XII The End of the Ordeal

Jason was taken back to the shower room and cleaned up. After being washed head to toe, inside and out, he was taken back to the office where he met the Boss for the first time. Was it really only three days ago? So much had changed for Jason in such a short time.

The Boss was sitting at his desk on the telephone. He had taken the jacket off, but was still in the suit he was wearing earlier. Jason stood in front of the desk at slave rest. His legs spread open, he hands clasped behind his back and his eyes cast respectfully at the ground at his feet.

The Boss stood up and walked around and leaned on the front of the desk. Jason could see his 13-inch monster cock jetting obscenely from the front of his pants.

'Get to work, white boy,' the Boss commanded.

Jason dropped to his knees and sucked the man's cock. By the time the Boss finished his call, Jason was swallowing all thirteen inches like a whore who had been doing it all his life.

'Didn't I tell you bitch that you'd be taking it all soon?'

Jason's reply was mumbled around a mouth full of dark cock.

As Jason was on his knees sucking his Master's dick the door opened and in walked a young 18-year-old black man. Tall, and very muscular. Every inch a stud in jeans and a tee shirt that barely contained his chest. Jason recognized him as Tyler Dixon, the star athlete from his school. Jason competed with him in track meets.

'What did I tell you, Pop,' the boy said with a grin. 'Isn't it better to have use of this little white slut while his deadbeat Dad gets the rest of your money? I knew it was about time this bitch learned his place, servicing black dick. Looks pretty doing it too.'

Pulling his cock out, he grabbed Jason by the hips and pulled him up to fucking position. Although younger, he was already every inch as long as his Father, and thick as a baseball bat.

Sliding his cock into Jason's pussy, Tyler let out a sigh.

'Ohhh! All that black cock that's been using this white fuck hole, and it still wraps around my dick like a glove! I'm glad you agreed, Dad. I wanted to fuck this slut for years.'

Father and son started double-teaming Jason's mouth and pussy. Between them Jason had almost 30 inches of black dick using him as a fuck toy and cum slut.

The older man started to cum in Jason's mouth. 'Swallow it, bitch. I'll beat you till you pass out if you spill one drop of my cum, slut.' His son just laughed as he fucked.

'Unfortunately,' Mr. Dixon said to Jason, 'all good things have to end. Your Father came up with the money this afternoon. I'm always good to my word. You'll be returned home shortly. But you best remember your place, boy. You white bitches belong on your knees and on your backs serving us blacks.'

'Yes, Sir,' Jason replied. 'Thank you for allowing me to service you and for showing me where I belong, Master.'

Mr. Dixon just laughed and told his son, 'Enjoy your fuck son. When you're through using him the guards will take him for you.' And he walked from the room.

'Alone at last,' Tyler laughed. 'But don't worry, my pretty little white whore. I've already passed the word around the brothers at school. You'll be getting plenty of black dicks to keep you in training. Coach Johnson's already arranged for you to come along on all the away games.'

'It'll be nice to have a team bitch we can fuck.' Tyler continued. 'Coach won't let us screw the cheerleaders anymore since that stupid cunt went and let herself get knocked up. Stupid mother fucking bitch!'

'When we won a game Coach would buy us some Jack and we'd take her back to Coach's room and party. Slut used to love worshiping black dick. We'd get drunk and pass her around. Weren't her folks surprised when that baby popped out all cute and brown.'

'We can fuck you all night long, and never have to worry about getting you knocked up. Shit! I'm getting excited just thinking about how much fun we're going to have this year.'

'Thank you Master, for allowing me to service you and your friends, Sir.' Jason said.

Jason stood there, bracing himself against the Boss' desk while Tyler Dixon, the stud of the school, fucked his pussy. Tyler kept telling Jason all the plans he had for the coming school year.

'I've already got some parties planned. We'll set you up a couple of mattresses in the basement so you can service all the black studs. I've also got an idea for a fundraiser. There's a bar I know of in town. Only blacks go there. It's kind of rough, so not a lot of women go there and the men are starved for pussy. The owner will let me have the back room and we can sell your ass to raise money.'

As he was explaining his plans to Jason, the boy was ramming his cock faster and harder into Jason's pussy. To Jason's surprise, when Tyler shot his load, so did Jason, without ever touching his own cock.

Tyler pulled his dick from Jason's ass and shoved him to the floor.

'Clean that mess up you fucking white slut! How dare you make a mess of my Father's office!'

As Jason was on his knees, licking up the cum he shot on the floor, he felt a sharp prick in his ass. A few minutes later everything went black.

Jason woke up, fully dressed, on the sofa in his home. On the table in front of him was a DVD with a sticky note attached.

'Coming soon to an Adult video store near you. You'll be a star!' it read.

With trepidation, Jason put it in the player and turned it on. It was a video record of everything that happened to him. Cameras in the van caught his capture and stripping. He watched his first blow job in the boss' office. His time as a suck hole by the pool. The auctioning of his virginity and the night long turning of his ass into a boy pussy. Everything was recorded right down to Tyler using his pussy in his Father's office. Jason was clearly seen in every frame, but the faces of the black men using him were obscured.

Jason quickly turned it off when he heard the front door open and his parents and 15 year old brother walked in.

'Jason!' his mother exclaimed. 'You're back from your camping trip early, honey.'

'Yes, son,' he Father said hesitantly. 'You're back from your camping trip. Was the camping trip ok, Son? You have a good time on the camping trip?'

Jason walked up to his parents, looked his Father straight in the eye and with one punch knocked him across the foyer. Without a word, and to the shock and disbelief of his Mother and brother, Jason turned and walked out the door.

XIII Epilogue

Jason walked up to his parents, looked his Father straight in the eye and with one punch knocked him across the foyer. Without a word, and to the shock and disbelief of his Mother and brother, Jason turned and walked out the door.

Jason never spoke another word to his Father. He came back the next day when everyone was out and collected some clothes and a few personal things. He found an inexpensive weekly hotel to stay at. The landlord, an older black man in his 50's, was kind enough to give Jason a break in the rent in exchange for some pussy or a blow job, which Jason was conditioned to give without hesitation.

Coach Johnson helped Jason get an after school job as a stock boy in a hardware store. The owner was a friend of the Coach's. A big built black stud of a man who taught Jason a lot about hardware and about servicing a thick black cock.

Jason continued with school and with his track practice. True to his word, Tyler had arranged for Jason to service all the black boys at school and take care of the teams on the away games.

Jason's Mother found the DVD in the player. Unfortunately, it recorded the Boss telling Jason it was all happening with the agreement of his Father. She got custody of Jason's brother, the house and most of the bank account. Jason's Dad did not contest.

His Mother started attending Jason's track practices. She felt he needed some family support after all he's been through. She thanked Coach Johnson for taking such good care of her boy and started crying and confided her problems to him. They went back to his office so she could talk to him in private while he comforted her.

After a about an hour of the Coach's 14-inches of comfort, Jason's Mom came to the realization she would never take her husband back. She started attending all of Jason's practices, but he would rarely see her in the stands. She seemed to be handling the divorce well, and always had a relaxed, happy smile when she and Jason returned home after practices.

Jason's father turned to alcohol and was arrested for public drunkenness. When the guards at the county jail found him on his knees with a black cock at both ends, they pulled him out and locked him in an interview room for his own protection. The night shift of 5 huge, black muscle studs took turns interviewing him throughout the night.

Jason's brother turned 16 and Coach Johnson convinced his mother to let him take the boy on a camping trip for his birthday.




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