The last day of classes had arrived and in a strange way I was sad. No more classes, no more bookstore, no more bathroom in the basement of the library and the end of the season for the baseball team. I hadn't seen Jake since the bizarre blow job in the handicapped stall of the chain restaurant and the night I got fucked by a group of hot guys at the singles bar.

The last two weeks have been interesting. Classes were a breeze, I really didn't have to do anything and my grades would be fine. My scholarship to State wasn't in jeopardy any more. In a few months I would be there working on my bachelor's degree, but more importantly I would be out of my parents' house at last. Patrick and I had decided to get an off-campus apartment together and we are going to the campus this coming weekend to look for one.

The most interesting thing was the baseball team and the division title. It all started the day after the incident with Jake. I showed up at the locker room for one of the practices and Grant, the star pitcher and now the team captain, was having a meeting with the team. None of the coaches were there. When I walked into the locker room Grant, who was standing on one of the benches, shot me a glance that was both angry and evil.

"OK ladies, we have to win two out of three games of the semi-finals to get into the championship and hold on to our title. I've come up with a way to motivate you. We know our defense is the best in the division especially since I'll be pitching but our offense sucks. Your batting averages are shit, you all look like a bunch of pansies when you are at the plate. Maybe that was ok with our last captain but it's not okay with me."

Grant turns his head toward me "I'm sure our resident cocksucker, I mean assistant manager, will really enjoy this idea. If any of you get on base, Chad here will give you a blow job. Anyone who gets a homerun will get to fuck him. Is that ok with you faggot?"

I looked at Grant in total disbelief, where the hell did he get off telling the team that they could get my mouth and ass. On the other hand, the cum slut in me was doing the happy dance. The size queen part of me was pretty happy as well because I had seen these guy's cocks around the locker room. Even the smallest guy had nothing to be shy about.

I stared Grant down and said "What the hell, sure."

"If any you tell the coaches about this I'll personally make your life hell, got it." The team all mumbled their acceptance of the situation. Looking at me, "get over here."

I don't know what had happened but Grant was more of a jerk than usual. I walked over to where he was standing on the bench. "Since its highly unlikely that the coach will put me in to bat I just thought I should get me a little something and show you all what you get when you get on base." Looking down at me "get my cock out." I looked around at the players and they were all standing quietly. "What are you waiting for faggot?"

I started to undo his uniform pants but Grant must have been impatient because he pushed my hand away and finished undoing his pants and pulled out his cock. From where he was standing he slapped his still soft cock against my face a couple of times. Will Grant's cock was pretty impressive it didn't make Jake's.

"Come on cocksucker, I know you want it. Catch it if you can." He slapped my face a few more times while I stood in front of his crotch. "God damn, open up that mouth of yours that's always flapping." As I did he took the advantage to push the head of his cock in. I closed my lips remembering how Grant had tasted in the past. He may be as much of an asshole as Jake, maybe even more, but he was one hot looking guy with a great piece of meat.

"Ladies, watch and learn." Grant put both hands behind my hand and forced me down his cock and then pushed me back just until he head was going to pop out then he yanked me back down. "This is how a cocksucker likes it."

One idiot on the team called yet "yeah Grant, fuck the faggots face." The rest of the team was quiet but I thought I heard a couple of zippers being pulled down followed by the sound of cocks being beaten.

Whispering, just so I could hear "I don't care what you've said before, you know my cock is better than Jake's." With that he pulled out of my mouth and came all over my face just to show his teammates that he could. I turned and faced the team, wiping the cum from my face, to show them I wasn't embarrassed by Grant I brought my had up to my mouth, licked it up and then said, "hmmm, I've had better." That got some chuckles from some of the team.

"Shut up you assholes." Grant jumped off of the bench, "out on the field ladies, time to practice." As some of the team passed they told me that I didn't have to blow them if they got on base.

Without going into details, the team won the first two games soundly. I had to suck most of the team plus get fucked by three of the team. I did realize that some of the guys needed to work on their technique.

Since the championship was being played in another city I decided I wasn't going to go. I didn't want to be trapped in a bus with Grant again. The coach was surprised that I didn't want to go but he had no idea what Grant had done. Instead this was the weekend that Patrick and I would go look for an apartment.

Still both hating and longing for Jake, Patrick and I loaded up his car and we headed to State. Patrick said he had lined up a couple of places for us to look at but we could probably find some other options when we got our hands on a copy of the school's paper.

We stopped at a truck stop along the way to get some lunch. Both of us were spending more time checking out some of the hot drivers than we were on our food. Both of us were so much alike. A few of the truckers were even checking us out in return.

After we were finished pushing the food around on our plates we paid our bill and decided to check out the bathroom in the truck stop hoping to get some protein that way. Patrick and I have some practice double teaming when we have the chance for multiple cocks and their loads so we were pleased to see that the middle stall was available. We looked inside and saw that both sides had glory holes. Jackpot! We both entered the stall. I sat down on the toilet and raised my legs so only Patrick's feet were showing and we waited. It wasn't long before someone entered one of the stalls. I glanced through the hole and saw the lower half of a guy standing in the stall. From what I could tell he had a nice ass and a respectable bulge. When he undid his pants he lowered them so that I could get a good view of his cock. It looked like a nice mouthful, not too big, not too small, but good enough if I couldn't have Jake's.

The door to the other stall opened and I peered through that hole. This wasn't a trucker, it was someone wearing shorts and some gym shoes, probably a kid about our age. I don't think he knew what to do because he just stood there. Didn't open his pants or sit down, he was just, I assumed, staring at the wall in front of him.

Finally the trucker's cock came through the hole. Patrick looked at me and raised an eyebrow, I nodded yes letting him know it was ok for him to play. He wrapped his fingers around the cock and started to stroke it. The trucker tried to push more of his cock through the hole. Patrick squatted and took the man's cock head into his mouth which was followed by a low moan from the stall next to us. I watched Patrick use his developing sucking skills working the trucker's cock. The man was getting so hot that he had grabbed the top of the partition and was rocking his body into it trying to get more his cock into Patrick's mouth. I was proud of my protégé. By the sound of the trucker's breathing I was sure he was getting close to giving Patrick a load of cum. I just happened to glance at the other glory hole and I saw the kid watching Patrick. The kid was a ginger with the cutest face. He whispered to me, "Will you do that to me?" I nodded yes and he stood up.

Tentatively the kid's cock came through the hole. It was already leaking precum which I flicked off with my tongue. I took the head of the kid's dick in my mouth and heard him purr. I just barely moved my tongue under his head when he shot his load. Poor kid. I heard the door open and someone say "Finn, what's taking so long, you're Mom and I want to get back on the road." The kid responded that he would be right out. He bent down to look through the hole again and mouthed "thanks" and then was gone.

The trucker must have had more stamina that I thought, Patrick was still working his cock over when I saw Patrick start to swallow. The man pulled his cock back and took just seconds to put it back in his pants and he was gone. Quiet filled the john. I was just thinking that we weren't going to get as many cocks as we wanted when the door opened again. The man went to stall the trucker had been in, leaned down and looked through the hole. "My friend said there was a cocksucker in here. Could you do me?"

Patrick turned to me, "you take this one." I smiled at my friend as I lined up my mouth with the dick that was coming through the hole. This one was short but very thick. After I got the head in my mouth there wasn't much more for me to get so I just worked the head with my tongue and lips. It's amazing how cocks are so much alike and yet their texture and taste is different for every man.

Someone entered the stall and Patrick peeked through the hole and then ran his fingers along the edge. Another cock came through a hole. It was apparent that a line of men was forming to get into the stalls. No sooner did one cock leave then another came through. We could hear the men start to talk among themselves. They were talking about us and how well we sucked cock. One guy even said he'd been stopping here for years and no one sucked cock like we did.

All of a sudden the line seemed to disappear. The man who just blown his nut in my mouth left his stall and it sounded like he couldn't get out of the john fast enough. Patrick and I looked at each other as if saying it was time to get going but all of a sudden another cock came through one of the holes. And a cock it was. If I didn't know better I would think it was Jake's. It was almost identical in both length and girth. It was a thing of beauty. Both of us leaned in for it. Instead of fighting over it we worked it together. Each of us taking turns licking the shaft or licking the head. It was so beautiful it was almost painful to take it in one of our mouths because we wouldn't see it anymore but I couldn't help myself, I had to have this cock in my mouth. I think Patrick understood because he moved aside so I could suck the piece of beauty in my mouth. Although the taste and texture was different it did fit my mouth almost like Jake's. I wondered if the man it was attached to looked like Jake as well.

Patrick got my attention and seemed to be pointing under the stall partition. I pulled back on the cock and glanced under the stall. There was a pair of highly polished black shoes. Patrick mouthed "military?" I hadn't had a piece of service man meat since I had been on the naval base for one of my classes. That got me all worked up and I really started servicing the cock in my mouth.

From the stall we heard "god damn, I love when we get this duty." There was a pounding on our stall door followed by "open the fucking door." As I was sliding off the prime piece of cock Patrick slide the latch and the door flew open. It was a cop with polished shoes and a uniform that must have been painted on him. The rigid cock was still sticking through the glory hole. "Finish off my partner fag." I gave him a questioning look. "Suck it asshole." I went back to working the cock wondering what was going on. The officer outside of our stall grabbed Patrick's arm and pulled him from the stall. After a few more minutes of working the cock in my mouth it spewed its load of cum deep in my mouth. The cum didn't taste like Jake's. The cock was pulled from my mouth and the guy's stall door opened and he moved in front of my stall as he stuffed his cock back into his pants. This cop was just as hot as his partner. They looked like those guys from that cop show my parents watched in reruns. "Get up." He grabbed my arm and pulled me from the stall.

"You guys are in deep shit. Give us your IDs." Patrick and I both got out our IDs and handed them to the cops. "Well, Patrick and Chad, are you aware that what you were doing is considered lewd behavior? Boys, you are in real trouble. Fine for sure and maybe even some jail time. Come with us." They each took one of our arms and walked us out of the truck stop. I could see some of the truckers and other men lower their eyes as we were marched by them.

When we got out to their car I realized these were state police and not local cops. They put us in the backseat and closed the doors. They got into the front seats and sat there for a second. The cop I had fed off of turned to his partner and said "Jesus, you've got to try that kid's mouth. One of the benefits of this job. We get some cocksuckers to get us off and then we just drop them off with the locals. We get to book two collars and then don't have to deal with them." The car pulled out of the truck stop lot and instead of getting on the highway they drove down the frontage road. The cop that had pulled Patrick out of the stall pointed to some brush on the side of the road, "there".

The car pulled off the road and behind the brush. The cops got out and opened the back door and told us to get out. The guy with the Jake like cock told his partner that both of us had worked his cock so that he should have them do the same. "On your knees guys." Patrick and I looked at each other but did what we were told. The cop whose cock we hadn't seen stepped closer, unzipped his pants and pulled out a cock as equally tasty looking as his partner. "Come on, do what faggots do."

Patrick and I both leaned in and started to lick the cop's dick. Soon it was less about the trouble we were in than it was about the cock. We both were working the cock like it was the last we were ever going to taste. This time I let Patrick go for the head but the cop I had sucked told his partner that he wanted to use my mouth not Patrick's. The cop turned his cock toward me and I didn't hesitate taking it into my waiting mouth.

"It's always hot watching some guy work you cock over partner." He was rubbing the bulge that was in his uniform pants. The pants were so tight the outline of his cock looked so tasty. I thought he was going to have Patrick do him again but that didn't happen.

"Here it comes kid, make sure to drink it all like you did for my partner." 1, 2, 3 then 4 strings of cum as thick as a milkshake filled my mouth. It took me several swallows to get it all down my throat. The cop pulled his still hard cock out of his mouth and fought to get it back in his pants.

"Shit, I wished we had the time to fuck these two, but we got get back on the road. Let's be quick about dropping them off."

They grabbed our arms again, yanking us up and putting us back in the cop car. We got back on the road and it wasn't five minutes before we stopped in front of a small police station in a town that couldn't have been more than 2 blocks long. We walked in the door of the station and it was one big room with what looked like 2 cells.

"Hey Bucky, we just caught these guys giving blow jobs out at the truck stop. They are yours to book or use, it's up to you."

"Thanks boys, I'll be sure to take good care of them."

Bucky grabbed us each by an arm and walked us toward the cells, "boys, boys, boys, will you cocksuckers ever learn?"

He put me in one cell and Patrick in the other. "Don't want you faggots fooling around in my jail unless it's with me." I could tell that there was a growing bulge in Deputy Hayseed's pants. While he was figuring out was his next move was going to be the radio on his shoulder squawked. One of his colleagues was asking for assistance at the local bar. "Shit. Don't go anywhere boys, I'll be back."

Patrick was shaking. I told him it would be ok. They hadn't even read us our rights yet so maybe we just had to chill and that they would let us go soon. A few minutes later Deputy Hayseed and his colleague came back in the station hauling two bruisers in handcuffs. They were huge and not in a fat way. It was obvious to me that they had gotten their bodies from hard labor and good genes. Either one of them could have played the Hulk. They might be country bumpkins but they were hot.

Hayseed said "we can't put 'em in the same cell or they will just keep beating the shit out of each other like they were at the bar." He clapped the guy he was dragging in on the back, "looks like you two get your own faggot for the night.


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