My apologies up front for anyone who I may offend with this entry, it was my dark humor coming out.

I woke up on the cot in the backroom of the social club. Besides having a kink in my back from the cot, I also had a sore ass and sore jaws. I began to remember that there were 5 guys I had serviced last night. I dressed and walked out into the main room of the social club and saw the broken pool table and fully remembered all that we had done.

I was really thirsty and found some bottled water in a frig behind the bar. I drank one bottle in just a couple of slugs and grabbed another for later. I was surprised that I wasn't hungry but I had gotten so much cum in the last 48 hours that the protein must have kept me full.

I walked out to the piece of shit Chevy and was pleased to find out that the men and their sons from last night were good to their word. My car had a full tank of gas. Before leaving I changed my clothes from the slutty outfit I had been wearing to a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that I had already worn which gave off the smell of sex and cum but it was all that I had.

The rest of the drive home was uneventful. I parked the piece of shit Chevy in front of my parents' house, grabbed my bag and went inside. My parents knew I wasn't going to be back until today since they knew I had gone to State to check out the campus and finish the orientation process. Little did they know that I had spent most of the weekend with a cock in my mouth or my ass or both.

I did have some time with Jake but he was angry with me most of the time. He had given me one of his hardest fucks ever. Even though it was fuck fueled by his anger it was one of the best he had ever given me. Jake still confused the hell out of me. Sometimes I was babe and he would kiss me, other times he just used me to satisfy his need to get off, and at other times he was mad at me about something. He continually said my mouth and ass were his but he could still fuck who ever interested him. Ugh.

I finally made it home. Luckily my Mom and Dad weren't home so they wouldn't smell that cum that was all over my clothes. I immediately put all my clothes in, even what I was wearing, in the washing machine before going upstairs to my room. As I walked through the living room I noticed that there was someone watching me from next door, I hadn't thought that all the curtains were open. It was someone I had never seen before. I couldn't tell much but it was a man with black, unruly hair that was shirtless. His upper body looked nice. I slowed my walk down as I continued toward the stairs. When I started up the stairs I looked back and he was still watching me.

When I got upstairs I immediately jumped into the shower and gave myself a good cleaning. I could almost see the cum that had covered my body going down the drain....what a waste. After I got back to my room I started to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of the day. I didn't have any class work to do, then I remembered that my wallet was still at the ranch where I had been forced to fuck and suck the rancher and his sons. I needed some money. My parents were probably at church, maybe I could catch them there so I wouldn't have to answer all their questions about the weekend and how I had lost my wallet.

I dressed more conservatively than I usually do, a pair of snug jeans without any rips that still showed off my ass to its best advantage and a pink button down shirt that has been tailored to fit my torso just right in all the right places. As I walked out my piece of shit Chevy, I noticed that the neighbor was at the window again watching me. It was both exciting and creepy at the same time.

I drove to the church which must have been packed because I had to park about a block away. As I walked toward the church I noticed that the service must have already ended since people were coming out of the front doors. I could tell that several of the suburban dads were checking me out as I passed them. I wonder if I had ever serviced them at the rest stop or the mall.

As I started up the steps, my parents were just coming out and stopping to speak to the minister. As I approached my Mom gave me a big smile and a hug, "you missed the service Chad, but I'm glad to see you. How was your visit to State? Did you make some new friends? Did you get enough to eat? You know I'm always worried about you getting enough protein."

"Mom, I'm fine, I always make sure I'm getting enough to eat and enough protein. The trip was good, I met a bunch of guys."

"That's good sweetie. Let me introduce you to our new minister, George Wilson and his son, Thomas." I put out my hand to shake the minister's hand while checking him and his son out. The minister didn't look old enough to have a son that looked like Thomas. Reverend Wilson was about 6' and a very handsome face and a full head of brown hair. I couldn't tell anything about his body because of the robe his was wearing. His son was about an inch taller and looked to be about my age or a little older. He was wearing a very tailored suit with an open collar. The tailor had done an excellent job of making the suit hug his muscled upper body, narrow waist and legs that looked like they belonged to someone who works out a lot.

"Nice to meet you Reverend."

"As your mother said, yhis is my son, Thomas, who came to visit this weekend. He lives on the East coast but his work brought him out this way so he decided to stop by."

I shook hands with Thomas who held my hand a bit longer than normal.

"Nice meeting you."

"Same, you're the first younger person I've seen today, most of Dad's parishioners are either older or have families, maybe we can get together later while my Dad visits the hospital this afternoon, grab a drink or maybe something different later today." Thomas had locked his eyes with mine and I could see that he was looking for something more than a drink.

"Sure, that might be fun."

Mom spoke up, "That's nice of you Chad, you're such a good boy." Ugh, if she only knew how good I was at servicing cock.

Changing the topic, I turned to my Dad and told him I lost my wallet and needed some money. He handed me some $20s. I thanked him and told him I would probably go get a new one at the mall. Thomas spoke up and said he would enjoy coming with me after he put up all the choir robes. He had promised to help out his Dad by doing that while he was making his visits. "Sure, maybe I could give you a hand." There was more than a hand I would like to give this stud. We've all heard about preachers' kids.

Mom spoke up again, "you are so nice Chad."

Finally my Mom and Dad left, the minister spent a brief time speaking with some more parishioners as Thomas and I waited. Reverend Wilson said goodbye to his son, got in his car, and drove away. Thomas told me to follow him. We went to a room behind the chapel to find a mess of choir robes, folding chairs and other odds and ends. Thomas took off his suit jacket exposing how his muscles filled out his dress shirt. I'm mean this guy was built. I couldn't help but stare at him while we picked up the choir robes and started hanging them up.

"Shit, it's hot in here. My Dad is so cheap he turns off the AC after services." Not only was I surprised by the language he used but also that he started taking off is dress shirt. "You know, I hate this fucking fact any church that my father has worked at."

"Why's that?"

"The parishioners are so uptight that they make our lives miserable. That's why after his last church, I moved away."

"What do you mean?" I couldn't stop staring at this muscled chest and arms.

"All that happened last time was that I got caught getting blown by the choir director. No big deal, but the women of the church got their panties in a bunch. My father had to move and I needed to get away." I couldn't believe he was sharing this with me. "Are you surprised?"

"Actually, yes. As much as I would like to see what you have in those pants I didn't think you'd want some guy feeding on your cock."

"I don't believe in how some people interpret the bible as it relates to homosexuality. Everyone is made in God's image. He put cocksuckers on this earth to take care of other men's' needs. It only make sense."

I looked at him sort of dumbfounded as he pulled a very impressive cock out of his dress slacks. "Is this what you wanted to see?"

My response was to move toward him and drop to my knees. I grabbed hold of his cock at the base and examined it. I don't know if I was expecting him to have a more 'sacred' cock but it looked a lot like every other cock I've serviced. As it started to harden, the mushroom head started changing from pink to red. The long shaft was covered with veins and it was connected to a set of yummy looking balls. I sucked the head into my mouth and was amazed at how hot it was. I heard a moan come out of the preacher's son.

About every 10 seconds I took a little bit more of his cock into my mouth. I could feel Thomas' heart beating through his veins. While not as big as Jake's, Thomas' dick was quite a mouthful. When I finally got it all in I could feel it push against the back of my throat. Thomas was very gentle, he didn't force his cock in and out of my mouth, he just let me do what I wanted to do. I lightly tugged on his balls as I slide my lips and tongue up and down the shaft of his cock, always keeping the head within my warm, moist mouth.

Thomas' breathing started to get ragged and I knew he was close to cumming. He tried to pull out but I wouldn't let him go. I let him slide back enough so just the head was still in my mouth and soon I was treated to string after string of his seed. Just like his cock it was warmer than I had experienced before. Maybe he had a little of the devil in him.

When we were done, he closed up his pants and smoothed them out. In a very kind voice he thanked me for sucking his cock. This was a very unusual experience for me and I wasn't quite sure that I really liked it. I wanted the men in my life (or mouth or ass) to be more domineering because that way I could push back and get them to do what I wanted.

Without very few words spoken, we went back to hanging up the choir robes and organizing the chairs. I couldn't help but look at the sheen of sweat on Thomas' chest as we finished the jobs. After that we sat around and talked. Thomas told me about college and what it was like have a minister as a father. He told me his father was very loving but very strict. His father didn't believe in sex before marriage so that was how Thomas had developed his philosophy regarding cocksuckers.

From the door to the backroom we heard his father speak "so Thomas, once again you've let some misguided soul drink from your loins. Will you never learn?" Thomas started to speak but his father told him to get out and think about what he had done.

"You have brought the devil into a house of God. My son has always been weak when it comes to temptations of the skin. To give one's seed, either to a man or a woman, in their mouth is wrong. One's seed should only be deposited where it can bring forth life. Either that or it should fill a man deep in his soul when the man is unmarried or his wife is away." What the fuck was he talking about?

"You have drank of my son's seed which is an abomination and now you must be absolved. I will fill you with my seed to fill your soul and drive the devil out." Again I say, what the fuck? I realized that's just what he meant, he was planning to fuck the devil out of me.

The minister pulled a bunch of the robes Thomas and I had just hung up off their hangers and made a bed of sorts on the floor. "Come over here son. Take off your pants and lie down."

Seeing the minister without his robe on was somewhat of a surprise. He was as built as his son. Under his robe he had been wearing a pair of slacks and a polo shirt. The shirt was snug around his chest and arms and the slacks left no doubt that the minister was a man....a real man.

I removed my pants and laid down on the pile of velvet robes. Reverend Wilson took off his slacks and boxers but kept his shirt on. He was as endowed as his son, if not a little more. He roughly pushed by legs up over my head. "Perhaps this will drive the devil from you if I truly touch your soul."

He spit on his hand and then made his cock slick with his saliva. He also rubbed some of his spit on my waiting asshole. My ass was more than ready for a sermon from this guy.

Reverend Wilson was not gentle like his son. He rammed his cock into my ass like he actually was trying to drive the devil out me. He didn't look at my face but he kept saying a bunch of words that didn't make any sense to me. His dick was hitting my happy place so if that was where the devil was hanging out, he found him. I wanted to moan in pleasure but I didn't think that would go over well with the Reverend so I bit my tongue. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Thomas watching us while beating off. Like father like son?

After a few more deep thrusts I could feel the Reverend filling me with his seed. He did not groan, it just was. He pulled out and wiped his cock on one of the robes. As he stood up he said "I trust you will stay away from my son while he is here in town." I saw Thomas shake his head and mouth the word "no" and then he scrambled back so his father wouldn't see him, at that point the Reverend turned and left without another word.

I wonder who in the choir is going to be singing next week with cum on his/her robe?

After, what was, a very unsatisfying fuck I was looking forward to seeing Jake at our usual Monday meeting in the bathroom of the library.

TO BE CONTINUED.................

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