After my romp in the choir robes with the pastor and his son, I headed to the mall to get a new wallet. It had been quite a while since I had been at the mall and would love to spend some time with Jim, my fuck buddy from the men's clothing store. He was one of the first men who had fed me cock and was one of the reasons that I had become such a cum slut. He was a hot looking guy with a nice sized piece of meat. (See "Finding Out I Like It - At the Mall (Chapter 2)")

When I arrived at the store, I found out that Jim had been promoted and had transferred to a store in another city. Damn! The guy who shared the information with me looked like he should be working someplace else. His clothes didn't fit well and he wasn't in the best of shape. He also had really bad breath. I wondered how sales were.

I had fond memories of the mall. I had gotten more loads of cum in my mouth and ass than I could remember. One of the places that I had gotten lucky multiple times was the employee rest room in an out of the way hallway. I went there and found that you now needed a code to enter the bathroom. Shit. Even if I waited for someone to come open the door it might not be someone I wanted to feed off of.

I wandered around the mall trying to see if there were any hot guys that I could hook up with but a Sunday afternoon didn't have many options but suburban dads forced to be at the mall by their wives. After a lap of the mall, I went and bought a wallet and went back out to the piece of shit Chevy and started driving home.

I started thinking about my options, campus would be dead on a Sunday and it was probably be too early to go to the XXX theater. Fuck it, I just decided to go home and maybe catch a nap and go out later.

When I got home there was a note from my Mom saying she and Dad had gone to her sister's house for an early dinner. The note said that I could join them if I wanted to. NO. It also said that if I didn't come that I should be sure to eat something and to make sure I got enough protein. I was trying!

As I walked through the living room I noticed that the guy from next door was watching me through the window again. He was not one of the neighbors so I wondered who he was. I still couldn't tell much but him other than it was a man with black, unruly hair. He was still shirtless and he had a nice upper body. I slowed my walk through the living room. When I started up the stairs I looked back and he was still watching me but now he had one hand on his pecs and another hand hanging below where I could see it but it was moving.

When I got to my room, I opened up my curtains and started taking my clothes off. When I looked through the window, I saw that he had gone up to the second floor of the neighbor's house and was watching me again. I decided to give him a show. I turned my back to him while I pulled my shirt over my head. I undid my jeans and slowly lowered them off my ass. When I glanced back over my shoulder he was still in the window but now he was smiling. I spent some time walking around my bedroom bare assed. The next time I looked it was obvious that he was beating his cock while watching. This time I smiled. I could see in his face that he must be busting a nut and then he closed the curtains.

I decided I wanted to get a little sun so I put on one of my little bathing suits and went out into the back yard. I checked the windows on the neighbor's house but the guy wasn't watching. I went to one of the loungers by our pool and stretched out on my stomach. Worried about tan lines, I pushed the waist of my swimsuit so that it was just at the top of my ass crack and pulled the leg openings up so my suit ended up looking more like a G-string.

After a while I heard a door open and close. I heard the gate to our backyard open and I glanced up to see who was coming in. Of course it was the guy from next door. He was still shirtless but was wearing a small square cut bathing suit. Staying on my stomach, I turned my head more toward the guy. "Hey. Is there something I can help you with?"

"I think so."

"If you don't mind me asking, who are you?"

"Mel. I'm house sitting for your neighbors." Well, that explained it. "I thought you might like some company and catch some rays myself."

On closer inspection, Mel looked to be about 25 or 26, 6' and maybe 190 pounds of packed muscle. He really didn't look like he needed a tan, he was a nice golden brown. "Sure. Pull up that other lounger." He pulled it close to mine and sat down facing me. He spread his legs and it was obvious that there was a large piece of meat in the tight swimsuit.

Making small talk I asked him what he did and he told me that he did odd jobs when he could get them and would house and pet sit for a place to live. He said he liked to move around, that it afforded him the chance to meet new people. He reached down and adjusted himself as he was telling me this.

"You never know who you're going to meet. Like right now, I'm meeting you. What's your name?


"What do you do?"

"I go to the community college and work at an on-campus bookstore."

He had his hand on the bulge in his swimsuit. "What do you do for fun around here?'

"This and that."

Glancing down at his hand and suit he asked "would you like to do something with this?"


"I saw you giving me a show earlier. You're a bit of a cock tease. I bet you're a bit of a cocksucker, well maybe more than a bit." He pushed the top of his suit down just enough to show me the head of his cock. It was really large. I must have inadvertently licked my lips.

"Yeah, I knew you were a faggot. It's been a while since I've gotten my rocks off and you looked like a good candidate to take care of this for me."

"Why don't you take me into the Jones' house and maybe I could help you out."

"Why? What's wrong with right here?"

"But some of the neighbors might see."

"All the more fun."

The thought of sucking someone's cock in plain sight was pretty exciting. "Bring it over Mel."

Mel moved over to the head of my lounger and pulled the top of his bathing suit below his cock and balls. While his dick wasn't overly long it was thick and matched the big head. He stepped close enough that if I raised my head a bit and slide forward I could get the head in my mouth, which is just what I did. I could tell that Mel must have just showered, his cock head tasted clean. Mel moaned and tried to move closer so that more of his cock would get into my mouth.

Since he had called me a cock tease, I slide back just enough that only the head of his cock was still in my mouth. His mood seemed to be moving from "neighborly" to being a touch angry. "Come on asshole, eat my cock down to the base." Having fun with the guy, I slid back a little bit farther. "You fucker."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth, grabbed my shoulders and flipped me on to my back. The large bulge in my suit showed that I was enjoying what we had started. Mel then got on my lounger and straddled my chest and rubbed his cock on my face. "Come on cock boy, take it in."

I took the head back into my mouth and worked my tongue against the piss slit and not much else. "Jesus fucking Christ, eat me cock asshole." I tried to take more in but the position I was in wouldn't let me. He realized what the issue was and jumped off for a second and raised the back of the lounger so that my head was more vertical then he jumped back on my chest. He put one hand on the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth. As much as I was teasing him, I did like the feel of a cock in my mouth again even though it had only been a couple of hours. Using the hand on the back of my head Mel started to face fuck me. "Yeah, now we got it."

This went on for a few minutes and then his cock erupted in my mouth and I tasted his sweet and salty cum. I drank it all down like it was nectar. Mel had thrown his head back in pleasure. "Why don't we jump in the pool and cool down."

"Sure". I rose off of the lounger keeping my suit stuck up my ass crack and walked in front of Mel toward the pool and then dove in. I don't think he had stuck his cock and balls back into his suit before he jumped in. I wondered if anyone had seen our little show.

"Still teasing me aren't you cocksucker? Showing of your hot ass as you dove into the pool. I think I need to try it and see how it feels."

I turned toward him and just smiled.

"Get over here faggot."

I came to him at the side of the pool and crossed my arms on the edge of the pool so that my ass was facing him. He pulled my suit off and threw it up onto the grass. He took his own off but left it handing on the edge of the pool then he got behind me. His cock was hard again and he was rubbing it against my ass.

"Pull yourself up a little farther" he told me. I did. He put his hands on either side of me. Using one of his legs he kicked mine apart and then I felt his cock poking around my hole. Now he was teasing me. I moved my ass trying to catch his cock and he just kept poking around. After a few minutes of this frustrating game I felt the big head of his cock connect with my hole. I pushed back so that he knew he had found my pussy. He whispered in my ear. "I knew you'd want my cock inside of you, here it comes." With a push his big head got past my ass ring. Now it was my turn to moan. Mel started doing water aerobics, using his arms to drive his cock in and out of my ass while he pushed me against the side of the pool. I don't know if it was the water or just me needing a good fuck after the unsatisfying one from this morning but Mel's cock felt great in my ass. I rested my head on my crossed arms and just let him have his way with my ass. He really knew what to do to make a cum slut feel good. After a good ten minutes of him working my ass every way possible I felt something warmer than the pool water fill me. He whispered into my ear again, "Jesus, your ass is incredible." Always nice to get a compliment.

At that moment we heard a car pull into the driveway. Mel grabbed his suit and ran toward the backdoor of the neighbor's house. "Let's meet here again tomorrow faggot. I want that ass again." Then he was gone into the house.

My mother came out of the house so I stayed in the pool with my arms crossed. She didn't notice my suit in the grass. "Hi honey, did you have a good afternoon?"

"Yeah Mom, I did."

"Did you get something to eat."

"Yes Mother, I had a great meal."


Be Well,


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