Blame it on Hope. She dared our group of girls go an entire day at school without underwear.

We each chose the shortest skirts school rules allowed and from first class flashed teachers mercilessly. What we didn't anticipate was who would be made most horny by it all. WE were. Sarah got so tense, as she so politely described it, she had to go masturbate in the toilets three times, and I, I became a wild woman. A virgin who'd only ever touched, and I do mean just touched two cocks through the outside of their owners' pants in my entire 18 yearold life, I sat in one of the afternoon classes, took a deep breath and...this would be something completely different. A few more hard looks at Stephen reinforced my earlier decision: athletic, 6' tall, shoulders wide, cute butt, eyes amazing green-hazel mix, virile thick black hair, captain of swim team. Picture him in a swim suit.

No use flashing the current teacher who was the school's oldest. Sometimes we thought he already died but then you could tell he wasn't dead, unless he was driven by a motor, since he continually wandered around the room mumbling we never knew what in a glassy-eyed daze. Another deep breath and all systems RELAX: I stuck out my foot and quietly tapped Stephen's chair leg and when he looked up gave him my warmest smile.

He smiled back with a puzzled frown. I leaned back farther, propped a foot on the chair rung and eased my already hoisted skirt still higher, opening my knees wider.

He woke up with a jolt. Fortunately my chair didn't fall over backward. Leaning forward he hissed: 'Are you crazy?'

'Trying to get your attention.'

'You're strange.'

I felt the strange impulse to kick him in the balls but smiled and said 'Why don't you ask me out? I could be even stranger.'

Shaking his head he looked away so I popped open the top button of my blouse. He looked around to see if others were looking which of course they were and then he looked as if he wished he could disappear or I would, which made me still more resolute.

Meeting my eye he wrinkled his nose, turned away and totally ignored me rest of the period. Next class the old hag of an instructor wasn't someone to wiggle your bare ass at so all I could do was sit and doodle Stephen's name and keep my legs together. I did well at the doodling part but somehow my legs just didn't want to be together. At break all our group met in the girls' change room and flipped our skirts up to verify we each were carrying the dare through. Each girl reported her flashings but I felt so low I reported failure: 'I gave Stephen Cook an eyeful but it just made him ignore me.'

'He's gay' Celestine said.

I probably oughtn't have slapped her but I did. Maybe this no panty stuff was doing things to my hormones or maybe I was just naturally a bitch. I didn't apologize but left smartish for I just happened to know my quarry worked in the Computer Lab during 6th Period, often staying behind after session to do his own private projects. I just happened to know this because I'd been following him all over the school the past 15 days.

He was still there, alone, hunched over a mousepad, neck forward like a turtle. Computer monitors do that to the best of us so I forgave him being a dork this once which just shows how totally doped I was by my racing hormones. Deep breath, I quietly opened the door, slipped in, turned the deadbolt, crept to the window and slowly pulled down the shades.

'Surprise from the strange one, Stephen' I said softly as I walked over to the desk and plunged a knife into his jugular...Oh, no, sorry, do that take again:

I said 'Surprise, Stephen' and he said 'What're you doing here, Marianne? Shouldn't you be home playing with dolls or something?' He frowned at me and I fancied slugging him the way I had Jan but he was much bigger than I and might hit me back and anyway if we had a fight I'd not get to do what I really wanted.

'You said we were going to talk later, remember?'

'No I didn't.' I was so close he had to lean back in his chair to look at my face and as he slid forward I could smell his hot crotch. Wanting to put my hand on it I put one hand upon his shoulder instead. Elbows resting on the arms of his chair, staring up at me he looked as sexy as a Marlboro ad.

'Do you like me Stephen?' I put my other hand on his other shoulder and leaned my knees against his, pussy close to his face, feeling my own hidden nakedness like Jaws coming in for the kill.

'Sure.' Swallowing hard he began looking extremely uneasy.

This was good. Indifference was what I'd feared. Acutely conscious of the huskiness in my own voice I knew he could feel me trembling but forced myself say 'Touch me,' reaching down taking his hands in mine and putting them on my thigh under the hem of my dress.

'Listen, I...' he mumbled.

'Slide your hands further up, Stephen.' He ran his fingers halfway up my bare thighs. Pause, then his hands began moving further up. Goosebumps popped out all over my body as his hands touched just below my crotch. Oh please! I prayed, don't let me have a ticklish attack now and collapse to the floor a pathetic heap of giggling jello. I felt my nipples pop out and wished he could see them, quickly opened a couple more blouse buttons, leaned my hips forward a little more....and his thumbs slid up to the very edges of my pussy. A little moan broke from me. No-one ever touched me there and I'd been thinking about it too much and suddenly, darn it, he stopped and stood up so I almost fell over backward.

'Why the hell are you playing me for a sap.' He shook me a little for emphasis.

'Oh quit the Humphrey Go-kart routine' I cried. 'I've seen The Maltese Falcon too and I know it doesn't mean a hill of beans. You know what I want and you know what you want.' I pulled loose of his grip and slipped my arms up and around his neck, pulling his face down and it worked, he kissed me and I felt his penis harden against my stomach as he pulled me close.

'Why are you doing this?' he moaned, 'Remember what we said in Paris, remember a guy waiting in the rain for a girl who never came.' He was boringly nuts for Humphrey Bogart movies but I was so horny I even forgave him that as his hands lifted the back of my skirt and discovered my my bare butt. I bet Bumpety Go-kart wasn't that lucky with Ingrid Iceberg.

Well, now I felt frightened. I'd never gone this far, always managed to stay in control, but I was losing it here. Stephen's finger actually went down the cleft between my ass cheeks, between my legs from the back and found my pussy slit. I was at the beginning of realizing guys have arms as long as gorillas though still to learn that the number of arms multiplied the more a girl tried stop them touching her.

Wait! I wasn't ready to go all the way so as we kissed again I lowered my hands, found and stroked his erect cock through his pants wondering anyway, if I was to decide to -- which I wouldn't -- would it even fit in me?

Funny how this pro-active male went all still when I started sliding his zipper down. Great. I managed it without too much fumbling, found my way into his underpants...This was basically new to me. All I'd ever done before was touch the outside of guys' pants then back off like a frightened kitten. As it pushed its way out of its confinement I wondered if they all had a life of their own like this one, then put both hands around it and looked up into his eyes. Anxiety changed to triumph. His lips were parted, eyes half-closed and he stood very still and I saw he was waiting for me to do whatever it was I might do. Power! I wondered what would happen if I chickened out and stopped but even as I thought that my hands began sliding up and down curious and delighted to feel this thing and see what effect I could have.

I recalled a fragment of an adult movie I'd seen in a friend's house before her dad and his friends came back from the liquor store. Ok, I could do what the girl in the movie did. Kneeling with clumsy abruptness I took his cock in my mouth. A surprised confused pause then he rested his hands on top of my head. Had anyone done this to him before? I hoped not. Maybe not, for all his hunky good looks and seeming confidence before, he really seemed lost right now. I took my mouth off his totally stiff cock to get a better look, held it in my hands like a big lollypop then stuck out my tongue and licked the underside of the flared head....timidly opened my mouth wide, took in the whole cockhead, squeezed my lips around it and brushed the tip of my tongue back and forth across the little hole.

He groaned, tightened his grip on my hair, his hips heaved and my mouth was suddenly alarmingly, suffocatingly full of him. I managed to back off and got my breath back then tried again, this time gripping around the base of the shaft firmly with one hand, cradling his testicles in the other. Time to sort out the sheep from the vacuum cleaners, I thought, and began sucking hard, moving my mouth up and down, wondering how it would feel with this thing going back and forth in my pussy. Soon his knees were shaking so he could scarcely stand. 'I'm going to come in your mouth' he said urgently. ' You better stop.'

I hadn't gone this far to quit halfway. Still sucking hard I raised my eyes to his face and made signs to go ahead.

'I can't' he protested.

I increased suction and something told me the rhythm to take and I kept that steady rhythm up and down with my mouth and added a hand from the base up, up and down together. A cry broke out, he shot his stuff into my mouth really hard, his cock jerked in my hand and I swallowed as rapidly as I could. When his thighs stopped heaving he leaned back against the desk panting. His trembling hands, the sweat running down his neck and shy smile as he put out his hands and lifted me to my feet were such a total trip. Power over the nice guy. My first blowjob.



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