It happened the night I turned eighteen. The night my powers awoke and with that enemies for as the midnight came I stood by my window with a cupcake and a candle lit on it. The clock stuck midnight and i made a wish, I sighed for nothing seemed to happen and I closed my eye for a second. A hand was placed over my mouth and everything went black.

I was half unconscious, just seeing blurs. I felt the chill of the air and realized that I was naked. I felt cold chains. Cold stone that I laid upon, like some sort of table. No it was an altar. I was now scared for three equally naked men stood around me. I heard one of them speak, a rough, extremely manly voice.

The Chosen is laid before us for he is the vessel that shall bring chaos to this earth.
He shall receive us and so the dark lord will be pleased the voice said.

He is the key that shall break the lock Another voice started.

The key that with our seed can break the seals of the door that has been closed for centuries the first voice continued.

Once the door opens your regin shall begin once more and the spawns of darkness shall arise and we shall be stronger for this is our destiny A third voice spoke.

His Destiny, it is what he is chosen for The first said.

The lord of darkness shall return to us and hell will be upon this sinful earth, we are here to cleanse it, to purge it of the humans. The second voice said.

He is our future queen that lies before us, we will feed of his lust and our seed will mark him as your o great one The first one said.

In this night of the full moon, of the chosen ones eighteenth birthday. We can shed our human skins as for our true seed must be given and offered to thee. Lord of darkness it has begun. A fourth voice voice said.

"Now we shall begin" All the five men said.

I saw clearer now, but although I screamed, my mouth did not make a sound. Like I was trapped inside my head, my body was under there control. The feeling of ecstasy inside my whole body was as if a spell had been placed upon me, they had in some manner drugged me.

It made me moan and only some words left my lips as I fell deeper into the hold of lust and sex. As if they had programmed me to be there fuck toy. I moaned now, wanting them to enter me. My body was ready for them and I moaned loudly, give me your cocks but inside my head I screamed for help.

The forest was dark and cold and I knew it was not far away from the city, I just hoped that someone would come. I was scared yet interested and full of lust.

The last who spoke stood before me, naked and erect, smiling lustfully when looking at my bare body my pulsating hole and seeing my eagerness to feel there cocks in my ass. He raised his hands towards the sky and spoke.

He is ready, and so am I He said in a load tone.

I moaned yes oh yes as it happened, but inside I almost died. I looked at the man before me as his skin melted of him, reveling the true form of this man, this beast, this demon. He stood at 235cm tall and had blue skin, ripped muscles and red veins that almost popped out from his body. Claws instead of nails and huge hands. His dick about 15 inches and thick as a horse, it was almost shaped as a horse cock. I tried moving but nothing I craved it. His face was manly but supernatural, extremely spike like chin and high cheekbones. A unnaturally strong and defined jawline. On top his head he had horns that curled to the back almost touching his shoulders, in a golden color. His tongue that licked his lips was long and slim, almost that of a snake.

His hand slapped my ass and he spread my buttocks, he keeled and let his long tongue started to tickle my ass. That by each lick made my ass more wet and wanting more. His tongue entered me and went deeper and deeper it was long, but he was a demon so of course it was long about four inches inside me it swirled around and opened me. He stopped and stood up.

Are u ready for my meat boy

"Yes yes yes" I screamed.

I felt his tip of his cock pushing slowly into me. He did not wait he continued to push his cock deeper in me.

"Yeah so tight, I love virgins, Guys he is a virgin!" He said roughly

"Nice" I heard the other say as they danced around the stone table.

I guessed they also were demons but they danced in human skin.

Once he was all the way inside me, he pulled it out fast only to shove his cock back in. He grabbed my legs and started his movement again. All the way in and then all the way out. It hurt so bad, but my body seemed to be able to take it even though I wondered how it could get used to it. My ass must be destroyed already. My mind screamed as the pain of his cock almost made me pass out but I moaned out more more more.

As he fucked me in a fast speed he growled like a bear and had his claws buried in the flesh of my legs.

Yeah u like it rough, u like my monster cock in u He said over and over.

Yes oh yes master, I want more harder" I replied in deep heavy moans.

Once I said it he started to move even faster his trust became hard and with every trust his giant balls and his thighs slapped towards me leaving very red marks. He liked his lips and lowered himself on top of me and kissed me.

"YEAH this is awesome, Hes so tight." He moaned.

He pulled out and moved his body and cock over me he shoved his cock in my mouth and shoved his meat deep in my trout. The gagging and almost throw up seemed to give the beat above me more pleasure.

"Gag on that thick cock slave, U like that cock. Say u like it" He growled.

He slipped his cock out my mouth and i replied.

"Yeah give me more of that cock"

He turned me around and place me like I was a puppet to his will in doggy. He trusted his cock fast and hard in my ass. He pulled my head back and kissed my lips once more before his hand grabbed my ass. He left scratches on my buttocks that bleed. His eyes started to glow in a red color and with a final trust his seed entered me, it felt like gallons it was so much he grunted and kept filling me making tiny trusts with each shot of semen left his cock. Done he panted as he stepped away and in the same move made his cock leave my open hole. He left me there on the table. I felt the seed flowing out me, and where it landed the second man had placed a bowl.

He lifted it towards the sky and spoke

The first key has been given.

He gave it to the third man and stood before me, also he as I had suspected were a demon. He shredded his skin with his hands, bursting out from his human costume and reveled to be a 200cm tall demon. He had more muscles then the first one and seemed a bit square shaped in his build. Green skin, looking slightly like thee hulk. Three thick fingers with dinosaur like claws, a weird face. Pointy nose and boar fangs in his mouth, even his horns pointy and sharp of to the sides straight out in a brown color.

His cock a little shorter then the first demons but thicker. He did not wait and did not need foreplay for he immediately pushed his cock all the way in my ass, it hurt as much as the first time, like my ass had become tight again.

"Oh yeah u are tight, and most defiantly a virgin, to bad i wasn't first to fill this nice human ass" He groaned.

"You like my virgin ass, then take it" I replied.

He trusted harder and faster, licking my body at the same time. He licked my chest and held my hair as if I was a horse he controlled. He slammed his cock in me and just like the first one his balls left me with red marks that would become bruises. He did not last very long for a final trust and his claws dig into my hips and dragged them down the sides of my thighs and legs. His eyes shined in a yellow light. He left my ass and his cum dripped down my hole, filling the bowl now held by the third man, third demon to enter me.

He lifted it to the sky.

The second key has been given he said.

Light the first tourch and let the circle unfold. He continued.

I saw at my left that they had started painting with chalk on the ground and as the symbol was done four torches was placed and one burst in to flame.

I focused now on the third man standing before me, as his human skin was slowly absorbed into his true form. He was dark black in color, long almost 300cm and slimmed, pulled features in his face and muscles. His horns where small and placed on his forehead. His cock as thick as the second one but 16inches long. His hands were like that of a human but long fingers ans nails strong and sharp. His tongue longer but still human like only severed like he had two tongues. He turned me so I stood in doggy once more and opened my ass that once again seemed to have closed it self. He started licking my ass.

"I like foreplay and i like oral, hope u are ready" He said as his tongue went over my whole body.

He lowered himself and his cock slowly into my mouth he pushed it all down and moaned loader than any of the others. He made me stand on my knees and grabbed my head and violently fucked my mouth pushing my head on his cock.

"Yeah suck that cock u slut, suck that cock harder and deeper" He said.

My trout became his tunnel of lust. I gagged.

Yeah whore shock on my cock.

It turned them on. As if they wanted me to vomit, as if it would fuel there lust and hunger for sex. He stopped deep in my mouth and moaned. His seed filled me and I swallowed everything.

I hoped this all was over soon, but my body still wanted more and so did they. He pulled out and made me stand in doggy. He buried his face in my crack liking my ass and fingering my hole deep with his alien like fingers. His cock rose and he stood up and pushed inside me.

"Yeah thought u would be looser by now, but your so fucking tight" He groaned.

"Do u like cock i your ass, What do u like slut say it" He moaned.

"I like cock your cock, fuck my ass hard"

"Do u want my come in you"

"Yes all your loads in me, more that one time several times"

He smiled lustfully and dug deep with his rod in my ass and smacked my ass with hands and balls. He trusted harder and moaned when his seed as the ones before was released in me.

He pulled out and once more it ran out into the bowl held by the next to last of the five to fuck me.

To be continued...



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