Over the next few weeks, even though I went to the basement bathroom in the library, I didn't see Jake. I realized I missed him as much as I missed his cock. The baseball season had begun and I hadn't seen him at any of the practices or games. As the assistant manager, I needed to be at all the practices and games but he hasn't been at those either. The assistant coach told me that he had pulled a ham string and that his doctor told him to take it easy. He also told me that he was seeing a physical therapist and was hoping he would be ready to play in a few weeks. Without him the team hadn't been doing well and everyone was in shitty moods in the locker room. Grant, the star pitcher, has been giving me more grief than usual. He grabs his crotch as I walk through the locker room or when we are out in the dugout. Some of the other players started to do the same. Grant must have told more of the players that I'm a cocksucker. Doesn't bother me what they think as long as some of them feed me their cocks.

Besides a couple of cocks I got in the library, I was having a dry spell with Jake out of the picture. Even the couple of times that I went to the mall or the rest stop there wasn't anyone looking to hook up. Shit, I'm a cum slut, I NEEDED some cum and I needed it soon.


Jake was pissed that he had been made to suck Grant's cock. Not only because it was Grant but because he sort of liked it. He was usually the guy who was in charge, as he was when he fucked Grant for the motel clerk's video, but he had enjoyed having someone else in charge. He had even been wondering what it might feel like to get fucked.

Even though he could tell the rest of the baseball team that he had fucked Grant, he didn't want to be known as a cocksucker. As a result, he feigned an injury so that he wouldn't have to face Grant in the locker room. He was even afraid to meet Chad in the library bathroom because he thought that Chad would be able to tell that he'd had a cock in his mouth and that he was like Chad. As a result it had been a couple of weeks since he had felt Chad's warm lips around his cock or his tight ass squeezing his cock.

He had gone to the park by his house a few times but when he looked at the guys that wanted to suck his cock as more than just a mouth he realized that they weren't the hot kind of guys like Chad and Grant, why should he feed his cock to them, they didn't deserve him.

At night when he would beat off his thoughts were always on either Chad or Grant or both.


It was nearing the end of the semester and in two weeks I would be getting my associates degree. I wasn't quite sure what I would do for the summer. I wouldn't be able to work at the campus bookstore any longer, only enrolled students can work on campus.

I still hadn't seen Jake even thought I kept going to the library on Monday afternoons. He still hadn't shown up for any of the baseball practices or games, even just to sit on the bench. I was beginning to worry about him almost as much as I wanted his cock in me again. What also sucked was that Grant had been elected captain of the team since Jake hadn't been around in a while. Grant was so full of himself that it made Grant more of a jerk. I had to admit though that I couldn't help but notice his cock while he was strutting around the locker room, it had been way to long since I had fed.

This was the first time that my mother might be right, I wasn't getting enough protein and had actually dropped a couple of pounds. Who knew that there were that many calories in cum.

There was one good thing that had happened, the baseball team had gotten back on track and had made it to the semi-finals. If they won their next two games they would make it in to the finals of the division we were in. I heard some of the players saying that maybe it was a good thing that Jake wasn't around and that Grant had been made captain. That really pissed me off. I also heard some of the players say that Jake was showing up for classes. I started to think that Jake was avoiding me.

One day after practice I decided that I wasn't going to keep waiting for Jake to appear, I was going to find some cock.


With only 2 weeks to go until he received his associates degree Jake had decided to keep a low profile. He didn't want to run into Grant or any of the other players. He was hoping that when he got to State it would be a new beginning and he wouldn't have to worry about Grant. When he got to State he would focus all his attention of the freshmen girls knowing that he could get the prime ones to fuck. For now he would seek out girls in town that wanted a fuck by stud like himself. He vowed to himself he also wouldn't go to the park any longer to find a guy to worship his cock, he was going to give that all up. In fact he was going to call up one of his regulars and get some tonight. He would even take her to dinner to make sure she felt obligated to put out.


When I left practice that day I was trying to figure out where I could get some men to feed me their cocks. I had heard about a new singles bar that had opened in the city. I figured if I showed up just before closing I could get some guy that hadn't been successful in hooking up with some girl and offer him a blow job. While it wouldn't be as fun as some of my other haunts I used to visit at least I'd get a load or two of cum. I texted Patrick to see if he wanted to join me but he said he couldn't go, so I was going to be on my own.

When I got home from classes I asked my folks if I could borrow their car so I could go to a study group for one of my classes. My Dad told me I could. I told them I probably would be late and that if got too late I would crash at my friend's house but would be home before Dad needed the car.

Since I had some time to kill I decided to bring one of my books for my writing class and do some studying someplace where I could also get some dinner. I decided to go to a chain restaurant that was between my folk's house and the bar. They usually aren't that busy on a weekday night so I should be able to stay and study and they wouldn't care.

Like I thought, the place was pretty empty so I got a table right away. Using my fake ID I ordered a Cosmo and opened my book. I kept getting distracted by some of the bus boys and the waiters. They all wore black pants and some of them really showed what they were packing. My waiter was pretty tall so when he came to drop off my cocktail and take my order for dinner his crotch was almost eye level with me. Shit, if I hadn't been in a restaurant I would have pulled his cock out and had it for dinner. After he had taken my order and walked away, I turned my attention back to my book and continued reading the chapter I needed to finish.

When the waiter brought me my dinner, I glanced up at him thinking about how cute he was and then I saw him. Jake the asshole was walking in with some blonde bimbo holding on to him. As much as I wanted to go over to him and give him a piece of my mind for making me worry about where he had been I didn't. I wasn't going to make a scene in front of his date even though I really wanted to. When the waiter came to get their drink order he raised his eyes and he saw me.


Jake had gotten a hold of one of the girls that he knew would put out and asked to take her to dinner. He decided to take her to one of the local chain restaurants that wasn't too expensive. He wasn't going to spend a lot of coin just to fuck the bitch. They were seated and the waiter had just come to ask them if they wanted any drinks when he saw him. Chad was a couple of tables away sitting by himself. Jake didn't know what to do. What if he came over? What if he said something? The bitch he was with had to nudge him to order them something. He pulled his eyes off of Chad and ordered a couple of beers. His date complained that she didn't like beer but by that point he had turned his eyes back to Chad.

"What are you looking at?"


We locked eyes and then Jake turned away to say something to the waiter. Jake then looked at me again, then his date turned, I guess to see what he was looking at so intently. I broke gaze first and turned my focus to my dinner. All I could do was pick at it, I had lost my appetite. I was thinking about another type of protein by now. No long interested in dinner, I turned my attention back to my book but the letters were all just moving around the page.

The waiter with the big basket came and asked me if everything was ok with my dinner. I lied and said it was fine but that I just wasn't that hungry and asked if he would bring the check.


"I thought I recognized someone but I was wrong."

"Isn't that guy over there from school? I think I've seen him around before." His date giggled, "Oh I remember, Grant says that he's a faggot and I should stay away from him."

"When did Grant tell you that?"

"When we went out last week."

Jake was pissed that he was with some bitch who had also been bagged by Grant. His mood was getting worse by the minute.


The hunky waiter, yeah I kept upping my opinion since I was getting hornier by the minute due to seeing Jake, brought the check and I gave him my debit card. I could see that Jake and the chick he was with exchanged some words and could tell he was pissed about something, I know his moods so well. The waiter came back with my card. I gathered up my stuff and was getting ready to leave.


Sure as shit Jake was going to be taking this bitch back to her house after a quick dinner. God damn Grant. He looked over at Chad and saw that he was getting ready to leave. He had to do something.

"I'll be right back, need to hit the john."

Luckily the pathway to the john took him right by Chad. As he passed his table, Jake nodded his head toward the bathroom.


Jake started walking toward me. I thought he was going to stop and say something but he walked by and nodded his head. When I turned to see where he went he had reached the door to the john and had pushed the door open. I looked over at his date, grabbed my book and notes, stood up and headed toward the john.

When I got to the john it looked empty but I could see feet in the handicapped stall. Knowing it was Jake, I went over and pulled the stall door open. He grabbed my arm with one hand and pulled me in. His other hand was already stroking his cock.

In a rough whisper Jake said "suck it!" It was not a request, nor even a statement, it was an order.

"Fuck you, where the hell have you been?"

"Shut up and just suck my cock."


Jake let go of his cock and put both hands on my shoulder and pushed down, "don't give me any bullshit, I know you want to swing on it."

He was right, I did, but he is such an asshole. I couldn't resist. I got down on my knees and started to take care of his cock the way he liked it.

"Fuck this, I don't have the time." He grabbed my head and started to ram his cock down my throat. He was rocking his hips and didn't care if I was enjoying his cock. It took him just a few more thrusts before I felt his come shoot down my throat. As he pulled back I was able to get some of his sweet cum on my tongue. I enjoyed the taste. Jake stuffed his cock back into pants and started to leave the stall with saying a word and not even coming close to kissing me and calling me "babe."

"Wait, when can I see you again?"

"Never, faggot."


Jake went back to his table. The bitch he was with was complaining that the waiter had come back with their drinks and to take their dinner order. "Fuck it, I don't feel like dinner anymore. Come on, I'll take you home." Jake threw some money on the table and started to walk away from the table.


As I left the john, I saw Jake walking out with his date chasing after him and saying something. What the fuck was Jake's problem. Sometimes he was sweet, or at least as sweet as he was capable of, and other times he was a prick but tonight was the worst. He just used me to dump a load, not that I minded the load, but seriously.

As I walked out to the car I was bound and determined to get laid tonight and try to forget what had just happened. Since it was still too early to go to the club, I decided to go to a nearby Starbucks and finish the chapter I had been reading.


Jake didn't say a word during the whole drive. When they had gotten to the bitches' house he just reached over and opened the car door. "Talk to you soon." She got out of the car and started to say something but Jake just pulled away while reaching over to close the door.

In his mind he was screaming at himself for letting Chad suck his cock. He had promised himself that he was never going to let some guy touch him again but the moment he saw Chad all he wanted was to be in his mouth or his ass. What was it about Chad? Did he really mean that he never wanted to see him again? Jake was more pissed than he had been in a long time.

Jake couldn't get Chad's ass out of his mind. He wanted his cock in its warmth and tightness. He had just fucked that up. The way he had talked to him and his comment about never seeing him again probably just screwed up any chance of getting his ass again.

He also was pissed about that bitch saying that she had been out with Grant. Fucking Grant. He had heard that the baseball team had made him captain because he hadn't gone to any games or practices. That made his thoughts turn to the night in the motel when he had fucked Grant while the clerk took a video of them.

As he drove he decided that if he wasn't going to get Chad's ass tonight, or maybe ever again, he sure as hell was going to get someone's ass and tonight it was going to be Grant's. Because they were teammates he knew that Grant had his own apartment that his parents' paid for, fucker.

Jake pulled up in the parking lot of the apartment building where Grant lived. He stormed to the apartment and pounded on the door. Grant, shirtless, opened up the door.

"What the fuck?"

Jake pushed Grant back into the apartment, slammed the door shut and looked around to make sure they were alone. "You wanna know 'what the fuck'? That's exactly it, I'm going to fuck your pretty boy ass." Jake was so pissed he moved so fast Grant didn't know what hit him. Jake swung him around and he landed on his back on the floor of the apartment. Jake pounced and was on top of Grant. Grant tried to push him off but Jake was having none of it. He had one arm on Grant's neck while he wrestled his cock out of his jeans. After that he ripped the workout shorts that Grant was wearing off his body. Jake's cock was hard as steel by now. Still holding Grant down with one arm he used his other arm to push one of Grant's legs up in the air. It wasn't long before Jake's cock was at the opening of Grant's ass. Without any lube and without any finesse, Jake rammed his cock into Grant. Grant yelled in pain.

"Shut up you asshole. I heard you told that bitch you went out with last week that Chad is a faggot. Seems like you're as much of a faggot as he is. I've seen you suck cock and I've fucked you, the same shit that Chad does and yet he doesn't try to hide it." Jake just kept ramming his cock into Grant. It wasn't long before Grant filled Jake's gaping hole with a load of his cum. As soon as he had, he got up, pulled his jeans back up and started toward the door.

Grant yelled "You prick, if me sucking cock and getting fucked makes me a faggot, I guess that same thing can be said about you."

Jake slammed the door to Grant's apartment and went to his car. What the hell was he doing? Who the fuck was he? Could Grant be right?


As it neared 11 and the coffee shop was getting ready to close, I grabbed his books and went to my car and headed toward the club. Using my fake ID I had no problem getting in. Since it was a weekday night the place wasn't as crowded as I thought it was going to be. There had to be two men for every woman in the place. I felt like my odds of getting fucked had really increased.

After my experience with Jake, I was really horny. I wanted a big cock up my ass and I wanted to be fucked hard. I decided to start advertising by ordering a vodka and cranberry. It looked like every guy in the place was drinking beer so I thought it would make me stand out a bit.

As usually happens in a straight bar, whenever a gay guy shows up most women intuitively know and head toward us since they perceive us as non-threatening. I could tell that I was pissing some of the guys off because it was like I was cock blocking them.

The crowd was relatively young and most of the guys were hot. This was one of those types of clubs that attracted good looking people and kept the not so good looking at bay. As some girls buzzed around me, I was checking out the guys. Even if every guy I thought was hot got a girl there would still be a boatload left over for my picking.

It wasn't too long before a lot of the guys had hooked up with a girl and had left. The last of the girls huddled together laughing and then left. It was just me and a group of guys now. They were all nursing their beers but I was checking them out.

One guy caught my eye. He looked to be just shy of 6' and obviously had a hard body under his tight t-shirt. He had a messy head of brown hair and brown, almost black, eyes. I was surprised that he hadn't hooked up with any of the girls until I moved in his direction. As he was talking to his friends he sounded totally self-absorbed. He was telling his gang that he could have gone home with any of those girls but none were hot enough for him.

Just before his crew and he were getting ready to leave he told them he had to hit the john and he would be right out. I decided to follow him in. He took one of the urinals and I took the one next to him even though there was another one that was open. He glanced at me and I glanced at him. He did one of the "hello dude" head shakes and then looked down at his cock. I glanced over the small partition that was separating our urinals.

"What the fuck dude, you a fag or something?"

Balls to the wall I said "yeah and I thought you could use some help with what your holding."

"Jesus Christ, screw you cocksucker."

He didn't leave. In fact when I glanced over the partition again, his cock was getting hard again. That was a good sign, hardening cock and no punch in the face.

I zipped up, went to the sinks and washed my hands. As I was leaving I said "see you in the parking lot." The timing was perfect, just as I was leaving one of his boys stuck their head in and said to hurry up that they wanted to leave and hit a strip club since it was still early. He told him he would meet them there, he laughed and said he had had too much beer and that he would be leaving soon. Out in the parking lot I saw the guys he had been with head toward a car giving me a cursory glance.

Just then the guy from the john came out and saw me. He got closer while rubbing the bulge in his jeans. "You seriously want to take care of this for me?"

"Oh yeah, in more ways than one."

The guy glanced around and then moved around me and leaned back against the wall. He opened his jeans and pulled out a still half-hard dick. He must have been a grower since it looked like it was getting a lot bigger than what I had seen in the john.

"Like it? Those bitches don't know what they are missing tonight. Get to work faggot." I dropped to my knees and grabbed ahold of his growing cock and brought it to my lips. "Come on bitch, suck it. That's right you can be my bitch tonight."

I checked out his whole cock with my tongue and then started licking his balls which made his cock twitch. As I was licking his balls I started stroking his cock and could feel the precum that had started to leak from his piss slit. I was now in control, I moved my tongue from his balls to the head of his cock and licked off the precum. The guy had now begun to moan. We must have been visible from the street because I heard the honking of a horn and someone yelling yet, "yeah man, feed him your cock." As I took the head of his cock into my mouth I had to stretch my jaws because it had gotten so big. Definitely a grower, God, I was in cock heaven.

From my left I heard "damn dude, is that a guy? Shit, it is. Your letting some guy suck your cock?"

"Why not man, those bitches didn't want it, their mistake. This guy wanted it and who am I to deny this cocksucker a chance to taste my prime piece of meat." I guess he needed to prove something to his friend because it was then that he grabbed my hair and started pulling me on to his cock. "Gonna choke this cocksucker!"

The friend yelled out "hey guys, get over here and see what Davey is doing." I heard a number of footsteps getting closer. "He found some guy that wanted his cock."

"No way."

"Just look."

Davey's friends gathered around and watched. It wasn't long before they were rubbing the bulges in their jeans. Billy had a lot of restraint because he wasn't letting me get his cum without a lot more work. "Who else wants some of his mouth, it's pretty damn sweet, just like a girl's."

A couple guys stepped forward pulling open their jeans and dragging out their cocks. Billy let go of my hair and I pulled off his cock and turned to the cock that was to my left. At this point a cock was just a cock, I didn't care if it was short, long, thick or thin, and I just wanted one in my mouth. Pretty soon I was moving from cock to cock. They actually started chanting "suck it, suck it". Pretty soon I got the first load and then they started moving my head from cock to cock to make sure I didn't miss any of their nectar.

"Man, that was fucking awesome, he swallowed all our loads."

I stood up and brushed off my knees. "Ok boys, who wants to fuck me now?"

Billy spoke up, "I found him, and I get the first crack at his ass."

Over the next hour I got several loads of cum up my ass and even got a few more loads in my mouth.

For at least that amount of time I didn't think about Jake or his cock.


Be Well,


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