Patrick and I both looked at the two Hulks, as I was starting to think of them, as they were put into our respective cells. Both guys had marks on their faces from the fight they must have been in along with scrapped knuckles. Both of their shirts were ripped showing off some of their arms and chests that looked like boulders. They smelled of beer and both of them looked pretty out of it. They were cursing at each other but with slurred words. Each of the men went to the concrete benches in the respective cells and laid down. Actually, I think they both passed out.

After Deputy Hayseed had relocked both cells he looked at each of us and said. "Boys, shift is over, someone will be back tomorrow morning. You better hope these two sleep through the night or you're both going to have sore asses." The Deputy was still laughing as he walked out of the station.

For the next couple of hours Patrick and I sat on the floor with only the bars separating us. Patrick was more worried than me about what was going to happen. I told him that I thought they were just trying to put a scare in us and would let us go in the morning. I was more worried about how we would get back to Patrick's car. At some point during the night we both must have fallen asleep leaning against the bars.

It was still dark when something woke me up. The hulk in my cell was taking a leak in our cell's toilet and stretching his arms up. Jesus Christ, he was a specimen. He had to stand 6'5" at least and was solid as he could be. As he stretched his arms, his shirt rode up his back showing taut muscles. His arms looked like battering rams. As he turned toward me I could see that he had unbuttoned his shirt. I could see an 8 pack below his massive pecs. He gave me and odd look and then called out "Steve, Steve wake the fuck up!"

The guy in Patrick's cell stirred and said "Shut the fuck up, let me sleep."

"Get up you ass."

Hulk 2 pushed himself up from the concrete bench and looked around. "How the hell did we get here?"

"I kinda remember them hauling us in because we were fighting at the bar."

"That's right. We were fighting over that bitch with the big tits, what was her name?"

"Who cares, she was just a piece of ass."

"That neither of us got 'cause you tried to cock block me."

"Fuck you man, she was in to me."

Patrick and I watched this exchange like a tennis match.

They kept sniping at each other. At one point Hulk 1, the guy in my cell, said "If she knew I had the bigger cock she would have gone home with me to get fucked and fucked good."

"You've been saying that crap since we were kids. We both know my cock is bigger than yours." Grabbing his crotch, "and you know it."

It suddenly dawned on me that these two hulks were brothers. They looked so much alike I'm surprised I hadn't seen it before. They were about the same size and coloring. Their fight must have been epic.

Hulk 1 looked at me. "Who the hell are you?"

"Jesus Christ, don't you remember anything, Clark told us that these were two faggots. Remember he said we each had our own."

"Huh. Yeah, I do remember something like that."

"I know, since these two are cocksuckers why don't we let them decide who's got the bigger dick."

" the hell would we do that?"

"Make them each suck both of our cocks and let them decide."

Hulk 2 started to rub the very impressive bulge in his tight jeans. "Ya think?"

"Why not, we're here and they both like cock. We got some time to kill until someone shows up in the morning."

Now both hulks were rubbing their bulges. Hulk 1 looked down at me again. "Get over here." Then he looked at Patrick. "Go over to my brother." Both men pulled their cocks out. Once again it was obvious they were brothers. They each had cocks that looked like really long beer cans with huge mushroom heads.

"Look at mine and then my brothers. Who's got the bigger one?" Both Patrick and I glanced back and forth. I couldn't tell the difference and neither could Patrick.

The size queen in me came screaming out. "I think we do have to suck them, right Patrick?" Patrick looked at me with questioning eyes. "Come on let's give it a shot."

I went over to my hulk and grabbed as much of his cock as I could, God it was big. I moved my hand along the shaft, it was almost like his cock had muscles like the rest of his body. As Patrick and hulk 2 watched I got down on my knees and started licking the giant cock from his balls to his tip. It was musky but smelled of all man. I turned to look at Patrick, "go ahead and give it a try." I watched Patrick do the same thing I had done. I could tell he was starting to get into it.

The way my hulk's cock curved up, I knew it was going to be impossible for me to stay on my knees and get it into my mouth he was so tall. I walked over to the concrete bench and go on my knees. He realized what I was doing and moved toward me. He rubbed his cock against my face. "Think you can do it faggot?"

"I'm going to give it my best shot." I opened as wide as I could and pushed my lips over the head of his cock. My hulk groaned. I glanced over at Patrick again and he had done the same as me. Holding on to the base of my hulk's dick I tried to take more in but I couldn't, it was just too big, my jaws couldn't open that far. I pulled off.

"I'm not going to get more in my mouth, you're just too big."

"Shit, you've gotten more in your mouth than any bitch I've been with, just do what you can."

Enamored by his size I lowered by lips and mouth over as much of his cock as I could while stroking the huge piece of meat. Patrick must have been doing something similar because I heard Hulk 2 moan with pleasure. Using my tongue and lips I gave most of my attention to the mushroom head. I must have been doing something right because my hulk's legs started to shake. "This is fucking amazing bro. I didn't know it could feel like this." We must have worked their cocks for ten more minutes before they both came at almost the same time. My mouth was flooded with the largest load of cum I'd ever gotten. There was so much it didn't just seep out of the corners of my mouth, it shot out.

I heard hulk 2 say "hot damn, I ain't never." Patrick must have had the same experience as me.

My hulk dropped down on the concrete bench next and pulled me down so I was sitting beside him. He wrapped his side of beef arm across my shoulders and gave me a squeeze. "Shit if I knew a faggot could suck cock like that, I would have tried on of you earlier." He brother grunted in agreement.

They must have forgotten about the cock size competition because they just held us under their arms until a new deputy arrived. "Did you make new friends boys?" This was directed to the hulks.

My hulk responded, "yeah these dudes are good guys, glad we met them."

"Well it looks like you too have cooled off so you're free to go, just no more fighting, got it."

The hulks agreed, gave us each a squeeze and left our cells and the station. The deputy turned back to us, "I don't know what you did to make friends out of those two beasts but more power to you."

"By the way, no one told me what you're in here for and there's nothing in the log. What did you do? Must not have been too bad if it's not in the log." Patrick and I looked at each.

Just then Jake, the asshole, walked into the station. His eyes locked with mine and there was something different there. "What the hell did you do now that I have to save your butt yet again?" While it was said gruffly it was almost as if there was a smile in his voice.

Jake turned to the deputy, "what's it going to take to get these guys out of here."

"Like I was telling them, if it was something serious I would have heard about. I'm in a good mood, just get out of here." He unlocked our cells and we walked with Jake out to his Audi.

When we got outside, Jake grabbed my shoulders and said "what the hell is wrong with you, both of you, giving blow jobs in a truck stop with so many people around? It's one thing to do it in the almost always deserted bathroom in the library, but out here? What if something had happened?" Definitely something had changed with Jake. "Get in the fucking car."

After we got in the car, Jake turned to Patrick in the back seat. "I assume your car is back at the truck stop." It wasn't a question, just a statement. Jake started the car and we headed back to get Patrick's car. As we pulled into the truck stop, Patrick pointed out his car and Jake pulled alongside of it. Patrick and I both opened our doors. Jake grabbed my hand, "no fucking way, I don't want to find out you went back in there, I'm taking you home." Patrick looked at me and I nodded that it was ok and told him I'd call him.

We watched Patrick drive away. Jake reached over, put a hand behind my neck, and pulled my lips to his. It was a forceful kiss with Jake pushing his tongue into my mouth and touching mine. Tingles went through me. We must have kissed for five minutes before he finally pulled away.

He grabbed my hand, looked me in the eyes, and said "I've been worried about you. I couldn't find you. I'm also mad at you. If I didn't want to kiss you so bad again, I'd try to strangle you. God damn, you make me crazy and you're a pain in the ass." He pulled me in for another long kiss. When he pulled away I could see questions in his eyes. I moved my hand up to the bulge in his jeans, it was good to feel the head from his cock again. He put his hand on mine and moved it across the expanding out of his cock.

With one hand still on mine, he used his other hand to open his jeans which was a struggle. He finally raised his ass off of the car seat and pushed his jeans down below his cock. He then put his hand back behind my head and moved it toward his throbbing dick. While he was forceful it wasn't aggressive or angry, he was just letting me know what he wanted, maybe even needed. I opened my lips and the head of his cock went it like it was meant to be there. As I started to do what I knew Jake liked with my tongue he let me do it but when he was ready for more he pushed the back of my head again. With a push of a button his seat reclined giving me more access to the cock I Ioved so much. With a few more nudges from Jake and with a few more sucks from me, his cock was embedded in my mouth and throat. I was in heaven. Of in the distance I heard him say "you and your mouth are incredible."

It seemed like forever that I sucked Jake's cock. The pressure from his hand was soft but firm. He knew what he wanted or maybe for the first time knew what I wanted. Jake's ass rose from the seat again and he cock filled me with cum. I think it was the largest load I had ever gotten from him but I made sure to swallow every drop. Unlike other times he didn't pull his cock from my mouth, he let it stay in as I continued to massage it with my tongue and lips. When it finally left I mouth I licked the tip and kissed it. As he let go of the pressure on my neck a truck was pulling out and the driver honked his horn letting us know he had enjoyed the show. Without a word exchanged, Jake raised his seat, started the car and drove us out onto the highway. I kept a hand on his knee and he kept his hand on mine.

We drove for about 30 minutes when Jake said "I can't take it anymore." Here it comes, Jake was going to go psycho on me again, but instead he said "I have to have you now." We pulled off on the side of the road behind some brush just like the cops had done. We both got out of the car and Jake got a blanket out of the trunk and laid it on the ground out of sight of the highway. He grabbed me and started to undo my jeans and pushed them down to my knees. He lowered me to the ground and then yanked off my shoes and pulled my jeans all the way off. As he stood above me he kicked off his shoes, undid his jeans and pulled them off. He knelt down between my legs and put them over his shoulders. Jake remembered how to make me crazy. He pushed the head of his cock against my hole, teasing me. Then he pushed just the head of it in, letting it rest just inside my asshole as I tightened up around him. For the first time he looked me in the eyes as he drove his cock into me. When he was all the way in he just let it sit there. I could feel his heart beat and I realized our heart beats were in sync. He slowly pulled his cock back until just the head stayed inside me and then drove it back in making by back arch to meet his thrust. He pulled back and twisted his cock just enough to make me moan. While Jake had given me many good fucks in the past this one was the award winner. Jake's cock has always fit me better than any others. I'm not sure how many times Jake's cock rubbed against my prostate but at some point I couldn't take it anymore I blew my load all over his chest and mine. At almost the same moment I could feel Jake fill me with his seed. Instead of pulling out, Jake lowered his sweat and cum covered chest on to mine and we were still for a few moments as he nuzzled my neck. He raised back up on his arms, looked me in the eyes and said "babe" and then kissed me yet again.

We slowly got up and Jake gathered up the blanket and put it back in the trunk. As we drove the rest of the way home we didn't say a word but this time he rested his hand on my knee.

I had to tell him where I lived since he had never known. He pulled up in front of my parents' house, turned off the car and looked over at me.

"I have to know that you won't let anyone else ever have your mouth or your ass. I need to know that you'll only be mine."

"I can't tell you that any more than you can tell me that you're going to stop fucking whatever moves. But I can promise that I'll always be here for you when you need me and I hope you'll need me for a long time to come."

He grabbed the back of my neck and said, "I'll pick you tomorrow morning", and then he pulled me to his lips again.


As I write these last words in my diary, I'm looking back over the last year. I know I have come to love cum and I know I love cocks in my mouth and my ass. I also know in some weird way I care about Jake and he cares about me. I don't think we can ever give up our ways but I know I don't ever think I'll find anyone who fits me so well and I hope that no one ever does.

I'm going to pack this diary away and someday when I find it again it well bring a smile to my face. But in the mean time I know I'm going to have more adventures and that I will need to buy a new diary.

Be Well,


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