‘How are you, Mr Hughes?’ Dr Brashear asked over his glasses, his pen tinkering over his notepad. Ted hated that, like the man ever wrote down a damn thing that made sense.

‘I can’t get Nathan out of my mind,’ Ted said, clenching his fists over his corduroy pants. He avoided Dr Brashear’s gaze. He hadn’t meant to say it but it was too late now.

‘That’s your youngest son, if I’m correct. You know you’ve gone to great lengths about your two older sons in our sessions but barely a word about Nathan,’ Dr Brashear caught Ted’s eyes and waved that pen at him, commanding him to talk about his boy like Ted had to do whatever the fraud told him to.

Ted sighed and grimaced, ‘Nathan, turned eighteen a few weeks ago and I’ve been thinking a lot about him. With my other boys, I never had to worry. I watched them grow into men, make the school team, bring home good girls and settle down.’

He paused and stared at the atrocity of a painting on the wall, a scrawny man riding a bicycle in a field like a pansy.

‘Nathan is different, he’s delicate, fragile. I don’t know how he’s going to settle down in the world without me to take care of him.’

‘Most parents feel very protective over their last born children,’ Dr Brashear chimed in his worthless two cents.

‘My older boys, are real men. They like girls. They come home with bloody noses, and now and again their girlfriends kick them out for sticking it in the wrong hole, you know how it is Doctor. My two older boys look like men, and smell like men. Now Nathan,’ Dr Brashear saw Ted lick his lips and shift in his seat, ‘Nathan, he’s not like his older brothers. And he never will be.’

‘Is that why you’re angry, Mr Hughes? Tell me about your relationship with Nathan and maybe let’s not talk about the older boys today.’

I’ll talk about my older boys if I want to, jackass, Ted thought. He could see the depraved look in Dr Brashear’s leering eyes. Why did he need to know about his boy, Nathan? What business was that of his? He expected Ted to tell him about his Nathan? Nathan whose creamy white skin always flushed red with the slightest excitement. Nathan whose supple white buttocks were so smooth and tight in his cream school trousers. What kind of doctor would ask a father these things about his boy?

‘I’m not angry with Nathan. I was supposed to teach him how to be a man, and now it might be too late,’ Ted said, red hot blood rushing to his face.

‘You say that but I sense that this has something to do with him. This is an opportunity for you to get used to the idea that you will not be able to protect or provide for your son that much longer now he’s an adult. You must relinquish your role as a father and give it to someone else.’

Ted grimaced. He shot up to his feet and paced up and down, pausing with his hand poised over the door handle but then he sat back down again.

‘I know I can’t keep him forever but how am I supposed to let someone else take care of my boy’s needs. What if one day he decides he doesn’t need me to be his daddy? I tried to fix what I failed to do for Nathan but I’m not convinced it was enough. I did nothing wrong. I just wanted to teach him a lesson.

‘Last Thursday, my good buddy Kev and I were watching a game. Bess was away on business so it was just Nathan and me. After the game, Nathan came to tell me he was getting ready for bed; it was a school night. He must have thought Kev had left because he was in his underwear the ones that clung to his tight butt and showed half his cheeks.

‘He taunts me that boy, Doctor. I could see the way he was watching me with those hungry eyes, like a cheap slut craving a fuck. He gets that from his mother.

‘When Nathan left the room, Kev said, “That Nathan of yours needs a firm hand or he will go looking for love in all the wrong places. I’ve seen the way he looks at every man like he’s a big boy now. You know I don’t have a problem with him being gay but you ought to set him right. Make sure he’s prepared for the world out there or you’re going to regret it.”

‘Kev had shared his conquests before of how he had “set his women right” but my Nathan was not one of his women. I wouldn’t let this nigger defile my precious boy- no offence, doctor.’

Dr Brashear said coldly, ‘Continue.’

‘Now, I’ve seen the way that boy looks at me with pure lust, begging me to hug him and feel him up. Every time he prances over to the fridge to get a glass of water I know it’s an excuse to spill on himself so I can dress him into clean, dry clothes. I can tell from the look in his eyes he wants me to have him right there on the floor like a common whore. Kev here, he’s my good friend and if he says we ought to teach this boy a lesson. I know it’s the right thing. Doctor, I can’t have my boy thinking he can go around making men hot for his fresh goods and getting them up to no good. I’m sure you understand.

‘”I say you put your foot down right now. You saw the way he was begging for it. That boy will get himself into all kinds of trouble if you don’t set him straight now,” Kev said hastily. I knew he was right. But I’ve never touched Nathan- I’m his father- yet he was begging for a lesson. So you see I had no choice but to trust my good friend.

‘I crept into his room; it always smelled like lavender. My boy was already starting to purr in his sleep. His skin was still soft from his shower. I lifted his covers, just to wake him up. I wasn’t looking. But I could see he must have been having a saucy dream. Even in his dreams he was running around like a slut. I became agitated again. I slapped his bare ass hard enough that he jolted awake.

‘”Daddy?” he whispered, wetting his pink lips with his succulent tongue. He touched my arm and I quivered. What was he doing to me?

‘“I need you to do something for Daddy. What do you say?”

“Anything for you, Daddy”, he said, his wet lips inches from mine. I could taste the “yes” in his warm, sweet breath. It was all I could do not to throw him face down on his bed, rip into his pink hole and teach him the lesson myself.

‘”There are men out there who will take advantage of you, sweetie, now that you’re eighteen. I want you to remember that I’m still your daddy. But there’s only so much I can do for my little boy. I know you have needs but I don’t want you going around town blowing strangers. Why don’t you let Uncle Kev do for you what I can’t?”

‘Nathan was quiet for a moment. I could tell even in the darkness that he was a little disappointed.

‘”Ok Daddy but will you stay and watch?” There he was, speaking his warm words right into my mouth, I could feel each breath on my skin while his nimble fingers played with my arm.

‘“You know I’m always watching over my little boy,” I said and he kissed me on the cheek, like he used. He pulled away and we stayed like that for a moment, our bodies inches apart. I could feel each light heave of his chest. The night sweat from his slumber. And his smell of talcum. I was tingling, I could feel myself growing hard in my pants and thought I couldn’t control myself any longer but then Kev entered.

‘“What did he say?” Kev asked greedily rubbing his hands.

‘I nodded at his shadow in the dim room and immediately heard his pants drop to the floor.

‘“Will he be gentle, Daddy?” Nathan asked, his voice barely a whisper in my ear. I wanted to tell him it’d be OK but I had seen Kev naked at the gym, it was going to hurt.

‘“Just keep your eyes on me, sweetie.”

‘I walked over to Nathan’s desk and watched as that filthy black man climbed over the ghostly outline of my little boy. I could hear him whimper as Kev started entering him. He whimpered, true, but from the spark in his eyes I could see my boy was a true bottom. He didn’t need Kev to tell him to lift that ass like a pro. Soon Kev had him pinned down and was pumping his black seed in my boy. I could see a glint in Nathan’s eye.

‘”Thank you, Daddy,” My boy, Nathan, mouthed to me as Kev pulled away and lay beside him. I could see that Nathan was ready for another go. Oh doctor, how I wished I weren’t his father so I could also have my turn.

‘After that I sent Kev away. I stayed in Nathan’s room and watched him sleep. My boy was a real bottom now. I was proud of him and yet as I looked at him sleeping as he always did with his thumb in his mouth. I could see that he was still having impure thoughts. His desires were still burning a flame that could only be put out one way, doctor.

My boy was a bottom, yes, but he was also a slut and he hadn’t learned his lesson yet. He would jump on the next cock that waved in his direction. My blood boiled.

‘I was going to have to finish the job myself. But I’m his father, doctor. Do you see my problem? He looks at me like a hungry tiger, unable to control himself. He must feed. And if I don’t do it myself he will go get himself abused by every man who thinks having a dick makes them worthy to fuck my innocent boy Nathan. It’s all I can think about.’

Dr Brashear placed his pen between his teeth. He jotted something down and looked up at Ted, ‘Mr Hughes. We live in a world that increasingly leaves fathers powerless to protect their children. But children, especially boys like your son need a man with a firm hand to protect and meet all their needs. You may find it helpful to find a suitable partner for your boy who can fulfil all the duties required to satisfy and protect.’

Dr Brashear paused for a moment, ‘This isn’t part of my job but I know a select number of traditional men like yourself who are waiting to take up the responsibility of providing discipline for a boy who is of age and willing to submit. It would be a pleasure to have your boy try them on for size. But of course the final decision will be yours as his Daddy. What do you say, Mr Hughes?’

‘I say let’s get that boy on his knees and see if we can find him a man.’



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