I waited on my couch quietly. Staring at the door like a wolf watching its prey. I hear the clock sound....tick.....tick.....tick.....tick......Danny should be here ANY moment now. He agreed to talk about the 'incidents' yeah, I said incidentS. This happend 5 times already and I've had enough! Danny wants to settle things with me at my house. Little did he know, that I don't care about talking. Actions speaks louder than words and I have a lot planned for that ass wipe. I stood up and went to the bathroom, came back, sat down. Still, he wasn't here yet. I wanna make him beg me, beg me for mercy, beg me to put him out of his misery. Too dark? Oh well. Too much for 5 times? Oh fucking well that too.

Knock Knock. I casually walk to the door, even though inside I'm saying 'Hahahahaha BIOTCH! You deserve what's coming!' I open the door to see a casual looking Danny. With a dark blue oxford shirt, black skinnies, black toms with a black beanie. He looks good.

"Come on in Danny." I say through clenched teeth. He strolls in the house like we were bestest of friends and relaxes on my couch. I walk my way to him and take a seat next to him.

"So, Jacob. Want an explaination?"

"Did you have to ask?" I retorted rudely. Danny sighs,

"Alright look, reason is......I'm confused. Very confused. It's like........like I'm attracted to you. I really am. And when we come so close to actually fucking, I back out because Susan and my sexual orientation comes to mind. I wanna fuck you. But I just can't....put myself into it if you know what I mean." I nodded understanding but still pissed as hell. Am I stubborn? I get it from my mother. Danny leans back in the couch, looking stressed.

"You want a drink?" I offer

"Please?" I get up and grab my two vodka bottles and two glasses. I pour us a fair amount of vodka. I search through my cabinets for something I've been saving for him. When I find it, my Viagra, I drop two pills in his and stir, grab our drinks, go back to Danny, hand him his and relax on the couch. We made small talk for a while when Danny complained about a dry throat.

"You want water? I'll get you some." He nodded rubbing his throat. I got up and took his glass, filled it up with water but added another pill to it. I rush back to him, handing his drink.

"Thanks." He chugs the water down fast.

"Did that help?"

"A little." I poured two more full glasses of vodka and he inhaled that too. He's thirsty. I kept pouring and pouring until on his 5th glass he slurred,

"I think I've had enough Jacob. You know how I am when I'm drunk." I quickly poured the rest of his glass and held it up to his face.

"But you haven't even finished your second glass yet? Are you a wimp or something." He looked at the glass cofused. He burped before saying,

"I could've sworn I drank like 5 cups of it." He swayed back and forth trying to keep balance.

"Uhh no you didn't. Don't be a wuss. Drink." I handed him the glass which he gulped down and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. He's almost ready. I reach off the arm of the couch and grab the small brown bottle of poppers. I unscrew the cap and the aroma hit me.

"What's that?" Danny asked tilting his head at me.

"Nothing for a weakling like you." I retorted taking a very small sniff of it. Danny snatches the bottle from me muttering 'weak my ass' and sniffed it like a vacuum cleaner. I eased the bottle from him.

"Take it easy man. Take it easy." I cooed. Danny snatches it again and takes another long sniff before sighing and tossing the bottle to the side.

He's almost there. Just need something else to drug him with. I looked around hopelessly for the packet Corbin had gave me to use on Danny. Where is it? I searched and searched and searched until I hear a 'rip' sound. I look over and see Danny pouring the powder I was looking for in his mouth.

"Is this sugar?" He asked, his face scrunched up from the taste I'm guessing.

"No." I answer but he just shrugs and keeps doing himself with the drug. He'll be hopeless in a second.

Right now, Danny was on the floor sprawled out and drool coming out his mouth. He can't move. Well he can move but it'll be hard for him. I help him stand up then put him on the couch. I think he's ready. Here goes nothing. I rest a palm on his crotch, looking to see his réaction, nothing. I start rubbing very slowly, delicately, softly to try and not get him to flip out. Once that I know he won't, I slip between his legs so I could rub a little more better with pressure.

"Mmmmmm......uhhhhhhhnnnn.....what......" He didnt finish his sentence, he just laid his head back again.

"Are you okay Danny?" I ask innocently cupping his cock in my hand.

"Uuhhhhhhh." He just moaned out trying to lift his head but failed. I let my hand trail up and over his slim bit built figure, massaging him. He moaned at the sensation. Yep, he's ready.

"Corbin! Anthony! Come on!" I watch as Corbin' built body and Anthony's tanned slimmed one come downstairs. Corbin came to the back of the couch and massages Danny's shoulders. Corbin and Anthony are two guys Danny fucked over too. Not only am I the only one, but his 'explanation' was a load of shit. Anthony sat on his knees beside Danny and nibble on his ear.


Anthony nibbles on Danny's earlobe as the other men continue to massage him. Soft, barely audible moans came from Danny's drooling mouth. His head felt heavy to him. He was very unaware of anything that was going on. The room was in colors to him, spinning. He only felt the slight sensations from his attackers. Corbin rubbed harder on the drugged man's shoulders, getting a deep tissue feel to the hopeless man that lays dizzy before him. Jacob, commanded the others,

"Take off his shirt guys." Anthony stopped his assault on his ear and carefully started undoing the buttons down Danny's shirt. Anthony is a good looking guy, stands at 5'8, tan, hair that went down to his shoulders, giving him a biker look to him. But his mint green eyes show the soft side to him. Corbin is a paler boy, younger than Jacob and Anthony at age 18. He stands at 5'11, with dark hair that cascades over his hazel eyes, giving him an emo look. He wears clothing like that too. Jacob, as you might not have known is a skater boy with blonde hair that's flipped back and pale blue eyes, standing at 6'0.

Anthony, peeled the dark blue covering off of Danny's pale freckled chest. Softly, he kisses the redhead's pink erect nipples, suckling them one at a time. The drugged hunk moaned at this, seeming no other noise would come out his mouth. The biker Hispanic went straight back to Danny's ear, blowing on it lightly, flicking his tongue over his neck.

"Danny, you're liking this," he whispers into his ear solemnly. Jacob reaches up and fundles with the hunk's button. Corbin comes around to help Jacob pull off the tight jeans from Danny's body.

"Mmmmmm Danny, what a cocky you have." Jacob commented. He knew damn well Corbin and Anthony were getting raging, aching hard ons but they need Danny to surrender to them. Beg them. Jacob attempted to put a hand in the black briefs that held Danny pretty snug but Danny pushed his hand away,

"Nooooooo...." He moaned but his hand was pushed to the side easily. Jacob grabs the hunk's hard cock and slowly strokes it. Up......and down. Corbin traces his finger tips like whispers over the redhead's thighs, making them twitch of the tickle.

"Awwwww." He moans as Jacob's hand brushes up on Danny's sensitive cock head.

"Do you like this?" Anthony asked, rubbing his hands up and down Danny's torso, sometimes stopping to tweak his pink nipples.

"Does this feel good Danny?" Waiting for an answer, he darts his tongue in and out of Danny's ear.

"Does it? Does it feel good?" Danny nods in his state. He could only hear the whisper of a male ask him questions he was too out of it to answer.

"It does, does it?" Anthony slides his hand down the flat toned abs of Danny.

"Corbin, take my place." Corbin obeys and puts his small skinny figure next to Danny while Anthony grabs the thick cock that belonged to Danny. Jacob stood up and straddled the redhead.

"Can I get a kiss? A small one?" Danny immediately shakes hid head no.

"Uuhhhhhhhgggg.......hhhhhhmmmmmmhhhh." he moaned out turning his head. Jacob pouts,

"Come on Danny just a little kissy kissy on the lips." Danny doesn't move at all. 'So be it' Jacob thought and forced three drugged guy to look at him by the chin then forces his lips onto his pink plump ones.

Danny struggles against Jacob's lips. But his weak arms do nothing. Danny knows what's gonna happen. He can think, hear, not quite see but all his senses are there. The drugs Jake had gave him were only to make him stay hard and partially paralyze him.

"How many guys have you tricked Danny, hmmm?" Jacob questions running his hand up and down the freckled torso. Not being able to use words, he shakes his head.

"Easier question: is there more than just us three?" Danny shakes his head again.

"Only us three?" Danny nods. Anthony licks up and down the black briefs, wetting the thick line that is Danny's flacid cock.

"Uuhhhhhhh.....Mmmmmm......hhhhhhummm." he groans, tossing his head to the side, holding his breath.

"Do you want this?" Corbin asked, nibbling also on Danny's ear. He shakes his head no.

"Are you sure?" Jacob teased, biting on the earlobe making the hunk shudder. Again, he shook his head.

"Do it Anthony." On Jake's command, Anthony slides Danny's cock all the way down until it hit the back of his throat.

"Awww! Stop." The drugged mumbled, pushing on the Hispanic's head but again, it was pushed away.

"Do you want this?" Corbin tries again in a whisper.

"No." Jacob was getting irritated with Dan. We need to try harder, he thought. They NEED him to say the words 'I want it' or 'fuck me please!' Or something on those lines. What do they need to do?

"Corbin give me the poppers," Corbin raises a brow,


"Get it, I have an idea." He watches as Corbin's feminine like figure reaches over the couch to get the poppers. Once he retrieves them, he hands them to Danny.

"Alright, Danny," he said unscrewing the top.

"Take a big sniff of this." Jacob pinched on of Danny's nostrils. Hard. He keeps his fingers there until redhead was forced to sniff if he wanted air. The chemicals dance in his brain.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door......

To be continued.......





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