From Part 1......

Clint began visiting almost every day.  On his days off, he would stop by with burgers, or some  other food and we would have dinner together. Then one evening when he was on his day off, he came by in shorts and a tight tank top. My heart raced as I got a good look at his muscular hairy chest. After we ate the dinner he had brought, he sat across from me and as he spread his legs, I could see up his shorts and realized that he was commando.  My own cock began to stiffen and it was very obvious.

He had definitely noticed, and soon his began to come alive also.  Then, he smiled and stood up and began walking closer to me.  As he drew closer, he began to lean forward, bringing his face closer to mine.


Part 2......

I knew what was about to happen yet I couldn't believe that it was happening.  Moments later his lips met mine and without any hesitation, he offered his tongue.  Parting my lips, I immediately accepted his and offered mine.  As we kissed passionately, he gently lifted me out of my chair into a stranding position.  Our arms immediately encircled each other.  Seconds later, his right hand began unbuttoning my shirt as his left hand began unbuckling my jeans.  My shirt was quickly pushed open as he moved his face lower and began licking my chest them my nipples. 

All during this, his hands were slowly shoving my jeans and briefs lower.  As my pants went lower, so did his face. I soon felt his tongue gently licking my firm ball sack before he gently sucked one then the other into his hot wet mouth.  Then, when he swallowed my cock in it's entirety, I gasped loudly.  Clint knew exactly what he was doing and how to do it.  I was so horny, that within just a few minutes, I blew my entire load into his mouth which he eagerly accepted and swallowed.

After milking my cock dry, he stood and we kissed again, before I looked into his eyes and said, "Turn about is fair play."  I slipped his tank top over his head and tossed it on the desk.    As I gently sucked one nipple then the other, I opened his shorts and let his shorts fall to the floor.  Within seconds I had his entire cock in my mouth and my nose buried in his thick dark pubic bush.  I began working on bringing him top his climax and he offered assistance by gently fucking my throat.  I soon felt his cock swell and a huge eruption of thick creamy delicious cum fill my mouth.  After collecting every drop, I hungrily swallowed then stood and kissed him passionately.

After the kiss, he looked into my eyes and said< I wanted to suck you the moment I met you and something told me you wouldn't refuse me."

I smiled and replied, "I just wish it had been sooner."

"Well, we can make it a fairly regular thing if you want to."

"Most definitely," I replied, then asked, "Do any of the other techs play?"

"I can't say for sure, but I just have a feeling that several do," he replied.

He wouldn't give me any names, but he said that I should be able to figure out which ones.

We sat and made out for a while before a call came in.  I got the address and dispatched Rex Hubbard to the residence.  Clint and I dressed and I walked with him to the door where he kissed me passionately before leaving.  I pulled out my lap top and was soon chatting with others in a gay chat room. 

Four hours later, I saw a service van pull into the lot and knew it had to be Rex.  Rex was another hot tech and one I wouldn't turn down if he gave any indication that he wanted to fuck my mouth or ass.

After restocking his van, he came into the office and as we chatted, I got the impression that if he hadn't played before he was willing to try.  It was nothing in particular just things in general that told me.  He reminded me of the hot blond named Peter in the TV commercial for the drain opener that tells the lady in a sexy voice, "I only need seven minutes."  I was definitely going to work on him more in the future.

Then there was Butch Taylor, also a former Marine whose twin brother was a local city cop.  Butch was about six-four, with light brown hair and a chiseled face. He had stopped by one day to pick up his pay check and had his brother with him.  they were thirty-one but Butch was married and Frank was divorced.  I definitely wanted both.

Clint continued to visit me in the evenings for dinner and sex and had spent a couple of night with me after I got an apartment and had a night off.

I had been with the company roughly two months when  things became more interesting.  I had dispatched Rex to a residence whose air conditioning had gone out. It was about one in the morning when he returned to the warehouse to restock.  I saw him pull in but never saw him enter the warehouse.  After a few  minutes I decided to go check on him.

I went into the warehouse and did a search as I called his name.  I was in one corner near a window that I heard voices from outside the window.   I climbed onto a ladder that was nearby and looked out.  When I saw the activity I froze.  There was Rex on his knees sucking the eighteen year old dishwasher that worked at the Chinese restaurant next door. 

As I watched, I heard the kid say, "I was wondering when you would be back by.  I'm horny as hell but I need to hurry and get back in so we can lock up."

I got off the ladder and eased over to the door and went outside silently.  Easing around to the corner of the building, I heard the kid say "Fuck yea, man. Get ready.  I'm about to blow."

The kid started jerking wildly as he fired his load into Rex's hungry mouth.  As Rex began swallowing, I stepped out into view and said, "When you get through, I need to see you in dispatch."  I turned and returned to my office.  Seconds later Rex came in and immediately began begging me not to tell Mr. Caldwell what I had seen.

"Well, I'll make a deal with you. I won't say anything and you can keep blowing the kid if you blow me after I watch you blow him."

He quickly agreed and dropped to his knees right then.  I whipped out my cock and let him go to work. soon filling his hot mouth with my load for him to add to the kids load.

Rex blew me for almost three weeks  when he returned from a call along with the kid.  Then one night when Rex called in that he was returning to the warehouse I called him on his cell phone.  "Get the kid and bring him into the office with you," I quickly said before hanging up.

I had found out that the kid was Brad Simmons and was a senior at the local high school and a tackle on the football team.  The restaurant had closed and I had seen Brad waiting for Rex near the entry gate.  Rex slowed and Brad quickly jumped in .  Moment later, they were in my office.

Looking at Brad, I said, "I thought you might like to watch Rex blow me since I have been watching him blow you."

"Sure," he replied.  "That will be hot."

"Let's get comfortable," I said.  We all three stripped totally naked and Rex soon got on his knees and began sucking me as I sat in my chair.  Brad stood next to me close enough for me to reach over and start stroking his cock.  Once I had his cock in my hand, he stepped right up next to me.  Without saying a word, I turned my head and swallowed his hard hot throbbing cock, both to his surprise and to Rex's.

Just as Brad began to feed me his hot thick huge teen load, I fed mine to Rex. Brad pulled out of my mouth as I swallowed  and after Rex had swallowed my load he stood up .  I could tell he was about to ask me about sucking Brad when I swallowed his hard cock and began sucking him.  Brad's eyes got wide as he watched me start to suck Rex's hard thick cock.  Moments later, I was hungrily swallowing Rex's huge built up load. 

After I had swallowed my second load of the evening, I looked at Rex and said,   "I didn't say anything earlier because I was waiting for just the right time.  Now you know what to expect whenever you return from a call at night." 

Then I looked over at Brad and said, "When ever you get off work and want to get some relief, press the buzzer at the gate and I'll let you in.  I'll blow you anytime as long as I'm alone."  He just smiled and nodded.

I new was having regular sex with not only Clint but also with Rex.   I was waiting for just the right time to get them together for a three way.

And Brad would come by almost nightly after he got off work.  I was eating his huge loads at a minimum of five times a week.  Some nights he would feed me one and as I continued to suck his cock he would feed me a second load.  I was getting cock every night I worked and was loving it.  I couldn't ask for a better job. he had seen Rex and I kiss and make out after sucking but had never joined in.

Then, about two months after I had started sucking Brad he stopped by after he got off and after entering the office he stripped and told me to do the same.  Since he didn't suck, I usually stayed clothed, but I honored his request.  As I began sucking his cock, he leaned forward and grasped my cock and began to fondle it.  I was in heaven.  Before long, he gasped, signaling his climax and I hungrily devoured his huge thick load. 

After swallowing it all, I pulled off and as I did, he leaned forward and I soon felt his lips on mine and his tongue in my mouth.  I eagerly accepted it  and offered mine, which he eagerly accepted.  We kissed passionately for several moments when he looked into my eyes with a strange look.  I hoped it meant what I was dreaming of.




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