As Brian and I walked away from the frat house I was trying to figure out what just happened with Jake. He had been pissed at me that I was at the party but more so because he didn't what the frat members to know that I knew him. The way he told me that my mouth and ass were his and only his both bothered me and made me hot at the same time. If I had to choose one cock for the rest of my life it would be Jake's but I couldn't see myself only limiting myself to one man's cock or cum.

Brian still seemed pretty out of it as we walked down frat row. I had my arm around him to keep him stable which resulted in a lot of taunting from frat guys that were out drinking on their porches. "Hey, look at those fags", "why don't you come take care of this, I'm sure it's bigger than his", "nice ass, do you want to share it" and on and on.

I don't know what they had given Brian but it was either something different than they'd given me or a lot more of what they had given me. There were a couple of times when he actually tried to go to a frat's porch to service the guys that were taunting us. I had to keep him moving. I can't even imagine how many loads of cum he took in his mouth and ass when I was upstairs with Jake.

Then there was Jake's whisper to me when Brian and I left of 'Monday'. He still expected me to show up in the library basement to take a couple of loads from him. We'd have to see about that.

Brian was able to tell me the dorm where his host lived. Since Brian didn't have a key or anything that proved he had a host, the desk staff wouldn't let us in. I took Brian to the dorm I was staying in and hoped that Craig the RA, my host, would let him crash with us. Luckily I had a key to the room so we were able to get in the building and up to the floor.

It sounded like there was a party going on in one of the rooms but I couldn't tell which one. This building was called Snyder Hall and it was the last all-male dormitory on campus. Each of the rooms has 2 beds, even the RA's room, and a community bathroom for each 50 guys. I helped Brian get his clothes off and laid him down on the bed in Craig's room and thought I would just sleep on the floor.

I was torn about what I should do. I wasn't ready to go to sleep. Did I want to go back and find Jake and talk to him or just let him fuck me again? Would he be pissed if showed up at the house again and acted like I knew him? Jake confused the shit of me.

I decided to leave Brian in the room and hopefully sleep off whatever they had given him and went in search of the party I thought I heard, another beer sounded good. I could hear music getting louder as I moved down the hall. One of the doors was open and there were a bunch of guys just sitting around drinking beer. One of them was the guy that I had given a blow job to earlier that evening in the laundry room. He was still just in his pair of gym shorts. The other guys didn't have too much on either.

"Come on in and have a beer." The guy from earlier called out.

"Sure, thanks." They handed me a can of some cheap ass beer, but who cared at this point.

"Guys, this was the dude I told you about who gave me an awesome blow job down in the laundry room earlier tonight. He's visiting campus for a day."

They all started telling me stories of the campus, what they were studying and what they did for fun. They bitched about being in an all-male hall. Most of them ended up in it because of their parents but some of them were just late in turning in their applications. That made me think that I had to turn my own application in late. Why wouldn't I want to be in a building full of testosterone and cocks?

As I looked around the room it looked like these guys, in addition to the guy I had blown, all had some pretty good cocks under their limited amount of clothing. I decided to be bold.

"If I come to school here, where would I find cock when I wanted some?"

They told me about the rec center showers, the bathroom on the fourth floor of the education building and in some of the dark corners of the quad at night. I asked if any of them had taken advantage of those locations. They hemmed and hawed.

"Fuck guys, I told you about him down in the laundry room, I know some of you must have gotten blown somewhere on campus."

They all started to fess up about where they had fed some guys. This conversation must have gotten them going because a couple of them started rearranging themselves or rubbing the growing bulge in their shorts or jeans. Of course, I couldn't help but look.

"You see something you like?"

"Ugh....maybe." I didn't know what these guys would be like. I didn't want a repeat of drunk frat boys ramming their cocks in my mouth or ass and not caring if I was enjoying it.

The guy I had sucked earlier said, "Shit, I'll let him do me again, his mouth was incredible." In front of his friends he pulled his gym shorts down and started to stroke his cock. His friends all looked at his cock like it was the first one they ever saw. One by one they started pulling their own cocks out. I got down on my knees in front of the guy from the laundry room and took his cock in my mouth for the second time that day. It tasted like he had taken a shower since he had been in the laundry room. He tasted clean and slightly of mint. He leaned back in his chair and let me have my way with his cock. I moved it around in my mouth taking a bit more with each movement. Finally I felt it hit the back of my throat, which was deeper than I had gone earlier. Since I had taken care of him earlier it took a while longer to get his cum but he still gave me a good load. As I pulled off his dick I saw that the other guys were all stroking their cocks and two of them had grabbed the others' cock. I decided to leave these guys to their own devices at this point. I did, however, grab another beer as I walked out of the room.

As I turned with the beer into the hallway I heard "I need to see your ID." I took out my fake ID and turned it over to a handsome man who was standing there. "Not you fake driver's license. I want to see your school ID."

"I don't go to school here, I'm just visiting because I've been admitted to State for next Fall."

"And here you are without your host, where is he."

"He said he had a date with his girlfriend."

"Hmmmmm. How old are you? I know this is a fake ID you gave me so just be truthful."


"Unescorted in the dorm, beer in your hand and only 20, not good."

While this conversation was going on I couldn't help but let my eyes wander over this man's body. He must have been about 6'3", weighing about 210 I would guess with muscles on top of muscles. His jeans looked like they were custom made for him they fit so well in his crotch and from what I could see his ass as well. He was also wearing a Henley with all the buttons open and the sleeves pushed up beyond his elbows. The way the Henley was stretching across his chest I assumed that was pretty nice as well.

"Who are you?"

"I'm Kurt, the Senior RA." Shit! "By the way you guys should have shut the door, I saw what was going on." Shit, shit! "You know, if I write you up they will probably rescind your admission." Shit, shit, shit!

"I think you should come down to my apartment so we can talk about this." I followed him downstairs to the first floor. His apartment was right next to the main lounge of the building. It really wasn't too much of an apartment. Just two rooms, a bedroom and a small living room with a kitchenette.

"I think I can forget about you breaking three rules."

I knew where this was headed. "Ok."

"My girlfriend and I are having a bit of a disagreement." See what I mean? Here it comes, another blow job or fuck on what has been a long night. "I want to try to fuck her in the ass. I hear it can feel good for both me and her, but she doesn't like the idea. Every time I've tried I hardly get half of the head of my cock into her ass and she starts to complain about painful it is. She told me she would try again but only until I tried having something stuck up my ass." Wow, this was a change someone was asking me to fuck them....not really my thing but to make sure I didn't lose my admission I would do what had to be done.

"I went out and bought a dildo and I've tried to do it myself but every time I get it in just a little, it hurts so bad that I pull it out. I want you to put the dildo up my ass." OK, didn't see that coming at all.

"Wouldn't you rather have me fuck you?"

"No way, no guy is going to stick his dick up my ass."

"Ok, let me see the dildo and you need to at least take your jeans and anything you have underneath them off." He went to his nightstand and pulled out a 12" thick black dildo covered in bumps. Made me wonder what his cock was like. When he got his pants off and I got a look at his cock I had to admit it wasn't bad but it sure wasn't the size of the dildo. He must have a higher opinion of himself than reality.

"Tell me how you are trying to fuck her ass. Is she on her stomach, one her back, all fours? We should probably do this in the same position so that you can honestly tell her that you did it the same way."

"On all fours. To prove that I've actually done it I'm going to have you video it on my phone." This was getting stranger and stranger.

"Do you have any lube that you can use with her?"

"No, she usually gets all wet from our making out before we fuck."

"Well, that's not the case here. Do you have any kind of lotion?"

"I've got some Crisco." I sighed. "Before you try this with your girlfriend get some lube. We'll have to make do." When he brought back the can of Crisco I stuck the dildo in as far as it would fit. "Get on all fours." He did.

I put the end of the dildo on his hole and he jumped. "I haven't done anything yet."

"Feels weird." I pushed a little farther. "This really hurts."

"It's gonna hurt at first but then you'll like it, I promise." I pushed again and the dildo head went through his ass lips.

"Ahhhhhhhhh." I pushed more in. "Stop, stop." I pushed more in and then started sliding it back and forth. His ass lips looked like they were stretched to the max because of the girth of the dildo. I pushed a little more in. He stopped moving so much. I could only imagine how all the little bumps must feel, I might have to get one of these. I pushed a little farther. This time he moaned. I pushed a little bit more in.

About half of the dildo was up his ass. I was amazed that he was able to take as much as he had. Without any coaxing from me he started pushing back against the dildo. We must have gotten to his happy place because he reached his arm around and started pushing and pulling the dildo on his own. I watched as his cock started to fill with blood. I couldn't let a perfectly good load of cum be spilled on the floor so I got under him and put my mouth under the head of his cock. He was moving the dildo with more force and was moaning in pleasure. He shot his load without even touching his cock.

He pulled the dildo out of his ass and collapsed on the floor. "Wow, she's going to love it when I fuck her in the ass." I didn't want to burst his bubble that it had a different effect on men than women.

"Shit, I forgot about the phone. Let me put the dildo back in", which he did, "and help me take a selfie.

After the photo session I went up to the floor on which I was staying, I needed to get some sleep. When I got to the room I was surprised to walk in on Craig feeding Brian his cock. Brian still had a glazed look in his eyes.

Craig asked "Do you know who this guy is? He was lying on my bed when I got home. He kept talking about needing some more cum."

I was ready to go home. It was going to be Monday soon and I could try to talk to Jake again.



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