After Jake had assaulted my ass and then drove away, I sat and wondered yet again what his deal was. He continually tells me that my mouth and ass are his and his alone but he had just pimped me out to some men at the gas station as collateral as he went to get some money to pay for some gas that I needed for my piece of shit Chevy.

Even though he was rougher than usual, it still felt good to have his cock up my ass, nobody fit me as well as he did. The way his cock moved inside me was always great, rough or gentle. Something was changing though, since he dragged me from the frat party he had stayed mad. He hadn't called me babe in a while nor shown any other signs of affection. He continues to confuse the shit out of me.

I filled up the tank of my car with the can of gas we had brought back with us. It was just 2 gallons and my Chevy sucked (just like me) gas like there was no tomorrow. My only option was going to be stopping at the gas station where I have serviced several men which ended up getting the gas for free. Maybe that's what pissed Jake off, that even though he had gone to get money, I had covered the cost by blowing 7 customers and getting fucked by the attendant.

As I was driving I realized that my wallet was still in my pants back at the ranch. Was I going to have do a repeat at the gas station to get more gas? It wouldn't be a problem, cum is cum, and as we all know my now I'm a cum slut. No, the problem was going to be that it was getting late and I remember a sign at the station saying they closed at 7 pm, small town life I guess. I racked my brain trying to figure out what to do. Go back to the ranch? No. Stop on the highway and try to get someone to stop and help me again? That worked out so well the last time. God, I wished my cell phone got reception out here, I could call Patrick or Jim to see if one of them could come with me.

I was getting tired and starting to get pissed at Jake for abandoning me out here in bum fuck Egypt when I noticed the building that we had passed on the way to the gas station. The building was all alone out here in the desolation. It was a one story, wood building that even had a hitching post in front where a couple of horses were actually tied up. Parked outside or the building were also a 4x4, a beat up pickup and a Ram Charger. I decided I deserved a beer and maybe someone in the bar would lend me a twenty so that I could get some gas at a gas station further up the road.

I walked in, wearing a tank top and a pair of short shorts that I had gotten out of my bag in the trunk since my pants were back at the ranch, walked up to the bar and ordered a beer. The beefy man behind the bar asked why I was there. He said it was a private club.

I looked around and it was obvious that this was a man's bar. Crappy tables and lounge chairs, sports on a TV, and a pool table that had 4 guys playing. All the men looked like they made their livings doing manual labor because they all looked in great shape with arm muscles and chests ready to burst their shirts open. All the men looked to be in their mid-40s.

"What does that mean?"

The bartender asked, "You ain't from around here are you kid?"


"Well, this here is a social club. A group of us guys got together and bought this old bar so we had a place we could come and relax and get away from our women. You ain't a member, so why are you here?"

"I had some car issues along the way. Ran out of gas and am close to running out of gas again."

"You should know better than to take this road without a full tank of gas."

One of the guys sitting at the bar said "shit, are you the guy that was giving blow jobs at the gas station earlier? I heard you suck real good."

Fuck, here we go again, "why would you think that?"

"One, you're dressed like a girl in that wife beater and god damn little shorts and two, you've got a pretty set of lips on ya." That got a laugh out of the other guys.

The guys around the pool table started talking but in low tones so I couldn't hear. The guy behind the bar said "here kid, have a drink on us." He didn't hand me a Cosmo or even a beer but a small glass with some brown liquid. "Go ahead, knock that sucker back." I did and it burned all the way down. I assumed it was some sort of whiskey. It did, however, give me a warm feeling. The guy poured another one and handed it to me.

One of the guys at the pool table said, "So you need some gas, huh?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Kid knows how to show some respect, nice. Grab your drink and get your ass over here."

"Yes, Sir." I walked over to the table.

"Were going to make sure you get some gas but we want to play a little game since we heard you give good head."

"What's that?"

"We're going to keep playing pool. You have to blow the one of us that wins each game. Sound ok to you?"

It's hard for me to admit but I've had so much cum in the last 24 hours that I was actually thinking it would be easier to walk as long as I needed to to get some gas. I looked around at the 5 guys. Like I said before they were all obviously in good shape from manual labor with muscles on muscles. Then I decided, why not, what's a few more loads of cream?

"There's more, anytime one of us scratches you have to take a shot of whiskey. We're all pretty good players so you may not have to drink anything."


One of the guys racked the balls and then another guy broke. I watched as the 8 ball entered one of the holes. "Scratch, drink up kid." I knocked back my second whisky of the afternoon. The group played for a while. It appeared they all were good players and before too long the first game was over. The guy who had won was about 6'2" with a broad chest and narrow waist.

He turned toward me and said "follow me." I followed him into a back room where there were a couple of empty kegs. Without a preamble he pulled out a pretty impressive piece of meat and waved it at me. I got on my knees in front of him and licked the head of his cock and watched it jump. I swirled my tongue around his head while I grabbed the base of his stalk. I started moving my mouth and hand in a synchronized fashion. Within moments he shot a load of cum into my waiting mouth. He shoved his cock back into his pants and we went back into the main room.

"Shit man, is he that good or do you have a short fuse?" Laughter from the other guys.

"He's that good." He wasn't going to admit anything else.

"While you guys were in back, Chuck scratched, so it's time for another shot of whiskey kid." I knocked it back. I was starting to get a buzz and must have been losing track of time because it seemed like the next game finished in just seconds of the shot.

This next guy took me into the back room and told me to get undressed. "Yes, Sir."

"Get on your knees." I did what he said to do. "Open up my zipper." I did and then fished around for his cock, his very small cock. "Now take it." I did and it only took one try to get down to his pubes.

"Oh yeah, you like that big cock, don't you cocksucker." I took all my self-control not to laugh. I nodded my head yes and continued to work his cock with my tongue and lips. There wasn't even room for me to put my hand around the base of his cock and keep his head in my mouth. What he didn't have in length and girth he made up for in stamina. The guy took forever to cum. By the time we came out of the back room the next game was already over. Someone had scratched and I had to take another shot. That was 4 shots in less than an hour. This pattern continued until I had gotten a load of cum from each of the men. Through it all they were never rough or overly aggressive. I was drunk. I sat down in one of the beat up recliners and must have passed out because when I opened my eyes I saw that there were 5 more guys in the room.

"Kid, while you were out, we got your car filled up and asked our sons to stop by. We asked and none of them have every had a faggot suck their dicks and thought that they would like meeting you."

I glanced at each of them. This must be part of the state where they only produce good looking and buff men. These guys were smoking hot.

"If one of you guys agrees to be the designated driver, I'll keep the beer tap open so the rest of you can have some fun. Just make sure the kid is ok before you leave. There's a cot in the back room where he can spend the night."

"Sure thing Dad", spoke one of the sons. The older men left the building. I could hear their vehicles start up and drive away.

"OK cocksucker, here's the story. We were all born close together and have been friends almost as long as we've been alive. Our Dad's don't know it but we started sucking each other's dicks back when we were 12. Some of us have even fucked some of the girls around here but none of us has ever fucked a faggot, so we think that this is our chance."

"We drew straws while you were passed out and Jimmy here won and gets to go first. We've all decided that we are going to watch as well. Get your clothes off and get up on the pool table."

I was a little shaky but did as they told me.

"Shit man, look at his cute ass, it's as nice as Sally's"

"Fuck man, it's nicer that any chicks' asses I've seen."

Jimmy climbed up on the table. "Get on all fours faggot." Again, I did what I was told. Jimmy started to rub his already hard cock against my ass. "Any of you guys got some to lube him up with?" All the guys looked at each other but no one had a solution.

I spoke up, "spit on my asshole and then spit on your cock and make your cock slick." Jimmy did just that. He gave my hole a couple of shots of spit and then his own cock. I could feel his cock sliding along my ass crack. Realizing that he didn't know what to do I reached back with one of my hands and placed the head of his cock against my asshole and told him to push. The head of his cock went through my ass lips.

"Oh man, this guy's ass is so fucking tight and hot."

I pushed back against Jimmy's cock which caused more of his cock to slide in my ass. I moaned.

"Jesus, he likes having a cock up his ass."

I pushed back again, which was enough to get him going. He grabbed my hips and pulled me the rest of the way onto his cock. Jimmy's cock was pretty good sized but he wasn't as big as Jake so it was easy to have his whole cock inside me. Jimmy started rocking causing his cock to almost leave my ass but then would slide back in.

One of the guys yelled out, "Jimmy, you're the designated driver since you got to plow his pussy first." With that, a bottle of whiskey was being passed among the four other guys. If they weren't holding the bottle they were rubbing the bulge in their respective jeans.

Jimmy groaned and then I felt my ass fill with his load of warm cum. He collapsed on my back and said "god damn, his ass was squeezing my dick like it was trying to milk my cock. Who's next?"

A blonde guy took another swig of whiskey and then told me to get off the pool table and just lean into it. I put my hand out and signaled I wanted some more whiskey and it was handed to me. I took a swig, put the bottle on the pool table and reached back and spread my cheeks, inviting the blonde kid into my waiting hole.

"Look at that, he definitely wants some more cock." With my ass filled with cum there was no reason for lube this time. This guy wasted no time, he just shoved his cock into my waiting ass. He was long enough that when he had slide all the way in his cock head grazed my prostate. When it did I let out a moan. The other guys were quiet now, they just watched as their friend slide his cock in and out of my slick ass canal. When I opened my eyes I noticed that they all had their cocks out and were stroking them in time with their friend's rhythm as he fucked me.

"Man, look at him fuck this faggot's ass." That encouraged the blonde to thrust harder as he tried to go deeper. While he couldn't get any deeper he did graze my special spot with the tip of his cock. After a bit more of that my cock erupted with several strings of my cock that soaked the floor beneath the pool table. When I came my ass clamped down on the blonde's cock and he shut a hot load up my ass.

As he pulled out of my ass, in a breathless voice he said "whew, that was awesome." The three other guys started arguing about who was going to be next. I could tell by the way they were stroking that they were all close to coming.

There was a guy with a crew cut, "me", the other two said nothing. Crew cut guy must be the leader of the pack. "Get back up on the table cocksucker." The tone of his voice was stern and aggressive.

"Yes Sir."

"That's right, you're going to do everything I say, got it faggot?"

"Yes Sir."



"Damn straight."

Somehow I didn't think that crew cut guy was going to be a farmer like his father.

"Get on your hands and knees again. Bill, get on the table in front of him. Yeah that's it." Then crew cut guy got on the pool table behind me. He started rubbing his hard cock up and down my ass crack. "Feed him your cock." Crew cut guy pushed my head forward to get close to his friend's cock which I devoured to its base. That spurred crew cut guy into starting to tease my hole with his cock. My hole started twitching. "You like that, don't you faggot?" I responded the best I could with a cock deep in my mouth. "Tuck you get up on the table too. I want this cocksucker to eat both of your cocks while I fuck his ass."

The two guys in front of me moved my mouth from cock to cock as crew cut guy pushed his cock through my ass lips. I was the other two guys beating their meat on either side of the pool table.

"Yeah faggot, take my cock....ugh....take it......take it all." My response was to push back against his invading cock. "Oh shit yeah."

I could feel his cock tense up. The two guys in front of me started to cum, one if my mouth the other on my face. I felt my ass fill with the third load of cum of the evening. That didn't stop crew cut guy from continuing to pound my ass, I could tell he was still hard as a rock. His movements got more frantic as he neared his second load. Just when I could feel my ass filling with even more cum the pool table started to rock and then came crashing down. I guess you can't put over 1,700 pounds on a pool table without something happening. No one was hurt and we all started to laugh. Then the guys must have figured there would be hell to pay with their fathers. They got themselves together and headed out of the social club with a "thanks faggot."

I went into the back room, found the cot and an old blanket and went to sleep.


Be Well,


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