Dad & I - Where It All Started

by DFWHeadMaster

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I was right!!!  When I told DJ that I wasn’t really sleeping those nights he snuck into my bedroom to suck my dick, that completely changed our relationship, dare I say, for the better for both of us. Neither one of us had any way of knowing what that experience would do to us, or for us, but we were no longer just your basic father and son. We now shared something above and beyond, something unexplainable. It was something that I hoped we would share for the rest of our lives together (even though I knew ‘THAT’ was almost living in a dreamers world).  

He did, in fact, continue to come into my bedroom late at night with his sweet surprises and I got to the point where I started looking forward to them and that anticipation would help me drift off to sleep. My wife had no idea what was going on, and I wanted to keep it that way. He continued to excel in school and in football, and just shortly after he turned 18 in his senior year, became the star wide receiver for his high school football team.  He started getting a lot of attention from college scouts who wanted him to come play for their school and I found myself starting to act as his quasi manager as interest started to generate.

I didn’t know a lot about college ball, but I knew enough to know that when the school that had just won the college championship that year reached out, I needed to take that call.  At first, I didn’t talk to their well-known famous head coach, I got a call from their Scouting Director, Jake Dempsey.  He called me at work and asked if he could fly to Dallas to meet DJ.  I told him I would have to check with my son, but I felt sure it would be a meeting he would want to take.  DJ was totally up for it, so we scheduled the meeting.

Several weeks later Jake (he wouldn’t let us call him Mr. Dempsey), came to Dallas and DJ and I met him at his hotel several hours after he’d arrived. He wasn’t able to stay but for a day, so we needed to go ahead and meet then.  We arrived at his hotel, and he met us in the lobby.  He saw us as we walked in the door and came up to us immediately.  “Derek… DJ…, it’s really nice to meet you both.” I shook his hand as did DJ.  He suggested we go into a small meeting room just off the lobby that he’d arranged with the hotel so we could have a private talk.  

When we walked into the room, there was a lavish spread of food on the table and drinks laid out for us. He was going all out to try and woo us. I noticed when we were shaking hands out in the lobby that his handshake with DJ was genuine and authentic, but it seemed to have lasted a little longer than what is generally perceived as normal.  I didn’t think much of it at the time because of the excitement I had that a prominent D1 school in the SEC wanted to talk to my boy.  We sat down and Jake started finding out a little about DJ and what his hopes and dreams were.  But because I know that any good scout must be an analyst to be able to recognize real talent, he started talking about DJ’s skills as an athlete, as well as his apparent desire and drive to play football. It’s also necessary that a scout can also identify an athlete’s flaws to help them grow and reach their full potential. 

After he went through the laundry list of DJ’s attributes, he started talking about where he thought he might grow, and when he got to the end of that list, he reached over and put his hand on DJ’s hand that was laying on the table and gave him a devilish wink, telling him that he believed he and his team had just the expertise to be able to give him what he needed to excel to the point where NFL scouts would be calling on him when the time was right. DJ must have sensed the same thing I did when they shook hands in the lobby when he saw Jake wink at him, because I happened to notice DJ reach down and adjust his crotch right at that moment.  Jake went on to talk about the school and their football program. The longer he talked, the more I could see DJ falling under his spell (he was a charmer to be sure).  

Right then, my phone started ringing and I could see it was my wife.  I stepped away from the table to take the call and while I was talking to my wife, Jake interrupted the call and said he needed to go up to his hotel room to get some additional information and asked if it would be ok if DJ came with him.   Because my wife was all bent out of shape about something and I was getting flustered, I didn’t think anything of it and said, “Sure, I’ll just wait for ya’ll down here.” So, they left and went up to Jake’s room.  When they walked in the door, Jake suggested DJ sit on the bed while he went into the other room (it was a suite), to get the papers.  DJ sat down and just waited for Jake to come back.  When he did, he sat down on the bed next to DJ and started pulling out a bunch of what looked like official team paperwork from his briefcase. 

It all seemed harmless at first, but then as Jake was talking, he casually laid his hand on DJ’s inner thigh as he was talking through the information.  The moment he did that, a shiver of excitement went through DJ.  Jake is a very handsome man about 6’3”, 200lbs, had impeccably cut blonde hair, and through his university polo shirt and dress slacks, you could see that his workout regimen was truly working for him.  DJ thought he saw hints of a bulge growing in his slacks and wasn’t sure what to think of this because other than Jared and his dad, he’d never had any other man overtly pay any kind of sexual attention to him – but he liked it. As Jake kept talking, his hand kept inching closer and closer to DJ’s crotch and by the time it had reached its apparent destination, he stopped and looked at DJ with a gleam in his eyes, softly and quietly said, “Shall I keep going?” DJ was beyond being flustered at this point and all of a sudden, a strange confidence came over him because he knew that ‘HE’ was the one was being scouted and that ‘HE’ was the prize, so he looked at Jake and said, “If you think you’re man enough to finish what you’re starting, yes!”  Jake didn’t bat an eye, he dropped all of the paperwork on the floor and leaned over and kissed DJ.

DJ was so engrossed by this man not only because of who he was and what he could do for his football career, but because he was hot as shit and all he could think about was having this stud’s dick in his mouth. So many things were going through his mind, but as Jake pulled away from the kiss, he looked down at DJ’s crotch and slowly started to unzip his pants. This was really happening.  Having never been with anyone other than his dad or Jared, the excitement of a new man exploring his body had him rock hard.  Jake got off the bed and slowly pulled DJ’s pants down to the floor (he was going commando which made Jake even more excited), and he slowly leaned down to grab DJ’s cock.  He started licking it up and down and every now and then he would go up to the top and kiss the head (something DJ loved to do as well). Jake was past asking for permission; he went in for the kill and swallowed DJ’s hard cock all the way down to the base, giving new meaning to the words, ‘deep throat’.  Jake was clearly a pro at this because he didn’t gag.  The noises that accompanied this expert blow job were quiet and measured and it was clear he knew what he was doing.  DJ was holding Jake’s shoulders watching his head bob up and down on his thick dick.  He couldn’t believe what was happening but he loved every minute of it.

At one point, Jake reached up and pulled DJ’s shirt off and DJ quickly got Jake's clothes off him too.  Now both naked, Jake positioned DJ up by the head of the bed on his back and laid on top of him licking his neck, his tight pert nipples, and finally back down to his cock. There was a moment where Jake’s hands were roaming over DJ’s 6-pack abs and he put his hand up underneath DJ’s butt and started inching closer to his pretty pink hole that he was convinced had to be opening and closing with pleasure by now.  DJ had never had any ass play with either Jared or his dad and wasn’t sure he was ready for it. Jake moved up so their faces were together and he stuck his tongue in DJ’s mouth and with the passion and fervor of any good romantic novel, kissed him as if there was no tomorrow.

DJ could feel Jake’s hand that was on his butt getting closer and closer to his hole and he began to squirm even more as they were kissing. His squirming signaled to Jake that he was open to what was happening, however, as with many football plays, sometimes signals get crossed and the play bombs.  Just as Jake started sticking his finger in DJ’s ass, DJ gasped and said, “STOP! I’m not ready for that.” Jake was a little surprised, but not wanting to alarm the kid, he stopped. “Are you ok?” “Yeah, I’ve just never done that and I don’t know if I want to or not. I thought I wanted to with a guy that I’ve been blowing recently, but he stopped me before it went too far and I was kinda glad he did.” Jake was cool with that and just laid on the bed next to DJ.  A moment of silence between them, then DJ said, “But you’re not leaving town before I get that monster cock in MY mouth!” So, he reached down and grabbed it, lowered his mouth down onto it and used all of his own expert skills to have Jake blow his load very quickly.  Something happened this time that he’d never experienced before, the pleasure he was giving Jake was so immense and so profound to him that just as Jake blew his hot load, he shot his own without ever touching himself. That had never happened before and he was kinda surprised, but glad. With cum all over both of them, both breathing as heavily as if they’d just come from a practice on the field, they gently kissed, wiped each other up, got their clothes back on and remembered dad was downstairs waiting.

When they were all cleaned up, they both went downstairs to the room DJ’s dad was in and walked into the room, feeling a sense of calm satisfaction from what they had just done to each other.  Dad asked them what took so long, and DJ quickly said, “Oh dad, we just needed to review some, ‘special plays,’ that Jake wanted to show me.”  Derek didn’t see anything wrong with that and Jake apologized and said he needed to take a call so that was the end of the meeting.  He thanked the guys for their time and said that they’d would be hearing from him, and they left the hotel.

That night back home, after we’d finished dinner, my wife and I decided we wanted to go for a walk and we asked DJ if he wanted to come with us and he said, “Thanks dad, I think I’m just gonna hang out here.” I said ok and we left.  He went up to his room to do some homework and kept thinking about what had happened with Jake.  He couldn’t shake how beautiful that man was and how he made DJ feel.  At that moment, he remembered that before they left his hotel room, Jake had given DJ his private cell number and told him to call him anytime.  So, DJ pulled out his phone and texted Jake. “Hey stud, it’s DJ Anderson. You told me I could call if I needed anything.”  Jake responded almost immediately and said, “HEY DJ! So good to hear from you. What’s up buddy?” DJ replied with, “I can’t stop thinking about what we did today and just wanted to know if I could have Round 2 before you went home.” Jake didn’t reply immediately, but finally came back with, “Buddy, I’d love to, but I’m exhausted, and I have an early flight tomorrow.  But, if you end up coming to play for us, I can promise you one thing… you can have Round 2, 3, 4, as many rounds as you desire.” That thought immediately gave DJ another hard on and he thanked him and wished him safe travels.

As DJ was finishing up that last text to Jake, he didn’t hear me walking up the stairs and toward his door, and since the door was cracked, I just stuck my head in his room and said, “Hey, we’re home.” Just as I did, I immediately saw his hard on and wondered who he was texting. Me sticking my head in, him hitting send on the text both happened at the same time, and he kinda jumped a little and said, “HEY DAD! Can’t a dude have a little privacy?!?!” I apologized but was curious because of the hard on.  Had my boy gotten into sexting? And who was on the other end? Probably Jared. I let it go and told him not to stay up too late and he said he wouldn’t.

That night my boy, like clockwork, was at the side of my bed with my cock in his mouth but this time, it didn’t have the passion that it had so many of the times before.  I could tell that he still wanted to suck my cock, but that hunger that had been there before seemed to be missing.  I stopped him at one point and under my breath said, “Deej, let’s go downstairs for a second.” He seemed a little confused, but agreed so off we went.  We both sat down on the sofa completely naked, and I asked, “Is everything ok? You seem not to be into it as much tonight.” He could see I felt something was different and appeared to be a little afraid to tell me what was really going on. He kept stammering and stuttering about it being nothing, but I just wasn’t gonna buy it. I stayed on him until he would tell me what was going on. “DJ, I know you, and I know something is up. Tell me. Don’t start keeping things from me again.” I’d finally beat him down enough to tell me.  “Dad, when you walked in on me, I was texting Jake."

“JAKE?!?! Why were you texting him?” “Well… there’s something I need to tell you.” He stopped for a second and I could see he was trying to find the right words, and he then told me the whole story.  He told me what had happened when they went up to Jake’s hotel room.  I was DUMBFOUNDED!!!  I also found myself being a little jealous. Then, I went into ‘dad mode’ and anger started setting in and I told DJ it was completely inappropriate of him, and I’d call Jake tomorrow and confront him about it.  DJ immediately got upset and begged me not to call him. When I asked him why, he said, because he really liked Jake and didn’t want anything to get in the way of another opportunity for him to have sex with his now favorite scout.

I paused and then agreed I wouldn’t call him but asked if his encounter with Jake had anything to do with his newfound interest in this college.  I said, “That’s some pretty unconventional scouting incentives he’s offered you.” DJ just smiled and said, “Yeah, no other school had offered a “package” like Jakes.” We both chuckled and I said, “Ok, we’ll let it go for now.” We ended up both going back to our own rooms and when DJ got back to his room, he looked at his phone as he climbed into bed and noticed Jake had texted him. It was about 2am at that point and DJ found it a little odd but was immediately excited to hear from him. Jake said, “Hey DJ, I got to thinking about your offer and thought it ‘WOULD’ be nice to hook up again before my flight.” He went onto say he’d changed his flight to a later one the next morning.  DJ responded quickly with, “AWESOME!!! I’ll make up an excuse that I have to leave the house early tomorrow morning and I’ll grab an Uber and come to the hotel.” Jake sent a few sexy emojis and said he’d be looking forward to it.

The next morning, DJ got up, went downstairs already dressed for school and told his mom he need to go to school early because he needed to do some last-minute studying with some friends for a test he had that day.  His mom didn’t think a thing of it.  He jetted out the door and the Uber he’d booked was outside his house, so he jumped in and headed to the hotel.  When he got there, he remembered Jake’s room # and got on the elevator and went up, but before he got on, he texted him and said, “I’m getting on the elevator, get ready sport.”

When he got off the elevator, Jake’s room was at the end of the hall, and he saw Jake standing just outside his door holding it open with his foot with nothing but a towel wrapped around his beautiful body.  It was still early, so there was little chance they’d be seen or get caught. DJ walked up to him and without an ounce of fear standing right there in the hall, wrapped his arms around Jake’s neck and they shared an amazingly passionate kiss.  Just about that time, they heard a door beginning to open in the room next to Jake’s, so they ran into his room.  They laughed a little at almost being “caught,” but immediately got down to business.  DJ said, “So… what “special plays” do you have to show me today?” After it was all said and done, DJ thought Round 2 was even better than Round 1 and certainly left him wanting more.

Just as DJ got to school, he ran into Jared, and the quarterback asked him why he’d been avoiding him lately and not returning his texts or phone calls. DJ said, “Hey! Can you keep a secret?” Jared looked at him like he was crazy and said, “Bro, I think I’ve been keeping a fuckload of secrets lately, don’t you? So yeah, I think I can!” They both laughed and DJ told him all about Jake (including that morning’s sexcapades just minutes before).  He wasn’t sure if he should tell him or not because prior to Jake’s arrival, DJ’s emotions had been pretty much focused on Jared and his dad, and he even wondered if he might be falling a little in love with Jared because he was beginning to sense the same from him but that all changed when Jake came to town. DJ was smart enough to understand that Jake was probably nothing more than just a casual encounter and that he probably shared is “incentive package” with many of the young boys he scouted, but he just couldn’t stop thinking about Jake.  Jared could see how DJ felt about this man and DJ could see how it affected Jared (even though he tried not to show it – you know, tough jock and all) so DJ told him they could hook up tonight if he was free. Jared immediately smiled and said, “Perfect dude! I look forward to it.”

Things felt like they were getting back to normal. Jared and Jake hooked up every chance they could; in the locker room, in the gym steam room, in the school library bathroom, in the back of Jared’s car… everywhere. DJ continued sneaking into my room at night giving me blowjob after blowjob.  Both Jared and I were happy because we had our boy back.  Then one afternoon, I got a call from Jake where he said the head coach had been reviewing the scouting reports he’d turned in and had decided on a handful of players he wanted to see himself in action on the field.  So, Jake invited DJ, along with my wife and I to the school so DJ could meet with the coach and the other players the coach wanted to tryout, a sort of mini-combine.  Coach said he needed to see them on the field in action, and not just watch a bunch of tape on them.  So, it was set, we were going.  As much as my wife had always supported DJ with this, she just didn’t have any desire to go sit in the stands and watch a bunch of hot, sweaty, teenagers “audition” to be on the team, so it was just DJ and I.

A few days later on the flight to meet Coach, I was thinking about what I would say to Jake when we got there about his escapades with my son, but I kept hearing DJ’s voice in my head, so I let it go.  We landed, took an Uber to the sport’s building on the university campus and found “Coach’s” office. We walked in, told his incredibly hot assistant Adam, who we were (we could see his name badge on his hot pecs under his tight school polo), and he said, “Great guys, have a seat, Coach will be right with you.”  On the speakerphone, we heard Adam call Coach to let him know we were there, and he told him to call Jake and let him know too.  When Jake walked in the office, he smiled at me, and then at DJ, gave us the typical bro hug and said, “Hey guys, take a seat, we’ll be right with you.”  He went into Coach’s office, and a few minutes later, they both came out.  We did introductions and walked into Coach’s big ass office but not before I looked down at Adam and he gave me a grin and a sexy wink. DAMN! It was amazing.  Dark paneled wood everywhere, glass floor to ceiling windows, trophies on every shelf as far as we could see, and very high-end furniture. Coach walked us over to the “living room” part of the office and we sat down.

Coach walked us through some of the preliminary information that I’m sure every guy gets when they first meet him and then he said, “Ok, I need to see you on the field. Jake will take you down to the locker room, get you suited up, and I’ll meet you on the field.” Dad stayed with Coach as we left.  We went down to the locker room, and it was even more amazing than Coach’s office. DJ thought it hardly compared to the locker room he was used to at his high school, but the thing that interested DJ the most were all of the college players that were there that had just finished up practice. Coach wrapped up practice that morning in time for him to start trying out some of the possible new recruits.  As he was walking through the locker room, he had trouble not staring at all of the hot bodies, smooth tight asses, but most of all the beautiful cock that was out on display as the players were getting out of their uniforms. He thought he even saw a few of the players watching his tight ass as he walked by them. If DJ had learned anything over the last few months with Jared and I, he learned that he loved cock just as much as he loved playing football.

Jake saw him ogling the players and leaned down to him and whispered, “Bro! You need to fuckin’ focus on what you’re here to do and get suited up. There’ll be plenty of time for that if you get on the team.  At this stage of the game, Coach isn’t playing around, and you need to focus on showing him you belong here.” So, he did just that.  Out on the field, DJ was put through his paces.  As a key skill position of the offense, the wide receiver is one of the fastest players on the field alongside cornerbacks and running backs. DJ knew that the wide receiver's principal role is to catch passes from the quarterback, avoid, outmaneuver, or simply outrun the cornerbacks or safeties typically defending them. He was particularly good at staying open on a QB’s pass route and had spent most of his time up to that point reaching the end zone scoring touchdowns.

At his high school and in his division, DJ was typically perceived as a "deep threat" because his good hands and perhaps shifty moves made him more dangerous than most on the field. In the last year, he had an unheard of growth spurt and had grown about 5 and a ½ inches. Now being 6’1,” he was one of the taller receivers with a height advantage over typically shorter defenders, DJ knew he was getting to the point where he was every bit as good as NFL wide receivers A. J. Brown, Cooper Kupp, or even Davante Adams. Coach clearly saw that too and when they’d spent about an hour on the field, Coach thanked him, said they were done (he had to move onto his next recruit).  Jake and I met DJ on the field as he was coming off and we both patted his ass and told him he’d done great.  Jake winked at DJ and told us they’d be hearing from us, and as quick as it started, it was done.

We hung around the city for a while to take in the sights before we needed to head back to the airport for our flight that night.  It ended up being a red eye so it wasn’t a full flight.  About halfway through the flight, I leaned over to him and said, “Hey, have you ever heard of the “Mile High Club” son?” DJ shook his head no, and I said, “Come with me.” We got up and went to the bathroom at the back of the plane, everyone was pretty much asleep.  Even the flight attendants were nodding off sitting in the back galley.  So, we went into one of the bathrooms and DJ got to learn all about it.

In that tiny bathroom, DJ proved it didn’t matter where he was, he knew how to show me just how much he loved me and how much he loved his dad’s long, hard cock.  He sat down on the toilet and pulled my pants down and took my dick into his mouth.  As I rolled my head to one side and moaned as quietly as I could, I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror and could see the pleasure my son was giving with his expert cock slut mouth. The excitement from the day created that fire in him again and he gave me the best blow job he’d ever given me. He caressed it and loved on it just like he used to.  I felt my boy coming back to me.  I was over the moon happy and so glad Deej and I had a moment to reconnect just like we used to. Just before I was about to blow my load, DJ said, “Dad, shoot it all over the mirror!” I got lost in the moment and did just that, but before I did, DJ pulled out his hard ass cock and we ended up blowing both our loads onto the mirror.  A little of DJ’s cum got on my hand and we both sensually licked it off as slow as we could to savor the moment.

When we were done, we slowly opened the door to see if we had awakened the sleeping crew right outside the door, and one of the hot flight attendants slowly opened his eyes and gave us a wink and said, “Atta boy!” We went back to our seats, and I looked over and noticed that DJ had gotten some cum on his face and I leaned down and licked it off.  He just looked at me and grinned.  All in all, it was a successful trip – we both thought so. Hot jocks, hot cocks, and the possibility of a whole lot more where that came from.

by DFWHeadMaster

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