struck Marcus. The feeling of his finger on his bare body made him shiver, and the trial it left ached for another touch.’

Marcus stroked his member repeatedly. Heat slowly built up, and he continued to push his hips into the air. His moans intensified, more emphasized and harsher.

“Hey, babe! Open the door”

Marcus jerked out of his bed. He was catching his breath. He was battling whether to answer Chad or to continue jacking off.

“Fuck” he cursed his way out of his bed.

He was pulled out of his fantasy; his member ached. He tried to continue but he completely lost his company, his partner. Grief completely woke him from his half sleep; he admitted the dream was over. His member tented under his boxers, ever ready to be unleashed.

He dressed up, and hurriedly opened the door.

“Hey, why so early, huh?” He said between his gasps. Sweat formed on his forehead.

“It’s already 12, you badass” Chad smirked and eyed him with great curiosity. He pulled Marcus, and their lips crashed. Marcus noticed that Chad was icy, so he broke apart.

“Come on in” He nodded nervously, licking his lips, still trying to hide his massive erection.

Chad roamed his eyes around the room with a look of interest in his green eyes. He touched the furniture lightly with his fingers and smelled them. He tucked his hands back on his Route 66 sweater.

He was Marcus’ boyfriend for two years now. They were steady and good. Though, Marcus loathed the fact that he and Chad could meet only on weekends because he was busy.  They were both busy persons, but Chad was busier than him, or that’s what he told him. Chad, barely 25, was coaching a local football team that he thought would be “popular soon enough”, so this stole Chad from him on weekdays.

You could hardly call them a couple, and Chad hated it when Marcus gets personal and childish. He shared no information with him about his personal life, and he couldn’t blame him. To sum it up, they were more “fuck buddies” than a real couple. For two years, on every weekend and holidays, Chad had knocked at the same door and had slept in the same bed with the same person. 

“Today was shit” Chad started, as he always has, telling Marcus about his day.

“Campbell got his knee broke, and Katie’s dysmenorrhea knocked him out. Plus, the weather!” he lifted his arms and sighed.

"That is not so bad!" Marcus said playfully.

“Oh, is it not?" Chad winked at him, and he grabbed him forcefully. Their wet lips brushed and their tongues swirled for the second time. Marcus’ hand slowly glided to Chad’s growing member, and he fervently rubbed his monster, until it became selfishly erect. He pushed Chad to his bed where he noisily crashed on his butt.

Marcus climbed and sat on Chad’s manhood, his butt hole positioned lustfully on Chad’s dick. Chad involuntarily closed his sexy eyes and he hoarsely moaned. Marcus bent and kissed him torridly. The tension was just building up when Marcus halted and whispered in his right ear: “Wait here”.

Chad grunted angrily.

Then, he darted to the bathroom and took a quick shower. He always loved teasing Chad, and he knew that Chad was bad tempered. This, he believes, is what makes their sex so good.

After cleaning himself, he nakedly went to Chad, but no one was there. He frowned.

Slowly, a hand blindfolded him from behind. “Looking for someone?” Chad whispered in his left ear. He kissed Marcus’ nape and breathed on his left ear. Marcus frantically shivered.

Rapidly, he found himself on his bed, on his back, and blindfolded. The thermostat must have broken because the temperature was in immense height, he thought. Chad’s fingers have sexily entwined with Marcus’. He could feel that Marcus was tensed, his erection evident.

He extended Marcus’ arms abruptly upwards. Marcus bounced and he gasped, his dick poked Chad’s navel.

Chad kissed Marcus’ nose, down to his chin, neck, and collar bone. Marcus jerked as Chad’s lips made contact with his bare skin. Hastily, he was tied on his bed, vulnerably exposed.

Chad withdrew, kicked all of his clothing, and climbed back to Marcus.

“You know how I hate being teased” Chad whispered to Marcus, breathing every word as if he was deaf. Marcus jerked, and Chad could hear his heart beating mad.

Despite the freezing weather, the room flared up. Chad was on top of Marcus in split second, sitting on and rubbing his excited member. He steamed Marcus’ trembling body, but not touching him. He whispered inaudible words to his collar and bit his collar bone passionately. His mouth traveled down to his nipples, and he savaged them. Marcus couldn’t help but moan. He wanted to penetrate Chad so bad but he can’t, at the moment.

“Oh, please. No… no.” Marcus ached at the movement Chad was making. He was trying his best to untangle himself, but it seemed that his strength had left him. He pulled his hands from the tough suspension hardly, but the headboard shook only a little. He sighed, both with pleasure and tense. Marcus casually thrust his hips against Chad’s inviting hole, making his dick ooze with pre-cum.

Surprisingly, Chad bit Marcus’ nipples lightly, taunting every being inside Marcus. He was licking and biting them. This rhythm repeatedly tortured Marcus’ nipples, and in no time, his body was trembling. His cock stiffened, and he wanted to fuck Chad badly.

“Chad, please” he pleaded, but with a hint of pleasure in every whisper. Chad advanced on him.

Marcus almost came when Chad touched his dick. “Fuck it, chad!” he shouted with anger and lust. Chad laughed wickedly. The room fell silent.

Marcus tried to remove his blindfold by crinkling his nose but failed. He repeated. Frustrated, he pleaded Chad to remove his blindfold, but Chad didn’t respond.

Suddenly, he could feel something hot and slippery embrace his dick. Marcus let the loudest moan he could afford. The suction was too good and lustful. He thrust his hips involuntarily into Chad’s mouth, quickly. He fucked Chad’s mouth with force, and saliva cascaded from the corner of Chad’s lips to his neck and collars.

“Ahiim Cooomiiing. Ahhhhh.” His shout echoed, and Chad could feel his dick becoming stiff, and Chad did something that overkilled Marcus.

He took Marcus’ dick out of his mouth, carefully making sure that he won’t cum yet while making lustful eye contact with him. He could see how Marcus ached, and he could see the desire in his eyes. He winked at Marcus, then an evil smirk spread on his face.

He licked the tip of his dick slowly. Marcus’ hips shook wildly, and the sweat made it hard for Chad to hold Marcus’ hips. The tip of Chad’s tongue circled on the tip off Marcus’ monster, and this continued for five hot seconds.

In a spur of a moment, Chad had Marcus’ dick in his throat in full length, leaving no part unserved.  Marcus screamed like hell, and he grunted frantically. His hips fucked Chad’s face with desire and force. Marcus trembled madly, and his toes curled.

Shots of cum spurted from his pee hole into Chad’s warm throat, and he willingly swallowed every drop of it. The jet of white ropes continued to erupt from the bulbous tip of his cock straight into Chad’s mouth.

For almost a minute of ecstatic squirting and swallowing, the room fell dead.

Chad untied him and removed his blindfold. They laid together in Marcus’ bed. They both sighed. “You’re one helluva sucker!” Marcus praised.

Chad kissed Marcus, but this time it was sweet.

Thank you, everyone! for supporting my first story, and as a payback, here is the second installment of my not-so-hot fantasy. Haha.

Feel free to send your comments and suggestions which I would appreciate much, please email @[email protected]


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